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Looking to add a touch of humor to your day? Look no further than these 200+ Ruby puns that are sure to make you laugh until you’re in stitches. Whether you’re a programmer looking for some clever wordplay or simply in need of a good chuckle, this collection of puns will add a sparkle to your day. From witty one-liners to hilarious play on words, these puns are a gem for anyone with a sense of humor. So, get ready to dive into the world of Ruby puns and indulge in a laughter-filled journey. Get ready to laugh until you’re rolling on the floor with these side-splitting jokes. Let the sea of laughter engulf you as you unearth the sparkle of humor with these 200+ finest Ruby puns.

Get your ruby on with these puns! (Editors Pick)

1. I used to be a coal miner, but now I prefer working with rubies. They’re my new source of ‘sparkle!'”
2. “Why did the ruby always win the competition? Because it had the ‘red advantage’!
3. Do you know what the ruby said to the emerald? You may be green, but I’m ‘gem-tastic’ in red!’
4. What do you call a ruby’s favorite dance move? The ‘ruby shuffle’!”
5. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but when it comes to rubies, they’re my ‘gem soulmate’!
6. Why did the ruby get a ticket? Because it was going ‘over the carat limit’!”
7. “Why are rubies so good at storytelling? Because they’re natural ‘carat-ographers’!”
8. What did the ruby say to the diamond? ‘Move over, I’m the real ‘gem-star’ here!’
9. “Why did the ruby avoid going to parties? Because it didn’t want to be ‘facetious’!”
10. What’s a gem’s favorite type of music? ‘Ruby-dub’!”
11. Why did the ruby have a successful career in show business? Because it was ‘brilliantly cut’ for the stage!”
12. “What did the ruby say to the other gems? Let’s ‘band’ together and shine bright!
13. Why did the jewelry store owner name their dog Ruby? Because it was their ‘precious gem-paw-n’!”
14. What’s a ruby’s favorite TV show? Gem of Thrones!”
15. Why did the vegan gemstone only eat ruby-colored foods? Because it was practicing ‘carat-arianism’!”
16. “Why did the ruby always take the scenic route? Because it loved the ‘carat-stic’ views along the way!”
17. What did the ruby say to the pearl necklace? ‘You can’t be as ‘ruby-riffic’ as me!'”
18. Why are rubies great at math? Because they excel at ‘carat-culations’!
19. What did the ruby say to the diamond during their argument? ‘You can’t ‘facet’ the fact that I’m the better gem!'”
20. Why did the ruby become an artist? Because it wanted to create ‘gem-azing’ masterpieces!”

Gemstone Giggles (Ruby Puns)

1. I’m not a gemstone, but I still shine bright like a ruby!
2. Whenever I see a ruby, it makes my heart skip a gem.
3. Did you hear about the ruby that started a band? It was a real rock star!
4. I went to the jewelry store and couldn’t decide which ruby to buy. I was totally gem-stunate!
5. I tried to sell my ruby, but no one wanted to buy it. I guess they thought it was a rough deal.
6. My friend asked me how I can afford so many rubies. I told them it’s all about karats and determination!
7. When it comes to rubies, I always say, “carat them with kindness.
8. My brother is a comedian who loves rubies. He always says they’re a real gem to work with!
9. I once met a talking ruby. It had the best facetious sense of humor!
10. People told me I couldn’t juggle rubies. I told them they’re just being facetious.
11. My friend accidentally swallowed a small ruby. I guess you could say he has a gem stomach!
12. I asked my precious ruby how it was feeling. It said, “I’m in a facetious mood today!”
13. A ruby tried to trick me, but I knew it was a fake. It just didn’t have that genuine sparkle.
14. Why did the ruby break up with its partner? It thought they lacked carat-er compatibility.
15. I wore my ruby socks to work, hoping for some extra luck. Unfortunately, I just ended up toe-tally overdressed.
16. My friend said they couldn’t understand why I love rubies so much. I guess they just don’t appreciate fine gemtlemen!
17. I went to a ruby-themed costume party, but everyone thought I was just dressed as a tomato. Talk about being facetious!
18. I saw a ruby at the museum and it made me think of my ex. It had a real heart-shaped stone.
19. I was going to make a joke about rubies, but I thought it might be too gem-damental.
20. My mom always told me, “A ruby a day keeps the bad vibes away!

Ruby Riddles (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What does a ruby say when it’s confident? “I’m feeling ruby-licious!”
2. What’s a ruby’s favorite type of music? Rock ‘n’ ruby!
3. Why did the ruby go on a diet? Because it wanted to be a gem that’s “fit as a gemmy!”
4. What do you call a ruby that’s overly dramatic? A “gemotional” gem!
5. How did the ruby propose to the diamond? It said, “A love like ours is faceting the world!”
6. What did the ruby say when it got a job offer? “I’m gem-ployed!”
7. Why did the ruby want to be an actor? Because it loved getting in the gem-light!
8. How do you make a ruby laugh? Just tell it a gem-tastic joke!
9. What’s a ruby’s favorite type of jewelry? A ruby-doo necklace!
10. Why did the ruby get a ticket? Because it was caught “speed-gem-ing”!
11. What do you call a ruby that’s always singing? A carat-a-cara-t-a-carat!
12. How did the ruby impress the other gems at the party? It showed up “rock-ing” a fancy gem-stume!
13. What’s a ruby’s favorite dance move? The shimmer shuffle!
14. How did the ruby describe its dancing skills? It said, “I’m gem-tastic on the dancefloor!”
15. Why did the ruby become a pirate? Because it heard there was hidden trea-ruby out there!
16. What’s a ruby’s favorite type of dessert? Gem-ochi ice cream!
17. Why was everyone staring at the ruby at the gym? Because it was “gem-pressive” with its workout routine!
18. How did the ruby win the beauty contest? It said, “I might be facet-ious, but my shine speaks for itself!”
19. What’s a ruby’s favorite hobby? Gem-collecting!
20. How did the ruby impress its crush? It said, “I’m not your average gem, I’m a ruby-amazing gem!”

Seeing Red: Ruby Puns That Will Geminate Your Laugh

1. Rubies are so precious, they should come with a warning label: “Caution, may cause heart palpitations.”
2. I heard wearing a ruby ring can really make you feel like a gem-stone cold fox.
3. They say if you give a ruby to your loved one, it’s like saying, “Let’s jewel around and have a sparkling time together.
4. Red is the color of ruby and of passion, so wearing one is like wearing your heart on your sleeve.
5. Is it just me, or does looking at rubies make your heart skip a beat? Mine are doing the rhinestone.
6. They say rubies have healing powers, so with the right one, you can become an official crystal therapist.
7. If rubies had a motto, it would be “Shine bright like a diamond’s sassy cousin.
8. Rubies are like flames frozen in time, so wearing one is basically having a piece of volcanic hotness.
9. A ruby necklace is the perfect way to ensure someone notices your décolletage. Talk about a gemstone cleavage!
10. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but if you want a spicier friendship, go for a ruby.
11. Rubies are like fiery red kisses from the sun, leaving your skin with a glowing reminder of passion.
12. I bet the story of Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” would have been way more exciting if it was about the quest for a magical ruby slipper.
13. Rubies can turn any outfit up to 11 on the glam-o-meter. Bring on the red carpet treatment!
14. Want to feel luxurious? Slip on a ruby bracelet and feel like a million bucks, or at least like twelve carats.
15. They say rubies bring good luck, so wearing one is like having a charm bracelet on your finger.
16. Rubies are known for their vibrant color, so wearing one is like painting the town red, literally.
17. Rubies are the perfect accessory to vamp up any look. They’re like the vampires of the jewelry world—bold, timeless, and irresistibly seductive.
18. Rubies are so captivating that they can make even an ordinary outfit look like it came straight off the runway.
19. With a ruby, time will stand still as you become the dazzling centerpiece of every room.
20. Rubies have been a symbol of royalty throughout history, so wearing one is like being part of a glamorous secret society.

Ruby-licious Puns (Puns in Ruby Idioms)

1. He really hit the ruby on the head with that one.
2. She’s a real ruby in the rough.
3. He’s as rare as a ruby in a haystack.
4. That idea is worth a ruby or two.
5. Don’t throw your rubies out with the bathwater.
6. I must be on a ruby high because everything seems clearer.
7. She’s so selfish, it’s all about her ruby.
8. He’s like a shiny ruby in the middle of a dull room.
9. The chef got fired for spicing up the rubies.
10. I’m feeling ruby-eyed after that late night.
11. She’s the jewel in the ruby crown.
12. He’s got more rubies than he knows what to do with.
13. That painting is simply a ruby work of art.
14. Let’s keep this ruby between the two of us.
15. I feel like I won the ruby mine with that great bargain.
16. She’s not as innocent as she looks, she’s a real ruby.
17. I’m in a real ruby pickle, I don’t know what to do.
18. That dress is ruby fabulous!
19. He’s driving me ruby, he just won’t stop talking.
20. I have to go, I’ve got rubies to chase.

Shinin’ Bright: Ruby Puns (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. I fell in love with a gemologist, she makes my heart Ruby.
2. The plumber couldn’t resist a good pun, he said “I’m just here to unclog your Ruby.
3. I asked my friend if she could teach me some Ruby, but she said she didn’t have the gems for it.
4. The crook thought he could make a quick getaway, but he was caught Ruby-handed.
5. The comedian said, “I went to a gem-themed party and it was a real gem rock-tion.”
6. My friend tried to name his pet Ruby, but he forgot and named it Diamond instead. He said it was a gem-stake.
7. I bought a ruby necklace for my wife, but she said it was too expensive and she preferred cubic zirconia. She was just playing with my gem-otions!
8. The boxer had a lot of confidence and said, “I have a heart of Ruby and fists of fury.”
9. My grandpa used to say, “I’m not a gem expert, but I know Ruby the basics.
10. The baker’s cupboard was full of gem-shaped cookies, he said they were a real Ruby delight.
11. The singer had a Ruby red voice, it was truly precious.
12. The magician asked the crowd, “Have you ever seen a Ruby disappear? Well, Abracadabra-gem!”
13. The waiter tried to impress the patrons by showing them a new gem-themed dish, he called it Ruby gazpacho.
14. My friend asked me, “Why did the musician want to play Ruby instruments?” I said, “Because they rock!”
15. The director said, “I want this film to be a real gem, so make it Ruby…
16. The comedian said, “I went on a date to a gem museum and it was a real gem-tastic experience.
17. My friend got a new car and named it Ruby, he said it’s a real gem on wheels.
18. The artist said, “I like to paint with Ruby colors, they add a touch of brilliance to my work.
19. The detective said, “I found a clue and it’s a Ruby gem, it’s definitely a gem of a find.
20. My friend asked me, “Did you hear about the Ruby horse race? It’s going to be a real gem thriller!”

Rubies and Puns: Sparkling Name Jokes

1. Ruby Slippers (a shoe store)
2. Ruby Tuesday (a restaurant)
3. Rubylicious (a candy store)
4. Rubylicious Eats (a restaurant)
5. Ruby’s Red Velvet Bakery
6. Ruby’s Jewelry Box (a jewelry store)
7. Ruby’s BBQ (a barbecue restaurant)
8. Ruby’s Cut and Style (a hair salon)
9. Ruby’s Dance Studio
10. Ruby’s Treasure Chest (a thrift store)
11. Ruby’s Pizza Palace
12. Rubytastic Burgers (a burger joint)
13. Ruby’s Ice Cream Parlor
14. Ruby’s Pet Palace (a pet store)
15. Ruby’s Book Nook
16. The Ruby Slipper Coffee House
17. The Ruby Teapot (a tea shop)
18. Ruby’s Vintage Boutique
19. Ruby’s Fitness Center
20. Ruby’s Sweet Treats (a bakery)

Ruby Red Rhymes (Spoonerisms)

1. Cluby run
2. “Puby runs”
3. Spooky buns
4. “Chewbie rums”
5. “Truby puns”
6. “Rubby pones”
7. “Gruby runs”
8. “Dubious pruns”
9. “Nubby rums”
10. “Crubbing scots”
11. “Zuby puns”
12. “Fluby runs”
13. “Shooby runs”
14. “Bluby pones”
15. “Plubbing cruns”
16. “Wubby runs”
17. “Gluby pones”
18. “Drubbing scuns”
19. “Stuby puns”
20. “Frubby runs”

Ruby Red Wordplay (Tom Swifties)

1. “This ruby is priceless,” Tom said lovingly.
2. I can’t believe I found a ruby in the sand,” Tom said unearthingly.
3. “I’m feeling lucky with this ruby,” Tom said fortuitously.
4. This ruby reminds me of fire,” Tom said burningly.
5. “I’m absolutely fascinated by the deep red of this ruby,” Tom said captivatingly.
6. “The value of this ruby is just astonishing,” Tom said astoundingly.
7. “I’m going to cherish this ruby forever,” Tom said sentimentally.
8. “Handling this precious ruby makes me nervous,” Tom said anxiously.
9. “I’m on a mission to uncover the secrets of this ruby,” Tom said investigatively.
10. This ruby makes me feel like a king,” Tom said regally.
11. “I wish I could create a necklace with this ruby,” Tom said beadily.
12. My heart leaps with joy every time I see this ruby,” Tom said ecstatically.
13. “I feel like a wizard with this magical ruby,” Tom said spellboundly.
14. “The beauty of this ruby leaves me breathless,” Tom said stunningly.
15. “I feel like Indiana Jones with this adventurous ruby,” Tom said explorerly.
16. “I want to show off this stunning ruby to everyone I know,” Tom said boastfully.
17. “I’m going to protect this ruby with my life,” Tom said guardingly.
18. This ruby is worth more than gold,” Tom said preciousingly.
19. This ruby is as rare as a shooting star,” Tom said stargazingly.
20. I can’t get enough of the radiant glow of this ruby,” Tom said radiantly.

Contradictory Gem jokes (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. The diamond thief had a heart of ruby.
2. The ruby red traffic light brought her a green light of envy.
3. He had a sparkling sense of dullness and wore a ruby tie.
4. Her bright red lipstick left her feeling quite blue.
5. The ruby rings were the height of low-key elegance.
6. The vampire was afraid of a garlic-infused ruby necklace.
7. The ruby-faced comedian had a stone-cold sense of humor.
8. The gemologist found a flawless ruby with a slight imperfection.
9. Her ruby red shoes danced with a heavy lightness.
10. The ruby slippers brought her black and white dreams to life.
11. The ruby-tipped pen wrote words of silence.
12. The ruby red stop sign brought him a sense of endless go.
13. The diamond dealer had a ruby sense of honesty.
14. Her ruby red lips whispered silent words of transparency.
15. The fool’s gold turned out to be a genuine ruby.
16. The priceless ruby came with an affordable price tag.
17. The ruby-colored sky held a dark sense of brightness.
18. The ruby red apple had a sour taste of sweetness.
19. The ruby necklace was a heavy weight of lightness.
20. The ruby gems brought him a sense of clarity in confusion.

Ruby Laughs (Recursive Ruby Puns)

1. I was going to make a joke about a gemstone but I don’t want to have to keep ref-RAIL-ing.
2. Did you hear about the gem who got fired? He was feeling really SEDIMENT-ary.
3. My friend’s dad loves programming so much, he even named his daughter Ruby, and now they both CRR-AIL whenever they need help.
4. I asked the computer if it wanted to learn some new coding languages, and it replied, “I’m a GEMini, I don’t need any other stones in my life!
5. Why did the programmer call their dog Ruby? Because she’s always FETCH-ing good ideas!
6. Did you hear about the gemstone who could speak multiple languages? It was such a LINGUIST-erite.
7. I saw a really shiny rock on the ground and thought it was a ruby, but it turned out to be a RUSE-ITE.
8. I asked the programmer how they keep their coding skills sharp and they replied, “I always RUB-elite on my programming languages!
9. It takes a lot of coding practice to become a master, but once you’re there, you’ll be a RUBY-KU expert.
10. I heard a rumor that a gemstone was going to be the star in a Broadway musical, but it turned out to be just a RUB-ISH-IT.
11. My friend keeps telling me about their favorite enchanted gemstone, but I just think it’s all a RUBY-TAFORM.
12. I asked the computer if they wanted to go on a cross-country road trip and they replied, “Sure, let’s hit all the RUBY-ways!
13. I tried to make a song about my favorite gemstone, but every time I sang, it just turned into a RUBY-CELOOP.
14. I asked the programmer if their favorite gemstone was a ruby, and they said, “RUBY gotta be kidding me, I love emerald!”
15. I asked the computer if it could make me a cup of tea, and it replied, “Sure, I’ll just use my RUBY-STOR code!
16. My friend showed me their collection of gemstones, and I said, “Wow, that’s quite a CU-rate collection!
17. I asked the computer if it had any coding jokes, and it replied, “Sure, just give me a sec to RUBY-ate!”
18. My friend makes the best gemstone jewelry, he’s a real RUBY-LLA artist.
19. I used to be really into gemstones, but now I’m more interested in RUBY-ZERTS like cookies and cakes.
20. I tried to take a picture of my gemstone collection, but it just turned out RUBY-SIDUE-down.

Blazing Trails with Ruby Puns

1. “You may call it a gem, but I call it my sheer ruby joy.”
2. “Having a bad day? Just remember, all you need is a little ‘ruby’ and laughter.”
3. “Life’s like a ruby, full of facets and precious memories.”
4. “When life gives you rubies, cherish them like the jewels they are.”
5. “Don’t delay, embrace the ‘ruby’ moments each day.”
6. “A diamond may be forever, but a ruby is pure lovestruck pleasure.”
7. Early bird catches the worm, but the early jewelry shopper catches the stunning rubies.
8. “You can’t make a sapphire out of a ruby, but you can make a captivating pun.”
9. A stitch in time saves nine, but a ruby in time saves the fashion crime.
10. Slow and steady wins the race, but a ruby finish line steals the chase.
11. A penny saved is a penny earned, but a ‘ruby’ saved is a treasure forever.
12. “The early bird gets the worm, but the early shopper lands the radiant ruby.”
13. Don’t judge a book by its cover, but admire a ruby for its inner beauty.
14. A watched pot never boils, but a mesmerizing ruby will always shimmer.
15. “Actions speak louder than words, but a ruby’s brilliance speaks volumes.”
16. “If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again, until you find the perfect ruby.”
17. Out of sight, out of mind, but a captivating ruby always leaves an impression.
18. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but a ruby can elevate your style instantly.
19. The grass is always greener on the other side, just like a vivid ruby in the sun.
20. “When life gives you rubies, make them the centerpiece of your dreams.”

In conclusion, exploring the world of ruby puns has been nothing short of a gem of a laugh. From a sparkly sense of humor to a glimmer of wit, these puns are sure to leave you with a twinkle in your eye. If you’re hungry for more laughter-inducing wordplay, be sure to check out our website for a treasure trove of puns in every category. Thank you for diving into the world of ruby puns with us, and we hope you’ve found a little sparkle to brighten your day!

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