Reign Supreme: 220 Handpicked Crown Puns to Tickles Your Royal Funny Bone

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Bow down to the kings and queens of comedy! If you’re searching for a royally good laugh, look no further. We’ve gathered over 200 handpicked crown puns that are guaranteed to make your royal funny bone jump for joy. From clever wordplay to puns fit for a king, this collection has it all. Whether you’re a fan of British monarchs or simply enjoy a good pun, these crown puns will reign supreme in humor. So, put on your imaginary crown, grab a seat on your throne, and get ready to laugh like royalty. Trust us, these puns are fit for a king… or queen! Let the laughter begin!

Crowns of Laughter (Editors Pick)

1. What do you call a king’s crown? A ruler.
2. Why did the king get a new crown? Because the old one wasn’t ruling anymore.
3. Why did the queen wear her crown to bed? She wanted to make sure she had sweet (crown) dreams.
4. How did the king start his day? With a crown of coffee.
5. What’s a crown’s favorite snack? Chips and (king’s) dips.
6. Why did the dentist visit the king? He had a crown emergency.
7. How did the queen fix her crown? She used a royal (pain)tbrush.
8. What did the prince say when he put on a heavy crown? “It’s a real weight off my head.”
9. Why did the crown become an actor? It wanted to be a “star” in the limelight.
10. How did the king clean his crown? He used his royal brush.
11. Why did the headwear designer become famous? They had a knack for creating crowning achievements.
12. How did the king communicate with his subjects? Through his reigning(ing) telepathy.
13. What did the king say when his crown was stolen? “I will reign supreme.”
14. How did the king’s crown feel after a long day? Tired of conducting royal affairs.
15. What did the queen say when she couldn’t find her crown? “It’s a royal pain in the head.”
16. How did the hat maker create such beautiful crowns? They had a royal flush of creativity.
17. Why did the king always wear his crown on his left side? Because he was a right ruling monarch.
18. What did the crown say to the jester? “I’m always a-head in fashion.”
19. How did the crown hairdresser style the king’s crown? With majestic curls fit for a ruler.
20. Why did the king refuse to wear his crown in the rain? He didn’t want to risk a royal downpour.

Regal Wordplay (One-liner Puns on Crowns)

1. The king decided to step down from his throne because he didn’t want the crown to get to his head.
2. The crown was a perfect fit for the queen, it really suited her reign.
3. Why did the crown go to therapy? Because it was feeling a bit crooked.
4. The dental crown went on a vacation, it needed a little time off to relax.
5. The monarchs gathered to discuss their favorite headgear – it was a crown-d table.
6. Did you hear about the king who loved skiing? He had a royal downhill crown technique.
7. The crown was awarded to the baker who made the best bread. It was truly the yeast he could do.
8. The crown prince learned a lot about fashion. He really knew how to wear a royal visage.
9. Did you hear about the crown that went missing? Turns out, it was just playing hide and seek.
10. The dentist lost his crown, but it was okay, he always kept a spare in his jewelry cavity.
11. The royal couple was known for their sense of humor. They always wore their crown-ky expressions.
12. The artist painted a masterpiece of a crown. It was truly a stroke of monarch-y.
13. The jester tried on the king’s crown, but it didn’t fit him. It was a real crown-ton.
14. The crown jewel was so dazzling, even diamonds were green with envy.
15. The king’s crown kept him up at night. It was a real crown insom-nia.
16. Why did the queen hire a lawyer for her crown? She wanted to ensure it had a(w) legal tender.
17. Romeo wanted to propose to Juliet, so he got down on one knee and said, “I crown you the queen of my heart.”
18. The bird was crowned the champion of the singing competition. It had the most tweet-able voice.
19. The fairy godmother waved her wand and transformed a pumpkin into a crown-riage.
20. The comedian’s favorite accessory was a crown. It gave him a real punch-line.

Crown Conundrums (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the king bring a ladder to the castle? Because he wanted to raise the roof!
2. What do you call a queen who wears jeans? A denim-queen!
3. Why did the king go to the dentist? He had a crown of cavities!
4. What do you call a king who is ready for a barbecue? A grill royalty!
5. What did the king say to his queen when they couldn’t find their realm? “We must have misplaced our crowning glory!”
6. Why did the crown go to therapy? It had too much weight on its head!
7. How do kings and queens celebrate their birthdays? With a royal crown-ing ceremony!
8. Why did the crown start a band? Because it wanted to reign the music industry!
9. What did the crown say to the jewels? “You complete me!”
10. What do you call a crown made out of cereal? A cheerio-ty!
11. Why was the crown always breaking things? It had a tendency to overeact!
12. How does a king communicate with bees? He wears a honey crown!
13. What did the king say when he couldn’t find his crown? “I’m feeling a bit unsettled!”
14. Why was the crown banned from the gym? It put too much strain on its head!
15. How do kings and queens go fishing? They use crown bait!
16. What do you call a king’s favorite tree? His royal oak!
17. Why did the baby crown cry? It wasn’t ready for coronation yet!
18. What did the crown say to the jester? “You crack me up!”
19. Why was the crown so good at math? It always knew how to count on its head!
20. How does a king keep his crown looking shiny? He uses a royal tiara-polish!

Crowning Glories (Double Entendre Puns)

1. I’m feeling coronated today, so don’t dethrone me.
2. I’m the queen of this castle, and my crown needs no polishing.
3. The king’s crown really fits snugly on his head, just like his ego.
4. Have you seen the crown jewels? They’re a sight for sore eyes.
5. The queen’s crown may be heavy, but it leaves her head feeling light-headed.
6. My crown isn’t just for show, it’s a head-turner!
7. Who needs a throne when you can have a crown made of thorns?
8. The king’s crown is so impressive; it’s the crown jewel of his collection.
9. A crown is the king’s way of saying, “I’m the ruler of this hairstyle!”
10. Every king needs a crown to rule his kingdom and hide his receding hairline.
11. People who wear crowns have high standards; they expect to be treated like royalty!
12. When the queen puts on her crown, she transforms into a regal superhero.
13. The king’s crown is like a beacon, signaling his majesty’s arrival.
14. The prince’s crown might be small, but it packs a princely punch!
15. Wearing a crown means you’re always one step closer to sitting on the throne.
16. The crown is like a halo; it lets everyone know who’s in charge.
17. When the king’s crown is tilted, it becomes the supremacy symbol of chaos.
18. The queen’s crown is an accessory fit for a goddess, gracefully adorning her head.
19. The king’s crown symbolizes his untouchable authority, making him a crown prince of power.
20. Wearing a crown is like wearing a badge of honor—it shows that you reign supreme.

Crown Jewel Puns (Puns in Idioms)

1. The king tried to hide his bald head, but it wasn’t a hair-raising disguise.
2. When the dentist became a king, he showed everyone his crown (and filling) achievement.
3. The queen was feeling down, so we tried to lift her spirits with a crown-up of tea.
4. The knight went from zero to hero by shining his crown and saving the day.
5. The prince was such a bookworm, they called him the crown-reader.
6. The king didn’t need a psychic to tell him he was the ruler of himself.
7. The royal chef’s secret ingredient? A dash of crown pepper.
8. The princess loved math so much, she crowned herself the ruler of numbers.
9. The jester was feeling crabby, so he adorned himself with a crown(shore) of shells.
10. The queen became a famous singer by crooning her heart out all night.
11. The prince loved to take selfies, always showing off his crown(face).
12. The king had a big heart, so he crowned himself the ruler of love.
13. The princess fell off her horse but saved her crown(jewel) in the process.
14. The queen wowed the crowd with her majestic performance, earning her the crown of applause.
15. The knight was always late, but he still managed to get his work done on crown-time.
16. The prince was a picky eater and always wore his crown(food) on his plate.
17. The king crowned himself the ruler of fashion, introducing a new style in royal circles.
18. The queen gave birth to a royal baby, and the crown(ling) was born.
19. The knight chose to take a royal nap instead of slaying dragons, taking a crown(zZz) from the action.
20. The prince had a sweet tooth and always wore a crown(cake) on his head for easy access.

Crowning Achievements (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. The king had a meltdown when he realized he couldn’t find his crown.
2. The dentist wanted to be the king of tooth decay prevention – he wore a dental crown.
3. The queen’s royal blood made her a real crown-artist.
4. The jester forgot to bring his clown costume, so he used a crown as a backup.
5. The monarch got in trouble for wearing a crown made of flowers — it was considered a petal offense.
6. The knight with a broken leg had to wear a crutch and a crown.
7. The queen went on a vacation to Hawaii and wore a pineapple crown.
8. Royalty loves crowns, but they’re not good at steering – they always get into a crownflict.
9. The burger restaurant ordered a special bun with a burger-shaped crown.
10. The rapper always wore a grill in addition to his crown – he was all about dental couture.
11. The king decided to become a baker, he kneaded dough so he could earn a crust for his crown.
12. The queen really loved eating apples, so she wore a crown made of fruit slices.
13. The prince won the hip-hop dance competition because he wore a bejeweled crown cap.
14. The queen’s favorite exercise was running, and she loved wearing a running crown.
15. The princess in love with seafood bought a crown shaped like a lobster.
16. The king considered himself a gardening expert, so he wore a crown made of vines.
17. The dentist and the king both wore crowns, but only one could give you cavities.
18. The queen was in a bad mood, so she wore a frown instead of a crown.
19. The lion in the jungle had a reputation for always wearing a crown, he was known as the king of the wildlife stylists.
20. The prince loved playing all kinds of sports but always wore a crown, he was truly a sporting monarch.

Crown Around Town (Puns in Crown Names)

1. Crowning Glory Hair Salon
2. The Royal Crown Dental Clinic
3. King’s Crown Burger Joint
4. Queenly Crown Jewels Boutique
5. The Crowned Composer Music School
6. Crowned and Beautiful Cosmetics
7. Crown and Country Travel Agency
8. The Royal Crown Café
9. Crowned Cuts Barber Shop
10. The Crowned Jewel Fashion Boutique
11. Crowned Creations Art Studio
12. Crown Castle Realty
13. The Crowned Chef Restaurant
14. Crowned Courage Fitness Studio
15. Crowned Diva Dance Academy
16. The Crowned King Car Wash
17. Crowned Confections Bakery
18. Crowned Athlete Sports Store
19. The Crowned Queen Event Planning
20. Crowned Victory Martial Arts Studio

A Prowny Crown (Spoonerisms)

1. Brown crowns
2. Town clowns
3. Clown towns
4. Lown browns
5. Gown frowns
6. Frown gowns
7. Crown thorns
8. Thorn crowns
9. Mound drowned
10. Ground mound
11. Pound round
12. Hound found
13. Bound round
14. Crown sounds
15. Sound crowns
16. Round ground
17. Found hound
18. Ground round
19. Crown bounds
20. Bound crowns

“Crowning Humor (Tom Swifties) – Monarchy Meets Punny Wordplay!”

1. “I can’t wait to see the queen,” said Tom, “royally.”
2. “I’m so excited for the coronation,” said Tom, “crowning-ly.”
3. “I feel like a king,” said Tom, “majestically.”
4. “I can’t believe I won the crown,” said Tom, “triumphantly.”
5. “I’m the king of puns,” said Tom, “crowning himself.”
6. “I’ll rule this kingdom like a pro,” said Tom, “sovereignly.”
7. “These jewels are fit for a king,” said Tom, “crown-jewel-y.”
8. “My head feels heavy with this crown,” said Tom, “weighingly.”
9. “I’m the ruler of the land,” said Tom, “regally.”
10. “I feel on top of the world,” said Tom, “kingly.”
11. “I’m the king of good puns,” said Tom, “coronation-ally.”
12. “This crown is a real gem,” said Tom, “jewel-y.”
13. “I’ll wear this crown with pride,” said Tom, “proudly.”
14. “I’ll conquer all with this crown,” said Tom, “conqueringly.”
15. “I’ll wear this crown like a boss,” said Tom, “boss-ly.”
16. “I feel like a true royal,” said Tom, “royally.”
17. “I’ll be the king of the dance floor,” said Tom, “dancing-ly.”
18. “This crown completes my royal attire,” said Tom, “attire-ly.”
19. I’ll make this crown shine,” said Tom, “shining-ly.
20. “I’ll wear this crown like it was meant for me,” said Tom, “fitting-ly.”

Contradictory Crown Puns (Royal Oxymorons)

1. The king’s crown was a little too down-to-earth.
2. The queen’s crown had a touch of royal modesty.
3. The prince’s crown was a subtle display of extravagance.
4. The princess’s crown was elegantly casual.
5. The crown jewels shone discreetly.
6. The royal crown was unpretentiously opulent.
7. The king’s crown displayed a humble grandeur.
8. The queen’s crown whispered regal simplicity.
9. The prince’s crown exuded a subdued richness.
10. The princess’s crown boasted a refined casualness.
11. The crown jewels sparkled understatedly.
12. The royal crown stood modestly majestic.
13. The king’s crown was refined flamboyance.
14. The queen’s crown blended regal modesty.
15. The prince’s crown mixed rich subtlety.
16. The princess’s crown embraced casual elegance.
17. The crown jewels radiated understated brilliance.
18. The royal crown combined humble grandeur.
19. The king’s crown fell gracefully flamboyant.
20. The queen’s crown rose simply regal.

Regal Banter (Recursive Puns)

1. Why did the queen get a promotion? Because she ruled the kingdom with a firm crown.
2. What do you call a king who loves wordplay? A pun-gent monarch.
3. Why did the crown get engaged? Because it finally found its perfect match in the tiara.
4. Did you hear about the gossiping crown? It was spreading rumors behind everyone’s back!
5. What’s a crown’s favorite type of music? Crowntry!
6. How did the crown feel after receiving a compliment? Head over heels!
7. Why was the crown easily mistaken for a lion? Because it had a majestic maine!
8. What did the crown write on its Christmas list every year? “To reign dear.”
9. How do you spot a mischievous crown? It always has a twinkle in its jewels.
10. Why are crowns silent at knight? So they don’t disturb the peaceful reign.
11. Why do crowns prefer to visit art exhibits? They have a refined taste in crown-ceptual art!
12. What’s a crown’s favorite game? Charades, because it loves to wear the crown hat!
13. What do you call a crown that’s gone viral? A king of memes!
14. How did the crown become a politician? It had a natural ability to govern-mint.
15. What did the crown say when asked about its favorite dessert? “Can I have a royallicious cake please?”
16. How did the crown handle a stressful situation? It took a deep breath and stayed calm, proving it had nerves of steel.
17. Did you hear about the crown that became best friends with a scepter? They reigned supreme together!
18. What did the crown say when it won a beauty pageant? “I’m the crowning glory!”
19. How did the crown become a stand-up comedian? It had a knack for delivering jokes with a regal twist.
20. What did the queen crown say on her wedding day? “I promise to crown-tinue loving you forever.”

Ruling the Pun-dom: Crown Clichés With a Twist

1. When the king lost his crown, he felt really regrettful.
2. The dental hygienist said, “You’ve really been flossing like a king!”
3. Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, others with a crown on their head.
4. The dentist always reminds his patients, “Remember to crown your teeth with care!”
5. The hairstylist said to the queen, “You’re officially having a crowning moment, Your Majesty!”
6. The king insisted on wearing his crown at all times, even when he was sleeping. Talk about getting your beauty crown.
7. The princess couldn’t decide which tiara to wear, but in the end, she chose the tiara-fic one.
8. The king was really good at math because he could count his crowns.
9. When the queen saw the crown on sale, she exclaimed, “That’s a coronation deal!”
10. The king’s puns were truly majestic. You could say he had a crown sense of humor.
11. Why was the crown nervous at its coronation? It had a lot to get through, and it didn’t want to buckle under pressure.
12. The crown collector’s favorite song was, “We Will Rock You… With Crowns!”
13. What did the crown say about the cool hat? “Now that’s what I call a top hat with royal status!”
14. The queen ordered a custom-made crown, but when it arrived, she found it pun-acceptable.
15. The prince loved to play chess, and he always said, “Checkmate, even if it means crowning you!”
16. The king’s crown was getting old, but he refused to get a new one. He simply couldn’t part with his crown-age.
17. The crown needed some polishing, but instead of hiring someone, it decided to do it on its own. It wanted to show off its crown-diy skills.
18. The queen’s favorite song was “Uptown Crown” because it made her feel like royalty.
19. The princess knighted her dog and crowned him as the “Goodest Boy.”
20. The king organized a crown-related competition and said, “May the best crown-tender win!”

In conclusion, it’s time to embrace the majestic laughter that comes from our handpicked crown puns. We hope these royal zingers have brought joy to your day and left you in stitches fit for a king or queen. If you’re hungry for more punny goodness, be sure to explore the many other puns on our website. Thank you for gracing us with your presence, and may your funny bone forever reign supreme!

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