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Looking to add some sweetness and humor to your next date? Look no further! In this article, we have handpicked over 200 clever and charming date puns that are sure to make your loved one laugh and swoon. From cheesy one-liners to witty wordplay, these puns are the perfect way to break the ice and keep the conversation light-hearted. Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner or a casual outing, these puns will add an extra sprinkle of joy and make your date memorable. So, gear up for some sweet laughter and get ready to charm your way into your loved one’s heart with these delightful date puns!

“Love at First Bite” (Editors Pick)

1. Why did the tomato turn red on its date? Because it saw the salad dressing!
2. What did the clock say to its date? “I’m ticking all the right boxes!”
3. How did the calendar ask its date to dinner? Can we meet for a date to dine?
4. Why did the vegetable go on a blind date? It couldn’t find a celery-bate partner!
5. How did the avocado ask its crush on a date? “Lettuce go out!”
6. What fruit is perfect for a romantic evening? Dates!
7. How did the couple know their online date would be successful? They had great “inter-net” chemistry!
8. What kind of dates always stay out late? Calendar dates!
9. Why do some people avoid dating guitars? They fret too much!
10. What’s the one thing you should never say on a date at the zoo? “Nice to eat you!”
11. How did the grape ask the raisin on a date? “Don’t raisin the stakes, but will you go out with me?”
12. What’s a vampire’s favorite type of date? A dinner date!
13. Why did the fruit tree ask the fig tree on a date? It wanted to branch out!
14. How do you make a date laugh? Take it out for some dried humor!
15. Why did the calendar refuse to go on a date? It’s days were all booked up!
16. What do you call it when two dates go on a romantic dinner? A fruity affair!
17. What did the strawberry say to the other berry on their date? “I find you very appealing!”
18. What did the grape say to the dentist? “I need to wine and dine before you give me your drill! It’s a grape date!”
19. Why did the soda ask the lemon on a date? It wanted to “pop” some good conversation!
20. How did the romantic calendar propose to its date? “I’ve marked this day as the start of our eternity!”

Dates That Will Make You Smile (One-liner Puns)

1. I tried to make a reservation for Valentine’s Day, but they were all booked up.
2. Why was the math book so nervous on its date? It had too many problems.
3. My date told me she’s studying to be a baker. I guess you could say she’s kneading a future.
4. My date said she likes guys with a sense of humor, but I always seem to make her cringe.
5. I asked my date if she was a magician because whenever I look at her, everyone else disappears.
6. My date asked me if I believe in love at first sight. I said, “Yes, but I also believe in taking a second glance, just to be sure.”
7. My dinner date asked me if I was a wine connoisseur. I said, “No, but I can definitely pretend to be one.”
8. My date said she has a sweet tooth. I replied, “Well, I hope you’re ready for a sugary evening because I’ve got plenty of dad jokes.”
9. My date asked me if I believed in destiny. I told her, “Of course, it seems like we were mint to be together.”
10. My date suggested we go on a romantic walk, but I warned her that I have two left feet.
11. My date said she likes to live life on the edge. I replied, “Well, hold on tight because we’re about to go on a roller-coaster of puns.”
12. My date asked if I knew any good knock-knock jokes. I said, “Sure, but you’ll have to start because I’m always ready with an answer.”
13. My date complimented my style, saying I have a good sense of fashion. Well, I guess I like to dress to impress.
14. My date said she loves going to the beach. I replied, “That’s great because I’m a real catch, just like a good wave.”
15. My date told me she loves spontaneous adventures. I replied, “Perfect, let’s start by spontaneously ordering another round of drinks.”
16. My date asked if I believed in fate. I told her, “I’m not sure, but I do believe in making puns our destiny.”
17. My date said she’s into photography. I told her, “Well, get ready because tonight, we’re going to capture some great memories.”
18. My date asked if we could have dessert after dinner. I replied, “Absolutely, it’s the final course of our sweet date.”
19. My date told me she’s a musician. I replied, “That’s amazing because tonight, we’re going to write our own love song.
20. My date asked if I like going to the movies. I told her, “Yes, but sometimes I get lost in the plot, so I hope you’re good at giving summaries.”

Puzzle Hearts (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the calendar go on a diet? It had too many dates!
2. What did the grape say to the date? “I got you a raisin!”
3. How did the date ask for a second meeting? It said, “Can we go on another date?”
4. What did the fig say to the date? “Let’s make a great pear!”
5. Why are dates so romantic? Because they can’t get enough of cuddling!
6. How do you make a date laugh? You tell it a funny joke about a calendar!
7. What do you call two dates that are inseparable? Soulmates!
8. Why was the date afraid of commitment? It didn’t want to get pitted!
9. What do you call a date that loves to exercise? A fitness date!
10. What did the calendar say when it went on a date with the clock? “We’re a perfect match!”
11. Why did the date get turned down by the day? It said, “You’re too old for me!”
12. What did the calendar say when it found a perfect date? “I’m on cloud nine!”
13. Why did the date break up with the banana? It found someone more “appealing”!
14. What did the strawberry say to the date? “I love jamming with you!”
15. What do you call a fancy date? A “high-class-date”!
16. What did the calendar say when it was stood up by the clock? “Looks like we’re out of sync!”
17. Why did the date enjoy playing sports? Because it was a great “match”!
18. What do you call a date that loves to travel? A globe-trotter!
19. Why did the date refuse to go to the movies? It heard they were “dried”!
20. What did the calendar say when it went on a romantic date? “I can’t wait to spend this time with you!”

The Perfect Mix: Stirring Up Date Puns (Double Entendre Delights)

1. “Going on a date with an optometrist is a real eye opener.”
2. “My date and I are like a couple of magnets; we always attract each other.”
3. “The chemistry between me and my date was electrifying.”
4. “My date asked me if I wanted to Netflix and chill, so I served her ice cream and put on a movie.”
5. “I asked my date to bring her A-game, but she showed up with her Z-game.”
6. When my date asked for a bite of my burger, I said, ‘Sorry, I’m not into sharing my buns.’
7. “My date told me she likes to ride horses, so I asked if she wanted to saddle up and go for a gallop.”
8. “At the end of the date, my date said, ‘I’ve had a great time, I hope this wasn’t just a cheap ploy.'”
9. “I asked my date if she wanted to go for a jog, but she said, ‘I rather have you jog my memory.'”
10. My date said she loves pirate movies, so I told her, ‘Yarrrr, matey, let’s set sail on a memorable evening.”
11. “I told my date it’s all about the bass, but she replied, ‘I’m more of a treble kind of person.'”
12. At the end of the date, she leaned in for a kiss, and I said, ‘Sorry, but I’m really into subtracting, not adding.’
13. “My date asked me what my favorite position is, and I said, ‘CEO of a successful company.'”
14. “My date said she loves to cook, so I told her, ‘You’re the spice in my life, let’s make a hot dish together.'”
15. “When my date said she likes to write, I asked her, ‘Are you interested in pen-ing a love story with me?'”
16. “At the end of the date, she asked if there was any chance of a sequel, and I said, ‘Sorry, I only do standalone performances.'”
17. “My date asked if I believe in love at first sight, and I replied, ‘I’m more of a gradual attraction kind of person.'”
18. “When my date mentioned she loves gardening, I told her, ‘You must be familiar with planting seeds of love, then.'”
19. “I told my date I’m a fan of puns, and she said, ‘Well, let’s find out if we’re compatible on multiple levels.'”
20. When my date said she’s a thrill-seeker, I asked if she wanted to experience the roller coaster of love with me.

“Dishing Out Date-licious Puns: Time for Some Fruitful Wordplay!”

1. I went on a blind date, but it turned out to be love at first sight.
2. I took my date to a bakery, because I kneaded to impress her.
3. When my date asked for a nightcap, I said, “Let’s make it a double date!”
4. My date was a real smooth talker, he buttered me up with compliments.
5. I asked my date if she wanted to go to the movies; she said, “Popcorn and a flick? That’s a date I can’t refuse!”
6. My date took me to a zoo, and I couldn’t bear to be without him.
7. My date asked me if I was into sports, and I said, “Tennis? I’m game!”
8. When we went bowling, my date said, “Let’s roll with it!
9. My date and I went for a jog, and he said, “Let’s go for a run-derful time!”
10. My date and I went for a hike, and he said, “Let’s trek this love path together!
11. On our date, my partner and I did some skydiving, and we fell head over heels for each other.
12. My date and I went sailing, and it was smooth sailing from the start.
13. I took my date to a golf course, because I knew it would be a hole-in-one kind of date.
14. My date and I went to a comedy show, and we had a real laugh-in’ time.
15. My date brought me a bouquet of flowers, it was a real ro-mance of petals.
16. My date had a great sense of fashion, she really knew how to dress to impress.
17. I took my date to a cooking class, and we really stirred up some romance in the kitchen.
18. My date took me to an art gallery, and it was a brush with love at first sight.
19. My date and I went to a concert, and the music struck a chord in both of us.
20. My date and I went picnicking, it was a moment to sa-vour-our love in the great outdoors.

Pundateable: Hilarious Juxtapositions of Date Puns

1. I went on a blind date with a librarian, and boy did she checkout!
2. The date between the calendar and the calculator was so hot, they made a lot of dates!
3. My chemistry-loving friend went on a date with a math professor – they had great chemistry!
4. The time traveler went on a date with a watchmaker, and they had an early connection.
5. The cereal lover went on a date with a farmer, and they instantly clicked with a cereal-ous connection.
6. The fruitologist went on a date with a wine connoisseur and they had grape chemistry!
7. The painter went on a date with a musician – it was quite the art and soul connection.
8. The marathon runner went on a date with a snail, and they had a slow and steady connection.
9. The magician went on a date with a baker, and they had a magical roll in the oven.
10. The astronaut went on a date with a farmer, and they had an out-of-this-world farming experience.
11. The fisherman went on a date with a sushi chef, and they had a reel-y amazing time.
12. The golfer went on a date with a yoga instructor and they had a hole-in-one connection.
13. The mathematician went on a date with a linguist, and they had an equation in language.
14. The circus performer went on a date with an accountant, and they brought balance between acrobatics and numbers.
15. The surfer went on a date with a ski instructor, and they rode the wave of winter love.
16. The detective went on a date with a riddle enthusiast, and they solved each other’s mysteries.
17. The poet went on a date with a translator, and they had an incredible way with words.
18. The ice cream lover went on a date with a dentist, and they had a sweet tooth connection.
19. The mechanic went on a date with an engineer, and they fixed each other’s hearts.
20. The rock climber went on a date with a plant researcher, and they had a mountain of botany fun.

Dinner Date Delights: Puns that will make you “date-ng” for more

1. Date Knight (Daytonight)
2. Olive (All of) My Dates
3. Better on a Plum Friday
4. A-Peel-ing Dates (Aprileating Dates)
5. Blueberry Sweetheart (Bluedate Sweetheart)
6. The Grape Escape (The Great Escape)
7. Pitted Love (Pitted Olive)
8. Me So Honey (Miso Honey)
9. From Date to Date (From Dusk to Dawn)
10. A Date with Destiny
11. Love at First Date
12. Afternoon Delight (Afternoon Date-light)
13. The Apple of My Eye (The Date of My Eye)
14. Romantic Rendezvous (Datevous)
15. Date-n-Tell (Dine and Tell)
16. Time for Love (Thyme for Love)
17. Berry Loveable (Very Loveable)
18. Serendipity on a Stick (Serendipity on a Date Stick)
19. Taking a Pitted Break (Taking a Brief Date)
20. Heart Beet (Heart Date)

Date Shakes and Mistakes (Spoonerisms)

1. Fruity pate
2. Crate of glapes
3. Lame fige
4. Nectar of hobbins
5. Bumble flee
6. Quack of prune
7. Bake race
8. Puddle of vump
9. Prate duns
10. Clock of lime
11. Lane of puddins
12. Gobble of crains
13. Stake prey
14. Wubble of phone
15. Ricotta flush
16. Wait of pear
17. Brench brad
18. Slush of wates
19. Tummy dank
20. Muff of pread

Date Night Delights (Tom Swifties)

1. “I can’t wait to go on a blind date,” said Tom darkly.
2. “I’m taking my girlfriend out for sushi tonight,” Tom said rollingly.
3. “He’s so sweet,” said Tom daringly, “we’re on a sugar rush.”
4. “I hope dinner goes well,” said Tom cautiously.
5. “This date is going swimmingly,” Tom said swimmingly.
6. “I can’t believe I forgot my wallet,” said Tom pennilessly.
7. “I’m feeling a bit nervous,” said Tom uneasily.
8. “She always makes my heart skip a beat,” said Tom skippingly.
9. “I think we’re really hitting it off,” said Tom strikingly.
10. “This movie is so romantic,” said Tom lovingly.
11. “I’m trying to impress her with my dancing,” said Tom gracefully.
12. “I hope this restaurant has good food,” said Tom deliciously.
13. I feel like we’re in a fairy tale,” said Tom magically.
14. “I’m excited to see where this date takes us,” said Tom eagerly.
15. “I feel like I’m floating on cloud nine,” said Tom dreamily.
16. “I love the way she laughs,” said Tom laughingly.
17. “I hope this date ends with a sweet surprise,” said Tom hopefully.
18. “I’m ready to show her a night to remember,” said Tom memorably.
19. “I feel like we’re in a romantic movie,” said Tom cinematically.
20. “This date is going so well, it’s like a dream come true,” said Tom dreamily.

Conflicting Connection Puns (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. “I had a great time on my blind date, even though I saw it coming.”
2. “I’m always up for a double date, even if it means twice the awkwardness.”
3. My date said I was the life of the party, but I brought my own coffin.
4. “My date was so spontaneous, we planned everything in advance.”
5. “I took my date to a seafood restaurant, but it didn’t go swimmingly.”
6. “I went on a speed date, but it felt like hours.”
7. “My date told me I was her dream come true, but I wake up every day.”
8. “I went on a hot date, but it was definitely a cold shoulder.”
9. “My date said I was an open book, but I’m more like a Kindle.”
10. “I went on a dinner date, but it left me feeling empty.”
11. “My date was so funny, I barely laughed once.”
12. “I thought the date was going well, but we had a rocky relationship.”
13. “My date told me I was one in a million, but I’m terrible at math.”
14. “I went on a blind date, and it was love at first sight.”
15. “My date said I was her knight in shining armor, but I’m afraid of commitment.”
16. “I planned the perfect date, but it ended up being just a figment of my imagination.”
17. My date called me a diamond in the rough, but I’m more like cubic zirconia.
18. “I went on a date with a cat lover, but it was a doggone disaster.”
19. “My date told me I swept her off her feet, but I’m infamous for my clumsiness.”
20. “I went on a romantic date, but it quickly turned into an epic fail.”

Recursive Laughter (Recursive Puns)

1. I took my date to a fruit market. She said it was a great pear-ing experience!
2. I asked my date to go hiking, but she said she couldn’t make the time ’cause she had too much on her plate.
3. My date asked me if she should order a soda. I told her, “Sure, but it’s gonna be extra carbonated!”
4. My date suggested going out for Italian food. I replied, “That sounds pasta-bly a good idea!”
5. I took my date to a seafood restaurant. She said, “I’m feeling a bit crabby tonight.”
6. My date asked me if they should bring a coat to the park. I said, “Sure, just make sure it’s a coat-hanger!”
7. I asked my date if he wanted to watch a movie. He said, “Only if it’s reel-y good!”
8. I told my date I had a surprise for her. She asked, “Is it going to be bow-tiful?”
9. My date wondered if we should order dessert. I replied, “Absolutely, we dough-nut want to miss out!”
10. I asked my date if she liked to dance. She said, “I’m not sure. Can we salsa bout it?”
11. My date asked if I wanted to play a card game. I said, “Sure, but I’m all in from the deck of puns!”
12. I invited my date over for a candlelit dinner. She asked, “Is it going to be wick-edly romantic?”
13. My date said he was feeling a bit chilly. I replied, “Don’t worry, I’ve got a warm embrace up my sleeve!”
14. I suggested having a picnic with my date. She asked, “Are you sure it won’t be a little too cheesy?
15. My date suggested going to an amusement park. I replied, “That sounds roller-coasters!”
16. I asked my date if it was okay to take a selfie. She said, “Sure, but don’t forget the shutter puns!”
17. My date asked me to choose where we should have dinner. I said, “Let’s go to a Mexican place, it’s gonna be nacho ordinary date!
18. I brought my date a bouquet of flowers. She asked, “Are they going to be bloomin’ lovely?”
19. My date suggested having a wine and cheese night. I said, “Why not? It’ll be grate-fully fun!”
20. I asked my date if she wanted to go ice skating. She replied, “Only if it’s gonna be slide-tastic!”

Dial Up the Puns: Love Connections and Cheesy Clichés

1. I went on a date with a baker, but it ended up being a flaky encounter.
2. My blind date was a real snooze-fest, she tried to catch winks instead of catching my eye.
3. I decided to take my date to the arcade, but she was a pinball wizard and gave me a tilt-a-whirl of emotions.
4. I asked my date to meet me at the gym, but they were a little dumbbell for standing me up.
5. I went on a date with a dentist, but the whole experience was just tooth-hurty.
6. I took my date to the seafood restaurant, but we really went off the deep end when they started clamming up.
7. I went on a date with a painter, but our connection was pretty abstract.
8. My date brought up their ex during dinner, talk about bringing unwanted baggage to the table.
9. I went on a date with a car enthusiast, but they had way too many speeding tickets for me to handle.
10. My date was always complaining about the temperature, they were quite the thermostat tyrant.
11. I decided to take my date to the farmer’s market, but it was a real produce for thought.
12. I asked my date if they enjoyed stargazing, but they were more of a constellation prize.
13. I went on a date with a magician, but their tricks couldn’t make our chemistry appear out of thin air.
14. My date had such a dry sense of humor, they should join a desert comedy show.
15. I took my date to a dog park, but they were more interested in fetching compliments than playing with the pups.
16. I asked my date how they liked their coffee, and they said “amusing,” quite the latte-dah response.
17. I went on a date with a comedian, but their jokes fell flat faster than a pancake on a griddle.
18. My date claimed to be a salsa dancer, but they couldn’t handle the heat in the relationship.
19. I took my date to a petting zoo, but they were more interested in horse-ing around than getting to know me.
20. My date said they loved hiking, but they didn’t seem too thrilled when I suggested we take a mountain to each other.

In conclusion, laughter truly is the sweetest gift you can give to your loved one. With over 200 handpicked date puns, you’re sure to find the perfect joke to charm their heart. But our pun-filled journey doesn’t end here! Head over to our website to discover even more hilarious wordplay. Thank you for joining us and may your dates be filled with endless laughter!

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