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Are you ready to add some color and humor to your makeup routine? Look no further because we have gathered over 200 entertaining lipstick puns that will leave you smiling from ear to ear. From playful plays on words to clever puns about shades and finishes, this list has it all. Whether you are a lipstick enthusiast or simply enjoy a good laugh, these puns will brighten your day. So, pucker up and get ready to explore the colorful world of lipstick puns that will make you blush (but in a good way)! Get ready to paint your smile bright with these pun-tastic lip-themed jokes.

“Kiss and Makeup: Editors Pick”

1. “I had to kiss my favorite lipstick goodbye, it was such a lip-service!”
2. “I told my friend I was addicted to lipstick, she said I had a lip-tation problem.”
3. “Lipsticks are like magic, they have the power to make you feel lip-solutely fabulous!”
4. “Did you hear about the lipstick that won the beauty pageant? It was crowned the lip-queen!”
5. “I bought a new lipstick that smells like strawberries, it’s a real lip-snack!”
6. “When my girlfriend wears red lipstick, I always tell her she’s looking lip-tastic!”
7. “I asked my friend for a lipstick recommendation, she said she couldn’t lip-imize just one!”
8. “I painted my lips with yellow lipstick and everyone said I had a lip-bee!”
9. “My favorite lipstick always makes me feel like I have a lip-transformation superpower!”
10. “When I couldn’t find my lipstick, I shouted, ‘This feels like a lip stick-up!'”
11. “Did you hear about the over-enthusiastic lipstick? It went lip-stickin’ out of the crowd!”
12. “My friend claims she can apply lipstick without a mirror, she’s a real lip-sychic!”
13. “I told my boyfriend I needed more lipstick, he said I had a lip-stash problem!”
14. “I accidentally kissed my coffee cup with bright red lipstick, it had a lip-print!”
15. “My friend complains about her lipstick always wearing off, I told her she needs lip-stamin!”
16. “Why did the lipstick break up with the mascara? It found someone who could lip-align better!”
17. “My friend’s lipstick collection is so big, she says it’s a lip-tastic obsession!”
18. “When my lipstick fell on the floor, I said, ‘That’s a lip-flop!'”
19. “My lipstick collection has every shade, I’m definitely a lip-a-holic!”
20. “My lipstick got stuck in the cap, I said it was a lip-stick-ulation accident!”

Pucker Up and Enjoy these Lip-smacking Puns

1. I never trust atoms, they make up everything!
2. Did you hear about the scientist who tried to create a lipstick that lasted forever? He forgot to factor in eternity.
3. Have you heard about the new lipstick experiment? It’s a real pigment of our imagination.
4. Why did the lipstick go to school? To improve its “lip-working” skills!
5. Why did the lipstick decide to become an artist? It wanted to leave a lasting impression.
6. I asked my friend how she managed to always apply her lipstick perfectly. She said it was all in the lip-stick-to-itiveness.
7. Why did the lipstick draw a self-portrait? It wanted to capture its best angles!
8. I used to be addicted to the hokey-pokey, but I turned myself around.
9. Why did the lipstick break up with its partner? Because they couldn’t find common ground on lip color choices.
10. I told my friend I bought a new lipstick that guarantees a kiss, but all I got was lip service.
11. What do you call a group of lipsticks that perform on stage together? The Lip Syncers!
12. Did you hear about the lipstick that went on a diet? It slimmed down to achieve perfect lip contours.
13. I asked my friend how she always manages to match her lipstick perfectly to her outfit. She said, “It’s all about inner lip-eace.”
14. Why did the lipstick go to therapy? It needed help getting to the root of its stickiness issues.
15. Did you hear about the lipstick that became a rapper? It spits straight fire!
16. What do you call a lipstick that loves to bake? A cupcake-lip!
17. Why did the lipstick start playing basketball? It wanted to leave opponents lip-locked in disbelief!
18. Did you hear about the lipstick that won the beauty contest? It was crowned Ms. Lipstick Universe!
19. I told my friend that she should never underestimate the power of lipstick. She said, “That’s just me applying some lip-wisdom.”
20. Why did the lipstick file a complaint? It felt it was being accused of being too cheeky!

Pucker Up for These Q&A Punnies!

1. What did the lipstick say to the mirror? “I’m just here to make you look good!”
2. How would you describe a lipstick’s favorite dance move? Lip-syncing!
3. Why did the lipstick take a day off? It was feeling a bit “drawn out.”
4. How do lipsticks like to solve problems? They kiss and makeup!
5. What do you call a lipstick on a hot day? Lip-balm-er!
6. Why did the lipstick decide not to join the cheerleading team? It didn’t want to “stick” to a routine!
7. What did the lipstick say to the eyeliner? “You’ve got a lot to line up to!”
8. How did the lipstick feel after a long day? Totally “un-lipped”!
9. What did one lipstick say to the other at the end of a long day? “Let’s pucker up and call it a night!”
10. Why did the lipstick refuse to jump off the makeup bag? It didn’t want to make a “face plant”!
11. What did the lipstick say to the blush? “You add so much color to my life!”
12. How did the lipstick react when it won an award? It blushed!
13. Why did the lipstick go to the doctor? It had a case of the “lip-splits”!
14. What do you call a lipstick’s favorite TV show? The Lip Sync Battle!
15. How did the lipstick feel after a long party? Pretty “partied out”!
16. What did one lipstick ask the other at the makeup store? “Are you ‘lip’stick or treat?”
17. Why do lipsticks get bad grades at school? Because they’re always “lip-syncing” during exams!
18. What did the lipstick say to the mascara? “You’re so ‘lash’y!”
19. How did the makeup artist feel after creating a stunning look? “Liplifting”!
20. What’s a lipstick’s favorite exercise? Lip gloss-ups!

The “Kiss and Tell” Collection (Double Entendre Puns)

1. “She always leaves a lasting impression with her lipstick.”
2. “I kissed her lips so passionately, they left a mark. I guess you could say I was lippin’ it real good.”
3. “Her lipstick shade was ‘Berry Naughty’—quite fitting for her mischievous nature.”
4. “He told her he loved the way her lips moved, but she knew he wasn’t just talking about her speech.”
5. “She applied her lipstick with precision, leaving all the boys smitten by her luscious pout.”
6. “Her lipstick collection was so extensive, it could easily be mistaken for a secret weapon.”
7. “He couldn’t resist the temptation; her lipstick color was all he could ‘stick’ in his mind.”
8. “Her lip gloss was called ‘Sinful Seduction,’ leaving no questions about its true intentions.”
9. “She puckered up and applied her lipstick, ready to play her role in the game of love.”
10. “Her lipstick was as bold as her personality—bright, daring, and oh-so-seductive.”
11. “He couldn’t help but stare as she undid the lipstick cap, revealing its secret powers.”
12. “Her kissable lips were the perfect canvas for her lipstick artistry.”
13. “The lipstick was running out fast; it was a ‘lip service’ emergency!”
14. “She knew her lipstick was a weapon; every time she wore it, hearts were bound to get ‘mark’d.”
15. “She whispered seductively, ‘My lips are certified to release any stress. Just kiss and relieve.'”
16. “The mere sight of her wearing red lipstick made him weak in the knees with desire.”
17. “She applied her lipstick gently, knowing it was the fine line between prim and provocative.”
18. “Her lipstick conveys so much more than just color; it tells the world about her inner desires.”
19. “He couldn’t resist her lips, for they were like honey, and he was just a bee looking for sweet success.”
20. “Pouting her lips, she promised a kiss that was much more than meets the eye.”

Painting the town “Red”: Lipstick puns that’ll make you pout!

1. She always kisses and tells, but with that lipstick, it’s more like smears and shares.
2. Her lipstick was so bright, it was like a neon sign that said “kiss me.”
3. The scandalous rumors spread like wildfire, leaving a trail of red lipstick on their lips.
4. She always wore red lipstick, but her secrets were always kept behind closed lips.
5. Her lipstick was so expensive, it could bankrupt a lipstick lover.
6. He tried to impress her with his wit, but all she noticed was his smeared lipstick.
7. She had a way with words, but her lipstick had a way with leaving marks on every glass she sipped from.
8. Her lipstick color was so bold, it became the talk of the town.
9. They say a person can never have too many lipsticks, but she was starting to prove them wrong.
10. She always had a backup plan, just like she always had a spare tube of lipstick in her bag.
11. Her lipstick was like a magic wand, transforming her from ordinary to extraordinary.
12. She could charm anyone with just a smile, but her lipstick gave her that extra touch of magic.
13. Her lipstick collection was like a work of art, with each shade telling its own unique story.
14. She always left her mark wherever she went, and it wasn’t just from her lipstick.
15. She tried to keep her secrets concealed, but her vibrant lipstick couldn’t hide her true intentions.
16. The secret to her confidence was the perfect shade of lipstick.
17. She was known for her flawless makeup, but her lipstick was always the star of the show.
18. She always spoke her mind, but her lipstick spoke volumes about her personality.
19. She was never afraid to take risks, especially when it came to trying a new shade of lipstick.
20. Her lipstick was like a badge of honor, signifying her strength and resilience.

Pucker Up for Punny Lipstick Juxtapositions

1. I applied lipstick to my credit card because it needed a swipe.
2. The lipstick went on strike because it was tired of being kissed off.
3. I broke up with my lipstick because it was always too clingy.
4. The lipstick kept telling bad jokes because it had a pretty funny bone.
5. I asked the lipstick for relationship advice, but it just kept giving me lip.
6. The lipstick tried to cut a deal, but it couldn’t seal the case.
7. I found my lipstick in the freezer, it was feeling a bit frosty.
8. The lipstick went to the gym to get in shape, but it couldn’t stick to a routine.
9. I wore bright red lipstick to the library to paint the town red.
10. The lipstick got into a fight with the lip balm, things got pretty heated.
11. I tried to start a band with my lipstick, but it couldn’t hit the right notes.
12. The lipstick got a promotion because it always knew how to color outside the lines.
13. I lost my job as a lipstick tester because I always kissed up to the competition.
14. The lipstick went on vacation, but it couldn’t resist a bit of lip service.
15. I used my lipstick as a bookmark, my reading truly had the perfect touch of color.
16. The lipstick went to see the dentist because it had a few cavities to fill.
17. My lipstick went viral on social media, it had a real knack for going to people’s heads.
18. I used my lipstick as a hair tie because it had a real twist of fate.
19. The lipstick decided to become a detective, it had a way of cracking tough cases.
20. I wrote a love letter in lashings of lipstick, it was sure to make an impression.

Lipstick Lingo (Punny Lipstick Names)

1. Lip Smackers
2. Lipstick Lovers
3. Pout Perfect
4. Rouge Runway
5. Kisser’s Delight
6. Glossy Glam
7. Lipstick Lane
8. Kiss-able Cosmetics
9. Lippy Lacquer
10. Lip Locks
11. Lipstick Couture
12. Bold Lips Brigade
13. Kissable Colors
14. Lipstick Paradise
15. Glamour Gloss
16. Smooch Sensation
17. Pucker Up Palace
18. Lipstick Haven
19. Lush Lips Lounge
20. Lipstick Oasis

Prestick your Lips (Lipstick Spoonerisms)

1. Chipped lops
2. Tickled hops
3. Blushing licks
4. Snapped tick
5. Glossy liptick
6. Smearing tops
7. Ruby rockets
8. Pouty rose
9. Scarlet gloss
10. Crimson flush
11. Pounded blush
12. Lacy peck
13. Rosy batter
14. Berry lusher
15. Pumpkin kisses
16. Vibrant tunes
17. Plum perfer
18. Mocha smacker
19. Coral peck
20. Berry balm

Luscious Lipstick Language (Tom Swifties)

1. “This shade of lipstick is too bright,” said Tom darkly.
2. “I can’t find my favorite lipstick,” said Tom lostly.
3. “I just bought a new lipstick,” said Tom colorfully.
4. “I accidentally bit my lip,” said Tom with a lip.
5. “I don’t like the taste of this lipstick,” said Tom tastefully.
6. “I can’t believe I left my lipstick at home,” said Tom absentmindedly.
7. “This is the perfect shade of red,” said Tom rosy.
8. “I never leave the house without wearing lipstick,” said Tom religiously.
9. “I prefer using lip balm over lipstick,” said Tom lip-smackingly.
10. “This lipstick is too expensive,” said Tom pricily.
11. “I forgot to put on lipstick before the party,” said Tom liplessly.
12. “I love trying out different lipstick brands,” said Tom experimentally.
13. “I always match my lipstick with my outfit,” said Tom fashionably.
14. “I can’t decide between these two lipsticks,” said Tom indecisively.
15. “I accidentally smudged my lipstick,” said Tom smearingly.
16. “I prefer a natural look without lipstick,” said Tom liplessly.
17. “I can’t choose between matte or glossy lipstick,” said Tom shinelessly.
18. “I love wearing bold and vibrant lipsticks,” said Tom vividly.
19. “I always have a backup tube of lipstick,” said Tom preparedly.
20. “I enjoy collecting different shades of lipstick,” said Tom color-catchingly.

Luscious Lip Puns (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. “She wore a matte lipstick to make a glossy statement.”

2. “Her lipstick was so long-lasting, it faded before it even dried.”

3. “I bought a nude lipstick that was too bold for my taste.”

4. “Her lipstick shade was called ‘invisible,’ but it sure caught everyone’s attention.”

5. “I love how her lipstick color is both bold and understated.”

6. “His lipstick was so hydrating, it left his lips feeling dry.”

7. “She achieved a natural, effortless look with her high-maintenance lipstick.”

8. Her red lipstick gave her a sense of subtlety and drama.

9. “His lipstick looked so effortless, it took hours to perfect.”

10. “She rocked a sheer lipstick that was anything but transparent.”

11. “I applied a dark lipstick to brighten up my day.”

12. “His lipstick was so glossy, it looked matte.”

13. “She wore a vibrant lipstick that screamed subtlety.”

14. “His everyday lipstick was anything but ordinary.”

15. “She rocked a lip balm that left her lips feeling chapped.”

16. “I found a lipstick that perfectly matched my distinctive personality: generic.”

17. “She wore a lipstick that highlighted her natural beauty, but it was all an illusion.”

18. “His lipstick color was so unique, it could easily be mistaken for commonplace.”

19. “She wore a flamboyant lipstick that left everyone speechless.”

20. “His lipstick emphasized his uniqueness in a completely conventional way.”

Recursive Lips (Lipstick Puns)

1. I wanted to wear red lipstick, but decided to play it safe by going for a shade of blush.
2. Lipstick is like a relationship – sometimes you just have to start fresh and swipe it away.
3. When applying lipstick, remember to outline the boundaries. It’s the first rule of lip jurisdiction.
4. My friend said my lips were too bright, so I told her it’s just reflective lipstick. It’s always ready for a debate!
5. Applying lipstick is like writing a pun – it’s all about finding the perfect shade of wordplay.
6. I bought a new shade of lipstick called “IRRELELIPSTICK” – it’s so obscure, you can barely see it!
7. My friend asked me why lipstick is called “lipstick.” I told her, “Well, it’s like a little-known lip secret, sealed with a stick.”
8. They say the key to a good pun is timing, but for lipstick, the key is priming!
9. I tried to draw a perfect cupid’s bow with my lip pencil, but instead, I ended up with an “archer” lip line, pun intended!
10. Some people believe in the healing power of lipstick. I guess you could say it’s the “lip stick” that holds everything together.
11. The secret to a long-lasting lipstick? Give it continuous hugs, because that’s how you get recursive lipsticking!
12. My friend asked me why I always wear bright lipstick. I told her, “It’s my way of painting a bigger smile on my face!”
13. Lipstick is like a puzzle. You have to find the right shade, fit it perfectly on your lips, and voilà, you have a “punny” masterpiece!
14. When it comes to lipstick, don’t be afraid to color outside the lines. It’s the perfect way to create a bold lip art rebellion!
15. My friend said my choice of lipstick is too wild. I responded, “Wild? More like ‘ex-lip-sive’!”
16. Lipstick is a lot like math – it requires precision, skill, and the perfect equation of color.
17. My friend said my obsession with lipstick was making her dizzy. I said, “Well, it’s a lip-stick, isn’t it? It’s bound to spin some heads!”
18. They say lipstick is the perfect accessory for any outfit. I guess that makes it the ultimate “recu-lip-stick”!
19. My friend told me I had too many lipsticks. I told her, “Well, it’s like a collection of little colorful lip treasures, waiting to be discovered!”
20. Some people see lipstick as just a cosmetic item, but for me, it’s a manifesto of self-expression. It’s like wearing my thoughts right on my lips!

Lipstick Wisecracks: Pouting With Puns (Puns on Clichés)

1. “Don’t sweat the lipstick, it’s just a shade away from perfection!”
2. “A little lipstick goes a long way, just like a long-winded story!”
3. “If you can’t find your perfect lipstick, just pucker up and make a statement!”
4. “Don’t judge a lipstick by its cover, it’s what’s on your lips that counts!”
5. “When it comes to lipstick, never back down, it’s all about putting your best shade forward!”
6. “Life’s too short to wear boring lipstick, so swipe on some fun and make it count!”
7. “A good lipstick can make any situation lip-smackingly delicious!”
8. “They say laughter is the best cosmetic, but I say a new lipstick is!”
9. “Lipstick is like a fingerprint, no two applications are ever the same!”
10. “Don’t be a shrinking violet, wear lipstick that screams confidence!”
11. “Lipstick is a girl’s best friend, it’s there for you in every shade and every moment!”
12. “Forget about stopping to smell the roses; stop to admire your perfect lipstick!”
13. “You can never have too many lipsticks, just like you can never have too many punchlines!”
14. “Lipstick is the cherry on top of your makeup routine, just keep it smudge-free!”
15. “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle, especially not your vibrant lipstick!”
16. “Life is like a tube of lipstick, you never know what shade you’ll end up with!”
17. “Find your lipstick soulmate and never let go, just like a timeless cliché!”
18. “No matter how chaotic life gets, always make time for a moment of lipstick bliss!”
19. Be the lipstick in a world of lip balm, stand out and shine on!
20. “Don’t let anyone bring you down, but if they do, use your lipstick to rise above!”

In conclusion, painting your smile bright can be a fun and entertaining experience, especially with the help of these 200+ lipstick puns. We hope these puns have brought a smile to your face and added a touch of humor to your day. If you’re hungry for more puns, don’t forget to check out our website for a wide range of puns on various topics. Thank you for your time and happy punning!

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