200+ Witty Pen Puns: Ink-credibly Funny Wordplay to Brighten Your Day

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Are you ready for some ink-sane wordplay? Look no further than these 200+ witty pen puns! Whether you’re a writer, artist, or just appreciate a good pun, these clever quips are sure to make you smile. From classic puns like “write on time” to more creative ones like “pen-decent proposal,” there’s something for everyone. So don’t be blue, grab a pen and get ready for some ink-redible humor. These puns are sure to pen-etrate your funny bone and leave you with a smile on your face. Let’s get pun-derway!

“Unleash Your Wittiest Writing with These Punny Pens” (Editors Pick)

1. “Why did the pen dance on the paper? Because it had a lead in its tip.
2. “What did the pen say to the paper? ‘Write on!'”
3. “Why did the pen cross the road? To get to the ink.”
4. What do you call a pen that doesn’t work? Ink-apable.”
5. “Why did the pen feel lonely? Because it was a sole writer.”
6. “Why did the pen refuse to write? It had a case of block ink.”
7. What did one pen say to the other? We make a great point together.’
8. Why did the pen go to school? To get a write education.
9. “Why did the pen blush? It saw the pen-pal’s stationary.”
10. “How does a pen write a note to its friend? With a letter-opener.”
11. “Why did the pen break up with the eraser? It said they just rubbed each other the wrong way.”
12. What do you call a pen with a broken heart? A pen-dulum.”
13. Why did the pen go to the gym? To work on its “curl”igraphy.”
14. Why did the pen roll off the desk? Because it was pen-ful of itself.”
15. “Why did the pen give up its day job? It wanted to become a 24-hour pen-der.”
16. “What did the pen say when the paper asked if it was okay? ‘I’m feeling write as rain.'”
17. “Why did the pen get a ticket? It was parked in an ink-appropriate spot.”
18. “Why don’t pens make good pets? They always seem to run out of ink.
19. “What do you call a pen that’s stubborn? Ink-flexible.”
20. Why did the pen go on vacation? It needed to recharge its creativity.”

Pen-sational Puns (One-liner Wordplay)

1. Why did the pen break up with the pencil? They couldn’t draw a line together.
2. I tried to write with a broken pen, but it was pointless.
3. I used to be a doctor but had terrible handwriting, so now I’m a pen pal instead.
4. Why do pens make bad friends? They’re always ink-comprehensive!
5. I have a ballpoint pen collection, but I’m afraid someone might try to steal it. It’s a real pen-demic.
6. What do you call a pen that can draw underwater? A squid-ink pen.
7. A felt-tipped pen walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve your type here.”
8. Two pens were walking in a rose garden. One pen says to the other, “This place has a real bouquet feel”.
9. I’m trying to write a book with a pen, but it’s a slow writing pen name.
10. Why did the pen become friends with the pencil? They had a good lead.
11. I couldn’t remember how to spell my name with a pen, so I had to use my ink-agination.
12. What’s a pen’s favorite type of dance? The ink-o.
13. I took my broken pen to the repair shop, but they told me it was a lost cause. It was a real let-dow pen.
14. Why did the pen fall off the counter? Because it didn’t have a cap on its balance.
15. I told my pen to write a funny joke, but all it could come up with was its caps-lock mode.
16. Did you hear about the guy who stole a pen from the bank? He wanted to make a withdraw-ink.
17. Why did the pen cross the road? To get to the write side.
18. A pen is like a good friend, always leaving a mark on your life.
19. My pen is my go-to writing tool, it’s write up there with the best of them.
20. Why did the pen blush? Because it saw the highlighter refill.

Ink-quisitive Insights (Question-and-Answer Puns on Pen Puns)

1. What do you call a pen in a time machine? A quill-ity ink-storation!
2. Why did the pen become a magician? Because it could write things into existence!
3. Where do pens go for a drink? To the fountain pen!
4. Why can’t you trust a pen? Because it’s always plotting something!
5. How do you catch a runaway pen? Use a ball point trap!
6. Why did the pen go to college? To get a degree in ink-formation technology!
7. What’s the difference between a poorly written essay and a broken pen? One is a writer’s block, the other is a block writer!
8. How do you know when a pen is bad? It starts to act write-iculous!
9. Why are pens the best at parties? Because they always make a good point!
10. What do you call a pen that’s all out of ink? Point-less!
11. How do you get a pen to write on a slippery surface? You give it a good grip-ping!
12. Why did the pen cross the playground? To get to the other write-side!
13. What happens when a ballpoint pen gets arrested? It goes straight to pen-triation!
14. Why couldn’t the pen pass the test? It couldn’t stay on point!
15. What is an astronaut’s favorite type of pen? A space pen!
16. How do you know a pen is serious? When it says “I’m not just jotting around!”
17. What do you call a pen that’s always getting in trouble? A mis-pen-dant!
18. What do you call a pen that’s good at art? A draw-pen!
19. Why did the pen start its own business? It wanted to be the write boss!
20. How do you make a pen disappear? You put it in your pocket and it becomes pen-tecostal!

Ink-credible Double Entendre Puns with Pen Puns

1. When I lost my pen, I went to the store to buy another one, but I just couldn’t find the write one.
2. Writing with a broken pen is pointless.
3. Some pens just don’t click.
4. A pen that leaks all the time is just a major ink-convenience.
5. You can’t be blamed for not liking the pen that company gave you – its write to refuse.
6. People tend to have ballpoint pens because they’re a little more engaging.
7. A blunt pen is an issue, but a dull pencil is just pointless.
8. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but I say the pencil should be number 2.
9. Sometimes when I click my pen, I pretend I’m a gunslinger in an old Western movie.
10. The pen that writes on wet paper is truly miraculous.
11. Pens that run out of ink are just shady and untrustworthy.
12. I’d love to tell you a joke about a broken pen, but it’s pointless.
13. When someone steals my pen, they’re just crossing the line.
14. The guy who invented the pen must have been a really good scribbler in his spare time.
15. A pen can be a great weapon in the hands of an artist.
16. Taking notes with a dull pen is like taking baby steps in a hurry.
17. If pens could sing, they’d probably have a ballpoint.
18. I asked my boss if we could buy a new pen for the front desk, but he said we couldn’t afford it – we’re just too pen til.
19. Writing with a quill pen may have been romantic, but it was also very feather-brained.
20. When my pen ran out of ink, I tried to signal for help, but nobody came to my re-scrawl.

Punny Pen Phrases (Idioms with Pens)

1. Writing with a broken pencil is pointless.
2. I keep my pens in a “pen-tagon” shaped holder.
3. The pen is mightier than the swordfish.
4. Two pens were in a fight; it ended in a draw.
5. He didn’t want to share his pen; he was very protective at-ink.
6. You can always count on a pen to be write there when you need it.
7. When they pen a new law, they always cross their t’s and dot their i’s.
8. The pen was so expensive, it was a ball-point of contention.
9. A pen and paper: the original cut-and-paste.
10. I was going to buy a book about pens, but I couldn’t find a good pen to write in it.
11. Some pens have a lot to “ink” about.
12. If you’re going to be a writer, you better have your “pen-ducks” in a row.
13. The pen wrote so smoothly, it was a “finish line” every time.
14. When it comes to pens, you can never have too “mini”.
15. A pen is a great gift for someone who has everything “write.
16. When in doubt, just go back to “pen 1”.
17. I love writing, but I’m no “pen-tagonist”.
18. Don’t be afraid to go against the pen-man.
19. The “pen-dulum” has swung too far, it’s time for a change.
20. I went to the store to buy a new pen, but they were “out of stock”.

Pen-tastic Pun Juxtapositions: Writing Your Way to Laughter

1. My pen is so bad at spelling, it’s writeless.
2. I can’t decide which pen to use, it’s such a write-off.
3. My pen has a lot of ink, it’s a real pen-gu-copia.
4. My pen is feeling tip-top today.
5. I wanted to buy a pen, but it’s a nibble too expensive.
6. My pen is a real point-maker.
7. I wrote a letter with my pen last night, it was quite a write-ding.
8. I’m not a fan of ballpoint pens, they’re too ball-erina for my taste.
9. My pen stopped working, and now I’m ink-vincible.
10. I can never keep track of my pens, they always seem to dis-apen.
11. I’ll be sure to pen a note to remember my thoughts.
12. My pen is running out of ink, it must be on its last legibility.
13. My favorite pen always dries out, it’s a real cap-itch.
14. I never liked using fountain pens, they’re too poshy penmanship.
15. I never let anyone borrow my pen, I have a firm grip-pen it.
16. I can’t write with pens that smudge, they’re so ink-convenient.
17. I ran out of ink, and now I’m feeling pen-sive.
18. A pen with a feather is much too boujee-ball for me.
19. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t have a good pen-dorsement.
20. My new pen is so smooth, I’m having a write-old time.

Pen-tastic Puns: All About the Write Names

1. Penelope Paper
2. Parker Pennington
3. Indie Inkpen
4. Callie Cursive
5. Reed Riverscribe
6. Quill Quincy
7. Landon Leadholder
8. Ernie Erasable
9. Marina Marker
10. Bic Bentley
11. Rosie Rollerball
12. Max Manuscript
13. Monty Montblanc
14. Savvy Sharpie
15. Peter Pencilcase
16. Gabe Gelwriter
17. Aurora Autopen
18. Leo Lineart
19. Ty Typewriter
20. Zane Zigzag

Pen Puns That’ll Leave You Scribbling with Laughter! (Spoonerisms)

1. Bin pungles
2. Jen puns
3. Men buns
4. Pen runs
5. Den funs
6. Hen duns
7. Zen guns
8. Ren nuns
9. Pen duns
10. Ten puns
11. Fen buns
12. Ken runs
13. Gen luns
14. Pen huns
15. Ten buns
16. Wen suns
17. Len wuns
18. Pen tuns
19. Ren sungs
20. Ven duns

Pen-tertaining Puns (Tom Swifties)

1. “I lost my favorite pen!” Tom exclaimed, ballpointedly.
2. “I can’t decide which pen to use,” Tom said, inkcertainly.
3. “I’ll never lend my pens again,” Tom said, retractingly.
4. “I always carry a pen,” Tom said, writefully.
5. “This pen is mightier than the sword,” Tom declared, inksurmountably.
6. “These pens are great for writing in space,” Tom said, astronotebly.
7. “I always get compliments on my handwriting,” Tom said, loopily.
8. “I need to refill this pen,” Tom said, bluely.
9. “I’ve been penning a novel,” Tom said, fictionally.
10. “I get so caught up in writing, I forget to eat,” Tom said, penlessly.
11. “I never forget to bring my pen to a meeting,” Tom said, punctually.
12. “I lose pens faster than I lose socks,” Tom said, disappearingly.
13. “I always write down my dreams,” Tom said, vividly.
14. “I prefer classic pens over trendy ones,” Tom said, nostalgically.
15. “I can’t stand when pens smudge,” Tom said, illegibly.
16. “I always carry multiple pens with me,” Tom said, redundantly.
17. “I love how pens bring ideas to paper,” Tom said, creatively.
18. “I can’t stand when people chew on their pens,” Tom said, irritatingly.
19. “I always take notes in blue ink,” Tom said, honestly.
20. “I get really into writing letters,” Tom said, penpally.

Contradictory Quill Quips (Oxymoronic Pen Puns)

1. The pen felt really blue writing all those black-and-white contracts.
2. The ballpoint pen was feeling quite pointed after being used so often.
3. The pen’s ink ran dry just when it thought it had its life together.
4. The gel pen was amazed at how sharp it became as soon as it hit the page.
5. The quill pen felt like it had two left feathers trying to get through a legal document.
6. The fountain pen was afraid to use too much ink and become a wellspring of emotion.
7. The marker pen was feeling pretty permanent in its place on the desk.
8. The pen was divided on whether to write a letter or ink it across the page.
9. The highlighter pen was feeling overexposed after being used to the point of almost running out.
10. The rollerball pen was feeling like it needed a fresh roll of energy to get through the day.
11. The pen had a split personality; it was a clicker and a twister.
12. The retractable pen felt like it was suddenly being pulled in several different directions.
13. The mechanical pencil was feeling pretty leaded with work.
14. The ink pen had a lot on its plate, but it managed to put it all on paper.
15. The fountain pen thought it had reached the apex of its career, but there was no end to its flow.
16. The pen felt like it was wearing too many caps and running out of ink fast.
17. The erasable pen was feeling pretty marked up after a few uses.
18. The pen felt like it was overly ball-pointed and had no sense of direction.
19. The fine-tip pen was feeling pretty blunt after so many uses.
20. The pen was feeling over the top and under-performing all at once.

Pen-sational Puns (Recursive Pen Jokes)

1. I lost my favorite pen. I guess it just ran out of ink-ling.
2. Why did the pencil get mad at the pen? Because it kept drawing on all the attention.
3. I told a bad pen joke, but I think it’s mightier than the sword puns.
4. My pen might be mightier than the sword, but my keyboard is mightier than both.
5. I tried to draw a circle with my pen, but it was pointless.
6. I found some pens in my pocket and didn’t know if they were mine or not. I decided to give them back anyway, just in case someone else wanted to ink-quire them.
7. I’m thinking about retiring from pen making. It just doesn’t seem like a write career for me.
8. I accidentally wrote the same word twice with my pen. That’s what I get for being redundant.
9. We all make mistakes when using pens, but we just have to keep moving in the write direction.
10. Using a pen can be a real pain in the wrist. Maybe I should switch to voice recognition software instead.
11. Writing with a pen can be like a workout for your hands. I guess you could call it a hand-ick.
12. I tried to write with a broken pen, but it was in-script-able.
13. I’m a big fan of pens. Some might say I’m a pen-thusiast.
14. I replaced the ink in my pen, but it still didn’t work. I guess it just needed a new scribe.
15. I commissioned a portrait artist to draw me with all my favorite pens. Talk about a pen-tastic picture.
16. I always have a pen handy in case an ink-promptu meeting comes up.
17. I tried to use my pen as a ruler, but I keep screwing up the mea-sure-mints.
18. My penmanship is so bad, sometimes it looks like hieroglyphi-cs.
19. I tried to write under water with a pen, but it didn’t work. I guess the ink was just too water-resist-ant.
20. I’m not a big fan of ballpoint pens. I prefer to write with my fountain of ink-spiration.

Pun Intended: Getting Write Into Pen Puns (Puns on Cliches)

1. The pen is mightier than the sword, but it’s no match for a pencil sharpener.
2. You can’t judge a pen by its cover, but you can judge it by its ink stains.
3. A pen in the hand is worth two in the drawer.
4. Actions speak louder than words, but a good pen speaks volumes.
5. When in doubt, pen it out.
6. A rolling pen gathers no moss.
7. The early bird gets the pen.
8. Don’t count your pens before they hatch.
9. Beauty is in the eye of the pen holder.
10. Three pens are better than one, unless they’re all out of ink.
11. A pen saved is a pen earned.
12. A pen a day keeps the boredom away.
13. You can’t make an omelet without breaking a pen or two.
14. The pen is always greener on the other side.
15. You can lead a pen to paper, but you can’t make it write.
16. A penny for your thoughts, but a pen for your words.
17. Don’t put all your pens in one inkwell.
18. You can’t make a silk purse out of a pen cap.
19. A pen is worth a thousand typewriters.
20. The proof of the pen is in the writing.

In conclusion, we hope that our collection of 200+ witty pen puns has left you with a smile on your face and a chuckle in your heart. Keep the laughter rolling by checking out more puns on our website. Thank you for visiting and sharing in the joy of puns with us!

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