220 Hilariously Clever Stranger Things Puns That Will Turn Your World Upside Down

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Enter the Upside Down world of Stranger Things with these puns that will take your fandom to the next level. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just starting out, these clever puns will have you groaning and giggling at the same time. From Eggos to Demogorgons, we’ve got over 200 puns inspired by the hit Netflix series that will have you laughing out loud. Don’t wait any longer and dive into this fun and entertaining pun-filled journey. So, grab your waffles and your best friends, and get ready to turn your world upside down with these hilariously clever Stranger Things puns.

“Enter the Upside Puns” (Editors Pick)

1. The upside-down is just a parallel demogorgon-tion.
2. Did you hear about the Eggo shortage? It’s a “waffle lot.”
3. Eleven walked into a store and left with a pun-dle of things.
4. If you’re ever in the Upside Down, be sure to keep an “ayegh” out for dangerous creatures.
5. “Dustin” for the truth.
6. What do you call a demogorgon who puts on a play? A “demo-gorgon with the wind.”
7. If you’re ever feeling down, “just blast some tunes” like Steve Harrington.
8. Why did the demogorgon cross the road? To get to the upside-down.
9. “Why so Eggo-tistical?” – said Hopper to El.
10. What did Eleven say when she entered the taco restaurant? “You’d better ‘Leggo my Eggo’ and ‘Taco ’bout it.'”
11. Did you hear about the demodog who tried to improve its hunting skills? It went to “Hawkins Paw School.”
12. Mike, Dustin, and Lucas are so smart, they’re like “threeds” of a kind.
13. What do you call a demogorgon that’s a big fan of the Beatles? A “demo-gorjohn.”
14. Will: “I’ve never seen anything like it.”
Hopper: “Yeah, you said that about the beard trimmer I got you for Christmas.”
15. What is a demogorgon’s favorite food? Eggos.
16. What did Max say to Eleven at the arcade? “How many of those tokens did you Eggo?”
17. Why don’t demogorgons watch movies? They already know “how it’s demogonna end.”
18. When Will was found in the Upside Down, he said, “I feel like I’ve been ghosted.”
19. What did the demogorgon say when it was asked if it needed help crossing the street? “No thanks, I’ll take the parallel crossing.”
20. Hopper was hesitant to listen to Eleven’s music at first, but he eventually found it to be quite Eleven-icing.

Stranger Puns: Mind-Flaying One-Liners

1. The creatures in Stranger Things are pretty strange. I guess that’s why they call it that!
2. Why did the Demogorgon cross the road? To get to the Upside Down!
3. I’m pretty sure Eleven would make a great mathematician, she can always find the other side of the equation.
4. What do you call a haunted D&D campaign? Stranger Dungeons!
5. Some people say they can’t sleep after watching Stranger Things. I say, “Netflix and Thriller.”
6. I’m trying to convince my friend to watch Stranger Things, but she’s afraid she’ll get too invested in the characters. I told her, “Don’t worry, it’s only Eleven episodes.”
7. The Stranger Things cast is thinking about opening an ice cream shop. They would call it “Scoops Ahoy.”
8. I can’t believe Hopper didn’t like El’s mushroom soup – it must be because she didn’t add enough demogoronshi.
9. Why did the scientist go to the beach? To look for Barb-ecue sauce.
10. Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in the Upside Down, but then I realize I’ve just been watching Stranger Things for too long.
11. What do you call a group of demodogs? A bark gone wild.
12. I can’t decide if Steve is my favorite character or if I’m just Team Hair.
13. Why did the Mind Flayer go to the doctor? Because it had a nasty case of the upside frown.
14. Whenever I’m feeling down, I just get lost in the bizarre world of Stranger Things. It’s a real Hawkins pick-me-up.
15. What do you call a demogorgon with a cold? A snot beast.
16. Will Byers is always happy to lend a helping hand, but sometimes it’s his hand lending the help. #sorrynotsorry
17. Why was the Mind Flayer so bad at poker? Because it was always watching you.
18. I’m petitioning for Dustin to get his own cooking show called “Gaten Greets.
19. Joyce Byers is a true inspiration – she shows that you can hang Christmas lights year-round if you want to.
20. I wonder if there’s a barber in Hawkins that specializes in the Steve Harrington look.

Eggo-citing Riddles (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the bicycle fall over? Because it was in the Upside Down.
2. What did the demogorgon say to the scientist? Nice seeing you, stranger.
3. Why was Eleven able to move things with her mind? She had an eleventh sense.
4. What do you call a demogorgon that likes to dance? A boogie monster.
5. Why did the Mind Flayer go on a diet? He wanted to slim down.
6. What do you call a person who is obsessed with Stranger Things? A strangeling.
7. Why can’t you trust a demodog? Because it’s a backstabber.
8. What’s the difference between Will Byers and a bicycle? One’s lost in the Upside Down, and the other’s upside down in the garage.
9. Why did the Mind Flayer break up with his girlfriend? She wasn’t his type; he prefers demogorgans.
10. Why did Steve Harrington go to the library? He was trying to find a new romance novel.
11. Why did the scientist join the band? He wanted to be part of the Hawkins Symphony.
12. Why did Dustin Henderson cross the road? He heard there were eggos on the other side.
13. Why did the demogorgon wear a hat? To keep its ears warm in the Upside Down.
14. What do you call it when Steve Harrington is cooking a fish? Steve’s Sea-king.
15. Why did Hopper go to the dentist? He had a tooth Tu*nne*l.
16. What do you call a demogorgon that won’t listen to you? A rebel without a gorgon.
17. Why was Will Byers afraid of the dark? He knew the Mind Flayer was lurking.
18. Why did the Upside Down cross the road? To get to the other side.
19. Why don’t the demodogs like to dance? They’re afraid they’ll get foot-in-mouth disease.
20. What’s Eleven’s favorite sexual position? Eggo and spoon.

“Upside-Down Wordplay: The Eleven-iest Stranger Things Double Entendres”

1. Trying to watch Stranger Things with my grandparents is becoming strange in itself.
2. Did you hear about the upside-down cake in Hawkins? It’s taking things to a new dimension.
3. The nostalgia in Stranger Things is giving me some serious “eleven” flashbacks.
4. Stranger Things has raised the bar for Halloween costumes, there’s no doubt about it.
5. That demodog has some serious bite, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.
6. Can somebody please explain the eggos obsession in Stranger Things? I’m not a breakfast expert.
7. Stranger Things had me on edge, but not as much as that haircut Nancy gave Steve.
8. That monster in season two was definitely “darting” all around the place.
9. The Will Byers scene in Stranger Things is unsettling, but his name is also impossible to forget.
10. The hopper and Joyce reunion was nothing short of electric.
11. Stranger Things really has me questioning what the true meaning of “the upside-down” is.
12. “Barb-b-q” anyone? Or is that too soon?
13. That monster in Stranger Things was a total “Demogorg-eous”.
14. The Upside-Down makes a great escape from a party, but I wouldn’t recommend it.
15. Eleven is such a boss with her powers, but her ego can also be a bit inflated.
16. Pairing Stranger Things with some eggo waffles sounds like a match made in heaven.
17. The mind flayer in season two really shook things up, but man was it hard to say it fast.
18. Nancy and Steve’s relationship was already a little “strange”, but that haircut definitely made it weirder.
19. Whoever came up with the name “demogorgon” for that monster deserves some serious props.
20. Stranger Things has me feeling nostalgic for the 80s, but my wardrobe definitely isn’t cooperating.

Stranger Puns Have E-Lemons (Puns in Idioms)

1. You really turned my world (upside down) like in Stranger Things!
2. I think the Demogorgon is just trying to play Dungeons and Dragons with us.
3. This Halloween, I’m doing a Stranger Things themed costume, and everyone thinks it’s Eleven out of ten!
4. When I’m feeling lonely, I watch Stranger Things so I can hang out with my Hawkins’ squad!
5. Just like Nancy and Jonathan, the best relationships start out a little stranger!
6. Maze runner ain’t got nothing on the Upside Down
7. The Upside Down is clearly just a portal to the paleontology’s world
8. Eleven might be powerful, but can she make an Eggo disappear faster than me?
9. Clearly Joyce Byers should be getting an award for the best DIY mom of the year
10. I never thought someone like Steve Harrington would have a ‘rrington’ in his name.
11. The bad guys in Stranger Things are similar to numbers… because they are always demogo’number’ing things!
12. Dustin’s lisp is just like his personality, completely charming.
13. We finally found the missing piece: Eleven in Stranger Things.
14. Friends don’t lie, but numbers often do, like the Mind Flayer in Stranger Things!
15. The Wheeler’s house is definitely the coolest house on the block with its ode to ‘80s styles.
16. Joyce Byer’s knows how to communicate with her son, after all every letter of the alphabet is like a fairy tale to her!
17. You know it’s going to be a strange day when you find a Demogorgon in your fridge.
18. Just like in the real world things are not always stranger than they seem, but in Stranger Things they definitely are.
19. When things get stranger, the Stranger Things squad just keeps getting stronger.
20. What did the demogorgon say to the upside-down traveler? “Welcome, to the ‘upside clown.”

Upside Down and Pun-derful (Stranger Things Pun Juxtaposition)

1. Why did Will want to go to the Upside Down? He heard it was stranger there.
2. What did Mike say when Eleven beat him in chess? “That’s eleventually checkmate.”
3. Why did Steve Harrington change his name to Steve Harington? He wanted to be a little stranger.
4. What do you call an Eggo waffle that’s been sitting out too long in the Upside Down? A leggo my Eggo.
5. Why did Jonathan Byers make an appointment with the optometrist? He needed to get his Will checked.
6. What do the Hawkins Power and Light company and Eleven have in common? They both know how to flip a switch.
7. Why did the Mind Flayer think the microbrewery was his new home? Because he was able to get in touch with his hop-side down.
8. Why didn’t Murray Bauman believe the rumors about a giant spider in the tunnels? He thought they were just web of lies.
9. What does Nancy Wheeler say when she’s ready to go on a food run? “Let’s get ‘dem’ eleveensies.”
10. Why did Billy Hargrove bring his guitar to the Upside Down? He wanted to play some strang chords.
11. What did Bob Newby say when he found out his girlfriend’s son was missing again? “Not another Stranger Thing, Joyce.”
12. How does one catch a Demogorgon? With an Eggo-trap.
13. Why didn’t the arcade owner want to hire Steve? He was notorious for flippering out.
14. What did the Mind Flayer say when he saw the demodogs coming back without their prey? “I thought I told you to take a bite out of crime.”
15. Why was the guy in the camo pants scared of the Shadow Monster? It was the strange thing he saw all day.
16. What does Max say when she’s trying to get the attention of her friends while they’re playing video games? “Hey guys, elevate!”
17. Why was Jonathan Byers’ photo of the Mind Flayer deemed “unfit for publication?” It was too upside-down-y.
18. What did the demodog say to the Mind Flayer when he was having trouble controlling the group? “Don’t worry, boss, I’ve got a leash on things.”
19. Why did Dustin become an entomologist? He wanted to demodog-nose what he was dealing with.
20. What do you call a group of demodogs playing music together? A Bark-ery Band.

Stranger Names (Punny Titles from the Upside Down)

1. Eggo-my-ego Waffles
2. The Upside Down Underwear Store
3. Hopper Stopper Locksmiths
4. Joyce Byers Real Estate
5. Demagorgoneys – a Mediterranean restaurant
6. Dustin’s Dental Den
7. Mike’s Bikes
8. Hawkins Health Foods
9. Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Shop
10. Will’s Wills – a law firm
11. The Mind Flayer Fitness Center
12. Nancy Drew Investigations
13. Eleven’s Elevators
14. Billy’s Burgers
15. The Hawkins Herald Newspaper
16. Max’s Salon and Spa
17. Dr. Brenner’s Brainy Solutions
18. Steve’s VHS Rental Store
19. The Wheeler Dealer Car Dealership
20. Bob’s BBQ Shack.

Stranger Twings (Spoonerisms)

1. Banger Strings
2. Slaw Hopper
3. Mug Duffer
4. Gold Coaster
5. Fops N’ Fon’s
6. Yogger Flaw
7. Lunny Tungs
8. Grample Ships
9. Mire Bikes
10. Glitch Hinster
11. Bunky Linds
12. Hopper Doper
13. Hipster Pans
14. Stub Ruggles
15. Stooks Dropping
16. Derry Dippers
17. Flaming Kaucas
18. Tizzy Folks
19. Freezer Leaks
20. Marody Forks

Stranger Swiftness: Tom Swifties with a Demogorgon Twist

1. “I can’t figure out this upside-down world,” said Tom strangely.
2. “I feel like I’m in another dimension,” said Tom dimensionally.
3. “This monster is definitely giving me goosebumps,” said Tom monstrously.
4. “I’m not sure what’s real or hallucination,” said Tom unrealistically.
5. “I’m always afraid of the dark,” said Tom fearfully.
6. “I’m predicting something strange will happen today,” said Tom strangely.
7. “This government lab is definitely sketchy,” said Tom sketchily.
8. “I think I just transported to another place,” said Tom transportingly.
9. “I don’t trust this psychic,” said Tom psychically.
10. “This creature is definitely not from this world,” said Tom otherworldly.
11. “I feel like I’m losing my mind,” said Tom mindlessly.
12. “This monster definitely has good taste,” said Tom tastelessly.
13. “I don’t need any help hunting down this creature,” said Tom independently.
14. “I had a feeling this world was hiding secrets,” said Tom secretively.
15. “This electromagnetic field is messing with my head,” said Tom electrically.
16. “I’m having the strangest dreams lately,” said Tom dreamily.
17. “I think I found a portal to another world,” said Tom portally.
18. “I swear, this world is getting weirder by the episode,” said Tom episodically.
19. “I can’t believe I’m actually living through this sci-fi nightmare,” said Tom fictitiously.
20. “I think I time-traveled to a whole other era,” said Tom historically.

Upside Down Puns (Oxymoronic Stranger Things Puns)

1. “Stranger things have happened, but I still don’t trust anybody.”
2. “That’s strange, I don’t remember seeing a light in the upside-down.”
3. “I thought I was in the real world, but instead it was just a stranger thing.”
4. “I feel like I’m being followed, but maybe it’s just my mind flayer-ing with me.”
5. “The demogorgon and I have a love-hate relationship: I hate it and it loves to torment me.”
6. “Sometimes I feel like I’m in the upside-down, and then I realize it’s just my life.”
7. “My love life is like the Mind Flayer, it’s always changing and never stable.”
8. “I’m always chasing the demogorgon, but it never seems to run out of legs.”
9. “If Eleven ate nine, would it be Stranger Things or just basic arithmetic?”
10. “My friends think I’m crazy, but I just say it’s Eleven.”
11. “I was going to make an Eleven joke but it’s just too strange.”
12. I would love to vacation in the upside-down… said no one ever.”
13. “I thought I was living a normal life, but it turned out to be a stranger thing than fiction.”
14. I’m just trying to keep my feet in the real world and my mind out of the upside-down.
15. “Was it just me or did the demogorgon look like a strange cross between a flower and a carnivorous monster?”
16. “It’s a strange world out there– it’s like the upside-down for adults.”
17. “I tried to join the Party, but they said I was too strange.”
18. “The Mind Flayer is a real party-pooper.”
19. I’m convinced that the Upside-Down is the Bermuda Triangle of Indiana.
20. “I think I’m turning into the Upside-Down version of myself– it’s a strange feeling.”

Upside-Down Wordplay (Recursive Puns on Stranger Things)

1. I started watching Stranger Things again, and it’s like time is, well, upside down.
2. I’m stuck in a loop of watching Stranger Things, it’s getting really strange.
3. I thought Eleven only had psychokinetic powers but it turns out she has a recursive brain.
4. Stranger Things is a show that keeps on giving, like a never-ending Eggo box.
5. I got really freaked out watching Stranger Things, and now I’m suffering from De-ma-gorgon-a.
6. Watching Stranger Things really messes with my sense of space-time – it’s like a recursive dream.
7. When it comes to Stranger Things, the more I watch, the stranger it seems.
8. I wasn’t sure about Stranger Things at first, but now I’m trapped in a recursive fandom.
9. Everyone’s going crazy for Stranger Things, but I’m starting to feel like it’s a recursive hype cycle.
10. I keep re-watching Stranger Things, and it’s like I’m stuck in a recursive video game.
11. I can’t stop watching Stranger Things – it’s like I’m trapped in a recursive time loop.
12. Stranger Things is such a recursive show that it feels like it’s happening in a parallel universe.
13. I’ve been binge-watching Stranger Things all week, and now my mind feels like it’s in a recursive portal.
14. Every time I watch Stranger Things, it’s like I’m stuck in a recursive trip to the Upside Down.
15. I’m so addicted to Stranger Things that I feel like I’m stuck in a recursive Hawkins lab experiment.
16. I keep watching Stranger Things, but it’s like I’m stuck in a recursive nostalgia trap.
17. I tried to stop watching Stranger Things, but it’s like I’m in a recursive cycle of never-ending suspense.
18. Stranger Things has me hooked, but now I feel like I’m stuck in a recursive Netflix binge.
19. Watching Stranger Things is like going through a recursive wormhole – you never know where you’ll end up.
20. I can’t get enough of Stranger Things – it’s like a recursive walk through the Upside Down.

“Stranger Flings with Clichés: Puns Galore in the Upside Down”

1. “The Demogorgon was a real upside downer.”
2. “Friends don’t lie… unless they’re trying to scare you.”
3. “Eleven must have really nosebleed her way out of that situation.”
4. “The Mind Flayer really got into Will’s head, he needed a mind vacation.”
5. “Lucas may have been the odd man out, but he had a heart of gold.”
6. “Mike and Eleven were a real dimension-defying duo.”
7. “Joyce was always cracking codes and never too far from a lightbulb moment.”
8. “Max was the new girl in town, but she didn’t play by anyone’s dungeons and dragons rules.”
9. “Hopper’s detective skills were out of this world, he always had a clue up his sleeve.”
10. “Dustin’s heroic act proved that sometimes the underdog does come out on top.”
11. The Upside Down was a real mirror image, but with way more monster encounters.
12. Jonathan always had an eye for photography, even in the darkest of moments.
13. “Billy was a real bad boy, but deep down he had a heart of… gold?”
14. “Nancy’s investigative skills were killer, she always had the scoop.”
15. “Steve’s hair was always perfectly coiffed, a real hairspray hero.”
16. “The Demodogs were the ultimate party crashers, they really took a bite out of the celebration.”
17. Bob may have been a superhero, but he couldn’t escape his fate.
18. Barb may have been the sacrificial lamb, but she will always live on in our hearts.
19. “The gate may have been closed, but the memories of the Upside Down will always haunt them.”
20. The Byers family was always hanging by a thread, but they never lost their hope.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of Stranger Things and appreciate a good pun, then you’re in for a treat! These 200+ hilariously clever puns will certainly turn your world upside down and leave you laughing out loud. And if you’re hungry for more pun-tastic content, be sure to check out our website. We’re grateful you took the time to visit us. Now go forth and spread the joy of puns!

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