220 Hilarious TV Puns That Will Have You Laughing All Day

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Get ready to laugh until you cry with these 200+ TV puns that are sure to tickle your funny bone! If you can’t get enough of witty wordplay and pop culture references, then you’re in for a treat. We’ve gathered the best puns from your favorite TV shows, including Friends, The Office, and Game of Thrones, so you can unleash unlimited fun in your life.

From clever one-liners to pun-tastic character names, these puns will have you giggling for hours. Whether you’re watching TV or just looking for a good laugh, these puns will make your day a little brighter. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be entertained by some of the most hilarious TV puns around. Let’s dive in!

“TV Puns that Will Make You Laugh Out Loud” (Editors Pick)

1. What do you call a TV that’s gone up in smoke? A plasma fire.
2. Why did the TV go to the psychiatrist? Because it had so many screens.
3. What did the TV say to the remote during a fight? Nothing, it just changed channels.
4. What would you get if you crossed an antique TV with a vampire? A Count TV.
5. Why did the plasma television break up with its girlfriend? It was dead pixels and awkwardness.
6. Why did the TV break up with the remote? It’s because they just didn’t click anymore.
7. What do you call a TV on the ground? A ground-breaking television.
8. Why did the TV stay away from the internet? It didn’t want to get caught up in a world wide web of drama.
9. What do you call a TV that’s really small? A micro (screen) television.
10. How does Darth Vader like his TV? In HD. It’s his only hope.
11. Why did the TV go to the beach? It wanted to surf the channels.
12. Why was the TV almost hit by a car? It was always in the middle of the screen.
13. What do you call a TV that’s also a computer? A desk-top box.
14. Why did the TV break down in the field? It was afraid of getting lost in the caboles.
15. What do you call a TV that’s also a robot? A telebot.
16. Why was the TV not able to sleep? The remote was stuck on the caffeine channel.
17. What do you call a TV that’s also a fridge? A cold-tube.
18. Why was the TV late for school? It kept on screen-savers.
19. What do you call a TV that can predict the future? Clairvoy-screen.
20. Why did the TV hire a lawyer? It kept on causing disruptions.

Screen Silliness (One-liner Puns)

1. Why did the TV go to the doctor? Because it had a bad reception!
2. Do you hear that joke about TV shows? It’s on next year’s season.
3. What do you call a TV that’s afraid to commit? A plasma-screen.
4. If you’re watching the news, have you ever noticed… it’s the same old sitcoms day after day!
5. Why do we watch TV? For the entertainment value we get. In other words, we watch the news for the weather.
6. Have you heard of that new sitcom about clocks? It’s about time.
7. I’m a big fan of TV dramas. I watch them after work every day to add some flavor to my life.
8. People say TV rots your brain. I disagree. It just makes you into a well-informed, well-rounded person… who knows a lot about trashy reality shows and celebrity gossip.
9. I don’t always watch TV, but when I do, I prefer… full seasons on Netflix without any commercials or interruptions.
10. Why don’t TV’s play football? Because they always get tackled.
11. My TV fell on top of me last night. Don’t worry, I’m okay, but I have a flat-screen now.
12. A TV joke that’s always funny? I’ll never forget the time that the TV caught fire. Phew! It was lit.
13. What’s a TV’s favorite insect? The ant-an-ten-na.
14. Every time someone says “I own a TV”, I’m like “why? That’s so 2018.”
15. I tried explaining a Friends episode to my grandma, but she just couldn’t Chandler-stand it.
16. Why do TV producers make so many crime dramas? They’re just trying to keep us out of trouble.
17. The other day, my wife asked me if we could watch something other than a Netflix series and I said “sure, let me just get up and find the remote from the couch cushions where it’s been buried for three days.
18. Why did the sofa feel unhappy? Because there’s no TV in it.
19. A TV quote to live by: “The worst part about watching TV is that you can watch it all day and it still won’t change a damn thing.
20. Why don’t TVs go to parties? They’re always trying to avoid social drama!

TV-tastic Teasers (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the TV presenter refuse to give up his prime-time slot? Because he was adamant on staying!
2. What do you call an alligator that works in television? A news anchor-croc!
3. Why don’t communists watch TV shows with ads? They think capital-ism is too pervasive.
4. How do you know if a TV star is a time traveler? They’ve got great backstory arcs!
5. Why shouldn’t you invite a TV to your party? It’ll just keep channel-hopping!
6. What does a TV wear to bed? A remote control!
7. Why do old TVs make terrible neighbors? They’re always too loud and outdated.
8. Why couldn’t the TV repairman fix the broken screen? He lacked vision.
9. How does a TV exercise? Turn several channels?
10. What makes a great TV not necessarily a great novelist? Small screen Time!
11. What happened when the TV escaped from the living room? It went on the run(d).
12. Why did the TV refuse to stay up all night? It couldn’t binge-watch anymore.
13. How do TV chefs ask their assistants for help? “Could you give me a sous, please?”
14. Why did the TV wish it had arms and legs? To finally be able to call the shots.
15. What did the cable TV say to the satellite TV? “You’re outta this world.”
16. What does a TV host wear during a formal special? A tux screen!
17. How do you get a TV to stay in the same place? You tell it to stick to the script!
18. Why couldn’t the TV host read his own handwriting? He had terrible teleprompt-her!
19. What’s a TV’s favorite game to play with its DVD player? Spin-the-disc!
20. Why do drama TV shows hate football games so much? Because their showtimes keep getting shifted!

Tuning into TV Puns: Double Entendres that Channel Your Inner Jokester

1. Why did the TV cross the road? To get to the sitcom.
2. The TV repairman asked if I wanted it fixed horizontally or vertically, I said whichever way is more stimulating.
3. My favorite TV show is about a lawyer who’s always getting into double entendres; you could say it’s Law & Order: S.V.U. (Sexual Verbal Undertones)
4. I love watching cooking shows, especially when they talk about “whipping cream.
5. When I walked in on my roommate watching TV in his underwear, he said he was just trying to catch up on his “Netflix and chill.”
6. I made a drinking game for every time someone on my favorite drama series mentions a “penetration test.”
7. Why did the TV chef get fired? He couldn’t handle the heat in the kitchen, if you know what I mean.
8. The TV news anchor asked me if I wanted to be the “top story” tonight.
9. My mom always tells me I spend too much time in front of the TV, but what else is there to do besides “click and chill?
10. I told my friend I was thinking of “bingeing” on some TV shows this weekend, and he asked if I meant “binge drinking.
11. When my dad asked what I was watching, I said, “It’s a sci-fi show about aliens probing Earthlings.
12. I asked the salesman for the biggest TV they had, he replied with “size does matter.”
13. My girlfriend and I love watching TV together, especially when there’s a lot of “off-screen action.”
14. When the TV show goes to commercial, my boyfriend always jokes that it’s time for a “sex break.”
15. When my neighbor asked if she could borrow the TV remote, I told her, “Handle it gently, it’s sensitive.”
16. My grandpa always says he only watches TV for the “plot,” even though we know he means something else.
17. The TV guide said there was a “special performance” on TV tonight; I wonder what that means…
18. When my boss said he was looking for someone with “screen presence,” I’m pretty sure he meant good looks.
19. My crush asked me over for a “Netflix and chill” session- now how do I get past my parents?
20. My grandma always tells me she watched “The Fugitive” back in the day, but I’m pretty sure she’s talking about something else.

TV-tastic Wordplay: Puns in TV Idioms

1. I can’t remember what happened on my favorite TV show because I must have left my memory in the DVR.
2. My friend keeps telling me to stop watching so many cooking shows, but I can’t whisk away my obsession.
3. The TV show about cooking under high pressure really heats things up in the kitchen.
4. My favorite TV channel to watch when I’m relaxing is The Chill.
5. I’m really worried that watching too much TV will turn me into a couch potato.
6. I think the only thing better than watching your favorite TV show is getting to binge watch it.
7. I never get tired of seeing my favorite TV couple smooch on screen, they’re a real channel changer.
8. The TV show where people guess the prices of random objects is almost always on the money.
9. I can’t believe how many times the main character on my favorite TV show has been left hanging.
10. The TV show about baking disasters always seems to be a recipe for hilarity.
11. The ridiculous plot twists on my favorite TV show are beyond the remote realm of possibility.
12. I’ve been trying to catch every episode of my favorite TV show, but the schedule keeps slipping through my fingers.
13. I don’t know why my friend is always raving about that cheesy TV drama – I can never keep up with the curd.
14. I heard the TV news anchor just went to jail for stealing, so I guess you could say he reported to a different kind of anchor.
15. Trying to find something to watch on TV these days is like searching for a needle in a stream of commercials.
16. When I heard they were making a TV show about the history of puns, I knew it was sure to be a wordy affair.
17. I don’t watch a lot of TV shows about politics because they seem to have a lot of spin.
18. That TV show about people who have to survive on their own in the wilderness is really going out on a limb.
19. I heard the beer commercial actor decided to quit, so I guess he finally tapped out.
20. The TV show about gymnastics is really flipping impressive.

Screen Time Shenanigans: TV Puns Galore (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. Watching TV is an electrifying experience.
2. The TV show about the construction worker was riveting.
3. The TV chef’s jokes are a recipe for laughter.
4. The TV drama about trains was off the rails.
5. The TV mystery show was a real whodunit.
6. Netflix is the best thing since sliced bread.
7. The TV show about the banking industry was a real interest rate.
8. That new TV series about puns is a real play on words.
9. The TV channel about outdoor cooking is a real grill seeker.
10. Watching TV is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.
11. The TV station about archaeology is a real bone digger.
12. I’m finally catching up on my favorite TV sitcom. It’s about time.
13. The TV game show was a total game-changer.
14. The TV drama about laundry was a real soap opera.
15. That TV host is nuts, but his show is a-peeling.
16. The sci-fi TV show is out of this world!
17. The TV medical show had me in stitches.
18. That TV weatherman is a real storm chaser.
19. The TV comedy about elevators was on a different level.
20. That TV show about fishermen is quite the catch.

TV Tickles: A Collection of Punny TV Show Names

1. Don’t be a “Kramer” and stop by for a “Seinfeld”ian sandwich!
2. Here at our office we work hard and “Parks and Rec”reate harder!
3. Cheers” to a good time at our bar!
4. Dance like nobody’s watching at “The Office” party!
5. Come visit “The Simpson” sisters for a hair transformation!
6. Our store is just “Friends” helping “Friends” with their fashion needs!
7. Our gym is where “The Biggest Losers” become the biggest winners!
8. Step into “The Good Place” of relaxation at our spa!
9. We make sure our customers have a “Fuller House” of food options on our menu!
10. You won’t “Lost” your mind with the taste of our pizza!
11. Come find your “Modern Family” look at our clothing store!
12. You won’t need a “Sherlock” to solve the mystery of our delicious pastries!
13. Walking into our daycare center feels like walking into “Sesame Street”!
14. The best kind of “Game of Thrones” to play is the board game in our store!
15. You better “Breaking Bad” habits if you want to stay healthy, and our smoothies will help you do just that!
16. We promise your experience at our movie theater will be “Euphoria!
17. Our travel agency will get you to your destination in “11.22.63” seconds flat!
18. You don’t need to be a “Mr. Robot” to see how great our tech store is!
19. Our nightclub is the perfect “Gossip Girl” spot for you and your friends!
20. Reimagine your space with our home decor “Fixer Upper” products!

Tuning in to Spoonerized TV Puns

1. Materchef Raspy” instead of “Masterchef Australia
2. “Gilly Gin and the Ratcomb Munchies” instead of “Lilly Singh and the Late Night Munchies”
3. “Baking Spad” instead of “Taking Bad”
4. “Knot a Flick” instead of “Not a Flick”
5. “Farm Ants” instead of “Arm Fans”
6. “Light Fights” instead of “Flight Lights”
7. “Washing Mith Suits” instead of “Washington Mystics”
8. “Met Blix” instead of “Bet Mids”
9. “Hare and Orse” instead of “Hair and Horse”
10. “Popping Jiggy” instead of “Jopping Piggy”
11. “Fifty Sheds of Brey” instead of “Shifty Shades of Grey”
12. “Nappy Vally” instead of “Happy Valley”
13. Gamer of Cones” instead of “Game of Thrones
14. “Yellebrity Faor” instead of “Celebrity Favors”
15. “Chingle Dells” instead of “Single Chells”
16. “Docial Media” instead of “Social Media”
17. “Har Trek: Discobery” instead of “Star Trek: Discovery”
18. “Lental Docters” instead of “Dental Lectures”
19. “Fose Golks” instead of “Close Folks”
20. “Saws of Anarchy” instead of “Sons of Anarchy”

TV-tastic Tom Swifties: Witty Remarks for Every Screen Scene

1. “I’ll watch anything,” said Tom, shamelessly.
2. “The news is boring,” said Tom, soberly.
3. “I never miss a show,” said Tom, religiously.
4. “I’m not a fan of reality TV,” said Tom, untruthfully.
5. “I don’t need cable,” said Tom, curtly.
6. “I can’t wait for the finale,” said Tom, tirelessly.
7. “I love watching cooking shows,” said Tom, hungrily.
8. “I hate commercials,” said Tom, thoughtlessly.
9. “I always fall asleep during movies,” said Tom, dreamily.
10. “I don’t believe in TV ratings,” said Tom, skeptically.
11. “The sitcom was hilarious,” said Tom, laughing.
12. “I need to catch up on my shows,” said Tom, urgently.
13. The horror movie was terrifying,” said Tom, fearfully.
14. I never watch sports,” said Tom, atheletically.
15. “The game show was exciting,” said Tom, thrillingly.
16. “I’m not a fan of sci-fi,” said Tom, fictionally.
17. “The drama made me cry,” said Tom, tearfully.
18. “The documentary was informative,” said Tom, knowledgeably.
19. “I’m not into romance,” said Tom, unromantically.
20. “The talk show was interesting,” said Tom, conversationally.

Oxymoronic TV Puns: Laugh Out Loud While Channel Surfing

1. “I love watching reality TV for its authenticity”
2. “I can’t wait to see the same old reruns”
3. “The TV show’s live recording was pre-recorded”
4. “I’m addicted to unplugging while binging”
5. A TV marathon? Talk about an active rest day”
6. “I’m going on a TV-free binge-watching spree”
7. I’m multitasking by staring at the screen and also sleeping
8. “I’m streaming a classic novel adaptation on a widescreen”
9. “Watching TV is how I escape reality and face the facts”
10. “My home theater system is pretty minimalistic yet extravagant”
11. “Who needs cable when you can stream trash TV from the internet?”
12. “I’m trying to unplug, but my TV is wireless”
13. “Nothing like sitting in front of the TV to exercise your brain”
14. “I’m a minimalist, but I have a 75-inch TV screen”
15. My favorite TV show is one that’s been cancelled and revived multiple times
16. “I’m a couch potato who enjoys active sitting in front of the TV”
17. I won’t watch TV on my phone unless it’s on a giant LED screen
18. “Carpal tunnel is how you know you’re really getting into your TV shows”
19. “I’m binge-watching to forget how overrated binge-watching has become”
20. “Let’s plan a game night where we all take turns choosing our favorite TV show to sit and stare at together.”

TV-tally Puns: Recursing Through the Channels

1. Did you hear about the TV that got punched? It just needed a little screen time.
2. I didn’t understand the TV show about teleportation, but then it grew on me.
3. Did you hear about the TV that became a weatherman? It always knew when to change the channel.
4. I tried to watch a show about bread, but it was a little stale.
5. Did you hear about the TV that went to space? It had great reception.
6. I can’t decide if I should watch a show about car accidents. It’s a toss-up.
7. Did you hear about the TV that became a thief? It just stole cable.
8. I can’t believe they made a show about clocks. It’s just a waste of time.
9. Did you hear about the TV that got into an accident? It had a lot of screen damage.
10. I’m thinking about watching a show about elevators, but it might have its ups and downs.
11. Did you hear about the TV that became a magician? It disappeared right before our eyes.
12. I thought about watching a show about sea creatures, but it’s just a lot of fishy business.
13. Did you hear about the TV that became an artist? It had great picture quality.
14. I’m not sure about watching a show about architecture. It might be a little structured for my taste.
15. Did you hear about the TV that became a pirate? It just kept saying, “Arrr, I’m hooked!”
16. I watched a show about baby clothes, but it was just a little onesie.
17. Did you hear about the TV that became a teacher? It had great lessons.
18. I’m considering watching a show about baseball, but it might be a little pitchy.
19. Did you hear about the TV that became a banker? It knew how to invest in good shows.
20. I watched a show about space travel, but it was just a little out of this world.

Screening out the Best TV Puns (Puns on TV Cliches)

1. I’m not sure why my TV refused to work, perhaps it’s looking for another channel?
2. The TV at the nudist colony only got turned on because the remote was out there.
3. I told my TV to stop making so much noise, but it just said it was just going through a series of channels.
4. You know, my TV works on demand, but I’m still waiting for it to demand dinner.
5. Watching too much late-night TV makes you into a channel-hopper-topper.
6. Have you heard about the new TV show called ‘Constipation’? No? That’s because it still hasn’t aired yet.
7. Look, I get that our TV is small, but let’s not make a big screen of it.
8. I told my TV that it was famous for its appearance, but it was a no-show.
9. If knowledge is power, then where does that leave the TV? Current affairs?
10. My TV remote is missing again. I’m lucky it works with the voice command feature.
11. My TV has been having anxiety lately. I think it’s been binge-watching too much true crime.
12. I got my TV for free on eBay. It was a great deal, I didn’t see that coming.
13. I tried to repair my TV on my own, but it was way beyond my Ken.
14. I have a love-hate relationship with my TV. I love it when it’s working, but I hate it when it’s not.
15. There’s always a channel for old TV stars – it’s called the Retirement Channel.
16. I tried to adjust my TV’s volume, but it rebelled and acted like a sound barrier.
17. Someone asked me if I like cooking shows on TV. I replied “It’s a recipe for disaster”.
18. Do you know why you shouldn’t have a TV break at midnight? Because then your nightstand will be empty.
19. I have a TV phobia. It’s the fear of being caught up in a never-ending episode of a mediocre sitcom.
20. When it comes to TV channels, the more the merrier is the old say-who!.

In conclusion, we hope these 200+ TV puns have brought some joy and laughter into your day. Remember, puns can always bring a smile to your face and brighten up your day. If you’re still craving more puns, be sure to check out our website for even more comedic gold. Thank you for spending your time with us, and pun on!

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