220 Hilariously Magical Wizard of Oz Puns

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Are you ready to embark on a wild and pun-filled adventure down the yellow brick road? Look no further! We’ve rounded up over 200 hilariously magical Wizard of Oz puns that are sure to tickle your funny bone. Whether you’re a fan of Dorothy and her ruby slippers, the Cowardly Lion seeking courage, or the mischievous Wicked Witch of the West, there’s a pun for everyone in this assortment. Get ready to click your heels together and dive into a whimsical world of wordplay that will have you laughing your way to the Emerald City. So grab your friends, put on your thinking cap, and let’s embark on a pun-tastic journey through the land of Oz!

Your “Oz-picious” Adventure Awaits! (Editors Pick)

1. What did the scarecrow say when he won an award? “Hay, it’s an honor!”
2. Why did the witch join a gym? She wanted to keep her broomstick figure.
3. Why did the Tin Man start a band? He wanted to play his heart out.
4. How does a wizard ask for a donation? Can you spare some change, for my magical range?
5. Why did Dorothy bring a ladder to Oz? She heard the wizard had a lot of high expectations.
6. How did the wicked witch keep her skin looking great? She used Wicked Witch-el.
7. Why did the lion become a stand-up comedian? He loved being the mane attraction.
8. What do you call a wizard who loves to cook? A sauce-eror.
9. Why was Dorothy always yawning in Oz? She couldn’t get enough of the “poppy” corn.
10. What did the wizard say when he couldn’t find his potion ingredients? “It’s a spell-ter disaster!”
11. How did the scarecrow become so smart? He binge-read a lot of “Branews reports.”
12. Why did Glinda the Good Witch always have perfect hair? She never used fly-away magic.
13. How did the Wicked Witch fly without a broom? She used her “witchful thinking.”
14. Why was the Cowardly Lion so good at poker? He always had a poker face and wasn’t lion about it.
15. What did the Tin Man say to his friends when they were sick? “Oil be there for you!”
16. Why didn’t Glinda need to wear makeup? She had naturally “witchful” skin.
17. What did the scarecrow say when he wanted to join a dance contest? “I’ve got some straw-mazing moves!”
18. How did Dorothy feel after crossing over to Oz? She was pretty relieved, it was a real “ozone-lieving” experience.
19. What did the wizard say to his crystal ball when it didn’t work? “You need to focus on your clear-arity!”
20. Why did Toto want to take a vacation in Oz? He wanted to try some bark-ery adventures.

Somewhere Over the Punny Rainbow (One-liner Oz Puns)

1. Why did the Scarecrow become a comedian? Because he had a lot of straw-y jokes!
2. How does the Cowardly Lion like his steak cooked? Rare…or medium rare!
3. What do you call a wizard who loves plants? A “green” wizard of oz!
4. Why did the Wicked Witch always carry an umbrella? Because it was rain or shine, she was always melting!
5. How do you organize a wizard’s wardrobe? You just make sure to keep all his clothes appari-thread!
6. What’s Dorothy’s favorite type of pie? Tornado-berry!
7. Did you hear about the munchkin who became a chef? He really knew how to make a little dough!
8. Why did the Tin Man need an oil change? He was starting to rust out of ideas!
9. Why did the Wicked Witch start her own bakery? She kneaded something to do!
10. How can you tell when a wizard is lying? His nose grows like that of a certain wooden puppet!
11. What do you call a group of scarecrows that perform together? The Wizard of A-Crow-st!
12. Why did the Wizard always avoid going to the gym? He didn’t want to work up a wizard’s sleeve-es!
13. What’s a witch’s favorite musical instrument? The broom-per!
14. How did the Cowardly Lion become a great singer? He learned to roar in-tune!
15. Why did the Wizard bring his cat to the Emerald City? Because everyone needs a familiar place to call home!
16. What’s the wizard’s favorite type of car? A broom-benz!
17. Why did the Munchkins love learning math with the Wizard? He always made it a great “test-imonial”!
18. What did the Tin Man say when Dorothy asked him if he had a heart? “I’m fully ‘bolt’ in love with you!”
19. What’s the wizard’s favorite type of drink? Potion coco!
20. Why did the Scarecrow win an award in the Emerald City? Because he was outstanding in his field!

Punny Portal (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the wizard of oz always carry a broomstick? Because he wanted to sweep the competition!
2. What do you call a wizard of oz who can turn invisible? A transparent-al wizard!
3. How did Dorothy fix her broken shoes? With a little bit of heel-ing magic!
4. What did the scarecrow say to the wizard when he got stuck in the field? “I’m straw-ing out here!”
5. Why did the tin man become a musician? Because he had a lot of heart!
6. What do you get when the cowardly lion does stand-up comedy? A roaring success!
7. How did the wizard of oz make his garden grow? With a pinch of emerald-en!
8. What did the wicked witch say to the wizard when he embarrassed her in public? “You’re melting my heart!”
9. How did the wizard of oz get into shape? By following the yellow brick road!
10. What do you call a wizard of oz who loves superheroes? A Wiz-man!
11. Why did the wizard of oz carry an umbrella everywhere? He didn’t want to make it reign on his parade!
12. How do munchkins stay in shape? They do a lot of tiny-jestic!
13. What do you call Dorothy’s magical cat? Whisk-ard of oz!
14. Why did the wizard of oz never use a computer? He was afraid of the wizard of the web!
15. How does the wicked witch of the west style her hair? With a hot broom styling wand!
16. What kind of music did the wizard of oz prefer? Pop-ular tunes!
17. Why did the wizard of oz open a shoe store? He had a soul-ful business mindset!
18. What do you call a wizard of oz who loves to fly? A gl-oz-tronaut!
19. How did the wicked witch of the east become so powerful? She had a lot of sp-ecial tricks up her sleeve!
20. What do you call a wizard of oz who can see the future? A crystal b-oz-le!

Wizard of Ounce-Intended Humor (Double Entendre Puns)

1. Why did Dorothy run away with the scarecrow? She wanted some straw-ng love.
2. The wizard had to pay a lot to fix his magic wand. It was a costly spell.
3. When Glinda heard about Dorothy’s journey, she said, “That sounds like quite the wicked trip!”
4. The lion went to the gym to work on his roar. He wanted to be a roaring success.
5. Toto was a real lady’s man. He had all the bitches chasing after him.
6. The Wicked Witch of the West said, “I’m melting, and it’s not just from the heat!”
7. Why did the Tin Man carry oil with him? He wanted to lube up for a night on the town.
8. The Scarecrow knew that brains weren’t the only thing Dorothy was interested in. He had her head over heels.
9. When Dorothy first arrived in Oz, she said, “This place is so dreamy, it’s like a cyclone of emotions!”
10. The wizard had a reputation for being a heartbreaker. He always had a spell on the ladies.
11. Glinda told the munchkins, “There’s no place like gnome!”
12. The Tin Man was a real metalhead. He loved to rock out with his axe.
13. Dorothy said, “Toto, we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore. And I hope we never go back!”
14. The Wicked Witch of the West turned her enemies into apples because she wanted to be the apple of everyone’s eye.
15. When Glinda saw the flying monkeys, she said, “Looks like someone’s monkeying around!”
16. The lion said, “I used to be the king of the jungle, but now I’m just a lion in wait.”
17. Dorothy didn’t realize that her ruby slippers had a hidden power. They could truly take her on a red-hot adventure.
18. The Scarecrow liked to say, “I may not have a brain, but I’ve got plenty of heart.”
19. When the wizard heard about Dorothy’s journey, he exclaimed, “You’re defying gravity!
20. Toto barked, “There’s something fishy going on here; this place smells like a flying monkey’s armpit!”

Wizard Words (Puns in the Land of Oz)

1. When Dorothy found herself in the Land of Oz, she realized it was a whole new bale game.
2. The Scarecrow became a successful farmer and started earning money hand over haystack.
3. The Tin Man was finally able to afford a new car and he drove off, oil’d-fashioned way.
4. The Cowardly Lion decided to open a salon and became the king of the shaggy do.
5. The Wicked Witch of the West decided to become a stand-up comedian but all her jokes were just wickedly funny.
6. The Wizard of Oz became a successful magician, always pulling a rare rabbit out of his hat.
7. The Munchkins opened a bakery and their bread became highly munchable.
8. Dorothy started her own farm and people could buy fresh produce straight from the Kansas memory.
9. The Scarecrow became a lawyer and always pleaded his cases with straw-mattic arguments.
10. The Tin Man started a new metal band, but their music was so heavy they needed a can opener to get through all the noise.
11. The Wizard decided to become a radio DJ, always waving his wand to cast the spell of catchy tunes.
12. The Wicked Witch of the West opened a perfume store but all her fragrances had a peculiar wicked smell.
13. The Cowardly Lion started a yoga class and his students were mane-ly impressed by his flexibility.
14. Dorothy became a tour guide and offered trips to Oz where the journey was a twister-ful experience.
15. The Munchkins opened a theater and their performances had a munch-needed comedic twist.
16. The Scarecrow became a fashion designer and his creations were always like a straw above the rest.
17. The Tin Man decided to become a motivational speaker, always oil-ing his audience with inspiring words.
18. The Wizard opened a diner and his famous spellburger became a must-try dish in the Land of Oz.
19. The Wicked Witch of the West became a travel agent, offering broom-stick vacations to enchanted destinations.
20. The Cowardly Lion joined a choir and his roar was so powerful, it made the whole audience tremble.

“Magical Wordplay: Wickedly Wonderful Wizard of Oz Puns”

1. The Wizard of Oz went to the gym because he wanted to be strong and cyclone-ditioned.
2. Dorothy’s favorite character on Friends is the Tin Man because he’s so heartless.
3. When the Scarecrow got a promotion at work, he was outstanding in his field.
4. The Cowardly Lion went to therapy because he had a roar case of anxiety.
5. Dorothy felt conflicted when she discovered that the Yellow Brick Road wasn’t made of real gold, but rather just a yellow-billed fraud.
6. The Wizard of Oz was tired of his magical career and decided to pursue a new path as a Munchkin-gician.
7. Scarecrow always brings a strawberry smoothie to his yoga class, saying it helps him find inner pieces.
8. Dorothy’s Uncle Henry decided to invest in a new wind power business after witnessing a twister firsthand.
9. The Tin Man became a mechanic after he realized he could never rust his skills.
10. The Cowardly Lion started a stand-up comedy career, and his first joke was a roaring success!
11. Dorothy’s friends always wanted to meet the Wizard, but she told them it’s not what it’s cracked up to be.
12. Scarecrow became a successful farmer and won a prestigious award for his out-standing crops.
13. The Wicked Witch of the West started a fashion line but couldn’t get it off the broom.
14. Dorothy’s dog, Toto, joined an international food competition and became the hot dog of the year.
15. The Tin Man opened a fashion boutique called “Oz Wear,” specializing in metallic fashion trends.
16. The Cowardly Lion loves watching courtroom dramas because he enjoys seeing the courtroom roar in action.
17. The Scarecrow decided to take up knitting and started a business called “Straw-ling Knits.”
18. Dorothy and her friends went on a road trip in a big yellow bus; when they couldn’t find a restroom, they realized there’s no place like the road!
19. The Emerald City’s favorite dentist was the Wizard, who always knew how to put a little sparkle in people’s smiles.
20. Dorothy’s aunt was happy as a clam when she met the Wizard, saying she finally found someone who had a kernel of wisdom.

The Wickedly Punny Names of Oz

1. The Great and Powerful Puntastic
2. The Wizard of Oz-pun
3. Glind-uh, You Got This!
4. The Tin Pun-dit
5. The Cowardly Punman
6. Dorothy the Pun Slayer
7. The ScaryLion Punster
8. Wicked Witch of the Pizona
9. Punner of the East
10. The Puns of Munchkinland
11. The Puntastic Wizard
12. The Jolly Pun-sman
13. The Punning Monkey
14. The Puntastic Emerald City
15. The Good Pun Fairy
16. The Wicked Witch of the Puns
17. The Pun-ny Lion
18. Glinda, the Pun-odess of the South
19. The Munchkin Punter
20. The Puntastic Twister

Muddled Munchkin Monikers

1. “Rizard of Ozwis” instead of “Wizard of Oz”
2. “Wellow Briche Road” instead of “Yellow Brick Road”
3. “Scarecow and Winkie Wion” instead of “Cowardly Lion and Wicked Witch”
4. “Tin Mandy and the Lizzard” instead of “Manly Tin and the Wizard”
5. “Munchkinland Spico” instead of “Punchkinland Miscue”
6. “Hikable Hay” instead of “Highway Bike”
7. “Dotty Toto” instead of “Totally Dotty”
8. “Lion the Forry Har” instead of “Lorry the Funny Hair”
9. Ranch Rie Witch” instead of “Wrench Right
10. “Romestic Daw and Picking Lail” instead of “Domestic Paw and Licking Tail”
11. “Yickled Pinkie” instead of “Picked Lenny”
12. “Blick Brick Spoad” instead of “Brick Road Spook”
13. “Hizz and Wers” instead of “Wiz and Hers”
14. “Dot Onzie” instead of “Not Dizzy”
15. “Switched Witches and Wested Witches” instead of “Witched Witches and Wested Witches”
16. “Easy-Bee-Cee-Coo” instead of “Busy Bee Coo”
17. “Wicked Witch of the Wested Wicked Witch of the Witches” instead of “Wicked Witch of the Wicked Witch of the West”
18. “Flicked Mying Moke” instead of “Micked Flying Monkey”
19. “Rown Yoads and Yonkeys” instead of “Down Roads and Donkeys”
20. “The Trip to Oz the Other Wicked Wested” instead of “The Wicked Witch of the West the Other Side of Oz”

“Oh What a Wiz-Kid!” (Tom Swifties)

1. “I love the Wizard of Oz,” said Tom, “absolutely magically.”
2. “I can’t wait to see the Tin Man,” said Tom, “rustically.”
3. “This yellow brick road really has me impressed,” said Tom, “pathetically.”
4. “I’ve always thought Toto was the best character,” said Tom, “dogmatically.”
5. “The Wicked Witch scares me,” said Tom, “spellbound.”
6. “I’m enjoying the flying monkeys,” said Tom, “flighty.”
7. “Dorothy’s ruby slippers are quite fashionable,” said Tom, “solemnly.”
8. The Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic,” said Tom, “wonderfully.
9. “I can’t help but sing along with the Munchkins,” said Tom, “joyously.”
10. “The scarecrow is my favorite character,” said Tom, “bravely.”
11. “I bet the Wizard of Oz has a lot of tricks up his sleeve,” said Tom, “magically.”
12. “The Emerald City is just glowing,” said Tom, “brilliantly.”
13. “I think the Cowardly Lion is incredibly brave,” said Tom, “fearfully.”
14. “These tornado scenes are quite whirlwind,” said Tom, “twirlingly.”
15. “The Great and Powerful Oz is quite imposing,” said Tom, “domineeringly.”
16. “I really hope Dorothy finds her way back home,” said Tom, “rootedly.”
17. “I’m definitely Team Dorothy,” said Tom, “unconditionally.”
18. “I find the Wicked Witch’s cackling delightfully wicked,” said Tom, “witchingly.”
19. “I wish I had a pair of those magic slippers,” said Tom, “enviably.”
20. “The Wizard of Oz is pure cinematic sorcery,” said Tom, “spellbindingly.”

Mystical Wordplay (Wizard of Oz Oxymoronic Puns)

1. The wizard was happily miserable.
2. Dorothy followed the yellow brick road to nowhere.
3. The cowardly lion was a brave chicken.
4. The Tinman was a heartless romantic.
5. The scarecrow had a brilliant dumb idea.
6. The munchkins were giant little people.
7. The wicked witch was wickedly good.
8. Toto was a fiercely friendly dog.
9. The emerald city was an unimpressive spectacle.
10. The tornado was a calm storm.
11. The flying monkeys were grounded airmen.
12. The hot air balloon was a cold source of heat.
13. The poppies were sleeplessly relaxing.
14. The ruby slippers were comfortable agony.
15. The yellow brick road was a no-brainer navigation.
16. The good witch was a mischievously righteous troublemaker.
17. The wicked witch’s broomstick was a discreetly loud mode of transportation.
18. The horse of a different color was a monochromatically diverse creature.
19. The Wizard was a humbly boastful ruler.
20. The Land of Oz was a reality-based fantasy.

Recursive Riddles: Wickedly Whimsical Wizard of Oz Puns

1. Why did the scarecrow get promoted? Because he was outstanding in his field!
2. The tin man finally found love. He said, “I’m feeling rust in my heart.”
3. The cowardly lion got into an argument. He said, “I’m shaking because I’m a fraidy-cat!”
4. The Wicked Witch of the West went on a diet. She said, “I’m melting, but it’s all water weight!”
5. Dorothy entered a dance competition. She said, “I’ll be heel-toeing my way to Emerald City!”
6. The tornado was asked to describe itself. It said, “I’m just a twister having twisted fun!”
7. The good witch baked a cake with magic. She said, “It’s really spell-icious!”
8. The munchkins formed a band. They said, “We’re making some small notes!”
9. The wizard entered a magic contest. He said, “I’ll make sure to wand everyone with my tricks!”
10. Dorothy’s dog became a lawyer. He said, “I’m a great defender of paw and order!”
11. The scarecrow auditioned for a play. He said, “I hope my performance really stuffs them!”
12. The tin man started a fashion line. He said, “We’re all about heart-ware!”
13. The cowardly lion tried stand-up comedy. He said, “I’m a roar-ing success on this stage!”
14. The Wicked Witch of the West became a hairstylist. She said, “I specialize in chop-shop transformations!”
15. Dorothy opened a grocery store. She said, “There’s no place like a market!”
16. The tornado became a motivational speaker. It said, “I’ll blow your mind with my inspirational whirlwind!”
17. The good witch opened a flower shop. She said, “We’re all about blossoming happiness!”
18. The munchkins started a fitness club. They said, “Get ready for some high-stepping exercises!”
19. The wizard entered a cooking competition. He said, “I’ll cast a gourmet spell on the judges!”
20. Dorothy’s dog became a therapist. He said, “I’m here to heal your woofs and worries!”

Over the Rainbow: Wickedly Punny Clichés

1. “I guess it’s true what they say, there’s no place like gnome.”
2. “When life gives you lemons, make ‘Wizard of Oz’ lemonade.”
3. “Follow the yellow brick road? More like, take a shortcut through the emerald sidewalk.”
4. “If the wicked witch of the west falls in the forest, does she make a sound?”
5. “A cowardly lion may have a mane, but a courageous lion has the main spotlight.”
6. “Sometimes you have to click your heels three times, or order takeout instead.”
7. “Tin Man’s heart may be rusty, but his dance moves are still smooth.”
8. “They say, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover,’ but who can resist a whimsical ‘Wizard of Oz’ book cover?”
9. “When life is throwing you twisters, just remember to keep your center grounded.”
10. “The scarecrow knows all about politics – he’s well-versed in straw polls.”
11. “It’s raining cats and dogs, or should I say flying monkeys?”
12. “Not all witches melt from water – some of them just need to moisturize.”
13. The Emerald City may be flashy, but the real treasure lies within the friends you make along the way.
14. “If a tornado takes you to a strange land, just remember to pack your ruby slip-ons.”
15. “In the land of Oz, it’s not just the shoes that are magical—everything seems to have some spark.”
16. “Lions, tigers, and bears… oh my! And don’t forget the munchkins, too.”
17. “Sometimes, we all need a little help from the great and powerful Wi-Fi.”
18. “Even if you find yourself in a pickle, just tap your heels and say, ‘There’s no place like home… delivery.'”
19. “Before judging a book, take a look at its ruby slip-cover.”
20. “In the land of Oz, the glass is always half-full… of magic potion.”

In conclusion, these 200+ hilariously magical Wizard of Oz puns have surely tickled your funny bone and left you in stitches! But wait, there’s more! Don’t forget to explore the plethora of puns and jokes waiting for you on our website. Thank you for taking the time to visit and we hope you had a pun-tastic time!

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