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Get ready to rumble with the ultimate collection of over 200 hilarious wrestling puns guaranteed to make you chuckle. From bodyslams to suplexes, we’ve got them all covered in this sidesplitting list of wordplay that will have you tapping out from laughter. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the grappling sport or a casual observer, these witty one-liners and clever quips are sure to be a hit. So put on your spandex and get ready to pin your funny bone as we dive into the world of wrestling puns. Get ready to be entertained and surprised with our collection of puns that will make you laugh out loud.

The Wrestling Puns That Will Have You Pinning for More (Editors Pick)

1. “I was wrestling with my conscience, but I think it pinned me.”
2. “When the wrestler got a job as a banker, he was really thrown for a loop.”
3. “Why did the wrestler go on a diet? So he could wrestle with his self-image.”
4. “I went to a wrestling competition and saw a wrestler who just couldn’t let it go. He was grappling with his emotions.”
5. “When wrestlers retire, they must go through a matriculation process.”
6. “The wrestler who could always win the match without question was the head lock of the town.”
7. “Why did the wrestler cross the road? To get to the other body slam!
8. “At the wrestling match, the father’s son said, ‘I’ll put a headlock on you!'”
9. “Wrestlers don’t take breaks, they just head to the mat!”
10. “The wrestler’s accountant was surprised when he asked for a 1040 bodyslam.”
11. I tried to tell a wrestling joke, but it was pinned on the mat for being too corny.
12. “The wrestler who couldn’t read was still able to decipher the opponent’s body language”.
13. “Wrestlers may argue about moves, but they always seem to resolve their differences by pinning down the facts.”
14. “Why did the wrestler wear two pairs of pants? He wanted to get a double leg takedown.”
15. “The wrestler was so popular, he had his own fan club called the body slam jammers.”
16. “What did the wrestler say when he won the championship? I think we can all agree that I’m the pin-nacle of success.
17. Wrestlers never get stuck in traffic because they always know how to grapple and go.
18. “Why did the wrestler become a bar owner? He wanted to practice his choke hold.”
19. “The wrestler was so focused during the match that he really had a grip on the situation.”
20. “The wrestler quit his job as a butcher because he couldn’t cut the mustard.”

Wrestling Wit and Puns (One-liner Wordplay)

1. Why did the wrestler retire from his day job? He wanted to pin down his true calling.
2. The wrestler was so good at kicking his opponents, he spared them the agony of defeat and went straight for agony.
3. Did you hear about the wrestler who lost the match? He was beside himself.
4. Wrestlers should never pick fights with librarians. They have the book on submissions.
5. Why do wrestlers love sweets? They get a real kick from body slams.
6. What do wrestlers eat for breakfast? Choke holds and toast.
7. The wrestler’s autobiography was a real page-turner because every other page was a countout.
8. Why do wrestlers love cupcakes? They’re always in the mood for one fall.
9. I can’t believe the wrestler lost his championship belt! He couldn’t keep his pants up!
10. What do you call a wrestler with a cold? A snotty savage.
11. Why do wrestlers never give up their day jobs? They’re used to the tag team approach.
12. What do wrestlers use to tackle their laundry? Tidepads.
13. Why do wrestlers hate yoga? They’re not used to being flexible.
14. How do wrestlers celebrate Thanksgiving? With headlocks and gravy.
15. What do you get when a wrestler teams up with a pastry chef? A tag team of pie-ins.
16. Why do wrestlers never get lost? They always have a submission hold on directions.
17. What did the wrestler do when he broke his leg? He hobbled in.
18. Why do wrestlers love fishing? They’re good with body slams and tackle.
19. What do you call a wrestler who’s afraid of heights? A pile-diver and ducker.
20. Why do wrestlers love puzzle games? They get into grappling matches that require a lot of jigsaws.

Wrestling Riddles: Chokehold Charades (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the wrestler carry a pencil and paper to the ring? To take down his opponents!
2. What did the coach say when his wrestler won the championship? “You really pinned that down!”
3. What do wrestlers use to stay organized? Wrestle-ties!
4. Why did the wrestler never give up? Because he was always grappling with his problems!
5. What’s the difference between a wrestler and a winter storm? The wrestler has takedowns, while the winter storm has flakes down!
6. How did the wrestler win the Olympic gold medal? With a knockout pun!
7. What do you call the wrestling move where you attack with a giant pretzel? A twisted submission!
8. How do wrestlers stay cool in the summer? By putting their opponents on ice!
9. What’s the wrestler’s favorite breakfast? Take-down waffles!
10. Why did the wrestler dislike the buffet line? Because it was too much to digest!
11. What’s a wrestler’s favorite subject in school? Pin-terest!
12. What do you call a wrestler who forgot his match strategies? Am-N-E-stretch!
13. How can you tell the difference between a wrestling fan and a weatherman? The wrestling fan can’t wait to see the next takedown, while the weatherman is happy as long as it’s precipitation free!
14. Why do wrestlers see a chiropractor regularly? To prepare for intense battles with their backs against the mat!
15. How did the wrestler defeat his rival without throwing any punches? With a devastating roundhouse armbar!
16. Why did the wrestler constantly joke around? He was a natural at pun-chlines!
17. What’s a wrestler’s favorite sauce? Take-down-aise!
18. How do wrestlers stay healthy? They work out with a protein wrest-lers!
19. What did the wrestling coach say to his team before the big match? “Time to put our muscle where our mouth is!”
20. What kind of wrestler always forgets to return his library books? The pin-tomime wrestler!

Take Down Your Opponents with These Punny Wrestling Double Entendres!

1. When the wrestler got pinned to the mat, he was more than happy to be under his opponent.
2. The wrestler was so good at grappling, everyone thought he was a submission specialist.
3. That wrestler was all fired up whenever he saw an opponent in a singlet and ready to takedown.
4. Wrestlers always try to get the upper hand, but some prefer to get hands on the upper part of the body.
5. When the wrestler went out to fight, he had his moves all planned out, including his body slams and finishers in mind.
6. The referee always had to make sure that the wrestlers don’t get too touchy-feely with each other.
7. That wrestler went all in for the championship, giving it his all in a hot and sweaty match.
8. The wrestler preferred to attack head-on, always ready to take a shot at his opponent.
9. The wrestlers went at each other with a passion, leaving the arena in a frenzy and a pile of crumpled bodies.
10. The wrestler was determined to win, no matter how many dirty moves he had to pull.
11. The wrestlers were grappling so hard that they left the ring in shambles, all due to their wild and savage behavior.
12. The wrestler was known for using his strength to his advantage, crushing his opponents with raw power.
13. That wrestler used his body to full potential, leaving his opponents gasping for air.
14. The wrestler was not afraid to play dirty, always going for the low blow when the ref wasn’t looking.
15. The wrestler was a submission specialist, always looking for an opportunity to lock in a tight grip.
16. When the wrestler hit his opponent with a headbutt, it was like a massive explosion in the ring.
17. The wrestlers were like lions, clawing and scratching at each other until one was left standing.
18. The wrestler was always looking to put his opponent in a compromising position, leading to some very tense moments in the ring.
19. The wrestler had no mercy when he put his opponent in a headlock, leaving him gasping for air.
20. That wrestler was always looking to throw his opponent off balance, leading to some very interesting situations in the ring.

Ring-a-Ding Puns (Wrestling Puns in Idioms)

1. When Hulk Hogan retires, will he be a “wrinkle in time”?
2. If wrestlers don’t have belts, do they wear suspenders?
3. Can you really trust a wrestler who’s all bark and no bite?
4. Why was the wrestler afraid to eat before a big match? He didn’t want to get pinned by a stomachache.
5. I heard the wrestler lost his job at the bank because he refused to stop playing with his money in the bank.
6. Why did the wrestler cross the road? To body slam the chicken on the other side.
7. A wrestler walked into a library and asked if they had any books about wrestling. The librarian said, “in the fiction section.
8. If wrestling is fake, why do they have real injuries?
9. I used to date a wrestler, but he was always grappling with his emotions.
10. Why did the wrestler break up with his girlfriend? She kept calling him a cheetah, but he’s clearly more of a lion.
11. The wrestler only eats vegetables, he’s a real cauliflower.
12. The wrestler’s idea of a romantic date is body slamming his significant other.
13. Why did the wrestler refuse to have plastic surgery? He said he didn’t want to be pinned down by society’s beauty standards.
14. After the wrestler won the championship title, he felt like he was on top of the world, but he quickly learned it was just the top rope.
15. The wrestler was feeling restless in the hotel room, so he decided to work on his wrestling moves by throwing the television out the window.
16. The wrestler went on a date to the arcade and proved he was the champion by pinning all the high scores.
17. The wrestler’s favorite type of comedy is pun-ishment.
18. Why did the wrestler take up gardening? He heard that tomato plants bring out his best wrest-leaves.
19. The wrestler was always nervous before a match, but he had to remember to stay grounded or he’d get body-slammed.
20. The wrestler was convinced he could beat anyone at chess, but when he was check-mated, he skipped right to the choke-slam.

Match Made in Puns (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. The wrestler was so good at applying makeup, he could pin a blush on anyone.
2. The wrestler tried to become a comedian, but his jokes just didn’t have a punch.
3. The wrestler tried to become a baker, but he couldn’t take the heat in the kitchen.
4. The wrestler wanted to be a doctor, but he didn’t have the muscle for it.
5. The wrestler was a natural at gardening, he had a lot of pins in his green belt.
6. The wrestler became a lifeguard, but he had a hard time making waves.
7. The wrestler tried to be an artist, but he couldn’t manage to draw the line.
8. The wrestler went into banking, but he always found himself pinned to his desk.
9. The wrestler tried his hand at cooking, but he couldn’t handle the heat in the kitchen.
10. The wrestler became a hairdresser, but he couldn’t cut it.
11. The wrestler tried to go into space, but he couldn’t get off the mat.
12. The wrestler became a judge, and he always had a pin in his gavel.
13. The wrestler became a minister, but he always ended up wrestling with his conscience.
14. The wrestler tried acting, but he couldn’t cut it as a thespian.
15. The wrestler became a teacher, but he couldn’t keep the students in line.
16. The wrestler became a detective, and he always had his ears pinned back.
17. The wrestler tried a career in music, but he couldn’t get the rhythm of it.
18. The wrestler became a chef, but he always found himself in a stew.
19. The wrestler became a therapist, and he always tried to pin down his clients’ issues.
20. The wrestler became a cemetery worker, and he always had a pin in his work.

Wrassle Dazzle (Puns in Wrestling Names)

1. Stone Cold Steve Autism
2. John Cenautism
3. Brotista
4. The Under-Toker
5. Bray Wyatt Earp
6. Ron Strohman
7. Kurt Anglerfish
8. Luke Gallows Humor
9. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson & Rolaids
10. Shamus Roll-ups
11. Charlotte Flair for the Dramatics
12. Booker T-bone Steak
13. Rey Mysterio Suave
14. Finn Bálorina
15. Mick Foley-preta
16. Macho Man-rongi
17. Goldust-in Bieber
18. Andre the Giant Peach
19. Randy Or-tangerine
20. Ric Flair Freshment.

Wrestliching Your Tongue: The Wacky World of Wrestling Spoonerisms

1. Wrestlemania becomes Messy Restlemania
2. Monday Night Raw becomes Runny Might Maw
3. Smackdown becomes Mac and Smdown
4. Championship Belt becomes Belchampion Ship
5. The Rock becomes The Crock
6. Stone Cold Steve Austin becomes Stove Coneve Steve Austin
7. John Cena becomes Con Jena
8. The Undertaker becomes The Underfaker
9. Triple H becomes Hipple Tree
10. Brock Lesnar becomes Lock Besnar
11. Rey Mysterio becomes May Restereo
12. The Big Show becomes The Pig Bow
13. Roman Reigns becomes Reman Roigns
14. Braun Strowman becomes Straun Brownman
15. Seth Rollins becomes Reth Sollins
16. AJ Styles becomes Jay Assiles
17. Randy Orton becomes Sandy Rorton
18. Daniel Bryan becomes Banial Dryan
19. Edge becomes Hedge
20. Shawn Michaels becomes Mawn Shichels

Pin Down Puns (Tom Swifties on Wrestling)

1. “I pinned him to the mat,” said Tom wrestlingly.
2. “I’ll never tap out,” Tom said resolutely.
3. “I’m the ultimate grappler,” Tom said triumphantly.
4. “My wrestling moves are truly incredible,” Tom said fantastically.
5. “I’ll take on anyone in the ring,” Tom said challengingly.
6. “I’m not good at wrestling,” Tom said solely.
7. “I don’t understand any of these wrestling holds,” Tom said confusedly.
8. “I’m going to get a chokehold on him,” Tom said breathlessly.
9. “I’ll never surrender,” Tom said fiercely.
10. “I always win with a guillotine choke,” Tom said decisively.
11. “I can’t wait to wrestle again,” Tom said eagerly.
12. “I just need to improve my grappling skills,” Tom said frankly.
13. “I won the match with a flying headbutt,” Tom said airborne.
14. “I’m not sure if I like wrestling,” Tom said ambivalently.
15. “I’ll beat him with a leg lock,” Tom said shinily.
16. “I’m totally worn out from that wrestling match,” Tom said tiredly.
17. “I’m going to crush my opponent with a body slam,” Tom said heavily.
18. “I’m not strong enough to compete,” Tom said weakly.
19. I’m the king of the wrestling ring,” Tom said regally.
20. “I’ll finish him off with a Piledriver,” Tom said groundedly.

“Ring of Irony: The Best Oxymoronic Wrestling Puns”

1. Why did the wrestler refuse to wear stretchy pants? They were too constricting.
2. Did you hear about the wrestler who retired to become a referee? He went from body slamming to rule-enforcing.
3. What do you call a wrestler in a raincoat? A grappling hook.
4. Why don’t wrestlers like to date each other? Too many submission holds.
5. Why did the wrestler refuse to eat before a match? He didn’t want to throw up his weight.
6. What do you call a wrestler who’s also a farmer? A wrestle sprout.
7. Why did the wrestler switch to a vegan diet? He was tired of all the meat hooks.
8. What do you call a wrestler who’s also a detective? A grappling gumshoe.
9. Why do wrestlers wear tight singlets? So they can grip better, even if they’re not single.
10. How do you calm down an angry wrestler? You give him a match to play with.
11. What do you call a wrestler who’s also a surgeon? A slam-patcher.
12. Why don’t wrestlers like to travel overseas for matches? They’re not keen on losing in foreign holds.
13. What do you call a wrestling match between two vegan wrestlers? A tofu tussle.
14. Why did the wrestler open a restaurant? It was his way of pinning down a recipe for success.
15. What do you call a wrestler who’s also a lawyer? A slam-yer.
16. Why don’t wrestlers like to play word games? They’re more suited to body language.
17. What do you call a wrestler who’s also a psychologist? A slam-shrink.
18. Why did the wrestler start a cleaning company? He’s always been good at mat cleaning.
19. What do you call a wrestler who’s just graduated college? A slam-ni.
20. How do wrestlers celebrate Thanksgiving? By taking each other down for a turkey takedown.

Wrestling Match-Up (Recursive Puns on Wrestling)

1. Did you hear about the wrestler who got a job at the orange juice factory? He found his calling as a pulp fiction writer.
2. I asked my wrestling coach if he could teach me how to do a moonsault, but he said it was just a phase.
3. When the wrestler retired from the ring, he became a botanist and started studying choke-holds.
4. The pro wrestler was so good at being stealthy, he could pin an opponent without leaving a trace.
5. A wrestler once challenged me to a game of 4D chess, but I declined because I didn’t want to be trapped in a submission hold.
6. Why did the wrestler wear corduroy pants to the match? Because he wanted to make sure he had a grip.
7. I told my friend that I was going to watch the wrestling pay-per-view, and he asked if I was armoring up for the event.
8. The wrestler tried to use his signature move during his wedding ceremony, but his bride had already tapped out.
9. My favorite wrestler is the one who always brings his A-game, but his backup plan is to bring out his B-sharp.
10. To improve his grappler skills, the wrestler trained with an octopus, but he couldn’t handle all the ink escapes.
11. I once asked a wrestler what kind of soup he liked, and he said he preferred chokes and broths.
12. The wrestler became a baker after retiring from the ring and started making bread with a pile driver.
13. The wrestler tried to wrestle with a porcupine, but it was a bit of a prickly situation.
14. A wrestler who was also a magician always got a standing ovation when he made his opponents disappear.
15. I asked the wrestler if he could show me a suplex, and he said he’d rather show me the proper way to do a tablecloth pull.
16. When the pro wrestler was diagnosed with a sleeping disorder, his doctor prescribed more sleepers.
17. The wrestler was getting bored in his attempts to pin his opponent, so he decided to spice things up with a headlock.
18. The wrestler decided to put in his two cents and chose to lock his opponent in a bank statement.
19. The wrestler’s newest move consisted of wrapping his opponent in a blanket statement.
20. The wrestler found himself in a tough spot and decided to call it quits and tap out a memo.

Wrestling with Clichés: Pinning Down the Pun-derful Wordplay

1. I told my wrestler friend to “break a leg,” but he took it too literally.
2. The wrestling champion was always “ahead of the pack.”
3. It’s hard to “pin down” what makes a great wrestler.
4. Knock ’em dead” takes on a different meaning in the wrestling ring.
5. A wrestler’s training is all about “striking while the iron is hot.
6. The coach said the team needed to “grapple” with their opponent’s strengths.
7. It’s important to “roll with the punches” when wrestling.
8. A wrestler needs to have “steel nerves” to compete.
9. The wrestler’s favorite breakfast food? Piledrivers.
10. The wrestling match ended in a “draw,” but nobody had a pencil.
11. The wrestler’s entrance song was “Eye of the Tiger,” because he’s a real “cat-letic” guy.
12. A wrestler who never gives up is a “takedown machine.”
13. You don’t want to mess with a wrestler who has a “chip on their shoulder.”
14. A wrestler’s signature move is their “bread and butter.
15. A good wrestler always has a “game face” on.
16. A wrestler who loses a lot might say “my time will come, I just need to pin more opponents.”
17. Every wrestler knows that practice makes “perfect flexing.”
18. A wrestler’s most important accessory? A championship “belt.”
19. A wrestler’s favorite color? Black and blue.
20. A wrestler’s biggest fear? Getting “bodyslammed” by someone twice their size.

In conclusion, we hope that these 200+ wrestling puns have given you a good laugh and maybe even made your day a little brighter. If you’re looking for more puns to tickle your funny bone, be sure to check out the other great content on our website. We’re grateful that you took the time to read and hope to see you again soon!

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