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Welcome to a world of fantastical wordplay with our collection of over 200 Alice in Wonderland puns! This whimsical Wonderland will surely tickle your funny bone as we immerse you in the realm of the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, and Queen of Hearts. From clever quips like “Why did Alice keep slipping? Because she couldn’t keep her balance in Wonderland!” to more inventive wordplay such as “Why did the White Rabbit wear a wristwatch? To keep track of his hare appointments!” – we’ve got it all covered. So come on down the rabbit hole with us and get lost in our delightful puns that will surely have you grinning like the Cheshire Cat! Let’s get punny with Alice in Wonderland!

“Down the Rabbit Hole of Hilarious Alice in Wonderland Puns” (Editors Pick)

1. Why did Alice eat the mushroom in Wonderland? Because she wanted to become a big deal.
2. What did the Queen of Hearts say to her gardener in Alice in Wonderland? “Are you planting radishes? Queen-radas!”
3. What is the White Rabbit’s favorite sport? Hopscotch!
4. Why did Alice prefer tea parties in Wonderland? Because they always had a Mad Hatter in attendance.
5. Who is the White Rabbit’s favorite movie director? Walt Disney, because he loves hopping in every Disney animation and film.
6. When Alice met the Mad Hatter, she asked “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” Mad Hatter replied “They both have quills dipped in ink” making no sense to Alice.
7. How does the Cheshire Cat stay fit? He eats Al-i-cado’s and exercises in Won-durland.
8. Why did the Mad Hatter go to work with a broken watch? Because it was still tea time.
9. What did Alice say when she found her favorite musician, the Caterpillar? I’m just a little blue.
10. Why did Alice ask the Queen of Hearts to play croquet? Because she wanted a royal flush.
11. How did Alice feel when she met the March Hare? She thought he was hare-tastic!
12. Why did Alice slice the cake on her own in Wonderland? Because the Knife said it couldn’t cut it.
13. What does one oyster tell the other oyster in Wonderland? Some ‘oyster’ remark.
14. Why couldn’t the Queen of Hearts drive her car in Wonderland? Because she always got lost in the roads curved like a maze.
15. Why was Alice upset when the Cheshire Cat disappeared? She was feeling paw-some until he left!
16. What was Alice’s favorite song in Wonderland? I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!
17. Why did the Mad Hatter always have a headache in Wonderland? Because he was constantly drinking tea leaves!
18. What did Alice say when she found mushrooms in Wonderland? “I just have to eat them, it’s the only way to grow up in here.”
19. What did the Hatter say to the White Rabbit when he got lost in a corn maze? “I bet you’re feeling a-maize-ing right now.”
20. What do you call Alice in Wonderland who is a musician? A pianist in Al-i-ce Band.

Maddeningly Madcap One-Liners (Alice in Wonderland Puns)

1. The Queen of Hearts was arrested for disorderly conduct. She just kept yelling “off with their heads!”

2. Why did the Cheshire Cat keep disappearing? Because he was a fractal!

3. Alice is always shrinking and growing. It’s like she’s caught in a perpetual state of puberty.

4. The Mad Hatter’s party was really wild. I don’t think anyone was completely sober after that.

5. The Rabbit Hole is like a portal to another dimension, or as we like to call it, Narnia-lite.

6. Alice wasn’t sure if she was dreaming or not. It’s like she fell into a spiritual limbo.

7. The caterpillar became a butterfly and flew away. I guess he wanted to reach for the sky and beyond.

8. The Chesire Cat was really good at maths, he was always tessellating!

9. Alice fell asleep during tea time, it was very impolite-nap-tea.

10. The Queen of Hearts was the real queen of contouring. Her make up was always so fierce!

11. Why did Alice cross the road? To get to the looking glass store on the other side.

12. The Mad Hatter’s house was always a mess, it was as if he was living in a wonderland.

13. What do you call a rabbit who loves to party? The hare-raiser!

14. When Alice chased the White Rabbit, she got out of breath. She was wheezing-nap.

15. The Mock Turtle was really good at karaoke. He really had a great voice and a shell-abration.

16. Why did Alice bring a ladder to the tea party? She wanted to be high on tea!

17. The Caterpillar’s transformation was really a peak-a-chew.

18. Why did the Red Queen start a band? She wanted to rule the music industry too!

19. The card guards always followed orders, they were merely obey-cards.

20. Why did the White Rabbit rush to the royal garden? He was really late for carrot-duty.

Curious Conundrums: Alice in Wonderland Question-and-Answer Puns

1. Q: Why did the Cheshire Cat join Tinder? A: To find his purrfect match!
2. Q: What did Alice say when she saw the Mad Hatter wearing a baseball cap? A: “I didn’t know you were a cap-puccino fan!”
3. Q: Why did the Queen of Hearts break up with the King? A: He was always dealing her a bad hand!
4. Q: What did Alice say when she saw the White Rabbit’s new car? A: “That’s one hare-raising ride!”
5. Q: Why did Alice want to join the Red Queen’s dance group? A: She was tired of sitting around mushrooming.
6. Q: Why did the Caterpillar refuse to lend money to Alice? A: He didn’t want to be a loan-prone!
7. Q: Why did the Mad Hatter become a hockey player? A: He wanted to win the cup a-Tea!
8. Q: How does Alice know if a joke is funny in Wonderland? A: If it gets a Mad Hatter-chuckle!
9. Q: What did Alice say when the March Hare asked her to pass the sugar? A: “Don’t get all stirred up!”
10. Q: Why did the Queen of Hearts visit the doctor? A: She had a royal pain!
11. Q: Why did the White Rabbit refuse to go to the gym? A: He was afraid he would be late for his workout!
12. Q: How does Alice like her coffee in Wonderland? A: Through the looking-glass!
13. Q: Why did the Mad Hatter become a chef? A: He wanted to have his cake and eat it too!
14. Q: Why did the Tweedle Twins never go to the beach? A: They were afraid they would get tide up!
15. Q: What did the Red Queen say when she saw a baby bird fly by? A: “Off with its feather!
16. Q: Why did Alice go to the psychiatrist in Wonderland? A: She was feeling a little twisted.
17. Q: Why did the White Rabbit visit the dentist? A: He had a cavity and wanted to fill it!
18. Q: What did Alice say when she saw the Jabberwocky wearing a necktie? A: “You look necksta like someone I know!”
19. Q: Why did the Mad Hatter join the military? A: He wanted to see some Tea-action!
20. Q: What did Alice say when the White Rabbit asked if he was late? A: “I’m running out of time for these puns!”

Curiouser and Punderland: The Double Entendre Puns of Alice’s Adventures

1. “Alice, do you have a little something in your tea? You seem to be getting curiouser and curiouser.”
2. “The Mad Hatter warned me not to be late for tea, but I couldn’t help lingering. It was a real rabbit hole situation.”
3. “The Queen’s gardeners are always trimming their bushes. It’s quite an exhibition of their hedge trimming skills.”
4. “The Cheshire Cat has quite the grin. I wonder what he’s been up to?”
5. Alice, did you see the hookah smoking caterpillar? I heard he’s quite the party animal.
6. “I tried to ask the White Rabbit for the time, but he was in a hurry. Maybe he was late for an important date?”
7. “The Jabberwocky is quite a monster. I wouldn’t want to get too close to his sharp teeth.”
8. “Alice, have you seen the Duchess’s baby? It’s quite the bouncing bundle of joy.”
9. “The Tweedle brothers are quite a pair. They’re always getting into some kind of mischief.”
10. “The talking flowers in the garden are quite chatty. They certainly have a way with words.”
11. “The Queen’s croquet game is quite the spectacle. I hear she loves to show off her mallet skills.”
12. Alice, did you see the Walrus and the Carpenter? They were out looking for some oysters, but I think they had ulterior motives.”
13. “The Mock Turtle is quite the philosopher. I hear he has some deep thoughts about life and the universe.”
14. The Dormouse is always sleeping, but when he wakes up, he’s quite the charmer.
15. “The White Queen is always giving people the cold shoulder. I think she has some serious ice in her veins.”
16. “The Mad Hatter’s tea party is always a wild ride. You never know what kind of shenanigans will happen next.”
17. “Alice, have you met the Red Knight? He’s quite the gallant warrior.”
18. “The Jabberwocky is quite the elusive beast. I hear it’s almost impossible to catch.”
19. “The Queen of Hearts is always shouting ‘off with their heads!’ but I don’t think she means it literally… or does she?”
20. “Alice, did you see the White King? He’s quite the stately monarch.”

“Punning Through Wonderland: Alice-inspired Idioms that’ll make you Grin!”

1. “You must be mad as a hatter to not love Alice in Wonderland puns.
2. “I’ll have a cup of tea and a Mad Hatter of sugar, please.”
3. “I’m late, I’m late for my important meeting with the White Rabbit!”
4. “I don’t believe in impossible things… but I do believe in white rabbits!”
5. I’m feeling quite Cheshire, can you see my grin?
6. “It’s curiouser and curiouser how these Alice puns never get old.”
7. “Don’t be like the Queen of Hearts, always losing your head.”
8. “That’s a very Tweedledum decision you’ve made.”
9. “You’re as welcome as a dodo at a tea party.”
10. “I’m feeling a bit small today, like Alice in a bottle.”
11. The Caterpillar might say I’m smoking hot with these puns.
12. “Don’t be late to the Wonderland party, or it will be curtains for you.”
13. “I’m painting the roses red, just like I’m painting my puns in this list.”
14. “I don’t know who was more curious, Alice or the Cat.”
15. “Off with the boring puns and on with the Wonderland jokes!”
16. “I must have fallen down the rabbit hole because these puns are too good to be true.”
17. “I’m feeling a bit tea-rific with all these Alice in Wonderland puns.”
18. “I don’t make mistakes, I just have a ‘we’re all mad here’ kind of personality.”
19. “These puns are making me as big as a house, just like Alice after drinking the potion!”
20. “I’m Jabberwocky-like and ready to slay the pun game with these Wonderland jokes.”

Down the Rabbit Pun Hole (Alice in Wonderland Pun Juxtapositions)

1. Why did the rabbit go to space? To look for the hareport.
2. The White Rabbit was asked if he was late. He replied, “I’m not early either.”
3. Alice ran into a group of mushrooms that all said “hi”. She said, “well this is quite a welcoming committee.”
4. What do you call a tea party with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare? A brew-haha.
5. The Queen of Hearts was playing croquet with flamingos and hedgehogs, but the game got out of hand. It became a mallet melee.
6. Why did the Cheshire Cat go to the vet? Because he was feline grumpy.
7. What did Alice say when she saw the Mad Hatter making hats out of cheese? “That’s a bit Caerphilly.”
8. Why did the door mouse win the race? Because it was a-snooze and a-win.
9. What did Alice do when she found the perfect garden? She forgot her Trowel of Hatter.
10. Why did Alice keep running? She was on the “track” to Wonderland.
11. Where did the Duchess take her child? To the bath-throom.
12. What sport does the Mad Hatter play? Tea-kwondo.
13. Why was the Cheshire Cat always grinning? He knew a-purr-ently funny joke.
14. Where did the Mad Hatter go when he was feeling ill? To the Tea-dium.
15. Why did the Hatter open a coffee shop? Because he was tired of brewing (brooding).
16. Why did the caterpillar get a termination letter? He was making too many “mistakes”.
17. How does the Mad Hatter host tea parties? By following all the “ettiquette”.
18. What did the Queen of Hearts say after finding stolen tarts? “Off with their crusts”.
19. Why did Alice get teased in school? For having a Knack and Knickerbockers.
20. Why did Alice never get bored in Wonderland? Because curiosity was her “hare”-itage.

“Wonder-punning with Alice’s Name-sake: A Tea-riffic Collection of Alice in Wonderland Puns”

1. Alica Wunderbar
2. Hare-eett Tubbs
3. Twee-dill-dee and Twee-dill-dumplings
4. Mad Hatter’s Tea Spot
5. Caterpillar’s Cubicle Cafe
6. White Queen’s Ice Cream Palace
7. Cheshire Cat Cafe
8. March Hare’s Coffee House
9. Dormouse’s Donut Den
10. Red Queen’s Tart-ry
11. Jabberwocky Juice Bar
12. The Curious Cup
13. Knave of Tarts Bakery
14. Alice’s Eats
15. Grinning Cat Coffee
16. Rabbit’s Wraps and Rolls
17. White Rabbit’s Carrot Cake Co.
18. Mock Turtle’s Soup Emporium
19. Wonderland Bakery Co.
20. Looking Glass Lattes

Punny Word Flips (Spoonerisms): Alice’s Adventures in Wonder Punderland

1. Waltz of the Flamingo” becomes “Faults of the Mango
2. “Curiouser and curiouser” becomes “Furiouser and furiouser”
3. “Off with her head!” becomes “Her with off head!”
4. “Mad Hatter” becomes “Had Matter”
5. “White Rabbit” becomes “Right Wabbit”
6. “Queen of Hearts” becomes “Heen of Quarts”
7. “Cheshire Cat” becomes “Chester Shat”
8. “Tea Party” becomes “Pee Tarty”
9. “Jabberwocky” becomes “Wabber Jocky”
10. “Looking Glass” becomes “Gooking Lass”
11. “Mock Turtle” becomes “Tock Murtle”
12. “Tweedledee and Tweedledum” becomes “Deedledee and Deedledum”
13. “Duchess” becomes “Hutchess”
14. “March Hare” becomes “Harch Mare”
15. “Caterpillar” becomes “Pater Killer”
16. “Croquet” becomes “Coquet”
17. “Caucus Race” becomes “Raucus Case”
18. “Gryphon” becomes “Riffon Gripe”
19. “Walrus” becomes “Rawlus Walrus”
20. “Lobster Quadrille” becomes “Robster Quadbrille”

Alice in Wonder-Pun-Land (Tom Swifties)

1. “I’m lost,” said Alice, wandering aimlessly.
2. “This tea is delicious,” said the Mad Hatter, absentmindedly.
3. “I’m not afraid of the Queen,” said Alice bravely.
4. “I can’t believe how tiny this door is,” said Alice, curiously.
5. “Off with her head!” said the Queen, angrily.
6. “I don’t know where I’m going,” said Alice, aimlessly.
7. “This rose is as red as can be,” said the Queen, jealously.
8. “This mushroom sure is big,” said Alice, hungrily.
9. Off with his hat!” said the Queen, excitedly.
10. “This caterpillar is very wise,” said Alice, thoughtfully.
11. “I’m not late,” said the White Rabbit, dramatically.
12. “I’m not scared of the Jabberwocky,” said Alice confidently.
13. “I’ve never seen a Cheshire Cat before,” said Alice curiously.
14. “This maze is so confusing,” said Alice, bewilderedly.
15. “The Queen’s croquet game is quite intense,” said Alice, nervously.
16. “I’m not in Wonderland anymore,” said Alice, disbelievingly.
17. “This tea party is quite mad,” said Alice, disapprovingly.
18. I’m not a kitten,” said the Cheshire Cat seriously.
19. “This flamingo croquet mallet is quite unique,” said the Queen, proudly.
20. “I’ve had enough of this nonsense,” said Alice, disgustedly.

Curious Contradiction: Oxymoronic Puns for Alice in Wonderland Fans

1. “The Cheshire Cat’s smile was positively negative.”
2. “The Mad Hatter’s tea party was surprisingly predictable.”
3. “The Queen of Hearts was heartless in her affections.”
4. “Alice fell up and down the rabbit hole.”
5. “The White Rabbit was fashionably late.”
6. “The Caterpillar was never-endingly brief.”
7. “The March Hare was oddly sane.”
8. “Alice’s size was both big and small at the same time.”
9. “The Mock Turtle was seriously unserious.”
10. “The Knave of Hearts was both guilty and innocent.”
11. “The Gryphon was fiercely gentle.”
12. “The Duchess was terribly charming.”
13. “The White Queen’s rule was both absolute and relative.”
14. “The Jabberwocky was monstrously docile.”
15. “The oysters were deliciously dangerous.”
16. “The King of Hearts was playfully serious.”
17. “The door mouse was impressively unimpressed.”
18. “The flamingos were flightless yet soaring.”
19. “The Red Queen was maddeningly sane.”
20. The Walrus was bitterly sweet.

Curious Wordplay (Recursive Puns on Alice in Wonderland)

1. Why did Alice go to Wonderland? For adventure? No, for pun-derland!
2. What did the Mad Hatter say to the Queen of Hearts? “Let them eat puncakes!”
3. What do you call a Jabberwocky with a cold? A sniffing-snaffing punster!
4. Why did the Cheshire Cat cross the road? To get to the pun on the other side!
5. What did the Caterpillar say to Alice after she told her first pun? “You’re off to a good start-illar.”
6. What do the Three Little Pigs do for fun in Wonderland? They play pun-sticks!
7. What do you call a croquet game where all the balls are puns? A wacky, wonky pun-stumble!
8. Why did the Gryphon refuse to go to the pun convention? He thought it would be too maddening!
9. What did the White Rabbit say when Alice tried to follow him down a rabbit hole of puns? “You’re going to be pun-derlanded!”
10. Why did Alice refuse to wear the Mad Hatter’s hat? She thought it was too puncular!
11. What came first, the pun or the egg? The pun, because it always egg-sisted!
12. What do you call a pun-loving flamingo? A flamingo who loves to pun-go!
13. What did the Duchess say when she saw Alice making puns? “Off with her pun-tentious head!”
14. Why did the Queen of Hearts refuse to speak in puns? She thought it was beneath her sta-pun!
15. What did the Mock Turtle say when Alice told a particularly bad pun? “That was so bad, it’s a pun-ishable offense!”
16. Why did the Rabbit throw a pun-themed party? He thought it would be hop-punin’!
17. What do you call a tea party with no puns? A very sad, uncivilized aff-pun-tion!
18. What did the Dormouse say after Alice’s pun marathon? “I’m all pun’d out!”
19. Why did Alice enjoy listening to the Cheshire Cat’s puns? She thought they were grin-ducive!
20. What did the White Knight say to Alice’s puns? “You’re quite a pun-dit, aren’t you?”

Following the White Rabbit Hole: Punny Clichés in Alice in Wonderland

1. It’s time to pay the Jabberwocky man.
2. Don’t drink from the Red Queen’s cup, it’s not what it seems.
3. I’m as mad as the Hatter with these tea puns.
4. Curiosity killed the cat, but Alice kept on chasing it.
5. The White Rabbit was always late to his carrot meetings.
6. Tweedledee and Tweedledum were double trouble.
7. Cheshire Cat, more like Cheshire Chat.
8. Off with their puns! said the Queen of Hearts.
9. The Caterpillar was quite the philosopher, always smoking his thoughts away.
10. The Mad Hatter always threw the best tea parties, they were simply tea-riffic!
11. Humpty Dumpty fell from a wall, but Alice managed to put him back together again.
12. The Duchess had quite the temper, always yelling “off with their puns!”
13. The White Queen always kept her pawns in line.
14. Alice was in such a hurry, she didn’t even stop to smell the roses.
15. The Mock Turtle had a shell of a time at his parties.
16. Alice had a croquet game with flamingos, but it was a bit fowl.
17. The Griffin always had a witty comeback, he was quite the punslinger.
18. The Lobster Quadrille was a shell-abration to remember.
19. Alice always found herself in a curiouser and curiouser situation.
20. The Red Queen was always trying to paint the roses red.

In conclusion, we hope these Alice in Wonderland puns put a smile on your face and transported you to a whimsical wonderland. If you’re still craving more puns, be sure to check out our website for even more wordplay and laughs. And we want to express our sincere gratitude for taking the time to visit, we hope to see you again soon!

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