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Are you ready to ignite your sense of humor? We’ve got just the thing for you! Get ready to have a smokin’ good time with over 200 clever and hilarious smoking puns. From matchstick mischief to fire-related funnies, these puns are sure to light up your day! Whether you’re a cigar connoisseur, a tobacco lover, or just someone who appreciates a good play on words, our collection of smoking puns is sure to leave you in stitches. So sit back, relax, and get ready to unleash a pack of humor. Get ready to laugh your ash off!

Up in Smoke: A Collection of Hilarious Smoking Puns (Editors Pick)

1. I didn’t expect to meet you here, you must be my smoking hot soulmate.
2. I used to hate smoking, but I finally decided to ashk for forgiveness.
3. When it comes to smoking, it’s important to have a light sense of humor.
4. Smoking cigarettes is no joke, but rolling with the punches is my favorite pastime.
5. Quitting smoking is like trying to extinguish a firework with a water gun.
6. Smokers have a burning desire to light up the room with their presence.
7. My friend told me smoking cigars is a classy habit, but I couldn’t find the ashtray-ve enough to try it.
8. Some people think smoking is blowing smoke, but I think it’s a real drag.
9. Don’t ever trust a cigarette; it always ends up being a backstabber.
10. Smoked salmon always has a way of swimming into my heart.
11. A well-packaged cigarette will always catch my eye, it’s just so seductively wrapped.
12. I used to smoke so much, I had a lighter permanently attached to my hand. I guess you could say I was ahead of my time.
13. Whenever I see someone smoking, it feels like they’re blowing kisses with a secret message.
14. The smell of a campfire is irresistible; it’s like nature’s way of promoting smoking.
15. I went to a smoking contest, but it didn’t take long for things to get heated.
16. If smoking is a sin, then I’m burning all the way to hell.
17. It’s funny how smokers always act so lit; they must have a fire inside their soul.
18. I always tell people that smoking isn’t my main vice; it’s just a little puff under pressure.
19. Nothing sets the stage for a good conversation like lighting a cigar – it’s a real ice-smoker.
20. Smokers never fail to spark up an interesting discussion; their conversations are always smoking hot.

Up in Smoke: Hilarious Hot Takes (Smoking Puns)

1. Why did the smoker always carry a lighter? Because he wanted to be a matchmaker!
2. Smoking cigarettes can really burn a hole in your pocket…and your lungs.
3. I tried to quit smoking once, but it went up in smoke.
4. Why did the smoker bring their cell phone to the bar? They wanted to take a smoke selfie!
5. Smoking might be a drag, but it sure does light up a room.
6. My friend said they quit smoking, but I think they’re just blowing smoke.
7. I asked the smoker if they ever get tired of smoking, they replied, “No, it’s always a breath of fresh air!
8. If smoking was a sport, it would definitely be called “puff and pass.”
9. Smokers always know how to roll with the punches…and with the cigarettes too.
10. Smoking might make you look cool, but it’s definitely not a high society activity.
11. My friend used to smoke so much that they could blow smoke rings around Saturn.
12. Why did the smoker go to the gym? They wanted to work on their lung capacity.
13. Smoking can really light a fire under your health insurance premiums.
14. Smokers love to indulge in a good puff piece every now and then.
15. Why did the smoker become a magician? They wanted to make cigarettes disappear!
16. Smoking might add years to your life…if you count the time spent lighting up.
17. Smokers have a lot of burning questions…like “Do you have a light?”
18. Why did the smart smoker always have a book with them? They wanted to have a smokin’ read!
19. Smoking might give you a bad cough, but it definitely won’t be a sick joke.
20. My friend asked me if I thought smoking was bad for their health… I replied, “It’s just a smokin’ gun waiting to go off!

Puff and Answer (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the cigarette get a job at the bakery? Because it was tired of being a smokin’ loaf!
2. What did the stoner say to the smoker? Weed always be together!
3. Why did the scarecrow quit smoking? Because it realized it was just straw-ful for its health!
4. What do you call a chicken that smokes? Puffin!
5. Why do cigarettes never get invited to parties? Because they always go up in smoke!
6. Why did the cigarette break up with its partner? It couldn’t handle the constant ash-ault!
7. What’s a smoker’s favorite kind of music? Jazz, because it’s smokey and smooth!
8. Why did the smoker open a music store? Because they heard that smoke on the water can be catchy!
9. What did the doctor say to the patient after they quit smoking? “That’s a breath of fresh air!”
10. Why did the owl quit smoking? It didn’t want to be called a hoot-aholic!
11. What did the cigarette say to the lighter? “You light up my life!”
12. Why did the cigarette go to therapy? It had an identity crisis, always thinking it was a cigar!
13. What do you call a smoking dog? A hot dog!
14. Why do smokers never get lost? Because they always have a light at the end of the tunnel!
15. What’s the smoker’s favorite Christmas carol? “Deck the Halls with Smokes and Lighters!”
16. Why did the cigarette become an artist? It could always find inspiration in the smok-etry of life!
17. What did the cigarette say to the smoker? “I’m burning for you!”
18. What’s the smoker’s favorite dance move? The ash-tango!
19. Why did the smoker go to college? They wanted to learn to ash-cend in their career!
20. Why doesn’t the cigarette play sports? It’s afraid of going up in a puff of smoke!

Up in Smoke (Double Entendre Puns)

1. Smoking is my vice, but it really lights my fire.
2. I told my doctor I’m quitting smoking, and he said, “Don’t ash-pire to anything less!”
3. Smoking may be a burning desire, but it’s extinguishing my health.
4. Quitting smoking is tough, but it takes a real ashtronaut to do it.
5. My smoking habit is going up in smoke.
6. I wanted to quit smoking, but nicotine proved to be a hard habit to stub out.
7. Smoking may make me look cool, but it’s slowly extinguishing my flame.
8. Smokers have an ignitable personality.
9. Ashes to ashes, but cigarettes are always a blast!
10. Smoking is like a hot date that never ends, leaving you burning for more.
11. Quitting smoking is a real drag, but it’s worth it to breathe easy.
12. I told my friend I wanted to quit smoking, and they asked, “Why let a fag be your everlasting flame?”
13. Smokers may look hot, but they’re a real fire hazard.
14. I can’t help but get fired up around smokers.
15. Smoking transforms you from smokin’ hot to smoldering ashes.
16. Quitting smoking is a real breath of fresh air, no ifs, ands, or butts about it.
17. Smokaholics are like human chimneys, always puffing on something.
18. Lighting up gives that special kind of burning sensation.
19. Quitting smoking is easier said than done, but it’s time to put that ashtray out of commission.
20. Cigarettes may be burning, but they’re not as hot as me smoking them.

Up in Smoke: Punny Idioms that Light Up the Room

1. I’m trying to quit smoking, but it’s such a hard habit to kick.
2. Smoking may be a pipe dream, but it’s my guilty pleasure.
3. Quitting smoking cold turkey can be quite fowl.
4. I’ll have to ash for forgiveness from my lungs.
5. Smoking is like a smokescreen, it hides the real problems.
6. Quitting smoking is a burning desire I can’t seem to extinguish.
7. Those who smoke are always trying to let off some steam.
8. Smoking is a bad habit that burns through your wallet.
9. Smokers always have a puff of trouble following them.
10. Quitting smoking is like chasing after a dragon.
11. Smoke signals the need for a break.
12. Quitting smoking is like breaking free from the chains.
13. Ex-smokers have the fire within them to resist temptation.
14. Smoking leaves a permanent mark on your lungs.
15. Smokers are always playing with fire.
16. Quitting smoking is putting out the flames of addiction.
17. Smoking is a smokin’ hot topic.
18. Quitting smoking is a breath of fresh air.
19. Smokers often go up in smoke in social situations.
20. Quitting smoking is a uphill battle, but the view is worth it.

Blowing Smoke (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. Why did the cigarette break up with the pipe? It just needed its space.
2. I used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day, but now I’m down to just one pack a year. I’m really trying to ash-tonish myself.
3. The chimney told the cigarette, “You’re so smokey, you’ve really got me fired up!”
4. The smoker went to the optometrist and said, “Doc, I can’t see myself quitting anytime soon.”
5. The cigarette inhaled some helium and said, “Now I’m a lighter than air smoke!”
6. The matchstick kept flicking the cigarette, hoping for a spark between them.
7. The smoker started growing tobacco in her garden, claiming she wanted to have a smokin’ homegrown experience.
8. The cigarette told the cigar, “You’re always so stubby, it’s time to get a fresh cut!”
9. The cigarette was always getting lost, so it started using a compass to find its way around.
10. The smoke from the chimney teased the cigarette, “You might be hot, but I’m flueless!”
11. The tobacco roller asked the cigarette, “Do you ever feel like your life is going up in smoke?”
12. The cigarette went to the dance floor and showed off its smooth moves, saying “I’m really burning up the dance floor!
13. The cigar and the cigarette went on a date, but they quickly realized they were just too ashtonishingly different for each other.
14. The chimney looked at the cigarette and said, “You’re a real smoking hottie, but you’re exhausting!”
15. The cigarette loved to play hide and seek with the ashtray, but it always ended up butting heads with it.
16. The smoker read a book on quitting smoking, hoping it would spark some motivation.
17. The cigarette told the cigar, “You might be longer, but I’m definitely stronger with my nicotine.”
18. The chimney and the cigarette got in a disagreement, but they eventually cleared the air and smoked a peace pipe.
19. The lighter was impressed by the cigarette’s majestic appearance and said, “You’re really lighting up my life!”
20. The tobacco leaf was feeling down, so the cigarette told it, “Chin up, you’re still smokin’!”

Up in Smoke (Puns for Smokers)

1. Smokin’ Joe’s Tobacco Shop
2. Smokeahontas Hookah Lounge
3. Puff Daddy Cigar Bar
4. Smokin’ Hot Ashtrays
5. Burning Love Cigarette Shop
6. The Smoke Ring BBQ and Cigar Lounge
7. Pipe Dreams Tobacco Emporium
8. Smokin’ Jay’s Cannabis Dispensary
9. Vape Escape Lounge
10. The Ashtray Bistro
11. The Cigarello Club
12. Puff ‘n’ Stuff Smoke Shop
13. Havana Nights Cigar Lounge
14. Up in Smoke Tobacconist
15. The Zig-Zag Lounge
16. Marlboro Manor
17. The Rollin’ Tobacco Co.
18. Hooked on Hookahs
19. The Lighter Side of Life
20. The Smoke Signal- Cigar and Whiskey Bar.

Puff Puns in Spoonerisms

1. Soking mup
2. Pug chit
3. Shifty tigs
4. Bmoking sud
5. Drunk lit
6. Jot point
7. Vapin’ crumbs
8. Wisin’ weed
9. Blowing packholes
10. Huffing moke
11. Sat noking
12. Guffing wires
13. Tokin’ baccy
14. Cuffin’ smoking
15. Puffin’ trink
16. Smokin’ jackets
17. Lightin’ bents
18. Sokin’ spiffs
19. Toking riverd
20. Fluffing bame

Smoking Quips Make a Puff-ect Blend (Tom Swifties)

1. “I don’t smoke cigars anymore,” said Tom lung-lessly.
2. “Smoking is bad for the environment,” Tom said breathlessly.
3. “I need a cigarette,” Tom said smokily.
4. “At the smoker’s convention,” Tom said butts-ily.
5. “I quit smoking,” Tom said cold turkey.
6. “I’m thinking of giving up tobacco,” said Tom wish-fully.
7. “I can’t enunciate clearly when I smoke,” Tom said inhaled.
8. “I just bought a new pack of cigarettes,” Tom said pack-ishly.
9. “I prefer vaping to smoking,” Tom said cloud-ly.
10. “My taste buds are dull from all the smoking,” Tom said tastelessly.
11. “I can’t stand the smell of smoke,” Tom said odor-lessly.
12. “I find smoking cigarettes relaxing,” Tom said even-temperedly.
13. “I’ve decided to quit smoking,” Tom said stub-bornly.
14. “I can’t afford my smoking habit,” Tom said bank-ruptly.
15. “I can’t stand secondhand smoke,” Tom said stern-ly.
16. “I need a lighter for my cigarette,” Tom said light-headedly.
17. “I don’t smoke cigars often,” Tom said ash-toundedly.
18. “I quit smoking for good,” Tom said smok-ily.
19. “Smoking cigarettes gives me a buzz,” Tom said electrified.
20. “I’m a chimney when it comes to smoking,” Tom said stack-ed.

Smokin’ Hot Paradoxical Puns (Oxymoronic Smokin’ Puns)

1. Smoke-free cigarette
2. Healthy ashtray
3. Fit chain smoker
4. Slimming cigar
5. Unaddicted nicotine patch
6. Scented non-smoking area
7. Oxygenated cigarette
8. Smoke alarm in a cigar shop
9. Freshly minted ashtray
10. Fit and smoke-filled lungs
11. Smoke-free chimney
12. Synchronized smoking break
13. Smokeless ashtrays for outdoor use
14. Non-toxic cigarette
15. Nicotine-repellant lighter
16. Smoke-free smoke break
17. Smokeless tobacco pipe
18. Odorless cigar
19. Smoke-free hookah bar
20. Nicotine-free cigarette option

Recursive Smoke Signals (Smokin’ Puns)

1. Why did the smoker become a baker? Because he wanted to roll up the dough.
2. I quit smoking but it was such a drag, I had to light up again.
3. Smoking can be quite a burning issue, especially if you’re not careful with the matches.
4. You know you’re addicted to smoking when you call your lighter your “sparkling companion.”
5. My friend asked me how I can afford to smoke so much. I said, “I have a burning desire for it.”
6. Don’t smoke too close to the computer, unless you want to see a smoking hot monitor.
7. I tried smoking a pipe, but the experience left me feeling rather drained.
8. They say smoking is a killer, but I’m just here to light up the room.
9. As a smoker, I feel like I’m just a breath away from being on fire.
10. I know smoking is bad for me, but I can’t resist the allure of a smokin’ hot cigarette.
11. Smokers are like modern-day dragons, constantly puffing out little smoke signals.
12. Quitting smoking is like trying to extinguish a never-ending wildfire.
13. Sometimes I feel like smoking is my soulmate, always there to give me that burning sensation.
14. When I smoke, I can’t help but feel like I’m living life on the edge, teetering between fire and ash.
15. Cigarettes and I have a love-hate relationship. I light them up, and they burn me right back.
16. My friends told me smoking would make me look cool, but all I got were some hot ashes and a cough.
17. Smokers are masters of transforming a simple flame into a work of art, one puff at a time.
18. I’m not just a regular smoker, I’m an expert in the art of exhaling smoke rings that mesmerize.
19. They say smoking can shorten your life, but it also adds a certain “spark” to your day.
20. Sometimes I feel like I have a secret identity, where I’m smoke-free by day and a chimney by night.

Puff up the Fun with Smokin’ Cliches (Puns on Cliches)

1. “I know smoking is bad for my health, but I just can’t ‘butt’ out!”
2. “A smoking addiction can really burn a hole in your pocket.”
3. “Everyone says smoking is a bad habit, but I prefer to think of it as smokin’ hot!”
4. “They say quitting smoking is as easy as taking it one puff at a time.”
5. “Smoking may be a drag, but it sure adds some ‘ash’tonishing flavor to life!”
6. “Running out of cigarettes can really ‘light up’ a bad mood.”
7. Some people say that smoking is a ‘match made in heaven’—but I’ll stick to my lighter.
8. “I took up smoking for the ‘burning’ passion it brings to my life.”
9. “Smoking is like watching a mystery—it keeps you in suspense until the end.”
10. “They say smokers have a ‘nicotine’ for trouble, but I just call it a spark.”
11. Smoking might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly lights a fire in me!
12. “My smoking habit has taught me to always keep a ‘cigarette’ open mind.”
13. “Smoking is like adding a bit of smoky charm to life’s adventures.”
14. “Some say smoking is a ‘pipe dream,’ but I find it quite ‘humidor’able.”
15. They say smoking is like shaking hands with the devil, but I say let’s seal the deal!
16. “Smoking may come with its twists and turns, but it always leaves a smokin’ impression.”
17. “Quitting smoking can be a real uphill battle, but every step counts!”
18. “They say smoking is a ‘fire’ hazard—well, I’m ready to ignite!”
19. Smoking adds a bit of spice to life, like a smokin’ hot salsa!
20. “Laughter is like a cigarette—it adds a little smoke to your life!”

In conclusion, these smoking puns are sure to light up your day and bring a smile to your face. Whether you’re a fan of smoking or not, these clever wordplays are bound to entertain. If you need more laughs, make sure to check out the other puns available on our website. Thank you for taking the time to visit, and we hope these puns have brightened your day!

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