Ultimate Collection of Citrus Puns: 220 Zesty Wordplays to Add a Slice of Fun to Your Day

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Looking for a way to brighten up your day? Look no further than citrus puns! These zesty wordplays are sure to add some laughter to your routine. From oranges to lemons to limes, there’s a pun for every type of citrus fruit. Whether you’re writing a card, captioning an Instagram post, or just want to kickstart a conversation with some clever humor, these citrus puns are the perfect addition. With over 200 options to choose from, you’re sure to find one that will have you smiling (or groaning) in no time. So peel your way through this ultimate collection of citrus puns and add a little zest to your day!

Tangy Humor: Citrus Puns Galore (Editors Pick)

1. I thought about getting grapefruit for breakfast, but it didn’t peel right.
2. When life gives you lemons, just add vodka and make a cocktail.
3. I squeezed too many limes into my drink and now it’s giving me sour vibes.
4. My friend tried to talk me out of buying a lemon tree, but I told her to quit with the sour grapes.
5. What’s a citrus fruit’s favorite Pixar movie? Lemon.
6. I can’t decide if I want to be a lime or a lemon for Halloween, it’s a real peel.
7. You know what they say about oranges, it’s always better to juice the squeeze.
8. Why did the lemon go to the doctor? It wasn’t peeling well.
9. The grapefruit and the watermelon had a race, but the grapefruit couldn’t compete because he was too citrus!
10. Why don’t oranges go to school? Because they already know their ABC’s!
11. What’s the go to pick-up line for citrus fruit? Sledding up to the lemon and asking if they want a squeeze.
12. I tried to help an orange cross the street, but it wasn’t going to happen. It thought it could manage peel itself.
13. What do you call an orange in high school? A Fresh-Squeeze-man.
14. My friends couldn’t stop laughing when I told them I like to squeeze lime into my eyes to keep the evil spirits away – they said I have bad zest practices.
15. The orange begged the lemon for forgiveness, but the lemon said, “I don’t forgive and I don’t forget. That’s just how I peel.”
16. Why did the fruit basket give up on his dreams of becoming a famous rapper? His rhymes were too a-peeling!
17. The grapefruit was a total mooch, always stealing my chair. But I guess that’s just how the juice is squeezed.
18. Why don’t citrus fruit get married? Because they’re always too zesty to settle down.
19. What did the lime say to his love interest? Let’s breed luv and maricus.
20. The day after a citrus party is always so hard – I always have a-peeling of regret.

Puckering Punchlines (Citrus Puns Galore)

1. Why did the grapefruit go out with the lemon? Because it was looking for a zest friend.
2. I tried to make a lemonade stand, but it was citrus-ly unsuccessful.
3. The orange tried to write a novel, but it found it too pulp fiction.
4. I couldn’t decide whether to buy an orange or a lemon – so I brought a citrange.
5. The lime thought it would be squeezed for time, but it actually turned out to be quite fruitful.
6. My teacher told me to make a citrus pun – but I didn’t have the lime.
7. The lemon thought it was feeling bitter, but it was actually just lemon-mellow.
8. Why did the orange go to the doctor? Because it had a vitamin C.
9. I got a job peeling oranges, but it turned out to be a zest pool.
10. The lime and the lemon fell in love – they had a real citrus-tation.
11. Why did the orange fail her math test? She got a peel.
12. I told my friend to try and juice some lemons, but they said they couldn’t find the squeeze.
13. The grapefruit was so sour, it turned its whole life pulp sidedown.
14. I tried to make a citrus joke, but it was kumquat out of my mind.
15. Why did the orange feel lonely? Because it wanted a pulp fiction.
16. The lemon and the orange were dating, but they had to break up – it was just pithy.
17. I saw a lemon at the gym, but it was too much of a sour-prise.
18. The grapefruit got into a car crash – it was a real zestastrophe.
19. Why did the grapefruit apply to be a teacher? Because it wanted to make a zest difference.
20. The orange was a real keyboard warrior – it loved to pulp its opinions out online.

Sour-iously Fun Q&A Citrus Puns

1. What did the grapefruit say to the orange? “You’re my zest friend.”
2. How do you make lemonade out of a sour situation? Just add sugar!
3. Do oranges grow on trees or bushes? Trees, of course! Where else would they branch out?
4. Why did the lemon go to the doctor? It had a sour stomach.
5. What did the lemon say to the lime? “You’re my cit-rushty mate.”
6. How do you get a lemon to stop rolling? Press its peel!
7. Why did the orange call 911? It was having a pulp-itation.
8. Why did the orange break up with the lemon? Because it just couldn’t zest anymore.
9. How do you know if a lemon is shy? It tries to peel away from the conversation.
10. What do you call a group of oranges playing music together? A symphony of peel.
11. Why did the orange refuse to pay for its food? It was already juiced up.
12. What did the grapefruit say to the orange when it forgot its lines in the play? Don’t peel under pressure, we can improvise!
13. How does a lime say hello to another lime? “Greenings to you!”
14. Why did the orange join the rock band? It wanted to be a smooth performer.
15. What do you get when you cross a lemon and a cactus? A prickly sour.
16. Why did the orange refuse to run the marathon race? It would have to peel out from the start.
17. How do you make a fruit smoothie happy? Add a little peel-asure.
18. Why did the lemon work at the gym? It liked to help people work out their zest frustrations.
19. How do you make a lemon blush? Compliment its zest appeal.
20. What did the orange say to the lemon when it asked for a loan? “I can’t juice this right now.”

A Zesty Wordplay (Double Entendre Citrus Puns)

1. Did you hear about the orange who got expelled from school? Turns out it was a bad segment.
2. I love my morning grapefruit, it’s a real pick-me-up.
3. The key to a good orange juice is not to take it for pulp granted.
4. The lemon and lime had a fight. The lemon was sour, but the lime had no zest for it.
5. I had to beg the bartender for a twist, but he said he was fresh out of citrus innuendos.
6. From a fruit’s perspective, life can be Juiced plain boring.
7. The store owner tried to sell me a moldy mandarin, but I told him it wasn’t ripe for business.
8. I dared my friend to peel a grapefruit with his teeth. He said it was hard to concentrate when it felt like zest.
9. Why did the orange fail his driving test? It couldn’t find a parking pulp.
10. Citrus may be fruit, but they still have their peelings.
11. Oranges are so boring. They’re just a round citrus-stance.
12. After a long day at work, I like to unwind with a gin and lime. It really takes the peel off.
13. Every fruit wants to be the center of attention, but only one can be the lime-light.
14. I offered to give my friend some lemonade, but he said he’d prefer to squeeze his own.
15. I asked the bartender for a screwdriver, but he said he didn’t have any citrus-tude.
16. My orange juice was so thick, I had to chew it. Must have been chunk-full of pulp.
17. I used to think lemons were sour, but then I met my ex.
18. The store hadn’t updated its selection in months, it was a bad orange-ment.
19. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And with grapefruit, it’s straight through the pulp.
20. I tried to make a citrus-themed joke, but it was pith-etic.

“Pulp Friction: Citrus Puns Squeeze Their Way into Idioms”

1. Don’t let the grapefruit get you down.
2. Life is full of lemon twists.
3. You can’t squeeze blood from a lime.
4. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
5. Let’s get the zest of out of life!
6. Nobody can peel my oranges for me.
7. That’s a-peeling to me.
8. We’re all in pulp.
9. I’m in the lime-light.
10. Orange you glad you met me?
11. I don’t give a fig.
12. It’s all about the grapefruits.
13. I’m feeling sour today.
14. Peel free to be yourself.
15. I’m having a zest for life.
16. You make my heart beat pulp.
17. Sometimes life is just a bowl of oranges.
18. Don’t take things for pulp.
19. Fruits of our labor.
20. Your puns are citrifying!

Pun-believable Citrus Wordplay (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. My friend told me he couldn’t eat any more oranges. I said, “That’s a peel-ing!”
2. The grapefruit said to the orange, “You look so round, are you trying to become a citrus?”

3. I always feel better after eating a lime. It’s just the zest!

4. When I want to open a new restaurant, I give it some pulp fiction.

5. I told my friend that I wanted to make some homemade lemonade, but I was using some sour grapes.

6. I heard the citrus farmer was trying to break the lemon ceiling.

7. I love eating lemons so much that I’m even willing to take a bitter pill!

8. I told my friend that making these citrus puns is really squeezing my brain.

9. Did you hear about the orange that was jailed for not having a rind license?

10. I told my friend that I was trying to get healthier, so I started drinking water with a slice of lemon. She said, “Well, that sounds quite pithy.”

11. The grapefruit asked the orange, “Why are you always so zestful?” And the orange replied, “I’m just living my zest life!”

12. The lemon was a little confused about what he wanted to do with his life, but then he finally realized he was meant to be a-peeling.

13. My friend told me that being a citrus farmer is easy as pie. I said, “So you’re saying it’s a piece of lime?”

14. The orange was feeling a little down, but then he remembered he had a-peeling qualities.

15. Did you hear about the lemon that tried to become a lawyer? He couldn’t pass the bar.

16. The grapefruit said to the orange, “I’m feeling a little sour today.” And the orange replied, “Well, you don’t look bitter!”

17. I told my friend I was going to make an orange smoothie for breakfast, and she said, “You better make sure it’s pulp-free!”

18. Did you hear about the lemon that won the Nobel Prize? He had great citrustations.

19. I told my friend that I was going to start selling grapefruits on the street corner, but he said, “That sounds a little seedy to me.”

20. The orange asked the lemon, “Why are you always so sour?” And the lemon replied, “I’m just trying to keep things zestful!”

Tangerine Dream Team (Citrus Puns)

1. Lime-a-rita Jones
2. Lemonna Seed
3. Grapefruiti Minelli
4. Orange-ya Gladys
5. Tangelo Starr
6. Citronella Smith
7. Kiwi Kardashian
8. Mandarin Manson
9. Blood Orange Simpson
10. Pomelo Deen
11. Tangerine Turner
12. Sour Apple Martin
13. Limey Lovato
14. Lemonade Locklear
15. Valencia Vaughn
16. Grape-a-nator Schwarzenegger
17. Citrusy Hill
18. Kaffir Lohan
19. Tangy Thompson
20. Orange Julius Caesar

Punny Citrus Slip-Ups: Spoonerisms Galore!

1. Lemon shake-aid
2. Orange marmalade-spreader
3. Grape jelly-bellies
4. Lime shined on a lemon ladder
5. Citrus circus
6. Pineapple snapple
7. Mandarin randy
8. Pomegranate granola
9. Grapefruit fruitcake
10. Tangerine machine
11. Apple Snapple
12. Berry merry
13. Lemonade grenadine
14. Citrus biscuit
15. Lime crime
16. Kiwi peachy
17. Orange range
18. Grape soda soda grape
19. Pineapple pineapple
20. Mango tango.

Pulp Fiction Puns (Tom Swifties)

1. “These oranges are so juicy,” said Tom zestfully.
2. “I’m on a grapefruit diet,” Tom said sourly.
3. “I can’t stand the smell of lemons,” said Tom, tartly.
4. “I’ll have a lime Spritz,” said Tom, refreshingly.
5. “I can’t find the key lime pie,” Tom said, frustratingly.
6. “I love the taste of lemonade,” Tom said sourly.
7. “This lemon tree is huge,” said Tom, woody.
8. “This grapefruit is too sour,” Tom said, pithily.
9. “I love the scent of key lime candles,” said Tom, wickedly.
10. “This orange tastes bitter,” Tom said, rindly.
11. “I’m feeling good after that citrus drink,” Tom said zestfully.
12. “This orange is perfect,” said Tom, peel-ing good.
13. “That lemon was really sour,” Tom said tartly.
14. “I love orange juice,” Tom said thirstily.
15. “I can’t get enough of lime wedges,” Tom said, cuttingly.
16. “This lemon is making me pucker up,” Tom said sourly.
17. “I forgot to bring the grapefruit spoon,” Tom said disappointingly.
18. “I prefer the taste of key lime pie,” Tom said, tongue-in-cheekily.
19. “This orange is giving me a citrus buzz,” Tom said zestfully.
20. “The lemon tree is dropping lemons,” said Tom fruitfully.

Sourly Sweet Citrus Puns (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. “This lemonade is bittersweet”
2. “The grapefruit is sour-sweet”
3. “The orange is jumbo-shrimp size”
4. “The lime is bigger than a small house”
5. This lemon is perfectly awful
6. “That mandarin is awfully good”
7. “The clementine is a little too big for its peel”
8. The blood orange just doesn’t get enough iron
9. “The kumquat is oddly large”
10. “This limeade is sweet-tart”
11. The lemon lime soda is sourly sweet
12. “The orange juice is awfully fresh”
13. The grapefruit cocktail is a bittersweet masterpiece
14. The key lime pie is a tart delight
15. “The tangelo is overly subtle”
16. “The lemon tart is surprisingly bitter-sweet”
17. “The lime sorbet is a cool contradiction”
18. “The sour orange marmalade is bittersweet perfection”
19. “The tangerine is a sweet sourball”
20. “The lemon muffin is tartly delicious”

Citrus Silliness (Recursive Puns)

1. Why did the lemon go to the doctor? Because it wasn’t peeling well.
2. How does a lemon introduce itself to other citrus fruits? “Peel the pleasure to meet you!”
3. Do you know why oranges have to worry about the future? They’re worried it will turn sour.
4. What did the grapefruit say to the orange? “You’re the zest!”
5. What did the orange say to the lemon after a race? “You’re a-peeling!”
6. What did the lime say to the lemon? “I’m feeling acidic today!”
7. Why don’t people like puns involving lemons? They find them too tart.
8. What did the grapefruit say when it heard a pun? Those are grape, punny, fruitful jokes!
9. Why don’t oranges like to watch comedies? Because they’re prone to peel over with laughter.
10. What do you call a group of angry citrus fruits? A sour patch!
11. What did the orange say after taking the lead in the fruit race? “I’m really a-peeling away from the competition!”
12. What did the lime say to the bartender? “Can you toss this drink on the rocks? I need some citrus cubes.”
13. What did the lemon say to the lime? “Thanks for always being pulp-able!”
14. What did the orange say to the lime? “Are you pulp-able, too?”
15. Did you hear about the party the oranges threw for the limes? It was really a-peeling.
16. Why did the orange resort to selling drugs? Because he couldn’t get a good peel.
17. What did the bartender say to the lime? “You look like you need to add a little zest to your drink.”
18. Why did the citrus fruit score a touchdown? Because he had great peel position!
19. Why don’t oranges mind spending money? Because they know how to zest it out!
20. What did the lemon say when it found out it won the jackpot? “It was all a-peel again!”

Pucker Up for These Citrusy Cliché Puns

1. When life gives you lemons, make lemon puns!
2. Orange you glad we’re making puns?
3. Let’s make like a banana and split these puns!
4. Grape minds think alike when it comes to citrus puns.
5. You make my heart beet, but I prefer a squeeze of lime in my water.
6. Let’s take an ap-peeling approach to these puns.
7. Don’t be a sourpuss, we’re just getting started on these puns.
8. The zest is yet to come with these citrus puns.
9. It’s always the lime for citrus puns.
10. Time to citrus the day with some puns.
11. I’m pulp fiction ready for these puns.
12. Just peel with it and enjoy these puns.
13. Orange you glad we’re citrus punning?
14. Lemonade the best of these puns.
15. Peel of approval for these puns!
16. You can’t squeeze blood from a lime, but you can squeeze some puns out of it!
17. Citrus be kidding me with all these puns.
18. Let’s juice up these puns.
19. Don’t let these puns sour your mood.
20. It’s the zest we can do with these citrus puns.

With over 200 citrus puns to choose from, you’re bound to find one that will make you smile and add a little zest to your day. We hope you enjoyed this collection and encourage you to explore our website for even more pun-tastic content. Thank you for taking the time to check us out!

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