200+ Lingerie Puns to Unleash Your Playful Side

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Get ready to lace up your chuckles with our collection of over 200 lingerie puns that will have you howling with laughter! Whether you’re looking to add a dash of cheeky charm to your conversations or just need a giggle-worthy line to brighten your day, these playful jests are the perfect fit. From frilly wordplay to brief-ly amusing one-liners, our compilation will have you feeling knicker-tastic. You won’t need to fishnet for compliments on your humor when you slip into these hilariously risqué quips. So, tighten your corsets and prepare to unleash your playful side – because with these lingerie puns, you’re sure to be the belle of the boudoir of laughter!

Lingerie Wordplay That Unveils Smiles (Editor’s Pick)

1. I’m a frill seeker when it comes to lingerie.
2. I don’t always buy lingerie, but when I do, I make it brief.
3. You could say I’ve got a vested interest in underwear.
4. I like my lingerie like I like my puns – with a delicate lace of humor.
5. Are you a bra? Because you seem like a good supporter.
6. My lingerie collection is getting out of control, it’s a sheer problem.
7. I’m hooked on buying bras; I just can’t clasp it.
8. Lingerie: unmentionables that everyone loves to talk about.
9. I told my friend I needed a new bra; she said to “pad on” the back for admitting it.
10. When it comes to lingerie shopping, I try to take a minimalist approach – less is more.
11. I tried to tell a bra joke, but it was too unsupported.
12. As an underwear model, you’ve got to have brief moments of clarity.
13. I bought a mystery lingerie set, but it was a bust.
14. Are you lingerie shopping? Because you’ve picked my interest.
15. I didn’t like my last bra; we just didn’t click.
16. I keep my lingerie in a drawer because it’s too knotty for the closet.
17. Stocking up on new lingerie is always a good investment. High stockings, to be specific.
18. Finding the best lingerie is a thong and dance.
19. If you’re feeling down, just buy some new lingerie – it always lifts the spirits.
20. I love lingerie puns; they’re just the right mix of cheeky and lighthearted.

Lacy Laughs: Barely-there Banters

1. Beauty is in the eye of the corset holder.
2. My lingerie set isn’t complete without a proper mugshot – I mean, support!
3. Keep your friends close and your lingerie closer.
4. Lingerie shopping is a silky affair, but someone’s got to do it.
5. Some people say lingerie is pointless, but I see the straps in their argument.
6. Picking out lingerie is about finding the perfect fit, not causing a slip of the nip.
7. Never underestimate the power of a good panty pun.
8. When in doubt, choose the lingerie that suits your flare, not just your derrière.
9. I tried to organize a lingerie party, but it turned into a brief encounter.
10. I told my lingerie, “You’ve got me under your spell.”
11. The best way to prevent static cling? Stop shocking lingerie choices.
12. I wanted to crack a joke about a bustier, but that’s a tight spot.
13. Lingerie is like a good joke – it lifts and separates.
14. Whenever I feel boxed in, I just remember: Life’s too short for boring undies.
15. Some like it haute, especially when it comes to lingerie.
16. My favorite type of lingerie is a comedy – it always provides comic relief.
17. A good lingerie set is like a punchline – it must have a strong hook.
18. An uncomfortable bra is like a bad joke – no one is happy when it flops.
19. If life gives you lemons, find lingerie with lemon prints – zest up your life!
20. I guess you could say that great lingerie gives you the freedom to bust out.

Undercover Amusements: Lacy Q&A Quips

1. What do you call a piece of lingerie that apologizes? Sorr-underwear!
2. Why did the lingerie get kicked out of the party? It was too revealing!
3. How do you cheer up a bra? Give it a little support!
4. What’s a ghost’s favorite lingerie? Boo-b holders!
5. Why did the lingerie file a police report? It got held up!
6. What do you call a bra for mermaids? A shell-f bra!
7. How do panties greet each other? “Hello, brief fellow!”
8. What’s a mathematician’s favorite lingerie? An algebra!
9. Why was the lingerie so smart? It was knicker-bocker genius!
10. How does lingerie keep a secret? It snaps it shut!
11. Why was the lingerie always tired? It was always holding things up!
12. What would you call royal lingerie? A Queen-Victoria!
13. Why don’t you play hide and seek with lingerie? Because good bras are hard to find!
14. Why did the lingerie write a book? It had plenty of support stories!
15. What do you call lingerie that’s lost its spark? Lacklust-erie!
16. What type of fish is a lingerie designer? A bra-nacle!
17. What did the lingerie say to the hat? “You go on ahead, I’ll give these two a lift.”
18. Why did the lingerie start a band? To make some uplifting music!
19. Why didn’t the bra cross the road? It was stuck in a booby trap!
20. How did the bra plead at court? “Your Honor, I can offer good support!”

“Laced with Laughter: Double Entendre Lingerie Puns”

1. I’m no brief expert, but I know a good thing when I see-through it.
2. Our lingerie party will be quite the uplifting experience.
3. She had a penchant for lace, and I must say, it tied the evening together.
4. Keep your friends close and your corsets closer.
5. In the battle of the bulge, thongs are the ultimate secret weapon.
6. Lace and grace often interweave in the most cheeky of ways.
7. Our sales are no mere slip of fate; we’re on a roll with robbing hearts.
8. Let’s address the underlining issue – those panties are top-notch!
9. Bras are like good friends; they offer support and are close to the heart.
10. I’m hooked on you and your captivating clasp.
11. With such delicate embroidery, you’ve really sewn up the competition.
12. A negligee a day keeps the mundane at bay.
13. You must be the seamstress of charm, because that babydoll is thread with allure.
14. Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears under those sheer layers.
15. She had a bustier day than expected, uplifting spirits everywhere she went.
16. Some people say lingerie is frivolous, but I think everyone should panty up and enjoy the frills.
17. In the art of attraction, she was a true garterist.
18. Being between the sheets in silk pajamas is a slippery slope to comfort.
19. If garters make you feel unhinged, perhaps you need a little more support in your life.
20. Don’t let the fear of unraveling keep you from tying the knot with a good corset.

Lacy Linguistics: Unveiling Idiomatic Intimates

1. I’m feeling knotty today, all tangled up in these lingerie straps.
2. I’ve got it all lace-d up, with nowhere to go.
3. I’ve got an intimates understanding of lingerie.
4. We’re just barely covering the basics here.
5. Lingerie shopping is a sheer delight.
6. Don’t make a corset decision you’ll regret.
7. I’m hooked on these bras; I can’t help but latch on.
8. You seem to be on the bustier side of life.
9. I feel a strong support for that underwire statement.
10. That’s a frilling idea you’ve got there.
11. Don’t string me along unless it involves lingerie.
12. Let’s not draw a thong conclusion from this.
13. You’ve got me all tied up in suspends.
14. You make a good point, bra-vo!
15. Keep your friends close and your teddies closer.
16. These prices are a real bust, definitely not a steal.
17. Don’t let your emotions slip; keep them in your camisole!
18. There’s no need to pad the conversation, let’s be direct.
19. Don’t garter your thoughts, let them flow naturally.
20. When it comes to lingerie, just go with the flow-y.

“Unveiling Sheer Delight: Lacy Wordplay Intimates”

1. That new lingerie store is quite a bust.
2. Bra-vo to anyone who can handle an underwire!
3. I’ve got a frill for lace; it never gets old, no matter the era-surement.
4. Are you uplifting your spirits or just your bra straps?
5. I tried making my own lingerie but it ended up a brief attempt.
6. The new lingerie line is quite revealing… in terms of profits.
7. Comfortable lingerie is like a close friend, it supports you unconditionally.
8. I attended a lingerie party—talk about a knickerbocker event!
9. My lingerie drawer is like a secret treasure chest, but the jewels are padded.
10. Don’t worry if your lingerie gets tangled; it’s just a twist of panty.
11. I find the concept of sheer lingerie quite mesh-merizing.
12. When I asked for boy shorts, I meant lingerie, not cargo pants.
13. If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the teddy.
14. I got fired from the lingerie store for being two-tight-laced.
15. Learning about lingerie can be quite an enticing corset of action.
16. Garters were meant to keep up stockings, not conversations.
17. A bra is like a good joke: it lifts your spirits without anyone seeing the strings.
18. I got a camisole because I cami-believe in layers.
19. Buying lingerie online can be a silk road of discovery.
20. I told a lingerie joke that wasn’t brief, but I promise it had a great hook.

Lacy Witticisms: The Frill of Lingerie Puns

1. Lace-y Affairs
2. Thong-Gone Conclusion
3. Bra-vo Beauties
4. Hooked on You
5. Brief Encounters
6. Frill Seekers
7. Teddy Bears
8. Garter Belts and Mimosas
9. Panty & The Prestige
10. Undie-Rated Gems
11. Silk Serenade
12. Bustier Bustle
13. Corset Can Be
14. Knickerbocker Glory
15. Balconette Balcony
16. Tights Spot
17. Babydoll Boulevard
18. Negligee Night
19. Bandeau Bay
20. Chemise Chic

Lace-laden Linguistic Flip-Flops: Spoonerism Style

1. Bacy Lra
2. Sateen Lippers
3. Thong Strongs
4. G-string Dings
5. Lusty Bustier
6. Teddy Ready
7. Negligee Leggy Nate
8. Bustle Hustle
9. Lacier Glazy
10. Garters Darters
11. Panty Tanty
12. Frilly Thrilly
13. Corset Sorts It
14. Slip Flips
15. Satin Stating
16. Chemise Scheming
17. Hosiery Hose Scary
18. Bodice Botched It
19. Thigh-high High Thy
20. Balconette Balco-knit

“Silky Wordplay (Tom Swifties)”

1. “I prefer my lingerie lacy,” said Tom, sheerly.
2. “I’m wearing a thong,” said Tom, barely.
3. “This corset is too tight,” said Tom, breathlessly.
4. “I lost my bra,” Tom said, unsupportedly.
5. “I love silk negligees,” said Tom, smoothly.
6. “I need to buy new panties,” said Tom, briefly.
7. “I love the new lingerie colors,” said Tom, brightly.
8. “I can’t find matching lingerie,” said Tom, disjointedly.
9. “This garter belt is complicated,” said Tom, snappily.
10. “I only wear high-end lingerie,” said Tom, lavishly.
11. “I’m into vintage lingerie,” said Tom, old-fashionedly.
12. “I hate visible panty lines,” said Tom, seamlessly.
13. “I’m not used to wearing boxers,” said Tom, uncomfortably.
14. “I adore padded bras,” said Tom, upliftingly.
15. “I should have hand-washed this lingerie,” said Tom, woefully.
16. “This babydoll is adorable,” said Tom, cutely.
17. “Let’s go shopping for lingerie,” said Tom, excitedly.
18. “I prefer lingerie without underwires,” said Tom, flexibly.
19. “My lingerie drawer is a mess,” said Tom, disorderly.
20. “These stockings are a perfect fit,” said Tom, tightly.

Intimately Absurd: Oxymoronic Lingerie Puns

1. The underwire is simply a supportive contradiction.
2. A sheer cover-up, clearly hiding nothing.
3. A teddy that’s bear-ly there!
4. Infinite briefs, the lingerie of paradox.
5. Clearly opaque negligees make no sense.
6. Freezing hot chemises: the cool warmth.
7. Quietly loud intimates that speak volumes.
8. A small crowd of thongs, less is more.
9. Intimately distant babydolls in the bedroom.
10. Accidentally on purpose matching lingerie.
11. Act naturally sexy in these corsets.
12. Found missing garter belts when you need them.
13. Openly hidden secrets beneath your gown.
14. Pretty ugly lace that’s charmingly messy.
15. Clearly confused g-strings aren’t straight lines.
16. Same difference between bras and brassieres.
17. Alone together in a twin-set of panties.
18. Awfully good peignoirs that are sinfully angelic.
19. Constantly changing timeless classics in bikini styles.
20. Seriously funny underwear jokes sewn in.

Lacing Up Laughter: Underwear Clichés Unstrung

1. “She had a brief encounter, and it was lacy and racy.”
2. “I wanted to get into the lingerie business, but I didn’t want to make a sheer mistake.”
3. “I’m hooked on you; must be all those bra clasps I’ve been dealing with.”
4. “In the world of lingerie, thong-tales always have a cheeky ending.”
5. “The lingerie industry is a busting success.”
6. “Some people can’t handle the truth, but everyone can handle a new pair of panties.”
7. “It’s no secret, Victoria: Good support is the foundation of any relationship.”
8. “Don’t get your knickers in a twist, unless it’s laundry day.”
9. “When the going gets tough, the tough go lingerie shopping.”
10. “Silk and satin do a body good – it’s the fabric of our lives.”
11. “She stepped into her corset and laced up her resolve for the day.”
12. “Feeling underwire today, but I’ll bounce back.”
13. “Every cloud has a silk lining, if you look at it through lace-colored glasses.”
14. “When life hands you lemons, make lemon-aid with a zest of lace.”
15. “Bra-vo to those who can handle the push-up pressure!”
16. “To teddy or not to teddy, that is the lingerie question.”
17. “Don’t put all your bras in one basket – diversify your lingerie portfolio.”
18. “Life isn’t always fair, but you can always even things out with a good padded bra.”
19. “She was garter earn her stripes in the world of fine lingerie.”
20. “Some days, you have to drop the cloak and dagger and pick up the silk and satin.”

And there you have it, a titillating collection of over 200 lingerie puns that are sure to add a cheeky twist to your day and keep your humor as lacy and playful as ever! Thanks for strapping in and joining us on this entertaining ride through the world of wordplay. We hope these puns have hooked you and left you wanting more.

Don’t forget to browse through our treasure trove of puns across other categories for more giggles and grins. We’re constantly updating our collection to keep your humor wardrobe fresh and fabulous!

We’re so grateful for your visit and hope you found these puns to be as fun and uplifting as a good bra! Keep spreading the joy and laughter, because life’s too short for boring underwear and dull jokes. Until next time, keep it cheeky and punny, folks!

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