Unlock the Humor Codec: 200+ Metal Gear Puns to Sneak Into Your Conversations

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Are you ready to infiltrate the ranks of the funniest Solid Snakes on the internet? Gear up for an espionage mission into the world of laughter with our codec-cracking list of 200+ Metal Gear puns! Whether you’re slinking through a cardboard box or trying to outwit a Hind D, these jokes are your secret weapon for lightening the mood and earning some chuckles. Ideal for codec calls, codec chats, or even while taking down a Metal Gear, these puns are sure to make you the Big Boss of humor in your social circle. So don your Sneaking Suit and let’s get ready to lob some laughter grenades into your daily dialogue. It’s no stealth mission—these Metal Gear puns are designed to blow your cover with bursts of giggles and guffaws. Let’s dive into the punchline-filled Shadow Moses Island of comedy!

Steel Yourself for Laughter: Our Best Metal Gear Puns (Editors Pick)

1. I’d tell you a good Metal Gear joke, but I’m afraid it would be Solid Snake-ed by someone else.
2. When Solid Snake goes fishing, he always uses a “bass” version of a cardboard box.
3. Those Metal Gear guards must be comedians since they’re always Konami-ing around.
4. Solid Snake prefers his espionage well done, he can’t stand a “Liquid” operation.
5. If you encounter Metal Gear, you might need to “Raiden” your arsenal.
6. The Metal Gear mech was a hit at the party because it could really “Rex” the dance floor.
7. Metal Gear fans always have “Gear” expectations for new games.
8. If Snake were a bartender, he’d serve a mean “Metal Beer.”
9. Ever tried the Metal Gear diet? You stealthily avoid all the calories.
10. Solid Snake doesn’t worry about electricity bills – his techniques are already shockingly good.
11. Some say Metal Gear’s story is convoluted, but to me, it’s Solid gold.
12. Snake’s favorite way to get into enemy territory is to “Sneak” in.
13. I asked Snake how he stays fit; he said he’s just got great “Genes.”
14. To defeat Metal Gear, it’s not enough to be strong; one must be “Metal” and “Gear”ed up.
15. Big Boss’s bakery is popular for their famous “CQC” – Quality Cakes & Quiches.
16. A Metal Gear fan’s favorite mythical creature has to be the “Metal Gear Griffin.”
17. The only thing Snake finds revolting is a “Revolver” without bullets.
18. Snake’s favorite type of story has to have a good “twist” in the “tail.”
19. They tried to make a Metal Gear musical but had to cancel – the cast kept getting spotted.
20. Psycho Mantis tried to tell a joke, but everyone saw the punchline coming.

Solid Snickers: Metal Gear Puns That Keep You Gear-ed Up

1. Don’t trust anyone in Metal Gear; they could be a double “Agen-t.”
2. When Snake loses his voice, you could say he’s a little “Rust-y.”
3. Snake’s favorite workout is the “Codec-a-bell” swing.
4. I wanted to play Metal Gear on silent mode, but I couldn’t find the “mute-agen.”
5. Snake’s cooking show would be called “Culinary Espionage – Stir-Fry Stealth.”
6. The only music Snake listens to is heavy “Metal Gear.”
7. When Snake throws a party, it’s always a “Solid” event.
8. Mechanics love Metal Gear; it’s full of “Metal” and “Gears.”
9. Why was Snake so good at cards? Because he’s always “sneak-ing” a peek.
10. Metal Gear’s secret ingredient for victory? Just a pinch of “Salt” Snake.
11. An electrician in Metal Gear would be known as “Volta-Gen.”
12. Snake’s least favorite game is hide and “Squeak.”
13. When Snake goes to sea, he’s a real “sub-mersion” specialist.
14. The only way to beat Snake at hide-and-seek is to not “metal” in his business.
15. Snake’s favorite movie is “Tactical Turtles: Espionage in a Half Shell.”
16. They started a Metal Gear farm, but the only crop was “Leek” information.
17. Snake’s autobiography would be titled “From Snake to Metal Gear: My Covert Life.”
18. On Halloween, Snake always dresses as a “ghoul-tactical” spy.
19. Snake’s least favorite kitchen appliance is the “Mixer” Liquid.
20. Remember, in Metal Gear, silence is “Solid” and speech is “Liquid.”

“Metal Gear Mirth: Riveting Riddles & Puns”

1. Q: What did Snake use to unlock his door in Metal Gear? A: His kay-card.
2. Q: Why don’t Metal Gear characters use paper clips? A: Because they always stick to Solid Snakes.
3. Q: What do you get if you cross a stealth game with a new metal alloy? A: Metal Gear Solid State.
4. Q: Why did the Metal Gear fan bring a ladder to the bar? A: To get high-enough frequency.
5. Q: How do Metal Gear Solid characters keep their food preserved? A: With a Snake vacuum-sealer.
6. Q: Why did Solid Snake become a gardener? A: Because he had a green “thumb-bolt.”
7. Q: How does Raiden clean his house? A: With a sweepin’ blade.
8. Q: Why don’t Metal Gear bosses worry about surveillance? A: Because they always have a codec of silence.
9. Q: What’s Snake’s favorite metal band? A: The Cure, for FOXDIE.
10. Q: Why did the Metal Gear lose its job? A: Because it couldn’t handle The Boss’s orders.
11. Q: What’s Solid Snake’s favorite form of comedy? A: Hide-and-sneak humor.
12. Q: What do you call it when Snake makes a mistake? A: A Solid Fluke.
13. Q: Why did Snake throw a party at Shadow Moses? A: To celebrate with his Metal Gear Friends.
14. Q: How does Snake save money? A: By investing in war-bonds.
15. Q: Why did Revolver Ocelot stop spinning his guns? A: He finally got dizzy-guns.
16. Q: What kind of car does Solid Snake drive? A: A stealth Corvette.
17. Q: What’s Otacon’s favorite chemical element? A: Emo-titanium.
18. Q: How do you know when Snake is bluffing in poker? A: When he’s got a Solid Hand.
19. Q: Why couldn’t the soldier see Raiden? A: Because he was in incog-ninja-to.
20. Q: What did Solid Snake say to the bartender? A: “A box on the rocks, please.”

“Stealthy Wordplay: Double Entendre Metal Gear Puns”

1. You’re such an alloying friend—you always blend in when it’s time for support.
2. I zinc you might be overreacting, try to steel your nerves.
3. Iron out your differences before things get too heated.
4. You’ve got to copper feel of this situation—it’s quite electric.
5. I can’t bear it when you nickel-and-dime me during our gear talks.
6. I’m gearing up for a ferrous wheel ride at the amusement park.
7. My new stealth suit is so metal, I simply bolted when I saw it.
8. That new spy gadget is gold; I couldn’t lead a mission without it.
9. I’ve got an iron in the fire for that secret mission you mentioned.
10. Don’t be so steel-faced; show some emotion during the debrief.
11. You always have an ironclad alibi when sneaking around the base.
12. I’m planning to forge a new path with my trusty infiltration gear.
13. Looks like we’re on the brink of a riveting adventure.
14. You’ve got to learn to solder on, even when the mission gets tough.
15. If Solid Snake doesn’t strike your fancy, what about Liquid Snake? It’s a solid choice for hydration.
16. You can’t just tin-ker with espionage gear; it requires a delicate hand.
17. I’m wired to go—let’s conduct this operation with precision.
18. Just keep hammering at it, and eventually, you’ll nail the mission.
19. Don’t get screwed over by underestimating the enemy’s defenses.
20. I’m shocked at how well you handle those electric traps; you’re a true conduit for stealth.

“Forging Fun: Alloying Humor with Metal Gear Puns”

1. It’s time to steel the show with Metal Gear puns.
2. We’ll have to iron out the details of these puns.
3. I’m alloyed by how funny these puns are.
4. These puns are metal as gearth – exceptionally solid.
5. I’ve got an iron will; nothing can corrugate my spirits.
6. I’m always gearing up to forge new jokes.
7. Don’t take these puns ferrously; they’re just for fun!
8. I’m on the fence about these puns; they might not be everyone’s cupronickel.
9. Let’s bolt past the introduction and get to the puns.
10. Puns about Metal Gear? Rivet-ing topic!
11. I’ll solder on with these puns, despite the groans.
12. Don’t let these Metal Gear puns steel your thunder.
13. It’s not hard to copper-hend these puns if you’re sharp.
14. These puns are like a good alloy; they’re a solid mixture of humor.
15. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the metal gear-y.
16. Sometimes these puns tin to get on people’s nerves.
17. I’ve got an arsenal of Metal Gear puns that are a real blast.
18. I zinc we should keep going with these metal puns.
19. I’m gearing toward a laugh; hope these puns aren’t too rivet-ing.
20. Some of these puns may not land, but at least I can say I gave it my best shot.

“Forging Fun: Puns in Full Metal Gear”

1. I’m quite alloyed by all these Metal Gear jokes, but I steel find them riveting.
2. Snake’s favorite musical? Les Solidaires.
3. Never argue with Snake, he’s got a solid counterpoint.
4. I’d tell you a Metal Gear pun, but you might not think it’s Gear-eat.
5. Trust a Metal Gear fan to bolt into action.
6. Snake’s favorite composer must be Tchaiko-sneak-sky.
7. Feeling under the weather? Take two tranquilizer darts and call me Solid in the morning.
8. You know the Phantom Pain? It’s a real Big Boss-ache.
9. That guard was surprised when Snake’s cardboard box unfolded—it was an unboxing day.
10. When Snake retires, he’s going to be a sneaky pensioner.
11. I’m stumped on Metal Gear cosplay ideas; maybe I’ll go as Revolver Ocelittle.
12. Liquid Snake must have a solid plan to stay fluid in battle.
13. I tried to catch Snake, but my plans always metal with failure.
14. You really can’t trust anything in Metal Gear, there’s a lotta Codec-conduct.
15. If Snake were a baker, he’d specialize in stealth rolls.
16. I reckon Snake’s favorite movie genre is spy-onnage.
17. You shouldn’t bring a knife to a CQC fight; you might not cut it.
18. Anyone who can sneak like Snake really has espionageential.
19. Metal Gear fans aren’t hard to please, just give them a good pun-chline.
20. Don’t trust Snake to babysit; he might let them play with Metal Gear Toddlers.

“Metal Funnies: Names That Gear Up Laughter”

1. Solid Snack – a food joint for Metal Gear fans.
2. Liquid Plumber – a witty name for a plumber service.
3. Raiden Electric – an electrician service pun on “Raiden.”
4. Metal Gears and Beers – a themed bar.
5. Big Boss Burgers – a hamburger restaurant.
6. Otacon’s Optics – an eyewear store.
7. Vulcan Raven’s Ammo – a firearms or hunting store.
8. Quiet’s Quilts – a cozy bedding shop.
9. Snake’s Suits – a men’s formal wear store.
10. Fortune’s Favors – a lottery ticket outlet or casino.
11. Hal’s Hardware – a DIY and hardware store.
12. Psycho Mantis Mind Games – a puzzle or escape room business.
13. Peace Walker Pet Care – a pet sitting or walking service.
14. Revolver Ocelot Shooting Range – a firearms practice facility.
15. Para-Medic Paramedics – an ambulance or medical aid service.
16. The Pain’s Honey – a local honey producer or shop.
17. Drebin’s Drapes – a curtain and blinds retailer.
18. Laughing Wallaby – an Australian-themed comedy club.
19. Crying Wolf Cleaning Service – a housekeeping company.
20. The End’s Antiques – a vintage collectibles store.

“Metal Mishaps: A Spooner’s Gear Grind”

1. Snakes Beak Metal Fear
2. Gear Weed – Steed Lead
3. Lid Sot – Sod Lit
4. Raid Gun – Grade Run
5. Save Snaker – Snake Saver
6. Bevel Rear – Revel Beer
7. Quiet Choir – Choir Quiet
8. Crying Mantis – Mantis Crying
9. Beast Talker – Tease Stalker
10. Louter Heaven – Hooter Leaven
11. Betal Tear – Teal Bear
12. Muffing Raps – Ruffing Maps
13. Sight Kojiro – Kite Sojiro
14. Vamp Van – Camp Van
15. Sorrow’s Sorrow – Arrow’s Saps
16. Toe Cobras – Coe Tobras
17. Octopus Launch – Lactopus Ounch
18. Foxhound Funk – Fox Found Hunk
19. Raidin’s Reed – Readin’s Ride
20. Psycho Pantis – Sico Typants

“Alloyed Humor: Tom Swifties Gear Up With Metal Puns”

1. “I’ve got a stealth mission,” said Snake, solidly.
2. “I lost my cardboard box,” said Snake, surprisingly.
3. “I’ve mastered CQC,” said Big Boss, handily.
4. “The Fulton system works perfectly,” said Snake, upliftingly.
5. “I’ve infiltrated the base,” said Venom, sneakily.
6. “I have to defuse this bomb,” said Raiden, disarmingly.
7. “I designed a new bipedal mech,” said Huey, robotically.
8. “The DARPA Chief has been kidnapped,” said Campbell, securely.
9. “My new suit is an exoskeleton,” said Raiden, supportively.
10. “The codec is encrypted,” said Mei Ling, cryptically.
11. “I discovered a Metal Gear,” said Solid, massively.
12. “I’m hiding in the shadows,” said the Ninja, darkly.
13. “I’ve avoided all the guards,” said Snake, alertly.
14. “This nanomachine injection hurts,” said Otacon, sharply.
15. “I decoded the files,” said Natasha, informatively.
16. “The enemy is using ballistic missiles,” said Solidus, explosively.
17. “I am loyal to Big Boss,” said Ocelot, revoltingly.
18. “I’ve been captured,” said Meryl, gratingly.
19. “I’m training new recruits,” said Kaz, militantly.
20. “My bandana is on tight,” said Snake, headstrongly.

Heavyweight Wit: Light Metal Gear Puns

1. Actively idle gear.
2. Clearly confused circuits.
3. Bitterly sweet titanium.
4. Controlled chaos chip.
5. Deafening silence of the stealth suit.
6. Clearly misunderstood mechanics.
7. Alone together in the cockpit.
8. Small crowd of robots.
9. Seriously funny gear pun.
10. Awfully good metal strength.
11. Pretty ugly welds.
12. Open secret compartments.
13. Tragically comical battle damage.
14. Definitely maybe a machine.
15. Original copies of blueprints.
16. Living dead battery.
17. Clearly obscure interface.
18. Liquid solid snake.
19. Freezing hot plasma cutter.
20. Randomly organized spare parts.

“Geared Up for Laughter: A Recursive Twist on Metal Gear Wit”

1. I had a joke about Solid Snake, but it just kept sneaking up on me.
2. Actually, that last joke didn’t land; it Solid Snake-ed out of the room.
3. You know, every time I try to catch Snake, he’s always at his “Metal Gear” best.
4. But when it comes to stealth, even his equipment can’t “Camouflage” the laughter.
5. I heard Snake loves music. His favorite genre must be “Metal Gear Rock.”
6. And when he plays guitar, he always uses a “Solid” amp.
7. His band is great, though they often get lost in the “Metal Gear Jungle” of sound.
8. They tried to add a new member, but he couldn’t “Raiden” on their parade.
9. That guy was “Liquid” with the guitar, just not “Solid” enough for Snake.
10. But don’t worry, they didn’t “Revolver” Ocelot round the issue; they addressed it.
11. I guess you could say their discussion “Metal Gear Rolled” into a full-blown debate.
12. Eventually, they reached “Peace Walker” terms and ended the “Metal Gear” strife.
13. Snake decided to call his autobiography “Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Puns.”
14. Though some say it might just “Big Boss” around the truth a bit.
15. And for his next trick, Snake will “Metal Gear Rise” to the comedy challenge.
16. He even bought a “Metal Gear Ray” of sunshine to brighten up the mood.
17. At his comedy shows, he never frets because he’s got a “Snake Eater” appetite for laughs.
18. Plus, with every joke, Snake ensures the audience “Laughing Octopus”sly falls for it.
19. Hope these puns aren’t becoming a “Pain”ton of repetition; that would be torture.
20. Finally, let’s “Gear” up for one more chuckle: Snake’s humor is “Metal” tested and “Solid” approved.

Rustling Up Laughs: Forging Ahead with Metal Gear Puns

1. Steal yourself for a punny experience; it’s about to get metal.
2. Don’t fret, these puns are solid gold; they’ll have you copper feel of humor.
3. I’ve alloy-ways liked a good pun, and I’m not iron to admit it.
4. Tin-ker about this: laughter is truly a steel of a deal.
5. We’re not just nickel-and-diming with laughs, we’re forging full-throttle fun.
6. You shouldn’t zinc twice about these puns; they’re metal to the core.
7. Are these jokes a stainless steel? Yes, but they’ll surely ring some bells.
8. I braced myself for a heavy metal joke, but it was just lead weight to a punchline.
9. Some say puns are cheap, but these are precious metal moments.
10. If you can’t handle the steel, get out of the laughter forge.
11. Iron-clad humor coming through, brace for a pun-derstorm.
12. Gear up for a pun that’s worth its weight in iron, it’s un-ferrous-ly funny.
13. If Edgar Allan Poe wrote about puns: “Quoth the raven, ‘Coppermore’.”
14. If you’ve got an iron will, these puns won’t corrode your sense of humor.
15. It’s not alchemy, but these puns are turning phrases into comedic gold.
16. You might need to steel yourself; these puns are forged with wit.
17. I was going to make a metal pun, but I didn’t want to steel the spotlight.
18. On the scale of bad to good, these puns are platinum level.
19. I’m truly riveted by these iron-ic puns; they’re metal and noteworthy.
20. Without a bit of metal humor, life would just be un-bearable.

And there you have it, fellow sneaks and geeks—a formidable arsenal of over 200 Metal Gear puns that will either have your friends rolling with laughter or desperately seeking a cardboard box to hide their giggles. We hope you’ve had as much fun reading through these pun-derful quips as we’ve had creating them.

But why stop here? Your mission is far from complete. We encourage you to infiltrate the other punny pages on our website for even more comic relief. Remember, laughter is the ultimate stealth weapon, and with these puns, you’re now fully equipped to bring joy to any conversation.

Thank you for choosing to sneak into our little corner of the internet. We’re grateful for your time and hope you’ll come back for more humorous content. Until next time, keep your codec tuned to our frequency for endless banter and laughs. Stay stealthy, operatives!

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