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Extra, extra, read all about it! Looking for a good laugh? Look no further than our collection of over 200 hilarious and clever news puns that are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. From pun-tastic headlines to witty wordplay, we’ve gathered the best news puns out there to give you a good giggle. Whether you’re a journalist looking to spice up your stories or simply in need of a good chuckle, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be amused by these pun-tastic headlines that will have you rolling with laughter. Get ready for a pun-derful time with our news puns that are sure to make the headlines – and your day – more entertaining!

The Quirkiest News Puns That Will Make Your Headlines Spin (Editors Pick)

1. Extra! Extra! Read all about it, news puns are making headlines!
2. The newspaper editor couldn’t resist a good pun; he was the “headliner” of wordplay.
3. The journalist was arrested for his headline-ious puns; he was charged with “corny-tent” violation.
4. The news anchor was burnt out from delivering pun-filled reports; they needed a “break-in” the action.
5. When the cat got a job as a journalist, he was known for his “paws-itive” news reporting.
6. The reporter discovered a secret tunnel in the newsroom; it was an “underground” story.
7. The weather reporter was always full of puns; she said she had a “front” on the audience.
8. The journalist loved puns so much, they were always “newsing” and amusing themselves.
9. The newspaper columnist was known as the “pun-dit”; they always had a “say-castic” spin.
10. The investigative journalist was able to crack the case by following a trail of newspaper puns; it was a “pun-derful” discovery.
11. The newsroom was filled with puns about coffee; it was a “brew-tiful” thing.
12. The journalist reported on an apple that broke the news; turns out, it was a “fruitful” story.
13. The news anchor shared a punny story about a robber who stole a calendar; they said, “he got twelve months!
14. The news reporter quit his job due to burnout; he said it was no longer “punny” business.
15. The journalist loved delivering news puns during election season; he said, “polite-cians love a good pun-debate.”
16. The editor-in-chief loved hiring pun-loving writers; he believed in keeping the “joke-urnalism” alive.
17. The newsroom became a hotbed for pun competitions; they called it a “pun-intended” gathering.
18. When the theater critic became a news reporter, they added a touch of “drama” to the headlines.
19. The sports commentator always had a pun ready for every game; he said, “it’s all about the “punt-icipation.
20. The breaking news reporter always aimed to deliver puns with a “bang”; he said, “it’ll blow you away!”

“Punny Journalism Jokes”

1. Did you hear about the journalist who became a chef? Now he really knows how to dish out the news!
2. I watched a documentary on sunflowers and found it quite news-worthy.
3. Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing on the news.
4. I broke up with my newspaper. We just didn’t have enough headlines in common.
5. A newspaper headline about gardening said, “Leaf it to the experts.
6. I saw a newspaper headline that said, “Man gets hit by a can of soda. He was lucky it was a soft drink.”
7. The newspaper ads for bakery jobs seemed appealing, but alas, I’d have to rise to the occasion.
8. I heard a news story about a guy who stole a calendar. He got twelve months!
9. I read a news article about a dog that donated blood. They called him a “good canine citizen.”
10. The newspaper’s travel section had an article called “The Road Less Traveled.” It was blank.
11. I met a journalist who was always full of surprises. He was known for his media-in kitchen.
12. A radio station was giving away information on gardening. It was free sow-nd advice.
13. I read a news story about a stolen truck full of paint. The thieves are still on the run, but they are now covered!
14. I heard the local newspaper started a gardening column. It’s really grown on me.
15. They say laughter is the best medicine, but a good newspaper headline comes pretty close!
16. I read a news article about a baker who became a journalist. Now he’s kneading out the facts.
17. I wanted to be a newspaper journalist, but I didn’t have the write stuff.
18. I read a article about a baker who always has the latest news. He’s an informant baker.
19. They say the newspaper industry is dying, but it’s still my main source of re-leaf.
20. I heard that the newspaper reporter who was researching home security finally nailed the story.

News Riddles (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What did the news anchor say when he became a cheerleader? “Give me an N-E-W-S, what does it spell? Breaking news!”
2. Why did the journalist bring a ladder to the interview? Because he wanted to reach the headline!
3. How do you catch illegal news reporters? Set up a sting operation!
4. Why did the newspaper go to therapy? It had a lot of issues!
5. How do you get a free subscription to the newspaper? Just take one and run, it’s a headline grab!
6. What did the newspaper say to the baseball coach? “Extra! Extra! Read all about it, coach!”
7. Why do news reporters make good detectives? They are always on the case!
8. How do newspapers stay fit? They do a lot of press-ups!
9. What did the journalist say to the detective? “Looks like we’ve got a headline case!”
10. Why did the newspaper become a politician? It wanted to make headlines!
11. What did the newspaper say to the comedian? “You always crack me up!”
12. How did the newspaper find its soulmate? It made a headline connection!
13. Why did the news anchor become a chef? They wanted to stir up the news!
14. What did the newspaper say to the cable TV? “You’re just a headline wannabe!”
15. Why did the journalist go on vacation? They needed a break from breaking news!
16. How does a newspaper play hide and seek? It covers its face with headlines and says, “No peeking!”
17. What did the newspaper say to the talk show host? “Let’s make headlines together!”
18. Why are newspapers so good at basketball? They know how to make headline shots!
19. What did the reporter say when they discovered a secret tunnel? “This could be breaking news, underground edition!”
20. Why did the newspaper become an artist? It wanted to paint headlines!

Headline Hustle: Unleashing News Puns with Double the Fun!

1. News anchor? More like news anchor-man!
2. I hope I don’t get caught in a news whirlwind. That could be a headline disaster!
3. Did you hear about the journalist who kept breaking pencils? He really had a lead problem.
4. Journalism can be quite riveting. Get it, like the rivet on a newspaper?
5. They say reporters have a nose for news, but I think they’re just sniffing out a good story.
6. The newspaper editorial was so steamy, it could fog up your glasses.
7. I’ve got my eye on you, journalist. Don’t make headlines that are too eye-catching!
8. The journalist’s pen was mightier than the sword, and twice as tantalizing.
9. Journalists never shy away from exposing the truth, even if it means revealing a lot more than expected.
10. I heard a weather forecast that really blew me away. Talk about scandalous wind patterns!
11. That new sports article had the perfect balance of hits and “hits,” if you catch my drift.
12. This news story is like a double-edged sword. It cuts both ways, if you know what I mean.
13. Journalists really know how to grab your attention. They’re experts in provocative headlines.
14. Did you hear about the journalist who was always on fire? They really knew how to spark interest!
15. News reporters always know how to twist the truth. It’s like they went to journalism contortionist school.
16. That news article was so hot, it could melt even the iciest hearts.
17. Journalists know how to tackle a story head-on. Sometimes a bit too close for comfort.
18. I heard a news segment about a scandalous feathered creature. They called it “fowl play.”
19. That newspaper article was more than just ink on paper. It was a real ink-teresting experience.
20. Journalists are always on the hunt for a juicy story. It’s like they’re hunting for the forbidden fruit of news.

Headline Puns: News Wordplay!

1. When the journalist lost his job, he was really newsome.

2. The meteorologist’s jokes are a bit dry, but they always make weather of it.

3. The reporter had a lot at stake, so he decided to press on with the news story.

4. The news anchor is always on point because she’s well-versed in current affairs.

5. The journalist was caught stealing from the newsroom, now he’s making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

6. The news show was struggling with ratings, so they decided to spice things up with a few hot takes.

7. The journalist knew he had a scoop when he saw the politician shaking like a leaf.

8. The newspaper editor always has a sixth sense for detecting fake news.

9. The journalist decided to write a definitive article on breaking news, but it ended up being just a headline-grabber.

10. The news correspondent has a real talent for delivering punchlines while on air.

11. The newspaper columnist always manages to find the humor in tragic events, he has a way with newsstand-up.

12. The news reporter was accused of being biased, but he claimed it was just a matter of ink-lination.

13. The newsroom staff was feeling overwhelmed, so they decided to take a pun-demic break.

14. The journalist proved he had a good nose for news, he always had the scent for a great story.

15. The weather forecast suddenly changed, and the meteorologist had to rain on his own parade.

16. The news anchor was caught daydreaming during the live broadcast, he’s famous for his mind-wandering news adventures.

17. The newspaper headline read, “Carrots found guilty of being too orange – they’re being sued for peel discrimination.

18. The journalist loved breaking stories so much, he was always chasing news tales.

19. The news anchor’s sense of humor was legendary, he could always deliver the punchline in headline time.

20. The journalist got stranded in a small town and had to make do with the local news – he had to settle for the “daily grind.”

Newspuns 101: Breaking Headlines and Punning Threads

1. The news anchor lost his job because he couldn’t keep his stories straight.
2. The journalist who chased down a lead became an expert in cardio-vascular news.
3. The newspaper was sued for spreading rumors, but it found a way to bring justice to the situation.
4. The news about the missing pencil created a drawing of concern among the artists.
5. After a journalist broke a story, the editor told him to clean up the mess he made.
6. The journalist who covered the vegetable festival decided to leaf the news industry.
7. The reporter who covered the bakery beat had a knack for finding crust-worthy stories.
8. The journalist who specialized in stories about soft drinks decided to fizz-able his career.
9. The news about a marathon runner winning first place spread like wildfire, catching everyone’s attention.
10. The journalist who covered woodcutting competitions quickly became the ax-pert in his field.
11. The reporter who covered the circus beat had to trade her heels for big-top boots.
12. The news about the sneezing contest caught everyone’s attention, causing an outbreak of laughter.
13. The journalist who covered the airline industry was always soaring to new heights.
14. The reporter who covered the soap opera beat basked in the drama of his career.
15. The news about the comedian’s car crash prompted everyone to find humor in a wreck-urring event.
16. The journalist who covered the gardening beat decided to plant herself firmly in the world of news.
17. The reporter who covered the construction industry was always on beam with his stories.
18. The news about the acrobats’ routine caused quite a balancing act among the audience.
19. The journalist who covered the art scene decided to brush up on his storytelling skills.
20. The reporter who covered the fashion industry always dressed to impress with her news reports.

News you can’t refuse: the best news puns

1. The Press Hour” – A news-themed happy hour bar.
2. Breaking Bread” – A bakery that serves up news-inspired pastries.
3. “The Headliner Café” – A coffee shop that specializes in news-inspired latte art.
4. NewSCOOPS” – A premium ice cream parlor that serves news-themed flavors.
5. “The Gossip Gazette” – A celebrity news-themed gossip magazine.
6. “News Flash Fitness” – A gym that offers news-inspired workout classes.
7. “The Journalist’s Haven” – A cozy bookstore for news enthusiasts.
8. “The Headline Diner” – A restaurant featuring news-inspired dishes.
9. “Daily Grind” – A news-themed coffee shop with headline-inspired drinks.
10. “The Newsroom Barbershop” – A salon that provides news updates while cutting hair.
11. CNNuts” – A news-themed nut shop.
12. “The Top Scoop” – A news-themed ice cream truck.
13. “The Times Travel Agency” – A travel agency that specializes in news-inspired destinations.
14. “Anchorman’s Delight” – A news-themed dessert shop.
15. Daily Pressed” – A news-inspired juice bar.
16. “The Broadcast Boutique” – A clothing store featuring news-inspired fashion.
17. “The Hot Off the Press Pizza” – A pizzeria with news-themed pizza toppings.
18. The Press Room Workout” – A gym offering news-inspired fitness classes.
19. Media Mart” – A news-themed electronics store.
20. “The News Anchor Bistro” – A restaurant with news-inspired menu items.

Newspaper Funnies (Spoonerism Shenanigans)

1. “The news is spreading like wide fire!”
2. “The reporter is on the loose for a new story – the looter is on the roose!”
3. “The newspaper headline: Fears of tawdry nerror attacks.”
4. “The anchor is dressed in a loat and tire.”
5. “The newscaster sure loves his blooming furs.”
6. “Breaking mews: A cow escapes dairy farm!”
7. “The newswriter is always rushing for the written noords.”
8. The editor wants more ruff and honey in this article.
9. “Big tab headline: Surprising ceal in the White House.”
10. “The journalist is quite good with moojectives and verbs.”
11. “The weather forecaster prays for prain in a drought.”
12. “The reporter rotates from scot top stories to tot suddeb nubmissions.”
13. “Breaking news: A waligator spotted in local like.”
14. “The news photographer is an expert in rapturing images.”
15. “The press is covering the pire cank scandal.”
16. “The newscast begins with a pleasant smilo.”
17. “The sports commentator always gives a gpeedy cameplay analysis.”
18. “Today’s news is filled with warfs and mosses.”
19. “Breaking nows: Corporate scandal at big inkvestment firm.”
20. “The investigative journalism is purting fuspects behind bars.”

News Flash Puns (Tom Swifties)

1. “I can’t believe I’m the new anchor,” Tom reported skeptically.
2. “I just won an award for my journalism,” Tom boasted proudly.
3. “My news article was rejected,” Tom reported absentmindedly.
4. “I’m training to become a news reporter,” Tom said objectively.
5. “My news segment was really boring,” Tom said unenthusiastically.
6. “I just landed a job as a foreign correspondent,” Tom exclaimed excitedly.
7. “Breaking news,” Tom shouted urgently.
8. “I’m the editor-in-chief,” Tom said editorially.
9. I’m covering the political beat,” Tom said electorally.
10. “I’m going undercover to investigate,” Tom whispered secretly.
11. “I got a promotion to cover the latest headline,” Tom said headily.
12. I always stay up to date with current events,” Tom said timely.
13. “I just uncovered a major scandal,” Tom said shockingly.
14. “I’m reporting live from the scene,” Tom said vividly.
15. “I need to get an interview with the mayor,” Tom said mayorally.
16. “I’m doing a follow-up story,” Tom said sequentially.
17. “I was assigned to cover the fashion industry,” Tom said stylishly.
18. “I’m reporting on a groundbreaking discovery,” Tom said earthshakingly.
19. “I’m attending a press conference,” Tom said pressingly.
20. “I’m always on the lookout for a good headline,” Tom said newsworthy.

Contradictory Headline Puns (News Oxymorons)

1. Breaking unnews: An oxymoron you can trust!
2. Headlines that don’t make sense: Fake news at its finest.
3. Unbiased opinions: A rare sight in the news industry.
4. Journalistic integrity: As mythical as a unicorn.
5. Breaking story: The information is anything but solid.
6. Accurate speculations: A paradox in the news world.
7. Genuine fabrications: Exclusively found in tabloids.
8. Comically serious news: You’ll laugh while you shake your head.
9. Authentic hoaxes: A specialty of the news today.
10. True but false: The essence of credible news.
11. Latest ancient news: Because old is the new new.
12. Silently loud news: It’s there, but you’ll hardly notice.
13. Seriously funny news: The most confusing of all.
14. Noteworthy irrelevance: A staple of the news cycle.
15. Breaking whispers: Difficult to hear but impossible to ignore.
16. Accidentally deliberate: The essence of news reporting.
17. Seriously lighthearted: The mood of news in the modern era.
18. Indecisive facts: You’ll never know what to believe.
19. True speculation: Just predicting the unpredictable.
20. Quietly sensational: The paradox of buzz-worthy news.

Newsflash Punsception (Recursive Puns)

1. Did you hear about the journalist who became a baker? She really knows how to dish out the hot news!
2. The newspaper office can be quite noisy, but it’s the press’s way of making headlines!
3. Why did the news anchor become a gardener? Because she loves to dig up exclusive stories!
4. The reporter sure knows how to make a splash. She always dives deep into her interviews!
5. The journalist decided to open a gym. Now he can break news and break a sweat at the same time!
6. The newspaper machine fell in love. It said, “You’re my paper-mate!”
7. Why did the editor become a painter? He realized he could still brush up on the latest news!
8. The sports reporter opened a bakery. Now he delivers dough-nuts with the score!
9. The newsroom decided to hold a secret Santa exchange. They called it “Secret Headlines”!
10. The journalist turned acrobat. She’s known for her front-page flips!
11. A journalist bought a drum set. Now he can really make some headlines!
12. The newspaper office organized a talent show. It was called “News Idol”!
13. The TV news anchor started a jewelry business. Now she’s always searching for the most sparkle-ling stories!
14. The reporter struggled with buttons. He said, “Some stories are just too tough to un-press!”
15. The journalist became a hairstylist. Now she can cut through the news and trim hair at the same time!
16. The newspaper office hosted a dance-off. It was all about the head-spinning headlines!
17. The reporter opened a bakery. It’s all about the delicious scoop!
18. Why did the news anchor become a pilot? He wanted to fly above all the breaking stories!
19. The journalist created a crossword puzzle. It was all about finding the hidden news!
20. The newspaper office hosted a comedy night. They called it “Laugh Lines”!

Punny News: Breaking a Few Cliches

1. Breaking news: Local baker swept off his feet by dough-kneading bandit!
2. Journalist gets arrested while reporting on a story about handcuffs – talk about irony!
3. Newspaper comedian arrested for pun-induced assault – his punchlines were too hard-hitting!
4. Did you hear about the journalist who tried to report on gardening? They ended up getting caught in a headline!
5. Local editor found guilty of stealing office supplies – turns out he had a pen-chant for writing headlines!
6. Reporter runs out of ink while writing an article – it was a headline catastrophe!
7. Anchorman’s joke falls flat – viewers say it was an ab-sence of humor.
8. Old news columnist finally retires, saying he’s “inklined” to call it a day.
9. News anchor quits job to pursue strongman career – he wants to be the main attraction!
10. Reporter arrested for stealing pencils – seems like they had a “write” to be suspicious!
11. Newspaper headline goes missing – authorities suspect a slow news day!
12. Journalist forgets to wear pants to live television interview – he was caught with his headlines down!
13. Breaking news: Local weatherman arrested for stealing thunder – the forecast is now cloudy with a chance of jail time!
14. Newspaper printer caught with counterfeit money – authorities say he was trying to make headlines.
15. Reporter misses deadline due to a case of “too many headlines, not enough time” syndrome!
16. Newspaper delivery person arrested for stealing headlines – apparently, they thought they could “deliver” the news better themselves.
17. Investigative journalist uncovers secret doughnut-selling ring – looks like the hole truth was finally revealed!
18. Missing punctuation causes scandal in newspaper – journalists are now attempting to question the exclamation mark.
19. News reporter caught red-handed eating a story – turns out it was a headline snack!
20. Reporter gets caught napping at work – they claim they were just catching up on some headline news!

In conclusion, news puns are a fantastic way to brighten up your day with a good laugh. We hope you found these 200+ headlines hilarious and clever. But don’t stop here! Head over to our website to check out even more pun-tastic content. Thank you for taking the time to visit, and we hope you leave with a smile on your face!

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