Pen A Laugh: Dive into the Ink-credible World of 220 Ink Puns

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Get ready to ink-vade the world of hilarious wordplay with over 200 ink puns that will make you laugh out ink-controllably! From clever plays on words like “think” to puns about tattoos and fountain pens, this collection has it all. Whether you’re an ink-stagram addict or just a fan of good old-fashioned puns, these ink-pires of comedy are sure to brighten your day. So grab your favorite pen and get ready to dive into an ink-credible world of laughter.

Fountain of Fun: Inkredibly Punny Pens (Editor’s Pick)

1. Why did the pen go to art school? It wanted to draw attention!
2. Did you hear about the ink that went on strike? It refused to draw any attention!
3. What do you call a pen that can do magic tricks? Illusion-ink!
4. How do you get a pen to stop singing? You take away its sheet music!
5. Why did the ink blush? It saw the paper being a smooth-talker!
6. What did the pen say to the paper when they got married? “I dot my ‘i’s for you!”
7. Why did the pen go to the doctor? It had too many ink-cidents!
8. What did the pen say to the pencil during their race? “You better graphite your way to the finish line, because ink not losing!”
9. Why did all the pens join the gym? They wanted to be fit to write!
10. How did the paper feel after the pen prank? Plain attacked!
11. Why did the pen bring a ladder to work? To reach the high points!
12. What did the ink bottle do when it got a promotion? It ink-dulged in a celebratory dance!
13. How do pens like to unwind after a long day? By having a ball-point!
14. Did you hear about the ink that went missing? The police are drawing a blank!
15. What did the pen say to the bookmark? “You’re on my page!”
16. Why did the pen refuse to go skydiving? It was afraid of freefalling ink-tations!
17. What did the ink say when it found its perfect match? “We’re inkredibly compatible!”
18. Why couldn’t the pen sleep? It had too many thoughts running through its ink!
19. How do pens apologize to each other? They ink-sincerely say sorry!
20. What did the pen say to the troubled ink bottle? “I hope you find better ink-ergy soon!”

Ink-tastic Wordplay (One-liner Puns)

1. I tried to write a joke about ink, but the pen didn’t find it very punny.
2. I wanted to tell a joke about printer ink, but it wasn’t very colorful.
3. What did the ink say to the paper? “I’ve got you covered!”
4. Some people believe that ink has a “black”-lash effect.
5. Why did the pen cross the road? To get to the “write” side!
6. My pen ran out of ink, but I’m feeling pretty “blue” about it.
7. Did you hear about the ink that went to therapy? It was feeling quite “drawn” out.
8. How do you know when ink is in a bad mood? It’s feeling “ball”-istic.
9. I couldn’t find my favorite pen, but I guess it’s just “inkey”-siderate.
10. Why did the tattoo artist become a comedian? He wanted to draw some “laughter”!
11. Why did the ink go to school? It wanted to improve its “pen”-manship.
12. I tried to become a tattoo artist, but it turned out I wasn’t “ink”-lined for the job.
13. Did you hear about the tiny drop of ink? It just wanted to make its “mark” in the world.
14. Why do pens never get into trouble? They always have an “ink”-visible shield.
15. How did the ink feel after a long day at work? It was feeling “pen”-t up emotions.
16. Why did the pen go to the doctor? It thought it had a case of “lead” poisoning.
17. What do you call a pen that tells jokes? A “pun”-cil.
18. Why did the ink become an accountant? It wanted to work with “numb”-ers.
19. The ink noticed the paper looked stressed, so it told a joke to “lighten” the mood.
20. Did you hear about the ink that won the lottery? It was rolling in the “dough”!

Inky Interrogations (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What did the ink say to the paper? I’m in need of a good pen-pal!
2. How do you become friends with ink? Just stay close and printroduce yourself!
3. What’s a pen’s favorite flavor? Ink-strawberry!
4. What did the paper say to the ink? Let’s stick together and make some great word-play!
5. Why did the highlighter attend therapy? It was feeling a bit yellow!
6. What did the pen say to the paper during a romantic dinner? “Let’s make some ink-redible memories together!”
7. Why are pencils terrible at writing poetry? Because they always end up with broken lines!
8. What did the ink bottle say to the pen? “You can’t resist my ink-credibly smooth charm!”
9. How does ink get high? It gets really well-blotted!
10. Why did the pen go to the doctor? It was feeling a little “blue” lately!
11. What do you call a large group of squid with pens? A stationary school!
12. How does ink show affection? It leaves little love letters everywhere!
13. What do you call ink that’s always late? Tardy-writing fluid!
14. Why did the ink cross the road? To illustrate its wit!
15. How do pens apologize? They write sorry notes!
16. What did the pen say to the ink after losing an argument? “You always have the last word!”
17. How do you make invisible ink visible? Just give it a splash of transparency!
18. Why did the pen get an award? It had an ink-redible performance!
19. What’s a pen’s favorite type of clothing? Pocket-protectors, of course!
20. How does ink want to be remembered? As “ink-credible” and “ink-spirational”!

Inking Outside the Box (Double Entendre Puns)

1. “I’m feeling ink-redibly frisky tonight, care to join me?”
2. “Ink-stagram: Where your secrets are tattooed for all to see!”
3. “I met an ink-redible woman the other day; she really left a mark on me.”
4. “My pen ran out of ink, I guess it’s time to ink-vest in a new one.”
5. “Ink-ognito: The art of hiding your true intentions with tattoos.”
6. “I can’t resist your ink-redible charm, you’ve got me completely ink-thralled!”
7. “Ink-sider trading: A shady business that’ll leave you with stained hands.”
8. “I appreciate a well-inked story, especially when it leaves me wanting more.”
9. “Ink-slusive: The secret language only ink enthusiasts understand.”
10. “Ink-visalign: When your tattoo artist perfectly aligns your design.”
11. “Ink-dulgence: The guilty pleasure of getting a new tattoo.”
12. “I wish I could read minds, but for now, I’ll just settle for reading ink-credible stories.”
13. “I’m feeling ink-stoppable today, nothing can stand in my way!”
14. “Ink-lusive: Celebrating diversity and unity through tattoo art.”
15. “Let’s ink-corporate some fun into our lives and make memories to last a lifetime.”
16. “Don’t be just another ink-surance policy, let your tattoos tell your unique story.”
17. “Ink-triguing: When a tattoo captivates your curiosity and imagination.”
18. “I always ink-spect the unexpected, life is too short for boring stories.”
19. “Sorry for the ink-venience, but I can’t help but be attracted to you.”
20. “Ink-decisive: When you can’t choose just one design, so you ink-corporate them all!”

Inky Ponderings: Laughing at Ink Puns in Idioms

1. He had no inkling of the trouble that awaited him.
2. She spilled the ink on her laptop and it became a sticky situation.
3. I can’t get the ink to run dry on this project.
4. They say that the pen is mightier than the inkwell.
5. The judge made sure the law was written in black and white ink.
6. After much debate, they finally inked the deal.
7. His signature always leaves a permanent ink mark.
8. The artist’s brush strokes were inkredibly precise.
9. She poured her ink heart out onto the page.
10. The writer’s career reached new heights when their novel inked a movie deal.
11. He inked a contract with the devil, and it cost him his soul.
12. Their love story was written in invisible ink.
13. The journalist was renowned for always getting the ink scoop.
14. The detective followed the ink trail to solve the mystery.
15. They were so absorbed in their work, they didn’t even notice the ink stain on their shirt.
16. The musician made sure that every note was in sync with the ink of the conductor’s baton.
17. The artists took to the streets with their ink and brush, creating vibrant murals.
18. The poet’s words flowed from their pen like a never-ending river of ink.
19. The editor asked the writer to be more concise and cut the excess ink from the article.
20. The tattoo artist inkorporated the client’s story into a beautiful design.

Inking Laughter (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. My pen ran out of ink, but luckily I can always use my noodle.
2. I tried to write a novel with invisible ink, but no one could see the plot twist coming.
3. I bought a tattoo ink named “Scribbles” because it really speaks to my chaotic soul.
4. Writing letters is like swimming in an inkpool; you have to dive right in.
5. I asked the tattoo artist for a cool ink design, and he gave me a printer with sunglasses.
6. My friend told me he spilled ink on his clothes, so I handed him a pen for the stain.
7. My friend bought a tattoo machine and is now the inkredible Hulk.
8. The fountain pen asked the ballpoint pen, “Why do you always roll away from your problems?”
9. My dad said my writing was so neat, it must be in-cursive.
10. I asked the tattoo artist for a small ink design, and he drew an ant carrying a microscope.
11. The thief that stole my ink cartridges must have been a smooth criminal.
12. My journalist friend said she was going to write an exposé with invisible ink, but it all disappeared.
13. The pen said to the ink cartridge, “You are the highlight of my life.”
14. My tattoo artist friend said, “I always draw the line when it comes to ink.”
15. Writing with an empty pen is like playing a poker game with no ink-visible cards.
16. I can never trust ink, it’s always trying to make a mark on me.
17. The tattoo artist asked me how I want my ink done, and I said, “With a little flair.”
18. My pen told me I can’t control my ink-reases in emotions.
19. The pen and the ink cartridge had a love affair, but it ended because they couldn’t stay on the same page.
20. I bought a fancy ink bottle, but it only comes with a monotonous plot.

Ink-credible Wordplay (Puns on Ink)

1. Inky Weasley
2. Penelope Inkwell
3. Mark Scribbleton
4. Violet Doodleheimer
5. Paige Painterly
6. Quentin Quill
7. Ella Sketchington
8. Clay Calligraphy
9. Oliver Quink
10. Mona Marker
11. Penny Parker
12. Jesse Fountainpen
13. Tyler Typewriter
14. Wendy Watercolor
15. Austin Penman
16. Grace Graffiti
17. Malcolm Inkbert
18. Brooke Blotter
19. Damien Dipper
20. Casey Cartridge

Inky Dinks Stir the Thinkings

1. Pink runs
2. Link pens
3. Stink buns
4. Drink tons
5. Sink puns
6. Blink duns
7. Wink sons
8. Rink dyes
9. Thin cups
10. Mink tans
11. Rink buns
12. Chink guns
13. Think dunks
14. Wink pens
15. Mink dyes
16. Fink tons
17. Kink huns
18. Twig runs
19. Rink duns
20. Sink huns

InkBlotter’s Wit (Tom Swifties)

1. “This tattoo is permanent,” Tom inked.
2. “I’m spilling ink everywhere,” said Tom blotly.
3. “I can read your mind,” Tom thoughtfully said in invisible ink.
4. “I suppose I could buy more ink,” Tom mused pensively.
5. “I’m confident in my writing skills,” Tom ink-sisted.
6. “I’ll draw a picture, but it may not be perfect,” Tom sketched humbly.
7. “I’ll put my stamp of approval on it,” Tom inked assertively.
8. “This ink is running dry,” Tom said faintly.
9. “I’m out of ideas,” said Tom blankly.
10. “This ink has excellent flow,” Tom glided.
11. “This ink won’t fade easily,” Tom professed indelibly.
12. “I prefer writing in black ink,” Tom said darkly.
13. “This pen is mightier than the sword,” Tom wrote pointedly.
14. “I can write in any color ink,” Tom painted creatively.
15. “I feel blue,” Tom inked sadly.
16. “I’ve made a mistake,” said Tom erasably.
17. “My handwriting is elegant,” Tom penned gracefully.
18. “I’m not satisfied with this ink,” Tom sighed discontentedly.
19. “I’ll sign the documents with blue ink,” Tom indigo-ously declared.
20. “I’m so passionate about writing,” Tom expressed fervently.

Ink Incantations: Inky Oxymoronic Puns

1. Why did the pen want to break up with the ink? It felt trapped in a permanent relationship.
2. I tried water-soluble ink, but it just didn’t make any waves.
3. My invisible ink is clearly a contradiction.
4. That pen was quite the smooth talker, but it always left me feeling ink-secure.
5. The tattoo artist’s favorite color is permanent-ly.
6. When the pen ran out of ink, it was an empty point.
7. The ink was feeling blue, so it decided to take a dye-off from work.
8. I wanted to make my drawing colorblind, so I used clear ink.
9. I spilled invisible ink all over the carpet, and now it’s a clear stain.
10. My magic ink is non-believ-able.
11. I signed my name in disappearing ink, now nobody can read it.
12. That pen was a real stickler for ink-tegrity.
13. I put some invisible ink on my slides, but it looks like it still needs some transparency.
14. The new high-tech ink was very advanced-retro.
15. The pen had a superpower: making ink-credible drawings.
16. I bought a pen that never dries out, it’s in-kredible.
17. My friend eats ink for breakfast, he’s a real non-ink-siderate eater.
18. The tattoo artist tried to use see-through ink, but it was just a clear mistake.
19. I tried to print a document without ink, but it was a non-existent attempt.
20. The gel pen claimed to be multi-purpose, but it only worked as a single-purpose pen.

Recursive Ink-ling (Recursive Puns)

1. Why did the ink pen go to the gym? It heard it could get buff.
2. I bought some ink online, but it never arrived. Guess it got lost in the pen-ding.
3. Did you hear about the ink that got arrested? It was charged with resisting arrest.
4. What do you call an ink that tells jokes? A pun-pen.
5. Why did the ink pen go on a diet? It felt ink-redibly bloated.
6. I painted a picture with invisible ink, but it didn’t make a mark. Guess it was just ink-visible art.
7. Why did the ink pen always win at poker? It had the best poker face.
8. I accidentally spilled ink on my shirt, now it has a permanent blot on its record.
9. Did you hear about the ink pen that went to space? It had out-of-this-world writing abilities.
10. I told my friend I drank too much ink, but they said I was exaggerating. Guess I made a big ink-kyusion.
11. I bought an ink pen at the store, but it turned out to be a sharpie impostor. It was just ink-redible camouflage.
12. Why did the ink pen go to therapy? It had trouble expressing itself.
13. My friend asked me for writing advice, and I told them to “just ink of something.” They didn’t find it punny at all.
14. The ink pen couldn’t hold its laughter during the comedy show. It found the jokes too ink-spiring.
15. I tried to come up with a clever pun about ink, but it’s harder than you ink-ticipate.
16. Did you hear about the ink pen that won the lottery? It couldn’t contain its ink-tastic excitement.
17. What do you call a pen filled with invisible ink that can walk? A pen-dulum!
18. I lost my favorite ink pen, now it’s just a tale of ink-spades and heartaches.
19. Why did the ink pen go to the beach? It wanted to sea the ink-redible views of the ocean.
20. I asked my friend to lend me an ink pen, and they said they couldn’t spare a pen-ny.

Bursting the Bubble with Ink-credible Puns (Ink Puns Galore!)

1. I’m inking of you all the time!
2. Keep your friends close and your ink cartridges closer.
3. Out of ink, out of mind.
4. Ink-credible things happen when you believe.
5. Don’t judge a book by its ink.
6. A picture is worth a thousand inks.
7. Ink your way to success.
8. Pen and ink go together like peas and carrots.
9. Ink of the devil!
10. Let’s ink outside the box.
11. Ink once, ink twice, and think before you scribble.
12. Inking outside the lines is my specialty.
13. That’s how the ink spills!
14. You can’t have too much ink on your hands.
15. Demand is through the ink!
16. The pen is mightier than the inkwell.
17. My blood ink is boiling!
18. Inkognito is my middle name.
19. I may look spilled, but deep down, I’m ink-tact.
20. Ink me up, Scotty!

In the vast ocean of humor, ink puns never fail to make a splash! We hope you’ve enjoyed diving into the ink-credible world of over 200 ink puns. If you’re hungry for more laughs, be sure to check out our website for a treasure trove of pun-tastic content. We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to explore our pun-filled adventures. Happy reading and keep the ink-spiration flowing!

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