Finger-Lickin’ Good: 200+ KFC Puns to Tickle Your Funny Bone

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Are you a fan of KFC and also love a good pun? Then you’re in for a treat! We’ve compiled over 200 finger-lickin’ good KFC puns that will have you laughing out loud. From “What do you call an alligator in a KFC? A croc-lickin’ good meal!” to “Why did the chicken go to KFC? To see its ‘broaster,'” these puns will tickle your funny bone and make your appetite roar. So, whether you’re a die-hard fan of Colonel Sanders’ original recipe or just love a good chuckle, these KFC puns are sure to satisfy your cravings. Get ready to fry with laughter!

“KFC-razy Puns to Satisfy Your Cravings” (Editors Pick)

1. Why did the chicken go to KFC? To get to the other side of the fryer!
2. I tried to make a KFC pun, but all my ideas were pawsitively awful.
3. What do you call a KFC employee who’s also a grammar expert? A Colonel comma.
4. Why did the KFC worker go to space? He wanted to see if the chicken was out of this world.
5. What do you call a KFC addict? A poultryvore.
6. Why did the chicken cross the road and go to KFC? To prove it could have been the Colonel’s next meal.
7. What do you call a party at a KFC? Fowl play.
8. What do you call a chicken that’s a KFC mascot? The Chick-inator.
9. What do you call KFC employees who really love basketball? The Bucket Squad.
10. Why did the KFC employee get a tattoo of a chicken wing? It was inkredible.
11. Why was the KFC employee never caught stealing? They were always one step ahead of the heat lamp.
12. What did the KFC employee say when they ran out of chicken? “Looks like we just fried our luck.”
13. What do you call a fake KFC restaurant? A chick-out.
14. Why do people keep going back to KFC? Because the taste is finger lickin’ good.
15. What do you call a KFC restaurant that’s closed for renovation? Chicken strips down.
16. Why did the KFC employee go on a diet? They needed to get buff-turkey.
17. What do you call a KFC dish that’s overly greasy? Fryer hazard.
18. Why did the KFC customer bring a ladder to the restaurant? They wanted to reach the highest chicken pieces.
19. Why do KFC employees never get heated arguments? They always keep things crispy.
20. What do you call a KFC employee who plays a lot of pranks? The Colonel of mischief.

Fried and Funny: KFC Puns (One-liner Quips)

1. Did you hear about the chicken who crossed the road to get to KFC? He didn’t make it.
2. Why did the chicken go to KFC? To see his friend, Colonel Sanders.
3. Where do KFC employees go on vacation? Fry St. Lucia.
4. Why did the chicken start working at KFC? To make some extra cluck.
5. What do you call a KFC sandwich that’s all dressed up? Colonel Sanders.
6. Why did the chicken become a KFC spokesperson? He wanted to be more clucking famous.
7. What’s a chicken’s favorite KFC side dish? Mash and Peck.
8. What’s Colonel Sanders’ favorite drink? Hennessy.
9. What do you call a chicken who’s a rapper? Lil’ Chickie.
10. How does Colonel Sanders like his eggs? Boiled. Because he can’t fry for the life of him.
11. What did the chicken say when it crossed the road to get to KFC? KFC is Finger Lickin’ Good!
12. What’s the KFC employee’s favorite music genre? Drumstick n’ bass.
13. Why did the chicken go to the seance? To contact Colonel Sanders.
14. Why did the chicken go to the blackjack table? To get a 21-piece bucket of course.
15. Did you hear about the KFC chef who got caught with a side chick? He got fired for fowl play.
16. Why did the chicken wear a tuxedo to the KFC restaurant? Because he wanted to look fitting.
17. What did the chicken say when it got a job at KFC? Bawk bawk, I can feel the grease.
18. What do you call a group of KFC employees playing a sport? The Fried Fowl Squad.
19. How does KFC keep its food fresh? With Colonel Spraytan.
20. Why did Colonel Sanders start KFC? To fulfill his drumstick-tive in life.

KFC-cious Queries (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the chicken cross the road to KFC? To get to the other fryer!
2. How do you keep a chicken in suspense while waiting for KFC? I’ll tell you later.
3. What’s a chicken’s favorite KFC menu item? The bucket list.
4. What do you call a chicken that’s wearing a suit and tie at KFC? A menu-saur.
5. Why did the chicken stop at KFC for lunch? Because it wanted to wing it.
6. Why don’t chickens go to KFC for concerts? They prefer the egg-centric shows.
7. What’s a chicken’s favorite movie at KFC? The Hunger Wings.
8. What do you say to a chicken that’s freaking out at KFC? Calm down, you’re just a poultrygeist.
9. Why did the chicken get kicked out of KFC? It was caught using fowl language.
10. What do you need to bring to get into KFC? Your appetite and drum-sticks.
11. What do you call a chicken that’s good at math and loves KFC? A formula wing.
12. Why did the chicken go to KFC with a map? To find the breastaunt.
13. What does a chicken order at KFC if they’re feeling spicy? Hot chick-on.
14. Why did the chicken go to KFC on a date? For a little wing and romance.
15. What do you call a chicken that’s become a KFC mascot? A Colonel-lector.
16. Why don’t you challenge a chicken to a game of chess at KFC? Because it’s already a master of two wings.
17. Why did the chicken tip the delivery driver at KFC? To say thanks for a clucking good service.
18. Why did the chicken bring a hammer to KFC? Because it wanted to make a bucket list.
19. What do you call a rooster that’s working at KFC? A fryin’ cock.
20. Why do KFC employees wear hats? To cover up their bald-headed wings.

Finger Lickin’ Good Puns: Double Entendre Delights with KFC

1. “Why did the chicken cross the road?” “To get to the other KFC.”
2. “I ordered a bucket of thighs, but all I got was legs and breasts.”
3. “I finger-licked my way through a whole bucket of KFC.”
4. “I like my KFC like I like my men: crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.”
5. “KFC stands for kinky fried chicken in my book.”
6. I can’t resist a good 11 herbs and spices rubdown.
7. “I didn’t choose the chicken life, the chicken life chose me.”
8. That KFC sandwich is so big, you could feed a whole family with it.
9. “I caught my girlfriend cheating on me, with a bucket of KFC.”
10. “You know what they say, once you go KFC, you never go back.”
11. I’m not a religious person, but I pray for KFC every night.
12. “I’m pretty sure the Colonel’s secret recipe is just love and spices.”
13. “I think I need a KFC intervention, but I’m not ready to wing myself off yet.”
14. “I’m in a KFC coma after that binge session.”
15. “I wouldn’t mind some extra crispy in my life, if you know what I mean.”
16. “I have a wingspan just for KFC wings.”
17. “I’d marry KFC’s mashed potatoes if I could.”
18. “I have a finger lickin’ good time every time I go to KFC.”
19. “I don’t usually eat fast food, but KFC is my guilty pleasure.”
20. “If you’re ever feeling sad, just remember that KFC exists.”

KFC-razy Puns (Puns in Idioms)

1. You can’t run around KFC, you’ll only end up closing shops.
2. When it comes to KFC, they really put the ‘finger-lickin’ in finger-lickin’ good.
3. Getting a job at KFC could be just the poultry you need.
4. KFC’s chicken is so good, it’s worth every cluckin’ penny.
5. Opening a KFC franchise is definitely a fried and true business venture.
6. KFC might be a fast food restaurant, but their chicken is slow-cooked to perfection.
7. Everyone has a taste for KFC – it’s a bone-afide crowd-pleaser.
8. When it comes to cooking chicken, KFC does it like a cluckwork orange.
9. KFC is so popular that it’s fowl-proof.
10. KFC chicken is always on the wing, err, waiting list.
11. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just needing a comfort meal, KFC will always be the breast option.
12. Colonel Sanders must be a pretty big deal – look at all the people chicken out his portrait.
13. KFC has certainly laid the eggs for success.
14. When it comes to making chicken, KFC is no spring chicken.
15. KFC’s chicken is so good, it’ll have you chirping for more.
16. Going to KFC is the breast reason to flock together.
17. KFC is known for their bucket full of chicken – it’s a cluckin’ miracle.
18. Some people may think KFC is a little bit of wing-wing, but they’re the ones that are wrong.
19. Whether you’re a dark meat or white meat fan, KFC’s got you covered – they really know how to wing it.
20. KFC’s chicken is so tasty, it’s worth hen-pecking at.

Finger-Lickin’ Good (KFC Pun Juxtaposition)

1. KFC employees are great at hand-shaking, they’ve had lots of practice breading fingers.
2. If you play music backwards at KFC, you’ll hear a recipe for sacred fried chicken.
3. I went to KFC and asked for a bucket of fried chicken and they gave me an oil tanker.
4. If you sold KFC by the pound, then we could finally get a weigh in about the whole chicken vs wings debate.
5. The KFC manager was thrilled when he found out the health inspector was taken care of. He plucked his last feather and added him to the fryer.
6. If Colonel Sanders played a game of poker, he’d always raise the stakes with a bucket of KFC as the pot.
7. I tried to sell my KFC hat but the dealer said it’s too fowl.
8. Why did Colonel Sanders carry a clock? Because he couldn’t sell the chicken without any “wings”.
9. My friend gave a thumbs up to his KFC sandwich and joked he was giving the chicken one last ‘wing.
10. Did you hear about the butcher who backed into the meat grinder? He got a little behind in his orders.
11. Why did the chicken go to KFC? To get to the other side of the coat rack!
12. The KFC manager always makes sure the fryer is preheated, but sometimes a general warm-up is all the chicken needs.
13. When the KFC cashier asked for my order I replied, “I’m sorry, I’m a little chicken”.
14. Colonel Sanders never liked the fried chicken he cooked, but he always found it finger lickin’ good.
15. If you need help improving your math grades, just ask the Colonel. He’s an expert on drumsticks and breast calculations.
16. At KFC, they really don’t mess around with the chickens. Apparently, they use heavy artillery!
17. The Colonel’s favorite season is winter… he loves a perfectly seasoned chicken.
18. I asked the KFC server how much food can I get for $5 and they told me “a leg and a thigh” but that offer will cost me an “arm and a leg”.
19. Why did Colonel Sanders visit the cosmetic dentist? He wanted whiter fangs.
20. The last time I overslept and missed breakfast, someone mentioned a KFC Egg McMuffin.

Finger Lickin’ Fun: KFC Puns That’ll Leave You Clucking for More!

1. Colonel Sanders’ fried chicken is always a “wing-win” situation.
2. When it comes to KFC, there’s “no batter chicken” out there.
3. Eating KFC is a “fowl play” that’s worth it.
4. The KFC gravy is so good, it’s “southern comfort.”
5. If someone says they don’t like KFC, it’s clear they don’t know “what’s good for latkes.”
6. KFC’s biscuits are so perfect, they’re “biscuit-fully delicious.”
7. KFC’s 11 herbs and spices make for a “spicy” life.
8. KFC is the “king of the coop.
9. Customers can always “roost” easy when it comes to KFC.
10. When Colonel Sanders founded KFC, it was the original “chicken n’ fixins” spot.
11. KFC’s chicken is so tasty, it’s “unclubbable.”
12. The KFC menu is “egg-cellent” for any occasion.
13. KFC knows how to “drumstick” to their roots.
14. KFC doesn’t “capon” customer service.
15. KFC’s “wing-man” Colonel Sanders started it all.
16. KFC is the “bantam of fast food.”
17. KFC’s chicken is so flavorful, it’s “clucking delicious.”
18. There’s no question KFC is “fowl-tastic.”
19. At KFC, the chicken is always cooked “hen-perfect.”
20. When it comes to fried chicken, KFC is “hatcha-later.”

Finger-Lickin’ Fun with KFC Spoonerisms!

1. “Fried cluckin’ Kentucky”
2. “Kentucky Fry Chicken”
3. “Bucket FFC”
4. “Chick N Kentucky”
5. “KFC – Krunchy Fried Chicken”
6. “Kentucky Bred Chicken”
7. “Chickity Flickity”,
8. “Fry my Chickens”,
9. “Chickin’ Frizz”
10. “Kentucky Quackin'”
11. “Fried Chicken Krushers”
12. “Kentucky Fried Finger-lickers”
13. “Fried Cavendish”
14. “Kentucky Fried Crowns”
15. “Wild Fried Chicken”
16. “KFC (Krunchy and Fried Hot)”
17. “Colonel’s Fried Krunch”
18. “Kentucky Fried Chickadees”
19. “KFC – Kentucky Footlong Chicken”
20. “Finger Lickin’ Krunch”

Finger Lickin’ Funny (Tom Swifties on KFC Puns)

1. “I love KFC,” said Tom, “fowlly.”
2. “I’m craving KFC,” said Tom, “wingspanningly.”
3. “I can’t resist KFC,” said Tom, “finger-lickingly.”
4. “I always go to KFC,” said Tom, “fried-ly.”
5. “KFC is finger-lickin’ good!” said Tom, “chickenly.”
6. “Eating KFC is always satisfying,” said Tom, “soully.”
7. “I always get the family bucket at KFC,” said Tom, “fowlly.”
8. “I’m always in the mood for KFC,” said Tom, “carnivorous-ly.”
9. “I dream of KFC,” said Tom, “wingedly.”
10. “I can smell the KFC from here,” said Tom, “mouthwateringly.”
11. “KFC is the Colonel’s secret recipe,” said Tom, “spicily.”
12. “I could eat KFC every day,” said Tom, “drumstickly.”
13. “KFC is always crispy and juicy,” said Tom, “chickenly.”
14. “KFC is the ultimate comfort food,” said Tom, “thigh-fully.”
15. “I’m addicted to KFC,” said Tom, “greedily.”
16. KFC is the key to my heart,” said Tom, “tend-er-ly.
17. “I always feel like a winner at KFC,” said Tom, “wingingly.”
18. “KFC is the ultimate stress reliever,” said Tom, “thigh-happily.”
19. “I got my eyes on the KFC bucket,” said Tom, “breastfully.”
20. “I can’t get enough of KFC,” said Tom, “wingedly.”

Fowl Language: KFC Oxymoronic Puns

1. “Healthy” fried chicken
2. “Boneless” chicken wings
3. “Grilled” extra crispy chicken
4. “Low calorie” biscuits
5. “Diet” mashed potatoes
6. “Vegetarian” chicken strips
7. “Organic” fast food
8. “Gourmet” bucket of chicken
9. “Farm to table” chicken nuggets
10. “Deluxe” dollar menu options
11. Premium” popcorn chicken
12. “Heart-healthy” fried foods
13. “Lightly breaded” chicken tenders
14. Fitness” family meals
15. “Natural” chicken patties
16. “Lean” fried chicken sandwiches
17. “Fresh never frozen” chicken strips
18. Clean eating” drumsticks
19. Whole grain” biscuits
20. “Low carb” chicken pot pie

Finger Lickin’ Recursive Puns (Pun-tilious Wordplay at KFC)

1. I went to KFC and ordered a 10-piece bucket, but they gave me 11. That was a real finger-lickin’ surprise.
2. The Colonel was really into math. He always said, “I don’t just want 11 herbs and spices, I want to know the factorial of each one.”
3. I was going to make a joke about KFC’s famous bowls, but it just seemed a little too com-bowl-some.
4. People said the secret seasoning blend at KFC was a mystery, but I think it’s just a really well-kept thyme-travel secret.
5. At KFC, they named their chicken dishes after their favorite TV shows. My personal favorite is “Drumstick Abbey.”
6. They say KFC’s chicken is “finger-lickin’ good,” but I always just end up being left-wing.
7. I heard a rumor that KFC was planning on releasing a chicken-flavored energy drink. That sounds like a recipe for disaster.
8. I asked the KFC employee if they could hook me up with some extra crispy chicken, but they told me it was a “fowl” request.
9. If you’re ever feeling down, just remember that KFC’s gravy is there to “herb” you up.
10. KFC should really consider expanding their menu to include chicken nuggets. After all, you can’t spell “chicken” without “nugget.”
11. I tried making my own KFC-style chicken at home, but I ended up with more of a “chick-fail” situation.
12. I’m not saying that KFC’s biscuits are better than my grandma’s, but they’re definitely “worth their weight in dough.”
13. At KFC, they always ask if you want white meat or dark meat. I just ask for whatever will give me the most “cluck for my buck.”
14. After I eat KFC’s mac and cheese, I feel like I can take on the world. It’s like a “pasta-ffice.”
15. If you’re ever looking for a chicken-related pick-up line, try “Are you KFC? Because you’re finger-lickin’ fine.”
16. I tried to tell my friend a joke about KFC’s coleslaw, but I think it went over their head. It was probably a “cabbage-patch joke.”
17. At KFC, they’re always asking if you want to “make it a meal.” To me, that just means they’re trying to “chicken out” of giving you less food.
18. I heard that KFC is planning on getting into the sandwich game. I can’t wait for them to reveal their latest invention: the “cluck-nut butter sandwich.
19. The best part of getting KFC delivered is that you don’t have to worry about “fowl weather.
20. I don’t always eat at KFC, but when I do, I prefer my chicken “recur-served.”

Finger Lickin’ Punny: KFC Cliches and Wordplays

1. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this finger-lickin’ good chicken, said the vampire.
2. “The Colonel’s secret blend of 11 herbs and spices? More like 11 herbs and spices to make my taste buds come alive!”
3. “This KFC meal is so delicious, it’s like getting a raise in taste buds.”
4. “KFC may have fried chicken, but I have a baked idea for a better meal.”
5. “I took the KFC bucket challenge and I’m lickin’ it.”
6. “I’ll never chicken out of a KFC feast.”
7. “Why did the chicken cross the road to get to KFC? Because it had good taste!”
8. “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s just Colonel Sanders delivering our KFC order.”
9. “Finger-lickin’ good? More like finger-stickin’ delicious!”
10. “When it comes to KFC, I’m always in a fowl mood because I want more.”
11. “KFC: the Colonel’s way of saying ‘I’m sorry’ for making us wait for the chicken sandwiches.”
12. “It’s a KFC world, we just live in it.”
13. “Why did the chicken go to KFC? For a wing and a prayer.”
14. “I was feeling a little chicken, so I took a KFC break.”
15. “KFC: because sometimes, you just need something to cluck about.”
16. “I’m not yolking around when it comes to KFC being my favorite fast food.”
17. “Let’s just wing it and get some KFC for dinner tonight.”
18. “I’m head over heels for KFC’s crispy chicken.”
19. “I couldn’t help but let out a clucking noise after taking a bite of this KFC goodness.”
20. “KFC has got me feeling like a spring chicken again.”

In conclusion, these KFC puns are truly finger-lickin’ good! We hope you had a good laugh and found some pun-ny inspiration for your next chicken-themed joke. Don’t forget to check out our other pun collections on the website, and thank you for stopping by!

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