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Looking for a fun and pun-filled way to add some flavor to your day? Look no further than our collection of over 200 grape puns! These jokes are sure to make you laugh and feel ”vine” while indulging in some fruity humor. From wordplay to puns on popular culture and history, we’ve got it all covered. So why not sip on some grape juice, and enjoy a hilarious ride through these juicy one-liners and witty jokes. Whether you’re a fan of red or white varieties, or just love the fruity flavor, these puns are sure to tickle your taste buds and leave you feeling grape-tastic! Get ready to have a bunch of laughs and some grape fun with our unforgettable grape puns!

Sip, sip, hooray! (Editors Pick)

1. “I just can’t wine about these grape puns.”
2. “What do you call a grape that’s not happy? A sour grape!”
3. Why did the grape go on a date with a raisin? Because it couldn’t get a date with a current.”
4. “I heard they’re making a movie about grapes. It’s going to be a bunch of vine.”
5. “What did the grape say when it got stepped on? Nothing, it just let out a little wine.
6. “What did the grape say when it got slapped? Nothing, it just raisin-ed up its hands.”
7. “Why do grapes get picked first in a game of Red Rover? Because they’re the juiciest.”
8. What’s a grape’s favorite way to travel? By pear.”
9. “What do you call a grape that’s a spy? A resplendent grape.”
10. Why do grapes make bad detectives? Because they always wine about not being able to find the clues.”
11. “What did the grape say when it got offered a job? I’m not sure, but I bet it was a fruitful opportunity.”
12. “Why was the grape so embarrassed? Because it saw the raisin loaf-ing around in the corner.”
13. “What do you call a grape who’s always telling jokes? A wisecracking fruit.”
14. “What do you call a grape that’s lost its wrapper? A bare grape.”
15. “What do you call a grape with a sunburn? A baking grape.”
16. “What do you call a grape that’s really into football? A touchdown grape.”
17. Why did the grape go to school? To learn how to raisin its grades.”
18. “What do you call a group of grapes singing together? A choir of vine.”
19. “What do you call a grape computer programmer? A grape-fruit.”
20. “What do you call a bottle of grape soda that’s been aged for 10 years? A fine-wine soda.”

Grape Escapes (One-liner Puns)

1. I tried to organize a grape boycott, but it was a total raisin d’etre.

2. What do you call a group of grapes singing together? The grape-est show on earth.

3. I don’t always eat grapes, but when I do, I prefer them to be sour grapes.

4. What did the grape say when it got stepped on? Nothing, it just let out a little wine.

5. Why did the grape break up with the banana? Because it was raisin the wrong fruit.

6. It’s hard to impress a grape, they’re usually pretty vine with themselves.

7. I’m terrible at telling the difference between Cabernet and Merlot. In a wine or two, they all just grape together.

8. What do you call a grape that’s always moving? A grape-escape.

9. Why did the grape refuse to go to the party? It didn’t want to raisin any eyebrows.

10. When life gets tough, I just try to remember – there’s always grape juice in the fridge.

11. Did you hear about the grape that won the marathon? He was a total wine-ner.

12. I can’t believe we used to rely on grape communication. Now we have vine-ternet.

13. Why did the grape go on a road trip? To see more of its vine country.

14. Why did the grape go out with the prune? Because he couldn’t get a date with the raisin.

15. I’m not saying that I’m addicted to grape juice, but I am a little vine-tage.

16. How do you make a grape laugh? You grape it in the puns.

17. I like my grapes like I like my jokes – dry and full of puns.

18. Why did the grape go to the doctor? Because it was feeling a little sour.

19. You can always trust a grape to keep its word – it’s all about ethical grape behavior.

20. What do you get if you cross a grape with an owl? A grape-hoot.

Juicy Queries (Question-and-Answer Puns on Grape Puns)

1. What do you call a grape that can sing? A grape-er-a!
2. Why did the grape refuse to grow up? She wanted to be a raisin.
3. What did the grape say when he got stepped on? Nothing, he just let out a little wine.
4. Why did the grape stop in the middle of the road? She ran out of juice.
5. How do you know if a grape is angry? They turn sour.
6. Why was the grape afraid of the vacuum cleaner? Because it sucked everything up, especially raisins.
7. What do you call it when a grape is sad? Grape-depressed.
8. Why did the grape want to be a detective? He wanted to solve grape mysteries.
9. What do you get when you cross a grape and a rhinoceros? A grape-horn.
10. What do you call a fancy grape? A grape-tosser.
11. Why did the grape go out with the prune? He couldn’t find a date to the raisin.
12. How do you catch a grape? With a grape trap.
13. What did the grape say to the apple when he asked him out on a date? Sorry, I’m already raisin someone else.
14. How do you make a grape shake? Put it in a blender and give it a whirl.
15. What do you call a grape that’s gone bad? Rotten to the core!
16. What type of music do grapes like? Stem-cell.
17. Why was the grape mad at the apple? Because he raisin-d to the occasion, and the apple didn’t.
18. Why did the grape fail his math test? He couldn’t solve a grape inequality.
19. What did the grape say to the other grape when they got stepped on together? Well, this is uncork-able!
20. How do you make a fruit punch with grapes? Put them in water and squish them – it’s a grape way to make a punch!

A Grape Time Was Had by All (Double Entendre Puns)

1. “I got grape expectations for this harvest season.”
2. “This grape juice is bursting with flavor, just like my Tinder messages.”
3. “I can’t get enough of these juicy grapes. Just like my ex-boyfriend, amirite?”
4. “I like my wine like I like my women, full-bodied and with a little bit of grape.”
5. “I’m a ‘raisin’ awareness about the importance of eating grapes every day.”
6. “I’m feeling grape-tastic today!”
7. These grapes are so good, they’re raising the ‘stake’ for all other fruits.
8. “Grapes are like people. Some are sour, some are sweet, and some are a little bit naughty.
9. “Grapes are the perfect way to ‘wine’ down after a long day.”
10. “I’m a grape lover, but I only like the ones with some ‘bunch.'”
11. “If loving grapes is wrong, I don’t want to be ‘ripe’.”
12. “Grapes and I go way back. It’s like they’re in my ‘vine’ and won’t let go.”
13. I like my grapes like I like my jokes, a little bit ‘corny‘.
14. “Grape expectations? More like grape experiences!”
15. “Grapes are the ‘sole’ reason I’m happy today!”
16. “I can’t resist those plump, juicy grapes. Just like I can’t resist a good-looking man.”
17. “Grapes make me see ‘red’ in the best way possible.”
18. “I’m like a grape on a vine, just waiting to be ‘picked’.”
19. “Grape it like you mean it!”
20. “I’ve got a bit of a grape addiction. I can’t help it, they’re just so ‘appeeling’.”

Vine-credible Grape Puns (Idiomatic Incidents)

1. Don’t be such a sour grape.
2. It’s time to wine down for the day.
3. He crushed the competition.
4. This job is a grape opportunity.
5. She couldn’t handle the grape responsibility.
6. He’s grape at math.
7. Don’t be a grape thief.
8. I’m raisin’ the bar.
9. You must be grapeful for what you have.
10. Let’s raise a glass to success!
11. He’s been crushing grapes all day.
12. It’s time to stem the tide of negativity.
13. Don’t be grape at me, I’m just the messenger.
14. I can’t help but feel grape about this.
15. It’s time to press on.
16. You can’t wine about it now.
17. Don’t judge a grape by its color.
18. He’s grape at entertaining guests.
19. That was a grape idea!
20. I can’t wait to taste the fruits of our labor.

Grape Expectations (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. “I was going to tell you a grape joke, but it would just wine-d you up.”
2. “Grape, let me tell you a secret.”
3. My friend is a grape farmer, but he’s always raisin’ the bar.
4. “Why was the grape so sad? Its parents were in a jam.”
5. “People who steal grapes need to be stopped, it’s time to take a vine-tage point.”
6. “I was trying to figure out the perfect pairing for my wine until I realized it was grape minds think alike.”
7. “What’s a grape’s favorite type of music? Raisin country.”
8. “The grape made a terrible comedian, it always raisin’ its voice.”
9. “I called him a raisin because he hadn’t been out in the wine-light in years.”
10. Did you hear about the grape who won all the awards at the film festival? He was an outstanding in his vine.”
11. “What do you call a grape that’s been stepped on? Wine-d.”
12. “He went to school to learn to make wine but didn’t graduate because he was grape-less.”
13. “I offered my grape friend the pun I had thought of, but the flavor was lost on him.”
14. “A grape that’s experienced heartbreak is in a sour raisin.”
15. “I like red wine so much that grape-jelly believe it.”
16. One grape turned to the other and asked, “Have you heard of the new raisin?” Reply, “It’s grape news to me.
17. “You gotta hand it to grapes: they’re always raisin’ the bar.”
18. Why did the grape quit the softball team? He was tired of wine-ing.”
19. “Don’t be a grape, just raisin your voice isn’t going to solve anything.”
20. “What do you call a grape that’s well-off? The grape-to of the town.”

Grape Expectations (Puns in grape-related names)

1. Grapes of Rad
2. Grape Expectations
3. Grape Times
4. Grape Job
5. Grape Escape
6. Grape Minds Think Alike
7. Grape Minds Drink Alike
8. Grape Minds Link alike
9. Grape Minds Sink Alike
10. Grape Minds Wink Alike
11. Grape Minds Pink Alike
12. Grape Minds Blink Alike
13. Grape Minds Shrink Alike
14. Grape Minds Sync Alike
15. Grapeness Grasped
16. Grapeful Dead
17. Grape Depression
18. Grape Depression Glass
19. Grape Depression Cake
20. Grape Gatsby

Grape Expectations: Spoonerisms for Wine Connoisseurs

1. Deep plum – Peep d-lum
2. Red wine – Wed rine
3. Purple grapes – Gurple prapes
4. Vineyard – Fineyard
5. Grape juice – Jape gruice
6. Grapefruit – Frate gripple
7. Grapevine – Vape grin
8. Seedless grapes – Greedless shape
9. Grape jelly – Jape grelly
10. Raisins – Raze ins
11. Grape seed oil – Shape greed oyl
12. Grape soda – Spape groda
13. Concord grapes – Gunkord crapes
14. Grape pie – Pape gri
15. Grape jam – Jape gram
16. Grape leaves – Lape greaves
17. Muscadine grapes – Guskydine mrapes
18. Grape seed extract – Shap greed exstract
19. Grape candy – Cape grandy
20. Grape ice cream – Ipe gream cream

Grape Expectations – Tom Swifties That Will Leave You Wine-ing

1. “I can’t stand the taste of grapes,” Tom said sourly.
2. “This vineyard is amazing!” Tom exclaimed fruitfully.
3. “I don’t like raisin bread,” Tom proclaimed dryly.
4. “These grapes are huge!” Tom said massively.
5. “I hate it when people step on grapes,” Tom said crushingly.
6. I only like to eat grapes with cheese,” Tom said fondly.
7. “I don’t like to eat the skin of grapes,” Tom said peevishly.
8. “This grape jelly is too sweet,” Tom said jammingly.
9. “I always buy seedless grapes,” Tom said seedlessly.
10. “I love to eat grapes on the go,” Tom said travelingly.
11. “This wine tastes terrible,” Tom said corkedly.
12. “I never knew grape juice could be this good,” Tom said juicily.
13. “I don’t mind eating grapes off the floor,” Tom said casually.
14. “I enjoy eating grapes while watching the sunset,” Tom said romantically.
15. “I like to eat my grapes with a fork,” Tom said prongingly.
16. “I think white grapes are better than red grapes,” Tom said colorfully.
17. “This grape soda is too fizzy,” Tom said bubbly.
18. “I always eat grapes while listening to music,” Tom said tune-fully.
19. “I don’t like grapefruit,” Tom said tangily.
20. “I never eat grapefruit with sugar,” Tom said sourly.

Grape Expectations: Oxymoronic Grape Puns

1. Why did the grape break up with the raisin? It just couldn’t deal with the dried-up relationship.
2. I’m not fond of champagne made from grapes; it’s such an uncivilized refinement.
3. Grapes are totally one of a kind – I’ve never met a fruit quite so unique yet so grape-like.
4. I wish my dentist could extract my grape-flavored tooth without giving me a hard time.
5. It doesn’t matter how much a grape weighs; it’s always going to be a grape.
6. To be honest, playing with grapes is a very serious game; you must crush your opponent.
7. My friend is an uva enthusiast, but I think they’re a bit sour about it.
8. I hear grape growers really pull their weight in the vineyards.
9. Whenever I eat grapes, they always leave a sour and grapesy taste in my mouth.
10. Eating grapes is tough work – it’s always a grape-leap.
11. Why did the grape leave the party early? It ran out of ato-and-fro.
12. I can’t handle all these grape puns, it’s turning into an unbearably pleasant annoyance.
13. Why did everyone laugh when the grape crossed the road? Because it was stuck in a vine.
14. What does a grape say to the moon? Nothing, it just shines in the violet light.
15. I’m not sure who coined the phrase “one in a grapevine,” but I think they took it too far.
16. Why did the grape find it hard to wine? It had lost its stomping grounds.
17. When interpreting the classic fruit paintings, it’s important to grape between the lines.
18. The grape juice had to quit drinking; it was falling victim to the alcohol grapes.
19. Why don’t grapes ever celebrate their birthdays? Because every year they become wine.
20. Every time I go to the grocery store, I ask my produce guy to lend me a grape on credit – he always thinks I’m raisin a fuss.

Chardonnay or should I Say “Shardy” Puns (Recursive Grape Puns)

1. Why did the grape go to the doctor? Because it was feeling juice-y.
2. What is a grape’s favorite type of undertaker? A raisin-taker.
3. Why do grapes get mad at their friends? Because they always wine and dine.
4. What do you call a group of grapes playing music together? A grape band.
5. Why did the grape go on a diet? It wanted to be raisin-able.
6. What do you call a grape that’s not relaxing? A grape that’s tense-in
7. Why are grapes so good at telling jokes? They always have a bunch of puns.
8. What do you call a bunch of grapes that are also detectives? Grapevine investigators.
9. What did the grape say when it got stepped on? Nothing, but it let out a little wine later on.
10. Why did the grape get lost? Because it took a wrong vine.
11. What did the grape say when it was elected class president? “I promise to raisin the bar.”
12. Why are grapes terrible at telling secrets? Because they always end up in a bunch.
13. What do you call it when a grape is too tired to continue working hard? A break grape.
14. Why did the grape get sent to detention? It was always being raisin hell in class.
15. What do you call a grape that’s on fire? A flame-raisin.
16. Why do grapes always throw the best parties? Because they know how to wine and dine.
17. What do you call a grape that’s playing video games? Grape-joystick.
18. What did the grape say when it saw its reflection in the mirror? It said, “I’m looking vine.”
19. What do grapes do when they fight? They don’t punch, they just raisin their voices.
20. Why don’t grapes like to play sports? Because they’re always wine-ing.

A Grape Time with Punny Cliches

1. “I can’t wine with these grape puns!”
2. “In grape times of need, I turn to puns for comfort.”
3. “You can’t have a bad grape day with these puns around.”
4. “He who laughs last probably didn’t understand the grape pun.”
5. “Grape puns are the zest way to make your friends smile.”
6. I raisinly hope these grape puns don’t fall short.
7. “I can’t help but vine about grape puns all day.”
8. These grape puns are berry funny.
9. “I’m not sorry for grape puns, they’re always pun-derful.”
10. “Grape puns? I’m juice not gonna let those slip by.”
11. “Don’t be sour, just enjoy these grape puns!”
12. “These grape puns are the currant of my existence.”
13. “I’m not great at coming up with grape puns, but I get there eventually.”
14. “Grape puns are always in season.”
15. “I don’t see the de-alcoholism of making grape puns.”
16. “I’ll ferment on these grape puns until wine d down.”
17. “I always feel vine after telling a great grape pun.”
18. “A grape pun a day keeps the doctor away.”
19. “These grape puns are the icing on the bunch.”
20. “I know these grape puns can be a bit vine-dictive, but I can’t resist.”

In conclusion, we hope that these grape puns made you laugh and feel vine-tastic! Remember, there are plenty more puns where these came from, so be sure to check out the rest of our website. Thank you for taking the time to visit, and may your day be filled with laughter and endless puns!

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