Laugh Out Loud with 200+ Fencing Puns: A Playful Thrust into Humor

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If you’re ready to have a rip-roaring good time, then get ready for some pun-tastic fun with our collection of over 200 fencing puns! Whether you’re a seasoned swordsman or just a fan of sharp wit, these puns are sure to hit the mark. From clever wordplay to hilarious double entendres, our collection has it all. So grab your foil and prepare to laugh out loud as we take a playful thrust into the world of fencing humor! Let’s jump right in and parry with puns that will make you lung(e)!

Fence Yourself In with these Top (Editors Pick) Fencing Puns

1. “Fencers always know how to parry on a good conversation!”
2. Fencing is like a game of chess, just with pointy weapons!
3. If a fencer needs a drink, they’ll always ask for a ‘sworda’!
4. Fence it till you make it!
5. “When fencers need a break, they go for a ‘foil’!”
6. Fencing always helps to ‘en’gage both the body and mind!
7. “To become a good fencer, you must ‘epee’ly focus!”
8. Fencing is an art, a masterpiece in ‘fence-etry’!
9. A fencer’s favorite kind of music? The ‘epee-c’lectic variety!”
10. “When a fencer needs to relax, they go for a relaxing ‘rapier-therapy’ session!”
11. “Fencing isn’t just about striking, it’s also about ‘fence’-itivity!”
12. “Fencers know how to ‘foil’ any tricky situation!”
13. “Fencing is an excellent ‘weapon’ against boredom!”
14. Fencing is a ‘point’ of pride for many enthusiasts!
15. “Fencing is all about ‘epee’ing up with the right technique!”
16. “Fencers are always on ‘point’, both figuratively and literally!”
17. “When a fencer makes a mistake, they gracefully ‘parry’ it off!”
18. Fencing is the sport that will ‘thrust’ you into action!
19. “Fencers never give up, they always ‘fence-ourageously’ try again!”
20. Fencing is the ultimate way to ‘foil’ any opponent’s plan!

Fencing Funnies (One-liner Puns)

1. Why did the fencer carry a pencil? In case she needed to draw her sword!
2. Fencing is like acting, but with more en garde!
3. Fencers always take “point” seriously!
4. I challenged a fencer to a duel, but they didn’t have a point to make.
5. Fencing is a cut above the rest!
6. Fencers are f-ence-inating!
7. Fencers never get stuck in a bad rapier!
8. A good fencer always nails their opponent!
9. Fencing is a sport where you can go for the jugular!
10. I started fencing because I wanted to break down the barriers in my life!
11. When my fencer friend fell down, I told them to pick themselves up and parry on!
12. Fencing is the key to a sharp mind and body!
13. The fencer was late for the match because they got caught up in the fencing.
14. Fencing is a sport of thrust and parry — just like a good conversation!
15. I wanted to become a fencing champion, but I couldn’t grip it.
16. Fencers always know how to handle the situation with finesse!
17. The fencer was struggling with their technique, but they took it on the fleche!
18. The fencer’s signature move was the “rip-ooste”!
19. Fencing is the ultimate art of sword-om!
20. A fencer’s motto: “Epee, epee, hooray!”

Fence Funnies (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What do you call a fencer who wears a cowboy hat? A fence-buster!
2. Why do fencers make great gymnasts? They always excel at “touché” landings!
3. What’s a fencer’s favorite type of fruit? A for-peach-o!
4. Why did the fencer bring a ladder to the competition? To climb to new fencing “heights”!
5. How do fencers stay warm during winter? They always wear “fleche”-lined jackets.
6. Why did the fencer visit the dentist? They had a “parry”-odontal issue!
7. What did the coach say when the fencer asked for a break? “Sure, take a foil-det”!
8. How do fencers call for help? They “epee” for assistance!
9. What did the fencer say when someone questioned their ability? “I’m no amateur, I’m a pro-vide”!
10. Why did the fencer refuse to join the band? They didn’t want to play “rapier”music.
11. What’s a fencer’s favorite type of music? “Fence-step”!
12. Why do fencers always have good manners? They’ve been taught proper “en-garde-etiquette”!
13. What did the fencer say after a successful bout? “That was a point well taken”!
14. Why did the fencer go to the chiropractor? They needed to align their “thrust of vertebrae”.
15. What do you call a fencer who loves to shop? A “sword-ing fashionista”!
16. Why did the fencer bring an umbrella to practice? They needed to “foil” a sudden downpour!
17. What’s a fencer’s favorite type of movie? “Sword and Prejudice”!
18. Why did the fencer have trouble sleeping? They kept having “nightmares” about opponent lunges!
19. What do fencers say when they meet in public? “Nice to see you, en-garde”!
20. Why don’t fencers like to gamble? They prefer “en-garde-ily” earned money.

Fencing wit: Duel entendres (Double Entendre Puns)

1. “Fencing is all about getting the point across.”
2. Did you hear about the two fencers who fell in love? It was a foil of passion.”
3. Fencing is like a relationship, sometimes it’s all about give and parry.
4. Fencers always have a touché time on the piste.
5. “What do you call a fencer who likes to live on the edge? A sharp dresser.”
6. Fencing is a sport where everything hangs in the balance.
7. “The fencer’s motto: ‘Attack first, ask épée existential questions later.'”
8. “Fencers love their swords because they always come to their rescuard.”
9. “When it comes to fencing, being on point is essential.”
10. Fencers are always ready to strike while the iron is foil.
11. Fencing is an art, and the fencers are always ready to paint the town red.
12. Fencers are commonly found with sticky swords, but they’re not buttering anyone up.
13. “Fencing is like a good relationship, it’s all about finding that perfect balance.”
14. Fencers are always looking for the right angle to get ahead.
15. “Fencing isn’t just physical, it’s about having a sharp mind and point of view.”
16. “When fencers compete, their blades are never the only things crossed.”
17. “Fencers always leave a lasting impression, especially with their en garde faces.”
18. “Fencers really know how to lunge into any situation.”
19. “Fences may keep things in or out, but a fencer can break through any barrier.”
20. “Fencers may wear masks, but they still know how to unguard their true feelings.”

Fencing Funnies: Swordplay and Puns in Idioms

1. Fencing is always a cut above the rest!
2. I’m feeling on point today, just like a fencer with a sword!
3. You can always count on a fencer to stick it out till the end.
4. Fencers really know how to fence their way through challenges.
5. A fencer’s mind is always sharp as a fencer’s blade.
6. Fencing is all about putting your opponent on the fence!
7. Fencing requires a lot of concentration, but it’s all worth it for the thrust.
8. Fencers are always on guard, ready to attack or defend.
9. Fencing is the perfect sport for those who like to touché the stars!
10. Fencers never back down, they always face forward.
11. Fencing is like a dance with swords, you have to move fluidly.
12. Fencing is the art of being sharp but also flexible, just like a pun.
13. Fencing is all about provoking your opponent into making a mistake and then capitalizing on it.
14. A fencer’s ambition always cuts straight through the competition.
15. Fencing is all about finding the perfect balance between offense and defense.
16. Fencers make the game point, by point!
17. Fencing is a sport where every little touché counts.
18. Fencing is so electrifying, it will definitely make your hair stand on end.
19. Fencers are always on the edge of victory, just like the point of their sword.
20. Fencing is a sport where you have to toe the line, both literally and metaphorically.

“Fencing Follies: Puns That Point You in the Right Foil Direction”

1. I used to study architecture, but I found it too straight-laced. Now I’m into fencing, where I can be more off-guard.
2. My friend got really good at fencing, but he still occasionally goes off the s-word.
3. Fencing is like a customer service job—always putting up barriers.
4. I went to the barber and asked for a fencing hairstyle. Now I have a fence-tastic look.
5. My dad said I should quit fencing and become a farmer. Now I’m stuck between two types of fencing.
6. Fencing can be electric, but my relationship with it has no spark.
7. I wanted to become a pro fencer, but I realized my skills were a bit foiled.
8. Some may say fencing is pointless, but it keeps me on the edge.
9. I tried to become a fencing coach, but I couldn’t handle all the lunge breaks.
10. At the fencing competition, they asked me to stop making so many sword puns. I couldn’t help it, I was just on point!
11. I took my fencing equipment to the camping trip. Now I can set up a tent and a strong defense!
12. My fencing instructor told me I had a lot of potential. I guess he saw my fence-astic enthusiasm!
13. I wanted to be a famous fencer, but I could never find the right en garde robe.
14. I tried to take up crochet, but I felt more at home with the feel of a good foil.
15. I went to a fencing conference, and the main speaker was a real cut-up!
16. Fencing is the only sport where you can stab someone with a good conscience.
17. My dad wanted me to be a doctor, but I preferred slicing up people’s ambitions on the fencing floor.
18. Sorry I’m late to the fencing competition, it took me forever to find my way out of this picket-fence labyrinth.
19. I thought about becoming a chef, but I realized I couldn’t cut the mustard like I can with a saber.
20. My dream is to become a famous fencer and create a real social fence-work.

En Garde for Fanciful Fencing Puns!

1. Peter EnGuarde
2. Foil LaRoux
3. Épée N. Tell
4. Saber McStrike
5. Lance Armstrong
6. Victor Parry
7. Riposte Jones
8. Touché Montoya
9. Bella En Garde
10. Épeelicious
11. Blade Runner
12. Sabrina Slash
13. Stabatha Christie
14. Pierce Brosnan
15. Clint Saber
16. Ferris Fencer
17. Faye Dagger
18. Saberella
19. En Guardiola
20. Sir Thrustalot

Fencing Fun with Flipped Phrases!

1. Blocking ducks
2. Hitting lapel
3. Fencing fiends
4. Lunging spools
5. Jumping pees
6. Foxy sabers
7. Parrying beds
8. Striking hot
9. Swordlight team
10. Guarding past
11. Riposte thrift
12. Flicking row
13. Foul posting
14. Counter roast
15. Sabotage hilt
16. Scoring boner
17. Dueling sword
18. En garde goal
19. Poking chains
20. Clash joust

Fencing Fun(ning) Tom Swifties

1. “I’m not afraid to face a challenge,” said Tom, guardedly.
2. I won’t let my opponent get the upper hand,” Tom thrust.
3. I’m a fencing master,” Tom said sharply.
4. “I always conFENCE in my abilities,” Tom emphasized.
5. I can beat anyone in a duel,” Tom declared victoriously.
6. “I’m always looking for a point to prove,” said Tom pointedly.
7. “I only need one hit to strike a chord,” Tom noted.
8. “I’m the blade runner,” Tom said cuttingly.
9. “I keep my opponents at arm’s length,” Tom extended.
10. “I always have a rapier response,” Tom quipped.
11. “I don’t allow any holes in my defense,” said Tom guardingly.
12. “I’m an expert at keeping my opponents at bay,” Tom parried.
13. “I fencingly evade any difficult situation,” Tom dodged.
14. “I always stay on guard,” Tom warned.
15. “I’m the fencer to beat,” Tom confidently en garde.
16. I’m as swift as a flick of the wrist,” Tom pointed out.
17. I have the heart of a lion,” Tom pounced.
18. “I’m always ready for a feisty match,” Tom challenged.
19. “I always aim to touché hearts,” said Tom emotionally.
20. “I’m a cut above the rest,” Tom sliced.

Fencing Follies (Oxymoronic Puns): En G-4-gettable Wordplay

1. I tried to jump the fence, but I couldn’t think of anything witty to say.
2. Fencing competitions are always filled with sharp wit… and pointed swords.
3. The fencer started a duel, armed only with a plastic spoon.
4. My friend said he was going to become a professional fencer, but he couldn’t handle the pressure.
5. The fencer had a broken heart, but his sword was still intact.
6. The fencer was known for his quick wit and slow movements.
7. Fencing is the only sport where winners get pierced with medals.
8. The fencer’s favorite color was red, until he realized he’d always be on the wrong side of the score.
9. The fencer went to the party, looking sharp and feeling dull.
10. When the fencer meets their match, they must parry the compliments.
11. The fencer tried to find love, but they kept getting foiled.
12. The fencer’s biggest rival was a master of wit and swordplay, but their banter fell flat.
13. The fencer was a combination of strength and fragility, like a delicate sledgehammer.
14. The fencer had a sharp tongue, but a dull blade.
15. The fencer’s strategy was simple: stab with a smile.
16. Fencers are experts at poking fun… and poking opponents.
17. The fencer had a point to make, but nobody was interested in hearing it.
18. Fencing is the art of gracefully clashing with adversaries.
19. Whenever the fencer made a mistake, they had a witty retort ready to skewer their own pride.
20. The fencer was confident they had earned the top place, but they got stuck in the fence instead.

Recursive Circuits (Fencing Puns)

1. Did you hear the fencer’s joke about the sword? It really struck a chord!
2. Fencing can be intimidating, but once you get the point, it’s a lot of fun!
3. The fencer couldn’t decide what weapon to use, but in the end, he fenced on a sword basis.
4. Fencing competitions can be quite intense. It’s like a battle of epees!
5. Fencers are always on the cutting edge of the sport.
6. The fencing instructor was hesitant to teach the beginner how to parry, but eventually, he foiled his doubts.
7. Why did the fencer bring a ladder to the competition? They wanted to scale up their challenge!
8. Why was the fencer late to the fight? They hit a fencing maître on the road!
9. Fencing is like dancing. You need the right moves and a partner to engage in a lively competition!
10. The fencing match was electrifying! It was a real fence-tival of sparks!
11. The fencer’s advice was quite sharp; they urged everyone to foil their doubts and blade through every challenge!
12. Fencing bouts can be rough, but you just have to stay en garde and keep your point!
13. The fencer tried their hand at comedy and told a joke about swords. It was really hit and miss, more like a pun-dagger!
14. Fencers always seize the moment when their opponents are caught on the horn of a dilemma!
15. The fencer’s ambition reached new heights; they wanted to climb to the top of the fencing leaderboard and tip the scales in their favor!
16. Fencing is a sport that teaches discipline and punctuality. You must always arrive on the dot and have proper fencing etiquette.
17. Why did the fencer bring a scale to the competition? They wanted to weigh their options carefully!
18. The fencer was great at multitasking; they could épée an eye on their opponents while simultaneously thinking of new puns!
19. Fencing is all about strategy! If you don’t plan ahead, you’ll be left grasping at straws, or rather, foils!
20. The fencer always stood by their principles, making sure they had a point in every argument!

Putting Up a Good Fence (Fencing Puns and Clichés)

1. Fencing is a cut above the rest!
2. A good fencer always knows how to parry heavy traffic.
3. Fencers have a sharp wit and an even sharper sword.
4. Fencing is all about crossing swords, both literally and figuratively.
5. A fencer’s favorite song is “Hit me with your best shot!
6. Fencers always have a point to make.
7. Fencing is like a game of chess, but with a lot more pawns.
8. When it comes to fencing, you must always stay on point.
9. Fencing can sometimes be quite a challenge, but it’s always worth the foil.
10. A fencer’s motto: “En garde, or go home!”
11. Fencing: the sport where opponents are always trying to foil each other’s plans.
12. When in doubt, always trust a fencer to fence you in the right direction.
13. Fencers always know how to lunge at opportunities.
14. Fencing is like a dance, but with a lot more slashing and thrusting.
15. A fencer’s biggest fear? Getting caught on the cutting edge of a fad.
16. A good fencer always knows when to strike and when to withdraw – it’s all about balance.
17. Fencing: where the grass is always greener on the other side of the fencing strip.
18. When life gives you lemons, just grab your sword and yell “En garde!”
19. Fencing: the sport that brings people together, one clash at a time.
20. You can always trust a fencer to keep their enemies at bay.

In the world of fencing, wit and skill go hand in hand, and what better way to celebrate this than with a collection of over 200 fencing puns? We hope these playful thrusts into humor have brought a smile to your face and brightened your day. If you’re craving more wordplay, be sure to check out our website for even more pun-filled fun. Thank you for joining us on this lighthearted adventure, and may your days be forever filled with laughter and good sportsmanship.

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