Kernel of Truth: 220 Hilariously Good Corn Puns That will Surprise You

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Are you ready to have a-maize-ing time? We bet you thought corny jokes were just for kids, but prepare to be stalked by laughter with this kernel of truth: we’ve gathered over 200 hilariously good corn puns that will leave you in stitches. From poppingly funny one-liners to a-maize-ingly clever wordplay, these puns are absolute cornucopias of humor. Whether you’re a farmer, a foodie, or just someone with an ear for a good joke, these puns are sure to ear-n your laughter. So, grab a cob and get ready to be swept away by the cob-mazing world of corn puns. Let’s get popping and dive right into this a-maize-ing adventure!

“Corny Jokes That Will Make You Pop (Editor’s Pick)”

1. What did the corn say to the cornstalk? “How’s your day popping?”
2. Why don’t you ever tell secrets in a cornfield? Because there are too many ears!
3. Did you hear about the corn that joined a rock band? It became the kernel of the group!
4. What do you call a shy corn? A kernel!
5. How do cornstalks keep you posted? They use their ears!
6. What did the corn do after breaking up with its vegetable girlfriend? It went on stalkbook!
7. Why did the corn bring a trumpet to the party? Because it wants to be a-maize-ing!
8. How do you make a cornstalk laugh? You stalk to it!
9. What did one corn cob say to the other corn cob when they were sad? Cheer up, everything will be a-maize-ing soon!
10. Why did the corn get an award? Because it was ear-resistible!
11. How does a cornstalk feel on its birthday? Corn-tent!
12. Did you hear about the corn that joined the police force? It became a kernel of justice!
13. What do you get when you cross a unicorn with a cornstalk? A unicornicorn!
14. What did the baby corn say to the mom corn? Where’s my popcorn?
15. Why was the corn embarrassed? It saw the salad dressing!
16. What did the corn say to the butter? I’m on a roll!
17. How did the corn propose to the cornstalk? With an ear-ring!
18. Why did the corn start working out? It wanted to be an ear-oplane!
19. What’s a corn’s favorite type of music? Popcorn!
20. Why did the cornfield start a band? Because it had plenty of stalkers!

Cornucopia of Corny Puns

1. What did one ear of corn say to the other ear of corn? “We’re popping!”
2. Did you hear about the corn stalks that got in a fight? They had a kernel disagreement.
3. Why did the corn go to the music concert? He wanted to a-maize himself.
4. Why couldn’t the corn find its way home? It lost its kernel.
5. What do you call a corn that likes to tell jokes? A corny comedian.
6. How do you know corn is a great listener? It’s all ears!
7. Why did the corn always win in a chess game? It was a-maize-ing at strategy.
8. What did the farmer say to the corn stalk that was misbehaving? “Corn-gratulations! You’re grounded.”
9. How do corn flakes say hello? They wave their kernels!
10. Why did the corn start a band? It wanted to husk a tune.
11. What did the corn say when it answered the phone? “A-maize-ing! It’s for me!”
12. Did you hear about the corn that became a detective? It was a real corn-stalker.
13. How do you invite corn to a party? You say, “Ear’s to you. Come celebrate with us!”
14. Why did the corn steal the spotlight? It wanted to be the kernel of attention.
15. Why do corn layers make great actors? They’re experts at corn-veying emotions.
16. What do you call a corn that’s a great dancer? A pop-and-lock enthusiast.
17. What do you call the most generous corn in the field? A stalk-ing filler.
18. How did the corn feel after a workout? Kernel-tastic!
19. What’s a corn’s favorite subject in school? A-corn-omics!
20. Why did the corn always win the beauty pageant? It was stalk-ing gorgeous!

Corn Crackers (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What do you call a cornfield that’s been taken over by aliens? An “ear” abductee.
2. How did the corn stalks get in shape? They did a lot of “ear” obics.
3. Why did the corn go to school? Because it wanted to get a “k-ear-nal” education.
4. What do you call a corn cob that can’t stop laughing? A “korny” comedienne.
5. Why did the corn stalk go to therapy? It had an “ear-rationale” fear of being eaten.
6. What do you call a lazy piece of corn? An “ear” sitter.
7. Why don’t cornstalks ever join the circus? They don’t have enough “ear”-obatic skills.
8. What do you call a sociable corn kernel? A “pop”ular grain.
9. How does a cornstalk greet its friends? With an “ear”-ful smile.
10. What do you call a corn cob that tells corny jokes? A “pop” up comedian.
11. Why did the corn stalk blush? Because it saw the corny-est joke “ear”-lier.
12. What do you call a group of corn farmers dancing? A “maizzy” celebration.
13. How do cornstalks listen to music? They use their “ear”-buds.
14. What did the cornfield say to the scarecrow? “Do you want to go stalk a-corn-ting?”
15. How did the corn escape from the maze? It used its “ear”-resistible charm to convince a squirrel to help.
16. Why was the corn always nervous? It had a “kernal” of anxiety.
17. What do you call a corn cob who is really good at math? A “kernal”culus genius.
18. How does corn get high-tech? It goes to a “be-kernel”-ing class.
19. Why was the corn stalk always happy? Because it had a positive “ear”-titude.
20. What do you call a corn cob on a diet? A “kernal”-less cob.

Corn-y Jokes: A-MAIZE-ing Double Entendre Puns

1. “I heard a corn stalk say, ‘I’m all ears’ at the corn party.”
2. “Why did the corn feel embarrassed at the party? Because it saw the butter and got ‘cornfused’!”
3. “That corn farmer sure knows how to ‘pop’ up a conversation!”
4. “Did you hear about the corn’s secret crush? It had an ‘ear’resistible attraction!”
5. “The corn was so ‘grainy’ it had to flour itself!”
6. That corn wants to be confident, so it’s trying to ‘cob’ out of its shell.
7. “Why don’t corn cobs go to school? Because they’re already ‘ear’s ahead!”
8. The corn silk’s dream vacation spot is ‘Mia-maize-a’!
9. “Did you hear about the corn that attended an improv class? It was a real ‘knee-slapper’!”
10. “What do you call a mischievous corn? A ‘corn-artist’!”
11. “The corn was jealous of the garden because it wanted to be ‘ear’ as pretty!”
12. “Why did the corn lose in its race against the carrot? It couldn’t ‘kernel’ the competition!”
13. “That corn has a big ego, it’s always ‘cornvinced’ it’s the best!”
14. The corn shouted, ‘I’m on a roll!’ when it entered the bakery.
15. “Why did the corn quit its job? It wanted to ‘stalk’ a more exciting opportunity!”
16. “What type of music does corn love? Pop corn and rock ‘n’ roll!”
17. “The corn farmer had a great sense of humor; he could ‘husk’ anyone up with his jokes!”
18. “That corn farmer is always ‘stalk’in’ about his crops!”
19. “Why did the scarecrow blush when he saw the corn? He felt a kernel of attraction!”
20. “The corn was a pro at the dance party; it could really ‘pop’ and ‘shuffle’!”

Corn Pops and Corn Stars (Punny Corn Idioms)

1. I’m feeling corny, I think I’m getting corn-cestured.
2. She’s a real-ear of corn, always listening and never interrupting.
3. You must be corn-fused if you think that’s logical.
4. I’m not just blowing corn smoke, this is actually a great idea.
5. Sorry, I can’t stalk right now, I’m all corn-fused.
6. Don’t let him butter you up, he’s just a corn artist.
7. Let’s not be stalkers, let’s just enjoy the corn-versation.
8. I’m all ears if you need someone to lend a corn-hand.
9. He’s just a-maize-ing at solving puzzles, he’s a real corn-undrum solver.
10. Can we corn-municate without any misunderstandings, please?
11. I’m not trying to be corn-trolling, I genuinely care about your opinion.
12. He’s always avoiding answering difficult questions, he’s a real corn-artist.
13. Don’t be corn-tentious, let’s just agree to disagree.
14. I’m always husking around, looking for a good time.
15. She’s so sweet, she’s like the cream of the corn.
16. He’s a real corn-oisseur, he can differentiate all the different varieties.
17. That joke was a-maize-ing, it really popped!
18. Let’s not corn-taminate our relationship with unnecessary drama.
19. Don’t be corn-fronted by my honesty, it’s just my nature.
20. Can you corn-late these numbers for me? I’m not good with math.

A-maize-ing Wordplay (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. I heard corny jokes are a-maize-ing.
2. I’m all ears for some corny puns.
3. I’m husk-y for some good corny humor.
4. I’m popping with excitement to hear corn puns.
5. These corn jokes are butter than I expected.
6. I’m kerned off by bad corn puns.
7. The corn farmer was stalked by corn stalks.
8. The corny comedian told ear-resistible jokes.
9. The cornfield was a-maize-ing sight.
10. I feel corn-fused by these jokes.
11. I have a kernel of an idea for a corn pun.
12. The corn police jailed some corn stalkers.
13. I’m cob-stantly craving corny puns.
14. The corn festival was a-maize-ing event.
15. I got a corn dog as a cornditional snack.
16. The corn on the cob rolled corn-petitively.
17. The corn farmer had an ear-itation problem.
18. The corn maze left me stalk-ing in circles.
19. The cornbread recipe was ear-sistible.
20. The corn field had me feeling ear-ily lost.

Kernels of Comedy (Corn Puns)

1. Kernel Sanders (Colonel Sanders)
2. Maizey Williams (Maisie Williams)
3. Cornelius Fudge (Cornelius Fudge)
4. Pop Coborn (Popcorn)
5. Corny Weaver (Cory Weaver)
6. Caryll Jene Corn (Carol Jean Corn)
7. Corny McCartney (Paul McCartney)
8. Poppy Fields (Poppy Fields)
9. Korny Cox (Courtney Cox)
10. Kernel Mustard (Colonel Mustard)
11. Stalky Stark (Tony Stark)
12. Corny Roberts (Julia Roberts)
13. Poppy McGuire (Poppy McGuire)
14. Casper Kernels (Casper Reynolds)
15. Kernel O’Brien (Conan O’Brien)
16. Corny Holmes (Sherlock Holmes)
17. Poppy Smith (Poppy Smith)
18. Kernel Johnson (Dwayne Johnson)
19. Corny DeGeneres (Ellen DeGeneres)
20. Poppy Radcliffe (Poppy Radcliffe)

Corn Fun with Spoonerisms!

1. Acorn bop
2. Bandy corn
3. Belted cutter
4. Car of thorns
5. Cob sits
6. Creek toys
7. Farm and goat
8. Gorn cob
9. Jew corn
10. Laze of corn
11. Stalking core
12. Top of corn
13. Yawning core
14. Zeef of born
15. Creeking doors
16. Sorn cot
17. Jorn cob
18. Whipped corn
19. Lorn cob
20. Flotted yrost

Corn-dially Comical (Tom Swifties)

1. “I love biting into a fresh ear of corn,” Tom said, cornily.
2. “This corn tastes amazing,” Tom said, corn-tastically.
3. “I can’t believe I grew corn successfully,” Tom said, corngratulating himself.
4. “I don’t like the taste of genetically modified corn,” Tom said, genetically.
5. “Why did the scarecrow become a chef?” Tom asked, cornfusedly.
6. “I prefer my corn on the cob,” Tom said, cornstantly.
7. “I’m a-maize-d at how tall these cornstalks are,” Tom said, cornsidering the height.
8. “I can’t believe I missed the corn harvest festival,” Tom said, cornveniently.
9. “I don’t know how to husk corn,” Tom said, huskily.
10. I’m sorry, but I already have a date for the corn maze,” Tom said, corncerned about his plans.
11. “This popcorn is completely buttered,” Tom said, cornically.
12. “I can’t get enough of that buttery cornbread,” Tom said, cornpendiously.
13. “I only eat organic corn,” Tom said, cornscientiously.
14. “I’m the corniest comedian around,” Tom said, cornfidently.
15. “I can’t resist a good ear of corn,” Tom said, cornpulsively.
16. “I’m crushing on this stalk of corn,” Tom said, cornheartedly.
17. “I’d rather have creamed corn than corn on the cob,” Tom said, creamily.
18. This corn salsa is muy delicioso,” Tom said, cornfluently.
19. “I’m always corny in my jokes,” Tom said, cornstantly.
20. “You can’t go wrong with roasted corn,” Tom said, cornvincingly.

Popcorn Comedy: Oxymoronic Corn Puns

1. Why did the corn get arrested? It was all ears!
2. What did the corn say when it achieved its dreams? I’m on a roll!
3. Why did the corn refuse to go on a date? It didn’t want to get husked.
4. Why did the corn visit the gym? It wanted to become an earobic instructor.
5. What did the corn say when it won the lottery? “I’m rich, I can’t be corn anymore!”
6. Why did the corn go to school? It wanted to become kernel-edged.
7. How did the corn feel after a long day of work? Kernel-y exhausted.
8. What did the corn say to the farmer? “I’m all ears for your advice!”
9. Why did the corn get into a fight? It was looking for a ear-ritory dispute.
10. How did the corn respond to the critic’s negative review? “I popped your opinion!”
11. Why did the corn visit the therapist? It was feeling corn-fused.
12. What did the corn say to the butter? “You’re the cream of my crop!”
13. Why was the corn nervous? It was afraid of being grilled.
14. How did the corn feel when it saw its favorite movie? Kernel-tingling excitement!
15. Why did the corn become a comedian? It was tired of being stalk-ed.
16. What did the corn say when it found out it was being surveilled? “I’m being corn-stalked!”
17. Why was the corn uncomfortable at the party? It felt a-maize-d.
18. How did the corn react to the summer heat? It was corn-fused by the sunburn.
19. Why did the corn join a band? It had a great ear for music.
20. How did the corn feel after discovering its hidden talent? It was ear-resistible!

Kernel-icious Corny Jokes (Recursive Puns)

1. Why did the corn stalk go to therapy? It had too many unresolved kernels.
2. How do cornstalks listen to music? They use their earhusks.
3. Why did the corn go to college? It wanted to earn a degree in corn-ology.
4. How did the corn make an appointment? It used the corn-nect the dots phonebook.
5. Why did the corn refuse to attend the party? It knew it would be corny.
6. What did the corn say to the butter? I’m falling for you, even though you’re a spread-able flame.
7. Why did the corn take the day off work? It needed to husk-itate on its life choices.
8. How do baby corns learn? They go to kernal-garten.
9. Why was the corn sad all the time? Because it felt husk-ted.
10. What’s the corniest bedtime story? “The Corn and the Cob.”
11. Why did the corn get promoted at work? It had a-MAIZE-ing leadership skills.
12. How did the corn win the race? It took a short-corn.
13. Why did the corn decide to become an actor? It wanted to be stalk-worthy.
14. What did the corn say to the spinach? “Lettuce be ears of corns.”
15. Why did the corn go to the comedy club? It wanted to experience a-MAIZE-ing laughter.
16. How do corns express their love? They give husk-y hugs.
17. Why did the corn start wearing glasses? It had trouble with its corn-tacts.
18. What’s a corn’s favorite type of music? Pop corn.
19. What do you call a corn on the moon? An astro-nibble.
20. Why did the corn break up with the tomato? It realized they were in a corny relationship.

The Corn-y World of Punned Cliches

1. “Don’t count your corn-kernels before they’re husked.”
2. “You can’t make cornbread without breaking a few husks.”
3. “A-maize-ing things come to those who husk.”
4. “Don’t go against the grain, follow the corn’s kernel.”
5. “You butter believe I’m corn-stantly kernels deep in puns.”
6. “It’s time to ear-resistibly embrace your inner corniness.”
7. “Don’t let anyone stalk you down, always stay corn-fident.”
8. “When life gives you corn, pop it! Or maybe make tortillas.”
9. “Don’t worry, be peppery. Life is full of corn-undrums.”
10. Make hay while the corn shines.
11. “Corn anyone? I think it’s pop-corn time.”
12. “Don’t be corn-fused, just kern to love life’s cheesy moments.”
13. I’m feeling corn-erly about this corn pun marathon.
14. “In the field of dreams, farmers grow corn and dad jokes.”
15. When life throws you corn, make corn bread.
16. Don’t let the corn in the road stop you from reaching your kernels.
17. “An ear of corn a day keeps the hunger away.”
18. “Life’s like a corn maze, you gotta take it one kernel at a time.”
19. “Stay focused and shuck all negativity out of your life.”
20. “Never underestimate the p-opportunity to crack a corny joke.”

In conclusion, these 200+ hilariously good corn puns have surely given you a kernel of laughter and surprise! If you enjoyed these puns, be sure to check out our website for more pun-tastic content. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and we hope you had a-maize-ing time!

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