220 Deliciously Enticing Dim Sum Puns to Satisfy Your Foodie Humor Cravings

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Are you a foodie with a punny sense of humor? Look no further than this collection of 200+ dim sum puns to satisfy your cravings! From “steamed bunsiness” to “dumplings for my Valentine,” these puns are sure to make you laugh and maybe even inspire you to whip up some delicious dim sum of your own. Plus, who doesn’t love a good play on words while indulging in some tasty bites? So sit back, grab a chopstick, and enjoy these irresistibly funny dim sum puns.

“Steamed to Perfection: Dim Sum Puns” (Editors Pick)

1. I’m pretty sure this dumpling just wonton lotto.
2. “What do you call a dim sum diner with a sense of humor? A won-ton of puns.”
3. My favorite dim sum is always sui mei chicken.
4. Are you egg-cited to try these egg rolls?
5. “I found a hair in my dim sum, but I guess that’s just part of the wonton experience.”
6. I’m glad I got here early so I can get a dim sum-thing to eat.
7. “Who needs a fork when you’ve got chopsticks for dim sum?”
8. “What do you say to a dim sum that’s misbehaving? Wonton trouble!”
9. “I could eat all these dumplings by my sui.”
10. “Steamed dumplings are bao-tiful.”
11. “I ordered too much dim sum, but I guess that’s just my wonton appetite.”
12. Dim sum is the ultimate Asian fusion cuisine.
13. “The steaming basket of dim sum was a siew mai-n attraction.”
14. “If someone offers you a dim sum pun, don’t be wonton to refuse.”
15. I wanted to try the pork bun, but I didn’t want to be a barbecue shumai.
16. “I love the shrimply irresistible shrimp dumplings.”
17. “I’m so hungry I could eat a whole dim sum-three.”
18. “How do you make a dim sum laugh? Just egg roll with it.
19. I had to cancel my dim sum date because I got stuck in the pho-cus pocus.
20. “I’m already thinking about the next time I can dim summon my friends out for brunch.”

Delightful Dumpling Ditties (One-liner Puns)

1. I don’t always eat dim sum, but when I do, I dumpling.
2. I have a knack for chopstick art. It’s my dim-sum-shun.
3. I told my friend I could finish the whole order of dim sum by myself. He said, “Well, that’s just wok-ward.”
4. Why did the dumpling refuse to talk? He was stuffed.
5. I took my date to a famous dim sum restaurant. It was love at first sight steam.
6. I’m not a fan of seafood dim sum dishes, they’re too shrimply the worst.
7. I heard a joke about dim sum, but it was a little won ton.
8. My favorite part about dim sum is the conversation dumplings, I love to open up.
9. I went to a dim sum restaurant and ordered a drink. The waiter asked if I wanted that with some tea.
10. You must use chopsticks when eating dim sum, it’s a fork-bidden practice.
11. I asked my waiter for some soy sauce. He said, “You dim sum have.”
12. The dumpling argued with the noodle because he always felt pasta-mist.
13. My favorite dim sum dish is char siu bao, it’s so delicious that I find my-steam drooling.
14. I told my friend that I could eat dim sum all day. He said, “Well that’s just un-bao-lievable.”
15. Why did the dim sum order take so long? It was just a steaming pile of procrastination.
16. When I eat dim sum, I always order egg rolls. They are my egg-cited rolls.
17. I told my friend I wasn’t feeling well. She suggested I have some dim sum. I said, “That’s just wonton-ful advice.”
18. I asked my friend to come join me for some dim sum. She said, “How about dumpling tonight already?”
19. Did you hear about the dim sum restaurant that went out of business? It was a serious wonton destruction.
20. What do you call a dim sum dish that’s feeling down? A bao humbug.

Dim Sum-thing Witty (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What do you call it when a dim sum restaurant runs out of food? A wonton emergency!
2. Why did the xiao long bao refuse to marry the siu mai? Because they weren’t in the dumpling-wrapper age!
3. What did the dumpling say to the shrimp? Long time no sea!
4. Why did the shrimp dumpling go to the doctor? Because it was feeling a little shellfish!
5. What do you call a dim sum restaurant that only serves vegetarian options? A takeout temple!
6. Why did the siu mai refuse to go on a date with the taco? Because it wasn’t dim sum’s idea of a wrap party!
7. What do you call a Chinese fast-food joint that only serves dim sum? A “yum cha”-in-the-box!
8. Why do Siu Mais always take centre stage? Because they’re always worthy of some pork-tray-ture!
9. What do you call it when a dim sum restaurant moves to a different location? A wonton relocation!
10. Why did the shumai get mad at the noodle? Because it kept pasta the plate!
11. What do you call a dim sum chef who loves to gamble? A high-stakes dumpling dealer!
12. Why did the dumpling feel left out at the party? Because everyone else was having a wok-ing good time!
13. What do you call a dim sum feast that’s too spicy? A Szechuan steam-out!
14. Why did the baozi get a job at the bank? To help out with the dough!
15. What do you call a dim sum restaurant that’s also a coffee shop? A tea break eatery!
16. Why didn’t the dumpling go to the office party? Because it was already stuffed!
17. What do you say to an egg tart who won’t stop talking? You quiche it!
18. Why did the soy sauce put on a tuxedo? Because it was condimental to black tie!
19. What do you call Chewbacca’s favourite dim sum dish? Wookie noodles!
20. Why did the shumai go to college? To learn how to be a well-rounded individual!

“Steaming Up Some Wordplay: Delicious Double Entendre Dim Sum Puns”

1. “Let’s dim sum lights and get the party started!”
2. “Egg rolls aren’t the only thing that’s hard and cylindrical.”
3. “I don’t just like my dumplings steamed, if you know what I mean.”
4. “You can bet your bao I’m hungry for some dim sum!”
5. “Don’t be shy, grab those slippery shumai.”
6. “I could eat siu mai all day, but I won’t because that sounds dirty.”
7. “Is that a har gow in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”
8. “These sesame balls are sweeter than a pickup line.”
9. “Don’t forget to dip your dumplings in some sauce, it really enhances the flavor.”
10. Feeling like a hot and spicy bowl of wonton-ly love.
11. “There’s always room for some hot and sticky rice in my stomach.”
12. “Love at first bite, it’s a siew yok-kout!”
13. “This is just a small dim sum of my affections for you.”
14. “Bite into these char siu bao and your taste buds will tingle.”
15. “Let’s get bao-tastic tonight!”
16. “These buns are better when they’re steamed and fluffy.”
17. “How could I say no to a plate of phoenix claws?”
18. “I could eat so much turnip cake, I might start getting turnt.”
19. “Don’t be a siu AHA! grab some siu mai.”
20. “Anyone down for some tea and sexy shrimp dumplings?”

Dim Sum Delights (Puns in Idioms)

1. Let’s dim sum lights and talk about it.
2. It’s time to get dumplings before they’re all gone – it’s a prime siu-mai moment.
3. Don’t worry, this isn’t the last (egg)roll in the basket.
4. Don’t be a wonton fool – get yourself some dim sum.
5. Let’s dim sum our energy and get through the day.
6. That was a real steamer of a conversation.
7. It’s always a good idea to dim sum research before investing.
8. Take a bao and relax – everything will be okay.
9. That was a great dim summary of the situation.
10. Did you hear about the dumpling who wanted to be an actor? He got his big break in a steaming hot role.
11. Let’s spice things up and add some flair to our dim sum order.
12. Don’t be shellfish, share the dim sum wealth.
13. This conversation is like a dumpling – it has a little bit of everything in it.
14. The dim sum was so good, I couldn’t even wonton more.
15. Let’s get some dim sum and stir-fry our problems away.
16. The dumplings at that restaurant were so good, they dim sum-special.
17. That’s a pretty big siu-mai of money for such a small investment.
18. Let’s get some dim sum and noodle around with some ideas.
19. The food critic’s review was so negative, it left the restaurant in a bit of a dim sum mood.
20. Let’s spice things up like a little red chili pepper in our dim sum sauce.

Dim Sum-thing Delicious (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. The dim sum restaurant had a steamy atmosphere, but the food left me feeling quite chilled.
2. I’m always on the hunt for good dim sum joints, but sometimes they really soy me.
3. That dim sum cart may have been rolling around for a while, but the pork buns stole all the thunder.
4. The dim sum lady said I was quite the dumpling, but I think she was just buttering me up.
5. The shrimp dumplings were so good, I had to ask the waiter if they crabby meals too.
6. That dim sum restaurant really takes the cake, but the egg tarts take the cheesecake.
7. I love dim sum feasts, but I always feel like such a gyoza after.
8. My love for dim sum will never bao down, but my wallet sure does.
9. I went to a hipster dim sum place once, and they served artisanal chicken feet.
10. I never knew steamed buns could be so delicious, until I had my first dim sum un.
11. The server told me I should try the chicken feet, but I really don’t like feet-laden dishes.
12. The dumplings were so good, I ended up ordering another round shumai-be times.
13. That dim sum spread has me feeling like royalty, but my wallet is feeling quite pau.
14. The cart came around with some adventurous dishes, but I realized I didn’t have the guts to try them.
15. I love all kinds of dim sum, but my favorite is the sticky rice with pork and mushroom–that one is really the whole package.
16. The beef ribs were so tender, I wondered if they had been massaged before cooking.
17. I went to a dim sum place with amazing decor, but the servers were a little too far wonton.
18. I was excited to try the egg custard buns, but the texture was a little too egg-straordinary for me.
19. The steamed buns were so light, it was like biting into a cloud–or maybe I just had my head in the dumplings.
20. I never knew that vegetables could be so good in dim sum, until I had a bite of that fresh and leafy goodness.

Dim Sum-thing to Chew On: Puns in Dim Sum Names

1. Sum-diddy-doo-dah
2. Dim-somebody-light-my-fire
3. Dumpling-bling
4. Dim-sumbody-say-delicious?
5. Steaming-dim-suns
6. Sum-thin’-good
7. Sum-tasty-buns
8. Sum-one-heck-of-a-meal
9. Sum-thing-for-everyone
10. I dim-sum-ly swear
11. Sum-famously-delicious
12. Sum-great-chow
13. Dim-sum-kind-of-wonderful
14. Sum-kind-of-awesome
15. Sum-diddle-dee-dumplings
16. Hot-stuff-dim-sum
17. Sum-thing-yummy
18. Sum-kinda-wonderful
19. Dim-sum-up-to-something-good
20. Sum-thing-scrumptious

Sum Dim Wordplay (Spoonerisms on Dim Sum Puns)

1. Tim dum
2. Rim gum
3. Mim bum
4. Him yum
5. Sim rum
6. Kim hum
7. Lim glum
8. Jim plum
9. Vim crumb
10. Zim chum
11. Nim mum
12. Dim sum (this one is not a spoonerism but it is on-topic)
13. Hymn lum
14. Rim num
15. Kim bum
16. Lim num
17. Sim hum
18. Tim gum
19. Pim dum
20. Vin drum

Dim Some Fun (Tom Swifties)

1. “These dumplings are amazing,” Tom said, dim-sum-mingly.
2. “I can have one more,” Tom said, dumpling off his last piece.
3. “I cannot eat another,” Tom said dim-sum-ply.
4. “I am full,” Tom said, dim-sum-what belatedly.
5. “I always want more,” Tom said dim-sum-times.
6. “These buns are perfect,” Tom said dim-sum-spectively.
7. “I never say no to dim sum,” Tom said dim-sum-respectably.
8. “I’m always up for dim sum,” Tom said optimist-dim-sum.
9. This tea is the perfect compliment,” Tom said dim-sum-ply.
10. “I love the variety of dim sum,” Tom said dim-sum-how uniformly.
11. “I could eat dim sum every day,” Tom said dim-sum-plus days a week.
12. “I’m getting full, but I can’t stop,” Tom said dim-sum-pitied-ly.
13. “These shrimp dumplings are to die for,” Tom said dim-sum-pyrotechnically.
14. I’m torn between sweet and savory,” Tom said dim-sum-hard-pressed.
15. “I always save room for dessert,” Tom said dim-sum-where else.
16. “The flavors here are so unique,” Tom said dim-sum-thing out of this world.
17. “I can’t decide which to have first,” Tom said dim-sum-one knows where to begin.
18. “I get cravings for dim sum all the time,” Tom said dim-sum-over the rainbow.
19. “The aromas here are irresistible,” Tom said dim-sum-thing smells so good.
20. “I’m never disappointed with dim sum,” Tom said dim-sum-thing always hits the spot.

Dim Sum Fun: Oxymoronic Puns That Will Leave You Stuffed and Pleased

1. Jumbo Shrimp dumplings
2. Silent Scream bao
3. Sweet and Sour spare ribs
4. Frozen Hot buns
5. Living Dead chicken feet
6. Vegan Dim Sum
7. Spicy Mild wonton soup
8. Fat-Free egg rolls
9. Large Small dumplings
10. Bitterly Sweet red bean paste buns
11. Sweet and Spicy sticky rice
12. Beautiful disaster Dim Sum
13. Deafening Silence steamed fish
14. Golden Silver chopsticks
15. Gluten-Free Dim Sum heaven
16. Fiery Cold sesame balls
17. Sweet and Salty sesame cake
18. Nighttime Sun Dim Sum
19. Little Big buns
20. Invisible Visible har gow.

Dim Sum-gthing Special: Recursive Puns to Steamed and Impressed

1. Did you hear about the dumpling that went to prison? He egg-rolled over his charges.
2. Why did the shrimp dumpling refuse to work with the other dim sum? He was too shellfish.
3. My favorite type of dim sum is the shrimp har gow. I never get tired of them, they’re just so shrimp-citing.
4. Did you hear about the dim sum chef who got an award for being the most consistent? He was praised for his steamless effort.
5. They say a plate of good dim sum really makes your day. I’d say it makes my siu mai.
6. A dim sum restaurant opened up in space. I heard their specialty is the chicken cosmo bun.
7. Why did the tofu skin roll always look so exhausted? He was always wrapped up in his work.
8. Have you ever tried those fried taro puffs? They’re the root of all happiness.
9. What do you get when you cross a sesame ball and a egg tart? A new dim sum dessert sensation, the egg-sesame tart.
10. Why did the dumplings break up? They couldn’t find a wrapper.
11. Did you hear about the one dim sum dish that’s notorious for being difficult to make? It’s a myth… that gives turnip cake a run for its money.
12. Did you see the new dim sum cookbook? It’s filled with all kinds of dim sum-thing for everyone.
13. What did the shrimp say when it was asked to be in a dim sum dish? “Wonton some more time to think about it.”
14. What’s the most adorable piece of dim sum? Baby bok choy dumplings.
15. Have you tried the black sesame ball? It’s like eating a galaxy.
16. Why did the bao keep telling jokes? It wanted to make sure it was on a steamed line.
17. What do you call a dim sum that talks a lot? A siomay-ker.
18. Why did the har gow and siu mai have a quarrel? They had a dumpling with each other.
19. Did you hear about the dim sum restaurant that accidentally served its customers counterfeit dumplings? The customers said they felt egg-ceptionally ripped off.
20. What’s the best way to enjoy dim sum in the morning? Sipping on some tea and chatting with a bao friend.

Dim Sumthing to Chew On: Puns on Classic Clichés

1. “You dim sum, you lose sum.”
2. “If at first you don’t dim sum, try and try again.”
3. “Don’t put all your dim sum in one basket.”
4. “One man’s dim sum is another man’s treasure.”
5. “Dim sum like it hot.”
6. “Too many cooks spoil the dim sum.”
7. “That’s the way the dim sum crumbles.”
8. “When in doubt, order dim sum.”
9. “Egg rolls are just dim sum past.”
10. “Dim sum or dim sum not. There is no try.”
11. “The early bird gets the dim sum.”
12. “All is fair in love and dim sum.”
13. “Actions speak louder than dim sum.”
14. “If the dim sum fits, eat it.”
15. “Dim sum is a dish best served hot.”
16. The devil is in the dim sum.
17. “Out of dim sum, out of mind.”
18. “Dim sum’d and done.”
19. “A penny for your dim sums.”
20. “Dim sumthing’s gotta give.”

In conclusion, dim sum puns never get old and we hope our list has whet your appetite for more foodie humor. Our website is full of other puns worth checking out, so feel free to stick around and explore. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site and hope to see you again soon!

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