Laugh with Lucifer: Top 220 Devil Puns that will Tickle Your Funny Bone

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Are you ready to have a devilishly good time? Well, get ready to laugh until your horns fall off with our collection of over 200 devil puns that are bound to tickle your funny bone! From fiery one-liners to wickedly clever wordplay, we have gathered the best devil-inspired jokes that will bring some hellish laughter into your life. Whether you’re a fan of mischief or simply appreciate a good pun, these devil jokes are sure to make you grin like an imp. So, prepare to dance with the devil and let out a devilish chuckle as we dive into our devil pun extravaganza! Get ready to summon some laughter that’s hotter than Hell itself!

The Devilish Delights (Editors Pick)

1. I’m friends with the Devil, we’ve got a hell of a bond!
2. My friend is always making devil puns, he’s diabolically funny!
3. When the Devil throws a party, it’s always a hell of a time!
4. Did you hear about the Devil’s favorite instrument? It’s the hell-ophone!
5. Why did the Devil become a vegan? He didn’t want any more sins in his life!
6. I offered the Devil a job, but he said he already had plenty of souls to keep him busy!
7. The Devil’s handwriting is so terrible, it’s practically illegible. It’s like he has a devil’s scrawl!
8. The Devil’s garage is always full of hot rods!
9. The Devil offered me a deal, but I refused. I didn’t want to play with fire!
10. The Devil went to a comedy show and laugh-tered the whole night!
11. The Devil likes to keep up with the latest trends, he’s always in stylish horn-aments!
12. The Devil bought a relaxation chair, but it turned out to be an infernal recliner!
13. Why did the Devil go to the dentist? He had a wicked toothache!
14. The Devil loves to dance, he’s got some infernal moves!
15. I tried to argue with the Devil, but he convinced me in a hell of a way!
16. The Devil went shopping and bought all the clothes with a little devil-wear!
17. The Devil can’t resist a good cup of hot “Hell-o” coffee in the morning!
18. The Devil has a blacksmith friend, they’re always forging unholy alliances!
19. I told a joke about the Devil, but it didn’t go down too well… it was a devilishly divisive punchline!
20. The Devil started a rock band, they’re called “Satanic Soundwaves” – their music is absolutely wicked!

Hellarious Wordplay (One-liner Devil Puns)

1. Did you hear about the devil who opened a gym? He really knows how to raise hell weights!
2. Why did the devil always win at poker? He was always able to bluff his way to victory!
3. I saw the devil at the grocery store buying some spicy salsa. I guess he likes to bring the heat!
4. Do you know why the devil likes to dance? He’s got a fiery passion for it!
5. The devil started working at a bakery, he said it’s a great way to make some dough!
6. I asked the devil if he wanted to go on a road trip. He said, “I’m always up for some highway to hell!”
7. Why did the devil become a gardener? He loves to sow the seeds of chaos!
8. The devil was feeling lazy, so he hired a demon to do his errands. I guess you could say he’s really devil-gating the tasks!
9. The devil loves coffee, but he always takes it with a dash of cinnamon. It’s his little touch of sin-amon!
10. I saw the devil at the park throwing a frisbee to his dog. It was quite a demonic fetch quest!
11. The devil tried playing the violin, but he couldn’t handle the high notes. It was just too devil-erous!
12. I heard the devil makes a mean omelette. He always adds a little bit of hot sauce to give it that extra hellfire!
13. The devil became a stand-up comedian, but his jokes were so bad they were positively devil-erious!
14. Why do devils never get sick? They have a hell-thy immune system!
15. The devil tried wearing a suit, but he could never find one that fit right. I guess it’s hard to tailor clothes for someone hell-bent on chaos!
16. I saw the devil at the zoo, he was really enjoying the snake exhibit. I guess he feels a kinship with his slithery friends!
17. The devil is a big fan of rock music, especially when it has a wicked guitar solo. He can’t resist a little devil-icious riff!
18. Did you hear about the devil who started a band? They were quite popular, their music really had a hell-raising effect on the crowd!
19. The devil wanted to learn to swim, but he couldn’t stand the water temperature. He prefers his Hell to be a little hotter!
20. The devil started a fashion line, but it didn’t do so well. I guess people weren’t that interested in wearing devilish couture!

Satanic Shenanigans (Question-and-Diabolic Answer Puns)

1. Why did the devil go to the dentist? He had a few “in-cavity” fillings!
2. What do you call the devil when he’s on a diet? Sata-lean!
3. What did the devil say when he found out his driver’s license expired? “Well, guess it’s back to hell-cabbing!”
4. Why did the devil become a chef? He wanted to experience “devilish” flavors!
5. How does the devil like his eggs? Hell-itched!
6. How do you make a devil laugh? Just give him a “tick-hell”!
7. Why did the devil start a band? He wanted to play some “hell-a” good music!
8. What did the devil bring to the potluck? Diablo-tatas!
9. Why did the devil switch to a vegan diet? Because he couldn’t handle all the “soul-food” guilt!
10. How did the devil become a successful entrepreneur? He had a “hell-business” mindset!
11. What did the devil say after winning the lottery? “Hell, yeah!”
12. Why did the devil start a bakery? He wanted to bake some sin-amon rolls!
13. Why did the devil become a soccer coach? He loved the “hell-kicking” action!
14. What did the devil say to the musician? “You’re going to hell-egro-summon some talent!”
15. Why did the devil take up gardening? He wanted to grow some “hell-evating” plants!
16. What is the devil’s favorite board game? Mon-hell-poly!
17. What did the devil say after a long day of construction work? “This job is hel-levated!”
18. Why did the devil open a gym? He wanted to offer “hell-thy” workouts!
19. What did the devil say when he got a promotion at work? “Looks like I’m climbing the corporate hel-lder!”
20. Why did the devil become a storyteller? He loved creating his own “hell-usions”!

Devilishly Good Puns (Double Entendre Edition)

1. The devil went down to Georgia, but he couldn’t fiddle the soul out of the locals.
2. Did you hear about the devil’s yoga class? It’s all about finding your inner demons.
3. What did the devil say when he finished cooking? It’s time to devil-er the meal!
4. When the devil plays cards, he always seems to have a few tricks up his sleeve.
5. The devil’s dating profile mentioned his love for fiery romances.
6. The devil is always up for a bit of soul searching, especially when it involves a musical instrument.
7. When the devil wants to relax, he likes to sit on his throne of fire. It’s his favorite heated seat.
8. What did the devil say when he lost his favorite pair of sunglasses? I’m feeling a bit shady without them!
9. The devil’s idea of a great time is gathering souls for a hell of a party.
10. When the devil gets bored, he starts stirring up some mischief. It’s just his way of spicing things up.
11. The devil’s favorite type of music is heavy metal. He can’t resist the temptation of a good guitar riff.
12. Why did the devil get kicked out of the bakery? He was caught kneading dough in a devilish manner.
13. The devil’s favorite game is the seductive dance of temptation, and he always plays his partner like a fiddle.
14. When the devil started his own coffee shop, he named it “Hot as Hell” for a reason.
15. The devil always manages to spark a fire wherever he goes. He has a knack for playing with flames.
16. What do you call the devil’s love for spicy food? His infernal appetite!
17. When the devil decided to become a chef, he embraced the flames of passion in the kitchen.
18. The devil loves wordplay. He’s a sucker for a clever double entendre, especially if it includes “hell” in it.
19. What did the devil say when he walked into a chiropractor’s office? I’m looking for an adjustment in my backbone’s alignment!
20. The devil’s pick-up line at the bar: “Are you made of sulfur? Because you’re smoking hot!

Demonic Double Entendres (Devilish Puns in Idioms)

1. “He’s devilishly good at playing the guitar.”
2. “She’s the devil in sheep’s clothing.”
3. “Forget about the devil and the deep blue sea.”
4. “Don’t let the devil take the hindmost.”
5. “He’s a devil in disguise.”
6. “I just can’t resist his devilish charm.”
7. “Don’t make a deal with the devil.”
8. “She’s as wicked as the devil himself.”
9. “He’s raising hell and having a devil of a time.”
10. “She’s got a devilish grin on her face.”
11. “You can’t make a deal with the devil and come out unscathed.”
12. “He’s a devil of a driver, always speeding.”
13. “She’s got the devil’s own luck.”
14. “Don’t play with fire, you’ll end up dealing with the devil.”
15. “He’s got the devil on his shoulder, always encouraging mischief.”
16. “She’s been raising hell and causing mayhem, like a little devil.”
17. “I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw a devil.”
18. “The devil is in the details, so double-check your work.”
19. “She’s a sneaky little devil, always plotting something.”
20. “Don’t let the devil get his hands on those cookies, they’re too good to share.”

Devilishly Good Puns (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. The devil went down to Georgia and opened a snow cone stand. It was a chilling business.
2. The devil started his own workout routine, but he was always too tired to exercise. He just wasn’t possessed.
3. The devil decided to start a fashion line, but his clothes were always too hot to handle. They were fiery fashion faux pas.
4. The devil tried to become a vegan, but he couldn’t resist the temptation. He had a devil of a time sticking to it.
5. The devil thought about joining a religious choir, but his voice was always pitch perfect. It was a hell of a talent.
6. The devil attempted to become a therapist, but his advice was always just a little bit sinful. Patients could never demon-strate improvement.
7. The devil thought about becoming a professional golfer, but he always struggled with the long drives. It was a hellish handicap.
8. The devil considered opening a daycare center, but he could never handle the little devils. It was a hell of a responsibility.
9. The devil thought about opening a seafood restaurant, but he couldn’t find enough sea creatures that were devilishly fresh. It was a fishy situation.
10. The devil tried to take up gardening, but he could never grow anything that wasn’t devilishly thorny. It was a hell of a green thumb.
11. The devil considered becoming a chef, but he couldn’t resist adding a touch of his own spice to every dish. It was a fiery fusion.
12. The devil attempted to become a dentist, but he could never master the art of extracting teeth without causing excruciating pain. It was a hell of a dental experience.
13. The devil thought about becoming a stand-up comedian, but his jokes always fell flat. They were devilishly unfunny.
14. The devil considered becoming a musician, but no instrument in the world could handle his mighty skill. It was a hell of a harmony.
15. The devil tried his hand at painting, but his artwork was always a little bit too devilish. It was an infernal masterpiece.
16. The devil thought about opening a pet grooming salon, but dogs would always run away scared when they saw him. It was a hellish hairstyle.
17. The devil decided to become a motivational speaker, but his speeches always left people feeling devilishly demotivated. It was a fiery failure.
18. The devil considered becoming a professional dancer, but his moves were always a little bit too seductive. It was a sinful sway.
19. The devil tried to become a circus performer, but his tricks always had a mysterious demonic twist. It was an otherworldly performance.
20. The devil thought about opening a bed and breakfast, but the accommodations were always a little too hot for guests. It was a hell of a stay.

Devilish Delights (Puns in Names)

1. Devilicious Deli
2. Deviled Eggstraordinaire
3. Beelzebub’s Bistro
4. Devilish Donuts
5. Infernal Ice Cream Parlor
6. Lucifer’s Lounge
7. Satanic Sushi Bar
8. Hellfire Hot Dogs
9. Mephistopheles Martini Bar
10. Diablo’s Diner
11. Sinful Sweets Bakery
12. Wicked Wings and Things
13. Belial’s BBQ Pit
14. Mammon’s Money Bar
15. Purgatory Pizzeria
16. Satan’s Sliders
17. Demonic Delights Dessert Shop
18. Azazel’s Ale House
19. Hades’ Hamburger Joint
20. Malebolge Mexican Grill

Dancing with the Devil (Devilish Spoonerisms)

1. “Burning with the fire of a thousand hecks!”
2. “The little pitchfork of the town.”
3. He’s a real angel with a rebellious dish!
4. “He’s good at helpoping out all the time.”
5. “He’s a wicked singer with a pitchfork tongue.”
6. “The evil of the east!”
7. “His rebel pernetration knows no bounds.”
8. “That devilish grin could make anyone dance with evil.”
9. “The prince of darkness has a way with his wicked word.”
10. “The tail of the dark side!”
11. “He could play a mean fiddle with his forked hands.”
12. “His wicked doork is always open for trouble.”
13. “He’s a fan of the dark arts and his books display it.”
14. “His wicked scent could turn any holy water into a foul brew.”
15. “He’s got a devilish love for hot spices.”
16. The dark knight is notorious for his wicked deeds.
17. “The afterlark awaits!”
18. “That impish smell will haunt your nostrils!”
19. “The fame of the evil one knows no brounds.”
20. “That mischievous grin could melt the icicles of hell!”

The Diabolical Delight of Devilish Tom Swifties

1. “I would never make a deal with the devil,” said Tom diabolically.
2. “This devil costume fits me perfectly,” Tom said fiendishly.
3. “I can’t find my devil horns,” Tom said devil-may-carely.
4. “The devil’s food cake is simply heavenly,” Tom said sinfully.
5. “I found a penny on the ground,” Tom said devilishly.
6. “My new car is the devilishly fast,” Tom said satanically.
7. “These hot wings are absolutely devilishly good,” Tom said hotly.
8. “You can’t match my devilishly good looks,” Tom said pompously.
9. “I have an appointment in hell,” Tom said hellishly.
10. “I’m a devil on the dance floor,” Tom said wickedly.
11. “Beware the devil’s advocate,” Tom said cautiously.
12. “My cooking is devilishly delicious,” Tom said saucily.
13. “I never skip leg day,” Tom said devilishly.
14. “I’m feeling a little devilish today,” Tom said mischievously.
15. “I’m out for a night on the town,” Tom said devilishly.
16. “This puzzle is devilishly difficult,” Tom said puzzledly.
17. “I can’t resist temptation,” Tom said temptingly.
18. “I’m in the mood to play some devil’s advocate,” Tom said suggestively.
19. “I’m the devil in disguise,” Tom said sneakily.
20. “I have a wicked sense of humor,” Tom said wickedly.

Diabolical Wordplay (Oxymoronic Devil Puns)

1. The devil went down to Georgia and won a halo.
2. When the devil feels hot, he turns on the air conditioning in hell.
3. Lucifer’s favorite ice cream flavor is heavenly hellfire.
4. The devil enjoys listening to angelic heavy metal tunes.
5. Satan likes his coffee black with a sprinkle of angelic sugar.
6. The devil’s favorite pastime is heavenly bowling in hell.
7. Lucifer tries to be devilishly charming with his heavenly smile.
8. Satan enjoys a good cup of devil’s punch in heaven.
9. Demons work diligently to achieve heavenly chaos.
10. The devil attends angelic choir practices to improve his singing skills.
11. Lucifer prefers his pizza with a heavenly topping of fiery brimstone.
12. Satan enjoys chilling in a cozy, heavenly fireplace.
13. The devil enjoys angelic aromatherapy in the depths of hell.
14. Lucifer attends heavenly meditation sessions to find his inner peace.
15. Satan sprinkles a touch of angelic glitter in his evil lair.
16. The devil enjoys the heavenly scent of burning sulfur.
17. Lucifer tries to achieve heavenly silence in his boisterous realm.
18. Satan loves the peaceful sound of angelic screams in hell.
19. The devil loves angelic landscapes in his demonic artwork.
20. Lucifer enjoys the heavenly taste of sinfully delicious angel food cake.

Deviously Recursive (Devilish Puns)

1. Why was the devil so confident in his cooking? Because he had a “hell’s kitchen!”
2. I tried to paint the devil, but it was an “infernal mistake.”
3. If you make a deal with the devil, it might turn into a “devil’s bargain.”
4. The devil is always “raising hell!”
5. What do you call a devil who specializes in baking? A “devil’s food cake” maker!
6. The devil went on a diet and lost “hellish amounts of weight.”
7. I asked the devil for some relationship advice, and he said, “Just give ’em hell!”
8. Why did the devil start a gym? Because he wanted to have a “hell of a workout.”
9. The devil decided to become a stand-up comedian. He really knows how to “get people in stitches.”
10. If you drive a sports car in hell, is it a “deviltry” vehicle?
11. The devil studied a lot and graduated with “hellma cum laude.”
12. What do you call it when the devil loses his voice? “Hell-Quiet-uis!”
13. The devil is a skilled chess player; he always says, “Checkmate in hell!”
14. Why did the devil become a hairstylist? Because he loves to give people “devilish makeovers.”
15. The devil joined a sports team; he’s always looking for a “hell of a win.”
16. The devil leads a rock band; they’re known for their “hell-on-earth” performances.
17. The devil loves to eat spicy food because he enjoys a little “hellfire in his mouth.”
18. The devil hosted a Halloween party; it was a “devilishly good time.”
19. The devil took up gardening; his plants always grow in “hellish perfection.”
20. The devil tried to start a plumbing business, but it didn’t work out because everything kept going “straight to hell.

Playing with Fire: Devilishly Good Puns on Cliches

1. The devil went down to Georgia, but only because he wanted some good ol’ soul food.
2. The devil wears Prada, but he prefers a more fiery ensemble.
3. When the devil gives you lemons, trade them for something spicy.
4. The early bird gets the worm, but the early devil gets the restless souls.
5. Don’t judge a book by its cover, unless it has a demon on it.
6. It’s raining cats and dogs, but in hell, it’s raining fire and brimstone.
7. Devil’s advocate? More like devil is my attorney!
8. When life gives you melons, the devil giggles.
9. Too many cooks in the kitchen? Well, too many devils can take it to a whole new level.
10. Time flies when you’re having fun, but it races when the devil’s at play.
11. Keep your friends close and your enemies… in the deepest circle of hell.
12. The devil’s in the details, and boy does he love to cause mischief.
13. There’s a devil on my shoulder, but he’s also my party planner.
14. All’s fair in love and war, especially when the devil gets involved.
15. Devil may care, but he still puts a little thought into his mischief.
16. When in Rome, do as the devils do.
17. When the going gets tough, the tough get possessed by the devil.
18. A little devil walks into a bar… and becomes the life of the party.
19. Devil’s food may be sinfully delicious, but angel’s food has heavenly taste.
20. You know what they say, the devil is in the punchline!

In conclusion, laughing with Lucifer has never been so devilishly delightful! We hope that these top 200+ devil puns have tickled your funny bone and brought a wicked grin to your face. If you’re still hungry for more devilishly clever wordplay, be sure to check out our website for a devilish dose of puns. Thank you for taking the time to visit, and may your laughter be as endless as the devil’s mischievous grin!

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