220 Hilarious Choir Puns to Make You Sing with Laughter

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Are you ready to harmonize your way through a list of puns that will have you singing with laughter? Look no further because we’ve compiled over 200 hilarious choir puns that are sure to tickle your funny bone. Whether you’re a choir enthusiast or just enjoy a good play on words, these puns are perfect for breaking the ice at your next choir practice or performance. From puns about pitch perfect to choral arrangements, we’ve got you covered. So, clear your throat and warm up those pipes because these puns will make you want to burst into song. Let’s get started!

Sing your heart out with these hilarious choir puns! (Editors Pick)

1. What did the choir director say when he heard the choir was off key? We need to tune-a fish!

2. Why did the choir go to the gym? To work on their harmonies!

3. How many choir members does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but the rest will say, “that’s too high, you’ll hurt yourself!

4. What did the tenor say when his watch stopped? “Time to get a new tenor!”

5. Why did the choir singer go to the bank? To get his notes!

6. What happens when someone in the choir gets sick? They’re given a choral patch!

7. Why don’t fish like singing in the choir? They’re too busy singing in tuna!

8. What do you call a choir that sings on a boat? A ferry-tale choir!

9. Why did the choir singer refuse to sing? He had a case of voice us!

10. What is the official bird of the choir? The harmony-gull!

11. What do you call a choir that only sings in the bathroom? The shower singers!

12. Why don’t ghosts like singing in choirs? They can’t keep a ghoul-tem!

13. What kind of choir only sings during the winter season? The cold-choir!

14. Why don’t astronauts join choirs? They can’t carry a tune in space!

15. What do you call a choir that is dressed up in colonial clothing? The pilgrim choir!

16. In what situation do choir members get a call to arms? When it’s time to lift your voices!

17. What did the choir singer say when he was feeling gassy? “I’m really flat today!”

18. What kind of choir sings all about hair care? The shampoo choral!

19. Why are there so many singers in the church choir? Because they can’t text!

20. What do you call a choir that sings songs about mountaineering? The high-climbing choir!

Choirsome Wordplay (One-liner Puns)

1. The choir director was accused of embezzlement after a tenor fiasco.
2. Did you hear about the choir that sang at the zoo? They were a real-moneymaker.
3. Why did the choir member go to jail? He was charged with treble-clef.
4. The choir is doing a fundraising concert for the homeless. They’re hoping to make a gooddough.
5. What do you call a choir that’s constantly breaking up? A dischord.
6. The choir got lost on the way to the church and ended up in a cul-de-sacca.
7. What do you call a choir that loves seafood? A choir pescatarian.
8. What’s a choir’s favorite fruit? A-cappella-ple.
9. The choir’s concert tickets were so popular, they solddio’s of copies.
10. Why did the choir keep nodding off during practice? Their gleeper was broken.
11. What do you call a choir that sings in an abandoned building? A haunted tuneful.
12. The choir’s uniforms kept getting tangled, so they decided to knot wear them.
13. What do you call a choir that sings while jumping on trampolines? A chorus-line.
14. Why did the choir director bring a ladder to rehearsal? So the sopranos could reach their high notes.
15. The choir’s music is so good, it’s baroque-en records.
16. What do you call a choir that only sings in the evenings? A nocturne-choir.
17. The choir’s song about elevators was so uplifting.
18. What do you call a choir that only sings in the shower? A sud-den-choir.
19. The choir’s new member was a fantastic alto, but she thought she was just average. She had a real hum-bull-aty problem.
20. Why did the choir cancel their concert? They got wind of a bass-tapade.

Choirmongous Chuckles (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What do you call a choir that sings while it snows? A flurry of voices!
2. What do you get when you mix a choir with a law firm? The harmonic legal-ees!
3. Why did the choir members take a hot air balloon ride? To reach new highs!
4. What do you call a choir that suddenly stops singing? Quite a pitch-less situation!
5. What do you call a choir that only sings Christmas tunes? The jolly harmony singers!
6. Why did the choir director open a bakery? To have the perfect pitch for bread!
7. What do you call a choir of insects? Bee-sharps!
8. How do you describe a choir that only sings pop hits? The pitch-perfect poppers!
9. Why did the choir cancel their practice? They were all singing with fever and had Chorous fever!
10. What do you call a choir that only sings songs from the 70s? The disco-ords!
11. What do you call a choir that rocks? The acapel-louds!
12. Why did the choir get on a spaceship? To reach the high C!
13. What do you call a choir dressing in black leather jackets? The Solid-Glee-ters.
14. Why did the choir sing at a gas station? Because they wanted to do some a capella-filling!
15. What do you call a choir that doesn’t make any sound? A silent choir-us!
16. Why do choir members not trust anybody? Because they always hear treble!
17. What kind of music do choir members listen to on the job? Work-harmony!
18. What type of math is the choir’s favorite? Choral-gorithm!
19. What do you call a choir that goes on tour in Egypt? The Pyramid-a-chants!
20. Why did the choir perform at a football game? To sing their touchdown Grammy-nies!

Making a Joyful Noise (Double Entendre Puns) with Choir Puns

1. When the choir director asked for more crescendo, I accidentally responded with “I can’t perform without an audience.”
2. I joined a choir full of birds, but I don’t think they were all in tune. It was definitely a chirpy choir.
3. When I told the choir members to take a break, I didn’t mean that kind of break. But I guess they needed more time to rest their pipes.
4. I once joined a choir that only sang when they were in the shower. I guess you could say they were a soap-a-pella group.
5. The choir went all out at the last concert and really let it fly. In fact, I think they hit some pretty high notes if you catch my drift.
6. The choir director was always asking us to “open our mouths wider” and “use our tongues more.” It was like he was asking us to audition for a different kind of choir.
7. The choir rehearsal was running late, so the director suggested we all take our robes off and get more comfortable. I’m pretty sure he was joking.
8. Last time I tried singing in the shower, it sounded like a choir full of cats. I guess you could say I was meowt of tune.
9. I asked the choir director if I could sing soprano, but he said my vocals were more suited for alto. I guess I just have a deep voice.
10. In the choir, we all know how to take the high road. Or the alto road. Or the tenor road. Or the bass road.
11. Whenever there’s a high note in a choir song, the tenors always seem to come out on top. They have the most reach, after all.
12. The choir was asked to perform at an adult toy store, but we all agreed it wasn’t the appropriate venue. We had to tell them to take a hymn and think about it.
13. The choir members always seemed to be dropping hints about not wearing any pants under their robes. I don’t think they were being serious, but who knows.
14. When the choir director suggested we “get intimate with the music,” I wasn’t sure if he meant emotionally or physically.
15. The choir performance was a total disaster – we really sounded like a group of goats. I guess you could say we were a baaaad choir.
16. Whenever someone hits a really good note in the choir, we all instinctively reach for our “alleluia” hats.
17. I told the choir director my voice was suited for opera, but he said he didn’t think there was a need for any fat ladies singing anytime soon.
18. When the choir members disagreed on the tempo of a song, they said it was nothing a little rhythm method couldn’t solve.
19. I thought joining a choir would be boring, but I quickly learned that we’re always hitting on different notes.
20. The choir director said we needed to work on our breathing technique, reminding us that “deep breaths are better than shallow ones.”

Harmony Through Humor (Choir Puns in Idioms)

1. The choir director made a note to tune up before the show.
2. The tenors in the choir definitely had treble on their minds!
3. When the altos start singing, it’s always music to my ears.
4. The choir always sings with harmony as their set goal.
5. The sopranos were hitting all the high notes; it was quite a note-worthy performance!
6. The choristers always put their heart and soul into every song they sing.
7. The choir is always in perfect chorus-line!
8. The tenors are a cut above the rest and are definitely worth noting.
9. No matter what, the choir always stays on tune and in-step.
10. The choir’s performance was so good, it was an absolute hum-dinger.
11. It’s always a great time for a choir to baritone the night away.
12. The choir was overjoyed to be the opening act – they felt like they were singing for the hallelujah chorus.
13. The base of the choir’s sound was so strong, I could feel it resonate in my heartstrings.
14. The choir is always singing with a smile on their face – that’s true-tenor spirit.
15. The tenors never lose their pitch, even when they’re in a tight spot.
16. The choir takes singing in harmony very seriously – it’s their forte.
17. The choir never misses a beat – they always stay in syncopation.
18. When the choir hit their high note, it was like they uplifted everyone’s spirits.
19. I had to take note when the choir reached their crescendo – it was quite the performance.
20. The basses in the choir always bring the thunder – they truly are the choir-storms.

Choir You Ready for These Pun Juxtapositions?

1. Why was the choir book upset? Because it always sang off the wrong page!
2. When the choir member lost his voice, he found it in a note.
3. The choir director thought his singers were pitch perfect, until they fell off the risers.
4. What do you call a choir conductor without a baton? Unhanded.
5. What type of choir do ghosts sing in? A haunting chorus.
6. They told me I wasn’t cut out for choir, but I begged to differ. They replied, “No, you’re definitely falsetto.”
7. The choir member didn’t approve of the new conductor. He was very vocal about it.
8. How did the choir leader get the group to sing in unison? He gave them a common chord.
9. Why did the choir member bring a ladder to rehearsal? To reach the high notes.
10. What did the choir singer say when she got lost? “I can’t find my choral bearings.”
11. The choir member was always in a rush. You could say he had a tenor urgency.
12. Why couldn’t the choir conductor find his keys? He always kept misplacing his pitch.
13. How does a choir member text? In all capital notes!
14. The music director asked if he could sing in the choir, but he wasn’t prepared for the alto-ernative lifestyle.
15. What’s a choir’s favorite type of computer? A Dell-fido.
16. How does a choir member travel? In a car-ol.
17. When the new choir member auditioned, the director said, “You have a voice like an angel.” They replied, “Thanks, I stole them from heaven.
18. What’s the choir’s favorite type of sandwich? Ham-on-rye-sing.
19. Why did the choir member have to leave early? They had to catch a hallelujah cab.
20. What musical key can’t a choir pronounce? The C-sharp.

High Note Hilarity: Choir Puns Galore!

1. Mel O’Dy (Melody)
2. Lotta Notes (Lotta)
3. Ivan Kor (Chor)
4. Viola Choir (Viola and Choir)
5. Carl Mony (Carol of the Mony)
6. Will Sharpe (Will Sing Sharp)
7. Anna Corral (Choral)
8. David So-Low (David Soprano)
9. Phil Harmo (Philharmonic)
10. Barb Bass (Barbershop)
11. Dani Alto (Danielle Alto)
12. Ray Key (Requiem)
13. Addie Lude (Adagio)
14. Matt Ingle (Madrigal)
15. Ron Dition (Rendition)
16. Sol Oso (Soloist)
17. Brianna Voco (Briana Vocals)
18. Tim Panee (Timpani)
19. Lenny Tenor (Lenny the Tenor)
20. Donna Acapella (Donna and Acapella)

“Choir-ful Word Play: Spoonerisms on Singing Puns”

1. Higher Quay
2. Dire Soar
3. Choir Bells
4. Rock of Ages -> Acho of Rages
5. Halloween -> Hollow Gene
6. Choir Leader -> Lyre Choader
7. Music Note -> Nusic Mote
8. Vocal Range -> Roccal Vange
9. Harmony -> Armony Hen
10. Choir Practice -> Pire Choactice
11. Pitch Perfect -> Pit Purrfect
12. Hymn Book -> Bimn Hook
13. Choir Robe -> Rire Chobe
14. Angelic Voices -> Vangelic Acoices
15. Passing Notes -> Nassing Potes
16. Melody Maker -> Melerdy Meker
17. Singing Lessons -> Linging Sessions
18. Spiritual Songs -> Siritual Spongs
19. Choral Singing -> Soral Chinging
20. Choir Rehearsal -> Rire Chohearsal

Choir-inspiring Tom Swifties: Hallelujah Puns!

1. “We need to start rehearsing,” said the choir leader, musically.
2. “I can’t sing that high,” said the tenor shrilly.
3. I’m not sure I can reach that note,” said the soprano loftily.
4. “I always dress up for concerts,” said the choir member fashionably.
5. “I’m feeling nervous,” said the newcomer fearfully.
6. “I’m happy we won first place,” said the choir director elatedly.
7. “I’m feeling down,” said the disappointed chorister flatly.
8. “I can’t wait to sing in this acoustically perfect hall,” said the avid singer reverberantly.
9. “I don’t think I can hit that low note,” said the bass deeply.
10. “I think we should use more vibrato,” said the conductor tremulously.
11. “I love singing hymns,” said the devoted church-goer devoutly.
12. “That performance was pitch-perfect,” said the judge perfectly.
13. “I love singing in major keys,” said the joyful chorister majorly.
14. “I prefer singing in the shower,” said the lazy chorister causally.
15. “The baritone section is doing great,” said the choir leader baritonely.
16. “I love how our voices harmonize,” said the choir member harmoniously.
17. “I forgot the lyrics to the song,” said the chorister lyrically.
18. I always drink tea before performing,” said the chorister steeply.
19. “I think we need to slow down the tempo,” said the conductor gradually.
20. I’m glad we scheduled this concert for the holiday season,” said the chorister festively.

Singing Contradictions: Oxymoronic Choir Puns

1. The choir sang a silent song.
2. The soprano had a deep voice.
3. The conductor led a mismanaged choir.
4. The harmony was out of tune.
5. The choir sang an off-key anthem.
6. The soloist sang a duet by herself.
7. The silent choir was deafening.
8. The choir’s dissonance was in perfect harmony.
9. The lyrics were incomprehensibly clear.
10. The choir’s singing was a deafening whisper.
11. The choir performed a chaotic melody.
12. The choir’s encore was a one-song set.
13. The choir’s harmony was a beautiful chaos.
14. The choir sang an atypical standard.
15. The choir’s harmony was a discordant symphony.
16. The choir’s rhythm was a disorganized beat.
17. The choir left the crowd with deafening silence.
18. The choir performed without performing.
19. The choir sang a cacophonous lullaby.
20. The choir’s melody was a silent scream.

Harmonize Your Humor (Recursive Puns on Choir Puns)

1. Why did the choir director go to the bank? To get his notes in order.
2. The choir was so bad that they made a soprano-ning discovery.
3. If a choir member sings in the forest and no one is around to hear it, do they still sing in harmony?
4. The alto in the choir was always lagging behind, but eventually, she found her voice.
5. Why did the choir take a field trip to the bakery? To learn how to properly knead their dough.
6. The choir couldn’t find their key, so they started in a different pitch.
7. The choir’s performance was a major scale-back.
8. The choir had to cancel their concert in the park due to a potential bass thunderstorm.
9. The choir was so good, they always left their audience with treble.
10. The choir was so good, they were ex-alt-ed to the highest honor.
11. The conductor’s puns were so bad, they caused a tenor-ium.
12. The choir was hitting all the right notes, until they realized it was the wrong sheet music.
13. The choir was so large, it required a tenor-ist to help keep everyone in tune.
14. The choir’s harmony was impeccable, they were a natural tenor-dy.
15. The choir was so good, they could make anyone an alto-gether better singer.
16. Why did the choir go to the zoo? To sing with the gorillas of course.
17. The choir member’s voice was so unique, it was a tenor-rific sound.
18. The choir members decided to sing a medley of hymns, but it turned out to be a tenor-rible idea.
19. The choir was so good, they had to sing an ambrosial choir-al.
20. The choir was so in sync, it was almost as if they were telepathic with each other.

Singing a Different Tune: Pun-derful Cliches for Choir Members

1. Choir-ly you can’t be serious!
2. Let’s raise our voices, and some money for charity.
3. Can I conduct myself without making a mistake?
4. When down in the alto, just go find a safe soprano-
5. We wanted to listen to a concert, but we couldn’t afford a good choral seating.
6. The choir needs to tune up before the conductor scolds them for note being pitch perfect.
7. Choirs without harmony – now that’s just a cacophony!
8. The choir loves to hold a candle to high standards.
9. We might sing off tune, but we’re not a laughingstock.
10. I love to sing alto. It’s like the Facebook of harmony – always in the background.
11. When the choir said they needed some more heavy metal, I don’t think this is what they meant.
12. You can use sign language when the conductor is not looking, but that will not bring harmony to the choir.
13. When the soprano threatened to leave the choir, everyone screamed, don’t be trebly!
14. The choir was so good, that the conductor said it was a perfect 10, but they could use more notes.
15. The choir was suffering from a bad case of tone deafness, so we recommended a steady diet of scales.
16. When the conductor dropped his baton, the choir was left at a rest.
17. The choir loves Halloween, because they get to sing their favorite carol…”spooooooky bassman,
howling trebles and scary altos.”
18. When the choir went on tour, they loved all the positive reviews, but couldn’t understand why everyone kept talking about their choral text.
19. No matter what the pitch, the choir is always on a positive note.
20. When the choir hit a patch of bad intonation, they looked for a harmony patch.

In conclusion, we hope these 200+ choir puns have brought a smile to your face and made you sing with laughter! If you’re looking for more pun-derful content, be sure to check out our website for other hilarious puns. Thank you for visiting and keep spreading the joy with these puns!

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