220 Hilarious Knight Puns That Will Slay You with Laughter

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Get ready to ride into laughter with our collection of the funniest knight puns! Whether you’re a fan of medieval tales or just looking for some humor to brighten your day, these puns will surely make you smile. From clever wordplay to witty one-liners, we have over 200 knight-themed puns that are sure to slay you with laughter. Let’s joust say, these puns are not to be shield from anyone! So put on your armor, grab your sword, and get ready for a hilarious journey with our knight puns!

Unleash Your Inner Knight with These Pun-tastic Jokes (Editors Pick)

1. “Why did the knight wear chainmail? He wanted to protect his valor.”
2. “What weapon does a knight use to grill? A skewer-lance.”
3. “Why did the knight refuse to joust on an empty stomach? He needed to have his knightbite.”
4. What’s a knight’s favorite kind of sandwich? A Sir Loin of Beef.”
5. Why did the knight go to the dentist? He had a lance cavity.”
6. “What does a knight say when he enters a room? ‘High ho, high ho, it’s off to slay I go!'”
7. “Why did the knight wear headphones? He wanted to listen to his favorite medieval tunes.”
8. “Why did the knight always get lost? He kept taking the wrong chivalry.”
9. What do you call a sleeping knight? Sir Napsalot.”
10. “Why did the knight quit his job? He wasn’t making enough gold.”
11. What does a knight say when he’s cold? ‘I’m Sir-iusly freezing!'”
12. “Why did the knight switch to decaf? He was exhausted from all the jousting.”
13. Why did the knight bring his chicken to the battlefield? He wanted to hatch a plan.”
14. “What’s a knight’s favorite type of movie? Swash-buckling adventures.”
15. “Why did the knight always win at chess? He had a knight’s mind for strategy.”
16. “What kind of car does a knight drive? A Fieryragon.”
17. “Why did the knight carry a dictionary? He wanted to knight-capitate his enemies with a big vocabulary.”
18. “What did the knight say when he walked into the dragon’s lair? ‘I hope you’re ready to get Sir-ved!'”
19. “What do you call a group of knights who always talk to each other online? An MMO-bile.”
20. “Why did the knight start a garden? He wanted to plant a knightshade.

Knighty One-Liner Quips

1. I was going to tell a joke about a knight, but it’s a little medieval.
2. What did the knight say to the princess? If I kiss you, will I turn into a prince?
3. Why did the knight keep a dictionary in his helmet? He wanted to look up words on the go!
4. Did you hear about the knight who invented the round table? It was a knight-mare to assemble.
5. Why did the knight need a new shield? His old one was a little rusty.
6. What do you call a knight who loves to sing? Sir Rendipity!
7. How did the knight feel after winning the jousting competition? He was lance-a-lot happier.
8. Did you hear about the knight who fell asleep in his armor? He woke up feeling like a knight-mare.
9. What’s a knight’s favorite drink? Mead.
10. Why did the knight use his sword to brush his teeth? He wanted to clean his lance too.
11. Did you hear about the knight who quit his job to become a baker? He kneaded a change.
12. Why did the knight wear glasses during battle? To prevent sword-eyes.
13. What was the knight’s favorite part of his suit of armor? The knight-cap.
14. What did the knight say when he got a call from his bank? “I’m much too armored to respond right now.”
15. What do you call a knight who loves to dance? Sir Twirl-a-lot.
16. Did you know knights have their own music awards ceremony? It’s called the Chivalry Music Awards.
17. Why did the knight get a job at the post office? He wanted to deliver some mail armor.
18. Why did the knight write a cookbook? He wanted to learn how to wield a frying pan.
19. What’s a knight’s favorite game to play? Chess-ivalry.
20. What did the knight say when he found out he was being attacked by a grammarian? “I yield the fairest of its kind.”

Knight-ly Quest-ions (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the knight go to the dentist? To get his cavities filled with silver?
2. Why was the knight always calm in battle? Because he had lance-a-lot of experience.
3. What is the knight’s favorite type of sandwich? A knightclub.
4. Why don’t knights ever play hockey? They’re afraid of the hockey pucks.
5. Why did the knight always carry a pencil and paper? In case he needed to draw his sword.
6. How does a knight get his armor on? With a sword and shield.
7. What is a knight’s favorite type of cheese? Camel-bert cheese.
8. What did the knight say when he lost his armor in battle? I really suit of had that.
9. Why did the knight carry a tea bag with him? In case he needed to unsheathe-tea his thirst.
10. Why did the knight hate Facebook? He didn’t like all the poking around.
11. What do you call a knight that is afraid to fight? Sir Render.
12. Why did the knight refuse to take a selfie? He doesn’t like posing for flattery.
13. What is the knight’s favorite type of music? Medievallica.
14. Why did the knight fail his math test? He sword he had all the right answers.
15. What do you call a knight that likes to learn? Sir Study.
16. Why did the knight hate attending parties? He always felt like a round table in a square room.
17. What do you call a knight who is always running away from battle? A chicken sword-ier.
18. Why was the knight always so thirsty? He had a lance in his cup.
19. What was the knight’s favorite type of shoes? Battle-sneaks.
20. How does the knight get his sword sharpened? He calls upon his Sir-vice technician.

Knighty Knight (Double Entendre Puns)

1. Why did the knight’s squire wear chainmail? He had to protect his armor.
2. I’m no damsel in distress, but I wouldn’t say no to a knight in shining armor.
3. How do knights get fit? Joust a little bit.
4. What do you call a group of knights who love to dance? Sword swingers.
5. I don’t always date knights, but when I do, I prefer Sir Racha.
6. What do you say when a knight buys you a drink? “You’re chivalry-ing me softly with your words.”
7. The life of a knight is hard, but at least they can always take their armor off at the end of the day and be themselves.
8. What do you call a knight who loves wordplay? A pun-sir.
9. How do you know if a knight is a real gentleman? He’ll bring you his sword before he brings you his coat.
10. What do you call a knight who refuses to fight in armor? A naked knight.
11. Some knights may be armored, but I’m more interested in the man beneath the chainmail.
12. I love a good knight, but I prefer a knight who knows how to wield his sword.
13. What do you call a knight with no arms and no legs? Sir Cumference.
14. I don’t need a knight in shining armor, but I wouldn’t mind a knight who knows his way around a jouststick.
15. What do you call a knight who’s also a musician? A harp-y knight.
16. Why did the knight refuse to fight on Halloween? He didn’t want to be a knight-terror.
17. I’m not saying all knights are great in bed, but they do know how to handle their lance.
18. What do you call an overweight knight who’s always the first to fall off his horse? Sir Cumference.
19. I prefer knights who can joust all night long.
20. What did the knight say to the damsel after a long day of sword fighting? “I’ve had a lance-tastic day.”

Knightfall of the Pun-ditry (Knight Puns in Idioms)

1. When the knight finally found the Holy Grail, he exclaimed, “That’s armor I’m talking about!”
2. The knight was confident in battle because he had a sword and a knight light.
3. The king told his knights to stay on their toes, but one of them wore sandals so he had to knight-tap him on the head.
4. When the knight was asked if he knew how to rap, he replied “Of course, I’m a knight, so I know how to wrap as well.”
5. The knight was exhausted after a long day of jousting, but he still had enough energy to knight-cap it off with a pint.
6. When the knight proposed to his love, he said “I’m going to armor you with love for the rest of our knight-years.”
7. The knights were bored at the Round Table, so they decided to knight-ertain themselves with some jokes.
8. The knight carried a new weapon that was a cross between a sword and a fruit, he called it a Pine-Knight-Apple.
9. When the knight forgot his armor on a battle day, he said “I guess I’ll just have to wing-knight.”
10. When the knight ate too much at the feast, he said “I need to go for a knight-walk to burn off those calories.
11. The knight’s horse was always stubbing its toe, so the knight asked, “Why can’t you be a soleshier instead of a horse?
12. The knight was known for his love of puns, he was quite a knight jest-er.
13. The knight felt bad about losing to his rival, so he sent him a knight -apology letter.
14. When the knight had trouble sleeping, he took a knight-walm bath to relax.
15. The knight’s armor was too small, he was worried he might beknight-ten.
16. The most important thing the knight did every day was knighting his shoes before heading out for battle.
17. When the knight played chess, he always said “I’m a knight, so I know how to move.”
18. The knight’s luggage had a suit of armor in it, but it was so heavy he could hardly knight-handle it.
19. The knight’s motivational quote “When the going gets tough, the tough get knighting.”
20. The knight’s horse was always hungry, to the point where the knight called him his mane course.

Ready Your Swords (Pun Juxtaposition: Knight Puns)

1. The queen asked the knight to slay the dragon, but he was too armorous to do it.
2. Every time the knight saw a sword fight, he would knight-mare about it at night.
3. The knight couldn’t dance at the ball because he had two left greaves.
4. The knight was always on a quest for the holy grail, but all he found was a holy pail.
5. The king was angry at the knight for jousting with a baguette instead of a lance, calling it “un-knightly” behavior.
6. The knight’s favorite cereal was Frosted Armor Flakes because they helped him get a knights rest.
7. The blacksmith couldn’t make the knight’s sword because he was knight-blind.
8. The knight ran out of ammo, so he had to use a cross-bow-tie instead.
9. The knight was so brave that he fought a dragon with only a kitchen knife – it was quite a sword of unusual dumbness!
10. The knight who was also an astronaut went on a mission to the moon, but he forgot his spacelance.
11. The knight loved to write poetry about his armor, he called it his knight’s eloquence.
12. When the knight fell in love with a peasant girl, he knew he had to lance the class barrier.
13. The knight’s arm was so sore from all the battles, he had to take a knight off from fighting.
14. The knight was always the last one to leave the party because he had to make sure all the shields were in order.
15. When the knight couldn’t find his horse, he had to hoof it.
16. The knight’s armor was so old, he had to use duct tape to fix it – he wasn’t very good at damasking.
17. The knight went to the blacksmith to have his armor repaired, but he only got a knightly wear and tear.
18. The knight’s girlfriend broke up with him because he was too armor-clingy.
19. When the knight became a chef, he made sure his soups had plenty of armor-oma.
20. The knight tried to organize a tournament, but it was cancelled because there was a knight-fight outbreak.

Knight-time Fun (Puns with Knight Names)

1. Sir Loin
2. Sir Render
3. Sir Charge
4. Sir Nates
5. Sir Pentine
6. Sir Ender
7. Sir Laffs-a-Lot
8. Sir Prize
9. Sir Vive
10. Sir Tainly
11. Sir Up
12. Sir Ky
13. Sir Cumference
14. Sir Vivor
15. Lady Knight
16. Sir Casm
17. Sir Thigh
18. Sir Ethan
19. Sir Kits
20. Sir Roach

Joust for Laughs: Knightly Spoonerisms

1. Fight Kairns
2. Light Knob
3. Bright Knight
4. Knight Bites
5. Height Night
6. Night Light
7. Night Sights
8. Knight in Armor
9. Might Night
10. Tight Night
11. Right Fight
12. White Knight
13. Wight Knight
14. Night Wind
15. Plight Knight
16. Knight Flight
17. Night Slights
18. Knight Dweller
19. Roll Call of the Knight Shift
20. Knight in Shining Armour

Knightly Puns with Noble Words (Tom Swifties)

1. “Charge!” shouted the knight, cavalierly.
2. “I’m the best jouster,” boasted the knight, knightly.
3. “I’m so chivalrous,” said the knight, gallantly.
4. “This armor is really heavy,” said the knight, knightmarishly.
5. “I’m going to slay that dragon,” said the knight, valiantly.
6. “I’m too old for this,” said the retired knight, knighterly.
7. “I’m not hitting on you, but you look like a knight in shining armor,” said the courtier, jestingly.
8. “I’m not a fake knight, I’m the real deal,” said the knight, authentically.
9. “I’m not afraid of a little jousting,” said the knight, shieldedly.
10. “I’m training to become a knight,” said the squire, dubiously.
11. “I’m not just any knight, I’m a lady knight,” said the knight, womenly.
12. “I’m going to cross the moat with ease,” said the knight, mote-lessly.
13. “I’m not one to give up easily,” said the knight, persev-eerily.
14. “My armor is a bit rusty,” said the knight, oxidizingly.
15. “I’m not afraid of ghosts,” said the brave knight, knighthostly.
16. “I always wear my helmet,” said the knight, headedly.
17. “I wish I wasn’t always on guard duty,” said the knight, watchfully.
18. “I won the jousting competition,” said the knight, victoriously.
19. “I’ll protect you,” said the knight, faithfully.
20. “I don’t like being called ‘Sir,’ it’s too formal,” said the knight, medievaly.

Joust Kidding: Oxymoronic Knight Puns

1. Why was the knight fired from his job? He was a little sword of sorts.
2. Why did the knight go on vacation? To get some knight-ful rest and relaxation.
3. Why was the knight always at the gym? He wanted to be light-sword fit.
4. Why did the knight stop playing poker? He kept drawing swords.
5. Why don’t knights like Santa Claus? He’s too jolly for their armor.
6. Why did the knight quit his job at the paint store? He didn’t want to coat anymore.
7. Why did the knight give up on his favorite board game? He could never castle correctly.
8. Why don’t knights appreciate beauty? They’re armor-bound.
9. Why did the knight refuse to do laundry? He didn’t want to iron his suit of armor.
10. Why did the knight give up on dating? He was too lance-stitious.
11. Why did the knight always order two drinks at the bar? He wanted to armor-up.
12. Why did the knight retire early from battle? He realized that swords don’t solve problems, they just cut people.
13. Why don’t knights ever engage in small talk? They always keep their shields up.
14. Why can’t knights be astronauts? They can’t wear their armor in space.
15. Why was the king angry at the knight? He was an arrogant sword of bitch.
16. Why did the knight hate his job as a baker? He was tired of using his rolling-pin shield.
17. Why did the knight refuse to carry a purse? He didn’t want to be a mace-inist.
18. Why did the knight give up on his dream of becoming a musician? He was tone-armored.
19. Why did the knight give up on his hobby of bird-watching? All he could see were talons and beaks.
20. Why did the knight regret taking up gardening? He was always sword from digging.

Knighted Puns (Recursive Jokes on the Round Table)

1. Why did the knight bring a pencil and paper to the joust? To take notes on his lance-itude.
2. A knight walked into a bar. “Ouch!” he exclaimed.
3. Why do knights never wear deodorant? They prefer their armpits to smell lance-ient.
4. Why couldn’t the knight sleep? He kept hearing his armor calling out to him: “platezzzz…”
5. How did the knight propose to his lady love? He got down on one knee and asked if she’d put her chainmail on his chain-male.
6. What do you call a knight with no shield? Sir-iously vulnerable.
7. Why do knights wear chainmail? To knight-tensify their armor.
8. What’s a knight’s favorite weapon of meme destruction? His sword and dank hilarity.
9. What did the knight say after his armor got dented in battle? “Oh, sheet!”
10. Did you hear the scandal about the knight’s squire? He took too much credit for helping with his knight’s quest, but everyone knew he was just knight-riding on his success.
11. Why do knights always tip well? They believe in show-casing their armor in the best light.
12. How does a knight like his coffee? Knight-roasted.
13. What did the knight say when his trusty steed ran off into the woods? “Neigh… I guess we need to hoof it on our own now.”
14. What does the knight say when he sees a great fencing strategy? “En garde-ments!”
15. How does a knight keep his pants from falling down while jousting? He uses his kight-buckle.
16. Why do knights like to play card games? They love the suit of armor that comes with it.
17. Did you hear about the jester who became a knight? He was so happy, he did a jester-knight flip.
18. Why do knights always make such good fashion choices? They have a keen eye for metal-lic shades.
19. What did the baker say to the knight who came in for a pastry? “I dough-n’t think you’re going to enjoy my knight-nosh today.”
20. What does a knight say when he receives a particularly hard quest? “Well, knight-mares are made of these…”

A Knight to Remember: Pun-tastic Clichés on Medieval Times

1. When the knight went to battle, he mounted his noble steed and said, “Let’s sally forth!”
2. Why couldn’t the knight pay for his drinks at the tavern? He was short on squire-age.
3. Why did the knight quit his job as a blacksmith? He just couldn’t hammer it out.
4. The knight said to the princess, “You must be a long-lost princess! Because when I see you, my sword stands at attention.”
5. Why did the knight invest in a new suit of armor? To steel the deal.
6. When the king asked the knight to marry his daughter, he was knight-erested.
7. The knight said to the dragon, “Do you prefer your princesses seasoned or un-seasoned?”
8. Why couldn’t the knight sleep? He had the lance of insomnia.
9. What do you call a knight who loves books? A page-turner.
10. The knight wanted to go to the Renaissance Fair, but didn’t have enough chain mail.
11. Why did the knight wear a helmet all the time? He didn’t want to get home from battle and find his wife had a knight-in-her.
12. The knight put on his armor and looked in the mirror. He said, “I feel suited for the job.”
13. What do you call a knight who loves to cook? A sir-grill-a-lot.
14. The knight said to the damsel in distress, “I’m really lance-t to meet you!”
15. Why did the knight have to go to therapy? He had unresolved hoarse feelings.
16. What do you call a knight who knows every joke under the sun? Sir Punsalot.
17. The knight said to the king, “You know what they say, swords speak louder than words.”
18. Why did the knight go to the cemetery? To visit his sworn enemies.
19. The knight was never bored because he had a knight light.
20. The knight said to the tavern keeper, “I’ll have a pint of mead and a round of shields for the house!”

In conclusion, we hope these 200+ hilarious knight puns have left you in stitches! Whether you’re a fan of medieval history or just love a good pun, we guarantee these jokes will have you “armor-stomaching” with laughter. Don’t forget to check out our other puns on the website and thank you for joining us on this pun-tastic adventure!

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