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Get ready to have a barrel of laughs with the ultimate collection of over 200+ cider puns! Whether you’re a cider connoisseur or just someone who loves a good laugh, these puns are sure to tickle your funny bone. From fruity punchlines to clever wordplay, this list has it all. So grab a cold glass of your favorite cider and let the laughter pour as you unleash your wit with these hilarious cider puns. Cheers to a cider-ific time!

Sip and Giggle: Handpicked Cider Puns (Editors Pick)

1. “Cider me impressed!”
2. “Don’t worry, be ‘apple-y'”
3. Cider the big apple
4. “You’re the apple of my cider”
5. “Pour decisions lead to more cider”
6. “Cider, please!”
7. “Don’t be a bad apple, enjoy some cider!”
8. Ciderella, the queen of the orchard
9. “Sip happens, have some cider”
10. “Cider or not, here I come!”
11. “Cidergarten, the apple delight”
12. “An apple a day keeps the doctor cider”
13. “Cider press? More like cider impress!”
14. “Cider me thirsty”
15. “I’m feeling pear-fectly ciderific”
16. “Keep calm and cider on”
17. “Cider, sweet cider, is all I desire”
18. “You’re the apple to my cider”
19. “Give ’em the old cider whammy!”
20. Life is better at the cider bar

The Apple of My Puns (Cider Puns)

1. Why did the apple go to counseling? It had some cider issues.
2. I went to an apple orchard once, but I couldn’t find any cider-soaked apples. They were all straight-edge.
3. I used to make my own cider, but I got in trouble for taking apple art.
4. Cider is great at starting conversations. It really breaks the cider.
5. I tried making hard cider, but my dentist said it was giving me rot-a-toothes.
6. My friend started a band called “The Fermented Apples.” They really know how to press their luck.
7. You know what they say, “An apple a day keeps the cider away!”
8. Why did the apple want to leave the cider party? It wasn’t pear-tying enough.
9. My friend wanted to become a cider connoisseur, so I told him to stop whining and start sipping.
10. I wanted to have a cider-themed wedding, but it seemed like sour grapes to my partner.
11. I asked my dad if he’s ever tried hard cider. He said, “No, but I’ve definitely had difficult apples.”
12. I wanted to steal a sip of the cider, but it was guarded by a bunch of fruitflies. Talk about buzzing security!
13. I tried to make cider in my backyard, but it turned out to be a fruit-less endeavor.
14. I went to an apple-themed costume party, but everyone was just going to wear cyder-thongs.
15. My friend always brings home the best cider from his apple picking trips. He has a real good eye for the cider trees.
16. I wanted to join a competitive cider-drinking team, but I couldn’t find any takers. Guess they all had their fill.
17. I tried to go on a cider diet, but all I lost was my patience.
18. My doctor told me to cut back on cider. I guess it’s time to give up the apple-cations.
19. I used to judge cider contests, but I had to quit because it was putting a strain on my apple-tite.
20. I asked my crush if they wanted to share a cider with me, but they said they were already cider-occupied.

Sippin’ & Quizzin’ (Cider-themed Q&A Puns)

1. Why did the apple file a police report? Because it got cider-handed!
2. What do you call a group of apples making music? A cider band!
3. Why did the apple break up with the orange? Because it found someone sweeter – cider!
4. What did the apple say to the cider? You’re my main squeeze!
5. What do you call a prankster apple? A cider-man!
6. Why did the apple get promoted? It had cider responsibilities!
7. What do you call a fashionable apple? A ciderella!
8. Why did the apple go to therapy? It had a cider identity crisis!
9. What do you get when you mix apple cider and coffee? A perk-me-up cider!
10. Why did the apple refuse to join the cider party? It didn’t want to be pressed into it!
11. What’s an apple’s favorite way to relax? Ciderlying on the couch!
12. What do you call a Spanish apple cider? Sidra la vista, baby!
13. Why was the apple a terrible comedian? Its jokes were too cider!
14. What do you call an apple that is no longer sweet? Cider grouch!
15. Why did the apple ask the grape out on a date? It found them a-peeling!
16. What do you call an apple that wins a marathon? A cider-champion!
17. Why did the orange start hanging out with the apple cider? It was branching out!
18. What did the apple say to the cider about their relationship? We make a great pear!
19. Why do apples make terrible soldiers? They always run apple-cider!
20. What do you call an apple that likes to chat? Ciderella!

Pouring on the Puns (Cider Double Entendres)

1. I tried to make apple cider, but it turned out to be a hard case.
2. Did you hear about the apple that went for a swim? It said it was going for a naked cider dip.
3. Why did the apple go to therapy? It had some unresolved cider issues.
4. I can’t resist a glass of cider; it always gets me tipsy applesy.
5. The apple orchard owner asked his employee to go pick the best apples for the cider. He said, “Make sure you choose the ones with the most juicy behinds.”
6. My girlfriend and I are having a picnic tomorrow; I hope we have a cider-ably good time.
7. I went on a blind date, and when I ordered cider, she said, “That’s quite a potent apple of your eye.”
8. If you’re struggling to find love, try going to an apple cider bar; they say it can give you a taste of sweet serendipity.
9. When life gives you apples, make cider and have a squeeze of fruity pleasure.
10. I told my friend I was going to the cider festival, and he said, “That sounds like an apple-luscious adventure.”
11. If you’re feeling down, have a glass of cider; it’s apple-y ever after.
12. They say a glass of cider a day keeps the doctor away… but the barman is always around.
13. My mom caught me drinking cider and said, “Are you fermenting bad habits?
14. What did the cider drinker say when asked about their preference? “I like my cider like I like my lovers, with a bit of bite.”
15. I tried jogging with a glass of cider once, but I couldn’t handle all the hard bumps.
16. I went on a cider tasting tour and ended up in a tight squeeze with a forbidden fruit.
17. How do you dress apple cider up for a fancy party? Pour it into a glass and call it a fermented plum.
18. What did the apple say to its cider enthusiast friend? “I’m falling for you, but I hope you catch me before we both ferment.”
19. I asked the bartender if they served cider beer. They said, “No, but we do have some apple-ale-ing options.”
20. Drinking cider is like a dance; the apples and yeast get all boozy and do the tango in your mouth.

Cider Stand-Up (Puns in Idioms)

1. Don’t be a cider-sitter, it’s time to take control.
2. Don’t cry over spilled cider, just pour another glass.
3. He’s a real cider-sipper, always enjoying the finer things in life.
4. She’s as crisp as a freshly picked cider apple.
5. Life is too short to drink bad cider, so choose wisely.
6. Cider in hand, troubles washed away like fallen apples in a stream.
7. Don’t let life ferment you, stay fresh like a cider apple.
8. You can’t have your cider and drink it too.
9. Growing old is like aging cider, the flavors only get better with time.
10. When life gives you apples, make cider and cheers to the good times.
11. He’s got the cider touch, everything he does turns to a golden drink.
12. Don’t let the cider go to your head, always drink responsibly.
13. Keep calm and cider on!
14. She’s the apple of my cider, sweet and irresistible.
15. Life is like a glass of cider, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter.
16. He’s got cider running through his veins, a true connoisseur.
17. Don’t let others cider shame you, enjoy your drink guilt-free.
18. She’s got a sparkling personality, just like a fizzy cider.
19. The best way to quench your thirst is with a cold glass of cider.
20. Life is like a cider press, it squeezes out the best in you.

“Pouring on the Puns: A Cider-ful of Wordplay”

1. Why did the tomato refuse to enter the cider making competition? It couldn’t ketchup with the apples!
2. The apple was feeling down, so the orange asked “Cider because you’re feeling blue?”
3. I tried making apple cider in a blender but ended up with a smoothie-cidal mess!
4. The oranges and apples had a cider-stand but ended up pressing charges against each other.
5. I asked the apple farmer if he ever had a bad day at work. He said, “Oh orchardly!”
6. I wanted to make a visit to the cider factory but got sidetracked because it wasn’t on my juicetice.
7. The grape started selling its own cider, but it was just a bunch of sour grape juice-cidal thoughts.
8. The lemon wanted to be part of the cider-making process, but it ended up feeling too zesty!
9. The apple tree photobombed the pear’s family picture, but they forgave it because it cider-pressed them.
10. The apple told the orange that it should become a country singer, to which the orange replied, “Sorry, I can’t pectin the stage!”
11. The apple wanted to join a gym because it wanted to get in core-der for cider-making season.
12. The apple tried dance lessons to learn the cider-step, but it just couldn’t keep the juice!
13. The grapefruit and the apple were citrusy sweethearts, but their relationship became rotten to the core over cider.
14. The pear fell off the tree and said, “I guess gravity pears to cider!”
15. The lime wanted to make alcoholic cider, but soon realized it was just limes at the bar.
16. The ginger root thought it was the cider’s most important ingredient, but the apple said, “You’re just a spice-ider!
17. The apple asked the fig, “Why so serious?” The fig replied, “It’s hard to find joy when you’re living life inside ciderrain.
18. The strawberry wanted to become a cider maker but realized it was just a berry-dream.
19. The peach and the apple tried making cider together, but they couldn’t find common juiceder.
20. The cherry thought it could put the apples out of business, but the apple said, “No cherry can rain on my cide-rade!”

Sipping on the Cider-Delic Puns

1. Ciderella
2. Martinider
3. Cydric
4. Appleton
5. Cider Smith
6. Johnny Appleseed Cider Co.
7. Sir Cider Necton
8. Cider Simpson
9. Ciderella’s Orchards
10. Ciderman
11. Sweet Apple Cidery
12. The Cider Baron
13. Apple Blossom Cidery
14. Hardy Ciderman
15. Cidea Lovely
16. Crispin Ciderman
17. Cider McGuire
18. Cider Owens
19. Honeycrisp Cidery
20. Pippin’s Cider Mill

Cider Shenanigans: Tangling Tongues with Tasty Tipples

1. Cider lamp
2. Rid apple
3. Cider blast
4. Hopped apple
5. Cider stack
6. Pitted apricot
7. Cider bell
8. Fellow cider
9. Cider hitch
10. Cider love
11. Mellow apple
12. Cider mask
13. Warming cider
14. Cider war
15. Cider barrel
16. Pider call
17. Cider mix
18. Cider mug
19. Cider silly
20. Jolly cider

Sip, Sip, Hooray! (Tom Swifties on Cider Puns)

1. “This cider tastes great,” Tom said sweetly.
2. “I need to cut back on cider,” Tom said lightly.
3. “I want more cider,” Tom said fruitfully.
4. “Let’s have some more cider,” Tom said fluidly.
5. “This is the best cider I’ve ever had,” Tom said happily.
6. “I’ll take another glass of cider,” Tom said thirstily.
7. “I can’t get enough of this cider,” Tom said greedily.
8. “This cider is so refreshing,” Tom said coolly.
9. I feel warm and fuzzy after drinking this cider,” Tom said fuzzily.
10. I’m getting a little tipsy from this cider,” Tom said tipsily.
11. “This cider is so bubbly,” Tom said effervescently.
12. “Drinking cider makes me feel bubbly too,” Tom said fizzy.
13. “I need something to warm me up,” Tom said ciderly.
14. This cider reminds me of a crisp fall day,” Tom said autumnally.
15. “I love the aroma of freshly pressed cider,” Tom said appley.
16. “I’m feeling a bit sleepy after drinking this cider,” Tom said drowsily.
17. “I can’t help but smile when I drink cider,” Tom said cheerfully.
18. “This cider tastes a bit tangy,” Tom said tartly.
19. “I wish I could have cider all year round,” Tom said yearly.
20. “I’m feeling a cider craving coming on,” Tom said thirstfully.

SpiCAIDER & PunCIDER (Oxymoronic Cider Puns)

1. Apple cider: the refreshing contradiction.
2. Cider vinegar: a bitter-sweet twist.
3. Dry cider: not a watering hole.
4. Sweet cider: the perfect balance.
5. Hard cider: a firm decision.
6. Non-alcoholic cider: the rebel in disguise.
7. Classic cider: a modern tradition.
8. Spiced cider: a heated contradiction.
9. Flat cider: a refreshing letdown.
10. Carbonated cider: effervescence in a glass.
11. Warm cider: a chilling contradiction.
12. Cold cider: a warming surprise.
13. Clear cider: a transparent pleasure.
14. Cloudy cider: a delicious haze.
15. Strong cider: a powerful contradiction.
16. Weak cider: a delicate contradiction.
17. Artisanal cider: a mass-produced paradox.
18. Industrial cider: a handcrafted contradiction.
19. Vintage cider: the new classic.
20. Cheap cider: an affordable luxury.

Recursive Sipping (Cider Punception)

1. Why was the apple so good at storytelling? It had a great cider-narrative!
2. Did you hear about the apple that won the cider competition? It sure was a “re-CIDER!”
3. What’s a cider’s favorite word processor? Microsoft Cider!
4. Can you believe how much the cider industry has evolved? It’s been a real “cideration”!
5. Did you know the famous singer started a cider business? She definitely knows how to hit the high “ciders”!
6. How did the apple feel when it learned it would become cider? It got a little “ciderpressed”!
7. Did you hear about the magical cider festival? It was truly an “incider” event!
8. What did the cider say to the apple? “You’re my other half, my apple-of-my-cider!”
9. Why did the cider choose to watch a horror movie? It wanted a good “s-CIDER”!
10. Did you hear about the apple’s ultimate dream? It wanted to become a “ciderella”!
11. How do you describe a cider that’s lost its fizz? It’s “de-cider-ated”!
12. Did you hear about the cider that became a doctor? It specialized in “a-cider-ic medicine!
13. Why was the cider feeling so confident? It knew it was the “cids’ knees”!
14. Did you hear about the apple that started a salsa business? It was a real “fruitcider”!
15. What do you call an apple that’s really into rock music? An “amp-cider”!
16. Did you hear about the cider that joined a comedy club? It loved being in the “in-cider” circle!
17. What did the apple say to the cider when it received an award? “I’m so proud of our CIDER-accomplishments!”
18. Why did the apple’s relationship with the cider go sour? They just couldn’t find any common “grunciders”!
19. Did you hear about the apple that joined a choir? It loved being part of the “har-cider”!
20. What’s a cider’s favorite dessert? Apple pie a la “cider” mode!

Sippin’ on Cider-fully Delicious Cliches (Punny Cider Cliches)

1. “An apple a day keeps the cider cravings at bay.”
2. Don’t wine about it, just cider.
3. “Cider is the apple of my eye.”
4. “In cider, we believe!”
5. “Don’t judge a cider by its bottle.”
6. Don’t let the cider out of the bag.
7. “When life gives you apples, make cider!”
8. “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy cider, and that’s pretty close.”
9. “Let’s get cider the influence.”
10. “Pour decisions make the best cider.”
11. “Stay calm and drink cider on.”
12. “Cider is always in season.”
13. “Time flies when you’re sipping cider.”
14. “Cider is the key to unlock happiness.”
15. “Keep calm and cider on.”
16. Cider like it’s the last apple on Earth.
17. “Let’s get ‘cidery’ about it!”
18. “Don’t be a sour apple, just enjoy the cider.”
19. “Cider is the apple-lause of refreshments.”
20. “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy cider, and that’s pretty close.”

In conclusion, embracing your wit has never been so refreshing! With over 200+ cider puns to keep the laughter pouring, we hope you’ve found some delightful new additions to your humor arsenal. But wait, there’s more! Be sure to check out our website for a wide variety of creative puns across every topic imaginable. We’re truly thankful for your time spent exploring our pun-filled world. Cheers to the power of laughter!

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