Figtastic Fun: 220 Fig Puns to Make You Laugh Out Loud

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Get ready to fig-ure out some hilarious wordplay with our collection of over 200 fig puns! From cheesy one-liners to clever plays on words, we’ve compiled the best of the best to tickle your funny bone. Whether you’re a fan of the sweet and succulent fruit or just appreciate a good laugh, these puns are sure to make you giggle. So don’t be afraid to get a little figgy with it and share these puns with your friends and family. It’s time to join in on the figtastic fun!

Don’t be Fig-hting the Laughter: Best Fig Puns (Editors Pick)

1. What did the fig say when it got stuck in the door? Fig-let me out!
2. Did you hear about the fig that got hit by a truck? It was a total fig-mishap.
3. Why did the fig break up with his girlfriend? She was too fig-mentally unstable.
4. What do you call a group of figs? A fig-tionary.
5. How do you know if a fig is ripe? It’s all fig-ed up.
6. Did you hear about the fig that robbed a bank? It was a fig-ment of his imagination.
7. Why don’t figs play football? Because they always end up being fig-mented.
8. What’s the difference between a fig and a grapefruit? The way they fig-ure.
9. What do you call a fig that’s really into politics? A fig-urehead.
10. Why did the fig go to the doctor? It was feeling fig-ile.
11. What’s the most fig-uring thing you can do? Take a math fig course.
12. Why did the fig go to the dentist? It had a fig-toothache.
13. What did the fig do when it won the lottery? It fig-gled with joy.
14. What’s a fig’s favorite holiday? Fig-sgiving.
15. Did you hear about the fig that went to Hollywood? It was cast in the fig-mentary “A Star is Born.
16. What do you call a fig with a lot of friends? Fig-ureheads.
17. Who’s a fig’s favorite fictional character? The Fig-aro from Pinocchio.
18. Did you hear about the fig that couldn’t swim? It had to fig-ht for its life.
19. Why do figs make good bank robbers? They’re always fig-hting for money.
20. What do you call a fig that’s always late? Fig-etful.

Fig-tastic Funny Lines (One-liner Puns)

1. I fig-ured out the perfect recipe for a fig tart.
2. The fig-tional character in my favorite book is a real fig-ure of imagination.
3. That fig is a heartbreaker, it’s always fig-hting off admirers.
4. The fig tree is my main squeeze, it gives me endless bounties of figs.
5. I was going to make a fig pun but I don’t want to fig-ht about it.
6. Figs are great for fig-hting constipation, don’t you think?
7. That fig is drop-dead gorgeous, it’s making me feel figity inside.
8. I can’t help but fig-ure out ways to eat figs every day.
9. I accidentally ate an expired fig and I’ve been fig-hting food poisoning for hours.
10. That fig is so spoiled, it’s the definition of fig-mentation.
11. I’m feeling un-fig-ettable after eating so many figs.
12. Figs are my favorite fruit to fig-gy with.
13. That fig is putting on a show – it’s giving me major fig-tography vibes.
14. I’m happily fig-urative that I’ll never go a day without eating a fig.
15. The fig tree has become a local celebrity, it’s so fig-nificant for the community.
16. I’m so fig-ing excited for fig season.
17. I don’t give a fig what anyone says, I’ll always be a fig zealot.
18. My life would be un-fig-ettable without figs.
19. That fig has a pleasing aroma – it’s fig-menting my imagination.
20. My fig-based diet goes to show that I have healthy fig-ments.

Fig-ure it Out: (Question-and-Answer Puns on Fig Puns)

1. What did the fig say to the grape? “You’re too small to hang with me!”
2. What did the baker say when he finished making the fig cake? That’s a figgin’ good cake!
3. Why did the fig feel lonely? Because it didn’t have a date.
4. What do you call a fig who loves to exercise? A fig-athlete.
5. What did the fig tree say to the gardener? “Lettuce grow together!”
6. What did the fig say when it caught the thief? “You wanna fight?”
7. What did the fig say when it was having a bad day? “I need a pick-me-up!”
8. What do you call a fig who’s good at math? A fig-ure out-er.
9. Why did the fig go to prison? For serving fig-ative language.
10. What did the fig say when its friend asked for a piece of advice? “I’m not sure, let me just fig-ure it out.”
11. How did the fig feel when it became famous? It was fig-static!
12. Why did the fig wish it was a strawberry? So it could have a better shelf-life.
13. What did the parent fig say to the naughty fig? You’re in a lot of fig jam.
14. What did the fig say to the apple? You’re the apple of my eye, but I’m the fig of your imagination.
15. Why don’t figs like to argue? Because they always want the last fig-ment.
16. What do you call a fig who’s always on time? A fig-hter.
17. Why are figs great at poker? Because they know when to fig the pot.
18. What did the fig say to the picky eater? “I’m sorry if I don’t fig your taste buds!”
19. How do you know when a fig is ripe? When it’s just about to fig-fall.
20. What do you call a fig that can play piano? A Con-fig-uration.

Fig-uratively Speaking: Juicy Double Entendre Puns on Fig Puns

1. I heard the figs talking about their love life and it was all about jamming and spreading themselves.
2. This fig is making me go figgin’ crazy.
3. The figs were feeling a little risqué and decided to streak through the fig orchard.
4. The figs were flattered when they heard people say, “Oh my fig!”
5. These figs are driving me nuts!
6. The fig was a real player, he was always spreading himself around.
7. I heard that figs are actually a fruit, not just a type of a date.
8. These figs are rich, sweet, and definitely worth the fig leaf.
9. I’ve heard that figs are really good for your digestion, and you know what they say about men with good digestion…
10. The figs were feeling adventurous and took a fig-mud bath together.
11. I can’t believe the way these figs are flirting with each other, it’s like they’re in a figgy competition.
12. Do you prefer your figs fresh or dried? Personally, I like a little variety in my fig play.
13. All these figs together… it’s like their own little figgy universe.
14. The figs were so excited for their harvest, they were practically exploding with anticipation.
15. Figgy pudding might just be the best type of pudding out there.
16. What’s better than getting figgy with it?
17. I keep my figs in the fridge because I like them cold and firm.
18. Eating figs is just like any other type of foreplay.
19. Person 1: “I’m feeling too figgin’ hot today.” Person 2: “Well, you might want to branch out to a cooler spot.”
20. The figs were having a nice picnic when someone suggested they all get figgy with it.

Fig-urative Language: Puns in Idiomatic Expressions All About Figs!

1. Don’t be a fig-ment of your imagination.
2. We’re not fig-hting anymore; we’ve settled our differences.
3. You can’t make a fig-cake without cracking a few figs.
4. I’m fig-ing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
5. I’ll be fig-uring out how to solve this puzzle.
6. That business will go fig-ure soon.
7. If they’re offering free figs, I’m fig-in’ in.
8. Let’s make a fig-ment of our collective imagination.
9. Can we fig-ure out what went wrong here?
10. His fig-ments of imagination are out of control.
11. This new recipe is fig-tastic!
12. Let’s go fig-ure out the solution together!
13. The event was a fig-nificant success.
14. That image is just a fig-ment of his imagination.
15. I’m fig-uring out ways to save money on groceries.
16. We’ll just have to fig-ure out a new way to solve this problem.
17. Her fig-ment about winning the lottery has caused her to overspend.
18. It’s tough to fig-ure out the perfect gift for everyone.
19. Let’s stop fig-hting and work together to achieve our goals.
20. I’d rather be a fig in a salad than a carrot in a cake.

Squishy and Juicy (Fig Pun Juxtaposition)

1. Why did the fig tree start doing yoga? To become more fig-lexible!
2. My friend said he couldn’t stand figs, but then he ate one and realized he was mistaken. He had fig-dorsement.
3. When the man brought home a bunch of fresh figs, his wife exclaimed, “Fig-uratively speaking, these are the best!
4. My favorite figs to eat are the ones with a lot of seeds. I guess you could say I’m a bit fig-neatic.
5. My fig cake recipe is so popular, it’s been fig-ured out on Pinterest!
6. When the fig tree got struck by lightning, it was a fig-nificant event.
7. Ants love stealing figs from my backyard. They are some real fig-snatchers!
8. The fruit factory worker couldn’t help but see everything he handled as fig-ments of his own imagination.
9. The athlete ate a ton of figs to improve his performance, but it wasn’t enough. He needed some fig-cy training!
10. When the baker ran out of fig sprinkles, he had to fig-ure out a new way to decorate his cakes.
11. My little sister said she wanted a fig-flavored lollipop. That’s a bit fig-nostic to me.
12. It was a really hot day, so I decided to make some fig-sicles. They turned out fig-ven better than I expected!
13. My friend said figs are boring, but I told her they’re fig-trociously good.
14. The shepherd said he could never choose between his sheep and his figs, because he loved them fig-ually.
15. I accidentally dropped my phone in a fig tree and now it’s covered in sticky fig resin. Talk about a fig-mire!
16. The scientist studying figs said she needed a fig-spert to help her understand the fruit’s complex structure.
17. When my dad told me he was growing figs in his backyard, I said “fig-uratively or literally?” He thought it was hilarious.
18. The pie chef said he was really just a fig-ment of the customer’s imagination.
19. The doctor said to eat more figs, so I asked him if he was a fig-tition or a medical professional.
20. My friend said she was going to try putting figs in her spaghetti sauce. I told her that sounded fig-stravagant!

Finding the Fig-ht Pun (Fig Puns Galore)

1. Figgy Azalea
2. Figgy Stardust
3. Fig Newton-John
4. Figgy Smalls
5. Figment of Imagination
6. Figaro Montague
7. Figgy Pop
8. Figgy Cent
9. Figgy Piggy
10. Kate Figgington
11. Figaret Thatcher
12. Figgy Marley
13. Figgy Mitchell
14. Figgy Stone
15. Figgy Montana
16. Figgy Bank
17. Figgy Minaj
18. Figby Bryant
19. Figgy Azul
20. Figara de La Mancha

Figging it Up with Fun Spoonerisms

1. Pig Funs
2. Wig Runs
3. Big Guns
4. Jig Buns
5. Twig Suns
6. Dig Huns
7. Gig Nuns
8. Twig Puns
9. Fig Buns
10. Swig Duns
11. Big Runs
12. Fig Muns
13. Pig Duns
14. Twig Luns
15. Jig Guns
16. Dig Suns
17. Swig Buns
18. Wig Tuns
19. Fig Duns
20. Big Huns

Fig-uratively Speaking (Tom Swifties Revolving Around Figs)

1. “These figs are so small,” Tom said figuratively.
2. “These figs are so fresh,” Tom said fig-uratively.
3. “I hate dried figs,” Tom said cynically.
4. “These figs are heavy,” Tom said figuratively.
5. “This fig jam is delicious,” Tom said fruit-fully.
6. “I can’t find the fig leaves,” Tom said shamefully.
7. “I’m never eating fig cookies again,” Tom said assertively.
8. “These figs are so hard,” Tom said un-fig-etably.
9. “I’m sorry, I can’t afford figs,” Tom said im-fig-uratively.
10. “These figs are so sweet,” Tom said fig-uratively.
11. “I can’t wait to make a fig pie,” Tom said with pie-thonic enthusiasm.
12. “These figs are fresh off the tree,” Tom said fruit-fully.
13. “I’m fig-uring out all the ways to eat figs,” Tom said thoughtfully.
14. “Those figs were worth the wait,” Tom said fig-uratively.
15. “I need to add more fig-themed decorations to my house,” Tom said fig-uratively.
16. “This fig cake is fantastic,” Tom said in a cake-styled tone.
17. “Wow, these figs are a steal,” Tom said fig-uratively.
18. “These figs are so versatile,” Tom said creatively.
19. “I can’t wait to tell the fig lovers about this,” Tom said figur-atively.
20. “These figs are exquisite,” Tom said fig-uratively.

Fig-uratively Speaking: Oxymoronic Puns to Get You Out of a Jam!

1. These figs are ripe, but they’re not all there.
2. Figuring out figs can be both fruitful and frustrating.
3. Can you pass me a fig…ment of your imagination?
4. This fig is small, but it’s a big deal to me.
5. I’m a fig fan-atic, even though I find them pretty fig-tile.
6. If you don’t know what to do with a fig, you’re fig-standing.
7. If I had a fig for every fig pun I’ve made, I’d be fig-uratively rich.
8. These figs are fig-tastically delicious, even though they’re tearing me fig-awares.
9. Figuring out the best way to eat a fig takes time… and a lot of fig-uring.
10. A fig a day keeps the doctor fig-lovingly grafted.
11. Figs are just pretty fig-tacious when you think about it.
12. I’m not fig-litement about these puns, but I’m also not fig-hting them.
13. Fig-ures I’d be making puns at this time of night.
14. I fig-ured out how to make these fig puns, but it took me a fig-urative lifetime.
15. Don’t fig-et to wash your figs before you eat them.
16. It’s hard to fig-ure out what makes a good fig pun, but I’ll keep fig-uring it out.
17. This fig pun is really fig-nificant to me.
18. I’m fig-uratively swimming in puns right now.
19. If you don’t have a fig-ment of my imagination, I can’t help you.
20. Figs are the fig-ment of my fig-tastic imagination.

Fig-ure it Out: Recursive Puns on Fig Puns

1. I made a joke about a fig, but it wasn’t that appealing.
2. I told my friend to try a fig, but she said it was fruitless.
3. I once ate so many figs that I fig-ured I’d burst.
4. I find fig dishes to be fig-stravagant.
5. I can’t fig-ure out why people dislike figs.
6. I have a fig-tureative language quiz for you.
7. I asked my date to the fig-dance with me.
8. Fig-tively speaking, I didn’t mean to step on your toes.
9. I’m on a fig-it diet, it’s a real fig-or of mine.
10. My favorite fig recipe is figgy pudding, it’s simply fig-tastic.
11. I told a great fig joke, but it has taken root and is now a fig-o of my imagination.
12. My neighbor has a fig tree that’s so large, it’s fig-nificent.
13. I was about to eat a fig, then I thought, “fig-et it.”
14. The doctor told me to eat more figs, but I said, “fig off.”
15. I made a fig preserve but it was a fig-mint to eat.
16. Figs always remind me of Dalmatians because they both have fig-spots.
17. I went to Rome and ate so many figs, it was a fig-athon.
18. I asked my friend if he likes figs, but he said he doesn’t give a fig.
19. I had a fig for breakfast, but it was so fig-leaved.
20. I can’t stop eating figs, it’s an out-figeddy.

Fig-uring Out Some Punny Cliches (Puns on Cliches)

1. “Fig-ure it out for yourself.”
2. “That’s the fig-ment of your imagination.”
3. “You can’t have your fig and eat it too.”
4. “That’s just a fig deal.”
5. “Let’s cut to the fig of the matter.”
6. “It’s a fig-mentary tale.”
7. “Fig-uratively speaking.”
8. “This plan is a fig-leaf for disaster.”
9. “You reap what you fig.”
10. “It’s a fig-ture of speech.”
11. “I don’t give a fig.”
12. A bird in the fig bush is worth two in the hand.
13. The early bird catches the fig.
14. “It’s like comparing apples to figs.”
15. “Time flies like a fig.”
16. “Don’t let the door hit you in the fig on the way out.”
17. “All figged up and nowhere to go.”
18. “She’s as sweet as a ripe fig.”
19. He’s a bad egg, but a good fig.
20. “I’m not going to lose sleep over a fig.”

In conclusion, we hope these 200+ fig puns have left you chuckling and craving for more. If you want to explore other puns or just want to kill some time having fun, feel free to browse through our website. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to enjoy our figtastic collection of puns!

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