220 Hilarious Bag Puns That’ll Have You Tote-ally Cracking Up: A Puntastic Collection

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Looking for some pun-tastic bag puns that’ll have you laughing out loud? Look no further than this collection of over 200 hilarious and unique puns all about bags. From totes to clutches to backpacks, these puns will have you tote-ally cracking up in no time. Whether you’re a bag lover or just appreciate a good pun, this list is sure to delight and entertain you. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these silly and funny bag puns. And who knows, you might even learn a thing or two about different types of bags while you’re at it!

Bag full of laughs (Editors Pick)

1. “I’m tote-ally in love with this bag!”
2. “Just bought a new crossbody bag, it’s really a-shoulder-able.”
3. “My backpack is becoming a part of my back story.”
4. The travel bag was so good, it made me feel like a carry-on warrior.
5. “I’m not sure if this is a purse-onality trait or not, but I love bags.”
6. I always thought the potato sack race was just a bunch of sack-it-to-me jokes.
7. “You know what they say, every handbag has a silver lining.”
8. I’d rather have a bag in my hand than two in the bush.
9. “I’m not shoulder-ing any responsibility for my bag addiction.”
10. “This tote-ally meets my expectations.”
11. I’m so excited, I can hardly bag-in to tell you about my new purse.
12. “This clutch is small but mighty, it can hold all my cards and cash.”
13. If you’re feeling down, just pack your bags and go on an adventure.
14. “Backpacks are the most important accessory, they carry everything a person needs.”
15. “A bag is useless until it is filled with stuff, so don’t stress.”
16. “I’m not sure about you, but I always tote-ally forget what I put in my bag.”
17. “You can’t spell ‘baggage’ without ‘bag.'”
18. “I’m not sure if it’s the bag, or the contents of the bag that are heavy.”
19. “A good clutch can save the day, and make your outfit.”
20. “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a new bag, and that’s pretty close.”

Bag-tastic Banter (One-liner Puns)

1. I’m sorry, I can’t handle all of these bag puns. Tote-ally overwhelmed.
2. Hand me your old lunch bag, I’ll handle it. Let me handle the dirty work.
3. That handbag I bought was a real steal, I got it off the cuff.
4. I hate backpacks, they’re always dragging me down.
5. Can you believe it? He walked into the store and just bagged everything.
6. You’re always carrying around so many bags, you’re a real hoarder.
7. I always put my money into a safe, especially when it’s in my bag.
8. I came home and found my purse on the floor. I guess it needed some clutches.
9. When I saw my backpack in the store, it really drew string feelings.
10. My suitcase was so heavy it made it tough to carry on.
11. Why did the shopper bring a ladder to the store? To reach the top shelf, of purse.
12. I’m in charge now, you can just tote-ally rely on me.
13. He’s always got his plastic bag in tow, but it’s so see-thru.
14. I can’t wait for my vacation so I can finally break out my tourist bag.
15. That’s it, I’m calling it a wrap. Time to tote-ally pack it in.
16. The only reason I’m carrying this bag around is to keep up appearances.
17. I’m not a fan of the messenger bags, but the message was loud and clear.
18. I found this discount clutch in the clearance bin, I guess you could say it was a real steal.
19. My friend’s luggage was overstuffed, but she said it was just a little thumb pressure.
20. They tell me to give it a rest, but I refuse to bag down.

Bag-stract Pun-versations (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What do you call a bag that sits on the beach all day? A sandbag!
2. What color of bag should you use when you’re sad? Blue-bag!
3. Why did the bag go to the toilet? To take a number 2-bag!
4. What would you call a bag that’s on the top of a mountain? Hill-billy bag!
5. What did the bag say to the thief? You better tote-ally not steal from me!
6. What do you call a bag that’s always wet? Damp-bag!
7. Why did the bag break up with the backpack? It was too much baggage!
8. What do you call a bag that’s filled with keys? Jingle-bag!
9. What kind of bag do birds carry their money in? A nest egg!
10. Why did the bag go to jail? It was guilty of carrying too much weed!
11. What did the bag say to the luggage? We should totally hang out more, suitcase!
12. What do you call a bag that’s really old? Antique carrier!
13. Why did the bag fail at sports? It wasn’t very athletic-sack!
14. What’s the best bag to carry your books in? A novel-tote!
15. What kind of bag likes to arrange flowers? Bud-vase!
16. Why did the bag cross the road? To get to the other tote!
17. What do you call a bag that’s always on time? A punctual-satchel!
18. What did the bag say to the computer? Can you help me with my web-bag?
19. What do you call a bag that’s always lost? Disoriented-tote!
20. Why did the bag get depressed? It had too many problems to handle!

Bagging Some Laughs (Double Entendre Puns on Bags)

1. Can I bag you for a moment?
2. Bag it up before you take it home.
3. She’s a real bag of tricks.
4. He’s got the whole bag of chips.
5. That’s a mixed bag.
6. My bag is packed and ready to go.
7. She’s a cute little bag of mischief.
8. Do you want to play the bagpipes?
9. He’s got a chip on his shoulder and a bag of popcorn.
10. I feel like a bag of bones.
11. Let’s hit the road with our bags packed.
12. She’s got a real bag of goodies.
13. Sometimes you have to let the bag out of the cat.
14. Nothing beats a good old-fashioned bean bag toss.
15. That’s a designer bag with a price tag to match.
16. You really bagged the award with that performance.
17. The secret to staying organized is keeping everything in the bag.
18. He’s got a bag full of compliments.
19. She’s got a real bag of tricks up her sleeve.
20. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, but you can have a bag of chips and finish it all.

Bagging Some Laughs (Puns on Bags in Idioms)

1. You’re just a bag of bones.
2. He couldn’t punch his way out of a paper bag.
3. I’m not buying what you’re selling, bag it up.
4. The best things come in small packages, or in this case, bags.
5. She’s the whole bag of chips.
6. I’m sorry, I lost my bag and baggage.
7. Don’t let him bag all the glory.
8. Your story doesn’t hold any bag.
9. He’s so full of it, he couldn’t carry a bag big enough.
10. And that’s the bag’s whiskers.
11. I think it’s time to let the cat out of the bag.
12. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch…in the bag.
13. You better bag your groceries carefully, or it could get messy.
14. She gave him the cold shoulder…bag.
15. This job is in the bag!
16. Slow and steady wins the race…of the baggers.
17. I’m feeling a bit bagged out today.
18. You’re making a bag full of excuses.
19. Don’t put all your eggs in one bag.
20. He’s a bag of mixed emotions.

Punnily Packed: Bag Puns for Every Occasion

1. The thief who stole my backpack was shoulder-shruggingly bad.
2. The magician’s suitcase had a few tricks up its sleeve.
3. The marathon runner’s bag was truly a run-for-your-money.
4. The picture on the yoga bag was quite a stretch.
5. The paper bag was feeling a little rough around the edges.
6. The designer backpack was quite the carry-all, fashionable and functional.
7. The book bag was literary the perfect accessory.
8. The handbag made me clutch my pearls.
9. The gym bag was pumpin’ iron.
10. The duffel bag was quite the haul!
11. The camping backpack was wild-erness.
12. The suitcase was the center of attraction on the luggage carousel.
13. The online shopper couldn’t tote-ally resist the virtual cart.
14. The canvas tote was pretty versatile, it could carry a broad spectrum of items.
15. The hobo bag was the bohemian rhapsody of bags.
16. The backpacker had wanderlust, and a backpack to match.
17. The messenger bag delivered in style!
18. The clutch was sassy and clasped tight.
19. The briefcase was serious business.
20. The lunch box contained the latest in fresh-pressed juice and salad cuisine.

Bag Those Puns! (Bag Puns Galore)

1. Baguette About It
2. Baggin’ & Braggin’
3. Bag to the Bone
4. Bag it Up!
5. Baggin’ and Saggin’
6. Tote-ally Awesome
7. Packin’ Heat
8. Slingin’ Style
9. Bag of Tricks
10. Purse-nality
11. Chic on Fleek
12. Hipster Bag Lady
13. Satchel Swag
14. Tote that Barge
15. Messenger Madness
16. Holdin’ My Own
17. Hand-Sewn Happiness
18. Fanny Packin’ it in
19. Pocket Protector
20. Clutch Performer

Punny Mix-Ups: Bagful of Spoonerisms!

1. Jag buns
2. Snack begs
3. Gag bins
4. Mag puns
5. Lag runs
6. Tag nuns
7. Rag duns
8. Nag huns
9. Drag muns
10. Sag guns
11. Lag tuns
12. Rag cuns
13. Fag funs
14. Bag duns
15. Tag suns
16. Lag nuns
17. Sag duns
18. Rag buns
19. Nag cuns
20. Bag runs

Bag It and Tag It: Tom Swifties With Punny Bag Puns

1. “I can’t find my bag,” Tom said impatiently.
2. “I won the race with this heavy bag!” Tom said jocularly.
3. “I’ve got to pack my toiletries,” Tom said abruptly.
4. “I never shy away from a good deal,” Tom said baggily.
5. “I’m flying first class with all this leg room!” Tom exclaimed expansively.
6. “You can’t take that with you,” Tom said teabaggily.
7. “My food is still cold,” Tom said baggedly.
8. “I don’t pack light,” Tom said weightily.
9. “I’m not sure if this is mine,” Tom said dubiously.
10. “I’m ready to hit the road,” Tom said bagpackedly.
11. “I’m carrying everything I need,” Tom said backpackingly.
12. “My bag is a little too full,” Tom said heavily.
13. “This suitcase is perfect,” Tom said satisfiedly.
14. “I need to get a bigger briefcase,” Tom said casely.
15. “I have to lug this thing around?” Tom said begrudgingly.
16. “I put all my trust in this duffel bag,” Tom said trustingly.
17. “I’m getting too old to backpack,” Tom said agedly.
18. “I only bring my necessities,” Tom said minimally.
19. “I packed everything but the kitchen sink,” Tom said jokingly.
20. “Plastic bags are ruining the environment,” Tom said bag-frowningly.

Contradictory Carry-Ons: Bag Puns with a Twist

1. My bag is light as a feather… filled with bricks.
2. That tote bag is plastic… but eco-friendly.
3. My messenger bag is wireless… but connected to everything I need.
4. He has a paper bag… made of steel.
5. Her clutch bag is huge… but holds only a single penny.
6. That duffel bag is square… but fits into a round hole.
7. My garbage bag is odor-free… but stinks up the room.
8. This bag of chips is full… of air.
9. She has a tote bag… that can’t carry a single item.
10. This backpack is heavy… with nothing inside.
11. His briefcase is soft… as concrete.
12. That brown bag is transparent… as a brick wall.
13. My purse is small… but could fit my entire life.
14. This clutch is invisible… but can’t hide anything inside.
15. Her book bag is empty… but still weighs a ton.
16. This grocery bag is expensive… but everything inside is cheap.
17. That drawstring bag is secure… but can be opened with a slight touch.
18. My fanny pack is stylish… as a clown’s suit.
19. This gift bag is generous… but only holds a tiny present.
20. His gym bag is clean… but sweaty and smelly.

Baggin’ for More Pun (Recursive Bag Puns)

1. I got a new job making reusable bags. It’s pretty tote-ally awesome.
2. I tried to make a bag out of old jeans, but it was seam-ingly impossible.
3. The bag I used for collecting my leaves was really leafy.
4. My reusable lunch bag was so durable, it could stand up to ANY sandwich.
5. I store my yarn in a giant bag. It’s the perfect way to think outside the box.
6. I made a pun about a plastic bag, but it was too transparent.
7. I sell high-quality bags at my store. My customers always come bag for more.
8. I bought a bag to keep my cheese warm during transport. It had some pretty sharp cheddar-istics.
9. My friend made me a beautiful tote bag with a floral print. It was so purse-onal!
10. I told a joke about a croissant bag, but I don’t want to butter anyone up.
11. A magician made my purse disappear. It was quite the handbag-ling.
12. I use a burlap sack to carry all of my potatoes. It’s very a-peel-ing.
13. My little brother tells jokes about my purse. He always calls it my bag of holding.
14. I got a new bag that’s also a backpack. I’m so hip-satchel.
15. I told a bag pun to my friend, but they thought it was a little baggy.
16. I made a tote bag out of a sleeping bag. It was perfect for my camping trip.
17. I made a joke about a plastic bag, but I don’t want to be poly-mean.
18. My grandma made me a quilted tote bag. It’s sew lovely.
19. My boyfriend told me he was buying me a new bag, but I said I was purse-nickety.
20. I told my dad I didn’t want to carry his bag, but he told me to sack up.

Bagging Some Puns (Puns on Bag Cliches)

1. “I’m in a tote-ally good mood today.”
2. “My husband is a real bag-man; he always carries all the heavy stuff.”
3. I was so excited to see my name on the baggage claim, I almost cried.
4. “I’m sorry I was late, I had to clutch my purse all the way here.”
5. “My backpack is my life, I don’t know how I would survive without it.”
6. “I’m not a pack-rat, I swear! I just like to keep things organized.”
7. “I’m a total bag-hag, I can’t resist a cute handbag.”
8. “I’m not a dad, but I do love me some fanny-packs.”
9. “I was so worried about my luggage getting lost, I had to handle it myself.”
10. “I’ve been carrying this secret with me for years, it’s like a heavy backpack I can’t take off.”
11. “Sometimes I feel like my brain is just a bag of random thoughts.”
12. I’m sorry I forgot your birthday gift, I guess I dropped the bag on that one.
13. “I’ll never forget the time I accidentally put my laptop in the wrong bag, it was a real case of mistaken identity.”
14. “I’m a true believer in the phrase ‘when in doubt, shop it out’ – especially when it comes to bags.”
15. “I’m not saying my purse is magical, but every time I reach in there, I find exactly what I need.”
16. “I’m sorry I’m always late, I just can’t seem to bag-manage my time properly.”
17. “I guess you could say that carrying a heavy purse is just my cross-body to bear.”
18. “I’m sorry I lost your book, I guess you could say I judged it by its cover and left it in my tote bag.”
19. “I was so excited to buy my new purse, I guess you could say I was clutching at straws for a while.”
20. “I’m not one to gossip, but I do love a good shoulder-bag-monger.”

In conclusion, these bag puns are truly a tote-al delight! We hope that they’ve brought a smile to your face and a chuckle to your belly. If you’re in need of more punny fun, be sure to check out our website for other collections. Thank you for taking the time to visit, and don’t forget to share your favorite puns with your friends and family!

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