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Are you ready to have a “tri-anglelicious” time? Look no further! We have gathered over 200 of the best triangle puns that are sure to make you laugh, giggle, and maybe even cause an acute case of the sidesplitting. From obtuse jokes to acute wordplay, you’re guaranteed to find some right-angled humor that will definitely tickle your angles! So, brace yourself for an avalanche of triangular laughter as we explore these hilarious puns together. Whether you’re a geometry wiz or just have a soft spot for clever wordplay, these puns will have you rolling on the floor, laughing until you’re hypoten-used. Let’s dive right in and explore the funny and punny world of triangle humor!

Triangles of Laughter (Editors Pick)

1. Why was the triangle always so confident? It had a lot of angles.
2. Did you hear about the love triangle at the geometry convention? It was acute affair.
3. Why don’t triangles ever gossip? Because they’re always right-angle.
4. What do you call a triangle that sings? A musical triangle.
5. The triangle couldn’t find a date to the dance. It was just too obtuse.
6. Why did the triangle go to the doctor? It had acute-itis.
7. The triangle was feeling under the weather, so it decided to get some vitamin C… ircle.
8. Why did the triangle bring a ladder to the soccer game? It wanted to be a pro at corner kicks.
9. What’s a triangle’s favorite type of music? Hip-hop because it has the best angles.
10. Why do triangles always win at poker? They have an extra angle up their sleeve.
11. Why did the triangle join the circus? It wanted to be a circus trapezoid.
12. What do you call a triangle that joined the army? A triangladiator.
13. Why did the triangle go to school? To get a square education.
14. How do triangles stay cool in the summer? They just turn up their ACute.
15. What do you call a triangle that likes to knit? A purl-triangle.
16. What did the triangle say to the circle? You’re pointless.
17. What do you call a smart triangle? A straight-As-cute triangle.
18. How did the triangle make a great impression? It put its best side forward.
19. What did one triangle say to the other during a fight? Let’s make up and be polygonal-nimous!
20. Why did the triangle go on a diet? It wanted to be an equilateral-triangle.

Triangular Teasers: Laughable Triangle Puns

1. Why did the triangle go to the gym? Because it wanted to shape up!
2. I asked my friend if he knew any good triangle jokes, and he said, “I’m a-cute angle, but I’m not sharp enough for that.”
3. The triangle was feeling a bit obtuse, so it went to the doctor for a check-up.
4. When the triangle invented a new dance move, everyone said it was very acute!
5. The triangle was feeling cornered, so it decided to take a different angle on life.
6. My friend told me he was going to study geometry, and I told him to not cut corners!
7. How do you make a triangle double in size? You use the triangle-nsoon method!
8. I told a joke about triangles, but it didn’t seem to have a point.
9. The triangle bought a new car, but it didn’t have any mileage because it only used the hypotenuse!
10. Why did the triangle go on a diet? It wanted to lose some shape.
11. I asked the triangle why it kept making bad decisions, and it said, “I always seem to be in a skew!”
12. The triangle invited the circle and the square to a party, but it was only a right-angled affair.
13. What do you call a triangle with a sunburn? An ACUTE-angled triangle!
14. I tried to make a triangle out of spaghetti, but it was too floppy. It was pasta point of no return!
15. The triangle told the rectangle that it had an edge for fashion and style.
16. Why did the triangle go to the therapist? It was having an identity crisis.
17. The triangle had a crush on the circle, but it knew their relationship would never be equilateral.
18. My math teacher asked me to define a triangle, and I said, “It’s the strongest shape because it’s always connected with tri-bonding!”
19. The triangle was feeling lonely, so it decided to join the shape club to make some new angles.
20. What did the triangle say to the parallelogram? “You’re not square, but you’re still pretty cool!”

Triangulate Your Funny Bone (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the triangle bring a ladder to the party? Because it didn’t want to be a wallflower!
2. What did the triangle say to the circle? “You’re pointless!”
3. Why did the triangle go camping? To get in touch with its acute side!
4. What do you call a triangle that won’t stop talking? An obtuse triangle!
5. Why did the triangle join a band? It had a natural rhythm!
6. What did one triangle say to the other at the end of the race? I haven’t got a leg to stands on!
7. Why did the triangle refuse to become a chef? Because it couldn’t make a perfect “pi” crust!
8. How did the triangle propose to the square? With a diamond-shaped ring!
9. Why was the triangle always worried? It couldn’t find a safe angle to relax!
10. What did one equilateral triangle say to the other at the cocktail party? “We’re always in good spirits!”
11. Why did the triangle bring a map to the movie theater? It wanted to see the angles!
12. How did the triangle feel after a long day at work? Obtuse!
13. What did the triangle say when it saw the rectangle? “You’re so edgy!”
14. Why did the triangle join the gym? It wanted to work on its shape!
15. What did the triangle say to the square when they got in a fight? “You’re just being obtuse!”
16. Why did the triangle ask the circle out on a date? It was drawn to its curves!
17. How do you make a triangle laugh? Tickling its vertex!
18. Why did the triangle go to therapy? It needed to find balance between its acute and obtuse side!
19. How did the triangle communicate with the hexagon? On a cellular level!
20. What did one triangle say to the other at the math competition? “I’m so acute, it’s not even a right angle!”

A Shape That’s Sidesplittingly Punny (Double Entendre Puns)

1. Did you hear about the love triangle? It had three acute angles.
2. I went to the dance and saw a pair of triangles dancing together. It was a love triangle on the dance floor.
3. The triangle wanted to join the circus because it heard they were always looking for performers with sharp angles.
4. The mathematician showed me a triangular shape, but I made it more interesting by adding some naughty angles.
5. When the chef made a triangular sandwich, they knew it had to be a steamy affair between the bread slices.
6. The triangle couldn’t decide which side it loved more, so it settled for a threesome.
7. When the triangle fell in love, it started developing acute feelings.
8. The artist painted a triangle, but it looked rather phallic. I guess it was a Freudian slip.
9. The triangle couple decided to spice up their relationship by experimenting with different angles.
10. At the geometry party, the triangle couldn’t resist flirting with the curves of a circle. It was a scandalous affair.
11. The triangle broke up with its partner because it felt they were not in the right angle anymore.
12. The triangle couldn’t resist the charm of the parallelogram. It had a thing for edgy relationships.
13. The triangle joined a dating app and found itself in a complex love polygon.
14. The triangle was feeling lonely until it found its perfect match, a scalene triangle.
15. I saw a cute triangle necklace, and I couldn’t help but think about the love triangle it represented.
16. The triangle decided to enroll in a cooking class to learn how to make love-shaped pastries.
17. The triangle couple decided to go to therapy to work on their non-right angle issues.
18. After a long day, the triangle enjoyed a steamy soak in the hot tub. It sure knows how to relax its acute angles.
19. When the triangle went to the gym, it couldn’t help but show off its toned angles. It was quite the number for the ladies.
20. The triangle was feeling adventurous, so it decided to try a love square. It was a geometric wild ride.

Triangular Teasers (Puns in Idioms)

1. She was always on the straight and triangle.
2. That’s a real trig-head move.
3. It’s hard to get him to take a polygon on anything.
4. He’s about as sharp as a scalene triangle.
5. I’m always ready to solve any triangle that comes my way.
6. Don’t be obtuse about this triangle.
7. That idea is just a right triangle in my book.
8. She always finds herself in a triangular love affair.
9. Don’t try to square a triangle, it’s impossible.
10. His mind works like an equilateral triangle, always balanced.
11. You have all the angles covered when it comes to triangles.
12. He’s a prime example of a triangle master.
13. The pressure to perform has him in a triangle of emotions.
14. She’s as stubborn as the hypotenuse of a triangle.
15. I triangled myself into this situation.
16. Let’s just put the whole triangle thing on the back burner.
17. He’s as elusive as a triangle trying to escape a circle.
18. It’s a love triangle that just keeps coming back around.
19. If you get lost in a triangle, you’re going in circles.
20. Let’s triangle a different approach to this problem.

Point and Play (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. Why did the triangle go to school? Because it wanted to shape up.
2. I went to a music festival and saw a triangle playing in the band. It was a real hipster.
3. My friend is having trouble finding a job in geometry. I guess he’s just not acute enough.
4. Triangles are really edgy, they always take things to another level.
5. I heard the triangle broke up with its girlfriend. It just wasn’t a perfect match.
6. My triangle friend decided to become an artist. Now he’s really hip and full of angles.
7. Why did the triangle go to the therapist? It had a lot of acute anxiety.
8. I tried making a cake in the shape of a triangle but it looked so obtuse.
9. The triangle wanted to join the basketball team but it couldn’t keep up with all the competition.
10. What did the triangle say to the square? “You’re so closed off, just let me in!”
11. I invented a triangle-shaped pillow but it was a total flop, no one wanted to rest their heads on it.
12. I saw a triangle dancing at the club, it really knew all the right moves.
13. The triangle told the circle, “You’re so round, it’s pointless!”
14. My friend opened a triangle-shaped restaurant but it didn’t do well, it was too one-dimensional.
15. The triangle couldn’t find its way around town because it had no sense of direction.
16. I told the triangle to go on a diet, but it just kept getting more and more obtuse.
17. The triangle was shocked when it met its soulmate, they fit together perfectly.
18. My triangle friend can’t stop talking about geometry, he’s just so acute with his obsessions.
19. I tried to teach the triangle some new dance moves but it just kept getting too obtuse.
20. The triangle was always ahead of the curve, it liked to stay sharp.

“Tricky Triangles: Punny Names that’ll make you Acute with Laughter!”

1. Tri Angler (a fishing enthusiast who loves catching triangle-shaped fish)
2. Trixie Angle (a math teacher who specializes in teaching geometry)
3. Sally Trigonometry (a mathematician who focuses on triangles)
4. Bermuda Rectangle (a mysterious area known for its triangular disappearances)
5. Isaac Trangular (a famous mathematician known for his work on triangles)
6. Triangle Thorne (a professional triangle player)
7. Tess Driangle (a fashion designer famous for her triangle-themed clothing)
8. Pythagoras Square (a comedian who specializes in triangle-related jokes)
9. Triana Grande (a pop singer who loves incorporating triangles into her performances)
10. Delta Washington (a senator who fights for equal rights for all triangle-shaped objects)
11. Hexa Angle (a geometry professor who teaches advanced triangle concepts)
12. Triangle Adams (a famous painter who specializes in triangle art)
13. Tricia Tripton (a travel blogger who explores the world in search of triangle-shaped landmarks)
14. Isosceles Johnson (a stand-up comedian who tells triangle-based jokes)
15. Trixie Trianova (a circus performer who specializes in juggling triangle-shaped objects)
16. Montana Triangle (a mysterious mountain range known for its triangular peaks)
17. Triangle Turner (a DJ who creates triangle-themed remixes)
18. Trixie Prism (a scientist who specializes in studying light refraction in triangles)
19. Tetra Gonal (a video game character who battles enemies with her triangle-shaped weapons)
20. Triangle Hilton (a luxury hotel known for its unique triangular architecture)

Twisted Tongue Trysts: Triangle Tangles (Spoonerisms)

1. Tringle Bachel
2. Yummy Greenangle
3. Ringangle Thyme
4. Free Rangle Friday
5. Knitangle Trug
6. Flangle Ashlight
7. Trongo Trips
8. Sprangle Imagination
9. Drainangle Track
10. Jangle Angle
11. Trunkangle Pillows
12. Dangle Tree
13. Strangle Teaks
14. Prangle Intrusions
15. Twangle Rain
16. Mangle Rush
17. Spanangle Eater
18. Gangle Angle
19. Tangle Wraps
20. Acangle Ont

Note: Spoonerisms can often be controversial and offensive. Please make sure to use them respectfully and with caution.

Triangular Witticisms (Tom Swifties)

1. “I hate geometry,” said Tom, “acutely.”
2. “I can’t find my protractor,” said Tom, “a-nguly.”
3. “I refuse to become a mathematician,” said Tom, “triangul-vantly.”
4. “I’m an expert on shapes,” said Tom, “triumphantly.”
5. “Where’s my ruler?” Tom measured, “triangul-accurately.”
6. “I’m getting tired of math problems,” said Tom, “triangul-mentally.”
7. I’ll solve this puzzle in no time,” said Tom, “triangul-speedily.
8. I’m not a fan of flat shapes,” said Tom, “triangul-roundedly.
9. “I’m going to make the perfect triangle,” said Tom, “triangul-perfectly.”
10. “I’ll never get bored of studying triangles,” said Tom, “triangul-intriguingly.”
11. “I’m always attracted to pyramids,” said Tom, “triangul-magnetically.”
12. “This triangle is so easy to solve,” said Tom, “triangul-effectively.”
13. “I’m not interested in shapes with more than three sides,” said Tom, “triangul-exclusively.”
14. “I’m really good at estimating angles,” said Tom, “triangul-approximately.”
15. “I love solving triangle mysteries,” said Tom, “triangul-detectively.”
16. I’m a pro at drawing triangles,” said Tom, “triangul-artfully.
17. “I find triangles fascinating,” said Tom, “triangul-scientifically.”
18. “I’ll never share my triangle secrets,” said Tom, “triangul-exclusively.”
19. “I have a natural talent for triangle measurements,” said Tom, “triangul-innately.”
20. “This triangle is impossible to solve,” said Tom, “triangul-impossibly.”

Tricky Triangle Twists (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. Isosceles triangles are really edgy.
2. I was feeling a bit obtuse, so I went to the right angle therapy.
3. Scalene triangles can never seem to find balance.
4. The right triangle was left feeling acute.
5. Triangles love playing hide-and-seek because they’re always acute angles.
6. The hypotenuse went to the beach to catch some ray angles.
7. The obtuse triangle tried yoga but couldn’t find the right angle.
8. Triangles always find square roots a bit irrational.
9. I saw my friend the equilateral triangle, and we met on equal terms.
10. The right triangle had a right old time at the party.
11. The obtuse triangle went on a diet to become a bit more acute.
12. The scalene triangle told a silly joke and got its angles tangled.
13. I asked the triangle if it wanted dessert, but it said it was “full of angles.”
14. The isosceles triangle tried to join the circus but couldn’t handle the triangle balance.
15. A triangle walked into a bar and said, “I’m looking for an angle to drink.
16. The square and the triangle tried to become friends, but their angles just didn’t line up.
17. The scalene triangle started a band but couldn’t find the right rhythm.
18. The obtuse triangle was feeling extra obtuse and wanted to become more acute.
19. The equilateral triangle was the pickiest eater; it only wanted food that was triangular in shape.
20. Triangles always put on a brave face even when they’re feeling acute pain.

Tricky Triangles (Recursive Puns)

1. Why did the triangle sit alone in school? It wanted to be acute-ually funny.
2. Did you hear about the love triangle that went camping? It was always pitching tents.
3. Why did the triangle go to therapy? It had acute-encephalitis.
4. What did the triangle say to its friend who loved to bake? “You really know how to triangle-ate me!”
5. Why did the triangle blush during the math test? It couldn’t hide its angle-er.
6. What happened to the triangle who wanted to be an artist? It drew a lot of atten-shape-ion!
7. Why did the triangle break up with the circle? It couldn’t handle its endless curves.
8. Why did the triangle join the football team? It wanted to be a wide-receiver.
9. How did the triangle react when it saw a right angle? It said, “I can’t believe you’re so square!”
10. What did the triangle say to the rectangle who copied its style? “Stop triangul-plagiarizing!”
11. How did the triangle feel after a long day at work? It was absolutely acute-ed.
12. Why did the triangle wear a hat to the party? It wanted to be a tri-top.
13. What do you call a triangle with a sweet tooth? Trigon-treat-us.
14. Why did the triangle try stand-up comedy? It wanted to be a laugh en-shape-er.
15. How did the triangle introduce itself to the square? “Nice to intersect you!”
16. Why did the triangle avoid the circular party? It was afraid of tangential conversations.
17. What did the triangle say when it won the marathon? “I just ran a-ROUND them all!”
18. Why did the triangle start a band? It knew music had its own set of tri-tones.
19. Did you hear about the triangle who started a fashion line? It was a real trend-shape-er.
20. Why did the triangle get a job as a chef? It loved creating acute culinary masterpieces!

Triangulating the Cliché (Puns on Triangle Clichés)

1. I’m just not in the right angle for this conversation.
2. Trying to balance the equation on a triangle pun takes some acute skills.
3. I can never decide what angle to take with these jokes, I always end up obtuse.
4. I was really struggling to come up with more triangle puns, but then it hit me like a right-angled punchline!
5. My life is a bit triangle: it has its ups, downs, and some straight lines.
6. That’s acute little pun you’ve got there!
7. Whenever my friend tells triangle puns, it’s always the same ol’ hypotenuse.
8. I tried to solve the mystery of the missing triangle, but it turned out to be a pointless rhombus.
9. What do geometricians say during a football match? “Goooooooooooal-triangle!”
10. I mistakenly bought a triangular dessert pastry, but it was a real shape of things to come.
11. Did you hear the one about the triangle and the circle? They once had a very spherical relationship.
12. This triangle pun is the apex of hilarity!
13. Triangles love traveling. They always say, “I’m not staying in one place, I’m going tri-angle over the world.”
14. I tried to tell my friend a triangle joke, but she needed some acute-ting to the punchline.
15. I was going to make a pun about the Bermuda Triangle, but it has some mysterious angles we can’t quite comprehend.
16. My math teacher always gives congruent triangle puns, she’s just so equal-itarian.
17. I’m failing to see the hypotenuse of making any more triangle puns.
18. I apologize if these puns aren’t quite right, I’m just parallelogramming my brain for ideas.
19. My triangle puns are so good, they’re bordering on tri-angle management.
20. When it comes to triangle puns, I ascertain that they’re always perfectly amusing.

In conclusion, we hope these 200+ triangle puns have given you a good laugh and made your geometry-loving heart skip a beat. But don’t stop here – there are plenty more puns waiting for you on our website. So, why not go ahead and explore the endless corners of wordplay? We’re grateful for your visit and hope to see you again soon. Thanks for joining us on this triangular pun-tastic adventure!

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