Strike a Funny Bone: 200+ Dodgeball Puns for Ultimate Laughs and Sporty Fun

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Looking to add some sporty fun to your day? Get ready to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and laugh your way through our collection of over 200 dodgeball puns that are bound to tickle your funny bone! Whether you’re a dodgeball enthusiast or just in need of a good laugh, these puns will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. From clever wordplay to punny team names, we’ve got it all covered. So, grab your dodgeball and get ready to have a ball with these puns that are sure to score some major laughs. Are you ready to dodge, laugh, and pun your way to victory? Let’s dive right into the hilarious world of dodgeball puns!

Dodging Sore Muscles: Dodgeball Puns Galore (Editors Pick)

1. “Don’t dodge the ball, dodge your problems!”
2. “My dodgeball skills are strikingly dodge-tastic!”
3. “When it comes to dodgeball, I always make a strong ‘impression.'”
4. In the world of dodgeball, puns can be thrown left and ‘right’!
5. “I’m the master at dodging balls, it’s my ‘true calling’.”
6. “Our dodgeball team is ‘ball-tastic’—we never ‘drop’ the ball!”
7. “Instead of studying, I decided to dodgeball and ‘ace’ the competition!”
8. “When life throws you a curveball, you dodgeball!”
9. I’m known as the ‘dodgeball ninja‘—always dodging and striking!
10. “My reflexes are so quick, I could dodge a dodgeball ‘in my sleep’!”
11. “Just remember, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!”
12. “In dodgeball, I’m a ‘force’ to be reckoned with!”
13. I’m always willing to dodgeball, it adds a little ‘bounce’ to my day!
14. “I dodge like there’s ‘no tomorrow’!”
15. “When it comes to dodgeball, I never ‘step out of bounds’.”
16. “I dodgeball to stay in ‘high spirits’!”
17. Dodgeball is my ‘ball and chain‘—I can’t get enough!
18. “In dodgeball, I’m the ‘maestro’ of dodges and dodging!”
19. “Dodgeball has taught me to always ‘strike while the ball is hot’!”
20. “‘Dodge’ everything else, dodgeball is all that matters!”

Dodge the Dullness: Hilarious Dodgeball Puns

1. Why did the dodgeball player bring a ladder to the game? He wanted to reach new heights!
2. Did you hear the rumor about the dodgeball that went to the gym? It left everyone bouncing with excitement!
3. Why couldn’t the dodgeball find its wallet? It was always losing its bounce!
4. What kind of shoes do dodgeball players wear? Sneakers that can dodge any situation!
5. Why did the dodgeball love going to the bakery? It always had a roll to play!
6. How do dodgeballs celebrate their victories? They bounce off the walls with joy!
7. Why did the dodgeball coach carry a backpack? He always had too many strategies to pack!
8. What did the dodgeball say to its opponent? Dodge or get thrown!
9. Why was the dodgeball player always getting injured? He couldn’t dodge a bullet if he tried!
10. Why was the dodgeball court always so quiet? Because no one wanted to stir up any trouble!
11. How did the dodgeball team organize their locker room? With a lot of dodge determination!
12. Why did the dodgeball team go for ice cream after every game? They loved to cool down after dodging all day!
13. What did the dodgeball player say to his crush? “I’m falling for you, let’s dodge love together!”
14. Why was the dodgeball team’s kitchen always empty? They were always dodging mealtime!
15. Why did the dodgeball team have a great sense of direction? They always knew how to dodge work and find fun!
16. What do dodgeball players say when they finally catch a break? “I’m dodging a bullet with this timeout!”
17. How did the dodgeball player decorate his room? With lots of posters of dodgeball champions, of course!
18. What did the dodgeball player say to the math teacher? All this calculus is a real dodge challenge!
19. Why did the dodgeball team always bring extra sunglasses? They knew they would be dodging the shade!
20. What did the dodgeball player say to the dancer? “Can you teach me some moves? I need to dodge gracefully!”

Dazzling Dodgeball Delights (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What did the dodgeball player say when he caught a cold? “I guess I really caught something!”
2. Why did the dodgeball player bring a ladder to the game? To help him climb the ranks!
3. How did the dodgeball team celebrate their victory? They had a ball!
4. What’s a dodgeball player’s favorite type of jewelry? Brace for impact!
5. Why do dodgeball players make good babysitters? They know how to dodge little monsters!
6. What do dodgeball players do when they’re feeling down? They dodge the blues!
7. How do dodgeball players stay in shape? They dodge the calories!
8. Why did the dodgeball team go to the pizza place after practice? Because they wanted to get a good toss-a!
9. What do you call a dodgeball player who never misses? A bull’s-eye-lin!
10. Why did the dodgeball player bring an umbrella to the game? In case of a dodge-pour!
11. What did the dodgeball coach say to his team when they lost the game? “Don’t worry, we’ll bounce back!”
12. Why did the dodgeball player become a chef? Because he loved to dodge the soup!
13. How do dodgeball players clean their clothes? They give them a good dodge-cycle!
14. What do you call two dodgeball players who are best friends? Dodgebuddies!
15. Why did the dodgeball player bring a map to practice? To dodge the wrong directions!
16. What do you call a dodgeball team that never loses? The dodge dynasty!
17. Why did the dodgeball player always carry a pen and paper? In case he had to dodge a list!
18. What do you call a dodgeball player who is also an artist? A dodge-sketcher!
19. Why did the dodgeball player become a dentist? He wanted to dodge tooth decay!
20. How did the dodgeball player fix his broken car? He gave it a dodge-it-yourself repair job!

Ducking and Dodging (Double Entendre Puns)

1. I won’t dodge your call, but I’m an expert at dodgeball.
2. Playing dodgeball makes me an expert at dodging responsibilities too.
3. When playing dodgeball, I always aim for a heart-to-heart connection.
4. Want to play dodgeball? I promise not to dodge your affection.
5. Let’s play a game of dodgeball, where the real challenge is dodging our undeniable chemistry.
6. My aim in dodgeball is almost as sharp as my charm.
7. When it comes to dodgeball, I’m a master at dodging commitment too.
8. The only competition I’m interested in is a game of dodgeball with you.
9. I’m really good at dodging rainy days, just like I’m good at dodgeball.
10. Dodgeball is all about strategy, just like winning someone’s heart.
11. My skills in love are as impressive as my skills in dodgeball.
12. When it comes to dodgeball, I’m always ready to dodge and flirt at the same time.
13. A game of dodgeball is great practice for dodging unwanted attention too.
14. Just like in dodgeball, I’m an expert at avoiding heartbreak.
15. I can dodgeball opponents and curveballs with equal grace.
16. Playing dodgeball helps me practice avoiding getting hit by Cupid’s arrow.
17. In a game of dodgeball, I might dodge balls, but you’re one ball I’m not dodging.
18. I may dodge balls in dodgeball, but I would never dodge your feelings.
19. My dodgeball skills are only matched by my ability to dodge awkward situations.
20. Playing dodgeball is like playing with hearts, trying to avoid getting hit.

Dodge a Ball, Dodge a Pun (Wordplay on the Court)

1. He thought he could dodge the ball, but he got caught red-handed.
2. Playing dodgeball made him feel like a fish out of water.
3. They were the underdogs in their dodgeball team, but they barked up the wrong tree.
4. The dodgeball team practiced day and night, so they were really raising the bar.
5. He was late to the dodgeball game, but better late than never!
6. The coach threw caution to the wind and trained them to dodge the bullet.
7. They say he’s the king of dodgeball – he can dodge a wrench.
8. The dodgeball team had a rough start, but their perseverance paid off – they turned the tide.
9. She was determined to win the dodgeball game, so she put all her eggs in one basket.
10. The dodgeball team’s strategy was solid as a rock.
11. The team captain was quick on his feet, always thinking on his toes.
12. The dodgeball team’s victory was as clear as daylight.
13. The opponents tried to throw him off balance, but he kept his cool and dodged the curveball.
14. The coach had high expectations and always pushed the team to give 110 percent.
15. They were the front-runners in every dodgeball game, leaving their opponents in the dust.
16. The team’s dodgeball skills were up to par, no need to reinvent the wheel.
17. The dodgeball game became intense, but the team didn’t bat an eye.
18. The team’s dodgeball skills were on fire, making the opponents sweat and dodge the bullet.
19. The captain’s leadership skills were the secret weapon to their dodgeball success.
20. The dodgeball match was a slam dunk for the team, leaving everyone in awe.

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive into Dodgeball Puns (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. I joined a band called “The Dodge-It-Up Boys” because we’re great at avoiding conflict!
2. My friend Martin practices yoga to “dodge” his daily problems and find inner peace.
3. I wanted to make catchy dodgeball songs, so I formed a band called “The Ball Dodgers”.
4. My friend started a clothing line for dodgeball players called “Dodge and Wear”.
5. I applied for a job at a bowling alley, but I didn’t get it because they said my dodgeball skills would strike out.
6. I caught a cold after playing dodgeball in the rain, I guess you could say I “dodged a common cold”.
7. They opened a new dodgeball restaurant, I heard the menu is full of “dodged” food puns.
8. I tried to join the synchronized swimming team, but I got rejected because my dodgeball skills didn’t “float”.
9. I love playing dodgeball on roller coasters, it’s a real “thrill dodge”.
10. I auditioned to be an actor in a dodgeball movie, but they said I couldn’t “dodge” well enough on screen.
11. My friend opened a dodgeball-themed bakery, where the muffins are shaped like dodgeballs, and they’re “dodgylicious”.
12. My cousin works as a dodgeball referee, they always say it’s their “dodgey” job.
13. There’s a dodgeball seminar on self-defense, I guess you could say it’s a real “dodge-and-karate” class.
14. I thought about taking a dodgeball class to learn how to “dodge and curve” life’s obstacles.
15. I created a dodgeball-inspired fashion line called “Dodgé”, where you can dress to impress while dodging life’s challenges.
16. I went to a dodgeball-themed wedding and the couple’s vows were all about dodging relationship problems together.
17. I wanted to be a dodgeball painter but I realized I couldn’t “dodge splash” enough paint on the canvas.
18. I went to a dodgeball comedy show and the comedian had the whole crowd “dodging with laughter”.
19. I thought about starting a dodgeball training camp called “Dodge and Run”, where people can exercise while dodging responsibilities.
20. I tried to be a dodgeball magician, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make the balls “disdodgeappear.

Dodgeball Dazzlers: Punny Names That Will Dodge Your Expectations

1. Dodgeball Starr
2. Chuck Norrisball
3. Ballsy McBallface
4. Dodgeball Jackson
5. Ballin’ Bieber
6. Katelyn Ballsworth
7. Dodgeball Johnson
8. Dodge Maya
9. Bob the Ball Builder
10. Shia LaBouled
11. Katy P’erryball
12. Dodgeball Manning
13. Dodgeball Travolta
14. Megan Ballfox
15. Dodgebrawl Pitt
16. Tom Crui-ball
17. Jennifer Anis-ball
18. Dodgeball Hilton
19. Ball Huggins
20. Dodgeball Schwarzenegger

Ballin’ with Words (Dodgeball Spoonerisms)

1. Podgeball dodge
2. Bodgeball dodge
3. Dogeball dodge
4. Nodgeball dodge
5. Fodgeball dodge
6. Hodgeball dodge
7. Modgeball dodge
8. Codgerball dodge
9. Todgerball dodge
10. Sprocketball dodge
11. Wocketball dodge
12. Stodgeball dodge
13. Jodbegall dodge
14. Gudgeball dodge
15. Ledgeball dodge
16. Bodderball dodge
17. Rodgeball dodge
18. Plobball dodge
19. Codgerball wodge
20. Fudgeball wodge

Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge these Swift Ball Remarks (Tom Swifties)!

1. “Let’s play dodgeball,” Tom said, hitting the ball lightly.
2. “I’m the best at dodgeball,” Tom exclaimed, skillfully dodging the ball.
3. This game is intense,” Tom whispered, anxiously dodging the flying balls.
4. “I hate getting hit,” Tom groaned, painfully dodging the ball.
5. “I have great reflexes,” Tom bragged, quickly dodging the ball.
6. “I’m a dodgeball master,” Tom boasted, effortlessly dodging every throw.
7. “I’m the dodgeball king,” Tom declared, regally dodging the ball.
8. “I’m in dodgeball heaven,” Tom exclaimed, joyfully dodging the ball.
9. “This game is a breeze,” Tom stated, calmly dodging the ball.
10. “I’m in the dodgeball zone,” Tom whispered, perfectly dodging every throw.
11. “Dodging balls is my superpower,” Tom revealed, effortlessly dodging every ball.
12. “I dodged that like a ninja,” Tom said, stealthily avoiding the ball.
13. “I can dodge anything,” Tom boasted, gracefully dodging the ball.
14. “Dodgeball is my escape,” Tom murmured, skillfully dodging the ball.
15. “I’m untouchable in dodgeball,” Tom declared, cleverly dodging the ball.
16. “I dodged that with precision,” Tom remarked, flawlessly avoiding the ball.
17. “I’m the dodgeball champion,” Tom announced, proudly dodging every throw.
18. “I dodge like a pro,” Tom said, athletically avoiding the ball.
19. Dodging is my second nature,” Tom admitted, instinctively dodging the ball.
20. “Dodgeball is my happy place,” Tom said, gleefully dodging the ball.

Paradoxical Dodgeball Puns (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. “The dodgeball team was on a roll, even though they never dodged anything.”
2. “The dodgeball court was well-known for its safe danger.”
3. He joined the dodgeball team to exercise his laziness.
4. “The dodgeball match ended in a chaotic order.”
5. “The timid player became the fearless coward of the dodgeball court.”
6. “The dodgeball players were all blindfolded, making it a strategic guessing game.”
7. “She became the MVP of the dodgeball team by avoiding all the balls.”
8. “The dodgeball team was undefeated in their constant defeat.”
9. “The dodgeball team’s practice was both intense and laid-back.”
10. “The dodgeball coach kept the team consistent with their unpredictable plays.”
11. “The dodgeball team won with their incredible mediocrity.”
12. “The dodgeball team’s strategy relied on confusion and clarity.”
13. “The dodgeball court was a peaceful battlefield.”
14. “The dodgeball team’s success was fueled by their failure to succeed.”
15. “The dodgeball team’s secret weapon was their useless efficiency.”
16. “The dodgeball team’s jerseys proudly displayed their invisible teamwork.”
17. “They created a harmonious chaos on the dodgeball court.”
18. “The dodgeball team’s defense was strong in their vulnerable approach.”
19. “The dodgeball team excelled in their average brilliance.”
20. “The dodgeball players were both fast and slow at the same time.”

Dodgeball Dodges (Recursive Puns)

1. Why do dodgeballs never get hurt? Because they always dodge injury!
2. Did you hear about the dodgeball player who didn’t want to get hit? He always tried to dodge responsibility too!
3. If a dodgeball player plays dodgeball against themselves, is it considered self-defense?
4. Can dodgeballs play hide-and-seek? They’re great at dodging being found!
5. Dodgeball players always think on their feet, or should I say, dodge on their feet!
6. How does a dodgeball player describe their favorite food? It’s definitely in the “Dodge-licious” category!
7. When dodgeball players play chess, do they always dodge their opponent’s moves?
8. What do dodgeball players serve at their parties? Dodge-nuts and dodge-berry punch!
9. If dodgeballs were celebrities, they would definitely be masters of dodge-nastics!
10. What do you call a dodgeball player who always avoids conflicts? A dodge-diplomat!
11. Why did the dodgeball player bring a ladder to the game? To dodge high-flying attacks!
12. How do dodgeball players ensure their safety at home? By having dodge-proof furniture!
13. What kind of music do dodgeball players listen to? Heavy dodge-metal!
14. Why did the dodgeball player order a large pizza? Because they can dodge every slice!
15. What do dodgeball players do during a lunar eclipse? They dodge the moon’s shadows!
16. Did you hear about the dodgeball player who was also a chef? They had the quickest dodge-prep times in the kitchen!
17. How do dodgeball players communicate with each other? They use dodge-phones!
18. Did you hear about the dodgeball player who started an art gallery? Their favorite paintings were all about dodge-strokes!
19. What do dodgeball players say to motivate each other? “Let’s dodge and conquer!”
20. Where do dodgeball players go to relax? To the dodge-ribees for a massage!

Dodging the Cliché Bullet (Puns on Clichés)

1. I tried to dodge a ball, but it ended up being a curveball.
2. Don’t dodge the question, just dodge the ball.
3. It’s time to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge some balls.
4. I wanted to play dodgeball, but I was afraid of the crossfire.
5. When life throws you a dodgeball, just dodge it like a pro.
6. If you want to dodgeball, you have to roll with the punches.
7. I tried to dodge a ball, but it was a total dodge-fail.
8. It’s hard to dodgeball when life keeps throwing obstacles at you.
9. Joining a dodgeball team was definitely a dodge of fate.
10. The key to dodgeball is to dodge, aim, and throw.
11. We may not be able to dodge every ball, but we can dodge responsibility.
12. When faced with a dodgeball, I always dodge with style.
13. My favorite strategy in dodgeball is to fake-dodge and confuse the opponents.
14. If you can dodge a ball, you can dodge almost anything.
15. Dodgeball teaches us that sometimes it’s okay to let things bounce off our chest.
16. What do you call a ninja who excels at dodgeball? A dodge-assassin.
17. I was the leader of the dodgeball team, but now I’m just dodging responsibilities.
18. The best way to avoid getting hit by a dodgeball is to stay on the move.
19. Are you dodgeballing or dodging responsibility?
20. Life is like dodgeball, sometimes you have to dodge, other times you have to take the hit.

In conclusion, dodgeball puns are a surefire way to strike a funny bone and bring ultimate laughs and sporty fun to your game. We hope you enjoyed this collection of over 200 dodgeball puns and found some gems to add to your arsenal. If you’re hungry for more puns, be sure to check out our website for an endless supply of wordplay and laughter. Thank you for taking the time to dive into the world of dodgeball puns with us. Happy punning!

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