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Pregnancy is a beautiful journey filled with anticipation, excitement, and yes, some unforgettable moments. And what better way to cherish this incredible experience than with a good laugh? Get ready to tickle your funny bone as we present to you over 200 top-notch pregnancy puns that will have you giggling throughout your gestation period. From clever wordplay to hilarious twists on common pregnancy terms, these puns are sure to bring a smile to your face. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be entertained with our amusing collection of pregnancy jokes. Whether you are an expectant mother or just someone who appreciates a good pun, these jokes are bound to make your day a little brighter. Get ready for some side-splitting laughter as we delve into the world of pregnancy puns!

10 Hilarious Pregnancy Puns You Won’t Believe (Editors Pick)

1. “I’m just here for the kicks.”
2. Due date: the ultimate deadline.
3. Raising the expectant bar!
4. “Keep calm and carry on… carrying.”
5. “Having morning sickness? That’s a wheely bad way to start the day.”
6. “Bump ahead: prepare for a joyful detour!”
7. No baby shower is complete without a bun in the oven.
8. Got a little one on the way? You’re officially bun-dle of joy.”
9. Watch out world, there’s a belly about to pop!
10. “Pregnancy cravings: pickles and ice cream… talk about a balanced diet.”
11. “The belly has its own language; it speaks in kick signals.”
12. “Pregnancy is the ultimate nine-month adventure.”
13. Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up by itself? Because it was two-tired… just like a pregnant woman!”
14. “Pregnancy: the ultimate exercise in baby-making.”
15. Feeling like a human watermelon? You’re just ripe for motherhood.”
16. “Being pregnant means having a strong umbilical connection to your little one.”
17. “Pregnancy: the ultimate shape-shifting phenomenon.”
18. Ready or not, here comes the baby train!
19. “Pregnancy is like a marathon… except you’re giving birth at the finish line!”
20. “Being pregnant is a balancing act between growing a baby and keeping your sanity.”

Belly Busting Wordplay

1. Why was the math teacher worried about her pregnancy? She was afraid of dividing by a bunch of strangers.
2. I asked my pregnant wife if she wanted to go to the art museum. She said, “Nah, I’d rather hang out with the little masterpiece inside me.”
3. Pregnant women are really good at multitasking, they can grow a human while walking and chewing gum!
4. I asked a pregnant woman if she was having twins. She replied, “No, just one bun in the oven, but it’s got extra yeast.
5. Did you hear about the pregnant fairy? She’s expecting a little sprite!
6. My pregnant friend loves to eat desserts. I guess you could say she has a bun-dle of joy.
7. I told my pregnant wife she should name our baby “Evidence.” She asked why, and I said, “Because they’re about to be ‘Exhibit A’ in our lives!”
8. I asked a pregnant woman if she was nervous about labor. She replied, “Not really, I think I have a womb with a view.
9. My pregnant friend has become an expert at finding parking spots. She always has a “baby on board” magnet on her car!
10. Did you hear about the pregnant rabbit? She gave birth to a whole litter of hare-raising experiences!
11. I asked a pregnant woman if she was becoming forgetful. She replied, “I guess you could say my brain is expecting a memory expansion pack.”
12. Why did the pregnant woman wear a crown? Because she’s the queen of the belly!
13. My pregnant friend thinks she’s having a tech-savvy baby. She says it kicks like it’s already mastered the “Ctrl-Alt-Del” move!
14. Did you hear about the pregnant marathon runner? She’s expecting a good time at the finish line!
15. I asked a pregnant woman if she believed in ghosts. She replied, “No, but I sure do believe in baby BOOs!”
16. Why did the pregnant woman carry a ladder? She wanted to reach new heights of motherhood!
17. Did you hear about the pregnant singer? She’s all about hitting those high notes and delivering the baby in harmony!
18. I asked a pregnant woman if she had any cravings. She replied, “Only for a healthy and happy baby!”
19. Why was the pregnant woman interested in acupuncture? She thought it might help with her baby’s “point” of view!
20. Did you hear about the pregnant gardener? She’s already growing a family tree!

Belly Laughs: Pregnancy Puzzlers (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why was the pregnant woman always wearing a sweatshirt? Because she wanted to be a-mom-bient!
2. What did the baby say to the mommy as it was being born? “I’m coming out with a bang!”
3. How do you describe a pregnant woman who loves singing? A melodious mom-to-be!
4. What did the baby say when it couldn’t wait to be born? “I’m just bursting with anticipation!”
5. Why did the pregnant woman start a gardening business? Because she wanted to sow her wild oats!
6. What did the pregnant woman say when asked how she was feeling? “I’m just laboring through the days!”
7. What’s a pregnant woman’s favorite type of music? Hip-hop, because it gets the baby moving!
8. Why did the pregnant woman start working at a bakery? She wanted to bun in the oven!
9. What was the runner’s excuse for not wearing maternity clothes? “I’m still jogging for two!”
10. Why was the pregnant woman always so hungry? Because she had an appetite for contractions!
11. What did the pregnant woman say to the ice cream parlor employee? “I’ll take a scoop for two, please!”
12. Why couldn’t the pregnant woman become a magician? Because she couldn’t conceal the bump!
13. What did the pregnant woman say when her baby kicked for the first time? I guess I’m having a soccer player!
14. Why was the pregnant woman always craving cheese? She wanted to make sure her baby was well-rounded!
15. What did the pregnant woman say to her baby in the womb? “I’m counting down the contractions!”
16. Why was the pregnant woman always attending art classes? She wanted her baby to have a colorful upbringing!
17. What did the pregnant mathematician say to her baby? “I can’t wait to show you the numbers game!”
18. Why did the pregnant woman open a gym? She wanted to make sure her baby had a healthy start!
19. What’s a pregnant woman’s favorite type of comedy? Stand-up, because it keeps her on her feet!
20. What did the pregnant woman say when asked about her due date? “I’m expecting delivery any day now!”

Bun in the Oven (Double Entendre Puns)

1. “Pregnancy is an eggs-traordinary journey.”
2. “Having a bun in the oven is truly a hot mess.”
3. “Becoming a parent is the ultimate labor of love.”
4. “Getting pregnant means you’re on a nine-month rollercoaster ride.”
5. “Having a baby is like being on a never-ending countdown.”
6. “Pregnancy cravings are just baby’s way of ordering takeout.”
7. “Being pregnant means experiencing the miracle of life and the joy of stretchy pants.”
8. “Finding out you’re expecting is like winning the baby jackpot.”
9. “Pregnancy is nature’s way of giving your belly a starring role.”
10. Having a baby is like signing up for a nine-month boot camp.
11. Pregnancy is all about growing a human and a newfound appreciation for elastic waistbands.
12. “Pregnancy hormones can turn small inconveniences into nine-month-long soap operas.”
13. “Being pregnant means being a literal baby factory.”
14. “A baby bump is like a billboard advertising your expanding family.”
15. “Pregnancy is like a game of hide and seek, but instead of finding a person, you find an entire human inside you.”
16. “Expecting a baby means experiencing the ultimate life-altering event, with a lot of bloating and bathroom breaks along the way.”
17. “Being pregnant means being the subject of countless baby puns, but hey, it’s all for womb-derful reasons.”
18. “Pregnancy is like the first class of parenting school, where you learn to balance baby books on your belly.”
19. “Having a baby is like instantly becoming a magician, since your body can magically expand to accommodate new life.”
20. “Pregnancy is like having a backstage pass to the creation of life, complete with morning sickness and sleepless nights.”

Pun-derful Pregnancy Puns (Belly Laughs with Idioms)

1. She’s been pregnant for a while now, she’s really showing the “bump” in the right direction!

2. Being pregnant, she’s got a lot on her “plate” – and in her belly!

3. Having a baby is an experience that will “deliver” so much joy!

4. Pregnant women always know how to make a “baby bump” on the dance floor!

5. When you’re pregnant, you’re really just playing a game of “hide and seek” with your feet!

6. Expecting a baby can really make you feel like you’re “walking on eggshells”!

7. A pregnant woman is definitely “bun-dle” of joy!

8. When it comes to being pregnant, you’re always a “center of attention” because everyone wants to “baby talk” to you!

9. The expectant couple’s life is going to “change diapers” after the baby arrives!

10. Having a baby is like entering a “new birthright” in life!

11. Pregnancy means you have to be “well-rounded” in all aspects, even your belly!

12. When you’re expecting, you don’t just feel like you’re “eating for two,” but also “carrying for two”!

13. Pregnant women have that extra “glow” that can light up a whole room!

14. You can always spot a pregnant woman because she’s “expecting” great things!

15. Pregnancy may cause some “mood swings,” but they can always be balanced with a good laugh!

16. In pregnancy, the saying goes, “the bigger, the “better”!

17. The expectant mother’s life motto becomes “pregnancy is a “piece of cake” – well, maybe with a side of pickles!”

18. Once you’re pregnant, you quickly learn that time flies, especially when you’re having a “baby bump”!

19. Being pregnant, you’re always trying to keep your “cool” because there’s a “little bun” in the oven!

20. Pregnancy is a “bundle of joy” that comes with a lot of cravings!

Bumpin’ Jokes (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. I became a coach for pregnant women because I’m good at delivering advice.
2. My pregnant friend started a business selling coats for expecting mothers, she calls it “Pregnant Parkas.”
3. I joined the pregnant men’s choir, we call ourselves the Labor Tones.
4. My sister opened a maternity clothing store called “Belly Good Threads.”
5. I started a job at a prenatal yoga center because I’m good at balancing work and play.
6. I went to a pregnancy-themed restaurant, but the food took way too long to be delivered.
7. My pregnant cousin started a fitness program called “Buns in the Oven.”
8. I offered my pregnant friend some ice cream, and she replied, “I’m having a cone-traction.”
9. My husband and I applied to be pregnancy photographers, we call ourselves the Baby Backdrop Crew.
10. My pregnant friend joined a rock band called “The Kicks of the Womb.”
11. I started a blog called “Crib Notes” to help expecting parents with their study skills.
12. My pregnant friend became a weightlifting coach; she specializes in labor-intensive workouts.
13. My sister-in-law became known for her unique pregnancy fashion, which she calls “Baby Bump Couture.”
14. I asked my pregnant friend if she was having twins, and she responded, “I’m baking a double batch!”
15. My pregnant coworker opened a maternity spa called “Prenatal Pampers.”
16. I went to a comedy show featuring pregnant stand-up comedians; they had everyone in stitches.
17. My pregnant friend started a baking business called “Bun in the Oven Sweet Treats.”
18. I found a job at a florist shop that specializes in floral arrangements for expecting mothers, they call it “Blooming Bellies.”
19. My pregnant neighbor started a comedy podcast called “Womb-tastic Laughs.”
20. I joined a prenatal singing group called “Mom-Tones” where we harmonize for health.

Note: While puns can be funny and entertaining, it is essential to be respectful and considerate when it comes to topics related to pregnancy.

Bun in the Oven (Pregnancy Puns)

1. Bumpin’ Bella Maternity Store
2. Push ‘n’ Carry Pregnancy Fitness Classes
3. The Belly Bun Maternity Boutique
4. Preggo Palace Spa and Wellness Center
5. The Baby Bump Cafe
6. Expecting Emily’s Eclectic Nursery Decor
7. Bellyful Bliss Maternity Clothing
8. The Pregalicious Yoga Studio
9. Pea in the Pod Baby Boutique
10. The Pregnant Pearl Beauty Salon
11. “Mom-to-Be” Mary’s Antenatal classes
12. The Cravin’ Deli – Satisfying Pregnant Tummies
13. Bundle of Joy Baby Supply Store
14. The Conception Connection Fertility Clinic
15. The Bun in the Oven Bakery
16. Prenatal Patty’s Pilates Studio
17. The Prego Picnic Catering Service
18. Mama Mia’s Maternity Wear
19. Belly Rubs Massage Parlor
20. The Labor of Love Childbirth Education Center

Bun in the Oven: Spoonerisms That’ll Leave You Punned-dering

1. Bragging right -> Ragging bright
2. Morning sickness -> Sorning mickness
3. Baby bump -> Baby dump
4. Labor pains -> Parbor lains
5. Fetal movement -> Meatle fovement
6. Maternity clothes -> Caturity mlothes
7. Stretch marks -> Mretch starks
8. Cravings for pickles -> Privings for cickles
9. Prenatal vitamins -> Venatal primamins
10. Ultrasound scan -> Sunltraosound ulscan
11. Baby shower -> Shaby bower
12. Gender reveal party -> Render geveal party
13. Due date -> Dea dute
14. Pregnancy glow -> Gregnancy plow
15. Morning sickness -> Sorning mickness
16. Baby weight -> Way bobyte
17. Baby monitor -> May bonitor
18. Prenatal yoga -> Yesal natoga
19. Pregnancy cravings -> Cregnancy praveries
20. Emergency c-section -> Eme

Expecting Quips (Tom Swifties)

1. “I can’t wait for our baby to arrive,” said Tom laboriously.
2. “Is it a boy or a girl?” asked Tom expectantly.
3. “I’m feeling quite heavy,” said Tom weightily.
4. “This belly is getting bigger every day,” said Tom expansively.
5. “I’m excited to be a father,” said Tom fatherly.
6. “I’m not surprised she’s craving pickles,” said Tom saucily.
7. “I’m preparing for a new adventure,” said Tom expectingly.
8. “She’s glowing with joy,” said Tom radiantly.
9. “I can’t join you for drinks, I’m having contractions,” said Tom laboriously.
10. “I feel like I’m carrying a watermelon,” said Tom heavily.
11. “I need to rest, I’m feeling exhausted,” said Tom tiredly.
12. “Our family is growing, it’s just a bump in the road,” said Tom bumpily.
13. “I’m thrilled to become a dad,” said Tom excitedly.
14. “I’m ready to welcome the stork,” said Tom stork-like.
15. “I think she’s started nesting,” said Tom house-proudly.
16. “My wife is due any day now,” said Tom anxiously.
17. “I can’t believe how big her belly has gotten,” said Tom bellyfully.
18. “We’re counting down the days,” said Tom impatiently.
19. “She’s glowing like a sunny day,” said Tom sunny-side up.
20. “This new chapter is about to unfold,” said Tom expectantly.

Expecting the Unexpected: Belly-Laugh Inducing Pregnancy Puns

1. “I’m due in nine months, but the wait is killing me!”
2. “Pregnant women have the labor of love.”
3. “Feeling laborious but loving it!”
4. “Growing a tiny human, while shrinking my wardrobe.”
5. “I’m eating for two, but I can barely finish a meal.”
6. “Pregnant and glowing, more like glowing and growing!”
7. “My belly is expanding faster than my bank account.”
8. “I’m expecting some extra sleep, but I’ll settle for a nap.”
9. “Pregnancy has me feeling heavy, yet light-hearted.”
10. My baby is kicking up a storm, while I’m barely kicking off my shoes.
11. “Counting down the days until I can no longer count my toes.”
12. “This pregnancy has brought me so much joy, with a side of heartburn.”
13. “The days are long, but the trimesters are short.”
14. “Craving pickles and ice cream, because balance is key.”
15. “I’m on cloud nine, but my feet are on the ground (most of the time).”
16. “Pregnancy brain: full of ideas, but forgets where I put them.”
17. Growing a miracle in my belly, yet struggling to tie my shoe.
18. “My heart is full, my bladder is empty – a delicate equilibrium.”
19. “The anticipation is electrifying, but my energy levels are shocking.”
20. “Every kick brings me closer to motherhood, but my baby is still doing somersaults.”

Recursive Belly Laughs (Recursive Puns)

1. I asked my pregnant friend if she was ready for the baby. She said, “I guess so, but I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.”
2. My wife is expecting, and I can’t wait to see our family tree expand.
3. The doctor said my wife is expecting triplets, and I couldn’t believe it. I told her, “You’ve really multiplied!”
4. When my pregnant friend showed me her ultrasound, I exclaimed, “That’s a very embryo-dorable baby!”
5. My pregnant sister told me she’s having a baby shower. I replied, “I hope she doesn’t get soaked!”
6. I told my pregnant wife, “Your belly is becoming the center of expansion.”
7. My friend asked me if I wanted to feel her baby kick. I said, “Sure, I’m all for a recursive experience!”
8. My pregnant coworker asked if I could help her put together the crib. I said, “Sure, we can build it together and make it a labor of love.”
9. My wife told me our unborn child is already active and loves to move around. I said, “Looks like we’ve got a tiny flying squirrel in there!”
10. My pregnant friend asked me to guess her baby’s gender. I said, “I’m not sure, but I feel like the answer lies within you!”
11. My wife is getting bigger and bigger during her pregnancy, and I told her, “That’s a pretty exponential growth curve!”
12. When my pregnant friend told me she had a craving for pickles, I said, “That’s a recursive taste, for sure!”
13. My pregnant cousin said she’s feeling overwhelmed with emotions. I said, “Don’t worry, your feelings will pi(e)-r square soon.”
14. I told my wife, “It’s remarkable how your body can create a whole new life. It’s recursion at its finest!”
15. My pregnant sister asked me to help her choose baby names. I said, “Let’s make sure they add up to a pun-tastic combination!”
16. My pregnant friend has been experiencing morning sickness. I suggested, “Maybe you need to call the pun doctor!”
17. I told my pregnant wife, “You’re glowing like a recursive equation.”
18. My pregnant coworker said she’s craving ice cream and pickles. I said, “That’s quite a recursive flavor combination.”
19. My friend asked if I thought her baby would be bald like her husband. I replied, “Well, recursion might run in the family!”
20. My pregnant sister asked if she was glowing. I said, “Absolutely! You’re shining like the base case of a mathematical pun.”

Expecting the Unexpected (Cliché Caper with a Bump)

1. “Bun in the oven? More like a whole bakery inside!”
2. “Pregnancy cravings? I’m just experiencing womb service!”
3. “Pregnancy is nine months of nesting, which reminds me, I should probably clean my house.”
4. “Growing a human is a labor of love, but it’s also a labor of labor!”
5. “Three words: womb service and delivery!”
6. “With pregnancy, the belly is never half empty, it’s always half full!”
7. “Having a baby is a real bump in the road!”
8. “Pregnant women, watch out for those contractions – they’re quite u-turns!”
9. Pregnancy is just a period of life where you can’t see your feet, but you can see food from miles away!
10. “When pregnant, your body is a work of heart!”
11. “Being pregnant is like being in a never-ending game of hide and seek with your own feet!”
12. “Pregnancy is like training for a marathon, only there’s no finish line in sight!”
13. When you’re pregnant, there’s not much room for jokes, but a lot of room for a baby!
14. “With pregnancy, there’s no such thing as nine lives – it’s all about those nine months!”
15. “Being pregnant means addressing those cravings ASAP, because it’s kind of a baby emergency!”
16. “Pregnancy is like a constant waiting game… for the big arrival on the baby calendar!
17. “When you’re pregnant, the world becomes a playground, because every day is bring your baby to work day!”
18. “Being pregnant is like being a human jukebox, except you’re playing lullabies!”
19. Pregnancy is like reaching a new level in life, but the cheat code is just eating for two!
20. “When you’re expecting, things can get pretty punny… just ‘baby’lieve it!”

In conclusion, pregnancy doesn’t have to be all serious and overwhelming – it’s the perfect time to inject some laughter! We hope these 200+ top-notch pregnancy puns have brought a smile to your face and brightened up your day. If you’re craving more pun-tastic content, make sure to check out our website for other hilarious puns and jokes. Thank you for taking the time to visit and happy laughing!

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