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Looking for a way to add some laughter to your day? How about some womb puns guaranteed to tickle your funny bone? Whether you’re looking for a clever joke to share with friends or just need a good laugh, we’ve got you covered with over 200 hysterical puns about the uterus. From “uter(us)ly hilarious” to “womb with a view,” these puns are sure to make you giggle. So sit back, relax, and let these puns lighten the mood and bring a smile to your face. Warning: some of these puns may be a little cringeworthy, but we promise they’re all in good fun. Let’s get womb-tastic!

Womb-derful Wordplay (Editors Pick)

1. A fetus is a great pun-maker, as they always have a womb for improvement.

2. A woman’s ability to give birth is really womb-derful.

3. The uterus is like a hotel for developing babies. It’s a wom-baby inn.

4. A baby in the womb is surrounded by its mother’s love, it’s in a love-womb.

5. When a woman is pregnant, people say it’s really a “womb with a view.”

6. Birthdays never matter to babies in the womb, since they’ll come out soon, anyway. They are rem-birthday-less.

7. No matter how you slice it, being pregnant is quite womb-derful.

8. The uterus should be called the “brrr-th canal” since babies always come out crying.

9. You could say that pregnant women are always thinking about their unborn child, they’re just wom-babynating.

10. A baby’s view from inside the womb is really a worm’s-eye view.

11. When the fetus gets really active inside the womb, it’s like they’re having a dance party in there, or a womb-mbop.

12. When a baby in the womb hiccups, it’s really a womb-miscue.

13. A pregnant woman has two husbands: her actual husband and her what-to-expect website. She might call it a womb-husband.

14. The womb is the world’s smallest gig venue. It’s really womb-acoustic!

15. A baby in the womb must feel like they’re on Downton Abbey, everyone waiting on them hand and womb.

16. When a pregnant woman sneezes, it’s like tossing confetti inside the womb, a womb-choo.

17. The baby inside the womb is really living in a water park, a womb pool.

18. A mother’s love never changes, whether the baby is inside her womb or not, her love is always in the womb.

19. When a pregnant woman sings, she’s not alone, the baby joins in with the on-womb chorus.

20. When someone asks how a pregnant woman is doing, you could say she’s wom-bating well!

Womb-tastic Wordplay (One-liner Puns)

1. Why did the baby cross the road? To get to the womb on the other side.
2. The uterus is a “womb with a view.”
3. When a man wants a baby, he has a “womb with a view.”
4. A womb with a view is much better than a room with a view.
5. Wombats are not actually related to wombs.
6. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the “womb is where the heart is.
7. Wombats seem like they’d be great at protecting your womb from predators.
8. Is a womb with a view worth $1 million? According to real estate agents, it could be!
9. You can’t say “womb” without saying “woo.”
10. Wombs may be small, but they are mighty.
11. “Womb” rhymes with “zoom,” which is fitting since babies grow and develop quickly in the womb.
12. Wombats are experts at breaking down and digesting tough plants. Maybe they can help with morning sickness?
13. Did you hear about the pregnant woman who went into labor in the swimming pool? It was a “womb-in-water” birth.
14. Wombs are like mini-hospitals for babies.
15. The womb is the original “tiny home” for developing babies.
16. Without wombs, we wouldn’t be womble to even exist.
17. The song “Rock-a-bye Baby” could really use some updated lyrics that acknowledge the importance of the womb.
18. A uterus is nature’s pocket for a growing fetus.
19. I could really use a WombRoom to relax in.
20. The best thing about womb puns is that they never get old. They’re always fresh out of the womb!

Wom-ba-dah Questions (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What do you call a baby in the womb who likes to dance? A bellyballet.
2. Why can’t the baby in the womb get a bank loan? Because it lacks collateral.
3. Why was the baby in the womb always cold? It left its coat in the amniotic fluid.
4. How did the fetus win the race? By a head.
5. What do you call a group of fetuses? The womb raider club.
6. What did the fetus say when it saw the ultrasound? I can’t believe it’s NOT butter.
7. What do you call a baby in the womb who is also a music teacher? A wom-bs teacher.
8. Why is the baby in the womb always hungry? It’s got a lot on its plate.
9. What do you call a baby in the womb who likes to garden? A tummytiller.
10. Why didn’t the fetus like the internet? Too many pop-ups.
11. Why do babies in the womb make good soccer players? They can kick with both feet.
12. What do you call a baby in the womb who is also a writer? A womb-erary artist.
13. How do you make a baby in the womb laugh? Tick-tummy.
14. What happens if two babies in the womb get into a fight? They have a womb-atsus.
15. Why didn’t the baby in the womb like to talk about itself? It was amniotic.
16. What do you call it when a baby in the womb is always jumpy? Fetal attraction.
17. Why don’t babies in the womb watch horror movies? It’s too intense-ive.
18. How does a baby in the womb study for exams? Fetal-ing notes.
19. What do you call a baby in the womb who loves to wear bling? A wombstone.
20. Why didn’t the baby in the womb like the dark? It couldn’t turn on the womb light.

“Double the Fun: Womb-ing Up Some Wordplay (Double Entendre Puns)”

1. I’m in utero trouble now.
2. My mother is expecting a huge delivery.
3. I wanted to be a womb-mate but I didn’t make the cut.
4. My uterus is my home-sweet-home.
5. I think my womb is a hot property.
6. It’s a pretty cozy space in here, but I’m getting evicted soon.
7. Sorry bro, but this space is reserved for a special occupant.
8. I was born to be alive.
9. I created a little miracle in here.
10. You mean this is not an apartment for rent?
11. This is some real prime real estate.
12. My womb is currently under renovations.
13. Sorry, we’re full up in here.
14. I’m basically living in a crib here.
15. This place is so hot, you could cook a fetus in here.
16. Occupancy is limited to one at a time.
17. Can’t go back in now, the lease is up.
18. I’ll be bouncing in a few months, so the space will be vacant again.
19. I’m in a bit of a fetal position right now.
20. You might say I’m living in the lap of uterus.

Womb-Obsessed Wordplay: Puns in Idioms!

1. They say childbirth is the greatest delivery of all time.
2. She’s pregnant and glowing, but her husband is baby-faced.
3. The baby had a blast in the womb – it was quite the embryonic party.
4. That baby was so big when it was born, the doctor thought it was a labor of love.
5. Isn’t it ironic that giving birth can be such a laborious process?
6. I don’t know how the baby survived the crowded conditions in the womb – it was completely organs’ized.
7. That baby must have enjoyed the ride, because it was born breech-y keen.
8. The baby’s first words were “uterus kidding me?”
9. The doctor said the baby was measuring big, but the mom-to-be thought the womb for improvement.
10. The pregnant woman was feeling extra emotional, and she was all placenta-versy about the upcoming birth.
11. The baby was born with a silver uterus.
12. He couldn’t believe his wife was pregnant again; it felt like deja woo-hoo all over.
13. The pregnant woman was tired of being told she was eating for two – she wanted to be eating for anti-Drei.
14. The doctor said the birth was going to be a breeze, but the mother was skeptical – she figured it was just amniot going to be easy.
15. The pregnant woman was constantly on the lookout for new ways to appease the baby – she was a real amnionomaniac.
16. She was expecting twins, but it was anyone’s guess who would come out on top.
17. When the doctor announced she was pregnant, she couldn’t help but exclaim, woah, which was appropriate since she felt like a womb with a view.
18. The baby loved the womb so much, it was already talking about coming back as amni-form of transport in the next life.
19. The birth was so intense, it felt like a complete reuterus of fortune.
20. When the baby was finally born, the mother let out a big uteral of relief.

Womb with a View (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. My wife is due to give birth any day now. I guess you could say she has a lot on her plate… I mean, her womb.
2. I’m so excited to be a dad. I can hardly fetus!
3. I asked my wife if we could name our baby after her favorite organ. She said “Uterus, kidding me?!”
4. My pregnant colleague is really showing. You could say her womb is a real showstopper.
5. Did you hear about the pregnant marathon runner? She wanted to give birth at the finish line, but her doctor wasn’t on board.
6. I asked my wife if she’s thought of any baby names yet. She said Lactose, because she wants to milk this motherhood thing for all it’s worth.
7. My pregnant friend told me she’s craving seafood. I told her to be careful, because she could end up with a c-section of the ocean.
8. I asked my wife if she’s feeling any Braxton Hicks contractions. She said, “No, I only eat real burgers.”
9. My wife keeps trying to hint at baby names that involve geometry. I told her to stop being so obtuse about it.
10. I told my wife I’d help her with anything she needs during her pregnancy. She said, “Great, can you get me some new shoes?” I said, “Sure, what size are your feet now, 10 or 11 womb?”
11. My pregnant sister told me she’s been feeling a lot of movement lately. I said, “Well, that’s probably because there’s a fetus in the family way.
12. My wife told me she’s been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions lately. I said, “I thought those were just a bunch of bull.”
13. My wife and I have started preparing for the baby by reading parenting books. I told her, “I hope we’re not in for a real umbilical cordon bleu.”
14. My pregnant friend said she’s been having really weird dreams. I said, “Oh, like you’re pregnant with an alien or something?” She said, “No, more like I’m giving birth to a pizza.
15. My wife has reached the point in her pregnancy where she’s constantly uncomfortable. I told her, “Well, at least it’s all womb with a view for the baby.”
16. My pregnant friend is so committed to staying active during her pregnancy. She told me she never misses her daily placenta walk.
17. My wife asked me if I’m going to be a hands-on dad. I said, “Of course. I’ll be in there womb and all.”
18. My wife told me she’s already making plans for the baby’s first birthday party. I told her, “Let’s worry about the labor and delivery first, shall we?”
19. My friend keeps complaining about how uncomfortable it is to sleep while pregnant. I told her, “Maybe you should try sleeping on your back, wombbody.
20. My wife told me she has a secret weapon for labor and delivery. I asked what it was and she said, “My placenta power!

Womb It May Concern: Punny Names for Your Future Little Ones

1. Womb Raider
2. Womb Service
3. Womb Room
4. Womb with a View
5. Womb Wonder
6. Wombania
7. Wombeleivable
8. Wombastic
9. Wombination
10. Womblinka
11. Wombleton
12. Wombly
13. Wombology
14. Wombstone
15. Wombie
16. Wombsday
17. Wombatron
18. Wombulance
19. Womblebee
20. Wombardo

Womblurrrgghhh: Spoonerisms That’ll Make You Laugh in the Womb

1. Bitterbabe for better babe.
2. Tom Peacock instead of pom tea cock.
3. It’s not the right thing to do to leave the womb arming for the room burning.
4. Rufus Toilet instead of tofu roast.
5. My brain is becoming a horchata, instead of my heart is becoming a piñata.
6. Coke or spartan, instead of stroke of genius.
7. Ark sparks, instead of spark plugs.
8. Kamikaze chick, instead of chicky kamikaze.
9. Baking puppies instead of taking buckets.
10. Shin rubs, instead of rim clubs.
11. Sawbuck instead of bucksaw.
12. Smack in the puck instead of pack in the smuck.
13. Moo Toss instead of too much.
14. Swinging spigets instead of spring tickets.
15. Leg sit instead of Seg Lit.
16. Bead of nid instead of need of bid.
17. Damp sock instead of samp dock.
18. Flock of teas instead of tea of flock.
19. Pill o’ grims instead of gill o’ prims
20. Hopeless roach instead of ropeless hope.

Wombininently Hilarious Tom Swifties: Witty Wordplay on Womb Puns

1. “I finally made it out,” said Tom, “womb-lessly.”
2. “I’m feeling quite hemmed in,” Tom said womb-fully.
3. “I’m already missing the cozy atmosphere,” Tom said wist-fully from the womb.
4. “I can tell this space is going to be quite popular,” said Tom in the womb-ment.
5. “I can’t wait to meet the other tenants,” Tom said womb-ishly.
6. “This is where I was conceived,” Tom said womb-sadly.
7. “I hope there’s enough room for growth,” Tom said womb-deringly.
8. “This atmosphere makes it hard to remember things,” Tom said womb-sy-turvy.
9. “I’m feeling quite unlucky,” Tom said womb-pishly.
10. I’m afraid my jokes are falling flat,” Tom said womb-lily.
11. “I think I’m having sympathy cravings,” Tom said womb-atically.
12. “This place is so warm and cozy,” Tom said womb-fully.
13. “I’m always surrounded by love,” Tom said womb-ily.
14. “I hope I’ll be able to make a grand entrance,” Tom said womb-astically.
15. “I can’t wait to start exploring the new environment,” Tom said womb-ardly.
16. “This place has really grown on me,” said Tom womb-ily.
17. “I’m feeling the pressure to deliver,” said Tom womb-ly.
18. “I’m never alone in here,” said Tom womb-ist.
19. “I’m feeling a bit claustrophobic,” said Tom womb-ishly.
20. I wonder if there’s a restaurant in here,” said Tom womb-deringly.

Contradictory Conception Humor (Oxymoronic Womb Puns)

1. My wombmate and I have been together for nine months.
2. The womb service at this hospital is top-notch.
3. My mom carried me in her belly carry-on.
4. The womb where it happened.
5. Womb sweet womb.
6. The womb is a puny organ, but it really grows on you.
7. My womb is a real womb-derland.
8. A womb with a view.
9. This womb is closed for business.
10. The womb-ination process is a beautiful thing.
11. Womb-man, I feel like a woman.
12. It takes a lot of wombat-titude to grow a human in your belly.
13. My womb is fully booked for the next nine months.
14. Womb-ats love pouches, but I prefer my belly.
15. A womb-en’s intuition is no joke, especially when you’re carrying one.
16. Womb-ow, my belly is getting too big for these pants.
17. The womb is a cozy place, but after nine months, it’s time to vacate.
18. To womb or not to womb, that is the question.
19. I’m gestating on a name for my little womb-mate.
20. Womb-derful, I can’t wait to meet my little bundle of joy.

Womb-riddled Jokes (Recursive Puns)

1. Why did the fetus go on a diet? Because it wanted to shrink its waistline.
2. Did you hear about the pregnant computer? It had a motherboard.
3. I used to be an obstetrician, but I lost my job because I couldn’t deliver.
4. Where do baby spirits come from? From the ecto-womb.
5. Why was the baby ghost born at midnight? Because it was witching hour.
6. Did you hear about the athlete who gave birth on the track? She delivered a fast time.
7. Why don’t skeletons have babies? They don’t have the guts.
8. How do you become a successful pediatrician? By giving it your all-toddler effort.
9. My wife is expecting twins. I guess we better start using a Womb-o-Combo coupon.
10. The fetus asked its mom, “When is it going to be delivery day?” The mom replied, “I’m do-ing my best.”
11. Why did the embryo cross the road? To get to the other blastocyst.
12. How do you know your wife is pregnant with a future scientist? She’s got embryo-nate potential.
13. Why did the pregnant woman refuse to wear suits? She preferred maternity clothes.
14. Why don’t scientists study fetuses more? They don’t want to baby their research.
15. Did you hear about the pregnant marathon runner? She was hailed as a kick-finisher.
16. The fetus couldn’t sleep properly in the womb. It kept getting disturbed by the amniotic alarm clock.
17. Why did the expectant mother go to the dentist? She had a ca-virtue canopy.
18. The fetus got upset with its mother’s diet. It said, “I can’t fetus.”
19. Why was the pregnant math teacher excited? She knew her child would be an exponent-ial genius.
20. Why do mother kangaroos make great pregnant weightlifters? Because they have a pouch for the gains.

Wombsday Puns: Playing with Clichés in the Womb

1. Womb sweet womb.
2. Two wombs don’t make a right.
3. You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few wombs.
4. A stitch in time saves womb.
5. Don’t count your wombs before they hatch.
6. You can’t judge a womb by its cover.
7. All’s womb that ends womb.
8. If the womb fits, wear it.
9. Don’t throw the baby out with the womb water.
10. Womb is where the heart is.
11. You can lead a horse to womb, but you can’t make it drink.
12. A watched womb never boils.
13. Every cloud has a womb lining.
14. You snooze, you womb.
15. Easy come, easy womb.
16. It takes two to womb-go.
17. Don’t put all your wombs in one basket.
18. No womb is an island.
19. Rome wasn’t wombed in a day.
20. Better womb safe than sorry.

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