Papyrus Puns Galore: 220 Witty Wordplays for Ancient Script Lovers

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Are you a fan of all things ancient Egypt? Do you find yourself chuckling at clever wordplay? Then this collection of papyrus puns is right up your Nile! From Tutankhamun-related humor to clever quips about hieroglyphics, this list has over 200 witty wordplays that are sure to make you pharaoh laugh out loud. Whether you’re a history buff or just appreciate a good pun, this list will have you scarab-ing for more. So put on your thinking khepi and get ready to Cleo-verly combine your love of ancient script with some clever wordplay. Let’s get pun-derway!

Papyrus Puns That Will Have You LOLing (Editors Pick)

1. Did you hear about the font that went bankrupt? It was Papyrus.
2. I don’t always use the Papyrus font, but when I do, I use it ironically.
3. Papyrus is the new comic sans.
4. What did the Papyrus font say when it went swimming? I’m in deep water.
5. Papyrus and Comic Sans walk into a bar. The bartender says, “Get out we don’t serve your type here!”
6. Papyrus is the gluten-free bread of the font world.
7. You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge it by its Papyrus font.
8. Papyrus is always a wrap when it comes to Egyptian-themed design.
9. The Papyrus font is like a walking mummy, it just won’t die.
10. Why did the Egyptian king switch to the Papyrus font? He wanted to rule in style.
11. When it comes to fonts, Papyrus is the black sheep of the family.
12. Why did the graphic designer cross the road? To avoid using the Papyrus font.
13. What happened to the designer who used Papyrus? They were sent to font prison.
14. Papyrus is the font version of a bad 80s music video.
15. Why did the hipster use Papyrus? So no one else would.
16. Using Papyrus in a design project is like riding a camel to work – it might seem like a good idea at the time, but it’ll end up biting you in the end.
17. Papyrus is the font equivalent of a bad toupee.
18. The Papyrus font is like a bad hair day, it just won’t go away.
19. Why did the doctor prescribe Papyrus? To give the text some hieroglyphics.
20. Using the Papyrus font is like archaeology – you never know what you’re going to dig up.

Pap-Amazing Puns (One-liner Puns on Papyrus)

1. Why did the papyrus go to the doctor? Because it had a paper cut!
2. Where do papyrus plants go to dance? The paper-ball
3. Did you hear about the papyrus that won the spelling bee? It was the ream champion!
4. What do you call a papyrus that’s always on time? A type-A-sheet!
5. Why are papyrus plants good at basketball? Because they always make their reed shots!
6. Did you hear about the papyrus that stopped writing? It got a case of writer’s block!
7. How do papyrus plants stay organized? With their leaf notes!
8. Why did the papyrus file for bankruptcy? It had too many reeds to pay!
9. What do you call a papyrus plant trying to be something it’s not? A paper-poser!
10. Why do papyrus plants make great detectives? Because they’re always on the case!
11. Did you hear about the papyrus that got lost in the library? It was reeding all the wrong books!
12. How do papyrus plants get fit? They do reed-robics!
13. Why did the papyrus get in trouble at school? It was caught writing notes to other plants!
14. What did the papyrus say when it was complimented? Aww, you’re reed-ing my mind!
15. What do you call a papyrus plant with a lot of attitude? A reed rebel!
16. Why don’t papyrus plants make good secretaries? They always reed the wrong notes!
17. What do you call a group of papyrus plants that play music together? A reed section!
18. Why don’t papyrus plants like to share their toys? They’re reed-iculous!
19. What do you call a papyrus that’s lost its color? A bleached reed!
20. Did you hear about the papyrus plant that got a job at the recycling plant? It made a reed-iculous amount of money!

Puzzling Papyrus Puns: Q&A Edition

1. What do you call a papyrus with a broken leg? A glyph-hopper.
2. What do you call a papyrus that never leaves the house? A mummy’s boy.
3. What do you call a papyrus who likes to tell jokes? A pun-tilious writer.
4. What do you call a papyrus that’s always late? Sloth-urian.
5. What did one piece of papyrus say to the other? “I’m leafing you.”
6. What do you call a papyrus that’s really good at math? A cal-cuneiform-er.
7. Why did the papyrus go to the doctor? It was feeling parched.
8. How does a papyrus stay in shape? By participating in reed-ical sports.
9. What type of music do papyri listen to? Wrap music.
10. Why was the papyrus afraid of the dark? It wasn’t illuminated.
11. How many papyri does it take to change a light bulb? None, they prefer natural light.
12. What’s a papyrus’s favorite type of pasta? Fettuccine paper-chelle.
13. Why did the papyrus get a job as a chef? It wanted to make some dough.
14. What do you call a group of papyri on a team? A scroll-call.
15. What’s a papyrus’s favorite ride at the amusement park? The paper-coaster.
16. Why did the papyrus cross the road? To get to the reed-side.
17. What kind of shoes do papyri wear? Flip-flops.
18. What’s a papyrus’s favorite movie genre? Wraption flicks.
19. What do you call a papyrus who’s always late for work? A procrastinile.
20. Why do papyri enjoy reading mysteries? They love a good paper-chase.

Finding the “Write” Papyrus Pun: Double Entendre Play on Words!

1. I asked the papyrus vendor for some love letters, but they said they only had “just font-asies”.
2. The papyrus was so old, it had a grave-y font.
3. Nothing makes me feel more rooted than writing on papyrus.
4. I found a great papyrus deal, but my wife said it was far-fetched.
5. Reading papyrus is a scroll-coaster of emotions.
6. What’s the most popular font among Egyptologists? Papyrus-cup.
7. The papyrus really tied the room together, said the rug font.
8. Papyrus and chill this weekend?
9. The font of all knowledge can be found on ancient papyrus.
10. You can’t justify a bad font choice, but you can in Papyrus.
11. Don’t worry about buying a font, just get it for papyrus.
12. I tried to integrate comic sans and papyrus, but they just kerned away from each other.
13. The papyrus was so delicate, I had to be serif-ulous with it.
14. Written on papyrus, sealed with a kiss (and some hieroglyphics).
15. I saw a ghostwriter using papyrus, it was quite eerie.
16. I found a papyrus with all the secrets of typography, but it’s a classified type font information.
17. The papyrus seemed like the perfect choice for an Egypt-themed party, but it was written in sand font.
18. I asked the designer if they could use papyrus for my resume, but they said it would be a grave mistake.
19. I’m looking for a papyrus dating app, font-mates only.
20. The teacher recommended using papyrus for our ancient civilizations project, but I just can’t get over the far-out font.

Pun-derful Papyrus Witty Wordplay

1. It’s a wrap – I’ve got everything papyrus’d up!
2. Really? She’s not even papyrus fruit material.
3. Let’s get to the bottom papyrus of this.
4. Sorry, I’m all papyrus-ed out.
5. She’s a real papyrus-tite!
6. This news is enough to make papyrus shiver!
7. Papyrus, it’s time to leaf this alone.
8. It’s a papyrus-querade party!
9. Papyrus gonna hate.
10. Looks like we’ve got good papyrus-ing.
11. It’s papyrus-y for you to say.
12. I’m not a certified papyrus teacher, but I’m pretty good at breaking things down.
13. She gave in and let me papyrus rent.
14. Papyrus gonna get it!
15. Don’t worry, be papyrus!
16. Can we get an Egyptian papyrus version of this document?
17. What an envelope-papyrus!
18. I love you papyrus and ever!
19. Sure, I’ll papyrus a game plan to get that done.
20. No need to be papyrus-ed out, there’s plenty to go around.

Pawesome Papyrus Puns (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. I tried writing on papyrus, but it was sheet.
2. I’d never order papyrus from a restaurant, it’s too paper thin.
3. The ancient Egyptians were the first to use papyrus for paper, they really stemmed the tide.
4. I feel a bit sick after eating papyrus, maybe I should see a paper cup.
5. Don’t use papyrus to cover your boo-boos, it’ll just be a bandage aid.
6. I gave my papyrus plant away, I hope it doesn’t reed me to come back for it.
7. I took a class on papyrus-making, it was a real scroll-stopper.
8. Using papyrus as a writing material feels like putting lipstick on a mummy.
9. I saw a ghost writing on papyrus, it was a real spooky sheet.
10. Pharaohs are the ultimate papyrus fans, they really Egypt it up.
11. I need a pencil to mark my papyrus, otherwise it’s hieroglyphic.
12. I made my own papyrus, it was a rewarding papery blossoming.
13. Selling papyrus on the internet is tough, you could say it’s a virtual ream-ality.
14. Writing on papyrus can get a bit dull, it’s like watching grass with a reed.
15. My financial advisor recommended I invest in papyrus, but it didn’t yield much paper return.
16. I found a mummy holding a papyrus scroll, it was a real wrap battle.
17. My friend swore by the papyrus diet, but it just made me board.
18. I couldn’t find any papyrus at the store, they were all out of stock.
19. I used to have a papyrus farm, but it just wasn’t my paper-tea.
20. I threw a papyrus themed party, it was a real paperazzi affair.

Paper, Please: Puns in Papyrus Names

1. “Papyrusly Speaking” stationery store
2. “Papyrusona” Italian restaurant
3. “Papyrushka” Russian doll store
4. “Papyrus” music store
5. “Papyromaniac” paper goods store
6. Papyruseful” office supply store
7. “Papyrusaurus” dinosaur exhibit
8. “Papyrunway” fashion boutique
9. Papyrusive” therapy center
10. “Papysphere” planetarium
11. Papysmear” medical clinic
12. Papyrussell” pet store
13. “Papyrone” oceanographic museum
14. “Papyramid” Egyptian exhibit
15. “Papysch” psychology clinic
16. “Papyrustic” farmhouse decor store
17. “Papyrology” bookshop
18. “Papyrotica” adult novelty store
19. Papyrography” art studio
20. “Papyrophernalia” memorabilia shop.

Punny Papyrus Permutations: Spoonerisms on Scroll Scribbles

1. “Paming your faper” (Framing your paper)
2. “Bapyrus bage” (Paper bag)
3. “Tapyrus lube” (Paper tube)
4. “Lapyrus ove” (Paper love)
5. “Hapyrus andler” (Paper handler)
6. “Sapyrus tationery” (Paper stationary)
7. “Dapyrus rawer” (Paper drawer)
8. “Capyrus utter” (Paper cutter)
9. “Rapyrus ecycle” (Paper recycle)
10. “Japyrus ournal” (Paper journal)
11. “Mapyrus ker” (Paper maker)
12. “Fapyrus olks” (Paper folks)
13. Gapyrus um” (Paper gum)
14. “Vapyrus olume” (Paper volume)
15. “Napyrus otebook” (Paper notebook)
16. “Wapyrus rap” (Paper wrap)
17. “Zapyrus ero” (Paper zero)
18. “Kapyrus night” (Paper knight)
19. “Uapyrus rchins” (Paper urchins)
20. “Eapyrus xercise” (Paper exercise)

Papyr-Us Good Tom Swifties!

1. “I can’t believe papyrus is still being used,” said Tom, deadpan.
2. “I cut the papyrus into equal pieces,” said Tom, scissor happy.
3. “I hate the texture of papyrus,” said Tom, rough.
4. “I tried to sell my papyrus online,” said Tom, e-bay.
5. “I plan to use the papyrus for origami,” said Tom, foldable.
6. “I found a rare papyrus,” said Tom, priceless.
7. “I only use papyrus for ancient scripts,” said Tom, historical.
8. “I’ll cover the papyrus with glue,” said Tom, sticking to his plan.
9. “I found Egyptian hieroglyphs in my papyrus,” said Tom, euphoric.
10. I can’t wait to make a paper airplane out of papyrus,” said Tom, plane ecstatic.
11. “I call my papyrus my pharaoh paper,” said Tom, regally.
12. “I chewed on the papyrus and now I have a papercut,” said Tom, biting off more than he could chew.
13. “I made a note on my papyrus in hieratic script,” said Tom, scribbling away.
14. I put my papyrus in the oven and now it’s crispy,” said Tom, baking his paper.
15. “I accidentally spilled ink on my papyrus,” said Tom, in a black and white situation.
16. “I read my ancient papyrus in the library,” said Tom, silently.
17. “I got lost in the desert with only my papyrus,” said Tom, paper-ed off.
18. I took a copy of the papyrus to study for my class,” said Tom, book smart.
19. “I wrote a love letter on my papyrus,” said Tom, romantically.
20. “I hate when my papyrus gets wet,” said Tom, soggy.

Peculiar Papyrus Puns (Oxymoronic Wordplay)

1. Papyrus stationery is ephemeral.
2. Papyrus: the paper of the digital age.
3. Papyrus puns are a dying art.
4. Papyrus scrolls: ancient and innovative.
5. Papyrus is the millennial’s paper choice.
6. The only thing more archaic than papyrus is papyrus puns.
7. Papyrus puns: ironically timeless.
8. Papyrus puns are as fresh as a mummified corpse.
9. Papyrus: the paper of the pharaohs and the hipsters.
10. Papyrus: the original hipster paper.
11. These papyrus puns are fun-erific.
12. Papyrus: the ultimate throwback paper.
13. Papyrus: perfect for ink and quills, or thumbs and screens.
14. Papyrus: bridging the gap between old and new.
15. Papyrus: the ultimate retro-modern paper.
16. Papyrus: ancient paper with a contemporary twist.
17. Papyrus puns: they’re a wrap.
18. Papyrus puns: taking it back to the future.
19. Papyrus: the OG paper.
20. Papyrus: resurrecting the dead art of punning.

The Punny Cycle of Papyrus Puns (Recursive Puns)

1. Why was the Papyrus font feeling down? Because it had a lot of weight to carry.
2. I was going to write a joke about Papyrus, but I couldn’t find the right font.
3. Papyrus is like an onion, it has many layers to it.
4. Did you hear about the book about Papyrus? It’s a real page-turner.
5. I once took a trip to Egypt and got lost in a Papyrus maze-terious place.
6. Papyrus is like an old friend, always there when you need it.
7. Papyrus isn’t just a font, it’s a way of life.
8. My Papyrus paper was so good, it took my breath away!
9. My new Papyrus paper is so smooth, it’s like writing on air!
10. I think I saw a Papyrus font on TV the other day, but it might have just been a Typeface ad.
11. My Papyrus paper is so pristine, it’s the definition of perfect.
12. I can’t decide which is better, Papyrus or Comic Sans. It’s like choosing between two evils.
13. I have a Papyrus-themed room in my house, but I think I need to say farewell to it.
14. Papyrus is a font that will always be in style.
15. I tried to make my own Papyrus, but it was just a paper thin imitation.
16. Papyrus is the ultimate hipster font, it was cool before it was cool.
17. My friend has a tattoo of Papyrus, he’s just the ink of the party.
18. Don’t worry, I’m just trying to Papyrus-jack your mind.
19. Papyrus is like an old classic, you can never go wrong with an oldie but goodie.
20. I will Papyrus-push to make this pun list the best one out there.

Going with the Flow: Puns on Papyrus Clichés

1. How did the ancient Egyptians write? They papyrus it all down!
2. Did you hear about the plant that always tells the truth? It’s a papyrus!
3. What do you call it when paper gets angry? Papyrus!
4. I’m a pharaoh in the sheets, but a papyrus in the streets.
5. Why did the papyrus quit his job? He felt like he was just reed-ing and writing all the time.
6. The paper mill was destroyed in the storm. It was a papyrus feit.
7. My boss said he was going to give me a promotion, but I knew he was just papyrus-ting me.
8. I love writing with papyrus. It gives my words an exotic flair.
9. I tried to make a paper airplane out of papyrus, but it just didn’t take flight. It was a non-fly-able.
10. Forget diamonds, papyrus of love is forever.
11. What’s the problem with using papyrus in summer? It tends to leaf you alone.
12. I asked my date if she wanted to come back to my place to see my papyrus collection, but she said she had other reeds in mind.
13. Papyrus is like a good friend – always there when you need it!
14. I’m no expert, but I’d say papyrus is pretty a-maize-ing.
15. Want to know the secret to making a great envelope out of papyrus? You just have to seal the deal.
16. I tried to write a poem using papyrus, but it just ended up being two reeds and a lie.
17. You can’t just jump into a river of papyrus and expect to be Egyptian.
18. What do you call a papyrus that’s looking for a job? A reed-ume!
19. If you’re ever stuck on a deserted island, make sure to bring a papyrus. It’s always in stalk.
20. Why did the papyrus break up with its girlfriend? She was just too clingy.

In conclusion, we hope you had a blast exploring our collection of Papyrus puns! From pharaohs to pyramids, we’ve covered it all with wit and humor. If you’re hungry for more wordplay, check out other puns on our website. We appreciate you taking the time to visit us and hope to see you again soon. Happy Punning!

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