M&M Puns That Are Simply Irresistible: 200+ Tasty Jokes to Sweeten Your Day

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If you’re searching for something to brighten up your day and make your sweet tooth happy, then you’ve come to the right place! Get ready to indulge in 200+ deliciously hilarious M&M puns that will leave you giggling and craving candy-coated chocolates. From plays on words like “M&Mazing” to clever one-liners like “When in doubt, add more M&M’s,” this collection of puns is sure to sweeten your day. So go ahead, share these puns with your friends and family, and make them smile too. Get ready to experience the fun and addictive world of M&M puns!

“Get a Chuckle with These Hilarious M&M Puns” (Editors Pick)

1. What do you get when you cross M&Ms with a dictionary? Smarties!
2. Why did the M&M go to school? He wanted to be a Smartie.
3. What do you call an M&M on a spring? A bounce of chocolate!
4. How many M&Ms would it take to fill up an empty stomach? Just a mouthful!
5. What do you call a snake that loves M&Ms? A constrictor with a sweet tooth.
6. What do you call an M&M who’s a bad influence? A rebel without a clue.
7. How do you keep an M&M from going to sleep when they don’t want to? Give them a little jolt with some caffeine.
8. Why did the M&M refuse to cross the road? It didn’t want to get into traffic-jam.
9. Why do they only make M&Ms in red and green for Christmas? Because the other colors melt the snow.
10. Why did the M&M go to the dentist? To get its filling!
11. When is an M&M not an M&M? When it becomes a W&W (melts in your mouth, not in your hands).
12. Why did the ghosts eat all the M&Ms? Because they had a severe case of haunting-candies!
13. What do you get when you cross an M&M with a snowman? A chocolate snowball.
14. Why was the M&M afraid of the chocolate chips? They were semi-sweet, of course!
15. Where do M&Ms put their races on to compete for the best? On the choco-lot.
16. What musical genre do M&Ms choose when they have a concert? Eminem’s rap.
17. Why can’t you trust M&Ms to play piano concerts? They’ll always hit the wrong buttons.
18. What do you call M&Ms that play the guitar? Candy rockstars.
19. What do you call a pair of M&Ms? Sweethearts.
20. Why do people spend so much money on movie tickets? For the M&M previews!

M&Magical Wordplay (One-liner Puns)

1. Why did the M&M go to school? He wanted to be a smartie!
2. What do you call an M&M who studies the stars? A Mars-trologist!
3. How many M&Ms does it take to change a lightbulb? None, they’re already bright enough!
4. Why did the M&M get a job at the bank? He wanted to be a loan M&M.
5. Why did the M&M go to the doctor? He was feeling a little nutty.
6. What does an M&M call his father? Daddy M.
7. How do you know if an M&M is an athlete? He always runs in colourful runners.
8. How do you make an M&M cookie? Put M&Ms in the oven until they’re baked to perfection!
9. What do M&Ms wear to go swimming? Chocolate trunks!
10. Why don’t M&M’s like spicy food? It causes them to melt.
11. What do you call an M&M that’s in trouble? A diss-M&M.
12. Why did the M&M break up with his girlfriend? She was too salty.
13. How do you make an M&M laugh? Put him in a room filled with Smarties!
14. What’s an M&M’s favourite band? The Rolling Scones!
15. How do you know if an M&M is lying? His colour changes!
16. Why did the M&M go to space? He wanted to find the Milky Way.
17. What do you call an M&M on a mission? An M&M and Em!
18. How do you know if an M&M is happy? He’s M&M smiley.
19. Why do M&Ms work well in a choir? They can all sing in harmony.
20. What do you call an M&M that’s always moving? A rolly-polly!

M&M Indulgences (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Q: What do you call a bag of M&M’s that is battling addiction? A: Snack-strong.
2. Q: What did the blue M&M say to the red M&M? A: “We make a great team, we’re like the dynamic duo”
3. Q: Why did the M&M go to school? A: He wanted to be a smartie-pants.
4. Q: What does an M&M do when it wants a snack? A: It Rolo-ver to the nearest vending machine.
5. Q: How do you know when an M&M has a boyfriend or girlfriend? A: They’re candy-coated lovebirds.
6. Q: What does an M&M magician say when he pulls a rabbit out of a hat? A: “Ta-daa! M&Majes the bunny disappear!”
7. Q: What does a casket full of M&Ms sound like? A: Rattle-tattle.
8. Q: Why don’t M&Ms sleep very well? A: They’re always Nerd-s.
9. Q: Why did the M&M go to the doctor? A: He was feeling a little shell-shocked.
10. Q: What do you call an M&M that is indecisive? A: Reesee-sorry.
11. Q: Why did the M&M break up with his girlfriend? A: She was too much toffee handle.
12. Q: What do you call an M&M with a great sense of humor? A: Jest-er’s one.
13. Q: What do you call an M&M that loves to dance? A: Choco-lot.
14. Q: Why did the chocolate M&M go to the doctor? A: He was feeling too minty.
15. Q: How do you get an M&M to win a race? A: Put a Sweetarts on the finish line.
16. Q: Why did the M&M refuse to take a shower? A: He was afraid of getting coated with soap.
17. Q: Why did the M&M fail his physics test? A: He didn’t understand the topics ‘Snickers’ and ‘Goobers’
18. Q: What do you call an M&M that always needs hugs? A: A Hershey Bear.
19. Q: What do you call an M&M that is always the center of attention at parties? A: A Milkyway star.
20. Q: How do you get a group of M&Ms to be quiet? A: Put a lid on it!

M&M Puns that Are Hard to Resist (Double Entendre Delights)

1. “I heard the green M&Ms are an aphrodisiac.”
2. I love it when my chocolate melts in my hand.
3. “I can’t resist a bag of M&Ms, they’re so rich and tempting.”
4. “I like to keep my M&Ms in a tight container.”
5. “There’s nothing like sharing a bag of M&Ms between friends.”
6. “I just can’t get enough of those crunchy M&Ms.”
7. “I prefer the big M&Ms to the little ones.”
8. “I like to suck on my M&Ms until they melt in my mouth.”
9. “I get so excited when I see a handful of M&Ms.”
10. “I love it when my M&Ms come in different colors.”
11. “I love the way M&Ms feel in my mouth.”
12. “M&Ms always make me feel better when I’m feeling low.”
13. “I can’t get enough of the nuts in my M&Ms.”
14. “I love to let my M&Ms melt on my tongue.”
15. My favorite thing to do with M&Ms is to crush them up and sprinkle them on my ice cream.
16. “M&Ms make a great topping for cupcakes.”
17. I love to pop an M&M in my mouth before bed.
18. “I always keep a stash of M&Ms in my desk for a midday snack.”
19. “I love to trade my M&Ms with coworkers.”
20. I get so excited whenever I see a big bowl of M&Ms at a party.

Munching on M&M-azing Puns: Wordplay in Idioms

1. I don’t always eat candy, but when I do, I prefer M&Ms.
2. Let’s get this party started, M&Ms on me!
3. Want to hear a joke about M&Ms? I have a ton, but they might make you snicker.
4. The M&Ms were on sale, so I bought them in bulk. Now that’s using your smarties!
5. I’m feeling a little blue today, I think I need some M&Ms to lift my spirits.
6. I wouldn’t share my M&Ms with just anyone, they’re my confetti.
7. You have to be pretty nutty to not like M&Ms.
8. I’m not a fan of surprises, but finding M&Ms in my pocket is always a sweet one.
9. I’m not usually one to brag, but I have a pretty impressive M&M collection.
10. I’m feeling a little off today, maybe I need some M&Ms to take the edge off.
11. When it comes to M&Ms, I have a Mars bar attitude – nothing but the best.
12. It’s hard to keep a straight face when you’re holding a bag of M&Ms.
13. You can’t have just one M&M, that’s practically sacrilege.
14. I know I said I would only have one M&M, but it’s just so hard to stop, I guess I lack control.
15. I don’t always eat candy, but when I do, I prefer M&Ms – a classic spin on the Dos Equis commercial.
16. If you’re ever feeling lonely, just remember, M&Ms are always there for you.
17. You don’t need a degree to know M&Ms are the king of candy.
18. It’s hard to be sad when you’re eating M&Ms – they’re the ultimate mood booster.
19. I had a dream that I was laying in a pool filled with M&Ms. It was a chocolate fantasy.
20. As the saying goes, M&Ms maketh the man…or the woman.

M&Ms: A Sweet Source of Pun-derful Juxtapositions

1. I’ve been really stressed lately, but a bag of M&M’s can always ease the tension.
2. I asked my friend if she wanted to split an M&M Blizzard from Dairy Queen.
3. I sat on a bag of M&M’s and melted them… now it’s turning into a sticky situation.
4. I heard that if you melt M&M’s and pour them onto a potato, you get sweet tater tots.
5. My favorite rapper is M&M, he’s always been my go-to for sweet beats.
6. I tried to hide my M&M addiction, but my candy shell cracked.
7. My dentist told me I need to stop eating M&M’s because it’s causing cavities.
8. My friend said she prefers Smarties over M&M’s, but I think she’s a bit of a candy snob.
9. My girlfriend broke up with me because she said I was too into M&M’s and not enough into her.
10. My mom told me not to eat too many M&M’s or I’d turn into a chocolatey ball.
11. I ate so many M&M’s that I had to go to the hospital for a sugar rush.
12. My dad likes to blend up M&M’s and make milkshakes, he calls it his sweet treat.
13. I was wondering what the “M” in M&M’s stood for, but then I realized it probably just stands for “More candy!”
14. My brother is allergic to peanuts, so he can only eat the plain M&M’s. Lucky for me, I love the peanut ones.
15. My coworkers always steal my M&M’s from my desk, but it’s okay because I like to spread the sweets.
16. My cat stole my M&M’s and I didn’t notice until I found him with a chocolate mustache.
17. I’ve been trying to quit smoking, but I keep replacing it with M&M’s… I guess it’s a sweet vice.
18. I met an M&M once, he was really colorful and had a sweet personality.
19. My grandma always gives me M&M’s as a treat, it’s like she’s my personal Sweetheart.
20. I went to M&M’s world once and it was like stepping into a candy-coated dream.

M&Many Puns (Pun-tastic M&M Name Wordplay)

1. M&M’sical Chairs
2. The Sweet M&M’s of Success
3. M&Mermaid Cove
4. The M&Mpire Strikes Back
5. M&Mixed Emotions
6. M&M’s is the Word
7. M&Money Talks
8. M&Merican Pride
9. M&Mazing Grace
10. M&M’s Nutty Adventure
11. M&M-azing Love
12. M&M’s World of Wonder
13. M&M-azing Race
14. M&Merica the Beautiful
15. M&M-azing Feats
16. M&My Heart Will Go On
17. The M&M-ergency Room
18. M&M’s Big Break
19. M&Dream Vacation
20. M&M’s Got Talent

Sweet and Silly: M&M Spoonerisms

1. Mampy Mutton
2. M&Ms and Mimsy were made
3. Mim’s mellow M&M marshmallow
4. Mim’s mellow mooloo M&M marshmallow
5. M&M Tim Tams
6. M& Mole bowls
7. M&Mustard
8. M&C’s (Mac and Cheese)
9. M&Maytag Blue Cheese
10. M&Mixed nuts
11. M&My goodness
12. M&Marshmallow fluff
13. M&Mushrooms
14. M&Melted chocolate
15. M&Minnie Mouse
16. M&Merry Christmas
17. M&Moon pies
18. M&Mellow Yellow
19. M&Megaphone
20. M&Morgan Freeman.

“M&More Laughs: Tom Swifties on M&M Puns”

1. “I gave my friend some m&ms,” said Tom, brightly.
2. “These m&ms taste awful,” said Tom, bitterly.
3. “I can’t believe I ate the whole bag of m&ms,” said Tom, morosely.
4. I’m running low on m&ms,” said Tom, dissolvingly.
5. “I’m not good at sharing m&ms,” said Tom, selfishly.
6. “I’ve got too many m&ms,” said Tom, sparsely.
7. “I’ll give you some of my m&ms only if you’re nice to me,” said Tom, sweetly.
8. “This peanut m&m is a miracle,” said Tom, devoutly.
9. “I don’t want to share my m&ms with anyone today,” said Tom, shellfishly.
10. “I don’t like the taste of regular m&ms,” said Tom, feeling colorful.
11. “I love a good pun,” said Tom, wittingly, “it’s like an m&m for your brain.”
12. “I’m out of m&ms,” said Tom, colorlessly.
13. “I don’t want to be left alone with a bag of m&ms,” said Tom, fearfully.
14. I’ll trade my skittles for some m&ms,” said Tom, brightly.
15. “These m&ms are my favorite,” said Tom, nuttily.
16. “I like my m&ms shaken, not stirred,” said Tom, Bond-ingly.
17. “That’s a lot of m&ms,” said Tom, numerously.
18. “I always have a stash of m&ms in my pocket,” said Tom, sneakily.
19. “I hate it when someone steals my m&ms,” said Tom, secretively.
20. “I only eat the green m&ms,” said Tom, prudishly.

Contradictory Candy Jokes (Oxymoronic M&M Puns)

1. Bittersweet M&M puns
2. Jumbo small M&M puns
3. Chocolatey vanilla M&M puns
4. Loudly silent M&M puns
5. Sweetly sour M&M puns
6. Openly secretive M&M puns
7. Painfully numb M&M puns
8. Expired fresh M&M puns
9. Clearly blurry M&M puns
10. Liquid solid M&M puns
11. Known unknown M&M puns
12. Necessary Extra M&M puns
13. Sweetly sour M&M puns
14. Frozen hot M&M puns
15. Randomly ordered M&M puns
16. Seriously funny M&M puns
17. Consistently changing M&M puns
18. Predictably unpredictable M&M puns
19. Conditionally unconditional M&M puns
20. Incredibly ordinary M&M puns

Sweet Recursive Delights (M&M Puns)

1. Why did the M&M go to school? To become a Smartie!
2. Did you hear about the M&M that got into a fight with a Skittle? It was a dissolving argument.
3. How do M&Ms start their day? With a bowl of ChocoLIT!
4. What’s an M&M’s favorite sport? Candy Crush!
5. Why did the M&M go to the doctor? It was feeling assorted.
6. What’s an M&M’s favorite book? War and Reese’s.
7. What do you get when you cross M&Ms with Reese’s Pieces? A choco-peanutty delight!
8. What did the M&M say when it broke up with its girlfriend? Sorry, I’m just not the candy-coated type.
9. How does an M&M go to sleep? It tucks itself in with a mini-blanket of chocolate.
10. Why did the M&Ms go to the dentist? They wanted to get their candy-cavities filled.
11. What’s an M&M’s favorite instrument? The marshmallow-phone.
12. Why did the M&M refuse to go to the beach? It didn’t want to be melted away!
13. What’s an M&M’s favorite TV show? Game of Cones.
14. What did the red M&M say to the yellow M&M? Let’s stick together!
15. How do you know if an M&M is Santa’s favorite? It gets double wrapped!
16. Why did the M&M go to space? It wanted to explore the Milky Way.
17. What’s an M&M’s favorite kind of music? Hip-hop-chocolate.
18. What do M&Ms love to do on Halloween? Play trick-or-treat or meltdown!
19. Why did the M&M say no to the cookie? It didn’t want raisins ruining the choco-late!
20. What’s an M&M’s favorite movie? Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Size.

“Melts in Your Mouth, Puns in Your Brain: M&M Cliché Wordplay”

1. M&Ms don’t melt in your hand, but they will melt in your mouth!
2. When in doubt, just M&M-bark!
3. Put all your M&M eggs in one basket.
4. Don’t judge an M&M by its color or shell.
5. The early M&M gets the worm.
6. A penny for your thoughts, but an M&M for your tongue!
7. All is fair in love and M&Ms.
8. M&M’s are a girl’s (or guy’s) best friend.
9. There’s no such thing as a free M&M.
10. If at first, you don’t succeed, M&M again.
11. The proof of the pudding is in the M&M.
12. It takes two to M&M.
13. Actions speak louder than M&Ms.
14. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you M&Ms.
15. You can’t have your M&M and eat it too.
16. An M&M a day keeps the doctor away.
17. It’s raining M&Ms!
18. All M&Ms lead to Rome.
19. It’s not over until the M&M’s run out.
20. When life gives you M&Ms, make chocolate chip cookies!

In conclusion, these M&M puns have proven to be simply irresistible! We hope they sweetened your day and brought a few laughs. If you’re hungry for more pun-tastic humor, check out our website for a smorgasbord of other puns. Thank you for taking the time to visit, we hope to see you again soon!

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