220 Marvel-ous Puns for Superhero Fans: Unlock Your Inner Comic Genius

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Get ready to unleash your inner comic genius and impress your fellow superhero fans with our collection of 200+ Marvel-ous puns! Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, these puns are sure to make you laugh and appreciate the wit and humor of the Marvel universe. From classic characters like Iron Man and Spider-Man to newcomers like Black Panther and Captain Marvel, we’ve got puns for them all. So get ready to Hulk out with laughter and enjoy these pun-tastic jokes. Whether you’re looking to entertain your friends or just want to impress your comic book-loving crush, these Marvel puns are sure to be a hit. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get pun-derway!

Marvelous Puns to Make You Laugh (Editors Pick)

1. What did Iron Man say when he bumped into Captain America? Sorry, I didn’t “Marvel” at your existence.
2. Why did Loki take an umbrella on his trip? Because he wanted to Thor off any rain.
3. What did Spider-Man say to his friends when they asked him how he stays fit? Web-slinging, of course!
4. What do you call it when a superhero runs away from danger? A Marvelous escape.
5. Why did Deadpool have a hard time at the bank? He tried to withdraw his cash and the teller said, “Sorry sir, we only accept Marvel cards.”
6. What is Spider-Man’s favorite month? Web-ruary!
7. Why did Storm refuse to upgrade her power? Because she didn’t want to change a lightning bolt into a lighter bolt.
8. Why couldn’t Cyclops attend class? He lost his vision for the future.
9. What is Captain America’s favorite beverage? Star-spangled water.
10. Why did Black Widow refuse to eat a four-leafed clover? Because she didn’t want to be an Avenger.
11. What do you call a group of superheroes when they hang out together? A Marvel-ous party.
12. Why did Tony Stark call Thor after a bad date? He needed a hammer to pound things out.
13. How does the Hulk keep his pants up? With his incredible belt.
14. What do you call it when Charles Xavier goes on a vacation? Wheel-chair-laxing.
15. Why did Ant-Man go to jail? He stole an ant-ic.
16. What do you call a superhero who loves emojis? Emojing-ger.
17. What do you call it when Magneto gets lost? His metal detector is off the plank.
18. Which superhero likes to play golf? The putt-her symbiote.
19. Why did the superheroes visit the dentist? They had a cavity between them.
20. What do you call a movie about a superhero who can’t make up his mind? Indecisive-Man.

Marvel-ous One-Liner Puns (Witty Marvel Puns)

1. Why did Captain America refuse to wear a black tuxedo? Because he prefers to be a red, white and shoes kind of guy.
2. The Hulk is a great cook, he’s really good at smashing potatoes.
3. Why did Iron Man opt for a rotating heart instead of a steady one? Because he wanted a changeable arc reactor!
4. Why did Spider-Man decline to attend the party? Because he was caught up in his own web of responsibility.
5. How does Thor keep his pants up? With his Hammer-Staple!
6. Why did Loki pull the doorbell off the wall? Because he wanted to hear some swinging doors.
7. Why did Deadpool go to the store to buy trees and fencing? Because he wanted to the X-Mansion to have-wade-er protection.
8. What did Black Panther say when he was asked why he changed his shirt? Wakanda understand.
9. Spiderman’s new girlfriend is really pretty. She’s a real catch.
10. Why was Iron Man the best poker player? He had a suit that was full of hearts!
11. Why did Bruce Banner always get played at poker games, he could never keep a poker face, he was always green with envy.
12. What did Captain America say when he was offered another drink? I’ll booze again up for another round.
13. Did you hear the rumor about War Machine? Turns out he’s just Tony Stark in disguise.
14. What did the Vision say when Captain America asked him to fix the radio? I see what I can do.
15. When Thor is feeling down, he wears his Loki-inspired helmet to cheer himself up. It’s his “helmet of low-key” confidence.
16. Why was Captain America the worst basketball player? Because he always preferred shield-defence.
17. The Black Widow has never lost in poker. It must be her spider-sense.
18. Why did Ant-Man go to prison? He stole the Queen’s biscuits. He was charged with petit theft.
19. What is Thor’s favourite body part? His As-guard.
20. Why is Iron Man always worth a lot of money? Because he’s the steel-of-the-art technology!

Marvel-ous Mind-teasers (Question-and-Answer Puns on Marvel)

1. What’s Black Widow’s favorite fruit? Spiderberries!
2. Why did Spider-Man eat a bag of chips? He was feeling snacky!
3. What do you call Thor after a long day? Hammered!
4. How does Iron Man feel after a workout? Repulsored!
5. Why did Deadpool go to the bank? To check his Chimichanga account!
6. What did Captain America say to his soldiers? Shield your eyes!
7. Why did the Hulk join a gym? He wanted to exercise his inner demons!
8. How does Doctor Strange keep his hair so shiny? With a spell-tacular conditioner!
9. Why did Hawkeye quit archery? He just didn’t have the aim for it!
10. What did Groot say to Rocket Raccoon? Twig you did there!
11. Why did Ant-Man get kicked out of the library? He couldn’t keep his mouth shut!
12. How does Wasp stay so slim? She’s got a tiny waist!
13. How does the Winter Soldier keep warm? He snuggles with his metal arm!
14. How does Loki start a fire? He uses his own hot air!
15. Why did the X-Men go on a picnic? They heard there would be mutants there!
16. What did Venom say when he saw Spider-Man? “I’ve got my eye on you!”
17. Why was the Avengers movie so long? It was filled with super-heroes!
18. How does Ghost Rider stay cool in the summer? He rides his flaming motorcycle!
19. Why did the Fantastic Four go on vacation? They wanted to unwind-able!
20. How does the Scarlet Witch turn on a light switch? With her spell-finger!

“Marvel-ous Wordplay: Double the Puns, Double the Fun!”

1. Why did Iron Man break up with Pepper Potts? He found her too clingy.
2. Thor wanted to go out and party, but Loki wanted to stay in and Netflix and villain.
3. Why was Spiderman always broke? He spent all his webbing allowance.
4. Captain America and Black Widow walked into a bar. The bartender said, “What is this? Some kind of Avengers crossover?”
5. Why did Captain Marvel need glasses? To read her comments’ section.
6. What does the Hulk order at a restaurant? Smash potatoes.
7. Why did Tony Stark always prefer German engineering? Because he loved Audi Man.
8. What did Iron Man say when he entered the hot tub? “I’m getting ironed out.”
9. What do you call it when Doctor Strange does magic tricks? Sorcery-stuffing.
10. Why couldn’t Captain America have a cup of tea? He came in a little too hot.
11. Which Avenger is the best poker player? Ante Man.
12. What do you call it when Thor eats ice cream? Thoracle.
13. What do you call Ghost Rider’s motorcycle on laundry day? Tumble dry-cycle.
14. Why is Venom bad at basketball? He always charges.
15. What does Daredevil say when he enters a room? “Did you hear me coming?”
16. What does Captain America say when he lifts a heavy object? “I can handle this, I’m avenged and ready.”
17. How do you know when the Black Widow is happy? She gives you a spy kiss.
18. What did Spider-Man say at the marijuana dispensary? “Do you have any Mary Janes?”
19. What do superheroes do when they need to blow off steam? They go to Fury Road.
20. What do you call it when Blade is on a boat? Vampirates of the Caribbean.

Mighty Marvelous Puns (Idiomatic Incidents)

1. Where do Marvel superheroes shop? At the Hulk market!
2. Why did Iron Man apply lipstick on his suit? Because he wanted to look Marvel-ous!
3. What did the Hulk say to the wall? “I’m gonna smash you in a Marvel-ous way!”
4. Why did Tony Stark refuse to give away his new Iron Man suit to his friend? Because that’s a Marvel-eous invention!
5. Why did Peter Parker quit his job? Because he felt that his spider senses were tingling, something Marvel-ous was going to happen!
6. What’s Thor’s favorite kind of music? Heavy Marvel!
7. Why did Loki refuse to give away his gold coins? Because he thought it was Marvel-lous!
8. Why doesn’t the Hulk need a blender? Because he has his Marvelous fists!
9. Why did Captain America feel tired? Because he had been running Marvel-ous errands all day!
10. Why is Marvel Comics always the best choice? Because it’s simply Marvel-lous!
11. Why is the Avengers Tower so tall? Because it has Marvel-lous views!
12. Why did Spider-Man decide to stay indoors? Because it had been raining Marvel-lously!
13. What did the superheroes use to decorate their Christmas tree? Thor’s hammer – because it’s Marvel-ous!
14. Why did Tony Stark wear the same suit for an entire week? Because it was just that Marvel-ous!
15. Why did Black Widow break up with the Hulk? She said it was just too Marvel-loius for her!
16. What did Thor say when he arrived in town? “I’m here to make Marvel-ous things happen!”
17. Why did the Hulk smash his phone? He didn’t like the sound of the Marvel notifications!
18. Why did Iron Man refuse to go to bed? Because there’s always something Marvel-lous to do!
19. What did Captain America say when his Avengers membership was denied? “Well, that’s just not very Marvel-lous!”
20. Why doesn’t Spider-Man ever watch the news? Because he already has Marvel-ous insights!

“Marvel at These Pun Juxtapositions: From Cap-tivating to Thor-oughly Hilarious”

1. Captain America’s shield is his iron deficiency.
2. The Avengers always assemble – but not their furniture.
3. The Hulk is really just a green bean.
4. Iron Man got rusty because he’s too hot to handle.
5. Spider-Man’s web-slinging is his reel strength.
6. Black Widow loves her jobs, but her resume has a lot of red flags.
7. Doctor Strange is the master of Time-Phones.
8. Thor’s hammer is his mallet-chops.
9. Ant-Man may be small, but he has a big ant-tide.
10. Hawkeye is a master archer but bow-lieve me – he has bad aim in life.
11. Groot’s vocabulary may be limited, but he’s here to branch out.
12. Rocket Racoon is a real trailblazer – he’s always blazing some path.
13. Iron Fist is ready to kick things – to high speed dial.
14. Black Panther uses his claws to his paws-itively fullest potential.
15. Doctor Doom may be evil, but he’s sure cookin’ up something good in the lab.
16. Luke Cage may have bulletproof skin, but he still feels the pierce.
17. The Fantastic Four may have their ups and downs, but either way, they’re always stretching themselves thin.
18. Ghost Rider’s fiery alter ego is his match point.
19. Daredevil’s blindness helps him see the things that truly matter.
20. She-Hulk may be all muscle, but you can’t deny her gentle side.

Marvel-ous Wordplay! (Puns in Marvel Names)

1. Iron Maven
2. The Hawkeye State
3. Thora Break
4. Loki For Awe
5. Spider-Man-tation
6. Black Widowmaker
7. The Scarlet Which-wich
8. The Incredible Hulkster
9. Captain Americone Dream
10. The Wasp of Luxury
11. Doctor StrangeBrew
12. Deadpool End
13. Falcon the Leader
14. Guardians of the Galaxseafood
15. The Mantis-tache
16. Gamorockstar
17. Rocket Rolls
18. Star-Lord of the Onion Rings
19. Ant-Man-go Chutney
20. Thanosaurus Rex

Marvelous Muddles: Spoonerisms of Marvel Puns

1. “Hulk Man is quite the bulk man.”
2. “Doctor Strange is a proctor dame.”
3. “Black Panther is a pack blanter.”
4. “Iron Man’s suit is a miron an’suit.”
5. Spider-Man can be a cider span.
6. “The Incredible Hulk is the hulkredible inc.”
7. Captain America is a map tin merica.
8. “Ant-Man’s powers include mant an’sowers.”
9. “Groot is a root gee.”
10. “Deadpool is a pead dool.”
11. “Thor’s hammer is a hor’s themmer.”
12. “Thanos snaps his hanso teps.”
13. “Wolverine’s claws are a colverine’s waws.”
14. “Black Widow’s skills are wack blidow’s skills.”
15. “The Avengers are the avenjers.”
16. “Doctor Doom is a docter droom.”
17. “The X-Men are the men ex.”
18. “The Fantastic Four are the forntastic fac.”
19. The Guardians of the Galaxy are the dardians guf the laxay.
20. “Magneto can be a nag meto.”

Marvel-lous Tom Swifties

1. “I can’t believe we’re meeting Stan Lee,” said Tom marvelously.
2. “I just saw Iron Man,” said Tom ironically.
3. “Thor’s hammer is pretty heavy,” said Tom gravely.
4. “Deadpool is so hilarious,” said Tom comically.
5. “I just watched Captain Marvel,” said Tom heroically.
6. “I could watch Avengers Endgame every day,” said Tom infinitely.
7. “Doctor Strange’s powers are mind-bending,” said Tom mystically.
8. “Ant-Man can really shrink down to size,” said Tom diminutively.
9. “The Hulk is really strong,” said Tom smashingly.
10. “Black Widow is such a spy,” said Tom clandestinely.
11. “Spider-Man is so agile,” said Tom web-ingly.
12. Groot is so cute,” said Tom branchingly.
13. “Gamora is one fierce warrior,” said Tom definitively.
14. “Captain America is so patriotic,” said Tom flagrantly.
15. “Iron Fist has a strong punch,” said Tom impactfully.
16. “Luke Cage is bulletproof,” said Tom invincibly.
17. “Daredevil has a good sense of hearing,” said Tom audibly.
18. “Miles Morales is a great Spider-Man,” said Tom multiversely.
19. “Black Panther’s suit is so cool,” said Tom stylishly.
20. “Wolverine’s claws are so sharp,” said Tom cuttingly.

“Marvel-ous Contradictions: The Oxymoronic Pun-tastic World of Marvel Puns”

1. Iron Man’s suit is actually a wrinkled marvel.
2. Doctor Strange sure is an odd-normal guy.
3. Spider-Man’s love is always painfully pleasing.
4. Thor’s hammer is surprisingly lightweight.
5. Captain America isn’t incredibly average.
6. Wolverine might be cowardly brave.
7. The Hulk is often silent in his tantrums.
8. Storm’s lightning strikes are strangely predictable.
9. Cyclops’s vision is surprisingly shortsighted.
10. Thanos’s snap is a peaceful disaster.
11. Black Panther is quite wild and civilized.
12. Ant-Man is a small giant in the Marvel universe.
13. Professor X isn’t as knowledgeable as he seems.
14. Daredevil is surprisingly unaware.
15. The Punisher punishes laziness with more laziness.
16. Deadpool is alive with dead energy.
17. Scarlet Witch is far from a plain witch.
18. Falcon can barely fly if he thinks about it too hard.
19. Magneto is seldom moved by anything.
20. The Black Widow’s web is quite unnoticeably noticeable.

Marvelous Recursive Puns: From Avenging Ants to Thor-oughly Hilarious Jokes

1. Why did Iron Man take a day off? He was feeling a little thor.
2. What did Spider-Man say about his new suit? It was amaz-ing.
3. I’m reading a book on the history of glue. I just can’t seem to put it down.
4. What is Thor’s favorite type of cereal? Mini Mjolnirs.
5. What do you call Captain America when he’s tired? Caps-lock.
6. Why are Thor’s hands smelly? Because he head-butts his enemies with his ham-mjolnir.
7. Why was the Incredible Hulk so shy? Because he had always been a little self-conscious about his green-thumb.
8. Why did Ant-Man refuse to share his food? He was having a really good ant-elope day.
9. What do you call a powerful spider? A web-slinger.
10. Why did the Avengers go to the bank? To get Hulk dollars.
11. Why did Iron Man break up with his girlfriend? Because she thought he was just messing around with his iron girlfriend.
12. Why did Captain America refuse to go to the movies? He heard there would be a civil war on screen.
13. What did Hawkeye say when he shot an arrow into the Circle of Life? Hakuna Matata.
14. Why did Black Widow refuse to share her popcorn? She was a secret super-eater.
15. How does Thor come up with his puns? With his pun-derful mind.
16. What did Iron Man say when he was asked to donate money? “I’d like to make a quick Stark-offering.”
17. How does The Hulk cut his hair? He uses smashers and clippers.
18. Why didn’t Thor like Bruce Banner’s pun? It was too smashy.
19. What do you call Thor’s little brother? L-oki.
20. Why did Captain America scold Iron Man? Because he had made a ton of iron-ic jokes that actually weren’t that funny.

Marvelous Puns: Spider-Sense-ational Wordplay on your Favorite Heroes!

1. When life gives you lemons, trade them for some Hulk-smashing power.
2. Spiderman always reminds us that with great power comes great responsibility – and a lot of web-slinging.
3. Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but Deadpool knows better – it’s all about the chimichangas.
4. Move over Sherlock, Iron Man has a mind palace too – it’s just a little more technological.
5. When in doubt, just remember that the Avengers always assemble.
6. Thor knew the importance of having a hammer before Kanye made it cool.
7. Sometimes all you need is a little Hulk smash therapy to make everything better.
8. Wolverine knows that the pen is mightier than the adamantium claws – at least when it comes to writing love letters.
9. The Black Widow is the epitome of “kill them with kindness” – she’s just got a few more gadgets up her sleeve.
10. Captain America proves that sometimes the greatest superpower is simply having a good heart.
11. When you can’t seem to catch a break, just remember that Spiderman’s motto is “with great power comes great responsibility – and the ability to stick to anything.”
12. The Punisher takes “an eye for an eye” very seriously – especially when it comes to super villains.
13. When it comes to time travel, the Doctor has nothing on the Infinity Stones.
14. Sometimes it feels like Thanos is inevitable – but the Avengers will always have a plan to save the day.
15. The Fantastic Four know that teamwork makes the dream work – especially when your dreams involve superpowers.
16. Storm knows that sometimes it’s better to let your enemies feel the wrath of Mother Nature – lightning bolts included.
17. Hawkeye always hits the bullseye – whether it’s on the archery range or in the middle of a battle.
18. The Punisher proves that sometimes the greatest weapon is simply the element of surprise.
19. When things get tough, Daredevil knows you just have to keep an eye on the prize.
20. The Hulk isn’t just smashing puny humans – he’s also smashing the patriarchy.

In conclusion, we hope you had a blast reading through our 200+ Marvel-ous puns for superhero fans! If you’re craving for even more punny goodness, be sure to browse through our website for a plethora of other hilarious puns that are bound to unlock your inner comic genius. We’d like to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to visit our site and hope we’ve brought a smile to your day!

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