220 Mustache Puns That Will Tickle Your Whiskers and Leave You Stubbled for Words

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Looking for some good mustache puns that will have you laughing and scratching your chin? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled over 200 puns that are sure to tickle your whiskers and leave you stubbled for words. From classic one-liners to clever wordplay, these puns are perfect for any occasion – whether you’re looking for a silly sight gag or a witty comeback. So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh your Furr-man into shape with these hilarious mustache puns that are sure to make you mustache for more.

“Movember Madness: Top Mustache Puns” (Editors Pick)

1. I mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later.
2. That guy’s mustache is so thick, he could knit a sweater with it.
3. He had that mustache for so long, it grew on him.
4. My dad’s mustache is like a part-time job… it grows on him.
5. You mustache a lot of yourself with that thing on your face!
6. That mustache is so big, it’s practically its own ecosystem.
7. A mustache is a man’s best moustache.
8. That mustache is so cool, even the Arctic lost a hairline.
9. I mustache you to stop making puns, but my argument has no beard.
10. Someone quit the facial hair salon because it wasn’t quite what he mustache.
11. Some people shave their beards… but they mustache me why.
12. Did you hear about the mustache that got locked up? He was framed.
13. You mustache what a man can do with a little bit of facial hair!
14. My mustache is really more of a five o-clock shadow, but it’ll do.
15. His mustache is so groomed, I heard it won first place at the county fair.
16. He mustached out and asked her to prom!
17. A good mustache is always in style, but you have to work to keep it.
18. He always had his mustache jokes on hand, ready to brush them off at any time.
19. The man with the mustache truly has a hairy upper lip.
20. I never thought much of facial hair, but it’s grown on me.

Mighty Mustache Musings (One-liner Puns)

1. My mustache brings all the boys to the yard
2. Shave the planet, save the stache
3. You mustache yourself if you’re ready for this pun
4. I love my mustache a whole shave more than anything
5. All my exes dye their stache
6. A beard without a mustache is like a pie without filling
7. I mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later
8. A beard is just a nest for a mustache bird
9. Why did the mustache go to the dentist? To get a root canal
10. Cleaning the kitchen is a real mustache-ache
11. Never trust a man with a perfectly groomed mustache
12. My life would be un-beard-able without my mustache
13. My mustache is not just facial hair, it’s a lifestyle
14. I mustache you to be my valentine
15. My mustache tells better jokes than I do
16. They say a gentleman never kisses and tells, but a mustache never shuts up
17. My mustache is my wingman
18. I don’t always have a mustache, but when I do, I’m extra dapper
19. My mustache is made of sugar, spice, and everything nicestache
20. I mustache you to not judge me for these puns

“Whisker Wit-ty: Q&A Puns to Make Your Mustache Curl”

1. Why did the mustache break up with the beard? It wanted to go its own “stache” way.
2. What did the barber say to the mustache? “I mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later.”
3. What do you call a fake mustache? A “im-pustor.”
4. Why was the mustache feeling down? It was hanging by a “hairy” thread.
5. What is a mustache’s favorite movie? “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Mustache.”
6. Why did the mustache go to the library? To get its “stache-nary” fix.
7. What do you call a mustache that steals? A “robber-stache.”
8. Why was the mustache unable to enter the bar? It couldn’t handle the “handlebars.”
9. What do you call a group of mustaches? A “whisker-stache brigade.”
10. Why are mustaches so friendly? Because they “mustache” friends with everyone.
11. What does a mustache call its favorite drink? Mustache-ulele” tea.
12. Why did the mustache go to the party? To get its “stache” on.
13. What do you call a mustache that tells jokes? A “mustache-ache.”
14. How does a mustache enjoy its coffee? Black, with a little “whisker.”
15. Why did the mustache join the circus? To be the “ring-leader.”
16. What do you call a mustache on a cat? A “meow-stache.”
17. How did the mustache get into shape? By doing “chin-ups.”
18. Why did the mustache feel it was too expensive? It cost a “pretty penny.”
19. Why did the mustache need an airplane ticket? For a “moustache-cation.”
20. What does a mustache say when it’s confused? “I’m in a hairy situation.”

A Ticklish Situation: Double Entendre Puns with Mustache Puns

1. “I mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later.”
2. “I got a new mustache comb, but I can’t seem to find my mustache.”
3. “Everyone knows a man with a mustache is worth keeping around.”
4. “I couldn’t tell if he was serious, or just mustache-ing me.”
5. “I had a mustache once, but then I shaved it for a hare-lip.”
6. “I tried to tickle his mustache, but he didn’t find it very humerus.”
7. “I asked the barber for a trim, but he gave me the whole mustache ride.”
8. “I got a new mustache trimmer, but I’m not sure how to handle it.”
9. “I had to shave my mustache for a bet, but it really made me bristle.”
10. I tried wearing a fake mustache, but it really mustache been a bad idea.
11. “I got a new mustache wax, but my friends think I’m just waxing poetic.”
12. “I asked him what he thought of my mustache, but he just brushed it off.”
13. “I got a new mustache comb, but I think I’m just comb-overcompensating for something.”
14. “I was going to shave off my mustache, but I figured I’d just mustache the decision for now.”
15. “I asked my girlfriend how she liked my mustache, but she didn’t seem too mustache-ated.”
16. “I was proud of my mustache until someone told me it looked like a caterpillar crashed on my lip.”
17. “I decided to shave my mustache, but my wife told me I’d look too naked without it.”
18. “I asked my barber to give me a handlebar mustache, but he said it would be too hard to steer.”
19. “I was going to shave my mustache, but I didn’t want to abandon my upper lip support.”
20. I asked my friend if he liked my mustache, but he just said it was an acquired taste.

Mustache You to Read These Hairy Puns (Puns on Mustache Idioms)

1. I mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later.
2. That new hipster has a real waxed job on his “stache.”
3. Without his mustache, he’s just a man without a hair in the world.
4. Even though he’s follicly-challenged, he still manages to grow a mean mustache.
5. Whenever I see Tom Selleck, I mustache him to take a selfie.
6. I’m not really sure if this joke is too hairy for you to handle.
7. When it comes to rockin’ a mustache, I’m your goatee-to guy.
8. That mustache has real hair-raising potential.
9. Whenever I see a mustache that epic, I have to comb over and say hello.
10. It’s tough to shave a mustache, but it’s even tougher to grow a beard.
11. If you want to get ahead in life, you mustache for a promotion.
12. That mustache is so punchable, it’s like a furry little fist.
13. I never trust someone without a mustache. You know what they say, “no ‘stache, no cash.”
14. This mustache is really working overtime to tickle my fancy.
15. When I heard he lost his mustache in a bar fight, I knew he was shaven problems.
16. She has a real handlebar mustache on life.
17. I don’t always shave, but when I do, I make sure to keep my mustache.
18. You can’t rush a good mustache, it takes time to grow on you.
19. If you can’t stand the beard, get out of the kitchen.
20. When it comes to growing a mustache, practice makes perfect.

Trim Your Thoughts: Mustache Puns (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. The mustache made a bad joke but it ended up being a mustache-take.
2. I asked my mustache if it was cold outside, and it replied in a fuzz-tone.
3. The mustache barber requested a mustache to come in to test his hair clippers, but he stubbled in.
4. The mustache was feeling down, so I asked, “what’s wrong? It’s hair today, gone tomorrow!”
5. Two mustaches walked into a barbershop and one said, “I have to shave mine off, I mustache you to promise not to judge me.
6. Some mustaches got together to form a band. They tried to leave a good impression but all in all it was quite the hairy situation.
7. When Elvis left the building, he accidentally took the mustache with him. It was a major lip slip-up.
8. The mustache moved to a new town and was greeted with a warm shav-a-do.
9. After the mustache’s last joke fell flat, it asked if anyone wanted a mustache ride. It ended up being a hairy situation.
10. The mustache went to a job interview, but was told it was clean-shaven only. It was a close shave for the employer.
11. The mustache really wanted a long beard to go with it, but it couldn’t quite grow to that length. It was a stubbling block.
12. While the mustache was on vacation, it went swimming but forgot to use waterproof mustache wax. It was a wash up.
13. The mustache decided to try out a new style, but nobody recognized it. It was a close shave for its identity.
14. The mustache really liked jazz, but couldn’t quite decide between mustache or goatee for the genre. It was a hair-raising decision.
15. A mustache walked into a Mexican restaurant and ordered a taco, but it didn’t expect a hair in it. It was quite the gross-tache experience.
16. The mustache went to the dentist and was told it had a cavity. It was a hairy situation in the mouth.
17. The mustache went to the DMV and accidentally took the eye test with its mustache on. It was a hair-brained move.
18. When the mustache turned 30, it started turning grey. It was a sign of whisker wisdom.
19. The mustache was really into wordplay, but all of its jokes fell flat. It was a hairy situation for humor.
20. The mustache was really into psychology, but couldn’t quite decide between Freud or Jung for theory. It was a hairy understanding of the mind.

Mustache Magic (Puns in Facial Hair)

1. Mustache Marshall
2. Whisker William
3. Facial Hair Frederick
4. Lip Sweater Leonardo
5. Handlebar Henry
6. Furry Francis
7. Mustachioed Michelle
8. Hairy Harold
9. Trimmed Trevor
10. Muzzy Maurice
11. Stached Stacey
12. Bearded Barry
13. Goatee George
14. Mustachey Maisie
15. Chic Facial Hair Charlie
16. Shaved Shaun
17. Hirsute Hannah
18. Hairy Harry
19. Sideburns Sam
20. Fuzzed-up Frank

Muddle Your Mouth: Marvelous Mustache Spoonerisms

1. ” Dache must ” instead of “mustache”
2. ” Rust macho ” instead of “mustache”
3. “Lust pash” instead of “mustache”
4. “Crush gash” instead of “mustache”
5. “Trust cache” instead of “mustache”
6. Squash smash” instead of “mustache
7. “Gush flash” instead of “mustache”
8. “Brush stash” instead of “mustache”
9. “Hush dash” instead of “mustache”
10. “Tush cash” instead of “mustache”
11. “Plush ash” instead of “mustache”
12. “Flush sash” instead of “mustache”
13. “Blush mash” instead of “mustache”
14. “Rush bash” instead of “mustache”
15. “Crutch gash” instead of “mustache”
16. “Munch Tache” instead of “mustache”
17. “Bunch Sash” instead of “mustache”
18. “Glitch lash” instead of “mustache”
19. Brunch rash” instead of “mustache
20. “Raunch hash” instead of “mustache”

Mustache-Tickling Tom Swifties!

1. “I can’t seem to grow a proper mustache,” Tom said bristly.
2. “I need to trim my mustache,” Tom said cuttingly.
3. My mustache is so thick, it’s like a forest,” Tom said bushily.
4. “I trim my mustache every day,” Tom said deftly.
5. “I’m going for a handlebar mustache,” Tom said curvingly.
6. “I can’t believe how much this mustache tickles my nose,” Tom said twitchily.
7. “I’m thinking of dying my mustache,” Tom said chromatically.
8. “This mustache is getting too long for my liking,” Tom said lengthily.
9. “I’m trying to grow a mustache like Tom Selleck’s,” Tom said Magnum-ly.
10. “I think my mustache looks like a caterpillar,” Tom said insectively.
11. “I need a wax for my mustache,” Tom said stickily.
12. “I’m going for a sophisticated look with my mustache,” Tom said classily.
13. “I’m trying to grow a thicker mustache,” Tom said densely.
14. “I can’t keep my mustache out of my mouth,” Tom said soggily.
15. “I’m thinking of shaving my mustache,” Tom said cuttingly.
16. “I’m going to fashion my mustache into a sharp point,” Tom said pointily.
17. “I’m growing a mustache for Movember,” Tom said charitably.
18. “I’ve been growing my mustache for weeks now,” Tom said patiently.
19. “I can’t stop playing with my mustache,” Tom said twirly.
20. “I don’t think my mustache suits me,” Tom said dis-mustachedly.

Hairy Contradictions: Mustache Puns That Defy Logic!

1. Mustache waxing poetic
2. Handlebar humdrum
3. Fu Manchu flimsy
4. Walrus weakling
5. Dapper unkemptness
6. Hirsute hairlessness
7. Fuzzy precision
8. Whisker smoothie
9. Trimmed scruff
10. Luscious sparseness
11. Shaved stubble
12. Clean-shaven bushy beard
13. Prickly buttery softness
14. Sparse thickness
15. Minimalistic fullness
16. Neat disarray
17. Scruffy sophistication
18. Thin density
19. Groomed wildness
20. Unkempt meticulousness.

Mustache You a Question (Recursive Mustache Puns)

1. Why is a mustache like a math problem? It grows on you.
2. Mustaches are like crime novels: there’s always a twist at the end.
3. Have you heard about the new mustache fashion trend? It’s growing on me.
4. Did you hear about the mustache that got arrested? It was booked on upper-lip charges.
5. I almost shaved my mustache, but I decided to give it a little more time to grow on me.
6. My friend compared his mustache to a fishing line. I think he needs to reel in the puns.
7. Mustache jokes are like whiskers on a cat: they keep coming back.
8. The mustache enjoyed his musical career until he got a hair stuck in his instrument. It was a harrowing experience.
9. The mustache competed in the spelling bee but couldn’t make it past the first round. He was stumped by a consonant, otherwise known as a “musta-kee.”
10. A mustache and a beer walked into a bar. The beer said, “I’ll have a pint.” The mustache said, “I’ll just hang around here.”
11. I was thinking of shaving off my mustache, but then I realized I’d be losing my “lip-ness” identity.
12. Did you hear about the mustache who inspired an entire generation? He’s now known as the “stache-tivational” speaker.
13. A clean-shaven man visited his hairy friend’s home. When he asked what the strange smell was, his friend replied, “That’s mustache oil. It’s a-chin-ting.”
14. Mustache puns are like mustaches themselves: they take time to grow on you.
15. A mustache walks into a coffee shop and orders a latte. The barista asks him, “Would you like a mocha-stache-io with that?”
16. Why did the mustache invest in the stock market? He wanted to make some “hair”-raising gains.
17. The mustache detective was on the case but couldn’t solve the mystery of the stolen razor. It was a close shave, but he eventually got to the root of the problem.
18. A mustache tried to join the gym but was told they don’t allow hairy equipment. It was a blow to his already-deflated ego.
19. Did you hear about the mustache who lost his job? He’s now working as a “musta-jick.”
20. I was going to tell a mustache joke, but it’s kind of a hairy situation.

Punning Through the Movember Mayhem (Mustache Puns Galore)

1. I mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later.
2. A good mustache can really grow on you.
3. A mustache is worth a thousand words.
4. Mustache aficionados say the shave is worth the wait.
5. You mustache the bar tender for a new drink recipe.
6. A mustache rarely goes out of style, it just grows in a little different.
7. You should never trust a mustache that’s on edge.
8. A mustache is like a good pair of shoes; it takes time to break them in.
9. Growing a mustache is like trying to herd cats.
10. Wearing a fake mustache is the missing piece to my costume.
11. I mustache you a favor, could you help me move this couch?
12. A good mustache day puts a smile on my face.
13. The best shaving advice is to listen to your mustache, it knows what’s best.
14. A well-groomed mustache makes a man feel like a million bucks.
15. A serious mustache takes a committed man.
16. A mustache can make or break a disguise.
17. A good mustache is all it takes to make a bad day a great one.
18. Spontaneous mustache growth is usually not a good sign.
19. The grass is always greener on the mustache side.
20. Don’t worry about the future, just grow your mustache and let it happen.

In conclusion, we hope that these mustache puns have brought a smile to your face and a tickle to your whiskers. Whether you’re a fan of bold handlebars or simply enjoy a well-groomed mustache, these puns are a perfect way to celebrate this iconic facial hair. And if you haven’t found enough puns to satisfy your appetite, be sure to check out the other hilarious puns on our website. Thank you for spending your time with us and we hope to see you again soon!

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