Unleash Your Creepy Humor: 220 Friday the 13th Puns to Crack This Spooky Day

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Looking to bring some spooky laughs on Friday the 13th? Look no further because we’ve got over 200 puns that are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone! Whether you’re a fan of horror movies or just enjoy a good play on words, these puns will have you howling with laughter. From “Jason Voorhees-cream” to “scare-tender” and everything in between, there’s a pun for every scary situation. So grab your machete and get ready to unleash your creepy sense of humor. Get ready to crack up as we dive into this collection of 200+ Friday the 13th puns. Don’t say we didn’t warn you – these puns are to die for!

13 Freakishly Funny Friday the 13th Puns (Editors Pick)

1. Why did Jason Voorhees ask the bartender for a drink? He wanted a “bloody” Mary.
2. Why did Jason open a bakery? He wanted to “slice” up some fresh victims.
3. What do you call Jason Voorhees when he’s in a good mood? Jason “Cheery-th”
4. Why are Jason’s favorite horror movies always on sale? He loves a good “slash”er deal.
5. How does Jason prefer his coffee? He likes it “ground” up victims-style.
6. What does Jason use to clean up his cabin? A “chop”stick.
7. Why did Jason decide to become an artist? He wanted to “draw” in new victims.
8. What’s Jason’s favorite song to listen to while hunting for victims? “Friday I’m in Love” by The Cure.
9. What do you call Jason Voorhees without his mask on? “Just-sin” Voorhees.
10. Why did Jason switch from machetes to chainsaws? He thought it would give his victims a “buzz-kill”.
11. How does Jason keep his hockey mask from falling off? He uses a little “gore-tex”.
12. What do you call Jason after he tells a scary joke? Comedian “Jason Riddick”.
13. Why did Jason decide to start fishing? He heard it was a great way to “hook” his victims.
14. What’s Jason’s favorite type of movie? Slasher “flicks”.
15. Why did Jason become a gardener? He loves the thrill of a “hack” and slash.
16. What’s Jason’s favorite thing to do on Friday the 13th? Sit back and “re-lax.
17. How does Jason like his steak cooked? “Medium-raw”.
18. Why was Jason no longer invited to birthday parties? He always “cut” the cake before anyone else.
19. Why did Jason start a rock band? He wanted to “axe” his way to fame.
20. What’s Jason’s favorite board game? “Guess Who’s Gonna Die”.

Spooky Stingers (Friday the 13th Puns)

1. On Friday the 13th, the spiders in my house start casting their own horror movie.
2. I decided to watch a scary movie every Friday the 13th. It’s become quite a Jason.
3. People say bad luck happens on Friday the 13th, but I’ve had worse luck on Monday the 9th.
4. I wanted to order pizza on Friday the 13th, but the delivery guy kept getting lost because of the bad omens.
5. Friday the 13th is just another day at the office for a black cat.
6. My friend asked me if I wanted to play a game on Friday the 13th, but I told him I’d rather not gamble with bad luck.
7. I once walked under a ladder on Friday the 13th and won a lifetime supply of bad luck.
8. My math teacher broke a mirror on Friday the 13th and ended up with seven years of geometry.
9. On Friday the 13th, I always make sure to knock on wood. I wouldn’t want any bad luck getting stuck in my head!
10. I was going to go camping in the woods on Friday the 13th, but I heard it was Jason’s favorite holiday.
11. My calendar refuses to acknowledge Friday the 13th as a legitimate day. It just skips from Thursday to Saturday.
12. Friday the 13th is the perfect day to practice your vampire impression, just in case.
13. I had a dream that I won the lottery on Friday the 13th. But then I woke up, and it was just a nightmare.
14. On Friday the 13th, I like to scare myself by looking at my bank account balance.
15. I asked my friend if he thought Friday the 13th was an unlucky day, and he said it didn’t matter as long as there was pizza.
16. I told my boss that I couldn’t come to work on Friday the 13th because I had an appointment with bad luck. He didn’t buy it.
17. Friday the 13th is the perfect day to wear mismatched socks. Who cares about superstitions when your feet are cozy?
18. My neighbor has a pet black cat that always disappears on Friday the 13th. I guess it’s just practicing its escape plan.
19. I woke up feeling lucky on Friday the 13th. Turns out it was just a case of mistaken identity.
20. I tried to avoid all superstitions on Friday the 13th, but then I realized that was just wishful thinking.

Superstitious Stumpers (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the ghost decide to skip Friday the 13th? Because he couldn’t handle all the superstitious scares!
2. What do you call a werewolf on Friday the 13th? A howl-y unlucky day!
3. Why did the black cat run away on Friday the 13th? Because it didn’t want to be part of any bad luck!
4. How do witches celebrate Friday the 13th? They cackle in agreement with all the unlucky events!
5. What happened when the vampire went out on Friday the 13th? He got a severe case of “fright-bite!”
6. What did the mummy say on Friday the 13th? “I’m all wrapped up in this unlucky day!”
7. Why did the skeleton refuse to go anywhere on Friday the 13th? It didn’t want its bad luck to rub off on anyone!
8. What did the scarecrow do on Friday the 13th? It went on a hay-venly spooking spree!
9. What was the ghost’s excuse on Friday the 13th? “Sorry, I can’t come out today, I’m feeling sheet-faced!”
10. What did the zombie say on Friday the 13th? “I’m feeling totally brain-dead on this day!”
11. Why did the haunted house throw a party on Friday the 13th? Because it wanted to make sure everyone had a hair-raising time!
12. What did the witch say to the warlock on Friday the 13th? “You’re my favorite hex-y companion on this unlucky day!”
13. How did the black cat celebrate Friday the 13th? By paw-tying all night long!
14. Why was the superstitious person hiding under their bed on Friday the 13th? To avoid any unlucky encounters with bad luck!
15. What did Dracula do on Friday the 13th? He took a bite out of the unlucky day!
16. What did the ghost say to the vampire on Friday the 13th? “I’m glad I have a hauntingly good friend like you!”
17. How did the haunted house feel about Friday the 13th? It loved having an excuse to spook everyone to the bone!
18. Why did the witch stay indoors on Friday the 13th? She didn’t want to risk a broomstick malfunction!
19. What did the mummy say about the unlucky day? I wrap my bandages tighter to ward off the bad luck!
20. Why did the monster decide to sleep in on Friday the 13th? It wanted to avoid trouble at all monstrous!

Unlucky Laughs: Double the Fun with Friday the 13th Puns

1. “Jason Voorhees must really love working on Friday the 13th, it’s his favorite kill-day!”
2. “If an axe murderer and a dentist teamed up, they would make one killer tooth-pick!”
3. “On Friday the 13th, all the black cats turn into the ‘purr-fect’ accessory for a spooky night out.”
4. “I tried to escape my bad luck, but it’s become a ‘Jason’ my life!”
5. “Jason always celebrates Friday the 13th by sharpening his machete, he really knows how to have a ‘killer’ time!”
6. “Did you hear about the hairstylist who was terrified of Friday the 13th? They were always ‘shaving’ it off!”
7. “Jason loves going to the casino on Friday the 13th because he knows the odds are ‘slicing’ in his favor!”
8. “When Jason was asked how he spends Friday the 13th, he replied, ‘Slice and dice, baby!'”
9. “Being chased by a masked serial killer on Friday the 13th is one way to get your heart ‘pumping’!”
10. If you see Jason casually walking around on Friday the 13th, it’s safe to say he’s just ‘axe-ing’ for trouble!
11. “When Jason is inviting people over for Friday the 13th, he always says, ‘Come on over, it won’t be a ‘stab’ in the dark!'”
12. “Jason’s favorite drink on Friday the 13th is a ‘bloody’ Mary. It really hits the ‘spot’!”
13. On Friday the 13th, Jason is the ‘chest‘ of the party, always eager to open a ‘can’ of whoop-ass!
14. “Jason joined a theater group on Friday the 13th because he wanted to be a ‘slash’-ion star!”
15. “Whenever Jason goes to a haunted house on Friday the 13th, he always says, ‘I’m just here to chop it up, folks!'”
16. On Friday the 13th, Jason’s favorite snack is ‘ex-flesh-co’ popcorn!
17. “If Jason ever makes a mistake, he’ll just say, ‘Oops, it was a ‘stab’ in the dark!'”
18. “On Friday the 13th, Jason planned a ‘bloody’ good surprise party for all his victims!”
19. “When Jason decided to indulge in his favorite treat on Friday the 13th, he said, ‘I scream, you scream, we all scream for ‘bloody’ ice cream!'”
20. “Jason’s favorite song to listen to on Friday the 13th is ‘I Will Survive’, as he ‘slays’ to the beat!”

Freaky Friday Funnies (Puns on Friday the 13th)

1. I’m feeling unlucky today, it must be Freddy the 13th.
2. Jason went on a killing spree again, he’s really Friday-ing me out.
3. My luck is running out faster than a masked killer on Friday the 13th.
4. I’m so scared of Friday the 13th, I always have a Michael heart attack.
5. I had a nightmare on Friday the 13th that I was chased by a killer who was an expert in machete-nics.
6. I tried to run away from the supernatural on Friday the 13th, but it just keeps haunting me.
7. I’m so terrified of Friday the 13th that my anxiety is so high, I feel like I’m flying on a broom.
8. I’m always on edge on Friday the 13th, it’s like walking on eggshells that have been cursed.
9. I’m avoiding Friday the 13th like the plague, or maybe even the zombie apocalypse.
10. Friday the 13th feels like being trapped in a haunted house where every step is a gamble.
11. It’s Fri-yay the 13th, time for some fang-tastic scares and boo-tilicious treats.
12. I’m more scared of Friday the 13th than a vampire in a garlic factory.
13. Friday the 13th makes me jump like a cat on a hot tin roof.
14. I don’t need a crystal ball to predict that Friday the 13th is going to be unlucky for me.
15. On Friday the 13th, people say I look more ghostly than Casper himself.
16. I always feel like I’m walking in a graveyard on Friday the 13th, but I’m not dead serious.
17. Friday the 13th is like a horror movie marathon, only the scares are real and I can’t change the channel.
18. I’m convinced that on Friday the 13th, misfortune chases me faster than a werewolf under a full moon.
19. I’m so afraid of Friday the 13th that I’m in a constant state of black cat-titude.
20. Friday the 13th is like a black cloud hanging over me, ready to rain bad luck at any moment.

Freaky Friday: Unlucky Laughs (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. “I met a vampire on Friday the 13th, he gave me a stake in the matter.”
2. “On Friday the 13th, the black cat crossed my path and offered me some luck. I wasn’t expecting a purr-fect opportunity.”
3. “I decided to celebrate Friday the 13th by watching a horror movie marathon. It was a real scream.”
4. “I saw a black cat wearing a hockey mask on Friday the 13th, must have been a feline slasher.”
5. I asked Jason Voorhees to be my date on Friday the 13th, but he gave me the cold shoulder.
6. “On Friday the 13th, I walked under a ladder and saw a broken mirror. My luck was shattered.”
7. “I went camping on Friday the 13th, but all the marshmallows turned into ghosts. It was a haunting experience.”
8. “On Friday the 13th, I got stuck in a traffic jam with zombies. It was the undead-end.”
9. “I had a job interview on Friday the 13th. It was a frightful experience, but I nailed it.”
10. “For Friday the 13th, I baked a scary cake. It was a piece of horror.”
11. “I went skydiving on Friday the 13th and landed on a black cat. Talk about a purr-fect landing.”
12. “On Friday the 13th, I walked under a ladder and found a lucky horseshoe. I guess I turned misfortune into good luck.
13. “I tried to use a Ouija board on Friday the 13th, but it spelled out ‘bad puns’ instead of answers.”
14. “I found a four-leaf clover on Friday the 13th, but it turned out to be a sham-rock.”
15. “I ordered a pizza on Friday the 13th, and they delivered it in a Jason Voorhees mask. It was a slice of horror.”
16. “I met a black cat who wore a hockey mask on Friday the 13th. He was a pawsome goalie.”
17. I decided to start a singing career on Friday the 13th, but I quickly realized it was a superstitious choice.
18. I opened an umbrella indoors on Friday the 13th, and a bunch of black cats started chasing me. I guess I made a catastrophic mistake.”
19. “I went to a haunted house on Friday the 13th, but the only scary thing was how high the mortgage prices were.”
20. “I tried to become a witch on Friday the 13th, but my broomstick just couldn’t sweep me away.”

Freaky Friday: Frightfully Fun Friday the 13th Puns

1. Freaky Friday the 13th
2. Spooky Sam on the 13th
3. Scary Susan’s 13th birthday
4. Creepy Carter meets Friday the 13th
5. Terrifying Tina’s superstitions on the 13th
6. Jason’s Unlucky 13th
7. Unfortunate Ursula’s Friday the 13th mishaps
8. Creepster Charlie faces the 13th
9. Haunting Hannah’s Friday the 13th fright
10. Petrifying Peter’s phobias on the 13th
11. Superstitious Sarah’s fears on Friday the 13th
12. Eerie Ethan’s unlucky 13th birthday
13. Hair-raising Heather’s Friday the 13th encounters
14. Bone-chilling Bob’s unlucky day on the 13th
15. Alarming Amy’s superstitions on Friday the 13th
16. Chilling Chad’s encounter with Friday the 13th
17. Spine-tingling Stephanie’s misadventures on the 13th
18. Startling Steve’s fear of Friday the 13th
19. Petrified Penny’s unfortunate events on the 13th
20. Disturbing Dylan faces the 13th with dread

Twisted Fright: Freaky Fracas (Spoonerisms)

1. Dray the 13th
2. Binday the 13th
3. Spooky fray
4. Trisket fray
5. Fright day the 31st
6. Creeky fray
7. Denton the 13th
8. Fryday the 13th
9. Unlucky frid-ayth the 13th
10. Fearful bay the 13th
11. Crackin’ ice fay
12. Twisted bait fray
13. Dark lay the 13th
14. Bloody prank day
15. Fear-filled ray the 13th
16. Ghostly grinner day
17. Eerie glide the 13th
18. Treacherous triskaidekay
19. Dreaded dice fray
20. Sinister sway the 13th

Unlucky Laughs (Tom Swifties)

1. “I’m not superstitious,” said Tom, “unlucky for some.”
2. “I’ll be cautious,” said Tom, “on this Friday the 13th.”
3. “I’m getting goosebumps,” said Tom, “eerily.”
4. “This day makes me shiver,” said Tom, “Friday the 13thly.”
5. “I’ll stay indoors,” said Tom, “protectively.”
6. “I have a black cat,” said Tom, “unfortunately.”
7. “I’ll take it easy,” said Tom, “unhurriedly.”
8. “Something wicked this way comes,” said Tom, “Friday the 13thly.”
9. “I’ll avoid ladders,” said Tom, “carefully.”
10. “I won’t break a mirror,” said Tom, “fearfully.”
11. “I’ll be extra cautious,” said Tom, “unluckily.”
12. “I’ll keep my distance,” said Tom, “superstitiously.”
13. “I have a bad feeling,” said Tom, “ominously.”
14. “I’ll stay away from black cats,” said Tom, “unluckily.”
15. “I’ll watch my step,” said Tom, “cautiously.”
16. “I’ll avoid crossing paths,” said Tom, “superstitiously.”
17. “I’ll keep my fingers crossed,” said Tom, “hopefully.”
18. “I’ll steer clear of broken mirrors,” said Tom, “unluckily.”
19. “I’ll be on high alert,” said Tom, “nervously.”
20. “I’ll play it safe,” said Tom, “unluckily.”

Superstitious Wordplay (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. Unlucky fortune teller.
2. Happily scared.
3. Terrifyingly lucky.
4. Fearfully fearless.
5. Superstitiously skeptic.
6. Bravely anxious.
7. Cautiously reckless.
8. Spookily charming.
9. Accidentally planned.
10. Horrifyingly amusing.
11. Nightmarishly delightful.
12. Unbelievably expected.
13. Anxiously thrilled.
14. Frightened cheers.
15. Dangerously peaceful.
16. Paranormally normal.
17. Frantically calm.
18. Supernaturally average.
19. Dreadfully amusing.
20. Scared laughter.

The Nightmare Continues (Recursive Pun Scares)

1. On Friday the 13th, I met a black cat. It was super-pawstitious!
2. My friend said Friday the 13th always gives him bad luck, but I guess it’s just in his mindex.
3. I made a joke about a severed hand on Friday the 13th, but it didn’t quite hit the nail.
4. Friday the 13th is the day when every unlucky person in the world comes out and reflects on their misfortunes.
5. I once attended a party on Friday the 13th where everyone dressed up as Jason from the “Friday the 13th” movies. You could say we had a killer time!
6. Whenever Friday the 13th rolls around, I get the same old slashing headache.
7. Some people say Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, but I believe it’s just superstition creeping into their minds.
8. My friend organized a toast on Friday the 13th, but all the glasses mysteriously shattered. It was a smashing success!
9. I tried to watch a horror movie on Friday the 13th, but it kept repeating the same scenes. I guess it’s stuck in a Freddy-loop.
10. On Friday the 13th, my friend asked if I wanted to go hiking, but I declined. I didn’t want to risk stumbling upon a serial killer camp-let.
11. Every Friday the 13th, I try to stay inside and enjoy some “Jasonfliction” with a good book.
12. I decided to go camping on Friday the 13th, but it seems a bunch of masked individuals thought it was a great idea too. They had a real “slash” party!
13. I got a fortune cookie on Friday the 13th, and it said, “Your luck will turn around soon.” I guess my fortune writer is a real optimistic.
14. Friday the 13th is like a Leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day: they both bring their own kind of “bad luck charm.”
15. My friend tried to scare me on Friday the 13th with a hockey mask, but I didn’t get too Freddy-ghtened.
16. I made a joke about the Friday the 13th film series, but it’s kind of a “cut above” the rest.
17. On Friday the 13th, I saw someone breaking a mirror, and I thought, “That’s 7 years bad luck plus ladder irony!”
18. My favorite thing to do on Friday the 13th is to watch horror movies and eat shoestring fries. It’s a real “Freddy-feast”!
19. I was invited to a Friday the 13th costume party, so I dressed up as a black cat. I was just felining the spirit!
20. On Friday the 13th, I tried telling a joke about a superstition, but it seems it wasn’t as “hex-citing” as I expected.

Feeling Unlucky? Take the Coffin Break – Puns on Friday the 13th Cliches

1. “I’m not superstitious, but I definitely wouldn’t want to get caught in a ‘Jason’ traffic jam on Friday the 13th!”
2. “On Friday the 13th, if you break a mirror, you’ll have seven years of bad luck, but if you break a hockey stick, you’ll have seven years of penalties!”
3. “Why did the cat stay home on Friday the 13th? It didn’t want to be a ‘feline’ unlucky!”
4. “What did the calendar say to Friday the 13th? We have a date every year, but I’ll always be ‘day’-zing with excitement!”
5. Why did the triskaidekaphobic farmer avoid his field on Friday the 13th? He didn’t want to ‘crop’ out any bad luck!”
6. What did the hiker say on Friday the 13th when he climbed a mountain? ‘I’m going to reach the ‘peak’ of superstition!'”
7. “Why did the movie director love shooting films on Friday the 13th? It added a ‘slash’ of excitement to every scene!”
8. “What did the vampire say to Friday the 13th? ‘I’m always ‘bat’-tling superstitions, but I love this day!”
9. “Why did the teacher prefer Friday the 13th to any other day? It gave them a ‘teach’-ing moment about irrational fears!”
10. “What did the restaurant manager say when Friday the 13th fell on the menu launch? ‘We’re serving up ‘super’-stitions today!'”
11. “Why did the baker’s bread turn out oddly on Friday the 13th? They must’ve used ‘bad-luck’ flour by mistake!
12. “What did the fortune teller say about Friday the 13th? ‘It’s a day for ‘spook-tacular’ predictions!'”
13. Why did the artist paint something peculiar on Friday the 13th? They wanted to add a ‘stroke’ of superstition to the canvas!”
14. What did the skier say about Friday the 13th while racing down the slope? ‘I’m ‘slaloming’ through superstitions!'”
15. “Why did the musician release an album on Friday the 13th? They promised a ‘killer’ collection of songs!”
16. “What did the carpenter say about Friday the 13th? ‘I’m ‘nail’-ing superstitions to the ground!”
17. “Why did the exhausted marathon runner say Friday the 13th was their lucky day? ‘It gave a ‘run’ for my money!'”
18. “What did the actor say on Friday the 13th? ‘I may be a famous star, but this day always ‘scares’ me!'”
19. “Why did the gardener avoid planting anything on Friday the 13th? They didn’t want their flowers to attract ‘unlucky’ bees!”
20. What did the detective say about Friday the 13th? ‘I’m always chasing down ‘mysteri’-ous coincidences!'”

In conclusion, whether you’re superstitious or not, Friday the 13th is a great day to embrace your creepy humor and crack a few spooky puns. We hope our list of over 200 Friday the 13th puns has tickled your funny bone. If you’re hungry for more puns, be sure to check out the rest of our website. Thanks for taking the time to visit, and may your Friday the 13th be filled with laughs and memorable puns!

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