Hilarious Mummy Puns: 220 Unwrapping Laughter with Ancient Humor

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Get ready to unwrap a load of laughter with some ancient humor in the form of mummy puns! Whether you’re a history buff or just looking for a good chuckle, these puns are bound to tickle your funny bone. From pharaoh puns to tomb jokes, we’ve got over 200 hilarious puns that will have you rolling on the floor laughing (or at least giggling like a tomb raider). So grab your sarcophagus and get ready to mummify your sense of humor with this pun-tastic collection. These mummy puns are so good, they’ll make even the most serious archaeologist crack a smile. Let’s get started on our journey to uncover these priceless puns!

Wrap Your Head Around These Mummy Puns (Editors Pick)

1. What did the mummy say when his friend was being too clingy? “Wrap it up, will ya?”
2. Why did the mummy go on a diet? He was trying to lose some “sarcophagus” weight.
3. Why did the mummy call his car rental company? He needed a “tomb” to go.
4. What is a mummy’s favorite type of music? Wrap music!
5. What did the mummy say when she got lost in the desert? “I’m in de-nile!”
6. Why did the mummy take up gardening? He wanted to raise some wriggly little “tomb-at-toes.
7. What happened when the mummy forgot his moisturizer? He got all wrapped up!
8. Why do mummies make great secretaries? They’re very “wraptor” and efficient!
9. What do mummies do for relaxation? They kick back with some “pop-tomb-corn” and a good movie!
10. What do mummies drink when they’re thirsty? Decay-caf!
11. What’s a mummy’s favorite vacation spot? The “pyramid”-idal peaks of Egypt!
12. Why did the mummy join a gym? He wanted to work on his “hieroglyph-ics.”
13. What do you call a mummy who’s had too much to drink? Wasted wrap!
14. What did the mummy say when he found his way out of the maze? “I sphinx I made it!”
15. Why did the mummy take his girlfriend to the cemetery? He wanted to show her his “tomb of love.”
16. What did the mummy say when he went to see the circus? “I’m glad there’s so much hustle and bussle, or else I’d get bored to decath!”
17. What do you call a mummy who’s always happy? A jolly-roger!
18. Why did the mummy cross the road? To get to the other tomb!
19. What did the mummy say when he found out he was adopted? “Nooooooo-oh-my!”
20. Why are mummies bad liars? They always give themselves away by wriggling their hands and arms around, which makes them “Tell-tomb signs!”

Mummify Your Humor: One-Liner Puns on Mummies

1. Why did the mummy go on a diet? So it could lose some pyramid.
2. Why did the mummy break up with his girlfriend? She was a little coffin.
3. Where do mummies go for a swim? The Dead Sea.
4. Why did the mummy stop being so social? He was having too many coffin fits.
5. Where do mummies buy their groceries? The filling station (because they’re wrapped up like a mummy).
6. What kind of music do mummies listen to? Wrap music.
7. What was the mummy’s favorite movie? Wrapunzel.
8. Why did the mummy go to the doctor? He was coffin so much.
9. How do you know if a mummy has a headache? It’s tomb in the forehead.
10. Why did the mummy take up gardening? To see if he could raise the dead.
11. Why do mummies like Christmas so much? They can wrap their presents.
12. What’s a mummy’s favorite book? The wrap-up of the Mohicans.
13. Why did the mummy go to the therapist? He had too many wrapped emotions.
14. Why did the mummy go on a date? Because he needs someone to unwrap his heart.
15. How do mummies stay fit? Sarcophagus, of course.
16. What did the mummy say when he saw the Sphinx? Hey, nice nose!
17. Why did the mummy go to Paris? To see the Louvre and to get wrapped up in French culture.
18. What did the mummy say when he saw the pyramid? Holy Tutankhamun!
19. What did the mummy say when it got lost? I sphinx I’m going the wrong way.
20. What do you call a mummy who wins a marathon? Chariot of the pied.

Wrapping Up with Mummy Puns: Q&A-style Fun!

1. Why did the mummy go on a diet? Because he wanted to be a wrap star.
2. How do mummies stay intact? They keep themselves together.
3. What do you call a group of mummies playing music? Wrap band.
4. Why did the mummy feel uncomfortable? Because he couldn’t unwind.
5. How do you know when a mummy is upset? They get all wrapped up.
6. What is a mummy’s favorite way to relax? By drinking de-coffin-ated coffee.
7. What did the mummy say when he lost his mind? “I have a lot on my brain-dead.”
8. What do mummies use to call each other? Cell-crypts.
9. Why did the mummy break up with his girlfriend? She didn’t appreciate his dry humor.
10. What do you call a mummy on vacation? A relax-tile dysfunction.
11. Why do mummies never reveal their secrets? They’re afraid of getting unwrapped.
12. How do mummies talk to their friends? Through a sarcophagus.
13. Why are mummies good at math? They are wrapped up in numbers.
14. What do you call a mummy who’s a terrible singer? A wrap singer.
15. Why do mummies make great detectives? They always unravel the truth.
16. What do you call a mummy who’s always late? Tardy-cloth.
17. Why was the mummy’s job at the pharmacy so difficult? He had to read all the prescriptions in hieroglyphics.
18. How do mummies make sure no one steals their stuff? They keep it under wraps.
19. Why did the mummy quit social media? He was afraid of being unwrapped in public.
20. What do you call a mummy who teaches yoga? A corpse pose instructor.

Wrap Your Head Around These Mummy Puns (Double Entendre Puns)

1. She was a real wrap artist.
2. It was clear he had a coffin his throat.
3. The mummy said he had sarcoph-a gut.
4. She couldn’t hide her attraction to the pharaoh.
5. He always wanted his toilet paper made from mummy wraps.
6. The mummy had a bandage on his knee, but it was still a-wrapping.
7. The pharaoh told his queen she looked “tomb” good.
8. She told him to stop pyramid-ing and focus on the task at hand.
9. The mummy was feeling down, but his spirits were wrapped up in the bandages.
10. He accused her of being a mummy rap-artist.
11. She was the queen of the Nile, but he still thought she had sarcoph-a-more to offer.
12. The mummy said he was all wrapped up in work.
13. The archaeologist wanted to unwrap the mummy’s secrets.
14. The pharaoh challenged his enemies to a game of wrappings.
15. They all agreed the mummy had a killer-wrapsheet.
16. She said they should get together and unwrap a few ancient texts.
17. The pharaoh was feeling under-wrapped, so he put on some extra bandages.
18. The archaeologist found a mummy in the closet, and it was a real bandage of honor.
19. After they unwrapped the mummy, they weren’t sure if it was a pharaoh or a faux-mummy.
20. The mummy was feeling frisky, so he asked if she wanted to play hide-and-ree-ka.

Mummy Mayhem (Puns in Idioms)

1. “I’m wrapped up in this mystery like a mummy in bandages.”
2. “I worked so hard today, I feel like I’ve been mummified.”
3. “That joke is so old, it’s practically a mummy.”
4. “I need to get back in shape, I’m starting to look like a mummy.”
5. “Don’t be afraid to let your inner mummy out.”
6. “I’m feeling like a mummy on a diet, all wrapped up and nowhere to go.”
7. I woke up this morning feeling like a mummy, all stiff and wrapped up.
8. “I’m so tired after work, I feel like a mummy coming out of his tomb.”
9. “I’m finding it hard to breathe in this mask, it’s like I’m a mummy wrapped too tight.”
10. “I feel like a mummy in my workout clothes, all wrapped up and ready to sweat.”
11. I’m feeling motivated to get things done, must be the mummy curse giving me energy.
12. “I feel like a mummy trying to untangle my earbuds.”
13. My mom’s cooking is so good, it’s like she’s been resurrected from the tomb of the world’s greatest chefs.
14. “I’m so busy, I feel like I’m trying to unravel a mummy with one hand and type with the other.”
15. “I feel like I’m stuck in a mummy’s curse, unable to escape my bad luck.”
16. “I’m starting to think my fridge is cursed, everything in there is as old as a mummy.”
17. I’m feeling like a mummy on a hot summer day, all dried up and wrinkled.
18. “I’m going to wrap up that project like a mummy in bandages, tight and neat.”
19. “I’m feeling like a mummy in these old clothes, all wrapped up and in need of a makeover.”
20. “I’m trying to communicate with the spirits, but all I’m getting is the sound of a mummy moaning.”

Raising the Dead (Pun Juxtaposition): Mummy Puns Galore!

1. The mummy went on a blind date and it was a wrap.
2. The mummy was a terrible dancer because he had two left bandages.
3. The mummy always won at poker because he had a great poker face.
4. The mummy didn’t have a heart of stone, but a heart of sand.
5. The mummy went on a diet and lost a few wrappings.
6. The mummy went to the beach and got a terrible tan-line from his bandages.
7. The mummy was always running late because he had a ton of wraps to do.
8. The mummy was really good at math because he knew how to use a sarcophagus.
9. The mummy was an expert juggler, he could juggle four canopic jars at once.
10. The mummy was a great cook because he always had his recipe books wrapped up tight.
11. The mummy loved to shop at linen stores because he was always looking for the latest styles in wraps.
12. The mummy was a terrible car driver, he always got caught in the tomb-traffic.
13. The mummy was a vegetarian, he only ate hummus and pita wrapped.
14. The mummy loved to watch action movies because he could relate to the mummified characters.
15. The mummy was really into fashion, he always read the latest issues of Mummy Vogue.
16. The mummy loved to play hide-and-seek, he was always so good at wrapping himself up tight.
17. The mummy was a great mathematician, he invented the wrap-around theorem.
18. The mummy loved to drink mummy juice, a mix of beet and blood fruit juice.
19. The mummy was a great DJ because he knew how to wrap up a party.
20. The mummy was a terrible joke teller but his puns were always full of wrapped up goodness.

Wrap it Up: Mummy Puns Galore!

1. Tutankhamun my way downtown
2. Mummylicious
3. Mummy Dearest
4. Mummified Meat
5. The Mummy Returns…My Library Book
6. Mummify me in your love
7. Lana Mummy Ray
8. Humor is my mummy’s secret weapon
9. Mummy’s little monster
10. Bury myself in mummy’s embrace
11. Mummy cake at your service
12. Mummy needs a hug
13. Mummy, Can You Spare a Tissue?
14. Mummy, I’ve Got My Eye on You!
15. The Curse of the Mummified Bread
16. Mummy’s night out
17. Mummy Bear
18. In loving memory of mummy
19. The Mummy-tastic Chronicles
20. Mummy’s lost my marbles!

Mummy Mishmash: Spoonerized Puns for Halloween Fun

1. Tummy puns
2. Fummy muns
3. Mummy duns
4. Bummy runs
5. Gummy funs
6. Jumpy buns
7. Plummy nuns
8. Dummy bums
9. Rummy tuns
10. Muzzy buns
11. Tummy gins
12. Fummy sills
13. Kummy minis
14. Chummy pums
15. Slummy gals
16. Whummy sins
17. Smummy lumps
18. Trummy huns
19. Mummy binks
20. Flummy huns

Bandage Your Seatbelts: Tom Swifties on Mummy Puns

1. “I can’t find my ancient Egyptian queen,” said Tom mummyfied.
2. “Which way to the pyramid?” asked Tom cryptically.
3. “What a tight squeeze,” Tom said deeply.
4. “I can’t help but wrapped up in this mystery,” said Tom cryptically.
5. “I hope this mummy isn’t all wrapped up or anything,” Tom said bandage-ed.
6. “This sarcophagus is really holding up,” said Tom stonily.
7. “This tomb is really starting to grow on me,” Tom said cryptically.
8. “Don’t get wrapped up in the details,” Tom suggested mummified.
9. “These hieroglyphics are really starting to speak my language,” Tom said cryptically.
10. “I bet people were dying to live in these ancient buildings,” Tom joked mummy-ishly.
11. “This mummy is really starting to unravel,” Tom said slowly.
12. “I’m digging this whole ancient civilization thing,” Tom murmured cryptically.
13. “I’m starting to feel like a real pharaoh,” Tom said oddly.
14. “I’m just dying to explore every nook and cranny,” Tom chattered mummily.
15. I hope we don’t wake any sleeping mummies,” Tom said gravely.
16. “This mummy is just a shell of its former self,” Tom said hollowly.
17. “This sarcophagus is a real stone-cold killer,” Tom said chillingly.
18. “I hope I don’t need a pharaoh-memorial,” Tom teased cryptically.
19. “I’ve never felt so alive,” Tom said deathly.
20. “Let’s make like a mummy and wrap this up,” Tom said quickly.

Contradictory Coffin Humor (Oxymoronic Mummy Puns)

1. Why did the mummy go to school? To wrap his head around new concepts.
2. What did the mummy say when he won the lottery? I’m buried in cash!
3. How do mummies keep their skin healthy? They use moisturizing sarcophaguses.
4. Why did the mummy go to the underworld? To stay in a grave relationship.
5. Why did the mummy break up with his girlfriend? She was too wrapped up in herself.
6. How do you make a mummy smile? You use a skin wrapping.
7. What kind of music do mummies like? Wrap and roll.
8. What do you call a mummy who likes to brag? A tomb-boaster.
9. What’s a mummy’s favorite type of plant? Wrapberries.
10. What did the mummy say when he met a cute girl? I’m really coffin up a crush on you.
11. How do mummies keep things organized? They use a to-do tomb.
12. What’s a mummy’s favorite piece of furniture? A wraparound couch.
13. What do you call a mummy who’s always borrowing things? A wrapscallion.
14. What do you get when you mix a mummy with a pizza? A pepperonimummy.
15. What does a mummy wear to bed? A wrap sheet.
16. Why do mummies make good detectives? They always un-ravel the mystery.
17. How do mummies stay warm on a cold night? They use sarcophagus heaters.
18. What’s a mummy’s favorite board game? Wrap-oli.
19. Why did the mummy start a blog? He wanted to unwrap his thoughts.
20. What do mummies say when they’re surprised? You scared the pharaoh-crap out of me!

Mummy Jokes That Will Unwrap Your Funny Bone (Recursive Puns)

1. Why did the mummy start a band? To unravel his potential.
2. Did you hear about the mummy who ended up in space? He was spook-tactular.
3. What did the mummy say after dinner? “I could just wrap myself around that meal.”
4. He asked his mummy for more money. She told him to wrap his head around it.
5. What’s a mummy’s favorite type of music? Wrap music, of course!
6. When did the mummy go on vacation? During the wrap season.
7. Why don’t mummies take time off? They’re afraid they’ll unwind.
8. What’s a mummy’s favorite exercise? Running wrap around a pyramid.
9. How does a mummy keep his breath fresh? With mummy mouthwash.
10. When the mummy got a job at the ancient library, he learned he could really wrap his head around books.
11. Why are mummies excellent at telling jokes? They have a great sense of wrapartee.
12. Why did the mummy go to the doctor? He had a terrible case of crypt kneck.
13. How do mummies make phone calls? They use their wraparound minutes.
14. What did the mummy say after he ate a great meal? “I’m absolutely stombandaged.”
15. What do mummies wear when they swim? Wraparound floaties.
16. What’s a mummy’s favorite dessert? Cream Faraoh.
17. Why did the mummy break up with his girlfriend? He wasn’t ready to unwrap his emotions yet.
18. Why was the mummy dyslexic? He always wore his wrappings on backwards.
19. How do you make a mummy laugh? Tickle him with a feather until he’s all wrapped up.
20. What did the mummy say when he met his new baby sister? “Oh, I see that it’s a mum-mummy!”


1. “I can’t wrap my head around why people love mummy puns.”
2. “The mummy’s tomb was a real wrap star.”
3. “I don’t always make mummy puns, but when I do, they’re bandages.”
4. “Why did the mummy get a tissue stuck in its bandages? It had a pharaoh nose.”
5. “The mummy’s favorite kind of music is ‘wrap’.”
6. “Why did the mummy go on vacation? To unwind.”
7. “The mummy’s favorite TV show is ‘The Walking Dead’.”
8. “Why did the mummy refuse to go to the beach? It was afraid of getting a sun-wrapped.”
9. “The mummy was a great listener because it had a very open wrap sheet.”
10. “Why did the mummy join the gym? It wanted to wrap up its workout routine.”
11. “The mummy was a big fan of the ‘wrap battle’ TV show.”
12. “Why did the mummy go into politics? It wanted to become the wrapped representative.”
13. “The mummy was great at making puns because it always had a wraparté ready.”
14. “Why did the mummy visit the doctor? It had a bad case of sarcophogiggle.”
15. “The mummy’s favorite dessert is wrapberries and cream.”
16. “Why did the mummy go to the seance? It wanted to get in wrap-port with its ancestors.”
17. “The mummy’s favorite hobby is to crosswrap puzzles.”
18. “Why did the mummy become a painter? It wanted to create wraptivating artwork.”
19. “The mummy’s favorite book is ‘The Wrap of the Mohicans’.”
20. “Why did the mummy switch careers? It wanted to be a wrap artist.”

We hope you enjoyed these rib-tickling mummy puns as much as we did! From “wrapped up” to “unearthed,” there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget to check out our website for more puns and laughs. Thank you for visiting and spending time with us – may your day be as bright as the smile on a pharaoh’s face!

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