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Ready to unleash your inner ninja and have a pun-tastic time? Look no further than our collection of over 200 ninja puns! Whether you’re a fan of martial arts, stealthy moves, or just love a good wordplay, these puns will have you giggling in no time. From “throwing star-studded parties” to “katana-ing when she dances,” these puns are sure to make you the pun master among your friends. So grab your nunchucks and get ready for some ultimate laughs and fun with these ninja puns. Let’s sneak in and explore the world of puns with a ninja’s stealth!

“Stealthy Humor: Ninja Puns Galore” (Editors Pick)

1. Why did the ninja make a smoothie? To get some ninja-nana in it.
2. The ninja who stole a calendar…got six months.
3. What do you call a funny ninja? A pun-ja!
4. The ninja warrior didn’t want to lose his job, but he was nin-jawed for it.
5. How did the ninja pass his math test? He used his numb-chucks.
6. The ninja chef always makes his meals with chop-chop!
7. Why do ninjas always carry a small piece of cheese with them? Just in case they need to brie-ak the silence.
8. How did the ninja know it was time for lunch? His stomach sent him a stomach-kunai.
9. The ninja ordered a pizza with everything on it… including stealth.
10. The ninja was caught stealing eggs. They were scrambled before he could make an omelet.
11. What do you call a ninja who sleeps all day? A sno-jitsu master.
12. Why was the ninja always happy? Because he had found his true calling in liffe…. martial hearts!
13. Two ninja spies were engaged: They got married in a secret ceremony.
14. The ninja worked out religiously: They were committing hari-karaoke!
15. What do ninjas do after they retire? Become Sensei-tional comedians.
16. What does a ninja use to sweep the floor? A broom-tooth.
17. Why didn’t the ninja go to the party? He was afraid he wouldn’t make an entran-ce… or leave without being noticed.
18. What do you call a ninja who spills the beans? A soy-cial disaster.
19. What did the ninja say when he finished his training? “I feel katana-lot better now.”
20. What is a ninja’s favorite game? Hide-and-shuriken!

Ninja-tastic One-Liners (Puns Galore!)

1. How did the ninja open his door? With his “A-key”!
2. Do ninja ever get cold? No, they wear snow-sneaks!
3. Why don’t ninja ever get bored? Because they’re always kept on their katana-s.
4. What’s a ninja’s favorite letter? S, because they love to stealth and strike.
5. How do ninja cut their pizza? With their sai-ds!
6. Why did the ninja go to culinary school? To learn the art of throwing knives (kitchen knives, that is).
7. Do ninja ever go to parties? Only for the throw-a-sin.
8. How do ninja send secret messages? By email, of course. What, did you think they still used mes-s-engers?
9. Why don’t ninja play basketball? Too many fouls (fowls).
10. What do you call a ninja who’s always breaking things? A smashin’.
11. What do you call a ninja who’s always giving orders? A commando.
12. What do you call a ninja who’s always late? Delay-shin.
13. What do you call a ninja who’s always angry? Furi-s.
14. What’s a ninja’s favorite insect? A mos-quito.
15. Why don’t ninja ever have blowouts? Because they carry blow-dart guns instead.
16. What’s a ninja’s favorite type of music? Hiss-hop.
17. Why do ninja excel at math? They’re all about the alge-bra.
18. Do ninja ever relax? Only on their shuriken-lounges.
19. How do ninja catch fish? With their koi-nets!
20. What do you call a group of ninja who love music? A band of shin-obis.

Stealthy Q&As: Unleashing the Best Ninja Puns!

1. What did the ninja say when he opened a restaurant? “Lettuce begin.”
2. Why did the ninja get a job as a baker? He kneaded the dough.
3. What do you call a ninja who’s always late? Dead-liner.
4. How do you catch a ninja? You sneak up on him.
5. Why did the ninja bring a ladder to the fight? To up his game.
6. What do you call a ninja who’s bad at cooking? A shuriken mess.
7. Why did the ninja become a historian? He heard it was all about katana-logy.
8. What do you call a ninja who’s good at puzzles? A cryptoninja.
9. Why did the ninja fail at teaching math? He couldn’t count on his students.
10. What do you call a ninja who hates jokes? A hu-morin.
11. How do you know when a ninja has a cold? They have sneezing shurikens.
12. What do you call a ninja with a pet rabbit? A hare-ninja.
13. Why don’t ninjas like ghosts? They can’t sneak up on them.
14. What do you call a ninja who’s also a magician? A trap-presto.
15. What do you call a ninja who’s really good at hide-and-seek? A shadow master.
16. Why did the ninja become a farmer? He wanted to sow his enemies.
17. What do you call a ninja who loves Italian food? A pastaninja.
18. How do you know when a ninja is lying? Their pants are on shuriken.
19. What do you call a ninja who’s always happy? A fe-lying.
20. Why did the ninja go to the doctor? He had a case of backstab-itis.

Ninja Wordplay: Sharpen Your Double Entendre Puns

1. Did you hear about the ninja who stole a loaf of bread? He wanted to be a breadwinner.
2. I saw a ninja hitchhiking on the side of the road. I asked him if he needed a ride, but he just vanished into thin air.
3. Why don’t ninjas use tinder? They prefer to stay single and mingle.
4. To become a ninja, you have to complete a lot of coursework. It’s a real killing curriculum.
5. The ninja chef’s specialty was chop suey. He was always serving up a dish best served cold.
6. What’s a ninja’s favourite type of shoe? Sneakers.
7. To become a ninja, you have to be in peak physical condition. They say it’s a real sprint to the finish line.
8. Why do ninjas like to party so much? They’re experts at breaking the ice.
9. Why did the ninja break up with his girlfriend? He thought she was too much trouble to handle.
10. The ninja was terrible at math. He just couldn’t count on himself.
11. Ninjas are really good at blending in with their surroundings. They excel at camouflaguing themselves.
12. Why don’t ninjas do household chores? They prefer to stick to the shadows.
13. What’s a ninja’s favourite drink? Sake it to me.
14. A ninja’s favourite type of music? Trap.
15. Why don’t ninjas have any pets? They’re too sneaky for their own good!
16. Why did the ninja refuse to eat any vegetables? He wanted to stay-on-yon.
17. What do you call a ninja who has a bad sense of humor? A laughable assassin.
18. The ninja was really into meditation. It’s the only way to stay-focused.
19. Why did the ninja bring a mattress to the fight? He wanted to take his enemy down for a sleepover.
20. What do you call a group of ninjas who play music together? A band of assassins.

Ninja-tastic Wordplay: Punning with Idioms Featuring Ninjas

1. I asked the ninja to throw me a rope, but he ninja-tied.
2. When the ninja is hungry, he always has a stealthy bite.
3. The ninja’s favorite game is hide-and-shuriken.
4. The ninja ordered a pizza with extra stealth and a side of shuriken.
5. When the ninja is feeling down, he knows how to rise to the occasion.
6. The ninja’s favorite dessert is a slice of choco-ninjabread.
7. The ninja ordered a strong beverage – he needs his ninjatogen.
8. The ninja’s training is complete – he’s reached the pinnacle of martial artness.
9. If you break a rule around the ninja, he’ll give you a swift katanap.
10. The ninja asked the chef to add extra spice, but the chef said, “That’s too ninja-hot.”
11. A ninja’s favorite color is stealthy black, but he secretly loves bright neon green.
12. The ninja’s favorite composer is Chopin-Off-Your-Head.
13. The ninja always has a Halloween costume ready – he’s a masquerader of disguise-guise.
14. The ninja is very competitive – he likes to win by any nin-means-necessary.
15. The ninja’s favorite movie is Jackie Chain-Your-Attacker.
16. A ninja’s favorite breakfast food is stealthy oat-meele.
17. The ninja never puts off tasks – he always gets things shuriken-done.
18. The ninja’s favorite way to rest is to sit shinoback and relax.
19. The ninja planned a surprise party, but it was a ninja-party and no one showed up.
20. When the ninja is tired, he likes to sit and watch his favorite show, Naruto-bout-it.

“Silent but Pun-ny: A Shuriken Shower of Ninja Juxtaposition Puns”

1. Did you hear about the ninja who tried to start a lawn care business? He couldn’t handle all the grass-assassin work.
2. A ninja fell into a porcupine pit; it was quite a shuriken-y experience.
3. Why couldn’t the ninja go to the movies? Because the reviews said it was a “sub-par-zoo”.
4. What do you call a ninja who’s also a pastry chef? A bake-jitsu master.
5. Why don’t ninjas travel in groups of three? Because some might get thrown under the ninja-bus.
6. I asked the ninja at the sushi bar for a knife. He was confused, he thought I said “life”.
7. Why did the ninja quit his restaurant job? Because the boss said he was “kneading” to be carried.
8. I heard a ninja telling a joke, but nobody got it. It was too “silent-but-dedham”.
9. What do you call a ninja who’s also a hairdresser? A Kung-Fu cut master.
10. Why did the ninja go to art school? To improve his throwing star-k.
11. When the ninja warrior got tired after running, he always had to take a quick Shuriken break.
12. What did the ninja say when he was invited to a party? “I’d love to, but I have to go throat-chop some groceries first.”
13. What does a ninja never do at a party? Bring nunchucks and guacamole.
14. Why did the ninja quit his sales job? He wasn’t as slick as his Ninja-voice.
15. Why did the ninja take up gardening? Because he had a green thumb-and-nunchucks.
16. When the ninja retired, his son gave him a plaque that said “You’re a true ninja warrior!”. His daughter said: “No, he’s just daddy”.
17. What does a ninja always need to carry when they go to the beach? A Kusari-gama to stay samurai.
18. Why was the ninja’s car always so clean? He was always “kiai-ing” the windows.
19. What do you call a ninja who’s also a doctor? A surgical-shinobi.
20. What do you call a ninja who’s also a philosopher? A stoic-jutsu master.

Ninja Please! (Punny Names for Stealthy Characters)

1. Nin-ja-Rah!
2. Kunoichi Crunch
3. Sensei-sational Sushi
4. Shuriken Showdown
5. Stealthy Soba
6. Karate Krunchies
7. Samurai Sweets
8. Dojo Delights
9. Katana Krumble
10. Martial Marshmallows
11. The Way of Wasabi
12. Yakuza Yakitori
13. The Nunchuck Nook
14. Geisha Gummies
15. Tanto Tarts
16. Noh-play Nuggets
17. Ronin Raisins
18. Fujin Fajitas
19. Bushido Brownies
20. Sashimi Snacks.

Ninja Nonsense in Nifty Spoonerisms

1. “Mighty Ninjas” becomes “Nighting Myjas”
2. “Ninja Stars” becomes “Stinja Nars”
3. “Silent Ninja” becomes “Nylent Sinja”
4. “Ninja Attack” becomes “Ajinn Nakuta”
5. “Ninja Warrior” becomes “Winja Ninior”
6. “Ninja Turtles” becomes “Tinja Nursles”
7. “Ninja Sword” becomes “Sinja Nord”
8. “Ninja Assassin” becomes “Ajinn Nasassin”
9. “Ninja Spy” becomes “Spinja Nye”
10. “Ninja Master” becomes “Minja Naster”
11. “Ninja Outfit” becomes “Outja Nifit”
12. “Ninja Sneakers” becomes “Sninja Neakers”
13. “Ninja Costume” becomes “Cinja Nostume”
14. “Ninja Clan” becomes “Clinja Nan”
15. “Ninja Ambush” becomes “Abinja Nmush”
16. “Ninja Jump” becomes “Junja Nomp”
17. “Ninja Skills” becomes “Skinja Nills”
18. “Ninja Sparring” becomes “Sparinja Nying”
19. “Ninja Agility” becomes “Aginja Nility”
20. “Ninja Shadow” becomes “Shinja Nadow”

Sneakily Swifty Ninja Jokes (Tom Swifties)

1. “I snuck past the guards,” said Tom, ninjaly.
2. I can leap tall rooftops in a single bound,” said Tom, ninjumptedly.
3. “I can slice through anything with my sword,” said Tom, ninjitsu-ally.
4. “I’m invisible in the shadows,” said Tom, ninja-nimously.
5. “I’ll never be caught,” said Tom, ninjathless.
6. “I can handle any weapon,” said Tom, ninjexpertly.
7. “I have a sixth sense in combat,” said Tom, ninjasitive-ly.
8. “I can move without making a sound,” said Tom, ninja-stealth-ily.
9. “I can climb any surface,” said Tom, nimbly-ninja.
10. “I prefer to fight with my bare hands,” said Tom, ninjawfully.
11. “I can dodge anything,” said Tom, ninja-vigilantly.
12. “I’m a master of deception,” said Tom, ninja-fraud-ly.
13. “I can run with the speed of a cheetah,” said Tom, ninjarity.
14. “I always aim for the head,” said Tom, ninja-strike.
15. “I love my katana,” said Tom, ninjapride.
16. “I can improvise a weapon in any situation,” said Tom, ninja-resourcefully.
17. “I’m as silent as a mouse,” said Tom, ninja-timidly.
18. “I’m faster than lightning,” said Tom, ninjazap.
19. “I always strike from the shadows,” said Tom, ninja-phantom-ly.
20. “I’m a ninja, but I’m also not afraid to show my emotions,” said Tom, ninja-tender-ly.

Ninja Laughs: Contradictory Puns (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. Silent ninja: It’s an oxymoron, as ninjas are known for their stealthy ways.

2. Invisible ninja: Ninjas are not usually silent or invisible.

3. Deafening silence of ninjas: The silence of ninjas is known for its awkwardness.

4. Clumsy ninja: Ninjas are expected to be agile and precise.

5. Passive ninja: Ninjas have a reputation for being anything but passive.

6. Defensive ninja: A ninja is known for being offensive, not defensive.

7. Tame ninja: A ninja is known for being wild and unpredictable.

8. Bumbling ninja: Ninjas are known for their precision and skill.

9. Unobtrusive ninja: Ninjas are known for moving quickly and stealthily, therefore marking an oxymoron.

10. Timid ninja: Ninjas are known for their bravery and courage.

11. Noisy ninja: Ninjas are known for the silence they keep while infiltrating a target.

12. Frail ninja: Ninjas are known for their strength, stamina, and agility.

13. Shy ninja: Ninjas are known for their confidence and assertiveness.

14. Cowardly ninja: Ninjas are known for their bravery and willingness to take risks.

15. Insensitive ninja: Ninjas are known for their precision and skill, not insensitivity.

16. Talkative ninja: Ninjas are known for being quiet and reserved.

17. Unaggressive ninja: Ninjas are known for their aggression and willingness to attack.

18. Lazy ninja: Ninjas are known for their diligence and hard work.

19. Friendly ninja: Ninjas are not known for being friendly as they carry out tasks as instructed.

20. Slow ninja: Ninjas are known for their incredible agility and speed.

Ninja-Recursive: Punning with Stealth (Recursive Puns)

1. I asked my ninja friend to fix my computer, but he only knows how to use Nunchucks.
2. A ninja passed out on a table at the bar. The bartender said, “Hey man, are you okay?” The ninja replied, “Yeah, just taking a sake-nap.”
3. My ninja friend accidentally tripped and fell. I asked him if he was okay, and he replied, “I’m all right, kage?”
4. A ninja walks into a bar and orders a margarita. The bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve Nin-ja-ritos here.”
5. I tried to hire a ninja for my protection, but all he wanted to do was katana round all day.
6. Why did the ninja cross the road? To get to the other sidekick.
7. I walked into a ninja-themed restaurant and ordered a burger, but they only serve shuriken.
8. A ninja walked into a library and asked the librarian for a book on stealth. The librarian whispered, “It’s on the next page.”
9. I told my ninja friend that I was starting a new business. He said, “That sounds like a samurai move.”
10. My ninja friend asked me for relationship advice. I told him to use his Ninjutsu.
11. A ninja tried to rob a bank, but he couldn’t break the safe. He said, “I guess this is just one of those Ni-ja-mas where you can’t win.”
12. Why did the ninja break up with his girlfriend? She was a real shuriken heart.
13. My ninja friend started a recycling business, but it didn’t work out. He said, “I guess you could say I’m not a Ni-ja-greenius.”
14. A ninja told me he was training to be an astronaut. I asked him why, and he said, “I just want to learn how to throw shuriken to the moon.
15. What do you call a ninja who specializes in making coffee? A Brew-nin.
16. A ninja tried to tell me a joke, but he kept getting stuck on the punch-line. He said, “Sorry, I’m just not very good at final strikes.”
17. A ninja walked into a bar and asked the bartender for a drink. The bartender said, “Sure thing, I’ll just need to see some NIN-identification.”
18. I told my ninja friend that I was thinking about studying abroad. He said, “You should come to my dojo, it’s a real NINternational experience.”
19. A ninja told me he was considering going back to school to study psychology. I said, “Well, I guess you could call it Nin-therapy.”
20. My ninja friend quit his job as a chef. He said, “I’m just tired of being a NIN-ja cook.”

Nin-jokes and Shuriken-clines: Punning with Ninjas and Cliches

1. Ninjas are very sneaky, but don’t mistake them for sneakerheads.
2. You can’t see ninja movements, but you can hear them whisper “hi-ya”.
3. Ninjas are masters of disguise, but their favorite outfit is black-tie.
4. When a ninja goes to the gym, they don’t do reps – they do rei-mei!
5. A ninja’s favorite car is a KIA Soren-to (sorento).
6. Ninjas can run really fast, but making a run for the border is not their style.
7. What do you call a ninja in a tree? Lee.
8. Why did the ninja go to the orthodontist? To get a straight-tooth blade!
9. A ninja’s favorite cuisine is weapons-grade sushi.
10. Ninjas might seem intimidating, but they’re really good at break-dancing – don’t believe me? Just watch.
11. A ninja’s favorite game is hide-and-seek, but they’re more interested in the seek part.
12. What do you call a ninja who loves basketball? Dunk-a-shinobi.
13. Ninjas can climb just about anything, but they draw the line at indoor rock-climbing walls.
14. Why did the ninja break up with their girlfriend? She never knew how to take a hint-jitsu!
15. A ninja’s favorite part of science class is taking periodic Katanas.
16. Why did the ninja cross the road? To get to the other ninja.
17. When a ninja tells you to “trust the process,” you better believe them – they’re experts in the art of patience.
18. A ninja’s favorite household chore is sweeping the leg.
19. Why did the ninja’s date go poorly? They kept talking about their ex-shinobi.
20. A ninja’s favorite Disney character is Mulan, because they too know how to defeat an army with just a sword!

In conclusion, whether you’re a ninja fan or simply love wordplay, we hope these ninja puns have brought a smile to your face and a chuckle to your belly. Don’t forget to check out our website for more pun-tastic fun and keep those puns coming! Thank you for choosing to spend some time with us.

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