Borg Puns: 220 Hilarious and Clever Quotes to Resistance Over Laughter

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Are you ready to assimilate some laughter into your life? Look no further than these 200+ borg puns that will leave you saying “resistance is futile” to the urge to not laugh. Whether you’re a Trekkie or just a lover of puns, these clever and hilarious quotes about the borg will have you smiling from ear to ear. From “Borg-er King” to “Borg-ain bin”, this list has it all. So don’t be a borg and miss out on the fun – join the pun side and laugh your way through the collective!

“Resistance is Futile: Our Top Borg Puns” (Editors Pick)

1. I asked a Borg if he could handle a few jokes, but he replied: “Resistance is futile.”
2. A Borg walks into a bar, and the bartender says: “We don’t serve your type here.” The Borg replies: “That’s okay; I’m upgrading anyway.”
3. What do you call a Borg with a cold? A snott-assimilated individual.
4. The Borg queen went on vacation to Hawaii and came back with a Tan-ic Series of Borg.
5. If you invite a Borg to your party, make sure it doesn’t get too crowded. They tend to “assimilate” the room.
6. Why did the Borg join the golf club? To improve their game and become assimilated professionals.
7. The Borg’s favorite song is: “I will survive… as a Collective.
8. If a Borg is having trouble downloading information, does that mean they have a bad assimilation connection?
9. Why did the Borg go to the doctor? They had a virus that was resistant to all assimilation attempts.
10. The Borg were trying to find a new planet to assimilate, but they couldn’t agree on a destination. They were at a collective loss.
11. A Borg joke is like a dish of sushi; you either get it, or it’s completely assimilated.
12. The Borg always finish each other’s circuits.
13. Did you hear about the Borg who couldn’t assimilate anything? They were a defective Species.
14. What do you call a lonely Borg? A “single-assimilation disorder.”
15. Why did the Borg join the medical profession? So they could “assimilate” all the knowledge they could.
16. The Borg captain got demoted for assimilating too many crew members. They were told it wasn’t a “numbers game.”
17. What do you call a Borg who loves pizza? An “Assimilatzer.”
18. The Borg tried to assimilate a group of bakers, but they couldn’t resist the yeast of the resistance.
19. Why couldn’t the Borg understand the difference between a joke and a pun? Because assimilation is serious business.
20. What do you call a Borg who can’t assimilate anything? An “assimilaNOT.”

Assimilate These Amusing One-Liners: Borg Puns Galore!

1. Why did the Borg cross the road? To assimilate the other side.
2. Resistance is futile, but have you tried rubbing some aloe on it?
3. Borgs never argue, they just keep assimilating until they’re right.
4. Why don’t Borgs make good comedians? They always take things too literally.
5. How do you know if a Borg is lying? Its nose glows green.
6. Why did the Borg join Starfleet? It was a prime assimilation opportunity.
7. Don’t trust a Borg with your computer – they always know how to assimilate it.
8. I wanted to join the Borg, but I didn’t have the technology to assimilate.
9. People say Borgs have no sense of humor, but I think they’re assimply misunderstood.
10. A Borg walks into a bar. The bartender says, “We don’t serve your kind here.” The Borg replies, “Resistance is futile.”
11. When a Borg gets angry, do they go on an assimilation spree?
12. Why do Borgs wear sunglasses? To protect their one good eye from bright lights.
13. You can lead a Borg to information, but you can’t make it think.
14. Borgs only eat cereal that’s been assimilated.
15. Why did the Borg go to the doctor? It was feeling run down.
16. Borgs aren’t very good dancers, they’re always stepping on their own feet.
17. How do Borgs get their hair cut? They just assimilate the hair off their head.
18. A Borg walks into a job interview and says, “Resistance is futile.” They got the job.
19. Why did the Borg take up gardening? It was a chance to assimilate some new seeds.
20. You can always count on a Borg to be assimptotic.

Borg-Busting Brain Teasers (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What’s a Borg’s favorite type of music? Collective Soul.
2. What do Borgs say when they’re unsure about something? “I’m assimicertain.”
3. What do you call a Borg who is always playing pranks on others? A joke-assimilator.
4. What’s a Borg’s favorite ice cream flavor? Assimilint chip.
5. What do Borgs use to hold up their pants? Assimilators.
6. How do Borgs get their hair to stand up like that? With assimil-gel.
7. Why did the Borg cross the road? To assimilate the other side.
8. What do Borgs say when they’re feeling great? “I’m feeling assimil-awesome!”
9. What do you call a Borg who can’t stop laughing? An assimilator.
10. Why did the Borg take up gardening? To assimilate the plants.
11. What’s a Borg’s favorite type of food? Assimil-Asian.
12. How do Borgs communicate with each other? Through an assimilator.
13. What do Borgs say when they greet each other? “Assimilations.”
14. Why did the Borg quit their job? They didn’t find it assimilating.
15. What do you call a Borg who is always daydreaming? An assimilator.
16. How do Borgs stay in shape? They assimilate fitness routines.
17. What do Borgs use to measure liquids? An assimilator.
18. Why did the Borg join a library? To assimilate knowledge.
19. How do Borgs keep their homes clean? With an assimil-vacuum.
20. Why didn’t the Borg want to play poker? They found it assimil-boring.

Borg-ing In on the Punny Business (Double Entendre Puns)

1. I’m a borg, not a bore!
2. Resistance is futile…with me around.
3. I’m a borg-asm machine.
4. You’ll be assimilated into my love life.
5. I don’t need phasers to stun, baby.
6. Borgs do it with assimilation.
7. I’ll be your number one borg in the bedroom.
8. No need to cyber-stalk, I’m right here.
9. It’s not assimilation if we both enjoy it.
10. Come, join my collective.
11. Borgs just wanna have fun.
12. I’ll assimilate you with my charm.
13. You’ll be screaming ‘resistance is futile’ all night long.
14. My love is like a tractor beam, resistance is impossible.
15. I can do the Vulcan Borg Pinch.
16. My USB knows exactly where to plug in.
17. I’ll beam you up, and down.
18. I might be half-machine, but I’m all man.
19. You can’t dodge my phasers of love.
20. Borgs are the ultimate multitaskers.

“Borg-aining for laughs: Punny idioms that will assimilate you into the humor collective”

1. The borg who couldn’t get ahead in life was always lagging behind.
2. When the borg realized it had lost its wallet, it felt assimulated.
3. The borg kept running into walls, but it couldn’t break the assimilation.
4. The borg claimed to have six legs, but it was just another assimile.
5. When the borg started singing, it was a huge hit among the collective.
6. The borg realized it was low on power, so it plugged into the nearest outlet.
7. The borg’s jokes were always electric, they really charged up the collective.
8. When the borg got a haircut, it was quite a shocking experience.
9. The borg was a bit of a hoarder, always collecting items to assimilate.
10. The borg who was always grumpy was known to have a collective bad attitude.
11. The borg was always prepared for a storm, it had plenty of assimilation kits.
12. The borg who lost its credit card was worried about the collective debt.
13. The borg that owned a fruit stand was known as the assimilating apple seller.
14. The borg with a garden always had the best assimilating tomatoes.
15. The borg that crashed the ship was known to have poor assimilation skills.
16. The borg who was a great storyteller was said to have assimilating tales.
17. The borg that was always late was known for its assimilating sense of timing.
18. When the borg went on holiday, it had to find a way to assimilate to the new environment.
19. The borg who was always hungry was said to have an assimilating appetite.
20. Finally, the borg that tried to assimilate itself was said to be commiting borgicide.

Resistance is Futile (Borg Pun Juxtaposition)

1. The borg leader was upset because his drone was giving him some resistance.
2. The borg chef made a cake that was assim-ilicious.
3. The borg accountant was convinced that resistance is futile, except when it comes to audits.
4. The borg thief stole a smartphone and said “Resistance is chargeable.”
5. The borg engineer was struggling to get the spaceship working, but then she got the circuit ‘bored’.
6. The borg doctor specialized in giving everyone assimil-ation shots.
7. The borg fitness trainer believed that resistance training is the key to assimilation.
8. The borg tourist visited Earth to assimilate the culture, but he just ended up feeling borg-out.
9. The borg fashion designer created a line of clothes that made everyone feel like they were part of the collective.
10. The borg reporter couldn’t get an interview with the captain of the Enterprise because he always gets a cold borg.
11. The borg musician played a piano that was completely assimilated and said “Resistance is key.”
12. The borg detective couldn’t solve the case of the missing drones because he was lack-borg-adaisical.
13. The borg hairdresser offered assimilation haircuts that make everyone feel like they’re part of the collective.
14. The borg florist sold assimilated plants that are known to resist pests.
15. The borg bartender calls every drink “Assimil-ale.”
16. The borg poet read a poem called “Borgs don’t cry resistance tears.”
17. The borg librarian assimilated all of the knowledge in the library and said “Resistance is futile.
18. The borg magician made the entire audience disappear and said “Resistance is magical.”
19. The borg athlete believed that resistance running is the best way to assimilate your body.
20. The borg stockbroker was convinced that resistance is futile, except when it comes to stocks.

“Borg-iving the Best Puns: Laugh Your Way Through These Borg Name Puns!”

1. Borg-er King
2. Borg-undy wine
3. Borg-ita chips
4. Borg-ermeister
5. Borg-er shop
6. Borg-er van
7. Cy-borg lady
8. Borg-er queen
9. Borg-erito
10. Borg-eaux wine
11. Borg-ward bound
12. Borg on the Bayou
13. Scooby-Doo and the Cyber-Borgs
14. Borgdog Millionaire
15. Borg in the USA
16. The Borgfather
17. Borg-eddon
18. Borg and ready
19. Borg-ing Rights
20. The Borging Dead

Borgs with a Twist (Spoonerisms Galore!)

1. Gorg puns
2. Torg buns
3. Porc guns
4. Zorg duns
5. Dorg nuns
6. Mork runs
7. Lorg suns
8. Bork funs
9. Vorc muns
10. Jorg ones
11. Korg tons
12. Nork guns
13. Sorg duns
14. Rorg huns
15. Worg sons
16. Yorg buns
17. Forg kuns
18. Horg luns
19. Porg runs
20. Corg huns

“Borg-ing In on the Fun: Tom Swifties for Our Collective Enjoyment”

1. “Resistance is futile,” said Tom, borgishly.
2. “We will assimilate them,” said Tom, cyborgically.
3. “I’m hooked on technology,” Tom said, cybernatically.
4. “We’ll never be separated,” Tom said, cyberspacially.
5. “I’m physically enhanced,” said Tom, cybormetically.
6. I’m a little robotic,” Tom said, cybereffeminately.
7. “I’m one with the computer,” Tom said, cyber-yogically.
8. “I’m a fan of cyborgs,” Tom said, cyberspectively.
9. “I’m incredibly efficient,” Tom said, cybersystematically.
10. “I’m feeling a bit disconnected,” said Tom, cyberemotionally.
11. “I’m always plugged in,” Tom said, cybertronically.
12. “I’m trying to maintain my human side,” Tom said, cyberevocatively.
13. “I’m approaching this logically,” Tom said, cybermathematically.
14. “I’m always upgrading,” Tom said, cyberannually.
15. “I’m looking forward to the future,” Tom said, cyberoptimistically.
16. “I’m powered up and ready to go,” Tom said, cyberenergetically.
17. I have a robotic heart,” Tom said, cybercardiologically.
18. “I’m programmed to succeed,” Tom said, cyberprofessionally.
19. “I’m living in a virtual world,” Tom said, cybersimulatively.
20. “I’m experiencing a brain freeze,” Tom said, cybermentally.

“Borgasmically Conflicting Pun-derings: The Best Oxymoronic Borg Puns!”

1. “What did the Borg say when they ran out of data? Time to reboot!”
2. “I’m assimilated, but I still feel like an individual cube.”
3. “The Borg’s favorite hobby? Resisting assimilation.”
4. Why did the Borg go to therapy? They needed to un-assimilate.”
5. “The Borg Queen said to the drone, ‘You are unique, just like everyone else.'”
6. “What do you call a Borg who’s bad at assimilation? A misSIONEr.”
7. “The Borg drone who didn’t want to assimilate anything? An aSIESTA drone.”
8. “What do you call a Borg who’s really into meditation? An ASIAn drone.
9. “Why did the Borg cross the road? To get to the other assimilator.”
10. The Borg drone who only assimilated sports knowledge? A proSTATION drone.”
11. “Why did the Borg decide to become musicians? They wanted to be a harmonic collective.”
12. “What did the Borg say when they wanted to take a break from assimilating? ‘We need some restful resistance.'”
13. “Why are the Borg such bad cooks? They’re always assimilating the ingredients.”
14. “What did the Borg say to the computer that crashed during assimilation? ‘Looks like we’ve encountered a resi-SYSTEM error.'”
15. “What do you call a Borg who’s a hypochondriac? An ASIIneur.”
16. “Why did the Borg skip their annual assimilation meeting? They were bored with the same-old routine.”
17. “What did the Borg say when they visited a planet with too many resources? ‘There’s no sense in assimilating around the bush.'”
18. “Why did the Borg drone try to join a resistance group? They wanted to assimilate from the inside out.”
19. Why did the Borg decide to settle down and start a family? They wanted to have a normal, UN-ASSIMILATED life.”
20. “What do you call a Borg who’s a con artist? An ASIleman.”

Borg-ing in on Puns (Recursive Borg Puns)

1. Why did the Borg cross the road? To assimilate a new civilization on the other side.
2. I asked a Borg if it wanted to get a drink. It replied, “Resistance is fruitless.”
3. Did you hear about the Borg who started a punk rock band? They called it “The Assimilated.”
4. A Borg walks into a bar and orders a drink. The bartender asks, “Will that be on your card?” The Borg replies, “Yes, my assimilation card.”
5. Why don’t Borgs take vacations? Because they’re already assimilated to all cultures.
6. The doctor asked the Borg, “What’s your blood type?” The Borg replied, “Resistancetive.”
7. What do you call a Borg who loves stand-up comedy? A hybrid of a assimilating comedian.
8. Did you hear about the Borg who went to a bakery? It assimilated all the dough.
9. What do you call a Borg who is always taking selfies? An assimilating photographer.
10. Why did the Borg go to the gym? To pump some automuscle.
11. What do you call a Borg who’s really into space travel? An explorassimilator.
12. Why don’t Borgs have pets? Because they already have assimilated companions.
13. What do you call a Borg who is also a chef? An assimilating cook.
14. Why did the Borg go to school? To learn how to assimilate knowledge.
15. What do you call a Borg who’s always working hard? An assimilating laborer.
16. Why don’t Borgs ever get lost? Because they each have a built-in assimilated GPS.
17. Did you hear about the Borg who admired antiques? It assimilated all the vintage furniture.
18. What do you call a Borg who’s really good at math? An assimilating genius.
19. Why did the Borg go to the movies? To assimilate the plot of the film.
20. What do you call a Borg who’s a painter? An assimilating artist.

Resistance is Futile: Punny Borg Clichés

1. Resistance is futON
2. All work and no play makes the borg a dull boy
3. The early borg gets the drone
4. A penny saved is a penny borg-ed
5. The devil is in the borg-details
6. If at first you don’t assimilate, borg, borg again
7. A stitch in time saves borg
8. Too many borgs spoil the broth
9. Beauty is in the borg of the beholder
10. Rome wasn’t assimilated in a day
11. He who laughs last must’ve assimilated the slowest
12. Don’t rock the borg
13. You can’t judge a borg by its cover
14. Better late than borg?
15. Keep your friends close and your borgs closer
16. The grass is always borg-er on the other side
17. Borg out of your mind
18. When in doubt, borg it out
19. Actions speak louder than borgs
20. Curiosity borged the cat

In conclusion, resistance is futile when it comes to Borg puns! We hope you had a good laugh and enjoyed reading our collection of over 200 hilarious and clever quotes. There’s plenty more where that came from, so be sure to check out our website for even more pun-tastic content. Thank you for visiting and keep spreading the laughter!

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