Voodoo Puns: 200+ Wickedly Funny and Spellbinding Laughs

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Get ready to put a spell on your friends with these wickedly funny voodoo puns! We’ve gathered over 200 of the most spellbinding jokes and puns that are perfect for every occasion – from Halloween parties to everyday conversations. These puns are guaranteed to make you and your friends cackle with laughter, so grab a pin and let’s get started! Whether you’re looking for voodoo-themed pick-up lines or hilarious one-liners about dolls and curses, we’ve got you covered. So, buckle up and get ready to have some voodoo fun!

Voodoo You Think You Are? (Editors Pick)

1. “I put a voodoo curse on my bicycle, but it still keeps peddling.”
2. “Why did the voodoo doll cross the road? To get to the hex side.”
3. “I’m not superstitious, but I always carry my voodoo doll with me, just in case.”
4. I went to a voodoo-themed party, but it was a bit of a hextravaganza.
5. “What’s a voodoo sorcerer’s favorite food? Spill-grains.”
6. “Why did the voodoo priestess break up with her boyfriend? He wasn’t her spell mate.”
7. “What did the voodoo doll say to the pin cushion? It’s all in a day’s work.”
8. “I tried to make a voodoo doll of myself, but I just couldn’t pull it off.”
9. “Why did the voodoo chef add more spice? To cast a spell of flavor.”
10. “I’m not into voodoo, but I’ve been told I have a hexy personality.”
11. “How do voodoo dolls stay in shape? With a little black magic.
12. “Why did the voodoo practitioner close his shop? He was under a curse.”
13. What did the witch doctor say to the voodoo doll? Stick with me and you’ll go far.”
14. “I went to a voodoo convention and it was spellbinding.”
15. “How does a voodoo doll measure success? By the number of pins in its backside.”
16. “I couldn’t figure out why my voodoo doll was so irritable…then I realized it was PMS. Pins Made Sensitive.”
17. “Why did the voodoo doll go to the doctor? It had a pin sticking out of its neck.”
18. “My voodoo doll is always sad and lethargic…turns out it has spell anemia.”
19. “What’s a voodoo doll’s favorite TV show? ‘Charmed’, of course!”
20. What did the voodoo artist say to her client? Bring me a lock of hair and I’ll weave you a spell.

Voodoo You Think You Are? (One-Liner Puns)

1. Did you hear about the voodoo doll that lost its job? It was unemployed-able.
2. The voodoo priest quit his job. He didn’t want to be a pinhead anymore.
3. My friend tried to use voodoo to fix his broken watch. Sadly, it was a complete waist of thyme.
4. I had a voodoo doll made to represent my ex. It’s now my ex voodoo exposition.
5. Why was the voodoo doll so good at math? Because he knew how to pincil things in.
6. Two voodoo dolls were in a race. One was stitching, the other was needling.
7. I made a voodoo doll that represents my love of bread. It’s my gluten tag.
8. The voodoo doll was upset because it was never invited to parties. It had the pins and needles though.
9. When the voodoo doll went to work, it always brought a pair of pins in case of an emergency.
10. Why did the voodoo doll go to the dentist? To get a filling.
11. I got a voodoo doll that represents my fear of flying. It’s my flyby night doll.
12. How does a voodoo doll get around? He uses a needle and thread.
13. I made a voodoo doll resemble a rapper. It’s Snoop Needles.
14. Why did the voodoo doll go to jail? Because it was needling somebody.
15. Why did the voodoo doll refuse to fight back? Because you should never needle and tell.
16. I found a voodoo doll in my yard. I guess I got stuck with the needling task of getting rid of it.
17. The voodoo doll and the safety pin were in a race. The voodoo doll won because it was quick on its feet.
18. When the voodoo doll went on vacation, it always brought its needlepoint and threadmill.
19. What do you call a voodoo doll that’s always down in the dumps? A pincushion.
20. I tried using a voodoo doll for money spells. Unfortunately, all I got was a little change.

Spooky Squabble (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What do you call a voodoo doll that always tells the truth? Honesty pin.

2. Why did the voodoo doll cross the road? To get to the other hex.

3. What do you call a mischievous voodoo doll? A little hex-er.

4. Why did the voodoo doll break up with his girlfriend? She was always sticking pins in him.

5. What do you call a voodoo doll that’s always drinking? A drunk pin.

6. Why didn’t the voodoo doll get a job? He didn’t have any experience, he was just a beginner pin.

7. What do you call a voodoo doll that’s always on the move? A rolling pin.

8. Why did the voodoo doll go to school? He wanted to learn some black magic.

9. What do you call it when a voodoo doll is in a bad mood? Pin-sionately angry.

10. Why did the voodoo doll go to the doctor? He was feeling a little stuck.

11. What do you call it when a voodoo doll is confused? Pins-terested.

12. Why did the voodoo doll like to go fishing? He enjoyed casting spells.

13. What do you call a voodoo doll that’s always eating snacks? A munch pin.

14. Why did the voodoo doll get married? He finally found someone to stick with him.

15. What do you call a voodoo doll that’s really strong? A burly pin.

16. Why did the voodoo doll go on a diet? He wanted to be a little thinner.

17. What do you call it when a voodoo doll is in trouble? Neck and pins.

18. Why did the voodoo doll feel relieved? He finally got a load off his pin.

19. What do you call a voodoo doll that’s always on social media? A Twitterpin.

20. Why did the voodoo doll call the police? Someone stole his last pin.

Voo-don’t Miss These Double Entendre Puns

1. I told my voodoo doll to hit the gym, now it’s body is a shrine!
2. I love the sound of a Voodoo drum, it really gets my heart racing.
3. “I’ve been feeling a bit hexed lately, but that’s just a voodoo thing.”
4. “It’s important to keep your voodoo dolls organized, otherwise, you might be poking the wrong person.”
5. “They told me I couldn’t make a magic potion out of herbs and spices, but I managed to herb them!”
6. “I went to the voodoo doctor after I started losing feeling in my extremities, but the diagnosis was pins and needles.”
7. “I asked my voodoo priest for some good luck, and he told me to place a horseshoe up my shirt. I have to say, I feel a bit foal-ish.”
8. “I know it’s not PC, but I just can’t help loving those voodoo dolls with big…personality.”
9. “I’ve been babysitting a voodoo doll all week, and I have to say, it’s been a real pincushion.”
10. They say if you keep a voodoo doll in your car, you’ll never be hurt in an accident. I guess you could say it’s a crash test dummy.”
11. “I don’t get why everyone’s so scared of voodoo dolls; I’ve never seen one that wasn’t well-threaded.”
12. “Voodoo hoodoo, who do? You do. I do? Yes, you.”
13. “Voodoo spells are pretty intense; I felt like I was caught in a web.”
14. “I heard voodoo threads have a lot in common with your ex — they’ll haunt you for weeks.”
15. “I was going to make a joke about voodoo dolls, but it was a bit of a pokesperson.”
16. “I keep trying to re-stuff my old voodoo doll, but it’s a real pain in the butt.”
17. I knew I’d gone too far with my voodoo doll obsession when I started daydreaming about using it to pin down a bad date.
18. “I don’t rely on voodoo curses to get what I want; I just use my doll-ars wisely.”
19. “I thought I was really good at voodoo, but it turns out I’m just a doll-ard generalist.”
20. I don’t condone using voodoo dolls against people, but I’m not going to lie — a little bit of prick-teasing can be fun.

The Voodoo You Do (Puns in Voodoo Idioms)

1. I put a hex on you, now you’re voodooed.
2. She’s a voodoo queen of the highest order.
3. That plan went up in voodoo smoke.
4. He was so unlucky, he thought someone had put a voodoo curse on him.
5. I’m feeling a bit voodoo-d out after that ritual.
6. It’s time to put on my voodoo thinking cap.
7. Let’s hope the voodoo dolls don’t come to life.
8. This town is known for their voodoo rituals.
9. The voodoo drums were beating all night long.
10. We’re voodooing in uncharted territory with this experiment.
11. It’s like trying to solve a voodoo puzzle.
12. He’s so good at voodoo, he must have a natural talent for it.
13. She’s got voodoo written all over her face.
14. This case is a real voodoo mystery.
15. He’s got a voodoo charm that always seems to work.
16. This recipe needs a bit of voodoo magic to make it perfect.
17. She’s got voodoo down to a science.
18. The voodoo priest has spoken, and it’s not looking good.
19. They’ve got a voodoo solution to every problem.
20. It’s like trying to catch a voodoo frog in a pond.

Casting Spells and Puns: (Voodoo Pun Juxtaposition)

1. The voodoo practitioner who lost his pins and needles was feeling quite dis-staff-ed.
2. When the voodoo doll grew up, it decided to become a poke-emon.
3. A voodoo ghost who can’t scare anyone is hex-cruciatingly bored.
4. The voodoo spell that turned my dog into a frog was definitely not paw-some.
5. The magician put on a voodoo show, but the audience found it to be hoodoo-dle doo.
6. If you try to prank a voodoo priest, he might go Incanta-tango on you.
7. A voodoo comedian’s favorite food is hex-a-pepperoni pizza.
8. I tried making a voodoo doll of myself, but it ended up being self-affliction.
9. A voodoo palm reader’s predictions are hardly ever acu-accurate.
10. The voodoo doctor recommended I take a break from work and go to the bayou-na-na.
11. The voodoo doll went to Hollywood and became quite poppet-ular.
12. The voodoo priestess made a love potion, but it was only mildly af-Foctuous.
13. The voodoo practitioner was fired from his job as a carpenter because he only knew how to hex-agon shapes.
14. The voodoo spell that turned my milk into yogurt was truly Dairy-ous.
15. A voodoo psychic who only predicts negative outcomes is definitely not up-beat.
16. The voodoo priest was never punctual and always ran late, which was very hex-asperating.
17. The voodoo doll won an award for being the most pins-piring.
18. The voodoo magician’s act was a real spell-bind-er.
19. The voodoo spell that made me grow taller worked like a charm, it was heighty-ho.
20. I went to the voodoo store to buy some potion, but they were all out of Stu-pot.

Voodoo You Think You Are? (Voodoo Puns in Names)

1. VooDuo (a voodoo couple)
2. Hexi Lexi (a voodoo witch)
3. Bayou Boodoo (a voodoo store in Louisiana)
4. Doll Pin (a voodoo doll store)
5. Curse Adian (an ad agency for voodoo)
6. Bone Jovi (a voodoo musician)
7. Hexa Gone (a voodoo disappearance act)
8. Hoodoo Dude (a voodoo practitioner)
9. Mojo Jojo (a voodoo villain)
10. Cursing Cameron (a voodoo curse specialist)
11. Mystic Mick (a voodoo mystic)
12. Gris Gris Gus (a voodoo store owner)
13. Hexagon Helen (a voodoo mathematician)
14. VooBrew (a voodoo coffee shop)
15. The Curse of Oak Island (a voodoo-inspired TV show)
16. Baron Bonehead (a voodoo baron)
17. Jambalaya Jake (a voodoo cook)
18. Spellman Samantha (a voodoo spell caster)
19. Voodoo Viv (a voodoo psychic)
20. The Voodoo Ranger (a voodoo superhero)

Witchy Wordplay (Spoonerisms with Voodoo Puns)

1. Doodoo Vuns
2. Poodoo Guns
3. Voojoo Duns
4. Coodoo Moos
5. Foodoo Boos
6. Loodoo Rugs
7. TooDoo Fun
8. GooDoo Runs
9. RooDoo Huns
10. WooDoo Nuns
11. Zoodoo Cans
12. Moodoo Tars
13. Soodoo Fails
14. Yoodoo Bells
15. Koodoo Sells
16. Choodoo Puns
17. Toodoo Carts
18. Hoodoo Rims
19. Joodoo Dives
20. Noodoo Peels.

“Voodoo-licious Wordplay: Tom Swifties for a Spell-binding Laugh”

1. “I have a bad feeling about this voodoo,” Tom said eerily.
2. “I don’t believe in voodoo,” Tom said hex-asperatedly.
3. “I’m feeling a bit cursed,” Tom said bewitchingly.
4. This voodoo business is quite spooky,” Tom said hauntingly.
5. “I need to break this voodoo spell,” Tom said resolutely.
6. “This voodoo ritual is really cutting-edge,” Tom said macabrely.
7. “I’m getting a little pins and needles from this voodoo doll,” Tom said prickly.
8. “I’m not sure about these voodoo predictions,” Tom said uncertainly.
9. “I’m starting to feel like a puppet in this voodoo dance,” Tom said stringently.
10. “I don’t want to get caught in a voodoo trance,” Tom said hazily.
11. “I’m not sure I’m cut out for voodoo magic,” Tom said incantingly.
12. “This voodoo potion has a real kick to it,” Tom said enchantingly.
13. “I’m afraid I’ve been hexed by this voodoo curse,” Tom said jinxedly.
14. “I’m not one to usually resort to voodoo, but desperate times call for doll measures,” Tom said pindolently.
15. “I’ve never been good at voodoo, I’m more of a hex-tile person,” Tom said tiledly.
16. This voodoo curse has me feeling like I’m in a horror movie,” Tom said screamingly.
17. “I don’t want to get on the wrong side of these voodoo priests,” Tom said crossly.
18. “I don’t know how they come up with these voodoo chants, they’re beyond my black magic-nation,” Tom said chantedly.
19. “This voodoo ceremony has got me feeling like I’m in a voodoo-n’town,” Tom said punnily.
20. “I’m not sure how effective this voodoo spell is, but I’ll stick a pin in it,” Tom said needily.

Magical Misunderstandings: Voodoo Oxymoronic Puns

1. “I cast a spell that never fails, it’s voodoo logic.”
2. “I gave my voodoo doll a hug, it was pins and needles.”
3. I’m really into black magic, it’s my white whale.
4. “I have this enchanted potion, it’s pretty ugly, but it gets the job done.”
5. I’m a witch doctor, but I practice medical malpractice.
6. “I drank a magic potion, and I ended up with a splitting headache.”
7. “I put a curse on my ex, now she’s my hex-girlfriend.”
8. “I’m a master of voodoo, but I’m kind of a doll-slasher.”
9. “I put a spell on you, now you’re mine…but only on weekends.”
10. “I can see the future, but I’m blind to the present.”
11. “I’m a powerful voodoo priest, but I’m weak in the knees.”
12. I put a spell on my drink, now it’s sobering.
13. “I’m a voodoo chef, I cook with magic and alchemy. Bring your own ingredients.”
14. “I put a curse on my car, now it’s a rolling stone.”
15. “I’m a voodoo artist, I paint in the colours of black and white.”
16. “I’m a fortune teller. I’m always right, except when I’m wrong.”
17. “I put a spell on my keys, now I can’t unlock the door to reality.”
18. “I’m a voodoo accountant, I balance the etherial books.”
19. I put a curse on my calendar, now it’s forever Friday the 13th.
20. “I’m a voodoo comedian, but my jokes are no laughing matter.”

Voodoo You Think You Are? (Recursive Voodoo Puns)

1. I tried to do voodoo with some leftover noodles, but it was just impasta.
2. I bought a voodoo doll, but it was so poorly made that it looked like a sewn-up mess. I was voodone wrong.
3. I asked the voodoo priest for advice on my next decision. He said, “just go with your gut, and if that doesn’t work, stab the doll.”
4. I tried to teach my voodoo doll how to play the guitar, but it just never picked up on the chords.
5. I got caught trying to steal a voodoo doll from my neighbor’s porch. Talk about getting voodone over.
6. Did you hear about the voodoo doll who went to the dentist? It had a couple of fillings.
7. The voodoo doll tried to befriend a ghost, but it just couldn’t get a haunting conversation going.
8. I saw a sign on a voodoo shop that said, “Dolls for every budget, from plain to ‘pinned to the max.’
9. I made a voodoo doll of myself and tried to use it to do my own hair. It was a real bad hair voodoos.
10. I wanted to ask the voodoo priest for some relationship advice. Should I hex or should I hold?
11. I tried to make a voodoo doll of my boss, but it wouldn’t hold a pin without micromanaging it.
12. I tried to play a card game with my voodoo dolls, but they kept trying to cheat by using their own pin cards.
13. The voodoo doll got a job at a factory, but it didn’t have enough experience in pinning things together.
14. I tried to make a voodoo doll that looked like my crush, but it ended up looking more like a pincushion than a love connection.
15. I asked the voodoo priest how I could improve my chicken marinade. He said to try adding a little hex appeal.
16. I brought my voodoo doll to the baseball game, but it just didn’t seem to have the voodoo that it used to do.
17. I made a voodoo doll of my annoying neighbor and used it to get some peace and voodoo and quiet.
18. I tried to make a voodoo doll of my cat, but she just kept getting under my pincers.
19. The voodoo doll became a successful business owner, but it had to start from pinned to the bottom.
20. I put a voodoo doll of myself on a diet. I call it a “voodiet.”

Spellbound Sounds and Voo-Doo You Love (Voodoo Puns)

1. You can’t voodoo the truth.
2. Voodoo you think you are?
3. Don’t make me voodoo what I’ll do to you.
4. That’s the voodoo that you do.
5. Voodoo dolls – the ultimate pin cushions.
6. The voodoo economy is doing well, even if our budget is cursed.
7. I put a spell on you, and now you’re mine… or is that just voodoo?
8. Why did the voodoo doll quit his job? He didn’t have any motivation.
9. Don’t let bad vibes voodoo your day.
10. I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious… and sometimes a little voodoo-ish too.
11. Voodoo may seem scary, but at least it’s better than black magic marker.
12. Voodoo can be tricky business, but that’s just how we doll.
13. If you’re feeling drained, maybe it’s just a voodoo doll sucking your energy.
14. Voodoo is all about balance – you gotta give to take away.
15. You can’t just voodoo your problems away, sometimes you have to put in work like everybody else.
16. Voodoo is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna hex.
17. I didn’t know voodoo was contagious, but you’re dolling me with every tale.
18. They say that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but I prefer voodoo dolls as bait.
19. Don’t fix what ain’t voodoo.
20. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I think that voodoo can make anyone look good.

In conclusion, voodoo puns are a wickedly hilarious way to add some magic to your day! We hope you enjoyed our collection of over 200 spellbinding puns that are perfect for any occasion. But don’t stop here! There’s plenty more pun-derful content waiting for you on our website. Thank you for visiting and keep laughing!

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