220 Slimetastic Puns That’ll Tickle Your Funny Bone and Ooze with Laughter

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Get ready to slime and giggle your way through this pun-filled adventure. From gooey one-liners to slimetastic puns, we’ve collected over 200 jokes that are sure to tickle your funny bone and make you ooze with laughter. Whether you’re a fan of slime or just love a good pun, you’ll find something here to make you smile. So get ready to slip and slide your way through this collection of hilarious slime puns, because we guarantee you won’t be able to resist cracking a smile. Let’s dive in and get our slime on!

Slimy and hilarious puns to add fun to your day (Editors Pick)

1. “I’m feeling slime-tastic today!”
2. “Sorry, I can’t come. I’m a little slimed up.
3. “This new slime recipe is really slim-easy!”
4. “I slime you a lot!”
5. “Slime is the glue that holds my life together.”
6. “Slime is a real slippery slope.”
7. “I’m a real slime connoisseur.”
8. “Slime time is the best time!”
9. “Slime is the new black.”
10. “I think I have a slime addiction.”
11. “Slime is the way to my heart.”
12. “Slime is no slim pickings.”
13. “Slime is the key to my happiness.”
14. “My heart beats slime-green!”
15. “I have a soft spot for slime.”
16. “I’m all about that slime life!”
17. “Slime makes everything better.”
18. “I don’t always slime, but when I do, I slime big.”
19. I can slime, therefore I am.
20. “Slime is the ultimate stress relief.”

Slime Time Rhymes (One-liner Puns)

1. Why did the slime go to the doctor? Because it felt a little sluggish!
2. What do you call a group of slime monsters? Mucous posse!
3. How do you describe a slime that’s always on time? Punctu-lent!
4. Why did the slime cross the road? To get to the slimier side!
5. What’s a slime’s favorite dessert? Jiggle cheesecake!
6. What do you get when you mix a slime with a tree? Slime bark!
7. Why don’t slimes like going to school? They hate getting slimed by the teachers!
8. What did the slime say when it got a flat tire? “I think I’ve got a leak!”
9. Why do slimes always win races? Because they have a slim chance of losing!
10. What do you call a shy slime? A hesitant ooze-er!
11. What do you call a slime in a fancy suit? Slimonelli!
12. Why don’t slimes like going to the beach? Too much sand-ing!
13. How do you make a slime laugh? Tickle it until it gels over!
14. What do you get when you cross a slime with a bird? A slippery flamingo!
15. How do you tell if a slime is happy? It’s gel-atic!
16. Why don’t slimes play cards? They’re always slimed by the other players!
17. What’s a slime’s favorite board game? Risk-ooze!
18. How does a slime travel? By the slime line!
19. What’s a slime’s favorite sport? Slime volleyball!
20. What do you call a slime that’s really into music? A melodious mucous!

Slime Shenanigans: Question-and-Answer Punny Time!

1. What do you get when you combine a snail and a unicorn? Slimicorn!
2. Where do slime monsters go to get new clothes? To the slime coat store!
3. Why did the slime try to breakdance? Because it wanted to boogie oogie oogie until it just couldn’t boogie no more!
4. What did the slime say when it won the race? I’m oozing with pride!
5. Why did the slime go to school? To get a degree in gooey-ology!
6. How does a slime count to ten? With its fingers, just like you (but it has a lot more fingers…)
7. What did the grape say when the slime stepped on it? Nothing, it just let out a little whine…
8. Why do slimes always win at hide-and-seek? They can really blend in with their surroundings!
9. What do you call a group of slimes singing together? A slime-a-long!
10. Why do slimes have so many friends? Because they’re always oozing charisma!
11. What do you get when you cross a whale and a slime? The world’s largest loogie!
12. Why was the slime so happy to hit the beach? It had been dreaming of sliming in the sun!
13. How do slimes get their hair cut? With a goo-torial!
14. What do you call a slime that makes you laugh? A giggle ooze!
15. Why did the slime go to the doctor? Because it was feeling mushy.
16. What did the slime say to the ground? “Nice to meetcha – let’s stick together!”
17. How do slimes celebrate Valentine’s Day? With lots of smooch-y goopiness!
18. What do slimes eat for breakfast? Grape Ooze-ly!
19. Why did the slime cross the road? To get to the other slide!
20. What does it take to make a slime really happy? A hug, squeeze, or squish!

Slime Your Way Through These Double Entendre Puns!

1. I heard that slime is quite the ladies man, he really gets around.
2. Slime always oozes his way into people’s hearts.
3. I’m always slipping and sliding with slime around.
4. Sometimes it’s hard to keep slime contained.
5. Slime is such a sticky subject.
6. You really have to be careful not to get caught in the slime.
7. Slime always leaves a bit of a mess behind.
8. You never know where slime might pop up.
9. Don’t let slime elude you.
10. Slime is definitely a bit of a slimy character.
11. I find slime to be positively amphibious.
12. Slime always has a few tricks up his sleeve.
13. Slime is really something to behold when you see him in action.
14. When you get down to the nitty-gritty of it, slime is quite impressive.
15. No one wants to get their hands dirty with slime.
16. Slime is often quite a slippery character.
17. I think slime really gets people all gooey inside.
18. It’s hard to be in slime’s presence without feeling a little sticky.
19. Slime has a way of leaving his mark on everything he touches.
20. You just can’t help but feel a little slimed after spending time with him.

Slime-tastic Silliness (Puns in Idioms featuring Slime Humor)

1. “She was so slimy, she could slip through a keyhole.”
2. I don’t trust him, he’s as slimy as a snake.
3. “He tried to weasel his way out of trouble but ended up in a slimepit.”
4. “She always leaves a slime trail of broken hearts behind her.”
5. “He’s slippery as an eel, you can’t catch him.”
6. “I’m up to my elbows in slime after working in the garden.”
7. “She’s got a slimy way of getting what she wants.”
8. “He couldn’t handle the slime life, so he left the swamp.”
9. “She’s a master at slithering out of tricky situations.”
10. “He’s as slimy as a wet noodle.”
11. “She’s got a smooth and slimy personality.”
12. He’s got the slime of the earth for a boss.
13. She’s as slimy as a salamander in the mud.
14. “He’s got a slimy reputation in the industry.”
15. “She’s got a slimy tongue that tells lies.”
16. “He’s stuck in the slime pit of his own making.”
17. She’s the slime of the party, always causing trouble.
18. “He’s been slimed by the industry for too long.”
19. “She’s a master of slimy business negotiations.”
20. “He’s got a slimy heart that can’t be trusted.”

Slime-tastic Puns (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. I’m not a fan of snail slime, but I guess you could say it’s shell-arious.
2. I would love to throw a slime-themed party, but I don’t think it would stick.
3. I accidentally spilled slime on my shoes, but it’s okay – they were already sneakered.
4. I used to think making slime was boring, but it’s grown on me.
5. The slime I made was so bad, I had to scale back on the ingredients.
6. I tried to sell my homemade slime, but there was no real goo market.
7. I was going to use slime in my hair, but I Slimerly changed my mind.
8. I can’t decide if I like normal slime or chrome slime better, it’s a really sticky decision.
9. My favorite slime recipe is so good, it’s un-beat-a-slime.
10. The holiday slime we made was so festive, it was an absolute mistle-goo.
11. My slime was so good, it really had a great feel-ing.
12. I accidentally mixed up my shampoo with slime and it was all down-hill from there.
13. If you want to make a slime that’s really successful, just make one with great slime-etry.
14. I was a little hesitant to make slime, but I’m glad I st-uck with it.
15. Who needs regular dish soap when you can just use slime to wash your plates? It’s a real suds-ing.
16. I made a slime that was so good for your hair, it’s practically a sham-poo.
17. I can’t eat dairy, but maybe someday I’ll be slimeda intolerant.
18. Sometimes I play pranks on my siblings and they really slime their pants.
19. If you’re feeling stressed, just try some slime therapy – it’s really slime-ulating.
20. I never knew there were so many types of slime until I started doing my slime-ilarious research.

Slime Time (Puns in Names)

1. Slimy Sam’s Seafood Shack
2. Slimerella’s Cleaning Service
3. The Slime Pit Gym
4. The Slimy Sloth Cafe
5. Slimy Steve’s Shell Shop
6. Slime Time Movie Rentals
7. Slime-a-Licious Bakery
8. The Slime Hole Golf Course
9. Slick and Slimy Hair Salon
10. Slime City Arcade
11. Slimy Sue’s Smoothie Stand
12. Slimey’s Bait and Tackle Shop
13. Slimy Sid’s Science Lab
14. The Slime Stop Convenience Store
15. Slimy’s Sandwich Shop
16. The Slime Rancher’s Supply Co.
17. Slimed and Confused Skate Shop
18. Slimey Sam’s Surf School
19. The Slimeball Bowling Alley
20. Slimy Sally’s Spa and Wellness Center.

Slip of the Tongue (Spoonerisms) – Silly Slime Puns

1. Flime shushies
2. Lickly slaf
3. Razy slain
4. Chime speddar
5. Slime pancake
6. Swizzly lime
7. Tricky slike
8. Slime bizzards
9. Blasters of slime
10. Spooky slimear
11. Slimeberry pie
12. Slicker slappers
13. Slimy swabs
14. Sooty sligh
15. Slippery slinger
16. Slinking slygon
17. Sloppy slards
18. Slimenades
19. Slyming sloths
20. Slightly slazy.

Slimy Wordplay (Tom Swifties)

1. “This goo is so thick,” said Tom, viscously.
2. “I can’t believe this slime is so stretchy,” said Tom, elastically.
3. “This slime is getting pretty unbearable,” said Tom gruffly.
4. “This slime is really gross,” said Tom with disgust.
5. “This slime is really sticky,” said Tom with adhesion.
6. “I’m feeling pretty slimy,” said Tom greasily.
7. “This slime is getting pretty slippery,” said Tom lubriciously.
8. “This slime is really starting to stink,” said Tom nasally.
9. “This slime is ruining my clothes,” said Tom fashionably.
10. “This slime is so soft,” said Tom tenderly.
11. “I can feel the slimy texture on my skin,” said Tom tactually.
12. “This slime is really something else,” said Tom disagreeably.
13. “I can’t believe how much slime is in this jar,” said Tom jarringly.
14. “This slime is so cold,” said Tom icily.
15. “This slime is really starting to glue us together,” said Tom stickily.
16. “This slime is really thickening up,” said Tom congealingly.
17. “This slime is starting to look like a science experiment,” said Tom laboredly.
18. “This slime is so fluorescent,” said Tom glowingly.
19. “This slime is starting to feel like it’s alive,” said Tom animatedly.
20. “This slime is really turning into a mess,” said Tom disorderly.

Slippery Wordplay: Oxymoronic Slime Puns

1. Slimy clean
2. Jumbo shrimp slime
3. Sweet slime
4. Sparkling slime
5. Invisible slime
6. Tasty slime
7. Fast-drying slime
8. Fiery slime
9. Sensible slime
10. Clumsy slime
11. Slimy fragrance
12. Playful slime
13. Charming slime
14. Silent slime
15. Slimy sunshine
16. Happy slime
17. Classy slime
18. Slimy relaxation
19. Slimy rose
20. Slimy snowball

Sticky Situation (Recursive Slime Puns)

1. Why did the slime get a promotion at work? It was an ooze to the top.
2. How do slime celebrate? They throw a goo party.
3. What did the slime say when it got stuck in the door? Oh, slippery me.
4. What do you get when you mix an elephant and a slime? Jolly green elephants.
5. What is a slime’s favorite dance? Hip ooze.
6. Why did the slime get a ticket? It was parked in a no squrm zone.
7. How did the slime win the race? It was by a slime-nose.
8. What did the slime say when it got rejected? It’s okay, I know I’m a lost cause-it’s ooze self-esteem.
9. What do you call a slime that’s a detective? Sherlock Gooze.
10. Why don’t slimes go to church? They’re a slimeth to be atheistic.
11. How can you make a slime smile? You double-cross it.
12. What is a slime’s favorite genre of music? Rock-a-goo.
13. Why did the slime quit the band? The trust was eeled.
14. What did the slime say to the mucus? “Hey, we’re practically cousins!”
15. How many slimes does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Only one, but you want to be sure the slimeber is good.
16. What happens when a slime runs out of gas? It speeds down like a green bullet.
17. Why can’t a slime take a joke? It’s too sensitive.
18. What does a bioluminescent slime say when it sees a stranger? “Glowdy to meet you!”
19. How did the slime become a millionaire? It was successful in sliming the right stocks.
20. What is a slime’s favorite yoga pose? The slimo-sana.

Slime and Punishment: Cliché-busting Puns for Slime Lovers

1. Slime waits for no one.
2. Beauty is in the slimer of the beholder.
3. You can’t make a slime without breaking a few eggs.
4. In slime and punishment.
5. Slimed and enchanted evening.
6. Slime flies when you’re having fun.
7. The early slime gets the worm.
8. Ain’t no slime like the present.
9. Life is like a box of slime – you never know what you’re gonna get.
10. Slime is money.
11. The slime of the land.
12. Time flies when you’re sliming.
13. Slime is a dish best served cold.
14. Can’t make an omelette without breaking some slime.
15. One man’s trash is another man’s slime.
16. All that glitters is not slime.
17. It’s not over until the slime lady sings.
18. Ignorance is slime.
19. The proof is in the slime pudding.
20. Two’s company, slime’s a crowd.

In conclusion, we hope that our slime pun collection has put a smile on your face and brought some fun to your day. If you’re hungry for more pun-derful content, be sure to check out our website for other collections. We appreciate you taking the time to read through our list and don’t forget to stay slimetastic!

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