220 Shrek Puns: Laugh Your Swamps Off With These Ogre-the-Top Jokes

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Looking for some ogre-rific humor? Look no further than these Shrek puns! Whether you’re a fan of the big green guy or just love a good pun, these jokes are sure to get you laughing. From funny one-liners to clever wordplay, we’ve gathered over 200 of the best Shrek puns out there. So grab a snack (maybe some onions?) and get ready to laugh your swamps off with these ogre-the-top jokes. Don’t be a donkey, share these puns with your friends for guaranteed smiles all around. Let’s dive in and have a roar-ing good time with these Shrek-tacular puns!

“Ogres Have Layers of Laughter: The Best Shrek Puns” (Editors Pick)

1. “What do you call an ogre who loves to dance? Shrektro!”
2. “Why did Shrek cross the road? To get to the ogre side.”
3. “What do you call it when Shrek’s wife farts? Ogre-acious!”
4. “Why did Princess Fiona get angry at Shrek? He was too ogre-bearing.”
5. “What do you call two ogres who get married? Shrek and Roll.
6. What does Shrek say when he’s golfing? ‘Ogre green!'”
7. What do you call a group of ogres playing music? The Shrektet.”
8. “What do you call an ogre who travels the world? Globetrotter!”
9. What do you call an ogre who’s good at math? Algebra-ogre.”
10. “Why did Donkey wear a tuxedo to see Shrek? Because it was a formal sorry.”
11. Why did Shrek refuse to go on a roller coaster? He doesn’t like being ogrewhelmed.”
12. What happens when you cross Shrek with a bat? You get a squeaky clean ogre!
13. “Why did Shrek become a farmer? He wanted to grow ogre-nic veggies.”
14. “What do you call an ogre who’s always on time? Punctual-ogre.”
15. “What happens when you startle a sleeping Shrek? He wakes up ogre-tly.”
16. “What do you call it when Shrek plays hide and seek? Ogre you looking for me?”
17. Why did Shrek visit the dentist? To have his ogreteeth checked.”
18. “What do you call an ogre who’s always in a hurry? Ogre-tic.”
19. “Why did Farquaad refuse to make peace with Shrek and Fiona? He was too short-sighted.”
20. “What do you call an ogre who’s also a pirate? Shrekkarr!”

Ogrerific One-liners (Shrek Puns)

1. Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up by itself? It was two-tired.
2. What do you get when you cross a snowman and a carrot? Frosty the Snow-Cone!
3. Why was Donkey in such a bad mood? He had a little pin-on.
4. Why did Shrek go half way to the moon? He wanted to be a quarter-pounder.
5. Why did Shrek’s girlfriend, Fiona, break up with him? He was too ogre-bearing.
6. What do you get when you cross a smurf and a donkey? A blue-ass.
7. What do you call a royal group of cows? The Dairy-aires.
8. Why did the sloth rob the bank? He wanted to take things slow.
9. What do you get when you cross a sheep and a kangaroo? A woolly jumper.
10. Why was the cookie sad? Because his mom was a wafer so long.
11. What do you call a group of well-dressed pigs? Suave Swine.
12. Why did the fireman wear red suspenders? To keep his pants up!
13. What do you call a sheep covered in chocolate? A candy baa.
14. What do you call a donkey with three legs? A wonkey.
15. Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything…
16. What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary? A thesaurus.
17. What do you call a thousand rabbits marching backwards? A receding hareline!
18. Why do birds fly south in the winter? Because it’s too far to walk!
19. What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire? Frostbite.
20. Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing!

Shrektacular Q&A Puns

1. What did Shrek say when he accidentally farted in front of Fiona? “Better out than ogre.”
2. Why did Shrek go to art school? To draw his ogre-face!
3. Why did Donkey need a lawyer? He had a mule-practice suit against him.
4. Why couldn’t the gingerbread man play with Shrek and his friends? He was afraid he’d get crumb-led away.
5. How did Shrek end up in jail? He got caught in a swamp of trouble.
6. Why did Shrek get a job as a waiter? He was tired of working at a coal mine.
7. What did Shrek say when he was asked about his work ethic? “I put in ogre-time.”
8. Why couldn’t Lord Farquaad sleep at night? He had a short temper.
9. What did the Magic Mirror say when asked who the most handsome ogre in the land was? “It’s Shrek-celent!”
10. Why was Puss in Boots afraid of ghosts? They made him feel sh-cat-tered!
11. How does Shrek stay cool in the summer? With his swamp cooler.
12. Why did Shrek go to the bank? To get his ogre-time paycheck.
13. What did Fiona say when Shrek proposed? Yes, ogre my dead body!
14. Why did the giant gingerbread man cross the road? To get to the other icing.
15. What did Shrek say when he walked into the bakery? “I loave this place!”
16. Why did the dragon break up with Donkey? He was too much of a jackass.
17. How does King Harold like his coffee? Ogre-easy.
18. What kind of haircut does Shrek get? A bowl-cut in half.
19. Why did the three pigs go to Shrek for help? They were in a ham-dinger of a situation.
20. How does Shrek stay organized? He uses his ogre-sized planner.

Ogre the Top Humor: Shrek-ing Up Some Double Entendre Puns

1. What’s Shrek’s favorite vegetable? Swample pie.
2. What do you call a Shrek-themed amusement park? Farquaad’s Funland.
3. Why did Donkey cross the road? To get to the onion on the other side.
4. What do you call Shrek’s girlfriend? Fionah.
5. Why did Shrek break up with his girlfriend? She was ogre-protective.
6. What did Shrek say when he saw the castle? “That’s a far cry from my swamp!”
7. What do you call a group of Shrek fans? O-greeters.
8. What do you call a Shrek party with lots of food? Feast Mode-on.
9. What did Shrek say to his therapist? “I feel like an ogre-burden.”
10. Why did Shrek refuse to play basketball? He’s not a bas-ket-case!
11. What do you call Shrek’s Scottish cousin? Kilt-kabob.
12. Why did Shrek refuse to read a book? He doesn’t like fairytale endings.
13. What do you call a group of ogres dancing? A jiggle gang.
14. Why did Shrek fall asleep standing up? He was having a snooze standing.
15. What do you call a music festival for ogres? Gruel-apalooza.
16. What do you call a Shrek-themed workout class? Ogre-cise.
17. Why did Shrek refuse to come out of his swamp? He was feeling a bit ogre-whelmed.
18. What do you call a Shrek sequel with a winter theme? Shrek the Snowman.
19. Why did Shrek order a pizza? He wanted to top it off with extra layers of cheese.
20. What did Shrek say to the dragon when he finally rescued Princess Fiona? “I’m not scared of a little fire-breath!”

“Ogres and Outpuns: Shrek-ing the Idiom Game”

1. “I’m ogrewhelmed with all this love for Shrek!”
2. “Donkey even want to mess with these puns.”
3. “I’m not lion when I say Shrek is the king of puns.”
4. “Shrekalicious! These puns are too good.”
5. “These puns are brighter than a Full Moon.”
6. “I’m living la Vida Shrek-ta with these puns.”
7. “I’m in a swamp of puns and I love it.”
8. “Shrek is the donkey’s-whiskers of puns.”
9. “The cat’s out of the bag – these puns are hilarious!”
10. “If Shrek was a pun, he’d be totally pun-believable.”
11. “These puns have got me in a fairy tale mood.”
12. “Shrekly speaking, these puns are the cat’s meow.”
13. “I’d cross a bridge of puns for Shrek any day.”
14. “These puns are ogre the top!”
15. “Being green with envy is easy when it comes to Shrek puns.”
16. “I’m on cloud Shrek-nine with these puns.”
17. Oh my gourd, these Shrek puns are pumpkin-tastic!
18. “These puns are a match made in onion heaven (…like Shrek and Fiona).”
19. “I’ve fallen ogre and over again for these puns.”
20. “I’m swooning for Shrek puns – they’re fairy-tale endings come to life!”

Shrek Jests (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. Why did Shrek have to give up his landscaping business? He couldn’t handle the ogre-grown workload.
2. What did Shrek say when he saw a donkey eating his onions? “Hey, carrot that out of here!”
3. Why did Shrek start a home renovation business? He wanted to make his swamp a real fixer-upper.
4. What did Shrek say when he heard someone complain about his terrible jokes? “O-gre it!”
5. Why did Shrek set up a workout gym in the swamp? He wanted to achieve ogre-nal strength.
6. What did Donkey say to Shrek when he saw him wearing a red cape? “Well, aren’t you ogreizing your horns today!”
7. Why did Shrek become a detective? He wanted to solve the case of the missing ogre-nic onions.
8. What did Shrek say when he met Puss in Boots? “It’s purr-fectly nice to meet you!”
9. Why did Shrek take up fishing? He heard it was a good way to catch some river monsters.
10. What did the fairy godmother say when she saw Shrek in his swamp? “Well, well, isn’t this a swamp-diggity surprise!”
11. Why did Shrek start a spa business? He wanted to help others achieve ogre-radiance.
12. What did Shrek say to Fiona when he saw her cooking with green onions? “I see you’ve got the ogreeen onions out again!”
13. Why did Shrek become a car mechanic? He heard it was a good way to fix up some ogre-sized vehicles.
14. What did Donkey say when he saw Shrek in a suit and tie? “Well, look who’s ogre-dressed now!”
15. Why did Shrek switch to a vegetarian diet? He wanted to be a real veg-gre.
16. What did Shrek say when he saw a pile of coins in the swamp? “Looks like we’ve got some ogre-time!”
17. Why did Shrek start a dance studio? He wanted to teach others how to ogre-cize.
18. What did the Gingerbread Man say when he saw Shrek eating a cookie? “Hey, that’s my ogre-nal recipe!”
19. Why did Shrek start a pizza business? He wanted to make sure all pies had an ogre-perfect crust.
20. What did Shrek say when he saw an ogre-sized roller coaster? “I think this ride will really ogre-whelm us!”

Ogre Achiever (Shrek Puns)

1. Shrektacular
2. Ogre the moon
3. Donkey Delight
4. Swamp Shop
5. Gingy’s Treats
6. Fiona’s Flowers
7. Farquaad’s Folly
8. Lord of the Layers
9. Pinocchio’s Nose Cone
10. Pooper the Poop
11. Puss in Books
12. Rumplestiltskin Skin Care
13. Dragon Den
14. Lancelot’s Lair
15. Gepetto’s Woody Workshop
16. Big Bad Wolf BBQ
17. King Arthur Flour
18. Three Little Pigs Bakery
19. Robin Hood Robin’s Egg
20. Goldilocks Lock & Key.

Shrek-ly Slip Ups (Spoonerisms)

1. Shrek hog
2. Cake Fary
3. Farquad Shmearquad
4. Gingy the Breadman
5. Donkey Ponkey
6. Fae Rairy
7. Puss in Spoots
8. Dragon Wagons
9. Thelonious Monkfish
10. Lord Farquaad the Fraud Squad
11. Gingy’s Ginormous Gumdrop
12. Rumpelstiltskin’s Rumplekites
13. Donkey’s Dunky
14. Farquad’s Fairy Fiasco
15. Pinochio’s Piccolo
16. Mama Bear’s Bama Mear
17. Fiona’s Fiery Flare
18. Lancelot Linklater
19. Ruffnut and Tuffnut’s Truffnut and Ruffnut
20. Humpty’s Humpy

Ogre the Top Puns (Tom Swifties on Shrek)

1. “This swamp is getting crowded,” said Shrek ogre-crowdedly.
2. “I’ll never leave you, Fiona,” Shrek vowed ogre-protectively.
3. “I’m not a morning person,” grumbled Shrek ogre-sleepy.
4. “I’m off to eat some Duloc Bread,” said Donkey crumbly.
5. “I made a big mistake,” said Farquaad humbly.
6. “I’m the biggest and baddest ogre in town,” said Shrek ogre-confidently.
7. “I can’t bear to watch that again,” said the Gingerbread Man crumbly.
8. “I don’t think we’re in the swamp anymore,” said Shrek ogre-lost.
9. “They call me the Pied Piper of Far Far Away,” said Puss in Boots musically.
10. “I don’t get along with others,” said the Big Bad Wolf brusquely.
11. “I’m going to catch that fairy,” said Rumpelstiltskin impishly.
12. “I’ll never let you go, Artie,” said Shrek knightly.
13. “I want to be the king of Far Far Away,” said Farquaad regally.
14. “I don’t want to be a donkey anymore,” said Donkey assiduously.
15. “I’m the best storyteller in the kingdom,” said Gingy cunningly.
16. “I have a plan to take over the kingdom,” said Charming charmingly.
17. “I just want to find my true love,” said Fiona princessly.
18. I’m a big believer in true love’s kiss,” said Shrek romantically.
19. “I’m going to build a wall around my swamp,” said Shrek ogre-protectionist.
20. “I’m always up for a good adventure,” said Shrek ogre-adventurously.

Shrektacular Oxymoronic Pun-sterpieces: When Contradictory Puns Collide with Shrek Puns

1. “Shrek is just your average ogre, but he’s also quite jolly.”
2. “Fiona’s love for Shrek is both beautiful and ugly.”
3. “Donkey’s stubbornness is both irritating and endearing.”
4. “Lord Farquaad may be short in height, but he’s big on power.”
5. Puss in Boots may look cute and cuddly, but he’s deadly with a sword.
6. “The swamp may seem dirty and gross, but it’s home sweet home for Shrek.”
7. “Gingerbread men may be sweet, but they’re also pretty crumbly.”
8. Shrek may be rough around the edges, but he’s got a heart of gold.
9. “Dragon is fierce and terrifying, but she’s also quite affectionate.”
10. Far Far Away may seem like a fairy tale land, but it’s full of political intrigue.
11. “Pinocchio may be a puppet, but he’s also quite alive with personality.”
12. “The Fairy Godmother is all about granting wishes, but she’s also got a bossy streak.”
13. “Prince Charming may look handsome, but he’s also quite vain.”
14. “The Three Little Pigs may be small and vulnerable, but they’re also quite resourceful.”
15. “Shrek may be a loner, but he’s also a protector of his loved ones.”
16. “Rumpelstiltskin may be a master of deals, but he’s also quite manipulative.”
17. “Gingy may be a cookie, but he’s also got a lot of gumption.”
18. “Shrek and Donkey may bicker, but they’re also the best of friends.”
19. “The Big Bad Wolf may be scary, but he’s also got a sensitive side.”
20. “Shrek and Fiona’s love story is both unconventional and heartwarming.”

“Ogre and Over Again: Recursive Puns on Shrek Jokes”

1. Why did Shrek cross the road? To get to the ogre side.
2. What do you call a nervous Shrek? A bundle of nerves and onions.
3. Why did Shrek go to art school? To learn how to draw his own swamp.
4. What did Shrek say to the onion when it made him cry? “Donkeeeeey!”
5. Why did Fiona always win at board games? She was always ogre-prepared.
6. What did Shrek say when Donkey asked him if he was feeling down? “No, I’m just feeling a little green.”
7. How does Shrek like his steak cooked? Ogre medium.
8. Why did Shrek refuse to get a job in marketing? He didn’t want to be known as a sell-your-soul-to-the-Farquaad type.
9. What do you call an alligator in a swamp with Shrek? An og-reptile.
10. Why did Shrek never leave his swamp? It was his ogre-nic garden.
11. Why did Donkey win the race against Shrek? He had a carrot at the finish line.
12. What did Shrek say when he got stuck in a hole? I guess ogres can dig.
13. What do you call it when Shrek creates a painting? Ogerot.
14. What do you call Shrek’s favorite sport? Ogre-ball.
15. Why did Shrek start a baking business? He had a lot of ogre-time on his hands.
16. What do you call Shrek’s dual personality? An Ogre-And-Over again.
17. What do you call Shrek’s favorite form of entertainment? Ogre-vision.
18. Why did Shrek never buy a boat? He preferred his own swamp deck-oration.
19. How does Shrek tell time? On his Ogre-watch.
20. What did Donkey say to Shrek when he lost his voice? “Looks like you’re having an ogre-whelming silence.”

Ogre the Top: Punnery with Shrek Clichés!

1. “Better out than in” said Shrek after a hearty burp.
2. “It’s not ogre until I say it’s ogre.”
3. “What are you doing in my swamp?” asked Shrek, when he found Donkey swimming in his pond.
4. “Fiona and I are over, we’re not on ogre terms.”
5. “I don’t give a Tootsie Roll!” said Gingy the Gingerbread Man.
6. “Who knew ogres could be such GR-R-REAT friends?” said the Tiger, after befriending Shrek.
7. “Don’t judge a book by its cover, especially if it’s a fairy tale book!” – Shrek
8. “This is the bit where you run away!” said Shrek, as he intimidated Lord Farquaad.
9. “I need a hero! I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the week, he’s gotta be strong and he’s gotta be swift… ” sang Fiona, hoping for a knight in shining armor to come rescue her.
10. “Somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me, I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed,” sang Donkey, when Shrek asked him to stop talking.
11. “Life is like a box of onions, you never know what you’re gonna get,” said Shrek.
12. “I’m not a princess, I’m an ogre!” said Fiona, correcting Prince Charming’s assumption.
13. “There’s no place like home, especially when your home is a swamp!” said Shrek.
14. “It’s not about the size of your castle, it’s about the size of your heart!” said Shrek to Princess Fiona.
15. It’s time to rock the dragon, I mean, slay the dragon!” said Donkey.
16. “I’m on a roll, I’m on a roll, I’m on a roll… with butter!” said the Gingerbread Man.
17. “Let’s get ready to rumble, I mean, tussle!” said Shrek to Donkey, gearing up for a fight.
18. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most ogre-ly of them all?” said Shrek to his reflection.
19. “I don’t do mornings, I’m an ogre for Pete’s sake!” said Shrek, huffing and puffing.
20. “I’m not going to sugarcoat it, but my best friend is a donkey,” said Shrek, nonchalantly.

We hope you enjoyed these ogre-the-top Shrek puns and that they made you laugh your swamps off! But don’t stop here – our website is filled with other puns that’ll have you ROARing with laughter. Thank you for visiting, and may puns continue to brighten up your day!

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