Crow Puns Galore: 200+ Hilarious Bird Wordplay to Make You Caw with Laughter

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Have you ever heard a crow tell a joke? Neither have we, but we’ve got a whole murder of puns to keep you entertained! This collection of over 200 crow puns will have you cawing with laughter. Whether you’re a bird enthusiast or just need a good laugh, these witty wordplays will have you chirping with delight. From raven jokes to crow quips, we’ve got them all. So, grab a beak and get ready to swoop in on some seriously funny crow humor. Without further ado, let’s take flight into the world of crow puns!

“Crowing About these Hilarious Crow Puns” (Editors Pick)

1. Why did the crow go to the gym? To work on its pe-crow-ls.
2. What’s a crow’s favorite song? I Want to Crowck and Roll All Night” by KISS.
3. What do you call a crow that’s a fashionista? A crowcouture.
4. Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was out-standing in his field, just like the crow.
5. What do you call a group of crows playing poker? A murder of crows playing cards.
6. Why did the crow refuse a job as a cook? He said the idea of crow-met made him uncomfortable.
7. What do you call a crow that’s in a bad mood? Fowl-tempered.
8. Why don’t crows like talking on the phone? They always get raven about the wrong things.
9. What do you call a hipster crow? A crowsby stills nash and young one.
10. Why did the crow break up with his bird girlfriend? She was raven-ous for attention.
11. What’s the crow’s favorite game show? Family Feathers.
12. Why don’t crows wear shoes? Because they have talons.
13. What do you call a crow that’s a fan of country music? Cow-crow.
14. Why do crows love Halloween? They can dress up as other birds and no one will be the wiser.
15. What do you call a really fancy crow? A crow-quette.
16. Why did the crow get a ticket? He was pecking in a no-parking zone.
17. Why did the crow refuse to fly south for the winter? He said it was for the birds.
18. What do you call a crow that’s in love? A lovebird.
19. Why did the crow cross the playground? To get to the other slide.
20. What do you call a crow that’s a comedian? A caw-median.

Crow-ing with Laughter (One-liner Puns)

1. Why did the crow cross the road? To prove he wasn’t chicken.
2. What do you call a group of crows that loves pasta? Fett-u-crow-ni.
3. Why don’t crows play hide and seek? Because they’re always cawing out loud.
4. What did the crow say to his partner during a romantic dinner? “I love us together, we’re just murder.”
5. Why did the crow become a bartender? To earn a little extra caw-sh.
6. What did the bird say when it found out it was in a bad movie? “Caw-awsh!”
7. Why don’t you mess with a crow? They always remember who wronged them.
8. What does a crow say when it gets mad? “Caw out of my way!”
9. How do you make a crow laugh? Just wing it.
10. What do crows wear to a party? Talon-ted costumes.
11. Why was the crow banned from the magic shop? Because it kept caw’ing open secrets.
12. What kind of bird plays basketball? A slam crow.
13. Why did the crow go to the barbershop? To get a hawk-ward moment fixed.
14. What do you call a crow that’s good with technology? A Cyber-caw.
15. Why do crows have a hard time making friends? Because most birds find them un-flock-able.
16. What’s a crow’s favorite kind of pizza? Fly-er-ro.
17. What did the crow say when it heard its favorite song on the radio? “That’s my jam, caw-n’t believe it!”
18. What do you call a group of crows that only eat healthy foods? A kale-caw.
19. What kind of car does a crow drive? A CR-roadster.
20. Why did the crow go on a date with the owl? They were both up for a hoot-enanny.

Caw-some Brain Teasers (Question-and-Answer Puns) with Crow Puns!

1. What do you call a group of singing crows? A crow-usc choir!
2. Why did the crow become a comedian? He loved a good caw-medic timing!
3. How does a crow style his feathers? With a crow-bar!
4. What do you call a crow that’s a prodigy? A caw-genius!
5. How can you tell if a crow is homesick? It starts tweeting!
6. Why did the crow get kicked off the soccer team? It kept crow-ching!
7. Why did the crow get a tattoo? It wanted to be more crow-ative!
8. What do crows like to study in school? Crow-nomics!
9. What did the crow say to the scarecrow? Nice straw-king with ya!
10. Why did the crow refuse to eat the hamburger? It wasn’t crow-tally worth it!
11. How do crows communicate over long distances? With crow-pid technology!
12. What do you call a crow who’s great at sports? A crow-athlete!
13. Why did the crow join a rock band? It wanted to be a crow-star!
14. What do you call a crow with a cold? Crow-grats!
15. Why did the crow refuse to go to the party? There was some fowl play involved!
16. What did the crow say when it won first place in the talent show? Thank you, thank you, I’m crow-struck!
17. How does a crow order its coffee? With a crow-dash of cream!
18. Why don’t crows use social media? They prefer to communicate with crow-quettes!
19. What do you call a crow that’s always changing its mind? A crow-nundrum!
20. How do crows celebrate Halloween? They go trick-or-crow-ting!

“Fly High with these Caw-tastic Double Entendre Crow Puns”

1. “Why did the crow join the gym? To work on its peck-er muscles.”
2. “What do you call a group of crows that love to party? A murder of flirtation.”
3. “Did you hear about the crow who went to church? He was feeling very crow-ful.”
4. “Why did the crow visit the fortune teller? To find out if he was going to have a murder-ful night.”
5. What did the crow say to the other crow in bed? Crow-mate, we’re ruffling feathers tonight.”
6. “Why do crows never get caught cheating? Because they always have a murder-der when their significant other gets cawght.”
7. “Why did the crow cross the road? To get to the other murder.”
8. “What do you call a philosophical crow? A crow-thinker.”
9. What does a crow and a dentist have in common? They both love to crowd around a cavity.”
10. “What do you call a crow with a cold? A crow-sick.”
11. “Why did the crow refuse to reveal its favorite music artist? It didn’t want to raven anyone the wrong way.”
12. “Why do crows hate politicians? They find all the crow-ruption unsettling.”
13. What do you call a crow that steals jewelry? A crow-burglar.”
14. “Why do crows always wear black? They’re mourning the loss of all their bird friends they’ve lost to windows.”
15. “What did the crow say when it found a worm? “I’m starting a murder-der investigation.”
16. “Did you hear about the crow who tried to rob a bank? He had a crow-bar.”
17. “What do you call a crow that’s lost its voice? A hoarse crow.”
18. “Why do crows always have excellent vocabulary? They’re experts at bird-wording things.”
19. “What do you call a competition between two crows? A crowffle.”
20. “Why did the crow break up with his girlfriend? He needed some crow-sing time.”

Crow’s Quips (Puns in Crow Idioms)

1. A crowbar always has a crow’s beak
2. The early bird catches the worm, but the early crow gets the corn
3. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, but a crow’s feathers might be useful
4. Out of the frying pan and into the crow’s mouth
5. Don’t count your crows before they’re hatched
6. One man’s trash is another crow’s treasure
7. A bird in the hand is worth two crows in the bush
8. When life gives you lemons, make crow-ade
9. It’s easier to catch a cold than a crow
10. It’s always darkest before the crow crows
11. Curiosity killed the crow, but satisfaction brought it back
12. A penny for your thoughts, a crow for your troubles
13. It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you’re surrounded by turkeys and crows
14. When in Rome, do as the crows do
15. A crow may build its nest wherever it pleases, but a man’s home is his castle
16. Actions speak louder than crows
17. A rolling stone gathers no crows
18. In the land of the crows, the one-eyed bird is king
19. A watched crow never flies
20. All that glitters is not crow feathers.

Caw-medy Central (Pun Juxtaposition): A Flock of Crow Puns

1. The crow felt embarrassed when it was caught stealing material for its nest, it was really having a bird brick moment.
2. The crow dentist was great at picking at teeth, but his favorite tool was always a crow-bar.
3. Crow’s cousin who worked at the pet store wasn’t a big fan of birds, they were always raven on about something.
4. Despite not having a degree, the crow was successful in business because it was a natural talon-t.
5. The crow always got into political arguments with its friends, but it never ended in anything productive because they always just ended up being a Parliament of Fowls.
6. The crow always flew to warmer climates for the winter, it was a true snow bird.
7. The crow always had a funny joke up its sleeve that would make its friends egg-static.
8. The crow players were always good at caw-mouflage.
9. When the crow became a monk, it was hard for it to let go of material things because it liked shiny objects and was a hoarder the crow-nicles.
10. The crow was really good at finding lost jewelry because it always had a hawk eye for things.
11. When the crow’s phone broke, it said “Well, this is just un-for-talon.”
12. The crow was an expert in archeology, especially in finding buried trea-crow.
13. The crow meteorologist was a master of puns, it would always say, “the caw-nditions are perfect today.”
14. When the crow was mad at the cat, it said, “You’re ruining the purr-reputation of the whole neighborhood!”
15. The crow yoga instructor was known for its “Caw-maste” greeting.
16. The crow musician’s biggest hit was called “A Murder of Crows,” which was a huge aviary hit.
17. The crow accountant was really good with numbers, but it loved to wing it sometimes.
18. The crow athlete was known for its crow-lift and crow-cessional walk.
19. The crow magician was always the life of the party, it was great at presti-crow-digitation.
20. When the crow was asked if it was a morning person, it said, “Caw-feen first, then we’ll talk.”

Crow-nly the Best Puns (Puns on Crow Names)

1. Caw-liflower
2. Crow-ssant
3. Crow’s Nest Cafe
4. Croweteria
5. Crowk and Dagger
6. Crowning Glory Salon
7. Crowder College
8. Jim Crow’s Law Firm
9. Crow-vair
10. Croweberry Farm
11. Crow & Arrow Brewery
12. Mr. Crowtato Head
13. Crow-mopolitan
14. Crowning Touch Hair Design
15. Crowntree Apartments
16. Crow-zy Daisy Boutique
17. Crowndee Landscaping
18. Crow’s Foot Inn
19. Crow’llywood Video
20. Crow-nage a Trois Wine Bar

Kawing All Crow-nerisms (Spoonerisms with Crow Puns)

1. Slow crow instead of Crow’s slow
2. Pear of crows instead of Pair of crows
3. Crow who jokes instead of Joe who croaks
4. Crow’s feet instead of Throw’s seat
5. Toe of crows instead of Crow of toes
6. Crow-asting couch instead of Casting couch
7. Crow’s nest instead of Snow’s crest
8. Crowded room instead of Clouded room
9. Crow’s coach instead of Low’s coach
10. Crow party instead of Pro car-ti
11. Crow choir instead of Row choir
12. Crow the dart instead of Throw the card
13. Mow the crow instead of Crow the mow
14. Crowning achievement instead of Ownning achievement
15. Crow the dice instead of Throw the price
16. Crowded town instead of Towered crown
17. Crow-eating grin instead of Cheshire grin
18. Crow-ning glory instead of Crowning glory
19. Crow Storm instead of Snow Storm
20. Crow Canyon instead of Wow Canyon

Caw Humorous Comments (Tom Swifties)

1. “I love watching crows,” Tom said observantly.
2. “You stole my crow!” Tom cried murderously.
3. “My favorite bird is not the crow,” Tom stated caw-lessly.
4. “This crow’s beak looks peculiar,” Tom said curiously.
5. “I’ve been counting crows,” Tom said numerically.
6. “I used to hate crows,” Tom said crowingly.
7. “This crow reminds me of my uncle,” Tom said crowingly.
8. “Crows make interesting sounds,” Tom cawed.
9. “This crow is really annoying,” Tom said murderously.
10. I’ll have to study crows more,” Tom said intellectually.
11. “I have a pet crow,” Tom said avian romantically.
12. “I’m a great fan of crows,” Tom said ornithologically.
13. “These crows look like they’re gossiping,” Tom said squawk-y.
14. “Crows are always flexible,” exclaimed Tom elastically.
15. “This crow is eating my fries,” Tom said ravenously.
16. “This crow’s feathers are tickling me,” Tom said peevishly.
17. “I’m too scared to approach that crow,” Tom said gingerly.
18. “This crow is quite the attention-seeker,” Tom said egotistically.
19. “I don’t understand what these crows are saying,” Tom said unintelligibly.
20. “These crows look like they’re up to something,” Tom said conspiratorially.

Cawing Contradictions: Oxymoronic Crow Puns

1. Why did the crow quit his job? He was tired of being a murder suspect.
2. Why did the nest of crows form a committee? To solve their murder.
3. Why are crows bad actors? They always caw their lines.
4. Why did the crow go to Hollywood? To become a starling.
5. Why did the crow convert to vegetarianism? He wanted to be flighter and stronger.
6. Why do scarecrows like crow puns so much? Because they always make them cackle.
7. Why don’t crows ever get lost? They always remember to feather the GPS.
8. Why are crows always so dramatic? They love to squawk and awe.
9. Why did the crow cross the road? To prove he wasn’t chicken.
10. Why did the crow get kicked out of the library? He was a notorious booka-caw.
11. Why do crows like to travel in pairs? Because two’s a murder.
12. Why did the crow’s band break up? It was hard to find a drummer who could play the caw bells.
13. Why did the crow go to the casino? To play black-caw.
14. Why did the crow take up skateboarding? He wanted to do some extreme squawking.
15. Why is a crow’s favorite holiday Thanksgiving? So he can stuff his beak with bird seed.
16. Why are crows usually good dancers? They have great talon-t.
17. Why did the crow get kicked off the farm? He kept picking on the farmers.
18. Why did the crow lose at poker? He didn’t have any joker-caws.
19. Why did the crow sell his car? He heard it had a bad crow-boration.
20. Why did the crows create a web company? They wanted to make sure they had a murder site.

Caw-some Crow Words (Recursive Crow Puns)

1. Why did the crow go on vacation? To get away from the crow-d.
2. Why did the crow get a crown? Because he was a crow-ning achievement.
3. Why did the crow go to the library? To check out some books on crow-nology.
4. Why did the crow go to the gym? To work on his crow-tation.
5. Why did the crow join a choir? To learn how to crow-monize with others.
6. Why did the crow join a cooking class? To learn how to make crow-quembouche.
7. Why did the crow enroll in a writing course? To improve his crow-tic abilities.
8. Why did the crow audition for a musical? To show off his crow-d control.
9. Why did the crow take up boxing? To improve his crow-ss.
10. Why did the crow sign up for a psychology class? To learn about the laws of crow-nition.
11. Why did the crow call dibs on the nest? Because he wanted to be crow-nered.
12. Why did the crow get his beak wet? To crow-hydrate.
13. Why did the crow participate in the spelling bee? To show off his crow-spelling.
14. Why did the crow open a bar? To specialize in crow-a-lulu cocktails.
15. Why did the crow become a fashion designer? To help the crow-d look their best.
16. Why did the crow become an architect? To design the best crow-munity possible.
17. Why did the crow take up painting? To create crow-ative masterpieces.
18. Why did the crow participate in a science fair? To showcase his crow-tative thinking.
19. Why did the crow get a job as a receptionist? To improve his phone crow-trol.
20. Why did the crow become a motivational speaker? To crow-mote positive change.

Crow-tchy Phrases: Puns on Cliches About Crows

1. “Crow’s feet might be a sign of aging, but they’re a welcome sight for a bird watcher.”
2. “Two crows are better than one, especially when it comes to stealing shiny objects.”
3. “When life gives you lemons, add some crow feathers for a unique garnish.”
4. “Crowded places make me nervous, but a group of crows is a murder waiting to happen.”
5. “Winning the lottery is like finding a needle in a haystack, while crows find shiny trinkets easily.”
6. “Crowing about your achievements may not win you friends, but it will attract other crows.”
7. “A penny saved is a penny earned, but a shiny object saved is a shiny object hoarded by crows.”
8. “One man’s trash is another crow’s treasure.”
9. “When the going gets tough, the tough get cawing.”
10. “Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was this crow’s nest.”
11. “Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it left the crow with a shiny new toy.”
12. “Bigger isn’t always better, but a bigger group of crows means more shiny objects to steal.”
13. Time flies when you’re having fun, but a crow can snatch a watch mid-flight.
14. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, unless you’re a crow scavenging for food.
15. “The early bird catches the worm, but the late crow gets the last laugh.”
16. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do, but when in a group of crows, steal as many shiny objects as possible.”
17. “It’s always darkest before the dawn, but crows thrive in the dark shadows.”
18. “Jack of all trades, master of none, but a crow can master stealing shiny objects.”
19. “When the cat’s away, the crows come out to play and steal.”
20. “A watched pot never boils, but a watched crow always steals something shiny.”

In conclusion, we hope that these crow puns have left you cawing with laughter! If you’re hungry for more bird wordplay, be sure to check out some of the other puns on our website. Thank you for taking the time to visit and enjoy these feathered puns with us!

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