220 Wildly Entertaining Safari Puns to Unleash Your Inner Big Cat’titude

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Get ready to unleash your inner pun-derful self with these wildly entertaining safari puns! Whether you’re a fan of the big cats, the majestic elephants, or the curious giraffes, we’ve got a pun for you. From lion around to cheetah-ing on, these puns will have you roaring with laughter. So, pack your bags, grab your binoculars, and get ready to embark on a pun-tastic safari adventure. We’ve curated a list of over 200 puns to help you showcase your big ‘cat’titude and make your friends and family laugh until they’re striped with tears. And, if you’re really on the prowl for some fun, challenge yourself to include these puns in your next conversation or social media post. Let’s get punning!

Roar with Laughter: Safari Puns for Your Next Adventure (Editors Pick)

1. I went on a safari and all I got was this lousy elephant pun.
2. If you’re going on a safari, don’t forget to pack your trunks!
3. I asked my safari guide if he could take me to the elephant graveyard, but he said it was a trunk road.
4. Why are lions bad at crafts? Because they’re always a-bush with their projects.
5. The safari guide told us to be quiet around the antelopes because they could hear a pin drop!
6. My safari guide asked me if I wanted to see a cheetah and I said, “Sure, but I don’t think I can catch her.
7. Why did the zebra cross the road twice? Because he was a stripe-switcher.
8. My safari guide told me to watch out for the hippos, they’re always a bit hippo-critical.
9. When I saw an ostrich on safari, I asked the guide if it was okay to bird-watch. She replied, “No problem! Just don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
10. Safari guides can outrun cheetahs – they really know how to hoof it.
11. Why don’t giraffes play soccer? Because they always get a neck-ache from looking up.
12. Why did the elephant go on a safari? To get a trunk-load of adventure!
13. I took a picture of a lion on safari and I think it came out blurry. It must have had too many “fur-ocious” moves!
14. Why don’t elephants use computers? They’re too scared of the mouse.
15. I saw a group of hyenas on safari and I was frightened at first, but then I realized they were just laughing hyena… get it?
16. Why was the lion afraid of the cheetah? Because it was two tired!
17. Did you hear about the leopard who had plastic surgery? He lost his spots!
18. Why don’t hippos need to go to the gym? They’re already hippopotamus!
19. How do you organize a safari party? Invite all your lion-est friends!
20. Why did the gorilla break into the safari camp? He wanted to go bananas!

Wild Wordplay (One-liner Puns for Safari Lovers)

1. Why did the lion refuse to go on the safari? Because he heard there was a cheetah there.
2. Did you hear about the elephant who was always lost on safari? He had terrible direction, he couldn’t find his way tusk after tusk.
3. What do you call a group of camels on safari? A hump day expedition.
4. Why did the giraffe refuse to go on the safari? He was afraid of getting in over his head.
5. Why did the elephant go on a raw food diet during his safari? He didn’t want to gain too much trunks.
6. What do you call a safari-themed dance party? A wild and whiskerish boogie.
7. Why did the snake go on a safari? He wanted to hear the jungle hiss-teria.
8. What do you call a lazy safari guide? A big game sofa-sitting specialist.
9. Why was the monkey the best guide on the safari? He knew how to swing into action.
10. Why do lions never play poker on safari? Too many cheetahs.
11. What do you call a group of safari photographers? Snappy travelers.
12. How does a lion greet his safari guests? With a high paw.
13. What do you call a safari guide who’s an expert on giraffes? The neck whisperer.
14. Why did the zebra go on safari? He was interested in the stripes of the Serengeti.
15. What do you call a group of hippos on safari? A pod of perkiness.
16. Why did the elephant get kicked out of the safari lodge? He was in trunk and disorderly.
17. Why did the leopard fail at selling safaris? He was always spotted on.
18. What do you call a lion with a dizzy spell while on safari? A dis-oriented big cat.
19. How did the wildebeest feel when he went on a safari date? Gnu and improved.
20. Why did the baboon take an extra banana on the safari? Because it was a-peel-ing.

Roaming Riddles (Question-and-Answer Puns about Safaris)

1. What do you call a lion in a raincoat? A drizzly cat.
2. What do you call a group of rhinos in a band? A rockin’ herd.
3. Why don’t giraffes ever get invited to parties? Because they’re always a-head.
4. What do you call a safari hide-and-seek game? Jungle Japes.
5. What’s a zebra’s favorite game? Black and white chess.
6. How does a lion organize a dance party? With a roar-kay band.
7. What do you call a baby bear that goes on a safari adventure? A cub scout.
8. What do you call a mischievous leopard? A cats-canoe.
9. Why did the monkeys break up? They couldn’t find the right humour-swing.
10. Why did the cheetah break up with his girlfriend? He thought she was too much of a copy-cat.
11. How does an elephant hide in the jungle? It paints its toenails red and hides in the cherry trees.
12. What do you call a shadowy threat during a safari? A hippo-tamous danger.
13. Why did the snake give up running in a marathon? It’s a hiss-toric occasion.
14. What’s a giraffe’s favorite book? The Old Man and the Seal.
15. What is the fastest way to get into a lion’s enclosure? Through the lion’s den-tist.
16. Why did the lion get lost in the jungle? He ignored the Pride GPS.
17. What do you call a lion’s mane that isn’t tamed? A shaggy sort.
18. What’s an elephant’s favorite kind of sandwich? Pea-nut butter and jelly.
19. How do you make an elephant float? By adding two scoops of ice cream, soda, and a cherry on top.
20. What do you call a gorilla that’s always eating chips? A chipmunk.

Punning Your Way Through the Jungle (Double Entendre Safari Puns)

1. When hunting on a safari, always remember to aim for the wild bushes and trees, not the kind in your pants.
2. Going on a safari is like going on a first date – both involve lions, tigers, and bears.
3. The only thing we had on our safari was a corny pair of binoculars. That’s right – cheesy optics.
4. If you see a giraffe on safari, don’t try to wrap your head around it.
5. Lions and tigers on a safari? I’m feline ready for it.
6. On safari, it’s important to always keep your rangers close and your enemies closer.
7. Going on a safari doesn’t require any lion around.
8. If you’re on a safari and see two rhinos fighting, that’s just horny.
9. A safari isn’t complete without getting in touch with your inner wild side.
10. On a safari, beware of the wildebeests – they can be pretty horny.
11. Why did the lioness never wear lipstick on safari? Because she always had a pride, just like a member of royalty.
12. When making plans to go on a safari, make sure to pack lightly – you don’t want to be weighed down like an elephant.
13. The real lions on a safari are the people who drive their 1992 Honda Civics 10 miles per hour over the speed limit.
14. On a safaris, bird watching can be quite arousing.
15. When on a safari, it’s important to never bite off more than you can cheetah.
16. In case of lion attacks, remember to stick together – safety in meowerds.
17. On a safari, the elephant in the room is always the largest, most impressive animal in the pack.
18. When a cheetah’s running at you on a safari, the only question is whether you should have had your coffee before or after the chase.
19. When going on a safari, it’s important to always keep your wits about you, or else you might just be a lamb to the slaughter.
20. The best part of going on a safari is the lemurgasmic views.

Safari So Good: Punny Idioms for Your Next Wildlife Adventure

1. Let’s hit the savannah and make some wild memories.
2. We’re in for a roaring good time on this safari.
3. This trip is going to be cheetah-rific.
4. Time to pack your bags and go on a jungle adventure.
5. The heat is on, let’s go on a safari.
6. We’re going on a wild goose chase through the Serengeti.
7. I’m not lion when I say this trip is going to be amazing.
8. It’s time to paws and appreciate the beauty of nature.
9. This safari is the mane event of the year.
10. Let’s take a walk on the wild side and embark on a safari.
11. Don’t be a scaredy-cat, let’s go on a safari.
12. Buckle up, we’re going on a bumpy safari.
13. I’m feline good about this safari.
14. Let’s put this safari on our bucket list.
15. It’s going to be an elephantastic adventure.
16. The safari is just a whisker away, let’s go.
17. We’re going to have a wildlife experience like no otter.
18. Don’t monkey around, let’s go on a safari.
19. We can’t beat around the bush, let’s just go on a safari already.
20. It’s time to take a walk on the wild side.

Lion Around with These Safari Pun Juxtapositions

1. I wanted a lion for a pet, but it was too much of a mane-tanance.
2. The giraffes were acting strange, I guess you could say they were acting a bit giraffe-ti.
3. We couldn’t find the monkeys on the safari tour, they must have gone ape-like.
4. The zebras were running wild, I guess they just needed a little bit of Zeb-Rest.
5. Saw a cheetah at the safari, he was so fast he was going to be late for his cheetahing appointment.
6. We saw a pack of hyenas on the safari, they were really putting on a hyna-good show.
7. The hippos were in a really bad mood, they just needed a little bit of poetry-hippo-therapy.
8. The rhinos on the safari were acting crazy, I guess you could say they were a bit rhino-certified.
9. We saw a leopard, it was un-leopardable how beautiful he was.
10. The monkeys were going wild, I guess they just needed a little monkey business.
11. We saw an elephant on the safari, he was the elephant in the room.
12. The cheetahs were running so fast, they were almost cheetahing death.
13. We saw a lion on the safari, he was lion down for a nap.
14. The tigers were out on the safari, they were really tiger-tastic.
15. We saw a snake on the safari, he was hiss-sterical.
16. The giraffes were sticking their heads out, I guess they were just feeling a little giraffe-ti.
17. We saw a pack of wolves on the safari, they were really wolfing down their dinner.
18. The rhinos were causing a stir, they sure could rhino-sore.
19. We saw a monkey in a tree, he was really monkeying around.
20. The lions were on a break from hunting, they were just lion around.

Safari So Goodie (Puns in Safari Names)

1. Lional Messi Lion Safari
2. Kodak Moment at the Safari Park
3. Wild Bill’s Safari Ride
4. Savannah Lovelace Resort
5. Jeepers Creepers Safari Tours
6. Jungle Jane’s Outfitters
7. Zebra Wood Lodge
8. Tiger King’s Safari Park
9. The Great White Shark Safari Company
10. Crocodile Rock Resort
11. Elephantastic Adventures
12. Rhino Rodeo Safari Tours
13. Monkey Business Motel
14. Hippo-critical Hip Safari Park
15. Giraffe-tastic Lodge
16. Beary Nice Explorations
17. Gazellezers Excursions
18. Wildebeest Lodge & Spa
19. Leapin’ Leopard Tours
20. Cheetah Print Lodging.

Jungle Jumbles: A Safari Spoonerism Spectacle

1. Rire ladder, king of the jangle
2. Lurfing ungry hises on the safari
3. Batched a ducks on a fire
4. Liger on the lunt
5. Jampoured jifari nuke
6. Sire biggle muzzle mimes
7. Tusk in dimlight
8. Fesert dlowers
9. Hideser lautobahn
10. Gouvernor estures in hodoscupe
11. Loursing east’s chion
12. Dazzling barrysons
13. Noctooly wour owls
14. Rascally swabbits
15. Rarly herds
16. Hazy zyders on the jalf
17. Boughs of zebra
18. Caming penelope
19. Fighting goldos
20. Crabramys on the tundra.

Wildly Witty Safari Sayings (Tom Swifties)

1. “I can’t bear to see any more animals,” said Tom treacherously.
2. “This elephant is too big to fit in the car,” said Tom ideally.
3. “I hope we don’t get attacked by the lions,” said Tom pridefully.
4. I’m feeling prickly after that encounter with the porcupine,” said Tom pointedly.
5. “I don’t think my sunscreen is working,” said Tom rashly.
6. “We need to travel farther into the jungle,” said Tom wildly.
7. “I feel like a bird watching these beautiful creatures,” said Tom albatrossly.
8. “We need to take a detour around that dangerous area,” said Tom circuitously.
9. “I’m getting really tired of these mosquitoes,” said Tom irritably.
10. “This safari is so expensive,” said Tom extravagantly.
11. “I hope we find some rare animals soon,” said Tom hopefully.
12. I need to capture this moment with my camera,” said Tom snapshots.
13. “I can’t wait to explore deeper into the savannah,” said Tom expansively.
14. “I’m really enjoying this game drive,” said Tom gamely.
15. “This tour guide knows so much about the African wildlife,” said Tom knowledgeably.
16. “These binoculars are really helping me see the animals better,” said Tom farsightedly.
17. “I feel like a true explorer on this journey,” said Tom adventurously.
18. “I hope we can see a cheetah run,” said Tom swiftly.
19. “I’m getting slightly lost in this vast wilderness,” said Tom directionlessly.
20. I need to mark this spot on my map,” said Tom cartographically.

Lion-ly Delightful Safari Puns (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. “Did you hear about the safari guide who was afraid of animals? He was a real oxymoron.”
2. “That leopard was all bark and no bite – a true jungle paradox.”
3. “I saw a giraffe running full speed today. It was a tall order.”
4. “The hippo moved surprisingly gracefully – it was quite the hefty ballet dancer.”
5. “What’s black and white and can’t decide if it’s on a safari or a chessboard? A zebra.”
6. “The lion thought he was the king of the safari, but he was really more of a jungle jester.”
7. “The jungle can be a dangerous place, but for those who survive it, it’s a real oxymoronic paradise.”
8. “The safari tour guide told us not to feed the animals, but he gave us all free safari snacks – talk about a conflicting message.”
9. The antelope seemed to be running in slow motion – it was a real speedy tortoise.
10. “They say the early bird catches the worm, but the early safari goers catch the animals in action.”
11. “The monkey was swinging from tree to tree, showing off his acrobatic skills – a real lazy show-off.”
12. The safari jeep was stuck in mud up to its axles – not exactly an off-road vehicle.
13. “The elephant was trying to balance on a tightrope – quite the heavy lightweight.”
14. “The rhino was flaunting his agility, which was quite the oxymoronic sight.”
15. “The safari guide told us to blend in with our surroundings, so we all put on brightly colored clothes – a real camouflage conundrum.”
16. “The cheetah was lightning-fast – a true snail racer.”
17. “The ostrich was buried headfirst in the sand – it was a real sight for soar eyes.”
18. “The zebra was trying to do the moonwalk like Michael Jackson – quite the black and white tribute.”
19. The safari guide told us to watch out for snakes while we were on a lion hunt – a real contradiction in terms.
20. “I saw a monkey teaching a lion how to climb trees – quite the opposites attract scenario.”

Safari So Good: A Recursive Pundventure in the Wild!

1. Why did the lion cross the road? To get to the other pride.

2. What do you call a group of giraffes that sings together? A har-moose-ony.

3. What do you call a hippo that dances? A hipp-hop-potamus.

4. What do you call a rhino who is always late? A tardy-ceratops.

5. Of all the wild animals, which one is the most talkative? The giraffiti.

6. What do you call it when a herd of elephants sing together? Trunk harmony.

7. What do you call a group of crocodiles that work together? A snap team.

8. What do you call a cheetah that has lost its voice? A mute-antelope.

9. What do you call a group of monkeys that love to read? An ape-tome.

10. What do you call a python that has trouble telling the truth? A hiss-terical snake.

11. What do you call a lion in a courtroom? A roarin’ judge.

12. Why did the gazelle break up with the lion? He had a cheetah on her.

13. What do you call a group of meerkats that design buildings? An archi-cats.

14. What do you call a hippo that loves to sing? A melodious potamus.

15. What do you call a rhino that never gives up? A perse-verance.

16. What do you call a lion that loves to cook? A sauté-ri.

17. Why did the elephant break up with her boyfriend? He was trunk-calling other girls.

18. What do you call a group of vultures that watch a lot of TV? Couch scavengers.

19. What do you call a monkey that’s always late? A tardy-ngutan.

20. What do you call a group of zebras that have a lot of friends? Social-stripes.

Lion Around with these Witty Safari Puns (Cliches, Beware!)

1. “What did the lion say when he saw the tourists? It’s mealtime!”
2. “I went on a safari but I couldn’t find any wild animals. It was just a safari so-so.”
3. Why did the elephant wear sunglasses on his safari? To not be recognized.”
4. “What did the lion say about the zebra’s new outfit? It’s a little stripey for my taste.”
5. “Why did the snake go on a safari? He wanted to see the hiss-toric landmarks.”
6. “Why did the giraffe break up with his girlfriend? She was just too high maintenance.”
7. “What do you call a safari guide with a cold? A gir-achoo!”
8. “Why don’t cheetahs play poker in the jungle? Too many cheetahs.”
9. “What do you call a lion that likes to play mind games? A mane-ipulator.”
10. “What does a safari guide use to measure distance? A giraffestick.”
11. “Why did the elephant get lost during his safari? Because he forgot to pack his trunk.”
12. “Why do lions never win at chess in the jungle? Too many cheetahs.”
13. “Why do elephants make great detectives? They never forget a clue.”
14. “What’s an elephant’s favorite safari drink? Trunk-ade.”
15. “What did the zebra say to his friend? You’re my main mane, bro.”
16. “Why don’t lions eat clowns on safari? They taste funny.”
17. “What do you call a confident lion on a safari? Roar-some.”
18. “Why do hippopotamuses like to go on safaris? They enjoy being on the hippo-thin-est edge.”
19. “What do you call a crocodile that’s good at math? A calculator-dile.”
20. “Why don’t monkeys go on safari alone? They always need someone to tail them.

So whether you’re planning your next safari adventure, or just want to add some wild ‘cat’titude to your day, we hope these puns have got you roaring with laughter. And if you’re hungry for more animal-themed wordplay, be sure to check out our other pun-tastic articles on the website. Thank you for taking the time to visit, and we hope to see you again soon!

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