220 Hilarious Batman Puns That Will Make Every Dark Knight Chuckle

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Holy puns, Batman! If you’re a fan of the Caped Crusader and love a good laugh, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you over 200 hilarious Batman puns that are guaranteed to make the Dark Knight himself crack a smile. From Joker jokes to Robin rib-ticklers, our collection has it all. Whether you’re a comic book geek, movie buff, or just love good wordplay, these puns are sure to be a hit. To the Batcave we go! Get ready to don your cowl, grab your utility belt, and prepare to laugh your way through Gotham City with our collection of the best Batman puns around.

“Batty for Batman: The Best Batman Pun Selection” (Editors Pick)

1. Why did Batman take additional security while trading stocks? Because he didn’t want to lose his BAT-ties.
2. What do you call Batman if he skips church? Christian Bale.
3. Why did Batman refuse to help his friend fix his bike? Because he prefers to ride in the BATmobile.
4. Why did Batman run through the airport with his shirt off? Because he lost his Bruce Wayne!
5. What did Batman say to Robin before they got in the car? Robin, get in the car!
6. Why did Batman go alone to the prom? Because his parents were both dead.
7. What is Batman’s favorite fruit? Ba-na-na-na-na-na-na.
8. What do you call the Dark Knight when he’s running down the street in his underwear? The Cape Crusader.
9. Why did Bruce Wayne get a new phone? Because he dropped his old one in the BAThtub.
10. Why did the Joker refuse to fight Batman at the circus? Because he was afra-aid of his bataclown.
11. What’s the difference between Batman and a robber? Batman can go into a store without Robin.
12. Why does Batman always win at baseball? Because he’s good at bat-man-ship.
13. What do you call Batman’s favorite poetry style? Free-BAT-Verse.
14. Why did Batman not go to college? Because he already had a BAT degree.
15. What does Batman’s eye doctor call him? The Dark Eyed Defender.
16. Why did Batman go to the doctor? Because he had BAT breath.
17. What did Batman say to his colleague when he quit his job? “I’m BAT-mitting defeat.”
18. What does Batman drink when he’s feeling lonely? Bat-tea.
19. What did Batman say when he was late for the meeting? “I’m sorry I’m BATTER late than never!”
20. Why did Batman’s invitation get declined? Because his application had too many Bat gaps.

Bat-tastic Banter (One-liner Puns)

1. Why did Batman and Robin quit going to the ice cream place? They found too many Joker cones.
2. Why was Batman always so good at solving crimes? Because he was born with a Dark Knight mentality.
3. What did Batman say when he went to the fruit market? “I’ll take some Batanas, please!”
4. Why did Batman refuse to go to the zoo? Because he heard there was too much joker-ing around.
5. Why did Batman refuse to swim? He was afraid of the bat-tub.
6. What did Batman and Robin use to wash their clothes? Fabric of Justice.
7. Why isn’t Batman any good at playing football? Because he’s always on the Dark Side of the field.
8. Why did Batman vacation in the Caribbean? To get a little Riddler.
9. Why did Batman refuse to play golf? He was afraid of his hooks.
10. How did Joker escape from Arkham Asylum? They gave him a second face.
11. What did the Joker do when he heard Batman was coming? He cackled loudly.
12. Why did Batman refuse to play poker at the Wayne Estate? Because of all the cheating Two-Faces.
13. What did Robin say when he saw the Batmobile? “Holy rusted metal, Batman!”
14. What is Batman’s favorite drink? Fruit Bat Punch.
15. Why did Batman fire Robin? He had a case of the Batglares.
16. Why did Batman install a new oven in the Batcave? He wanted to make Alfred’s secret Batarang pie.
17. Why did Robin want to take up soccer? He wanted to play with his Wingmen.
18. What did the Joker say when he saw a bat? “Ooh, a bat! I think I’ll use it to make a bat-shank!”
19. Why did Batman cancel his Amazon Prime subscription? He doesn’t like free Two-Day shipping.
20. What did Batman say when he couldn’t find his keys? “Where’s the Bat-keyboard?”

The Caped Crusader’s Comedy Hour (Question-and-Answer Batman Puns)

1. Why did Batman go to sleep? Because he wanted to have a dark knight.
2. Why did Batman and Robin quit going to karaoke? Because they always sang the “Joker” by Steve Miller Band.
3. What happened to Batman when he heard a funny joke? He got bat-tickled.
4. Why did Batman cross the street? To get to the Batmobile on the other side.
5. What do you get when you cross Batman and a baked good? The Dark Rye-ses.
6. Why was Batman always upset? He had bat breath.
7. What does Batman put in his drinks? Just ice.
8. Why did Batman go to the car dealership? He was looking for his bat-obile.
9. What did Batman say to Robin before they got in the Batmobile? Robin, get in the car.
10. Why doesn’t Batman always pay for his meals? Because he always has a Wayne out.
11. Why did Batman stop going to church? He became a Dark Knight.
12. Why did Batman refuse to fight the Joker at Big Ben? Because he knew it would be a serious time-suck.
13. Why is Batman terrible at writing songs? He can’t get past the bat-chorus.
14. Why did Batman take the Batmobile to the mechanic? He had a bat-tire blow out.
15. What did Batman say when he got to his Batcave? “Oh, it’s a relief to be home bat last.”
16. Why was Batman feeling so good? Because he had no troubles anymore: they were all Bat-mitted to Arkham.
17. Why did Batman start playing basketball? Because he wanted to focus on his bat-dribbling.
18. What kind of music does Batman listen to while he’s fighting crime? He likes anything with good bat-beats.
19. Why did Batman break up with Catwoman? Because she was a real Cat-tastrophy.
20. What did the police officer say to Batman when he showed up at a crime scene? “Oh, thank goodness we have a batman here!”

Holy Pun-itive Measures, Batman! (Double Entendre Puns on Batman)

1. Why did Batman cross the road? To get to the Batmobile on the other side.
2. Did you hear about the Batman who wanted to become a comedian? He said he had a joke to Bane.
3. What do you call a Batman who skips church? Christian Bale.
4. Why did Batman go to the chiropractor? His back was Bat-sore.
5. What do you call Batman when he skips school? The Dark Knight Truant.
6. How did Batman feel after Robin added guacamole to his sandwich? Holy Mole-y.
7. Why did Batman break up with Catwoman? He said she was too much of a hiss-terical girlfriend.
8. Why did Batman need to see his dentist? He had Bat-cavities.
9. Where does Batman go to the bathroom? The Batroom.
10. Why did Batman go to the gym? He wanted to work on his Bat-titude.
11. What did Batman say when he was offered a piece of cake? “No thanks, I’m Bat-full.”
12. Why did Batman refuse to go to the Halloween party? He didn’t want to Joker around.
13. Why did Batman take up knitting? He wanted to make a Bat-blanket for Robin.
14. What do you call Batman when Robin isn’t around? The Lonely Dark Knight.
15. What did Alfred say when Batman asked for a snack? “Just a Bat-bite.”
16. How does Batman make his coffee? With Bat-titude.
17. Why did Batman go to the music store? He wanted to buy a Bat-tambourine.
18. What did Batman say when Robin asked him to join the circus? “Whoa boy, let’s not Robin the cradle.”
19. Why didn’t Batman trust the ATM machine? He heard it was Two-Face-ed.
20. What did Batman say to the judge when he was accused of stealing artwork? “I didn’t steal it, I was just taking it for a spin.”

Batty for Batman? Pun-tastic Idiomatic Interludes!

1. Why did Batman refuse to fight crime in space? Because he couldn’t find his bat-astro-suit.”
2. “Batman was feeling under the weather, so he decided to take a bat-nap.”
3. “Robin was worried when he couldn’t find Batman, but it turned out he was just bat-chilling at Wayne Manor.”
4. “The Joker tried to bribe Batman with a bat-bribe, but the Dark Knight wasn’t interested.”
5. “Batman was so good in martial arts, everyone said he was a bat-champion.”
6. “The Riddler thought he had outsmarted Batman, but the Dark Knight solved his bat-riddle in seconds.”
7. “Batman couldn’t resist a good bat-pun, he was always the bat-jester.”
8. “Bruce Wayne attended a bat-mitzvah and everyone thought it was a Batman-themed party.”
9. “When Batman goes on vacation, he likes to stay at a bat-tel.”
10. “Alfred was impressed by Batman’s bat-titude and dedication to protecting Gotham.”
11. “Batman was caught off guard by the bat-in-the-belfry, but he quickly regained his composure.”
12. “Robin asked Batman to help him with his homework, but the Dark Knight was too busy bat-patrolling the city.”
13. Batman’s favorite food was bat-coleslaw. He loved the crunch.”
14. “The Joker tried to convince Batman to play a game of bat-ball, but the Dark Knight wasn’t interested in clowning around.”
15. “Catwoman had a bat-crush on Batman, but she couldn’t resist his charm and bat-wit.”
16. “Batman was feeling bat-lonely and decided to adopt a bat-dog.”
17. The Penguin invited Batman to a bat-walk in the park, but the Dark Knight didn’t want to be seen with him.
18. “Batman tried to teach Robin how to drive the bat-car, but the Boy Wonder kept stalling.”
19. “The citizens of Gotham could always count on Batman to bat-stand up for them.”
20. “Batman was hesitant to take on his new apprentice, but he knew he had to pass on the baton.”

The Dark Knight Laughs: A Bat-tacular Array of Batman Puns (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. Why did Batman refuse to practice social distancing? Because he wanted to hang out with his Robin.
2. Gotham’s newest villain is so rude, he even cuts Batman off mid-Bat-sentence.
3. Why don’t villains in Gotham ever go to the beach? Because they’re afraid of Bat-tide.
4. It took Batman a few minutes to solve his latest riddle, but only a few bat-seconds to congratulate himself.
5. Gotham’s criminal underworld is finally cooling off now that Batman has installed Bat-AC.
6. When Batman’s iPhone died, he knew he had to contact the Bat-ery.
7. How does Batman like his steak? Bat-rare.
8. Robin has the heart of a lion, Batman has the equipment of a bat.
9. Why does Batman make such a bad boyfriend? Because he always takes his Batmobile on dates.
10. Why did Gotham’s librarian have to ask Batman to leave? Because he wanted to bat-borrow all the books.
11. Batman has great oral hygiene, he always gets all the Bat-cavities.
12. What is Batman’s favorite fruit? Bat-nanas.
13. Batman loves getting into minor car accidents because it gives him an opportunity to bat-exchange insurance information.
14. Why don’t criminals in Gotham like math? Because Batman always Bat-subtracts them from the equation.
15. How does Batman like his eggs? Bat-scrambled.
16. Why did Batman refuse to solve the Rubik’s cube? Because he doesn’t like Bat-puzzles.
17. Why did Batman ban sneakers in Gotham? Because he only likes Bat-shoes.
18. Gotham’s criminals thought they were safe, until Batman Bat-jumped out of a nearby bush.
19. What do you call it when Batman farts in the Bat-cave? A Bat-gas explosion.
20. Why did Batman cross the road? To get to the Bat-side.

“Batty for Puns: The Darkly Amusing World of Batman Name Wordplay”

1. Bat-tastic
2. Robin you blind
3. Alfred a good night’s sleep
4. Catwoman up with a plan
5. I’m the Joker around here
6. The Bat Signal’s bright idea
7. Gotham home
8. Penguin for your thoughts
9. The Riddler me this
10. Bane of my existence
11. Two-Face the truth
12. Mad about Batman
13. Bat outta hell
14. Dark Knight, bright future
15. Bat-ting a thousand
16. The Batman who laughs
17. Bat-ter up!
18. Bat-mitzvah party
19. Bat-signal boost
20. Gotham a Coke and a smile.

Batting Word Play (Spoonerisms of Batman Puns)

1. Fatman Bun
2. Ratman Fun
3. Satman Sun
4. Matman Pun
5. Chatman Run
6. Catman Rye
7. Hatman Ray
8. Bratman Done
9. Datman Hug
10. Gnatman Pat
11. Latman Groove
12. Patman Hike
13. Natman Lark
14. Tackman Mop
15. Vatman Hop
16. Thatman Moore
17. Zatman Shield
18. Batcan Mail
19. Catban Tail
20. Hatban Sail

Batman’s Battling Puns (Tom Swifties)

1. “That’s my favorite villain,” said Batman, poisonously.
2. “I don’t think Robin’s feeling well,” Batman said, unwell.
3. “I am the Caped Crusader,” Batman said, candidly.
4. “The Joker’s scheme is always confusing,” Batman said, perplexedly.
5. “Where do you keep all your weapons, Batman?” Robin asked, inquisitively.
6. “I’m ready to fight crime,” Batman said, bravely.
7. “The city needs me,” Batman said, heroically.
8. “I think this is a job for both of us,” Batman said, doubly.
9. “I can’t see in the dark,” Robin said, blindly.
10. “I love being Batman,” Bruce Wayne said, bat-tily.
11. “Let’s go, Robin,” Batman said, wings flapping.
12. “I need to work on my aim,” Batman said, aimlessly.
13. “I’m really good at climbing,” Robin said, bat-fully.
14. “I don’t believe in using guns,” Batman said, disarmingly.
15. “I never run away from a fight,” Batman said, resolutely.
16. “I don’t like dogs,” Batman said, cat-ily.
17. “I’m going to need a new Batmobile soon,” Batman said, caringly.
18. “I’m pretty good at sneaking around,” Robin said, stealthily.
19. “The Joker’s plan is just crazy,” Batman said, madly.
20. “I’m not really into seafood,” Batman said, crab-ily.

The Darkly Hilarious World of Bat Puns (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. Why did Batman go to the cemetery at night? To see if Robin was alive and kicking, yet resting in peace.
2. Why did Batman become a farmer? He wanted to use bat fertilizer and grow Joker’s Wild flowers.
3. What does Batman use to wash his dishes? Bat soap, but he never gets them clean, since they always have Bat grease.
4. Why did Batman go on a diet? He wanted to have a Bat figure, yet he loved his Bat-cakes too much.
5. Why did Batman join the circus? He wanted to learn how to use his Bat-sword, yet make sure he doesn’t kill anyone when he uses it.
6. What does Batman do when he’s feeling down? He puts on his Bat-smile, yet it doesn’t fool anyone.
7. Why did Batman stop going to the gym? His Bat-abs were too hard to maintain, yet he couldn’t resist a Bat-latte.
8. Why did Batman switch to decaf? He didn’t want to get Bat-hyper, yet he still needs to stay alert during Bat-missions.
9. Why did Batman become an electrician? He wanted to re-wire the Bat-cave, yet he still got a Bat-shock.
10. Why did Batman become a dentist? So he can give his Bat-teeth a cleaning, yet for some reason he keeps feeling a Bat-cavity.
11. How does Batman keep his cape clean? He uses Bat-bleach, yet it’s still always Bat-dirty.
12. Why doesn’t Batman knit his own capes? He’s always Bat-tangling his yarn.
13. Why didn’t Batman like the sushi he ordered? It was Bat-raw, yet he still ate it since he ordered it.
14. Why did Batman go to the spa? He wanted to feel Bat-relaxed, yet the Bat-massage was too rough.
15. Why did Batman give up his hobby of playing video games? He was getting too Bat-addicted, yet he couldn’t level up.
16. How does Batman relax after a long day of fighting crime? He puts on some Bat-classical music, yet he still ends up fighting crime in his dreams.
17. Why did Batman sign up for a pottery class? He wanted to make Bat-vases, yet his hand-eye coordination was terrible.
18. Why did Batman switch to vaping? He didn’t want to Bat-smoke in public, yet he still wanted to feel cool.
19. Why did Batman take up singing? He wanted to learn how to Bat-belt, yet he’s always been Bat-tune deaf.
20. Why did Batman become a magician? He wanted to have some Bat-entertainment, yet his cards always end up Bat-flying everywhere.

“Holy Recursive Puns, Batman! A Bat-tastic Collection of Bat-tling Bat-man Puns”

1. Why did Batman revamp his wardrobe? He needed to give it a Gotham makeover.
2. How does Batman communicate with Robin on the phone? He uses Bat-tistics.
3. Why did Batman refuse to go on a second date with Poison Ivy? He didn’t want to get into a sticky situation.
4. What happened when Batman installed a new security system in the Batcave? He had a sense of security.
5. Why did the Riddler quit his job as a crossword puzzle editor? Because he couldn’t give up the question marks.
6. How did Batman convince Catwoman to join his team? He had a purr-suasive argument.
7. Why did Batman dress up as a vampire for Halloween? His Bat-sense was tingling!
8. Why did Batman join a gym? He needed to bulk up for the Bat-mobile.
9. How many Batmans does it take to change a lightbulb? None, he prefers to work in the Dark Knight.
10. Why did Robin feel guilty for climbing up the Bat-pole? He was Robin from Peter to be Batman.
11. Why did Alfred fire the Batmobile’s gardener? He was caught pruning the Batarang trees.
12. Why did Batman refuse to use the Bat-toilet? He couldn’t handle the Bat-dooty.
13. How did Batman stay motivated on his diet? He had Bat-will power.
14. What did Batman do when he got a flat tire on the Batmobile? He had to wing it.
15. Why did Batman get a second job as a scuba instructor? He wanted to become a Bat-aquaman.
16. Why was Batman fired from his job as a hotel receptionist? He started answering the phone with “I’m Bat-managing.”
17. What kind of coffee does Batman prefer? Bat-taccino.
18. Why did Commissioner Gordon refuse to call Batman for help? He didn’t want to bug the Bat-line.
19. How did Batman keep his cave clean? He used Batroom cleaners.
20. Why did Batman’s arch-nemesis, the Joker, refuse to eat the Bat-cake? He was afraid of the Dark Knight.

Holy Bat-Puns! (Puns on Batman Clichés)

1. Batman’s favorite musician? Bruce Springsteen.
2. Bat-manufactured snacks? Bat-tato chips.
3. Why did Batman go to the grocery store? To get his daily dose of Vitamin Bat-12.
4. What’s Batman’s favorite keyboard key? The space bat.
5. Why did Batman cross the road? To get to the Batmobile dealership.
6. What’s Batman’s favorite scary movie? The Bat-chelor.
7. Why did Batman go to the zoo? To bat around some ideas.
8. What do you call a Batman who’s just waking up? A Bat-rispy.
9. What’s Batman’s favorite breakfast food? Bat-toast.
10. Why did Batman go back to school? To get his Bat-celor’s degree.
11. What’s Batman’s favorite gardening tool? A bat-hoe.
12. What’s Batman’s favorite kind of jewelry? Bat-rings.
13. How does Batman like his steak cooked? Bat-medium.
14. What did Batman say when he saw Robin wearing a tutu? “Bat’s insane!”
15. What’s Batman’s favorite sport? Bat-minton.
16. Why was Batman always happy? Because he spent a lot of time Bat-napping.
17. What does Batman say to his enemies? Bat-chow, baby!
18. What’s Batman’s favorite dessert? Bat-ercream frosting.
19. Why did Batman need a loan? Because the Batmobile needed new bat-teries.
20. What do you call a bad guy who’s been beaten by Batman? A Bat-tered opponent.

In conclusion, whether you’re a die-hard Batman fan or just looking for a good laugh, these puns are guaranteed to brighten your day. From “Bat-tastic” to “Joker-like”, these humorous one-liners will surely make every Dark Knight chuckle! Don’t forget to check out some of our other puns on the website. We appreciate you taking the time to visit us!

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