Rat Puns Galore: 220 Whisker-Tickling Jokes for Rodent Lovers

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Looking for a good laugh? Get ready for some whisker-tickling fun with our collection of over 200 rat puns! Whether you’re a longtime rodent lover or just looking for a quick giggle, our puns are sure to delight. From cheesy one-liners to witty wordplay, we’ve got it all. So why not sit down with your favorite furry friend and enjoy some good old-fashioned pun-tastic fun? Our rat puns are the perfect way to brighten your day and add some humor to your life. So go ahead, give in to the rat-titude, and let the fun begin!

Ratatouille of Laughter (Editors Pick)

1. What do you get when you cross a rat and a boat? A ship rat!
2. What do you call a rat who’s just won the lottery? A rat-a-tat-tat!
3. Why did the rat eat a cheeseburger? For some protein and a patty!
4. How do you know if a rat is happy? It’s always squeaking!
5. What’s a rat’s favorite food? Anything that’s cheddar!
6. Why did the rat go to work with a calculator? To crunch some numbers!
7. How did the rat do on the math test? He got a rat-tical!
8. What kind of music do rats like? Heavy metal!
9. What did the rat say when he was accused of stealing cheese? “I swear, it was a mouse-take!”
10. What do rats use to get online? A comput-hurricane!
11. What’s a rat’s favorite sport? Basketball! They’re big fans of the rodent-rund!
12. How do rats prefer their coffee? Espresso-roast to roast!
13. What did the rat say to his online date? “I’m not a player, I’m just a rat-tler!”
14. Why did the rat go to the party with a bowl of soup? Because he was the ratatooie!
15. What do you call a rat with a broken tail? Hobbling-rodent!
16. How do you know if a rat is good at sports? He’s-a-really-squeaker!
17. What did the rat say when he found out he was going to be a dad? I’m feeling a little preg-rat-tant!
18. How does a rat travel around town? By using the subway!
19. What do you call a rat with a PhD? A super-vermin!
20. Why did the rat get in trouble with his boss? Because he was caught trying to rat out his coworkers!

Rat-ical One-Liner Puns

1. I tried to make friends with a rat, but it’s been a squeaky clean break.
2. Why did the rat refuse to eat at the fancy restaurant? He heard they had a mousetrap.
3. What do you call a rodent with a doctorate? A lab rat.
4. What do you get when you cross a rat with a clock? A tick-tocking disease.
5. Why are rats such good pet detectives? They always nose where to look.
6. Why do rats never share their cheese? Because it’s nacho cheese!
7. How do you tell the difference between a rat and a weasel? A weasel is weasily recognized, and a rat is easy to recognize.
8. Why did the rat become a florist? To make ends meet.
9. What do you call a rat who loves to shop? A mall rat.
10. How did the rat get into the bank vault? With a cheesus.
11. Why did the rat join the gym? He heard it had a lot of exercise wheels.
12. What do you get when you cross a rat with a puppet? A squeak-toy.
13. What do you call a rat that can play the harmonica? A whisker-tin band member.
14. Why did the rat feel claustrophobic? He was living in a tight-knit community.
15. How do rats keep their hair looking nice? With a lot of rat-titude.
16. What do you call a rat that’s always chewing on a carrot? Bugs Bunny’s worst nightmare.
17. Why did the rat refuse to take the elevator? He was too much of a stair-oid.
18. What’s a rat’s favorite meal of the day? Brie-fast.
19. What do you call a rat who’s always on the lookout? A watch-rat.
20. Why do rats skip school? They already know how to read and rite.

“Rodent Riddles: Rat-tling Good Question-and-Answer Puns”

1. What do you call a rat that wins an award? A squeaker!
2. Why did the rat go on a diet? To get shredded cheese!
3. What do you call a rat restaurant? The Ratatouille!
4. Why do rats never get bored? They always have a wheel to turn to!
5. What do you call a group of rats that play instruments? A symphony squeak!
6. Why don’t rats drive cars? They always get stuck in the mouse Trap!
7. How do you know when a rat is lying? Its whiskers will be crossed!
8. Why do rats make terrible actors? They always break character and say “squeak!”
9. How does a rat ask for cheese in French? “Fromage, ma chère!”
10. What do you call a rat that can play basketball? Michael Jorsqueak!
11. Why did the rat bring a piece of bread to the Halloween party? To make a toast to the ghost!
12. What do you call a rat that can fly? A hover-rat!
13. Why do rats always win at poker? They are always good at reading tails!
14. What do you call a fashionable rat? A chic-cheese!
15. Why do rats never go on vacation? They’re always stuck in their rat race!
16. What do you call a rat that studies law? A tort rat!
17. Why do rats always wear sunglasses? They’re always looking for a little shade!
18. What do you call a rat that plays soccer? Lionel Messqueaky!
19. Why do rats hate visiting the dentist? They’re always afraid of a cheesy grin!
20. What do you call a rat that has a lot of money? A) A wheeler-dealer B) A rat-a-tat-tat-accountant.

Rat-tling Good Double Entendres: Puns on Rat Puns!

1. Did you hear about the rat who had a crush on a mouse? He was really gnawing at her.
2. Why did the rat break up with his girlfriend? She was just too cheesy.
3. That rat is really dirty – he’s been caught in the same gutter every night.
4. I don’t trust rats in politics, they always seem a bit whisker-y.
5. Why do rats have such long tails? So they can easily switch topics during conversation.
6. I’m hoping to get a pet rat so I can finally say I have a “rodent of unusual size.”
7. The rat community was in shock when it was revealed that one of their own had been caught stealing cheese.
8. How do you know if a rat is rich? He’s got a lot of “ratty” possessions.
9. The rat’s love life was complicated – he had a crush on a mouse, but was also attracted to a squirrel’s stash.
10. I find rat race jokes exhausting, it’s really tough to keep up.
11. The rat population is multiplying exponentially – they must be pro-cre-ate.
12. That rat is such a thief, he would steal the cheese off a pizza in front of you.
13. The rat was caught crossing the border, so naturally he was dubbed a “ratty immigrant.”
14. I heard that rats are excellent bakers, they really know how to rat-tatouille.
15. I’m sure that rat can get us a great deal on car insurance – he’s got a lot of rodent discounts.
16. Never trust a rat with a monopoly board – they always try to be the top rat.
17. I always tell my rat friends to lay off the cheese, but somehow they always manage to nibble on some cheddar.
18. That rat is quite the practical joker, but he always seems to get caught – his laugh is too squeaky.
19. I can’t believe how skilled rats are at parkour – they really know how to rattle through an environment.
20. When the rat found out he was getting a new snack, he could hardly contain his squeals of delight.

Rattling Good Puns (Exploring Idioms with Rat Puns)

1. She was feeling rat-tled after her encounter with the rodents in the kitchen.
2. Don’t rat me out to the authorities!
3. I smell a rat in this deal.
4. He’s got that rat-like cunning and slyness about him.
5. I’m not going to rat on my best friend.
6. The rats are abandoning the sinking ship.
7. That person is a dirty rat!
8. I don’t want to be caught in a rat race.
9. The ratatouille tasted better than I thought it would.
10. You’re a cheese-loving rat, aren’t you?
11. The rat pack is back in town.
12. That’s a rat-tastic idea!
13. She’s been ratting around town with a notorious crowd.
14. This rat is sticking to his story.
15. You’re the top rat in the company.
16. I’m not going to become a lab rat for your experiment.
17. This street is infested with rats!
18. Quit being a rat fink and tell me the truth.
19. I didn’t realize I was walking into a rat’s nest of problems.
20. That scam artist is a real rat bastard.

The Rattiest Pun Juxtapositions (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. When the rat went to the gym, he didn’t rat-tle any weights.
2. A cat is a rat’s arch-nemesis, but they still manage to have a rat-tastic time together.
3. The rat decided to go on a cruise, but he wasn’t too happy when he found out it was a rat-tle snake.
4. When the rat won the lottery, he became a ver-milli-on-naire.
5. Rats love to play with yarn, but it’s a rat-tangle waiting to happen.
6. When the rat opened his own restaurant, he called it Rat-atouille.
7. The rat tried to become a comedian, but his jokes were too cheesy.
8. The rat went to a fancy gala, but he was self-conscious about his long rat’s tail.
9. When the rat tried to get a loan, the bank told him he needed to have a better rat-ing.
10. The rat loved to read mystery novels, especially rat who-dunits.
11. The rat applied for a position in the circus, but they told him he wasn’t rat-titude material.
12. When the rat went for a walk in the park, he got lost in the rat-maze.
13. The rat tried to become an artist, but his work was too rat-tled and messy.
14. The rat had a terrible memory and was always rat-forgetting his keys.
15. When the rat went to the beach, he was afraid of getting rat-sandwiched between the waves.
16. The rat started his own band and called it “The Rat-Tones.”
17. When the rat went on a date, he ordered the rat-atouille for two.
18. The rat loved to play soccer, but he was always getting rat-tled by the other players.
19. When the rat went to the dentist, he was told he needed to floss his rat-teeth more often.
20. The rat decided to learn how to cook and took a rat-risotto class.

Rat-tastic Names (Puns on Rat)

1. Rat-tha Franklin
2. Ratthew McConaughey
3. Rodent Rick
4. Jerry Seinfeldent
5. Will Rat-nor
6. Mickey Mouse-quito
7. Rat Damon
8. Ratalie Portman
9. Cheesey Chase
10. Rodentia Jones
11. Queen Ratalia
12. Leonardo DiRat-io
13. Rat Jagger
14. Ratthew Perry
15. David Schw-rat
16. Ratthew Broderick
17. Ratford University
18. Temple of the Rat
19. Ratcliffe College
20. Ratatouille Restaurant

A Rodent Ordeal: Rat Puns Tangled in Spoonerisms

1. Fat run
2. Bat pun
3. Cat run
4. Pat bun
5. Mat sun
6. Gnat fun
7. Sat done
8. Chat rung
9. Tat runneth over
10. Hat fun
11. Rat puns become “Pat runs”
12. That’s a runny pun
13. Rat gutter
14. Rat shun
15. Rat tattle
16. Rat gun
17. Rat curfew
18. Rat punny
19. Rat bunions
20. Rat wunnerful.

Cheesy Wordplays (Tom Swifties)

1. “I don’t like rats,” Tom said mousily.
2. “Can’t believe I got bit by a rat,” Tom said disgustedly.
3. “I’m not scared of rats,” Tom said boldly.
4. “I caught this rat in a trap,” Tom said triumphantly.
5. “I’m going to need some rat poison,” Tom said solemnly.
6. “Those rats are really sneaky,” Tom said craftily.
7. “I don’t see any rats in here,” Tom said blind to the problem.
8. “Rats, I forgot my cheese,” Tom said regretfully.
9. “I hear rats are pretty smart,” Tom said wittily.
10. “This rat is eating all my food,” Tom said ravenously.
11. “I think this rat is sick,” Tom said sic(k)’ly.
12. “I’m going to catch this rat and make him pay,” Tom said retributively.
13. “I’ve been studying rats for years,” Tom said academically.
14. “I need to inspect this rat,” Tom said rigorously.
15. “I’d never live in a rat-infested building,” Tom said pre-decisively.
16. “These rats must love our food,” Tom said tastelessly.
17. “I found this rat sneaking around at night,” Tom said nocturnally.
18. “I caught this rat with my bare hands,” Tom said manfully.
19. “I think this rat is in love with cheese,” Tom said cheesily.
20. “This rat is always hungry,” Tom said ratty hungry.

Ratty Oxymorons (Punning with Contradictions)

1. “That rat is a real gentleman thief!”
2. “I hate to rat you out, but you’re being sneaky.”
3. “Rats make great company… said no one ever.”
4. “I’m not ratting you out, but you’re in trouble.”
5. The rat king plays fair… or does he?”
6. “A rat with manners? That’s a contradiction in terms.”
7. “The rat race is a never-ending pursuit of cheese.”
8. “That rat is downright friendly… for a rodent.”
9. “I’m not ratting out my friends, but these cheese thieves are really getting bold.”
10. “Rats can be quite charming… in a disgusting sort of way.”
11. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that rat is almost cute.
12. “A rat with morals? Please, that’s an oxymoron.”
13. “I never thought I’d say this, but that rat has some serious style.”
14. “I’m not ratting on you, but this cheese heist is getting out of hand.”
15. “Rats are pretty intelligent… for vermin.”
16. “That rat is as friendly as a snake.”
17. “I’m not ratting out my colleagues, but someone is stealing stationery.”
18. “Rats may be dirty, but they’re surprisingly organized.”
19. “I don’t have the heart to rat out the cheese thief… yet.”
20. “That rat has got some serious street smarts… for a nocturnal scavenger.”

Ravenous for More Rats: A Recursive Rat Puns Section.

1. Why did the rat go to the gym? To stay in tail.
2. Did you hear about the rat chef? He made a mozzarella ratatouille.
3. How do you call a rat magician? A rodent sorcerer.
4. What do you call a group of rats playing instruments? A squeak-tet.
5. Why don’t rats play hide and seek? They prefer squeak and peek.
6. How do rats celebrate Thanksgiving? With lots of cheddar potatoes and ratatouille.
7. A rat walks into a bar and orders a martini. The bartender asks, “Will that be on the rat’s tail?”
8. Whats rats favourite drink? Cheese and tonic
9. Whats a rats favourite 80s song? Rats just wanna have fun.
10. What was the name of the rat who cooked Han Solo in carbonite? The Chef D’Rodent.
11. A rat goes to the doctor and says, “Doc, I feel like I’m losing my mind.” The doctor says, “Don’t worry, it’s just whisker fatigue.
12. How do rats make a house party? They invite their nearest and squeakrest friends.
13. What do you call a rat with superpowers? Mighty Mouse’s cousin, Ratticus Finch.
14. What do you get when you cross a rat and a snowman? Frost-bite.
15. Why did the rat break up with his girlfriend? She caught him cheating and said he was a real rat bastard.
16. How does a rat get around the city? By subway-urban.
17. How does a rat cook spaghetti? With mouse-rella cheese.
18. What do you call a rat with a PhD in neuroscience? A rat-tle-lectual.
19. How do you get rid of a rat problem? Get a cat-titude adjustment.
20. Why are rats never bored? They always find a ratical solution.

Rats Just Wanna Have Pun (Rat Puns on Cliches)

1. “Don’t rat me out!” said the cheddar cheese to the rat.
2. “I smell a rat!” said the mouse when the cheese went missing.
3. “It’s a rat race out there,” said the rat as he headed to a marathon.
4. I’ve got bigger rats to fry,” said the chef.
5. “I’m not a rat-tattler,” said the mouse to the cat.
6. “A rat in the hand is worth two in the bush,” said the exterminator.
7. “That sounds rat-her suspicious,” said the investigator.
8. “This is a rat-stravaganza!” said the rat at a cheese party.
9. “You’re in the rat trap now,” said the landlord to the non-paying tenant.
10. “This rat-titude won’t get you far,” said the boss to the disrespectful employee.
11. “I can smell the rat-mosphere,” said the weatherman.
12. “That plan is a rat’s nest,” said the project manager.
13. “Rat-a-tat-tat,” said the drummer as he played along.
14. “We’re all in this rat-her,” said the passengers on a sinking ship.
15. “I’m not a pack rat,” said the minimalist.
16. “You’re a dirty rat,” said the betrayed friend.
17. “I’m as quiet as a rat,” said the burglar.
18. “They put all their eggs in one rat,” said the investor.
19. “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed rat is king,” said the rodent with an eye patch.
20. “That rat-fink won’t get away with it,” said the detective.

In conclusion, we hope these rat puns have tickled your whiskers and brought a smile to your face. If you’re hungry for more, be sure to check out our website for plenty of other pun-tastic jokes and wordplay. Thank you for visiting, and don’t forget to spread the rodent love!

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