Laugh Out Loud This Fall: Unveiling 220 Clever November Puns to Brighten Your Day

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Ready to have a good laugh this fall? Look no further! We have gathered over 200 clever November puns that are guaranteed to lighten up your day. Whether you’re in need of some witty one-liners or hilarious wordplay, these puns are sure to tickle your funny bone. From “Thanksgiving you can bank on” to “November to remember,” this collection has it all. So sit back, relax, and get ready to chuckle your way through November with these pun-tastic gems. From clever plays on words to witty twists, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to unleash the laughter and brighten your day with these hilarious November puns!

Fall in Love with November Puns (Editors Pick)

1. November is a-maize-ing!
2. Don’t be in-december-ate, embrace November!
3. November is the month of thanks-giving.
4. November will fall for you.
5. November’s got a lot of fall-tential.
6. It’s no-vember too late to enjoy autumn.
7. November gives fall its final oomph.
8. November has a-thanksgiving for all the blessings.
9. November leaves us falling for its beauty.
10. Sweater weather started in November, it’s knit even funny!
11. November is the time to turkey yourself happy.
12. November: the ultimate season of feasting.
13. Autumn leaves are November’s way of saying, “I’m falling for you.”
14. November is all about falling leaves and corny jokes.
15. November arrives with a pumpkin-spice-a-lot.
16. November leaves a trail of crisp puns.
17. It’s no-shave-vember, time to grow your punny beard!
18. November is a month for fall-owing your heart.
19. November is the gateway to the holiday pun season.
20. November’s chill brings a whole new brrrairy of puns.

November Nonsense (Wordplay Wonders)

1. November is the month where I really fall for you.
2. November always leaves me feeling a-maized with all the corn-on-the-cob!
3. I love November because I can finally give thanks for all the puns.
4. November is when the trees turn a new leaf.
5. I went to the November sales, but all I got was autumn-mal.
6. November is the perfect time to fall in love with pumpkin spice.
7. November is like a second October, but with more turkey.
8. November is when the air gets nippy, just like my jokes!
9. November is the month I turn up the heat, or as I like to call it, “Novem-brrr.”
10. November is the month for family, turkey, and punning out with friends.
11. November is when I start counting down the days until Thanksgiving, or should I say “Thankspunning.”
12. November always leaves me feeling gourd-geous!
13. November is when I start dressin’ like a pilgrim – buckle up!
14. November is the month where pumpkin pie becomes the main course.
15. November is when I eat so much turkey, I become a quiverinant bird.
16. November is the time to make peace with the autumn leaves.
17. November is when I try to catch every falling leaf, but I always fall short.
18. November is the month I finally leaf the past behind.
19. November is when I go nuts for all the fall puns!
20. November is the month where I turn into a pumpkin pun king!

November Nonsense: Q&A Puns for Autumn Amusement

1. Why did the scarecrow win an award in November? Because he was outstanding in his field!
2. What did the turkey say to the computer? Google, Google!
3. Why did the calendar go to therapy in November? It had too many issues!
4. How did the trees get online in November? They logged in!
5. Why did the turkey join a band in November? Because it had the drumsticks!
6. What do you call a rain shower in November? A drizzle-dazzle!
7. How do you make a November pun? Fall into the right rhythm!
8. Why did the vegetable start a protest in November? It wanted to squash the competition!
9. What did the turkey say to the football team in November? Wing it and score!
10. How do you organize a November party? You fall into place!
11. Why was the math book unhappy in November? It had too many problems!
12. What do you call a November dance party for insects? A creepy-crawly ball!
13. Why did the tractor refuse to work in November? It needed a winter break!
14. How do you know if a joke is a November pun? It leaves you falling over with laughter!
15. Why did the calendar complain about November? It needed more dates!
16. What did the cow say on November 1st? Moooooo-vember!
17. Why did the scarecrow get promoted in November? It was outstanding in its promotion!
18. What do you call a sweater that tells really funny jokes in November? A pun-derful!
19. Why did the skeleton refuse to go outside in November? It didn’t have the guts!
20. How do you describe the weather in November? Chilly with a chance of puns!

No-vember to Forget (Double Entendre Puns)

1. November is the month for falling leaves and falling in love.
2. November is the month to stuff your turkey and your stockings.
3. November reminds me of a crisp apple, but it also reminds me of the crunch under my feet in the bedroom.
4. November is the month to give thanks for all the blessings in our lives, but also for the chance to cozy up with a special someone.
5. November is the time for harvest, which means it’s time to plow the fields and sow some seeds of love.
6. November is like a cold breeze, but it also brings warmth to the heart.
7. November is the month to gather around the table with family, and maybe even sneak in a little naughty nibbling.
8. November reminds me of cozy nights by the fire, and cozy nights with a significant other.
9. November is like a chocolate truffle, enticing and delicious.
10. November is a time for autumnal colors, but it also brings out the shades of passion.
11. November is the month to change the clocks, but also to change your love life.
12. November is like a beautiful sunrise, but it also brings out the twinkle in your eyes.
13. November is the month to dress up in costumes, but also to undress in the bedroom.
14. November is the month for hot cocoa, but it’s also the month for some hot cuddling.
15. November is the time for bonfires and marshmallows, but also for some sparks to fly in the love department.
16. November reminds me of cozy sweaters, but also of removing layers of clothing.
17. November is the month to watch the leaves fall, and also to feel the butterflies in your stomach fall for someone new.
18. November is like a warm blanket, comforting and inviting.
19. November is the month to bake pies, but also to bake up some romance.
20. November is the perfect time for a candlelit dinner, and for some candlelit moments together.

Punny November Notions (Puns in November Idioms)

1. I’m a big fan of November because it’s the time when “leaf me alone” becomes a valid excuse.
2. November is the month when I can finally say “bye, fall!” and welcome “hi, winter!”
3. November is the time to “fall” into a cozy sweater and embrace the cooler weather.
4. This November, let’s “turn over a new leaf” and make the most of the month.
5. Don’t worry about gaining a little weight in November, it’s just your “fall padding.”
6. November is the month to “fall back” and enjoy an extra hour of sleep.
7. November can be quite “corny,” especially with all the Thanksgiving puns.
8. When November arrives, it’s time to “harvest” all the blessings that came our way.
9. November is the perfect time to “give thanks” for all the good in our lives.
10. In November, we can finally “chill out” and enjoy the cool breeze.
11. This November, let’s “turkey trot” our way to a great holiday season.
12. November is the month for “pumpkin everything” – from lattes to pie!
13. Don’t let November “ruffle your feathers,” just relax and enjoy the month.
14. November is when we “fall in love” with cozy nights and warm drinks.
15. This November, let’s “give thanks” for the beautiful autumn colors.
16. November is the month to “bundle up” and stay warm with scarves and gloves.
17. In November, we can finally “hoard” all the delicious holiday treats.
18. Don’t be a “turkey” this November, be grateful for what you have.
19. November is the perfect time to “leaf” all your worries behind and embrace a fresh start.
20. This November, let’s “fall for” all the great things this season brings.

November Punning (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. November is a dreadful time to fall in love, because it leaves you with autumn-y.
2. The turkeys in November are in a fowl mood – they can’t stop gibbling!
3. I tried to November my way out of the situation, but it just made things fall apart.
4. I asked my friend what’s the best month for napping. They said it’s NovemBED!
5. November puns really Leaf me in stitches.
6. The autumn weather makes me look so appley ever after!
7. The scarecrows in November are betting their lives on a corny joke!
8. November is the month when leaves fall in love and branch out!
9. The turkeys were feeling rebellious in November, they were trying to start a gobbling revolution!
10. The autumn season always makes me a little nutty, it’s the fall-titude!
11. I tried to avoid shopping on Black Friday but I bough-t into the sales anyway.
12. November romance always feels so turkey-tastic!
13. I accidentally fell into a leaf pile, but luckily I landed safely on the fall-en leaves!
14. The autumn air really suits me, it’s so refreshingly crisp-azoned!
15. November is the time of year when we soak up the sun and embrace the solarly fall.
16. The scarecrows were getting extra work in November, they were doing overtime on their “corncerns.”
17. The autumn equinox made me extowerdinary!
18. I fell in love with the November breeze, it truly swept me off my feet!
19. The scarecrows were trying to hit the scarewaves with their cornet-ation!
20. November is the month for dreams to take flight and turkey-headed to the top!

November LOLs

1. “No-shave November” barber shop
2. “Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice-vember” bakery
3. Fall in Love-vember” dating service
4. “Thanks a Latte-vember” coffee shop
5. Novem-burger” burger joint
6. The November Rain Showers” car wash
7. “Giving Thanks-vember” charity organization
8. “Fallen Leaves-vember” garden center
9. “November Bliss” yoga studio
10. “The Harvest Moon-vember” concert venue
11. November Glow” tanning salon
12. “November Feathers” turkey farm
13. November Chills” ice cream parlor
14. “The November Harvest” farmers market
15. “November Breeze” air conditioning company
16. The November Tailgate” sports bar
17. “November Hues” paint store
18. “The November Flock” bird watching tour
19. “November Treats” candy store
20. The November Cozy” cabin rentals

Wacky Wordplay: November Punderisms

1. Movember panes
2. Jolly October
3. Prancing elves
4. Bovember nuns
5. Rainy clovember
6. Dovember snow
7. Crownembers on a tree
8. Shopping for November gifts
9. Grovember bed
10. Snovember falls
11. November storybooks
12. Takes some Nember
13. Nember socks
14. Glovember’s chosen one
15. Sack of Nember
16. Roll of Nember
17. Blooms of Novender
18. Covembering the secrets
19. Loving December
20. Novender rainbows

November Brrs and Puns (Tom Swifties)

1. “I can’t believe it’s already November,” Tom said fall-ingly.
2. “I’m craving some turkey,” said Tom hungrily.
3. “I always enjoy the changing leaves,” Tom said autumn-atically.
4. “The weather is getting colder,” Tom said frostily.
5. “I’m so excited for Thanksgiving,” Tom said gratefully.
6. “November is such a cozy month,” Tom said snugly.
7. “I love the smell of pumpkin spice,” said Tom spicily.
8. “I can feel the holiday spirit in the air,” Tom said cheerfully.
9. “The days are getting shorter,” Tom said dimly.
10. “The fall colors are so beautiful,” Tom said leaf-lessly.
11. “I’m feeling thankful for all the blessings in my life,” Tom said gratefully.
12. “It’s time to break out the warm sweaters,” Tom said wool-ingly.
13. “I enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa during this time of year,” Tom said steam-ingly.
14. I’m excited for Black Friday shopping,” Tom said deal-ightedly.
15. “I love snuggling up by the fireplace,” Tom said snug-ly.
16. “It’s important to remember the veterans on November 11th,” Tom said solemnly.
17. I’m already planning my Christmas decorations,” Tom said holly.
18. “I always look forward to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade,” Tom said balloon-ingly.
19. “I love the taste of pumpkin pie,” said Tom tastefully.
20. “The fall fashion trends are always stylish,” Tom said chic-ly.

Contradictory November Puns (Oxymoronic Wordplay)

1. The fall colors in November sure are jumbo shrimp.
2. Trying to save money in November is a foolproof plan for debt.
3. November is the silent disco of quiet revolution.
4. The leaves are falling in November, creating a chaotic serenity.
5. November is like a hot ice cube, full of cold warmth.
6. The early darkness in November is a bright tragedy.
7. November sunsets are both dull and vibrant.
8. November nights are chilly fires that warm the soul.
9. November is the time for cozy solitude in a crowded mess.
10. The Thanksgiving feast is a tasty paradox of gluttonous appreciation.
11. November rain is a dry wetness that soaks the soul.
12. Black Friday is a peaceful frenzy of chaotic calmness.
13. The chilly wind of November is a warm coldness.
14. The November sky is a gloomy brightness.
15. November is a bittersweet harmony of discord.
16. The fall foliage in November is a colorful desolation.
17. November mornings are dreary awakenings of peaceful chaos.
18. The scent of pumpkin spice in November is a sweet nostalgia of the present.
19. The long nights of November bring a cozy loneliness.
20. November is a quiet uproar of stillness.

Recursive Laughter (Punsception: November Puns)

1. November is the best time to leaf your worries behind.
2. I asked my friend what he thought of autumn. He replied, “Falling for it every year!”
3. Don’t ask me to recite the months, I always seem to get Decembuary.
4. I thought Thanksgiving was really good this year. You could say it was a-MAIZE-ing!
5. November always feels like one big Jingle spell.
6. Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field!
7. The turkey couldn’t stop talking about his favorite month, gobble-gobble ember.
8. I went to a fancy November party, but I couldn’t find any fall-guys.
9. My friends thought I was nuts for loving autumn, but I told them, “I’m just falling for November.”
10. The candle factory lit up the whole room. It Novembered me so much!
11. My favorite month is November because it really Novemberates me.
12. Every November, I make a resolution to leaf my worries behind.
13. The fall season always rakes up good memories for me.
14. November is like a warm sweater, it just wraps you up!
15. I wanted to say something cool about October, but I guess I’ll just keep it Novembering.
16. Fall is here and I can’t be-leaf how great it is!
17. November in New England is truly a leaf-tastic experience.
18. The autumn tree had a lot at stake, so it bough-ed down to the ground.
19. Why did the skeleton go to the November party alone? He couldn’t find any body to go with!
20. I love November so much, it Novemberer gets old!

November to Remember: Punny Cliches for a Month of Laughs

1. November is such a fall-icious month!
2. I’m going to make this November one to remember!
3. November is like a turkey: full of stuffing!
4. November is a-maize-ing!
5. You could say that November is a real leaf-taker.
6. November always leaves me feeling thankful!
7. November is a cornucopia of possibilities!
8. Time flies when you’re having November!
9. November comes around autumn-tically.
10. November is like a cozy sweater for the soul.
11. November is like a sequel to October, the fall-tastic saga!
12. November is the perfect time to fall back into bed.
13. November is a month full of color, it’s quite the palette cleanse.
14. November is like a jack-o’-lantern’s sibling, still bright, just not as spooky.
15. November is a month of pumpkin (spice) possibilities.
16. November is a page-turner in the book of autumn.
17. November is like the calm before the winter storm.
18. November: the month to embrace your fall-titude!
19. November is like a leaf in the wind, just going with the flow.
20. November is a great time to cozy up and let your worries fall away.

In conclusion, this fall is about to get a whole lot funnier with our collection of over 200 clever November puns. Whether you’re in need of a good laugh or just want to brighten your day, these puns are sure to do the trick. But don’t stop here! Check out our website for even more puns that will have you rolling with laughter. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site and hope these puns brought a smile to your face. Happy November!

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