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Are you ready to laugh your way through the apocalypse? Look no further! We’ve gathered over 200 hilarious puns inspired by the popular video game, “The Last of Us.” From infected creatures to intense survival moments, these puns will have you in stitches while exploring the wastelands. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or just starting your journey, these puns are sure to make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. So, grab your controller, stock up on ammo, and let the laughter begin! Get ready for the “Laughter Apocalypse” with these ultimate “Last of Us” puns!

“The Funniest and Most Creative Last of Us Puns You Won’t Want to Miss” (Editors Pick)

1. “I asked Joel how he stays in shape, he said, ‘I have to run away from all the clickers, it’s my cardio-thoracic workout!'”

2. “What’s Ellie’s favorite type of music? Post-apocalyptic rock!”

3. When Joel and Ellie go fishing, they always use bait made from infected mushrooms because it’s a real clicker lure!

4. Did you hear about the clicker party? It was a real shroom and gloom!”

5. “When Ellie does her schoolwork, she always stays focused. After all, it’s a post-apocalyptic calculus!

6. “Joel is the master of stealth. He can sneak past clickers without making a sound—it’s pure clicker-eption!

7. “What’s Joel’s favorite type of playground equipment? The clicker slide!”

8. When Joel gets a haircut, he always asks the barber, ‘Can you give me a clicker buzz?’

9. “Ellie is an amazing archer; she always hits the clicker spot on!”

10. Joel and Ellie went to the movies and saw a post-apocalyptic film. Ellie said, ‘That movie was so intense, it gave me clicker-phobia!'”

11. “Why did Joel take up gardening during the apocalypse? He wanted to grow clicker-cucumbers!”

12. “Ellie loves playing chess, especially when she can say, ‘Checkmate, clicker!'”

13. “Why did Ellie become an artist during the apocalypse? She wanted to draw clicker-toons!”

14. “Joel and Ellie are great dancers. They have mastered the clicker-waltz!”

15. “Ellie told Joel, ‘I don’t need a map, I have clicker-Dar!'”

16. “Why was Joel always a step ahead of the clickers? He had pre-clicker-nition!”

17. “What’s Ellie’s favorite type of bread? Clicker-bread!”

18. “When Joel met Ellie, it was love at first clicker-sight!”

19. “What did the clicker say to Joel when he won the fight? You’re one tough survivor, but I’m immune to defeat!

20. After a long day of fighting clickers, Joel likes to relax by playing the guitar. He calls it his clicker-picker!”

Humorous hits (One-liner Puns)

1. Why did the clicker go to the doctor? It was feeling a bit infected.
2. I asked Ellie if she wanted to grab a bite, but she said, “I’m already Joel-ing full.”
3. Joel asked Ellie why she always carries a gun, to which she replied, “You never know when you might need a newfangled artifact.”
4. Did you hear about the group of infected musicians? They formed a band called “The Cordyceps!
5. I tried playing The Last of Us on a guitar, but all I got was a chordyceps.
6. I asked Joel why he’s always so brooding. He said, “I guess you could say I’m Joel-nely.”
7. What did the runner say to the clicker? “You’re making me fungi-stic!”
8. Did you hear about the fungal outbreak in the bakery? They had to use yeast-icide.
9. Joel tried using a fungal-based fertilizer for his plants, but it didn’t work. He said, “It’s spore-ly disappointing!”
10. Why was Ellie afraid of the cordyceps-infected squirrel? It was a venomus-roden-t.
11. I asked Ellie if she knew any jokes about cordyceps. She said, “Sorry, I’m not really a fun guy.
12. Joel was talking to his friend about the infected, and they asked if they could borrow a pen. Joel said, “Sure, just be careful with the in-fec-ted ink!”
13. Did you hear about the clicker who entered a gardening competition? It won first spore, of course.
14. Why did Joel bring a ladder to the infected zone? To reach the height of his puns-ibilities!
15. What do you call a cordyceps animal that loves to explore? An ad-ventur-us!
16. Did you hear about the cordyceps-infected poet? They always write fungus-tic verses.
17. Joel tried to create a cordyceps vaccine, but it was a real fun-gal-ure.
18. I asked Ellie what she thought of The Last of Us Part II. She said, “It spores for itself.”
19. Why did the infected athlete always win races? They had a fung-athlon.
20. Did you hear about the cordyceps-infected dog that became a famous singer? Its hit song was “Bark-les everywhere.

The Post-Apocalyptic Puzzlers (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What do you call the last person in line at the grocery store? The Last of Mustard.
2. Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw The Last of Ketchup.
3. What did the last slice of bread say to the toaster? We are The Last of Toast.
4. Why did the lion refuse to play cards with his friends? Because he was The Last of His Pride.
5. What do you call the person who is always the last to enter a room? The Last of the Gathered.
6. Why did the letter “C” feel lonely? Because it was The Last of Alphabets.
7. How does the last page of a book feel? It’s The Last of the Story.
8. Why did the soccer team celebrate when they scored the last goal? Because it was The Last of the Victory.
9. What do you call someone who always arrives late to social events? The Last of the Partiers.
10. Why did the tree want all its leaves to fall? So it could be The Last of Autumn.
11. Why did the dog get sad when the cat left? Because it became The Last of Companions.
12. What did the monkey say when it realized it was the only one left in the jungle? I’m The Last of My Kind.
13. Why was the builder sad at the end of the project? Because it was The Last of Construction.
14. Why was the baker unhappy after selling the last loaf of bread? It was The Last of the Bakery.
15. What did the athlete say when she crossed the finish line last? I’m The Last of the Racers.
16. Why did the chef feel lonely after serving the last plate? Because he was The Last of the Cooks.
17. What do you call the person who always saves dessert for last? The Last of the Sweets.
18. Why was the staircase feeling down? It was The Last of the Steps.
19. What do you call the person who always arrives last at a party but leaves first? The Last of the Early Birds.
20. Why was the cow sad when it was the only one left in the barn? Because it became The Last of the Herd.

Puns Ad Infected’em: Double Entendre Puns for The Last of Us Fans

1. Joel and Ellie’s journey may have been apocalyptic, but they certainly knew how to bring the heat in more ways than one.
2. Looking for a post-apocalyptic adventure? Join Joel and Ellie as they embark on a personal quest to save humanity while also saving each other.
3. Staying alive in the Last of Us is all about the survival of the fittest (and the flirtiest).
4. When it comes to battling Clickers, it’s all about staying quiet and using your “sixth sense” to survive.
5. Joel and Ellie’s relationship is a bit like playing “hide and seek” – you never know what they’ll find along the way.
6. The Last of Us is a game that proves love can conquer all, even in the midst of a fungal outbreak.
7. Don’t let the infected fool you, the Last of Us is as much about the sparks between Joel and Ellie as it is about surviving in a post-apocalyptic world.
8. In the post-apocalyptic world of the Last of Us, finding a “clicker” in the dating scene might just be a blessing in disguise.
9. Joel and Ellie are like fire and ice – together they create a chemistry that can outlast any end of the world scenario.
10. The Last of Us is all about finding beauty in the ugliness, and what’s uglier than a bunch of infected zombies?
11. Joel and Ellie’s adventures are a rollercoaster ride of emotions, reminding us all that in the Last of Us, a little laughter can go a long way in the face of adversity.
12. Don’t be fooled by Ellie’s innocent appearance, in the Last of Us, she can handle a bow and arrow just as well as she can handle heartbreak.
13. Joel and Ellie may have faced countless enemies in the Last of Us, but their biggest challenge was navigating the complicated waters of love and loss.
14. If you thought mushrooms were just for pizza toppings, think again – in the Last of Us, they’re the key to survival.
15. Making it through the Last of Us is all about teamwork; it’s a two-player game in more ways than one.
16. Joel and Ellie’s journey is a bit like being stuck in a room full of infected – you never know who’s going to make the first move.
17. As the saying goes, “all is fair in love and infection” – at least that’s what Joel and Ellie discovered in the Last of Us.
18. In the Last of Us, every decision can mean life or death. Talk about adding a little suspense to your love life!
19. Joel and Ellie’s relationship is filled with twists and turns, much like navigating the dangerous world of the Last of Us.
20. When it comes to surviving in the Last of Us, it’s all about ”

Zombie Wordplay (Last of Us Puns)

1. I’m the last of us not to have seen that movie.
2. I’m the last of us standing in line for tickets.
3. It’s the last of us on your mind.
4. He’s the last of us in the food chain.
5. That’s the last of us on my list.
6. We’re the last of us in the race.
7. She’s the last of us who arrived at the party.
8. He’s the last of us to get the joke.
9. It’s the last of us on the menu.
10. We’re the last of us at the bottom of the pile.
11. I’m the last of us to finish this puzzle.
12. She’s the last of us to order dessert.
13. He’s the last of us in the room.
14. It’s the last of us on the shelf.
15. We’re the last of us to finish the project.
16. She’s the last of us to realize the truth.
17. He’s the last of us in the game.
18. That’s the last of us in the crowd.
19. I’m the last of us to get the hint.
20. We’re the last of us on the dance floor.

Punned to Perfection: The Last of Us (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. The zombies in The Last of Us were rotten, but the gameplay was fanta-stic!
2. Joel’s survival skills were sharp — you could say he had a real “point” to make.
3. Ellie brought her A-game to the post-apocalyptic world — she was a definite “game”-changer.
4. The relationship between Joel and Ellie was blooming like a “fungus” in a wasteland.
5. Trusting anyone in The Last of Us was like playing with “fireflies”.
6. The infected in The Last of Us were a real “pain in the spore-throat”.
7. Don’t be a clicker, be a quick thinker!
8. Joel and Ellie’s journey was a real “cord-yceps” of events.
9. In The Last of Us, surviving the infected was no “walk in the parkour”.
10. In Joel’s arms, Ellie found a true “click”-ness.
11. The Last of Us had its ups and “down”-ders.
12. Joel and Ellie’s relationship was built on “pill”-ars of trust.
13. The Last of Us had plenty of suspense, but it never “click”ed with everyone.
14. Ellie’s journey was a true testament to the power of “two”-gether.
15. The infected in The Last of Us had an “un-fun-gi-s”ble appetite.
16. The Last of Us was a game where you couldn’t just “mush-room” through.
17. Joel and Ellie’s bond was stronger than “spore”-ever.
18. The world of The Last of Us was always full of “s-pores” and surprises.
19. Surviving in The Last of Us required a real “cordy-ceps” of strength and wit.
20. The infected in The Last of Us had a real “fungus” for destruction.

The Last Pun on Earth (Last of Us Puns)

1. Joel-ful
2. Ellie-vate
3. Tommy Gun
4. The Last of Gus
5. Maria-nara sauce
6. Bill-ding
7. Henry-dy
8. Sam-age
9. David-ible
10. Riley-good
11. Tess-timony
12. Marlene-d
13. Sarah-castic
14. Abby-lutely
15. Dina-mite
16. Jesse-cafe
17. Lev-itating
18. Nora-thodox
19. Owen-ing
20. Mel-ancholy

The Last of Us
Become the “Toast of Gus” with these Spoonerisms puns

1. Last of Trust and Lust
2. Mast of Bust and Trust
3. Cast of Bone and Groan
4. Blast of Rum and Plumb
5. Vast of Foes and Ghosts
6. Gast of Beds and Feds
7. Past of Must and Dust
8. Rast of Blair and Dares
9. Fast of Time and Mime
10. Mast of Land and Hand
11. Task of Knives and Lives
12. Mass of Free and Bee
13. Blast of Call and Ball
14. Craft of Art and Cart
15. Last of Pug and Jug
16. Rast of Guts and Huts
17. Lost of Fame and Game
18. Gast of Rear and Fear
19. Drift of Shell and Fell
20. Mix of Deal and Heal

The Last Pun-tastic Stand: Tom Swifties Edition

1. “I can’t see where to go,” said Joel lastly.
2. “I lost track of time,” said Ellie lately.
3. “The zombies are slow,” said Bill promptly.
4. “This post-apocalyptic world is grim,” said Tess darkly.
5. “I’m running out of ammo,” said Sam lightly.
6. “We have to find shelter,” said Henry forcefully.
7. “I’m running out of options,” said Marlene eventually.
8. “This place is a mess,” said Tommy disorderly.
9. “I need to find a way out,” said Riley desperately.
10. “The infected are everywhere,” said David helplessly.
11. “I’m feeling overwhelmed,” said Sarah faintly.
12. “Joel, you have to trust me,” said Ellie cautiously.
13. “We need to stick together,” said Maria firmly.
14. “I’m feeling really tired,” said Sam sleepily.
15. “We should scavenge for supplies,” said Tess resourcefully.
16. “It’s getting darker,” said Bill ominously.
17. “We can’t stay here,” said Marlene stubbornly.
18. “I need to find my dad,” said Sarah anxiously.
19. “I’m feeling so alone,” said Ellie sadly.
20. “We’re the last of us,” said Joel solemnly.

Pandemic Humor: Infectiously Funny Last of Us Puns

1. The Last of Us: Procastinator’s Edition
2. Joel’s Guide to Unforgettable Amnesia
3. Ellie’s Survival Tips for Indoor Adventurers
4. Infected Ivy League Schools
5. A Tale of Clickers and Whispers
6. Clicker Dance: A Guide to Undead Choreography
7. The Last of Us: Symphony of Silence
8. Infected Wisdom for Lost Souls
9. Clickers Anonymous: Overcoming the Urge to Bite
10. Ellie’s Quarantine Diaries: The Thrill of Boredom
11. Joel’s Guide to the Apocalypse: How to Perfect Your Nonexistent Social Skills
12. The Last of Us: Surviving in Style with Bloodstained Couture
13. Clickers’ Cookbook: A Deadly Guide to Gourmet Cuisine
14. Ellie’s Infectious Jokes: Making You Laugh Until You Tear
15. Joel’s Seminar: A Path to Inner Peace Through Mindless Violence
16. The Last of Us: Apocalypse Spa Retreat for Weary Survivors
17. Infected Musical Chairs: A Deadly Game of Thrones
18. Ellie’s Arts and Crafts for Post-Apocalyptic Procrastinators
19. Joel’s Guide to Exhilarating Boredom: A Thriller Without Thrills
20. The Last of Us: A Journey Through Post-Apocalyptic Serenity

Recursive Punception: Punny Last-of-Us Jokes (Recursive Puns)

1. Did you hear they made a sequel to The Last of Us? They’re calling it The Last of Us Two-ty.
2. Playing The Last of Us is like a walk in the park, a park filled with infected zombies.
3. I got lost while playing The Last of Us, and when I finally found my way, I had a “Clicker” moment.
4. I tried to tell my friend a joke about The Last of Us, but he didn’t get it. I guess it was Lost on him.
5. Joel and Ellie’s relationship in The Last of Us is like a tangled cord, full of twists and turns.
6. The Last of Us is like a really intense treasure hunt, except you’re hunting for a cure instead of gold.
7. I tried playing The Last of Us with my friend, but we both got stuck on the same level. We were caught in a cycle of the Last of Us.
8. The Last of Us is a game that really pulls you in, like a fungal infection.
9. The story of The Last of Us blends genres together like a well-mixed cocktail of suspense, horror, and survival.
10. Playing The Last of Us is like being trapped in a maze with a bunch of clickers. You can’t escape the suspense.
11. They say The Last of Us is a masterpiece, but I feel like it’s a never-ending story with an infected twist.
12. The Last of Us is like a puzzle game, but instead of fitting puzzle pieces, you fit bullets into infected zombies.
13. The Last of Us is an emotional rollercoaster, with highs and lows that will leave you infected with feelings.
14. I tried to play The Last of Us in the dark, but it was too eerie. It was like playing hide-and-seek with clickers.
15. The Last of Us is like a love story gone wrong, where the infected play the role of the third wheel.
16. Playing The Last of Us is like trying to solve the ultimate mystery puzzle: how to save humanity from a fungal outbreak.
17. The combat in The Last of Us is so intense, it’s like playing a game of chess against a horde of infected.
18. The Last of Us is a game that really tests your survival skills. Can you outsmart the infected and save humanity?
19. The Last of Us is like a haunting melody that stays with you, infecting your thoughts even after you’ve finished the game.
20. Playing The Last of Us is like entering a dark labyrinth, where every corner holds the possibility of a clicker ambush.

Pun-ging through the Last of Us Clichés

1. The last of us? More like, the blast of us!
2. Forget “survival of the fittest,” it’s all about the “zombie-vival” of the fittest in The Last of Us.
3. When it comes to surviving, Joel and Ellie really know how to “take the infected by the horns.”
4. In The Last of Us, the zombie apocalypse is truly a “rotten apple spoiling the whole barrel.”
5. The Last of Us characters know that “when life gives you infected, make a Molotov cocktail.
6. Joel and Ellie believe in the saying, “Better to be safe than Infected.”
7. In The Last of Us, “aim for the head” is the golden rule for surviving a zombie outbreak.
8. Joel’s motto is, “Keep calm and shoot walkers.”
9. Ellie knows the importance of teamwork, after all, “two heads are better at beating Clickers than one.”
10. In the world of The Last of Us, it’s all about “finding the light at the end of the infected tunnel.
11. When the going gets tough, Joel and Ellie know it’s time to “hit the brakes on those Runners.”
12. In the world of The Last of Us, “sleep tight, and don’t let the Clickers bite.”
13. Joel and Ellie know that “actions speak louder than zombie groans.”
14. In The Last of Us, “finding a cure” is quite the needle in a haystack situation.
15. Joel always says, “When life gives you lemons, throw ’em at those Clickers.”
16. Ellie knows that “the best defense is a good offense when facing off against the infected.”
17. When in doubt, Joel always remembers that “patience is key, especially when sneaking past the infected.”
18. In The Last of Us, “putting all your eggs in one basket” could attract a horde of Clickers.
19. Joel and Ellie are experts at “going the extra mile” to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.
20. In The Last of Us, “out of sight, out of mind” is the best approach when avoiding the infected.

In a world filled with clickers and infected, we all need a little laughter to keep our spirits alive. So, if you’ve chuckled your way through these 200+ ‘Last of Us’ puns, then you’re officially ready to survive the apocalypse with style! But don’t stop here, there’s a whole world of puns waiting for you on our website. Thank you for joining us on this comedic journey, and may your adventures be filled with humor and plenty of gaming fun!

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