Tickle Your Funny-bone: Discover 200+ Unbeatable Meme Puns to Brighten Your Day

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Looking to add some humor to your day? Look no further! We’ve curated a collection of over 200 unbeatable meme puns that are sure to tickle your funny bone. From clever wordplay to hilariously relatable situations, these puns are guaranteed to brighten your day. Whether you’re a fan of internet memes or just need a good laugh, our meme puns are the perfect way to put a smile on your face. So sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy some side-splitting puns that will have you LOL-ing in no time. Get ready for a pun-tastic ride that will leave you chuckling for hours. Let the laughter begin!

“Laugh Out Loud: The Best Meme Puns to Brighten Your Day” (Editors Pick)

1. I used to hate memes, but they’ve really grown on me!
2. Did you hear about the mathematician who loved memes? He found them extremely com-pleX!
3. Why was the math book sad? Because it had too many meme-or-a’s!
4. I told a joke about memes to my computer, but it didn’t laugh. It said it only understands ASCII puns.
5. Memes are so punny, they crack me up every time!
6. The meme about procrastination really hits close to home, but I’ll share it later.
7. Memes are like coffee, they perk you up even on your darkest days!
8. I had a dream about memes, but when I woke up, I couldn’t memeber it!
9. Do you know why a meme never makes for a good business partner? They keep sharing too many risque clicks!
10. Why was the computer cold? It left all its windows open to let the memes in!
11. I tried sending a joke-filled email to my friend, but it ended up in his spam box. Turns out, my puns were too memailable!
12. Want to hear a joke about the internet? Never mind, it’s too meme-y!
13. Memes are great for a quick laugh, but they can also be a real-time suck!
14. The meme about not being able to find the perfect pun was captioned, “Pun-der the search!”
15. Why did the meme go to therapy? It was suffering from too many repost-traumatic stress disorder!
16. Memes are like bees; they swarm around the internet, buzzing with laughter!
17. I tried making a meme about social distancing, but it just didn’t go viral.
18. What do memes and shoes have in common? They both have their soles on the internet!
19. I had too many memes shared with me, so I created a folder called “memery storage” to keep them all!
20. Memes are a great way to share humor, but sometimes it’s hard to compress all the puns and jokes into one!

Meme Your Way to Laughter (One-liner Puns)

1. Why did the meme go to therapy? It couldn’t get over being misunderstood.
2. I asked a meme if it wanted to hang out, but it said it was too busy floating around the internet.
3. What’s a meme’s favorite type of bread? Pumpernickel, because the memes need their sustenance to keep going viral.
4. Why did the meme steal the microphone? It wanted to be the center of attention, mic drop and all.
5. Why did the meme break up with its computer? It couldn’t handle its CTRL issues anymore.
6. Why did the meme become a gardener? It wanted to plant seeds of laughter all around.
7. I tried to tell a meme joke, but it went over everyone’s heads. I guess I took it too literally.
8. Why did the meme go to the gym? It wanted to work on its “muscle” memory.
9. How do memes travel? They go on the Information Superhighway, but with lots of memes in the fast lane.
10. Why did the meme audition for a play? It wanted to showcase its talent for punchlines.
11. What do you call a meme that’s not funny? A “meme” cooking joke.
12. Why did the meme get promoted? It had the perfect balance of humor and wit, always delivering on the punchline.
13. I tried to give a meme a high-five, but it called me a boomer and left me hanging.
14. Why did the meme go to the doctor? It was feeling a bit under the weather, but hoped the laughter would cure it.
15. What’s a meme’s favorite type of movie? Anything with lots of sequels, because they love a good callback.
16. Why did the meme go to the library? It wanted to find the dankest collection of jokes for its next viral moment.
17. How did the meme become popular? It made all the right connections on the social networking “vine.”
18. Why did the meme go to school? It wanted to learn the art of the “rollover” in humor.
19. What’s a meme’s favorite kind of candy? Laffy Taffy, because it loves all the wordplay jokes on each wrapper.
20. Why did the meme become an artist? It wanted to entertain the masses with its clever brushstrokes of humor.

Meme Me This: LOL-Inducing Q&A Puns for Meme Lovers

1. Why did the meme get hired at the bakery? Because it had a lot of dough!
2. What do you call a meme that can sing? A melodious mime!
3. Why was the meme banned from the zoo? It kept trolling the animals!
4. Why did the meme go to yoga class? For the puns and stretches!
5. How do memes communicate? They use GIFs of course!
6. What do you call a meme that loves to exercise? A gym-spire!
7. What do you get when you cross a meme with a math problem? An often-punned equation!
8. How do memes keep cool in the summer? They chill out in the freezer!
9. Why did the meme refuse to share any secrets? It didn’t want to go viral!
10. How do memes get around town? They take the pun-derground!
11. What did one meme say to the other? “You’ve got a funny post-erity!”
12. Why didn’t the meme win the race? It was always a few steps behind!
13. What did the meme say to the motivational speaker? “You’re so pun-derful!”
14. How do memes celebrate a birthday? With a meme-orable party, of course!
15. What do you call a haunted meme? A ghoast!
16. Why did the meme go to art school? To master the brush of punmanship!
17. How did the meme escape from prison? It memed its way out!
18. What do you call a meme that can fix things? A pun-tilious repairman!
19. Why did the meme become a psychologist? It loved analyzing humorous situations!
20. How do memes express their love? By sending each other punny Valentine’s cards!

Picking Up the Meme-taphorical Slack (Double Entendre Puns)

1. Why did the computer break up with the meme? Because it couldn’t handle the bandwidth.
2. I fell in love with a meme, but it turns out it was just a pixel tease.
3. I saw a hilarious meme about toast, but it was a half-baked joke.
4. Did you hear about the meme that went to jail? It was sentenced to pun-ishment.
5. Why was the meme arrested at the bookstore? It was caught looking at the shelfies.
6. A meme walked into a bakery and asked for a “sweet roll. The baker said, “Sorry, we doughnut have any.
7. What do you call a meme that’s shaped like a banana? A-peeling.
8. I told a joke to a meme, and it laughed so hard it memed its pants.
9. Did you see that meme trying to sell hot dogs? It was a real wiener.
10. I tried to share a meme with my friend, but it turned out to be a real Photoshop tease.
11. The meme about rolling down a hill was so funny, it had me rolling on the floor laughing.
12. A meme told me it could lift heavy things, but it was just flexing its pixels.
13. I thought I saw a funny meme, but it turned out to be a catfish in disguise.
14. I sent my friend a meme about math, but they didn’t get it. I guess it was just too complex.
15. Did you hear about the meme that got stuck in traffic? It was caught in a digital jam.
16. Why did the meme go to the gym? It wanted to work on its core pixels.
17. I tried to tell a meme about sushi, but it just didn’t roll with it.
18. A meme walked into a bar and ordered a microchip cocktail. The bartender said, “Sorry, we’re all out of chips and dips.”
19. I bought a meme t-shirt, but it shrunk in the wash. Now it’s just a pixelated mess.
20. Did you hear about the meme that won an award? It was truly a meme-orable moment.

Meme Puns: The Internet’s Punderful Playgrounds

1. I tried to make a meme about bread, but it didn’t rise to the occasion.
2. The meme about the chef went viral because it had a lot of whisk.
3. The meme about the mathematician was so hilarious, it was pi-rolling.
4. The meme about the pirate was a treasure, it really arr-rred my day.
5. The meme about the marathon runner was a hit, it really ran through social media.
6. The meme about the quack doctor went viral, it really had a lot of medical quackery.
7. The meme about the construction worker was a smashing hit, it really nailed it.
8. The meme about the beekeeper was a buzz around town, it really created a buzz.
9. The meme about the gardener was a breath of fresh air, it really blossomed.
10. The meme about the detective was a real mystery, it really cracked the case.
11. The meme about the astronaut was out of this world, it really launched into popularity.
12. The meme about the fisherman was a huge catch, it really hooked everyone’s attention.
13. The meme about the firefighter was a blazing success, it really ignited laughter.
14. The meme about the magician was a magical experience, it really pulled a lot of tricks.
15. The meme about the basketball player was a slam dunk, it really scored big.
16. The meme about the tailor was a fashionable hit, it really stitched people together.
17. The meme about the bee buzzing by was quite the buzz-kill, it really stung.
18. The meme about the hairstylist was a cutting-edge hit, it really had style.
19. The meme about the astronaut was a spacey joke, it really rocketed to popularity.
20. The meme about the cow was an udder delight, it really moo-ved me.

Meme Puns to Make You LOL (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. I started a band that plays music about memes – we call it the Meme-tallica!
2. I tried to make a meme in outer space, but it was a total space case.
3. My friend couldn’t stop laughing at my memes, so I told him to meme-it-down.
4. I accidentally made a spelling mistake on a meme, it turned into a “word” meme-yte.
5. I tried to show my dad a meme, but he just didn’t get the joke – he was so meme-tally challenged!
6. My computer crashed when I tried to save a meme – turns out it was a memory overflow error!
7. I always screenshot my memes, just in case I need to file a meme-ory report.
8. My sister made a meme about baking, but it was a total cakeoverkill.
9. I was going to make a meme about chemistry, but all the good ones argon.
10. My friend kept sending me old memes, so I told him to stop livin’ in the meme-ory lane.
11. I made a meme about a broken pencil, but it didn’t have any sharp humor.
12. My dog started barking at a meme, but I think he was just “pawsing” for a laugh.
13. I showed my doctor a meme about heart health, he said it was vital to laugh!
14. My friend made a meme about plumbing, but it didn’t quite flow with the humor.
15. My teacher printed out a meme and used it as an example of “picture paragraphs.
16. I tried to make a meme about the alphabet, but it just didn’t have the “letter-istic” humor.
17. My friend showed me a dark meme, but it was so dim-witted, I couldn’t even crack a smile.
18. I made a meme about a broken watch, but it didn’t have good times – it was a real tick-off!
19. My friend was trying to impress me with his meme collection, but it was a real “meme-diaocre” display.
20. I wanted to make a meme about a missing sock, but I couldn’t find any matching puns.

Meme Me Puns: Having a “Meme-tastic” Time with Name Wordplay

1. MemeMatic
2. InternetInfluencer
3. ViralVixon
4. CaptionKing
5. TrendingTom
6. LOLinda
7. HashtagHarry
8. MemesterMike
9. VineVera
10. FunnyFilipa
11. HilariousHarvey
12. LaughingLola
13. ComicConnor
14. JokesterJules
15. MemeMachine
16. PunsterPenny
17. HypeHubert
18. MemeMasterMilton
19. JokingJennifer
20. LaughTrackLiam

Meme Puns with a Phonetics Twist (Spoonerisms)

1. Cleanse of the dank
2. Beme nerd
3. Furby memes
4. Laugh in my wubblets
5. Staring fars
6. Grime shifter
7. Take a bubber for the meanie
8. The meme’s rasp
9. Snarty fling
10. Thumble rolling
11. Pooty memes
12. Flipping the tent
13. Monge makers
14. Spent a dime
15. Bottled teer
16. Meme tron
17. Lifted humor
18. Dying of chemes
19. Clock the shost
20. Risk the wrobes

Meme Re-marks (Tom Swifties): Puntastic Wordplay for Memes

1. “I can’t stop laughing,” said Tom, “immensely.”
2. “I can’t handle this level of humor,” said Tom, “literally.”
3. “My favorite memes are always the punny ones,” said Tom, “jokingly.”
4. “I’m addicted to memes,” said Tom, “obsessively.”
5. “That meme is so old, it’s practically ancient,” said Tom, “historically.”
6. “My reaction to that meme was priceless,” said Tom, “pricelessly.”
7. “This meme is too clever for words,” said Tom, “speechlessly.”
8. “That’s a seriously dank meme,” said Tom, “dankly.”
9. “That meme is beyond hilarious,” said Tom, “uproariously.”
10. I share memes with my friends constantly,” said Tom, “religiously.
11. “That meme really hit the mark,” said Tom, “accurately.”
12. “This meme deserves an award,” said Tom, “award-winningly.”
13. “I find memes to be incredibly relatable,” said Tom, “relatably.”
14. “That meme has the perfect amount of sarcasm,” said Tom, “sarcastically.”
15. “I find myself lost in the world of memes,” said Tom, “endlessly.”
16. “The creativity in memes blows my mind,” said Tom, “mind-blowingly.”
17. “I appreciate a good meme like a fine art piece,” said Tom, “artfully.”
18. “That meme was so unexpected, it caught me off guard,” said Tom, “unexpectedly.”
19. “My meme collection is growing rapidly,” said Tom, “rapidly.”
20. “I’m constantly scrolling through meme pages,” said Tom, “endlessly.”

Punny Memes (Meme-orable Oxymorons)

1. “Why did the meme go to therapy? It was too funny-stricken.”
2. “What’s a pirate’s favorite meme? Yo ho ho-larious.”
3. “Why did the meme become an archaeologist? It wanted to dig up old jokes.”
4. Why do some memes wear glasses? Because they’re pun-intellec-chuals.”
5. “What’s a meme’s favorite type of dance? The paradox-cha-cha.”
6. “Why did the meme go to the bakery? It wanted a fresh batch of puns.”
7. What do you call a meme with a sweet tooth? A jolly-roger dough-boy.”
8. “Why don’t memes like telling secrets? They’re scared of a pun-intentional leak.”
9. “What’s a meme’s favorite exercise? Contradance.”
10. “Why did the meme cross the road? To get to the irony on the other side.”
11. “How do memes get around? They take the pun-derground.”
12. “What do you call a meme that always misses the mark? An off-target pun deceiver.”
13. Why did the meme become a superhero? It wanted to save others from pun-believable humor.”
14. “What do you call a meme with two left feet? A clum-silly dancer.”
15. Why did the meme go to the boxing gym? It wanted to knock-knock on some pun-ches.”
16. “What do you call a meme with a great sense of balance? A pun-flexible jokester.”
17. “Why did the meme become a chef? It wanted to cook up some contradiction pie.
18. What’s a meme’s favorite song? ‘Puns N’ Roses’ by Contradical Hits.”
19. “Why did the meme become a detective? It wanted to solve the case of the contradictory culprit.”
20. “What do you call a meme that’s an expert in self-contradictions? A pundit.”

Meme Magicians (Recursive Puns)

1. Why did the meme go to therapy? It wanted to resolve its dank issues.
2. Why did the meme become a comedian? It was tired of being a meme and wanted to be known for its puns instead.
3. What did the meme say when it saw an even funnier meme? “I can’t out-pun this one!”
4. Why did the meme go to the bakery? It wanted to find the perfect pun-loaf.
5. What did one meme say to the other meme during an argument? “I meme what I say!”
6. Why did the meme refuse to go on a diet? It didn’t want to lose its pun-ny figure.
7. What did the meme do when it heard a really bad pun? It answered with an even pun-ier one!
8. How did the meme try to solve a difficult math problem? By using pun-damentals.
9. Why did the meme bring a ladder to the art museum? It heard they were hanging some pun-sational exhibits.
10. What did the meme say to its friend who was always late? “You’re really pushing my pun-ience.”
11. How did the meme try to become smarter? It enrolled in a puniversity.
12. Why did the meme refuse to join the gym? It didn’t want to work out its pun-derlying issues.
13. What did the meme say to its followers on social media? “I’ll pun you all in!”
14. Why did the meme open a restaurant? To serve up a pun-omenal dining experience.
15. How did the meme become an expert at woodworking? By using pun-damental tools and techniques.
16. What did the meme say when it was feeling lonely? I need a new pun-ner circle.
17. Why did the meme decide to become a hairdresser? It wanted to bring some pun-intended style to its clients.
18. What did the meme say when it got a new laptop? “I can finally browse the pun-net at ultra-meme speed!”
19. Why did the meme join a singing competition? It wanted to hit the high pun-ts.
20. What did the meme say to the other meme at the pun convention? “This event is pun-tastic!”

Meme-orable Wordplay: Punning with Internet Sensations

1. I asked the computer for a meme, but it said, “I cannot compute that, it’s not my type of GIF.”
2. When someone told me memes are not funny, I replied, “Well, you must be living under a funny-shaped rock!”
3. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a meme is worth a thousand LOLs.
4. My friend said, “I’m on a diet,” and I responded, “Well, you must be on a digital diet, only consuming internet memes.”
5. I told my doctor I couldn’t stop making memes, and he said, “Well, I meme, therefore I am.”
6. My favorite kind of wordplay? Memes that leave an imprint on the funny bone.
7. I wanted to share a meme about procrastination, but I decided to do it later.
8. I made a meme about jokes once. It was pun for the image.
9. I went to see a stand-up comedian, but all he did was tell memes—guess it was a “stand-up meme-dian” show.
10. They say laughter is contagious, so I hope this meme goes viral.
11. I tried making memes underwater, but they all ended up being deep-sea puns.
12. My parents think I’m wasting my time making memes, but I think of it as investing in “laughter-earning assets.”
13. I met a meme artist who was also an electrician. He knew how to “shock” the internet with his creations.
14. I thought about going to a meme-making class, but I didn’t want it to become a “meme-orial” experience.
15. My friend told me to get a real job instead of making memes. I told him it’s a “meme-entous” career choice.
16. I wish I could open a meme museum, but I don’t have any “picture frames of reference.”
17. I’ll never be a professional comedian, but I can always hope to be a “semi-pro-memer.”
18. They say practice makes perfect, but in meme-making, practice makes puns.
19. My friend said my meme game was weak. I replied, “Well, I guess I need to meme-plement some upgrades!”
20. Meme-making is an art form, and I’m just trying to “canvas” the internet with my creations.

In the world of memes and puns, laughter truly is the best medicine. We hope our collection of 200+ unbeatable meme puns brought a smile to your face and brightened your day. If you can’t get enough of these hilarious wordplays, be sure to check out our website for even more comedic treasures. Thank you for taking the time to explore our collection, and we hope to see you again soon. Keep laughing and spreading the joy!

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