220 Hilarious Hedgehog Puns to Make You Giggle and Groan

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Get ready to laugh out loud with our collection of over 200 hilarious hedgehog puns! Whether you’re a fan of wordplay or just can’t resist a good groan-worthy joke, these puns are sure to make you giggle and groan at the same time. From clever one-liners to silly puns that will have you rolling on the floor, we’ve gathered the best hedgehog puns from around the web. So, whether you’re looking to impress your friends with your wit or just need a good laugh, these hedgehog puns are perfect for any occasion. Get ready to LOL and share your favorites with your pals!

Hedge your bets: Our favorite hedgehog puns (Editors Pick)

1. “Why did the hedgehog cross the road? To get to the other prickle!”

2. “Why do hedgehogs like to recycle? Because they’re eco-friendly!”

3. What do you call a hedgehog that’s into fitness? A gym-nast!”

4. “Why did the hedgehog go to the doctor? Because it was feeling a little prickly!

5. “What’s a hedgehog’s favorite instrument? The prickle-o!”

6. “Why don’t hedgehogs share their food? Because they’re very territorial!”

7. “What’s a hedgehog’s favorite game? Quill of Duty!”

8. “Why did the hedgehog go to the bank? To get some pricklely cash!”

9. What’s a hedgehog’s favorite superhero? Sonic the Hedgehog!”

10. “Why do hedgehogs make bad umpires? Because they always call foul!”

11. “What do you call a group of hedgehogs? A prickle!”

12. Why did the hedgehog go to the library? To check out some hedgehog-tory books!”

13. “What do you call a hedgehog that loves rock music? A spiky punk!”

14. “Why did the hedgehog wear a bowtie? To look spiffy!”

15. What do hedgehogs wear on Halloween? Prickly costumes!”

16. Why did the hedgehog start a band? To get a record deal!”

17. “What do you call a hedgehog’s bad hair day? A prickle mess!”

18. “Why do hedgehogs make great detectives? Because they have a keen sense of smell!”

19. “What do hedgehogs use to wash dishes? Prickly sponges!”

20. “Why do hedgehogs enjoy music? Because they have a great sense of beat!”

Hogging the Fun: Hedgehog One-liner Puns

1. Why did the hedgehog cross the road? To get to the other side of the hedge!
2. What do you call a hedgehog who can sing? Sonic Boom!
3. Why did the hedgehog go to the doctor? It was feeling a little prickly.
4. How does a hedgehog get to a party? It hedges its bets.
5. What do you get when you cross a hedgehog with a porcupine? A spiky ball of cuteness!
6. Why do hedgehogs make bad dancers? They always get quilled!
7. What do hedgehogs like to eat for breakfast? Quilly-oats!
8. What do you call a hedgehog with a tie? A business hedg-hog.
9. Why did the hedgehog start a band? To become a sonic superstar.
10. What do you call a hedgehog who loves football? A prickly punter!
11. Why did the hedgehog apply for a job at the knitting factory? It was looking for a sonic seamstress.
12. Why do hedgehogs make bad detectives? They always leave a little prickly trail everywhere they go.
13. What do you call a hedgehog that can do magic tricks? A prickly prestidigitator!
14. Why did the hedgehog take up karate? To become a poke-emon master!
15. What do you call a hedgehog that’s always running away from things? A spiky sprinter.
16. Why do hedgehogs always have a good sense of direction? They use their sonic GPS!
17. Why did the hedgehog become a chef? It wanted to cook up some spiky dishes.
18. What do you call a hedgehog who’s handy with a wrench? A mechanic-quill!
19. Why did the hedgehog stop playing video games? It kept getting stuck on the Sonic levels.
20. What do you get when you cross a hedgehog with a penguin? A chilly little ball of cuteness!

Spiky Shenanigans (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What do you call a hedgehog that’s always on the run? A Prickly Usain Bolt.
2. Why did the hedgehog win the race? He had a lot of Pointers.
3. What do hedgehogs use to navigate? Their Prickup and Pointat.
4. How do hedgehogs greet each other? They give a Prickly Hello.
5. Why did the hedgehog cross the road? To get to the Sonic Drive-In.
6. How do hedgehogs keep themselves warm? With Fur-niture.
7. What do you get when you cross a hedgehog and a porcupine? A Prickly Marriage.
8. Why do hedgehogs always know how to find their way home? Because they have a great Hedge Sense.
9. What did the hedgehog say to the cactus? “Is it hot in here or is it just us?”
10. Why did the hedgehog go to the doctor? He has a Prickly Problem.
11. How does a hedgehog get on the internet? He logs on to his Quill-net service.
12. Why did the hedgehog go to the dance club? Because he loves to Get Prickly wit it.
13. What does a hedgehog like to read? Sonic Youth magazines.
14. Why did the hedgehog refuse to share his food? Because he had a Prickly Appetite.
15. What did the hedgehog say when he won the lottery? “I’m rich… I’m Sonic!.”
16. How do hedgehogs get around town? They Ride Quills.
17. What does a hedgehog use to wash his hair? His Porcupine brush.
18. Why don’t hedgehogs like to play poker? They’re afraid of getting Quilled.
19. What’s the hedgehog’s favourite type of music? Anything with a Good Beat.
20. Why don’t hedgehogs need to take out the trash? They have a great Sense of Garbage!

Hedge Your Bets with These Double Entendre Puns!

1. “That hedgehog has some serious spikes, he must be a real tough prick.”
2. I heard hedgehogs like to roll around, bet they’re great in the sack.
3. Don’t let that cute little face fool you, that hedgehog lurks in prickly places.
4. “I can tell he’s a hedgehog because he’s always quilling it in his little corner.”
5. “Hedgehogs sure love to get wet… in their baths.”
6. “I bet that hedgehog never skips leg day, his thighs are the size of acorns.”
7. “I saw a hedgehog minding his own business, but he looked like he was hiding something under his quills.”
8. “I love watching hedgehogs mate, it’s a real needle in the haystack situation.”
9. “Hedgehogs are notorious for being private, I bet he’s got a few things up his sleeve.”
10. Why did the hedgehog go to the vet? He had a little prickly problem…”
11. I always thought hedgehogs were cute until I saw one in a barbed wire fence, then I realized they’re real kinky.
12. “Have you seen those hedgehogs eating mealworms? They practically inhale them while making the most suggestive noises. It’s like watching food porn.”
13. “I saw a hedgehog running around in circles, he must have been hopped up on something.”
14. “That hedgehog moves like he’s on a mission… a reproductive mission.”
15. “What do you call an exhibitionist hedgehog? A prickle tease.”
16. My friend got a pet hedgehog and named him Sonic. I couldn’t resist making a joke about him going fast.”
17. “I heard hedgehogs are good listeners, they’re all ears and no judgment.”
18. “Those hedgehogs know how to party, I bet they spike their drinks with something.”
19. “I saw a hedgehog staring lustfully at a cactus, I think he was into a little S&M.”
20. “I caught two hedgehogs nuzzling together… but I’m not sure if that’s what they were really doing.”

Prickly Puns (Hedgehog Puns in Idioms)

1. I don’t mean to hedge my bets, but I think the hedgehog will win this race.
2. Don’t be a prickly pear, let’s hang out.
3. He’s a little short on quills, if you get what I mean.
4. That hedgehog is really on a roll!
5. I heard the hedgehog is a bit of a quill-seeker.
6. He got cold feet, so I gave him a pair of hedgehog slippers.
7. He’s got his quills in too many pies.
8. They say he’s got a sharp personality and I say they’re right!
9. I don’t hedge on my opinions, but I do love hedgehogs.
10. I heard he’s a real hedge-walker.
11. He’s always asking me for quill advice, but I don’t want to hedge my bets.
12. He’s rolling into the party with some good jokes.
13. Don’t worry about me, I’m just hedge-hanging.
14. She’s a bit of a hedgehog, always keeping to herself.
15. The hedgehog was so smooth, he easily won the race.
16. He’s a real hedgehog, always rolling with the punches.
17. I hedge my bets on the hedgehog, he’s the clear winner.
18. I heard the hedgehog wants to become a quill-villain.
19. It’s better to be a quill in a hedgehog’s nest than a quill in a porcupine’s mitten.
20. I don’t mean to be a hedgehog about things, but I really have to roll.

Prickly Puns Galore! (Hedgehog Pun Juxtaposition)

1. I told my hedgehog to stop hogging the hedge.
2. Why did the hedgehog quit his job? He found it prickle-less.
3. How do hedgehogs stay cool? They turn on their AC prickles.
4. What do you call a hedgehog that plays poker? A pokeroll.
5. What do you call a hedgehog that’s a DJ? Spinny prickles.
6. Why did the hedgehog cross the road? To prove he had guts.
7. How did the hedgehog become an artist? He found his prick-asso.
8. What does a hedgehog use to keep its car clean? A scrub brush.
9. What did the hedgehog say when he got a surprise? I wasn’t expecting that. It was spiky business.
10. How does a hedgehog greet its friends? Oh hello, it’s so nice to spike you again!
11. What do you call a hedgehog that works as a clown? Hedgey-Bobo.
12. What do you call a hedgehog that only eats cheese? A cheese-hog.
13. What do you call a hedgehog that can’t stop playing video games? Sonic the procrastinator.
14. How do hedgehogs travel? Pricklebacks.
15. What do you call a hedgehog that’s a famous footballer? Lionel Pricksi.
16. Why did the hedgehog get a passport? He wanted to go on a world tour.
17. What do you call a hedgehog at a party? Prickly-party animal.
18. Why was the hedgehog bad at playing chess? He kept trying to prick the other player’s pieces.
19. How do you know if a hedgehog is sad? He sheds quills.
20. What do you call a hedgehog that can sing beautifully? A singing spike-o.

Hedgehogs and Humor: Punny Names for Our Prickly Friends

1. Hedgie LaBeouf
2. Sonic the Hedge-Fund Manager
3. Quill Smith
4. Hedgemon Alexander
5. Shadow Spikesworth
6. Prickly Paltrow
7. Pin Cushion
8. Poke-A-Nose
9. Quiller Mills
10. Spike Haven
11. Hedgley Davidson
12. Thistle My Fancy
13. Pointy Pat
14. Barb A. Dian
15. Spiny Jones
16. Stabbatha Christie
17. Miguel de Hedgehog
18. Fuzzy Wuzzy
19. Cactus Kate
20. Pincushion Peter.

Poking Fun with Hedgehog Spoonerisms

1. Hedgling hotdogs
2. Prickly porcupines
3. Hedge-riding hoglets
4. Cone-spiked hedgehogs
5. Furry fright masters
6. Spiky spinners
7. Hedgehopping riders
8. Quilled-up quails
9. Prickle brickles
10. Sizzle-dizzle snuggles
11. Spikey Spikeson
12. Hedge-hugging hooligans
13. Sniffly snozzles
14. Porcupine’s porridge
15. Congealed cones
16. Hedgehog hollows
17. Snuggly sniggles
18. Quirky quills
19. Hedgehog heaven
20. Pin-prick pals

Prickly Puns (Tom Swifties)

1. “I love hedgehogs,” said Tom, “prickly.”
2. “This hedgehog is pretty cute,” said Tom, “hogging all the attention.”
3. “The hedgehog is a great conversationalist,” said Tom, “spiked my interest.”
4. “The hedgehog rolled into a ball,” said Tom, “defensively.”
5. “I hope this hedgehog doesn’t bite,” said Tom, “cautiously.”
6. “The hedgehog is a great escape artist,” said Tom, “needled its way out.”
7. “The hedgehog was such a success,” said Tom, “rolled away with it.”
8. “The hedgehog’s spines were so sharp,” said Tom, “sharply dressed.”
9. “The hedgehog was very fast,” said Tom, “quilled up some speed.”
10. “I want to pet the hedgehog,” said Tom, “prick me not.”
11. “The hedgehog is quite the socialite,” said Tom, “known to be quite a hospitable host.”
12. “This hedgehog is very private,” said Tom, “doesn’t like to quill around.”
13. “The hedgehog is always hungry,” said Tom, “spearheading its appetite.”
14. “The hedgehog is very small,” said Tom, “needlesly pint-sized.”
15. “The hedgehog is so cute,” said Tom, “needles to say, I’m a fan.”
16. “I want to hold the hedgehog,” said Tom, “carefully but quillfully.”
17. “This hedgehog is quite feisty,” said Tom, “spiking its territory.”
18. “The hedgehog is very curious,” said Tom, “always needling to know more.”
19. “I find the hedgehog’s demeanor quite prickly,” said Tom, “yet charming.”
20. “I have never seen a hedgehog before,” said Tom, “needless to say, it’s impressive.”

Prickly Paradoxical Puns (Hedgehog Oxymoronic Puns)

1. A prickly hug from a hedgehog is surprisingly endearing.
2. The shy hedgehog made a bold statement with its spiky appearance.
3. A hedgehog on a treadmill is going nowhere fast.
4. The sleepy hedgehog was up all night.
5. Careful not to tickle the hedgehog, it might hurt and please you at the same time.
6. The hedgehog’s tough exterior hides a soft and squishy interior.
7. The hedgehog was the center of attention while hiding in plain sight.
8. When faced with danger, the hedgehog’s defensive nature was both fierce and adorable.
9. The hedgehog’s diet was both high in protein and garden-friendly.
10. The hedgehog’s love for burrowing made it both a homebody and an adventurer.
11. The hedgehog’s natural curiosity was both cautious and inquisitive.
12. The hedgehog’s quills provided both protection and a potential weapon.
13. The hedgehog’s nocturnal lifestyle made it both a night owl and a sleepyhead.
14. The hedgehog’s tiny size made it both delicate and resilient.
15. The hedgehog’s playful nature made it both a prankster and a cuddlebug.
16. The hedgehog’s love for compact spaces made it both claustrophobic and cozy.
17. The hedgehog’s ability to curl up into a ball made it both flexible and stubborn.
18. The hedgehog’s ability to hibernate made it both a busy bee and a slacker.
19. The hedgehog’s high-pitched squeals made it both adorable and annoying.
20. The hedgehog’s waddling walk made it both clumsy and charming.

Prickly Wordplay (Recursive Puns)

1. Why did the hedgehog cross the road? To get to the “punny” side.
2. Why did the hedgehog bring a synthetic plant indoors? Because he wanted to “hedge his bets” on the weather outside.
3. Why did the hedgehog dress up as a superhero? Because he wanted to “prickle” everyone’s imaginations.
4. What did the hedgehog say after he slipped and fell on the ice? “Hedgehogs don’t do well in the cold, but at least I’m not a snowflake.”
5. Why did the hedgehog invite his forest friends over for dinner? Because he wanted to “hedge” his bet on who would show up.
6. What did one hedgehog say to the other about their love of puns? “We really need to “spike” up our game.”
7. Why did the hedgehog run away from the garden? Because he didn’t want to “prickle” his toes on the grass.
8. What did the hedgehog say when he needed a little extra “spine” in his attitude? “I need to get some “quills” in.”
9. What did one hedgehog say to the other who was trying to get fit? “Don’t worry, we’ll “spore” each other on.”
10. Why did the hedgehog make himself a music playlist? Because he wanted to “hedge” his bets on which songs he’d like.
11. What did the hedgehog call his online dating profile? “The search for true “prickly” love.”
12. Why did the hedgehog decide to become a professional dancer? So he could “quill” it on the dance floor.
13. What did one hedgehog say to the other who didn’t like his newly trimmed quills? The “prickles” make the hog, my friend.
14. Why did the hedgehog take a boat ride? Because he wanted to “quill” some time on the water.
15. What did the hedgehog say after winning first place in the “quickest thinker” competition? “I knew I could “spike” to the challenge.”
16. Why did the hedgehog become a musician? Because he wanted to “quill” the world with his talent.
17. What did one hedgehog say to the other who kept losing at video games? “Don’t worry, you’ll “spike” it eventually.”
18. Why did the hedgehog break up with his girlfriend? Because he didn’t like her “prickly” attitude.
19. What did the hedgehog say when he didn’t make the tennis team? I guess I’m just not cut out for “quillty” sports.
20. Why did the hedgehog go on a diet? So he could “trim” his quills and feel good about himself.

Hedging Our Bets with Hilarious Hedgehog Puns (Puns on Hedgehogs)

1. “Why did the hedgehog wear a hardhat? Because he wanted to be on the safe spiky side.”
2. “If at first, you don’t succeed, curl up like a hedgehog and try again.”
3. “A hedgehog’s favorite game is poker, because it’s all about discovering your opponent’s ‘tells’.”
4. “It’s hard to get ahead in life when you have spikes all over your back, but a hedgehog does it effortlessly.”
5. “If you ever need to borrow money from a hedgehog, make sure you hedge your bets and return it on time.”
6. “Why did the hedgehog go to the gym? He wanted to work on his muscle quills.”
7. “When it comes to food, a hedgehog’s motto is: quills before bills!”
8. “Many people say that good things come in small packages, but hedgehogs will argue that point with their mighty spikes.”
9. “It’s important to remember that a hedgehog’s bark is worse than his spiky bite.”
10. When life hands you lemons, make hedgehog cupcakes and enjoy the spiky sweet taste of victory.
11. “What do hedgehogs wear on their heads on Halloween? Prickly crowns, of course.”
12. A hedgehog’s favorite holiday is Groundhog Day – they love to watch their fellow rodent celebrities do their thing.
13. “A hedgehog will always see the spike and glory in any situation.”
14. “Why are hedgehogs never invited to concerts? Because they always hog the crowd with their quills.”
15. If a hedgehog’s home is his castle, then his quills are his moat and drawbridge.
16. “Hedgehogs love to shop at boutique stores because they’re always finding new ways to accessorize their spiky coats.”
17. “Some people say that hedgehogs are ‘pests’, but that’s just because they don’t know how to properly appreciate their spiky lovable nature.”
18. “If you’re ever feeling down, take a cue from the hedgehog and embrace your inner prickly persona.”
19. “A hedgehog’s breakfast of choice involves lots of spiky toast and jam.”
20. “When it comes to weather, hedgehogs never have to fear the rain – their quills make for perfect umbrellas.”

In conclusion, hedgehogs may be small, but they certainly have big personalities. We hope these puns have made you giggle, grin, and maybe even groan a little. If you’re eager for more laughs, be sure to check out our other puns on the website. We’re grateful you took the time to visit and hope to see you again soon!

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